Star Trek: Prodigy (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Captain's log,
stardate... I don't know.

Janeway thinks we're cadets.

She told me to log whatever
my crew has been up to,

but there's not much
to report.

Since we almost flew
directly into a dying star,

Janeway thought it might be
nice to teach us some basics

on how to pilot
a starship.

Huh? Uh...

And she taught us
the wonders of autopilot.

No! Bad Murf!

You do not do that
in the bridge!

She also trained us
how to plot a course

to avoid anything
that might try to hurt us...

like Our Diviner,

Who's probably not pleased
we took his daughter.

The more distance we put
between us and Tars Lamora,

the better.

But big picture,
as long as our course

is set to avoid any trouble,
we shouldn't have any.


- Proximity alert.
- Huh?

Janeway, enough
with the alarm.

What's going on?

- Has the Diviner found us?
- Oh, we're dead.

I don't have any record
of a Diviner,

but for the time being,
we're fine.

Our sensors have discovered
this uncharted M-Class planet

in the Hirogen System.

We should check it out.

- M-Class?
- Ugh, not for my crew.

We all deserve A-Class planets.

Actually, M-Class planets
are suitable for life.

Readings suggest this one
is rich in some kind

of cilium-like vegetation

with elevated
thoron emissions,

though no sentient life-forms.

It's protocol for Federation
ships to explore new worlds

and document their findings.

And since you are cadets...

We get to go there
and explore it?

- Ah, finally!
- A break from you dum-dums!

Wow, wow, wow!

Does this mean
we can get off the ship, Dal?

Sure, it might be nice
to stay somewhere awhile.

Catch some rays,
take a cool dip.

Oh, and let
Our Diviner catch us.

No. We're not going.

And there's nothing any of you
can say to talk me into it.

Then I will be forced

to report your noncompliance
to Starfleet.

Know what? Good point.

No need to get
the adults involved.

We'll go.
Let's just make it snappy.

Our first away mission!

Ooh. Whoa.

It's so green.

Janeway, uh, taught you
how to land this thing, right?

- I'm trying to concentrate.
- Would you be quieter?




Sorry, it's a short stop,

but we can't
let you get out again.

That oughta hold you,
this time.

Whatever happened to
"under different circumstances,

we could've been friends?"

I'll bring you back
a souvenir.

These are your tricorders,
useful for data sensing,

and recording your findings.

I've enabled them
to track locations.

- Ooh.
- Wow.


Mine has already
detected a gas sample.


Ah, the joys of being

Is this some sort
of disruptor?

A Federation Type 1 Phaser,

only to be used
in an emergency.

But it'd be helpful

if they were pointed
in the right direction.

Oh, wow.

Don't worry, that's why
the defaults are set to stun.

And what is that?


Accelerated ion propulsion,
Tritanium chassis,

Holosteering, and my favorite,

grab handles.

Aren't you glad
I ordered us off the ship?

- Wow.
- Oh, is that leather?

Check it out,
impulse steering.

- There's only four seats.
- You're not coming?

I wish I could,

but holograms
can't leave the ship.

Don't feel bad.
Murf will keep me company.

Now go.

Explore, collect your samples,
and meet back in an hour.

But more importantly...

- Oh, finally.
- We'll be back.

Jankom goes first!

Look out for each other.



If I had a breath,
it would be taken away.

Thought this place
was supposed to be beautiful.

Janeway said
it's safe to breathe.

It's an alien world where
who knows what could happen?

Jankom says the suit stays on.


There are no nutrients
in the soil

but such an abundance of flora.

Dal, how could this be? Dal?


- Yeah!
- What are you doing?

- You guys get samples!
- Meet you back at the ship!

- That is not very practical.
- Dal! Dal!

But I thought we were going
on an adventure together.

Guys? Guys?

Jankom Pog is hungry.

Ooh. Pretty.

You're smarter than you look.

Maybe not.

Eat up, Murf.

We're gonna have some fun.

Stop. Whatever
you're planning to do...

I'm starting to think

you weren't just locked up
for space flu.

If you think you're going
to fly out of here,

I want you to know
you've already been

locked out of all
ship controls and...

Wait. How did you...

All this time, my father
taught me starship mechanics,

astrophysics, linguistics,
information technology,

and I never questioned why.

He was preparing me
for this ship.

Janeway to Captain R'El,
your prisoner is loose

and trying
to steal the Protostar.


- Captain, do you read me?
- Whoa.

I can't let you
take the ship.

I am reclaiming it
for my father.

This starship belongs
to the United Federation of...

Which you now have
full command access to.

How can I be of service?

Send a message.

Young progeny,
we have been looking for you.

I'm in the Hirogen
Star System.

I need to talk to Our Diviner.

I have control
of the Protostar.

How curious.

Even more curious.


Ah, ah.
That smell.

Oh, can't be.


Janeway said no one lived here.

Jankom Pog can't wait
to tell her she's wrong.

Uh, hello!


Just like the stew
on the Tellar Sleeper Ship.

Ah, ah.

One bite can't hurt, right?

Ooh, a life-form.

Oops. Just me.

That's weird.

Still says there's
only one of us here.

Don't be scared, little guy.
I won't hurt you.


You're not scared.

You wanna play, don't you?

Oh, my gosh!

you're adorable!

Stop it!

Most curious of all.

The engine of our ship.

What is it doing down here?



It can't be.


You yearn to see
your parents,

yet you don't remember
what they looked like.

Can you believe this place?

I could stay here forever.
Couldn't you?

Janeway said she can't
leave the ship.

You're too smart
for your own good.

If you're not Janeway,
then who are you?

Consider me a representative.

I was told there's
no intelligent life here.

Life is everywhere.

We have the ability
to see what you want

and give it to you.

We also sense your fear.

You can stop running.

The Diviner
won't find you here.

We can protect you.

But you have to stay.

Thanks, weird lady.

Sounds like a sweet offer.





Dal to Zero.

We have got to get off
this planet pronto.

Do you...

The ship is prepared
for takeoff,

but as your training advisor,
I must remind you,

a Starfleet officer
never abandons her crew.

They're not my crew.

Computer, initiate liftoff.
Full thrusters.

Computer, stand by
to retract landing gear.

What was that? Report.

The landing struts
are obstructed.

Oh, you are a mystery.

What does it mean?

- Rok! Jankom!
- Can anyone hear me?

I hope that's one of us.

Got you.

- Dal? What happened?
- How did you...

Time to go.

grab handles!

The maze, it's sealing us in!

This planet is remarkable!

It acts as one superorganism,

luring and consuming its prey
for nutrients.

- You mean it wants to eat us.
- Eat us?

It shows us what we want
by fabricating our desires

onto its cilium.

It's quite wondrous!

It's also trying to eat us.

Hold on.

Rok should be
just over this hill.

I can hear her. She's laughing.

Stop it.

Rok! Rok!

Wake up!

Aren't they cute?

Their kisses are so wet!

- Wake up!
- Coochie-coo.

You're adorable. I love you.

Mm! Huh?

Where'd they go?

They liked me.

They were not real.

I don't like this place.

I wanna go back to the ship.

Not without Jankom.


But... but...
But it tasted so real!

The spores we came
into contact with

clouded our minds
and senses.

Hold on!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Why was Jankom rescued last?

My progeny.

How did you get here so fast?

I was impatient to see you.

You're out of your chamber.

Would you deny me the joy
of seeing you alive and well?

- I'm sorry.
- I meant...

I am pleased, Our Diviner.

We should go.

Let us remain here
for a moment longer.

But the others are coming.

I've given you your ship.

You've done well, my progeny.

My Gwyndala, I am proud of you.

You are not my father.



There it is! The Protostar!

Janeway, if you can hear me,

prep the Protostar
for takeoff!

Great! We're coming in hot.

No! No!
No, not that hot!

I said prep the Protostar,
not fly away!

Come on, Gwyn,
you can do this.

The nacelles are entangled.

Cilia has infiltrated
the ventral superstructure.

Command-and-control systems
are offline.

- All systems are critical.
- Prepare to abandon ship.

- I do not accept!
- My father needs this ship.

You can't break free.

This ship is going down,

and if you don't find
a way off,

you're going down with it.

Get out of here!

- All systems are critical.
- Prepare to abandon ship.

Ten seconds to emergency
engine shutdown.

The shuttlecraft.

Nine, eight...

Seven, six...

Five, four.


You stranded us all.