Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 2 - The Holocrons of Fate - full transcript

When Maul takes the crew of the Ghost hostage, Ezra and Kanan must pass a trial in order to recover an ancient Sith artifact to save them.

Hurry! We're losing ships.

Well, Lieutenant,
what's your plan to get 'em out of there?

- Here's what we're gonna do...
- Look out!

What was that?

Right, right.
That is probably a dismantler droid.

Forgot that Terba said there might be
some guarding the station.

When were you gonna
share that information?

Well, of course I just did.

Commander Titus,
we have a perimeter breach.

Dismantler droids have been activated.

It could be the rebels
Governor Pryce warned us about.

Chop, get it!

Right, I'll handle those clankers.

- Hold on tight!
- Where are you going?


We're going down!

Chopper, get the engines back online!

The rebel ship has suffered
considerable damage.

They've lost power.

Where'd they go?

We've lost them in the storm, sir.

Brace yourselves!
I'm gonna lock onto the station.

Sir, the rebel ship
is not registering on our scanners.

It may have crashed onto the surface.

Alert the Imperial sector fleet.

Governor Pryce will want
to know of this.

We gotta shut down the conveyor
before they're all slagged.

Come on.


Get out of the way.
I don't want to hurt you.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Every situation has the potential
to be profitable.


Yes, yes, yes.

I told them Terba was my friend
and we've come to liberate them.

I think that's what I said.

"Liberate them"?

Fine. They can help us
liberate the ships.

Hondo, get them to
shut off the conveyor.

Very well.

Laborer 429, why have you
disengaged the conveyor?

It's malfunctioning?

Well, get it repaired, miscreant,
or I'll have you thrown off the station!

Let's just get our ships
and get out of here.

Well, Lieutenant,
first we have to refuel them.

Their tanks will be empty.

Bet you didn't think of that
when we walked into this.

Not the first complication.

Won't be the last. Let's get to work.

You know, Kanan would've
loved this mission.

So, tell me, how do I restore my sight?

You must be empty.

There is only the Force.

Now, turn and walk forward.

I'm not sure this is such a good idea.

And why not?

Because those spiders
are out there, waiting.

How do you know this?

I hear them.

Good. Keep walking.

Sound relates them to you. What else?

I can feel them in the ground,

their vibrations when they move.

Indeed, you are perceptive.

Are they close?


Continue on then.

How else do you relate to the spiders?

Before, in the caves, a foul smell.

It was old, decayed.

A fascinating description.

You see much for being blind.

Well, I know what they look like.

I saw them when I had my sight.

Then picture them in your mind.

Are they close?


Are you certain?

What should I do?

What do you want to do?


But there's another one
right behind me.

You are beginning to see.

Now, be empty and continue onward.

Why aren't they attacking?

It is not in their nature.

Well, it has been, in my experience.

Because you do not see them.

You mean, see them for what they are?

Look closer.

There's nothing. I can't sense them.

Look within.



In the spiders?


Your thoughts dwell on your apprentice.

He's in danger.


No. It's not Ezra or the spiders.

It's... It's me.

Fear, grief, anger,
that's how they see me.

That's how I see myself.

Your sight returns.

I distanced myself from everyone.

From the Force, too.

Your connection to the Force

allows you to see in ways others cannot.

If you can see yourself,

you will never be truly blind,

Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight.

I understand.

Where are you going?

Ezra needs me. They all do.

What of the spiders?

I can see them,
so there's nothing to fear.

And what of this?

Keep it, as a gift.

Last two, and then we're out of here.

Sir, the rebels, they're alive

and they're trying
to refuel the old bombers.

Get a squad down there.

Override the conveyor
and activate the magnetic locks.

Well, they know we're here.

They're locking the ships down.

Perhaps my associates can assist?

My friend says
all systems have been overridden

by the control tower.

Zeb, you and Sabine finish refueling.

I'll take care of the tower.

Rex, you're with me.

Stop your complaining.
This is the last one. Then we'll leave.



Go help 'em! I got this.

Yes, yes, you go help them.

We will look for a ship.

I mean, help Ezra.

Ghost to Spectre-6.
You missed check-in.

Where are you?

Hey! Still in the Yarma system, Hera.

Yeah, no. Getting some great recon.

So busy. No time to talk. Bridger out.

It appears
Commander Bridger's recon mission

has turned into a recovery operation.

Sir, we had better mobilize the fleet.



Ezra's in trouble. Let's go.

It's good to have you back.

You want some more,
you lousy clanker?

I'll show you more!

That tears it!

Get off!

- Rex!
- Rex!

Partner! I will stay here
and guard the shuttle

in case we need a quick escape.

You do that.

I assure you, Governor, we will capture
these rebels momentarily.

I hope so, Titus,

but know I will be there soon
to reinforce you.


Last time we met, you were captain
of a top-secret Star Destroyer.

Now you run a junkyard?

Your capture and execution
will mean my return to ranking status.

Yeah, get ready for another demotion.

I'm asking nicely.
Unlock those bombers now.

Sorry, but I've sabotaged
the control unit.

The only way to unlock the bombers
is to cut power to the entire station.

- Okay.
- Wait!

If you disable the power, this station
will drop to a fiery destruction.

You would doom us
and your friends for a few old ships?

I believe in my friends. They'll be fine.

You, not so much.

Better get going.

Evacuate now!

The bombers are unlocked.

Spectre-5 to Spectre-6.
What was that blast?

I had to cut the station's power.

Get in those bombers
and get out of here!

What about you?

I'll take The Phantom.

Now get going. That's an order!

Chopper, tap into the
relay navigation system.

I need you to remote-pilot
those four ships.

Yes, you're getting in a Y-wing, too.


Come on! Get in there!

Hondo, I thought
you were guarding the shuttle

in case we needed to escape.

And I am.
We are making our quick escape now.

Or at least Hondo is.

I will see you again soon, partner!

Another successful adventure!

Well, I better get moving, too.

Stop complaining and focus.

You've gotta get those
bombers in the air.

Detach bombers from the dock.

Nice work. Now keep 'em steady.

Chop, set the coordinates
in the nevi-computer.

What? There's no hyperdrives?

They must have removed them.


My thoughts exactly.

Spectre-6. The Empire is here in orbit.

We are in big trouble.

I'm in trouble, too.

Spectre-5, come in! Can you hear me?

Sabine, come in!

This is wrong. It's all gone wrong.

Kanan! Where are you?

They're trying to drive us
toward their tractor beam!

Ghost to bombers.

Get your ships on the carrier.
We'll cover you.

Copy, Ghost. We are glad to see you.

They fight so hard to gain so little.

Grand Admiral Thrawn immediately.

Ghost, any sign of The Phantom?

Spectre-6 should be up here by now.

Ezra's not with you?


- The station.
- We better hurry.

There's something on my scanner.

I'll try to get as close as I can.

Ezra, I'm here.

There he is!

I'll get him.

Ezra, I'm right here!


I can't reach you!

It's too far!

It's okay. I've got you.

Go ahead. Let go.

Go1' him!

We have the admiral.

Put him through.

Update me
on your progress, Governor.

The situation is proceeding
much as you anticipated.

The rebel fleet,
composed of three star cruisers,

have come to the rescue.

That is not the rebel fleet.

Break off your attack and allow them
to escape with their meager reward.

Very good, Grand Admiral.

We're letting them get away?

I don't understand.

I know you don't,

but rest assured,

Thrawn has a much larger
objective in mind

than the capture of a single rebel cell.

I can explain everything.

Save it. Commander Sato,
everyone is accounted for.

Get us out of here!

I'm sorry. Okay? I messed up.

As a leader, you've a responsibility
to Phoenix Squadron.

You almost got your team
and yourself killed. And...

I know. Okay?

The Phantom is gone.

But we're back in one piece
and we've got five new...

Or old bombers.

You disobeyed orders.

I have no choice
but to suspend your command.

You suspend him,
you should suspend all of us.

We went along with him.

Your loyalty is admirable, Zeb,

but this was Ezra's mission, not yours.

At least we got the Y-wings?

They're not for us.

We have orders
to deliver these bombers

to General Dodonna's unit.

They're part of a wider rebellion
we're working to build.

It's growing every day.

Well, I guess if we're going to
defeat the Empire,

we'll need all the help we can get.

I should have told you
I was using the Sith holocron.

I wanted to believe it could help us.

Well, we don't need that thing.

We'll find another way.

What'd you do with it anyway?

It's safe.

One more thing.

I wanted to thank you for coming back.

I'll always come back.

I know.