Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 7 - Iron Squadron - full transcript

Ezra and Sabine join forces to subdue a young pilot ace and his crew, who are foolishly risking their lives. That is the only way they can defend their home.

Blade to cube face four?
That's a showy move.

You play with too much bravado.

Strategy is an art, Rau.

Maybe I'm lulling you
into a false sense of security.

There's nothing false about it.

Blade to cube face two.


I'll bet your game
has slipped since you left Mandalore.

Why do you keep coming back here?

You and your rebels
have imprisoned me.

My Protectors have orders

to give you safe passage
through our space.

What more do you want?

Reset the board, Chop.

I want the same thing
we've always wanted.

For you and your Protectors to join us,

to fight the Empire.

I made a deal
with the Empire to survive.

I made a deal
with your Rebellion to survive.

But joining you?

My only true loyalty is to Mandalore.

Well, I'll keep trying.

I admire your persistence,
Sabine Wren.

You could have been a Protector,
if not for your traitorous past.

Not this again.

We could still work together now,
if I were free.

Not for the rebels, not for the Empire.

For Mandalore.

Sorry to interrupt playtime,

but Hera wants you
in the war room for a briefing.

Both of you.

We've lost communications with the
Mandalorian base on Concord Dawn.

Rebel leaders are concerned
your Protectors are setting a trap for us.

My men are loyal to my word.

Your safe passage
through our system is secure.

If you've lost communication,
something's happened.

- I'll go check it out.
- I should go with you.

They're my men. I can talk to them.

Wait. Isn't he our prisoner?

More like a cranky guest.

He can go, but he stays in binders.

Take Ezra and Chopper.

Do a recon sweep of their base,
then come right back.

You are not to land or engage.

And try not to wreck the Phantom II.
We just got that thing.


What happened?

The Mandalorians have endured wars

since before the
formation of the Republic.

Just as we'll endure the Empire
and your Rebellion.

Too bad our people
can't stop fighting each other.

I don't get the whole Mandalorian thing.

- Ezra, watch him!
- What?

Chopper. Knock it off.

Hey. Sabine?

I'll live. Where's Rau?

I don't know, but he's got our weapons.

Hey. Did we land?

Turn around.



Your men weren't laying a trap.
They were ambushed.

- The Empire?
- Not the Empire.

Other Mandalorians.

Precision detonations,
laser strikes from above.

Definitely a surprise attack
by another clan.

I don't get it.

Why would Mandalorians
attack Mandalorians?

It's complicated.

- Look, Rau...
- This is all your fault!

If I'd been here instead of
locked away by you and your rebels,

I could have prevented this.

We didn't mean for this to happen.
You know that.

They were my people, too.

Don't talk to me about your people.

What do you know of loyalty?

I am not your enemy, Rau.

None of this makes any sense.

Which of the clans
has the power to do this?

Who would want to?

The Protectors are loyal to the throne.

They recruit the best warriors
from within all the clans.

Chopper's picking up
a signal from over there.

It's Imperial. It's trying to transmit.

I can't hold it!

Got it. I got it!

Think it got a signal out?

Well, we're either fine,

or a few Star Destroyers
are on their way.

- You wanna wait and see?
- Good point. We're leaving.

We have to go.

I have no intention of leaving,
and certainly not with you.

The Empire could be
on their way right now.

I've dealt with them before,
and I'll deal with them again.

But now, of course,

I have the location
of your rebel base as a bargaining chip.

It's no less than you deserve
after causing all this.

I can't let you do that.

Sabine, wait.

Last chance, Rau.

The Empire? Already?

- What are those, flying stormtroopers?
- Worse. They're traitors.

Mandalorians who serve the Empire.

Ezra, run.

Spread out.

Stay alert.
They're around here somewhere.

Get him.

- Come on.
- No.

His sacrifice saved us. Don't waste it.

Stop! I give up! Don't shoot!

We have to help him.

Think, Sabine.

Your only advantage
is that they don't know about you yet.

- You still have his lightsaber.
- That mightjust save his life.


I know a place where we'll be safe
and where we can watch them.

Search the area. I doubt he's alone.

Who are you?

I am Gar Saxon,
Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore.

And you, rebel, are now my prisoner.

How many are with you?

I'm here by myself.

I mean, except for my droid,
and he doesn't really count.

We checked the base.
No sign of anyone else.

- See?
- You'll excuse me

if I don't take the word of a rebel spy.

I'm not part of any rebellion.

I told you, I'm a scavenger.

Part of Hondo Ohnaka's crew.
He'll vouch for me.

I don't think so.

The Empire is fully aware

rebels have been
using the system as a thruway

to avoid patrols in this sector.

I don't care about that.

I just came here looking
to salvage some spare parts.

You're dealing with
the Mandalorians now, child,

not some Imperial officer
fresh out of the Academy.

Look, sir,

I didn't even know Mandalore
was part of the Empire.

Search his ship.
Maybe we'll find the truth there.

Until then, perhaps target practice
with your droid

will encourage you to talk.

Look, Viceroy, sir.

Shooting at my droid
isn't gonna get you any answer.

We're going back.

For Bridger?
Pawns are meant to be sacrificed.

Okay. One, he's not a pawn.

Two, Ezra can take care of himself.

But the Phantom has
our base coordinates on board.

We cannot let the Empire
get their hands on that.

You think I actually care
about him or your rebels?

To think the Protectors
fell to these traitors.

The leader... He looked familiar.

He should. He's Clan Vizsla, like you.

His name is Gar Saxon.

He wanted to be our ruler,
but he had no honor.

That's why the Empire
put him in charge.

You think you're any better than him?

Everything that's happened here
is because of you rebels.

Okay, look. You may not like it,

but right now, we need each other.

Help me get my ship, get Ezra,

and then we'll all
get out of here together.


You want to get yourself killed
trying to rescue your friend?

Be my guest.

All I care about is
making Saxon and his traitors pay.

But now is not the time for that.

Well, I'm not after revenge.

Just my friends.

I'll tell you the truth. I promise, okay?

My name is Lando Calrissian.
I'm a smuggler.

I heard there was lost treasure here.

I made a deal with pirates, okay?
I swear.

Every lie you tell holds a shred of truth.

You're giving me what I want to know,

whether you realize it or not.

You have to believe me.

I believe you've run out of lies-

Set frequency to 337.

Blast the droid.

Perhaps its memory circuits
hold the secrets I want.

Okay! Okay!

I was sent here
by the Protector, Fenn Rau.

You know where he is then?

I don't. But I sure wish I did.

Is that so?

You know, I planned to strike this base

and destroy these
defiant Protectors for some time.

Missing Fenn Rau was disappointing.

But his absence did make
the destruction of his men easier.

I have been waiting for Rau to return.

I only allowed rebel ships

to move through Concord Dawn
to lure him back.

But now, I have you.

And I think you know
exactly where Rau is!

And you will take me to him.

He was going to kill us anyway.

Rau, I'm sorry.

Had you and your Jedi not captured me,

I'd be dead alongside my men,

executed by the Empire.

A truce, then, for now.

You get your friend, I'll secure our ship.

Thank you.

First, let's thin them out
and get you a weapon.

I like the way you think.

Been wanting one of these.

- Where is he?
- I don't know!

You just became
a much more valuable captive,


Get back!

- I can't see!
- Where's my helmet?

Get up! Come on!

What took you so long?

I was using strategy. It takes longer.

Rau should already be in the ship.

He's in the ship, all right.

How's strategy working out for us now?

Not so great.

- Sabine Wren.
- I don't know you.

Well, I know you

and all about how you've joined
the Phoenix Squadron.

I also know that
your mother is looking for you.

Don't believe him.

Sabine never told you about her family?

Well. She lies as well as you, boy.

Her own mother stands
with me and the Empire now.

I doubt you gave her
much choice, traitor.

She came around herself after you
abandoned the Imperial Academy.

Your cowardice shamed
your family's name and standing.

Had you honored your commitment,

you could be wearing this armor now.

Sorry, Saxon. I like a little more color.

You think yourself a loyalist?

The Empire will make
Mandalore stronger than ever before.

The only one who's gotten
stronger under the Empire is you.

Out of respect for your family,
I'll give you a choice.

Give me Fenn Rau
and swear allegiance,

or you and your friend die.

- I yield.
- Sabine, don't.

We have no choice.

On my mark,
send feedback to frequency 337.

Say it.

I swear... That you're a fool!

Chopper, now!

Hang on!

I want those rebels alive!

So what's your strategy for this?

They must have a ship nearby.

Chopper, find it.

Make it quick, Chop.
Her evil cousins are coming.

They're flying faster than us.

How about a little help?

Too low, too low!

Cut them off.

Nice work back there.


I know it was an accident!

- Tell me we're close.
- Chopper?

It's just up ahead.

Finish the boy. Wren is mine.

Gar Saxon!

Those kids are under my protection.


Go. I'm right behind you.


You're not going anywhere, traitor.

I'll hand you over to the Empire.

They shot my jetpack!

I really thought you left us.

I considered it.

Then I realized you were
willing to die for your people,

even though they are not Mandalorian.

You haven't forgotten our ways.

That has earned my respect.

Don't take this
the wrong way, you guys,

but Mandalorians are crazy.

Crazy enough to join you.


If you'll have me.

I'd rather have you
with us than against us.

Welcome to the family.