Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 1 - Steps Into Shadow - full transcript

Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper and Hera set out to rescue Hondo Ohnaka, while Kanan finds an ancient Force creature known as the Bendu.

- Hey.
- What?

Gotta hand it to you, kid.
This was a pretty good plan.

You've been on a roll.

Hey! I'm just getting started, buddy.

Now come on. Let's move.

Okay, Chopper. Jump.

No rocket. It's too loud. Nowjump!

Chop, get this door open. Hurry.

You're welcome.

6609. This is it. Sabine, you're up.

I still can't believe we're here
to break this guy out of prison.

Trust me, we need
the information he has.

You heard the boss. Open the door.

Don't encourage him.

He is in here because of us.

Keep telling yourself that, Ezra.

Who's the pig?

Purple guy, Mando girl,
and Ezra Bridger.

My, look how you have grown.

I knew you would not
let your old partner, Hondo,

rot away in this prison.

Hondo, it's good to see you.

- Not really.
- You better have the intel you promised.

Yes, we do.

- I'm sorry. "We"?
- Yes.

Me and my business associate, Terba.

You wouldn't believe
the secrets he knows.

You're right. I wouldn't.

What fun!
Now we're rescuing two people.

Hey, twice the fun.

- Look out!
- Over here!

Spectre-6 to Ghost. Change of plans.

We need a 44 scoop
at the landing platform.

On my way, Spectre-6.

Here. Make yourself useful.


I can get a lot for this
on the black market.

You will be giving it back.

I'm keeping it!

No, you're not.

Come on! This way.

- Is that really Ezra?
- Most of the time.

No, you cannot have a double share,
you greedy little pig.

- What do you mean the deal's off?
- No! Terba, wait!

This is not good business!


Well, I guess the deal is off.

Get down!

Karabast! We're cut off!

We need to make a move,
or we're never going to!

Don't worry, Sabine.
I got us into this, I'll get us out.

What are you doing?

What is he doing?

Are you crazy?

What's that driver doing?

We're not rebels! They're over there!

When did Kanan teach you that?

He didn't.

Get ready to jump!


What does he mean jump?
Jump where?

Means our ride is here.


Was that Imperial walker helping you?

Yeah. Ezra used
his Jedi mind trick on the pilot.

Pretty wizard, eh?

I did what I had to do.

Captain Syndulla.

I appreciate the rescue.

And of course, I expect full payment

even though Terba tried to betray us.

Wait. Who's Terba?

Hondo's former cellmate
who almost botched the mission.

He didn't make it.

Ezra, did you know about this?

Not exactly.
But Hondo and I had a deal.

Ezra, when it's your mission,

you are responsible
for all of the details.

I was responsible for what I knew.

We went to get Hondo, and here he is.

I'm sorry about Terba.

The fiery spirit of youth, eh?

It's not all bad.

I knew the details of the mission.

Terba got himself killed.
It's not my fault.

They never would have succeeded
without me.

Don't they know that?

Your anger gives you strength,

gives you focus.

You can see things clearly
your friends cannot.

Now, what else do you desire?

They can't see.

If they can't see,
I must become stronger, more powerful.

I will never let my friends
get hurt again.

Governor Pryce.

How are things proceeding on Lothal?

Lothal is secure, Moff Tarkin.

But I am here
about the recent rebel attack

at the prison on Naraka,

which I believe is only the beginning
of a larger rebel threat.

I am inclined to agree.

Although Lord Vader has dealt with
the insurgency's Jedi leadership,

these rebels have proven
particularly stubborn.

How do you intend
to solve this problem?

I want the Seventh Fleet.

I see. And what of Admiral Konstantine
and his fleet?

Admiral Konstantine is more politician
than soldier.

I need someone
who sees a bigger picture.

Very well.
You shall have the Seventh Fleet.

Thank you, Moff Tarkin.

So, so, so,

how much do you insist
on paying me for this intel?

Being rescued from that Imperial prison
wasn't payment enough?

What do you want?

What good is a pirate without a ship?

You know, the Ghost is a very nice ship.

I could probably...

Forget it.

I'm kidding, of course.

But I do need a ship. Nothing too fancy.

Just something with
a roomy cargo hold,

hyperdrive, shields, weapons.

I am a wanted man, after all.
Very popular.

If your information
is as good as you claim,

then we have a deal.

I give to you the planet Yarma.

And hidden in its cloudy heavens,
Reklam Station,

a secret Imperial salvage yard

where thousands of
Republic starfighters

are being dismantled for scrap.

My former friend Terba
worked on the line there

before he was arrested
for trying to escape.

Y-wings? Kinda old. Can they fly?

Those bombers may be old,

but they were solid
in combat operations.

If we could steal a squadron's worth...

They would be key
to building a strike fleet,

one capable of our next objective,

the destruction
of the Empire's factory on Lothal.

Then what are we waiting for?
Let's go get 'em.

Not so fast. We need to scout it first.

Confirm Hondo's intel
and recon its defenses.

You still do not trust Hondo,

given our history together?

You wound me to the quick, madam.

Ezra Bridger, I trusted you
with the last mission,

and your success
has not gone unnoticed.

You will lead this mission
as Lieutenant Commander.

Lieutenant? A promotion?

You earned it, kid.

- Way to go!
- Well done, young Jedi.

Congratulations, Ezra.
Kanan will be proud of you.


Well, he has a funny way of showing it,

considering he's never around.

I see you-

I see you-

Come to me.

Kanan, I was hoping to see you
at the briefing.

I hear Ezra's doing well.

He has been stepping up, but...

You know, he blames himself

for what happened to you and Ahsoka.

Well, I don't.

I wish you would tell him that.

Kanan. Hey, what are you doing here?

I think it's time for us to talk.

Really? Now is not a good time.

I've been promoted and assigned
a really important mission.

Yeah, I've heard.

The Sith holocron?

You opened it?

Yeah, I opened it. So what?

Ezra, you know only someone
who uses the dark side

can open this thing.

Well, the things I've learned from it
have really helped me.

You're using it?

Maybe you should, too.

You might actually learn something.

Ezra, do you have any idea
how dangerous this path is?

Everything I've learned
has helped me win

one battle after another.

I'm using it for good.

Acting out of anger offers quick results,
but it's a trap!

Not for me!

I can't let you keep this.

Fine. I don't need it.

Just like I don't need you.

We can'tjump directly
to Yarma from here.

We'll have to drop out of hyperspace

at the Sereeda Waypoint
and plot a newjump.

Do not take too long.

That is Mining Guild territory.

If they spot us, they'll alert the Empire

and jeopardize my payment.

I mean, our mission.

We'll be there and gone
before they know it.

Right, Chop?

I can help you.

Where are you?

Who are you?

Come to me.

Okay, Chopper, you're up.

Program those coordinates
fast before...

Attention, shuttle craft.

You're trespassing
in a Mining Guild claim zone.

Identify yourselves.
State your business.

State your purpose.

Please excuse the intrusion, Captain.

We'll be on our way as soon as
we calculate our hyperspace jump.

We will not authorize any such jump

until you've registered with the Empire
and paid the hyperspace toll.

Prepare to transfer credits.

If you do not slow your speed,

we will open fire.

Sabine, get us out of here.

This is the place. Hello?

Are you there?

I can sense your presence.


Imperial prison is bad,

but where the Mining Guild
will send us is worse!

Hang on!

Brace yourselves.

Chopper, we're clear.
Charge the hyperdrive.

Wait. We should destroy the transport
before they contact the Empire.

They probably already have.

No! We're not leaving any witnesses.

That's not our mission, Ezra.

She's right, Lieutenant.

The important thing here
is to proceed with our mission.

Fine. Make the jump.

Hyperspace, here we come.

You heard my call. Good.

Your imbalance woke me
from a deep slumber.


Your presence is like a violent storm
in this quiet world.

You're a Force wielder.

But you're not a Jedi.


Jedi and Sith wield
the Ashla and Bogan,

the light and the dark.

I'm the one in the middle, the Bendu.

What do you call yourself?

I am Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight.

You carry conflict with you,
Kanan Jarrus,

Jedi Knight.

It's this.


Careful. It's...


How so?

It's a Sith holocron, a source of evil.

My student's been using it,
and I'm afraid it's changing him.

An object cannot make you good or evil.

The temptation of power,
forbidden knowledge,

even the desire to do good
can lead some down that path.

But only you can change yourself.

Not always.

Your conflict becomes clear.

That device in the ground,
why do you have it?

It keeps the spiders from attacking me.

May I see it?

Hey, hey! What did you do?

I am helping you.

It was the only thing protecting me
from those creatures!

You believe that,

but you must learn
to see things differently now.

Look, I can't see anything, not anymore.

No. You are unwilling.

Are you saying there's a way
to restore my vision?

Your sight cannot be healed,

but I can teach you to see.

If you're willing.

What must I do?

I'm certain Governor Pryce
is overestimating

how organized the resistance is.

While it's true
there are pockets of rebellion,

there has never been any evidence

of a larger scale, galaxy-wide operation.

And I would like to keep it that way,

Admiral Konstantine.

Grand Admiral Thrawn.

"Grand Admiral"?

The Emperor recently promoted me
after my victory at Batonn.

Civilian casualties outnumbered
the insurgents at the time.

Acceptable margins, Agent Kallus,

for there are no longer
rebels in that sector.

Well, Thrawn, what do you think
of Governor Pryce's theory

about the rebels in the Lothal sector?

This is a pirate our rebels
rescued from Naraka prison,

Hondo Ohnaka.

Within the last hour,
the Phoenix Squadron

destroyed Mining Guild ships

using the Sereeda
Hyperspace Waypoint.

Taken separately,
they may seem unrelated,

but Ohnaka's cellmate was a laborer

at our starfighter reclamation plant
in the Yarma system,

one jump point away
from the Sereeda attack.

Grand Admiral Thrawn believes
the rebels intend to raid the plant

and steal fighters for their fleet.

Every ship they add to their arsenal
increases the threat

to our own armada
and the Emperor's plans.

I trust you have a solution?

I will start my operations here

and pull the rebels apart piece by piece.

They will be the architects
of their own destruction.

No Imperial traffic on the scopes,

but no sign of the station either.

It is down there, my friends.

And those ships are ripe for plunder.

There's no telling what we're flying into.

Let's find out. Take us down.

There it is. Reklam Station.

Chopper, get a count
on those bombers.

There! Y-wing light bombers.

Looks like they're in decent shape, too.

Yeah, but according to Chopper's scan,
there's only 15 left.

Correction. There are only 14 left.

Looks like they're being destroyed.

We need to move in now.

There won't be any ships left if we wait.

Hold on. Our orders
are to recon the station,

not go after ships.

We should advise Captain Syndulla.

What if the Empire
detects our transmission?

I was given command
of this assignment.

I know what the objective was
and I am changing it.

We're going in now. That's an order.

Yes, sir.