Star Trek: Prodigy (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Terror Firma - full transcript

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

What did you do?

I think I broke my leg.

A compound fracture

I mean the ship.
You tried to steal our ship.

You mean the one
you stole first?

She makes a good argument.
Oh, really?

Now, you're taking her side?

At least she saved Murf.
It's okay, Murf.

You don't need to be scared.
I'll protect you.

Janeway to crew.
Do you read me?

We hear you, Janeway.
Is the ship okay?

The "Protostar"
landed safely,

10 kilometers away
from your current position.

I'm activating a beacon that
will lead you to the ship.

Diagnostics show minor damage.

Computer, aft view on screen.

This ship is about to be
the planet's main course.

I'll hold off these vines
as best I can,

but I suggest
you get here on the double.

Copy that, Janeway.
Dal out.

Everyone, to the Runaway.

Uh, about that-- gotta be kidding me!

The planet seems to have
given up luring us to stay

and has resorted
to more direct methods.

10 kilometers just got
a whole lot further.

Then we'd better
get a move on,

'cause if this planet
eats our ship, we're next.

What about her?

She's the reason
we're in this mess.

Don't let her slow us down.

I can look after myself.

The "Protostar"
is beyond those hills.

I'm freezing.

"It's safe to breathe,
Jankom Pog.

You won't need that suit,
Jankom Pog."

Ha ha ha ha!

Who's laughing
and breathing now,

nice and toasty
on Murder Planet?


Since we found this planet

do we get to name it?
Can we call it Larry?

I vote we call it "Let's not
visit M-Class planets again."

it's not a planet,

but a sentient life form.

Perhaps I could ask its name.
No, it just wants to eat us.

Murder Planet it is.
Aw. I really liked Larry.

Shh. Quiet.

Excuse me.
No one's talking to you.

No. Listen.

Hmm. Uh...

Oh, a sound Jankom
does not like.

It's just the wind.

But I don't feel any wind.

Oh, no.
Where did the hills go?

Hmm. Must have gotten
turned around.

Ah, this way.

close shuttle bay doors.



Primary and secondary
power offline.

Emergency reserves at 80%.

Pesky vines are wrapping
into the plasma coils.

No crew. No weapons.

Just access to non-essential
systems. Think.

What would
the real Janeway do?

She would clean the house.

Computer, activate
photonix ship scrubbers,

full disinfection mode.

That ought to do the trick.

Now what?

Power reserves at 50%.

Computer, display all active
systems of the "Protostar."

using a lot of power.

Ah, here's the culprit.

Gravimetric "Protostar"

Why don't I have
any record of this system?

Computer, shut it down.

Access denied.

The Gravimetric
"Protostar" Containment

is a high-priority system

requiring command-level

Not even from
a former captain?


Well, if we're playing

shut down food replicators,
and we'll go from there.


Ugh. Are we there yet?

The ship is 10 kilometers

You said 10 kilometers
10 kilometers ago!


Whoa! Did you see that?
The hills moved.

Pfft! Hills don't move.
They do here.

The planet has been
terraforming around us.

It's trying to scare us?

Terraforming. It means
the planet is changing.

Usually to become
more habitable.

But in this case,
it's sending us in circles.

Oh, boy.

Who's there? What's that?

I don't know how to feel
in this moment,

but I'm happy to help.

If the planet can make
our dreams come true,

what about our nightmares?


A Watcher!

Oh, good, ha ha, you're
seeing what Jankom's seeing.

Fire phasers!

How do I turn this on?
Do I just point it now?


Would you give me that?

I would have hit it

Phasers aren't working!

What are you doing?

This isn't the time
for arts and crafts.

Gwyn, what are you doing?

♪ ♪


Ha ha! Great idea, Gwyn.

Aah! Terrible idea, Gwyn.

What do we do now?

We jump.

Jankom, you win.

Murder Planet is a pretty
fitting name for this place.

And it hasn't
murdered us yet.

Yeah. If it weren't for you,
we'd be goners.

Jankom Pog
never doubted Gwyn.

The Diviner's daughter
is an excellent shot.

We owe you one.

Hang on a sec.

If it weren't for Gwyn,
we'd still have our ship.


Oh, my. Acid rain.

A novel means
for the planet's digestion.

Perhaps we should--
Find cover!

Will that work?

Not as good
as sleeper ship stew,

but these Klingon rations are
still better than eating mud.

Oh, Jankom Pog didn't realize

how much he missed home
till he got here.

When all of those cute little
fuzzy creatures surrounded me,

they weren't afraid
of how I looked.

I wanted it to be real.
But it wasn't.

At first I was confused
why our engine's device

was at the center of the maze.

But after hearing about
all your experiences,

I now understand this place
was using my obsession

to answer that riddle in hope
to keep me here forever.

Dal, you never told us
what you saw.

He wanted to see his family,

but he didn't know
who they were.


Here. I'm not hungry.

It's not that bad.

It's called a Mek'leth.
It's a Klingon weapon.

If warriors didn't make it
off this planet,

it doesn't bode well for us.

You know, for the record,
I don't care about my parents.

You didn't say you did.

All my life, people
ask me what species I am.

As if, if I give it a name,
they'd treat me differently.

Usually, I make something up

'cause, ha,
really, who would know?

But just once,
instead of being asked,

I just wish someone
out there could tell me.

You want something
that no one can give you.

And I want something
I may never get.

So that thing--you, like,
control it with your mind?

An heirloom.

The only thing
my father ever gave me.

Who uses an unfinished
escape shuttle

to jump out
of a moving starship?

Thought I was the one
who didn't think ahead.

Ha ha.

I can't believe
there are so many stars.

See that cluster
in the line of stars

to the left, it looks like--

Like a constipation.

Constellation. Constipation
is what we'll both have

after eating Jankom's stew.
Ha ha.

Aww, and there's one
less star for us to look at.

Least the others
are staying put.

What is it?
Stars can't move.

The stars are fixed points.

We can follow them
right to the ship.

We've gotta tell the others.

The coordinates
your Progeny provided

have led us to this
M-Class planet.

Systems detect the "Protostar."

Take us into orbit.
Beam us down at once.

Captain's log--ahem--

Even though this planet
tried to trip us up,

we've almost reached
the "Protostar"

by following the stars,

which was my brilliant idea
with a little assist.

The "Protostar" is just
through these woods.

Come on, let's keep moving.

Is that...
Oh, no.

Ha ha ha, Murder Planet.
You got us again.

Which one of you guys
thought up this idiot?

Never mind. He's real!

Well done, young Progeny.
You led us right to them.

You knew they were coming.

Step away from the fugitives.

You don't have to hurt them.

The ship is close.
We can leave them here.

Step aside, young Progeny.
I will not warn you again.

Then you'll have to shoot me.

Go! I'll only slow you down.

What? No!

Split up.
He can't chase us all.

What part of split up
don't you understand?

Oh, boy.

♪ ♪

That was good thinking, kid.

Now, let's get back
to the ship.

What about Gwyn?
She did save us.

We wouldn't need saving
if she hadn't given us up.

She made her choice.

My Diviner.


Diviner. Help!

My Progeny.


I'm sorry.



Lifeforms detected nearby.

About time.

Let's get the ship
ready for takeoff.

Preparing for
immediate departure.

It's not real.
It's not real.

Go, go, go!

I'm already proceeding
in a rapid forward motion.

I cannot do it in triplicate.
Where's Gwyn?

I can't go any lower.

I can't...reach her.

Yes! Up, up!

♪ ♪

You came back for me.

We owed you one.

Your Progeny betrayed us.

Get us out of here.
Maximum warp.

I suggest you set a course.

To where?
As far away as possible.

Setting course.

Warp engine engaged.

It's good to have
the entire crew safely aboard.

He chose the ship.

You're with us now.
He can't hurt you anymore.

That's not actually factual.
Something's locked

onto our warp signature
and is gaining fast.

♪ ♪

Can we go any faster?

Jankom Pog would, if he
could, but something called

the Gravimetric
"Protostar" Containment

is gobbling up
the rest of the juice.

"Protostar" containment.

That giant ship is locked
onto us with a tractor beam.

We need outta here--disable
the "Protostar" Containment.

Stop. The "Protostar" isn't
just the name of the ship.

The engine is a protostar!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
So we're carrying around

a baby star inside the ship?

Baby star?

Which means our warp drive
has one heck of a kick.

I hate to interrupt
the science lesson,

but we're being hailed.

On screen.

My Progeny, you're alive.

You chose the ship.

I had no choice.

Time's running out.

If you want to save your
friends, surrender the ship.

You're going to do
the right thing...

aren't you, Gwyn?

You're right. I am.

Computer, engage protostar.


Something's happening.

Engaging Proto-Warp
in three...


You made your choice, Father.

Now I've made mine.

Gwyn, stop.


They engaged the protostar.

Can you track them?

They are no longer
on our maps.

She's gone.