Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 3, Episode 6 - Spoils of War - full transcript

Caesar's masterly manipulation allows a triumphant Roman recapture of Sinessa. Gannicus stays behind to cover the retreat of Spartacus and most warriors onto the icy mountain ridge, where they are pinned down in dire conditions. Crassus rewards Heraclea with gold and 'traitor' Leata, but Gannicus manages during his escape with Sibyl to kill the pirate captain and rescue the new 'slave'. Crassus orders Tiberius, who hoped to resume deputy command, to preside over the celebration of Caesar's victory and bribes senator Metellus to share the looting of the whole city. Instead of befriending Caesar, jealous Tiberius tries to trick his rival during the bloody execution of prisoners, but Caesar triumphs again.

[ grunting ]

[ screaming ]

Before he came to the city,

I prayed to the gods
that they would deliver me

from the hands of my Dominus.

And in you my prayers were answered.

Then see it repaid,
by staying far from my presence.

And men of my kind.

Spartacus releases a clutch
of prisoners from Sinuessa.

You gave aid to the man

that robbed you of husband's life,

in order to save your own?

A thing I would do again, if so needed.

Your father loves you, Tiberius.

No, he took something from me.

[ shrieks ] And I would have

something in return.

[ yells ]

Apologies, brother.

I did not wish you such an end.

[ yelling ] We are betrayed!

[ splashing ]

We must see gate opened
and city retaken!

[ explosion ]

Fucking traitor.

No, I'm fucking Roman.

Did I not tell you that you should run?

[ yelling ]

[ grunting ] [ clanging ]

We must hold the gate!

[ yelling ]

[ smashing ]

[ crashing ]

[ yelling ]

There are too many!

Fall back!

Fall back!

Welcome to Sinuessa.

[ yelling ]

[ grunting ]

[ screaming ]

[ yelling ]

[ clanging ]

[ yelling ]

[ yelling ]

[ grunting ]

Where did fucking these appear from?

The gate has fallen!

We have been betrayed.


I stand eternal fool
for laying trust in Heracleo.


It was Lyciscus that turned upon us.

He stands fucking Roman.

Fucking shit!

That is why he aided the Cilicians.

They have fucked us as well?

[ yelling ]

Where is Nasir?

Dispatched with Lugo to call warning.

I must find him.

Carry word to break for northern gate.

We must see all that remain
to safety of the ridge.

You would have us run?

I would have us live.

Then we must fight
and make our stand here --

Crassus has seized the moment.

We are not prepared
to face him in the streets.

Nor will our numbers pass
through northern gate

before he descends upon them.

I will cause distraction,
and gain needed time.

By what means?

I have no fucking idea.

No, move with the others,

I will draw
the Romans away --

This is not request!

You lead these people.

If you were to fall
it would be fatal blow.

My passing of lesser concern.

Of concern to me.

Gannicus --

[ horns sounding ]


I will find you when it is done.

[ yelling, screaming ]

We shall wait as long
as we are able, brother.

You mad fuck.

Do not die.

Nor you.

Go with them, quickly.


My passing would be of even
lesser concern than yours.

Stay close to heel.

I would not greet this night our last.

[ clanging ] [ grunting ]

[ yelling ]

[ screaming ]

Have you lost mind?!

Castus came to aid!

He and his people aid only
the fucking Romans!

I do not know of what you speak!

I awoke from drink
to find my brothers gone.

He had no hand in this.

[ grunts ]

More come.

We must go.

[ grunting ]

Make attempt to seize weapon,

and I'll have your fucking life.

We move for the ridge.


[ smashing ]

Not much of a plan, is it?

If you hold better one, break words.


Jupiter fuck me.

Why are you yet within the city?

I was upon path to leave
it when the Romans came.

I did not know what to do.


[ yelling, swords clanging ]

Hold tears.

Stay by my side, do not make a sound.

Or see us all to the afterlife.



[ yelling ]

[ grunting ] [ clanging ]

[ yelling ]

[ crackling ]

They abandon hope and burn the city.

The rebels have set torch to horreum.

Three centuries have
been dispatched to quell --

Recall them and move
towards commanded path.


Spartacus attempts
to turn victory into ash

and you recall your men?

I have set plan to motion,

and will not fall to distraction.

We advance on northern gate!

Form up!

[ grunting ]

[ yelling ]

Keep pace and do not pause!



[ bell tolling ]

[ grunting ]

[ clanging ]

[ yelling ]

[ yelling ]


[ grunting ]

[ heavy breathing ]

If I am to die,

it lifts heart to share
final moment with you.

Many have fallen this night.

[ clanging ]

You shall not be among them.

[ yelling ]

Keep pace!



You traitorous fuck.

He knew nothing of this.

By his own fucking tongue.

This is not time to fall to quarrel!

Bind his hands
and see him through the gate

with the others.

Those who can fight take rear position

as you take to the ridge!

Take him!

Move quickly, and do not turn back!

[ yelling, screaming ]


Fall back!

See all through the gate!



[ yelling ]

[ yelling ]

[ grunting ] [ clanging ]

We must seal gate behind us!

[ smashing ]

[ crackling ]

Oh, Crixus!


The man you seek.


Seize him!

[ yelling ]

[ snapping ]

[ rumbling ]

[ yelling ]

Even the gods grant
aid to the fucking man.

They but delay inevitable fall.

Bring ram to bear.

Sentries to guard sundered gateway.

We do not follow?

In time.

Sweep the city for any of his followers

that yet hold breath.

So that we may rob them
of it in celebration

of glorious victory.

Fuck your little bird, you Roman cunt.

[ pounds ]

Search everywhere.

[ clattering ]

Go on.
[ grunting ]

[ footsteps ] Search them all!

[ chattering ]

Give men rest and meal.

Tomorrow's dawn shall
see them march upon the ridge.

What of followers' camp,

and the Romans freed by Spartacus?

Shall they be moved within
safety of city walls?

Only soldiers to be permitted within.

Any found absent proper watchword

to be executed upon sight.

I would not have streets swollen
with bodies errant rebels

yet could secret themselves among.

Though deserving few shall
be granted consideration.

Dispatch your men and see all upon this

brought to villa.


Ah, you return to form, Caesar.

A most welcomed sight.

I was only just praising
him for his ability

to blend so effortlessly
with a pack of savage dogs.

A thing of ill consideration,

had Crassus not plucked
scheme from fevered brain.

I am of regret to have
ever laid doubt upon it.

The Senate will be most pleased

to greet news of
Sinuessa en Valle's liberation.

Linger before return to Rome,

see it celebrated with Carnificina.


As night greets us.

I've set aside one of the finest villas

for you to rest
and see yourself to bath,

until such a time.

A gesture unexpected,
yet much appreciated.


Preening little fuck.

A sentiment shared.

Yet he holds the ear of the Senate,

and I would see him well satisfied

to further bolster tale of our victory

carried back to Rome.

You speak again of victory
shrouded from discerning eye.

Spartacus yet lives,

with considerable force
aiding him upon Melia Ridge.

There is no escape from the ridge.

It stands impassable.

Words most likely
broken by the fool Glaber

when he had the rebel
trapped upon Vesuvius.

You believe me the fool?

I believe you a man of infinite plots,

twisting upon themselves
to shame Gordian knot.

Praise well received.

Now part mind from troubled thoughts,

and allow it returned.

The rebellion has suffered fatal blow.

At celebration I would
honor hand that struck it.

Would that the Thracian's head

upon pike bore witness to such laurels.

Hold fast to patience,

a thing that has propelled
us to the ground

we now stand upon.

And in briefest passing
shall claim Spartacus

and all those who yet follow
the doom of his shadow.

[ shattering ] [ grunting ]

No one's here.

[ banging ] [ footsteps ]

[ whispering ] They take leave?

Not all.

Thousands more swell in streets.

The ones above spoke of victory,

great numbers lost to us.

Coupled with the curse that
Spartacus yet eludes them.

He is a troublesome man to kill.

I have attempted
it myself upon occasion.

The gods favor him.

And bless us as well.

They piss upon us

and you welcome it as cooling rain.

We are alive.

Because they yet guide your hand.

One I have faith
will see us from darkest hour.

Would that I shared the same.

You have done this before.

My Dominus inflicted many
wounds upon his slaves.

I often tended their injuries.

Who tended yours?

Diotimus showed a kindness.

Did he now?

He stood as a brother to me.


You struck down
the man that took his life.

The man that took my own,

a small piece at a time
over span of years.

Would that it had made difference.

You have made all in the world.

[ thud ]

[ whimpering ]


See her hands freed of bond.

This woman stands no fucking slave.

I know you.

Do I not?

You have laid eyes upon distorted

reflection of the man before you.

I was secreted among the rebels,

beard upon cheek and lies upon tongue.

You stood with Crixus and his animals

as they slaughtered my people,

bound in chains.

A deed of much regret.

Yet born of necessity.

I could not risk

discovery short of turning
the Cilicians to our cause.

In war, one does what
one must to survive.

A burden not unfamiliar.

Crassus would have word.

You are to be fed proper meal

and bathed in rosewater,

in the villa you once called home.



I did not move to frighten.

Recent events set nerves to edge.

See grave concern give way.

The city is taken,

and I stand unscathed.

A great victory.

One whose celebration,

I would have you share in.

I am to stay here, with you?

Would you stand pleased by it?

Beyond the telling of words.
[ chuckles ]

There is no cause for tears

on such a day.

They are of joy,

to find myself delivered
from followers' camp.


Has it grown so unpleasant?

Unbearably so...

The fault is mine.

I lay upon Kore heavy burden,

of lending ear to my grief

in the passing of Sabinus.

And my hand in it.

A man does what is required,

when fate calls upon him.

As all soldiers must.

Kore served greater comfort

than you will ever know.

Yet I fear my pain has,

pressed hard against her.

I pray you are not too delicate

to bear such weight.

I stand no soldier in this conflict.

Yet I too shall do what I must.

I am forever grateful.

See wine and food prepared.

Yes, Dominus.

This war has forever changed her.

She does not stand alone is such regard.

I am but hardened by it,

and the lessons it has taught.

I had thought decimation

in threat of pulling you from reason.

Yet you rise like the phoenix,

the fire of purpose filling eye.

And soon shall take your place again

as my word and my will.


You did not summon to reinstate

me into the legion?

I would have you present

Carnificina for the men.

It will elevate you

in the eyes of the legion

to be seen in such giving spirit.

And ease the way for you

to again assume command.

A privilege then.

And opportunity to honor you

and your triumph.

You mistake intent.

We shall honor Caesar as the victor.

There is no love lost between us.

Surely there must be more
fitting service that I might --

A shrewd man turns rival to valued ally.

Caesar is blessed with storied name,

and shall one day
rise to shame the very sun.

Make peace,

and bask in glorious light.

He shall be awarded
all respect deserved.

Many a boy may enter a war.

Yet at it's end,

only a man will emerge.

It warms my heart to see you become one.

I am what you have made me.

[ patting ]

[ breathing heavy ]

More soldiers return.

They pry wood and beams
searching for vermin.

[ footsteps ]

If we stay, will they not find us?

They will.

Is there nothing we can do?

There is but one thing.


[ grunting ] [ wood cracking ]

If any but my visage return,

take your life.

It will be a kindness in comparison

to what they will do to you.

[ footsteps ]

[ grunting ]



[ clanking ]

I got him!
[ grunting ]

[ clanging ]

[ footsteps ]

I begin to believe in your gods.

[ exhale ]

Let us see how far they will take us.


A taste I recall you favor.

It is for your father.

As are many things.

The Imperator has much
pressing upon mind.

Laying more upon it

would only serve to open grievous wound.

Do all the years I have cared for you

stand for nothing?

They have brought me greatest comfort.

It would sadden heart,

to see you turned from our house.

Or set to cruelest punishment...

If he ever learned how you willingly

gave yourself to me
in attempt to ease my pain.

If errant word falls from mouth,

only suffering will follow them.

At the hands of the Imperator.

Or my own.

And I will not be as gentle next time.

You stand a vision.

One to rival my own beloved wife.

It is as a dream, to be resurrected so.


Crassus awaits your company.

She has been prepared,

as commanded.

When last I laid eyes,

you appeared as defiled effigy,

marred by calamity of war.

Now restored to graven
image of Venus herself.


For all that you have done.

I would take my leave,

if I am of no further use.

Fall to your chambers
in advance of celebration.

You shall find welcomed gifts,

most deserved.

You hold celebration?


In honor of our victory
against the rebel king.


I fear I am not yet
of strength --

I did not imagine you would
be of attendance.

It is a blessing you yet draw breath.

One bestowed by Spartacus
himself, was it not?

As I have told you,

I exchanged words with
the man only in hope

of sparing what remained of my people.

Know that I find no fault in it.

The whole of Rome echoes with

inflated legend of the Bringer of Rain.

I would hear air filled with truer tale,

of Spartacus the man.

I knew him only as captor.

I do not move to trap you.

I but crave honest appraisal
of worthy adversary.

One I shall soon meet
upon field of battle.

Spartacus seems...

not the beast,

one would form thought of.

And in place of horns
and sharpened claw?

A wounded heart.

Yearning to balance scale.

I know of his wife,

and his thirst to avenge her death.

No he is not consumed
by a thirst for blood.

Perhaps he stood as such once,

yet now...

he fights for what he believes is just.

There is no cause more dangerous.

He will not stop.

I do not believe he could,

even if he so wished it.

Then he and I stand the same.

Each believes himself the hero,

the other villain.

It is for history
to decide who is mistaken.

Until such a day,

we shall play our parts
upon fortune's stage.

As each of us must.

[ foot steps approaching ]

The city is yours, mighty Crassus!

I would see to agreed upon price

for aiding in its return to Roman hands.

You set bargain with this fucking shit?

One of gravest cost.

Coin to set Midas to envy
is carried to your ships.

See yourself far from my presence.

Or witness rise of morning
sun from the shores

of the afterlife.

I will take most welcomed
leave by night's end.

With all that I have been promised.

I am a Roman.

One that gave aid to our enemy,

for whatever the reason.

You cannot do this.

It is already done.

[ whimpering ]

It is the rarest of things, to see a man

that honors his words.

Stay beyond agreed upon hour,

and you shall know
the bitter truth of it.

May the gods grant all that you deserve,

mighty Crassus.

As they have granted Heracleo.

[ whimpering ]

Come, my love.

There are many
wonders beyond these walls

I long for you to see.

You wish to break words?


It warms heart,

to see you recovered from
your recent misfortunes.

Come, drink wine,
let us regail --

My time is of short offering.

I am taken with preparing
celebration in your honor.

Gratitude for the effort.

Is there anything you desire towards it?

Honeyed wine?

Roasted boar?

Oysters plucked from Poseidon's garden?

[ chuckles ]

I would merely attempt
to honor you with gift.

As you honor me.

This is Canthara.

Born east of the Nile,

but do not judge her for it...

Followers are not
allowed within city walls.

It is a gift from your father.

One I would share.

Did he command you to do this?

As he commanded
me to pay tribute to you?

Return to more willing flesh.

The boy favors contention over cunt.

I but favor truth.

The Imperator would
see us to common ground.

I find us far removed.

[ chuckles ]

As mortal from a god.

One set upon a small band of rebels

with support of a century,

lost his sword, turned heel and fled.

While the other,

strolled into the jaws of the beast,

absent weapon, and brought down

an entire city with
but cunning and silver tongue.

Refresh mind.

Which do you stand?

Upon a day my title
shall be returned to me.

And place you
beneath heel --

I have delayed you too long

from pressing charge.

And the opportunity it brings,

to earn small sum of respect

from those of us that stand as soldiers.

Oh, and Tiberius?


The streets stand too swollen.

And rooftops alone will not
carry us free of the city.



Part way.

The traitor yet lives.

I move beneath protection
of your Imperator.

Your ship stands in opposing direction.

I would present precious bounty

with offering of affection,

before taking to unforgiving sea.

Let them pass.

[ shrieks ]

[ sobbing ]

You look upon me as a monster.

Yet am I not more desirable fate?

With husband fallen to the afterlife,

what life would
you have among the Romans?

You are a woman.

No better than a slave to them.

[ whimpers ]

I bestow loftier consideration.

I would never bargain you off,

as Crassus has done.

Nor would I lock you in a cage

and pass you about,

as my men would have me do.


you shall stand beside me,

a queen upon the sea.

My greatest treasure.

And all who cross our path

shall know that you are mine.

Heracleo, no!


Apologies for the pain I cause, my love.

No, no!

[ screaming ]

[ whimpering ]

[ sobbing ]

That is the worst if it my love.

I do not believe it so.

It lifts spirits to see you alive,

my friend.

Many of my brothers
did not fare as well.

An act born of necessity,

and raised with heavy heart.

I much liked King
Spartacus and his companions...

Well, most of them.

Yet I was given a choice

between a wealthy life,
or die a merciless death.

Which to a man of my sort,

is no choice at all.

I know what thoughts pass through mind.

That we are but
shit-eating Cilicians,

no match for a god of the arena.

Perhaps this is true, my friend.

Perhaps my sword will find
your woman's throat,

before I fall.

A thing you must appreciate

in such a delicate situation.

She is not my woman.

[ grunts ]

[ shouting ]

[ grunts ] [ clanging ]

[ swords clanking ]

[ thud ]



So you do care for the little one, huh?

But it's a pity now that
you have killed her.

[ whimpers ]

[ clanging ]

[ thud ]

[ panting ]

[ whimpering ]

You are hurt?

We must move quickly
before we are discovered.

What of Laeta?

What of her?

We cannot leave her.

She stands Roman.

She won't be seen with us.

I stand nothing but a slave.

As you once did.

[ shouting ]

[ screaming ]

[ cheering ]

You are truly gifted
at motivating your men, Crassus.

As all great leaders must be.

Do not allow the Senate to hear
you describe me as such.

They might well tear
you asunder in like fashion.

Give no worry to such thought.

You shall gain their gratitude

in blow struck against Spartacus,

and return of Sinuessa en Valle

to rightful embrace of its citizens.

[ thud ]

We've just begun!

Apologies, but I must serve correction.

The citizens of this fair city

were all laid to grass

by rebellion's fury.

Not all.

All of note.

What of the Aedile's wife?

She has left these walls,
never to return.

You would claim entire
fucking city for yourself?

A wise man does
not fight for glory alone.

[ grunting ]

The Senate will not easily swallow

bitter news of such greed.

Greed is but a word jealous men

inflict upon the ambitious.

They will be made to see past it

and oblige us in the spoils of war.


[ metal thuds ]

I would share in good fortune,
of course.

Perhaps the villa you now occupy

and a portion of the taxes
levied upon port?

If the Senate

could be persuaded that we are

deserving of such bold claim?

[ thuds ]

We have done the impossible.

Surely we should be rewarded for it.

[ cheering ]

Let us have final tribute of blood,

in honor of Gaius Julius Caesar!




Roman fucking cowards.

Shit running your
leg in thought of giving sword

and proper contest.

[ laughter ]

And what would you do if graced

with such opportunity, savage?

Such spectacle is deeply appreciated.

Yet the fall
of Spartacus greeted more so.

[ cheering ]

Carnificina comes to an end.

The rebel king to soon follow.


Honored guests.

We come this day to praise a man

considered above all others.

A man possessed of such good fortune

that he must indeed be blessed
by the gods themselves.

[ cheering ]

In storied tradition of Carnificina,

the ultimate kill
signifies pinnacle of victory.

Shall we award Caesar the privilege

of delivering fated blow,

with sword of steel

in a war he began with but...

tongue of silver?

[ cheering ]



[ cheering ]

You choose your words with care.

As all who must, in such position.

[ cheering ]

This man shall fall
not in honor of Caesar.

Nor the great House of Crassus.

He shall fall in honor
of the glory of Rome!

[ cheering ]

Glory of Rome!

Kill him!


It is the will of the gods,

that this beast shall see
himself free of shackles.

So that I may prove myself worthy

of the praise bestowed upon
me by our Imperator...

and his boy.

[ cheering ]

Come then.

Let us see what challenge

your rebellion truly offers.

[ cheering ]

[ swords clanking ]

They hold celebration?

Executions, for those among you

yet of this world.

I will have blood in their name,

upon a day.

Stay to the alleys
and lesser streets as I guide.

And perhaps live to see it so.

[ swords clanking ]

If this man stands for
all of the rebellion,

celebration may hold premature.

[ shouting ]

Let this man's death serve as

serve as harbinger for the fate that we

shall inflict upon Spartacus himself!

[ cheering ]

Well fought, brother.

Swallow cock, you Roman shit.

[ grunts ]


Their greatest warriors

take their own lives in fear of Caesar!



[ chanting Caesar ]

[ laughter ]

We will not make it.

Can you ride?

I've seen it done.

Stay close.

We will not turn back for you.

You there.

I thought Heracleo
granted but one woman.

Where did he come by this one?


[ clanking ]

[ screaming ]

[ thud ] [ screams ]

[ grunts ]


Sound the alarm, you worthless shits!

Close gate!

The rebel escapes!
Man the gate!

[ grunting ]

[ horse blusters ]

[ thud ]

[ screams ]

[ horse neighs ] Whoa!


Why do we not move after him?

Must Julius fucking Caesar risk

life to kill every last Rebel himself?

To attempt the ridge at night would

see us to disadvantage.

And by morning he will be to the wind

with Spartacus and the rest

of his rebel horde
you allowed to escape.

I have allowed nothing

but the illusion of hope.

When sun breaks

my legions shall begin final march,

spurred by dread of decimation

and dreams of glory sparked

by celebration in your honor.

Spartacus is no fool.

You expect him to wait in driven snow,

for you to arrive and announce his end?

That is exactly what I expect.

We cannot remain here.

What would you have us do?

Sprout wings and soar towards warming

embrace of fucking Apollo?

We should turn and retake Sinuessa.

The city is lost.

As we shall be,

if we do not act.

Fuck the gods.

And I believed myself
a difficult man to kill.

[ laughing ]


You bring us a prisoner.

Laeta now stands as you or I,

beneath heel of Republic.

She may yet live,

if her wounds are tended.

See it done.


It is miracle any of us before you

yet draw breath.

The gods themselves must have taken

note of delivered prayer,

in order to see us from certain end.

I fear they have but delayed it.

How is such a thing possible?

Nothing is beyond reach

for the richest man in the Republic.


It was always his intention,

to trap us upon this ridge.

He will march from the city
with his armies behind us.

And when he comes...

death shall follow in his wake.