Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 3, Episode 5 - Blood Brothers - full transcript

Tiberius seems a bitter, broken boy, having had to beat his comrade Sabinus to death, lashing out at surviving true cowards. Father Marcus Crassus sends his mistress to coax his heir with ...

You have given Caesar mission?

He secrets himself among the rebels.

Greater glory than
the death of your enemy.


I ordered them to stand
ground but they fled.

What punishment would
you have me inflict?


Fifty men, fifty stones.

Five stained with the promise of death.

See this last thing that
I ask of you to its end,

and I will fill your ship
with all the riches

this city yet holds.

Let us see it done then brother.

Spartacus, Crixus and
the others have gone mad.

Get your weapons,

Keep watch over the Cilicians.

You seem you favor
their fucking company.

You will regain sense.

It is you who has lost sense.

Yet I now doubt path he travels.

Then perhaps the time has come,

to forge our own.

See them cleaned of blood and salted,

to hold rot at length.

They maybe yet some purpose.


I would share a moment.

I have no time nor desire.

Perhaps Castus is less taken.

I do not care for the way
his eyes frame upon you.

A gaze I grew familiar with

when we were yet slaves to Batiatus.

I fear return to days of old.

There are many who believe
Crixus holds higher ground,

with the slaughtering of the prisoners.

And where do you stand, in such regard?

With you.

And always shall upon field of battle.

Return to the villa.

I would have guard Laeta
and her people in my absence.

Is it wise leaving city walls

with so much unsettled within them?

Should you not attempt words

and the healing of festering wound?

I'm done with words.

Oh, you must learn our tongue.

You know what cruses she rains upon you.

I prefer the bliss of ignorance.

As all men should, huh.

We break for Sicilia,
and the promise of blood.

It is ill time for drink.

I but lend support to brother Lugo.

I fear the water.

And the monsters within it.

All has been prepared for
your voyage, King Spartacus.

As agreed upon.

With many times its weight to follow.

More than enough
for wine--

and for soft lips around you cock huh,

to remove lingering thoughts
of the Syrian boy.

You do not sail with us?

Heracleo is for more pressing matters.

I paid for your services.

You paid for my ship.

And who shall helm it?

That is what I pay Tryphon for.

Good fortune, King Spartacus.

I shall raise a cup in your honor.

Come Captain.

Let this night be forever remembered.


You wish to fight now?

Where was such lust for blood
when stood against Spartacus?

We are mired in piss
and shit because of you.

Because you turned and fled
like frightened children

in the face of our enemy.

It is cruelest fate that
you yet draw breath.

While the man who stood ground beside me

was struck from this world

for your fucking cowardice!

I would not have our stores fall
below reasonable note.

See more grain brought
from holdings in Sicilia.


Senator Metellus.

Apologies for lack of proper reception.

I was unaware you'd strayed so far

from the comforts of mother Rome.

I seek neither vain formality

nor luxurious appointment.

Only answer to singular question,

why did the Senate granted you an army

only for it to stand idle

half day's march from Sinuessa?

The Senate did not grant me an army.

They granted command.

Every horse, every sword,
every man your eye lays upon

was purchased with coin
from my own vaults.

Shall be set to purpose by the will

of Marcus Crassus alone.

And was it your will that
sounded retreat against

Spartacus in inaugural confrontation?

You were dispatched to balm

grievous wound suffered against him.

Not to inflict further injury

with such unfortunate news.

A minor skirmish foolishly engaged.

Those who turned from their
duty have been dealt with.

News that also inflames ear.

Is it true you exhume
putrid spectre of decimation?

I but give needed lesson in commitment.

When next my soldiers face Spartacus

it shall be the rebel
who falls to misfortune.

The people shall greet such event

with celebration.

As they greet word of Pompey's
victory in Hispania.

He has defeated Sertorius?

And soon shall be once
again upon our shores

with his own legions.

It shall be of a comfort...

if Spartacus yet plagues us.

Spartacus shall be far from thought

in advance of the
adolescent butcher's return.

Your tongue rattles bold noise.

But here you sit absent
thunder and purpose.

What would you have me do?

Hurtle myself against
city walls in mad attempt.

I would have you bring
this to an end, Imperator.

A thing already set to motion.

Caesar is within Sinnuessa,

secreted among the rebels.


You would place our fate

in the hands of that
arrogant fucking boy?

Spartacus will not be put to grass

by brute force, as Pompey
would surely attempt.

He's a man of keen intellect,

and must be dealt with in kind.

You speak as though you admire the man.

He came from humble beginnings,

and now even the Senate
trembles before him.

I find no greater cause for admiration.

The Senate does not

except in anger that you fail to act.

I but wait for proper opportunity.

Yet if a small force
advanced upon above Sinuessa

would assuage fear...

How many men?

How many did you travel with?

You would seek to order my men
to do what you will not?

I would seek to include you
in glorious victory.

If thought does not appeal, return home.

And leave matters of war
to the men who wage them.

You give me sword?

You've proven yourself
trusted, Lyciscus.

And I would see you well armed,

were another attempt made upon my life.


I long to see it put to proper use.

As do I.

A desire well shared.

Soon we shall throw open gate,

and split Roman ass
with cocks hard of purpose.

What of Spartacus?

Will he return from voyage
upon sea to join us?

Spartacus is no longer among us?

I was down at the docks when he departed

with Gannicus and the Cilicians.

You did not know of this?

No. I did not.

He protects the fuckin' Romans.

And now treads water with
Heracleo, absent word?

Heracleo does not sail with them.

He remains in Sinuessa?

With his man Castus.

They are for drink, and baser pleasures.

And what of Agron?

Was he stroking Spartacus' cock

when ship set to wave?

I didn't see him.

Seek Heracleo, and gain
knowledge upon subject.

We will have words
have words with Agron.

The fucking chasm widens.

Gratitude, for the food.

And the protection you
provide my people.

I do only as commanded.

It is still a kindness,

much appreciated.

She fuckin' appreciates us.

You and your people

would have us all for the afterlife.

As we would have you.

But for the mercy of Spartacus.

Give way or see brains upon the ground.

Turn from whatever
intentions cloud mind.

You will not lay hands
upon these people!

We give no fuck towards your Roman pets.

Why has Spartacus left the city?

Where did you hear of this?

Give fucking answer.

Seek it from the man himself
upon his return.

I thought more of Spartacus,
than a coward

of secrets and schemes.

As you schemed to slaughter these
Romans against his command?

They are the enemy.

No different to the ones we
suffered beneath as slaves.

Or the ones who took
your brother's life.

There stood a time when you
followed your own heart

in matters of blood.

What does it tell you?

That we are different men now.

Not all of us.

Let Spartacus know I will have
words, when he returns.

I have born witness to
many of your mad plans.

Never did I believe they
would lead us across the seas.

Last I found myself upon them,
I was in chains.

Bound for Roman soil.

My wife taken from me.

A thing they shall eternally regret.

Of that I have no doubt.

Yet of current intentions,

my mind is of less certainty.

Crixus runs wild within the city,

Crassus threatens growing storm without.

Time ill considered for assault
towards wheat in Sicilia.

Heracelo tells of shipments
large in the gathering.

I would sever a blow to the man himself,

not his purse.

The food is meant to feed his army.

Seizing it will aid in weak them,

and force Crassus to fall
to desired path.

Point well made.

One perhaps you would
divine absent my words,

were head not forever steeped in wine.

A man must do what he can
to brace he can embrace

against the shit of a simple day.

I hold you towards loftier esteem.

As would most loyal to our cause...

if I were to fall.

You know my thoughts
towards the subject.

I am no leader.

You proved yourself
more one than Crixus,

when streets unfortunate
with unfortunate blood.

Had Naevia not put me to ground,

I may have spilt the same.


You would not have.

They come to land.

And blood of fucking Romans.

Perhaps one day you will find
reason closer to heart,

to assume deserved mantle.

And perhaps I will fall this very night.

And leave you to weep
with the other women.

Keep formation!

You wish to leave us?

Sanus will send you on your way!

Crassus well provides us.

No escape.

All dead.

Let us see what more
he has to offer this night.

I look into his eyes, and no
longer gaze upon the boy I knew.

I have witnessed cold distance
in his stare.

You should break words
and draw him near,

where he belongs.

Nothing do I crave more.

Yet he has to find his own path,

or be forever lost.

Of course.

I speak my heart, absent thought.

It weighs heavy, seeing
one so loved cast adrift.

I can offer him no light
upon welcoming shore.

Yet you may appear as
bright as the North Star,

constant in its guidance.

I'd do anything to ease the suffering

of both son, and noble father.

When you are within my arms,

the world falls from concern.

You will forever find me there.

Until the gods tumble from the heavens.

At last the fucking dice from favor.

I shall see balance of what
you have stolen returned.

I shall see balance of wine
drained from cock.

The night is young
and so are the whores.

Linger, see both properly aged.

Another game, then.

I came about winnings easily,

I would part with them hard.

Would that all profited
so in dealings with Spartacus.

I fear blood soon to
replace desired coin,

when news meets of the rebel
king's madness in Sicilia.

It is a thing to trouble thoughts.

And Spartacus commanding your ship,

forcing you to shore as he sails
towards uncertain fortune.

A decision made of own fucking mind,

absent cracks threatening foundation.

To set upon holdings of the richest man

in all the Republic

is invitation for calamity and collapse.

Spartacus moves against
Crassus on Sicilia?

I would clear head and cock,

before more piss flows
from errant tongue.

Move my darling.

Come on.

I think Crixus would be
eager to learn this.


Let us see what more can
be drawn from Cilician waters.

I was of similar mind.

You must eat.

The man resents we yet draw breath.

You do not stand object
of his displeasure.

Agron. Pause a moment.

Spartacus is due upon docks.

I would greet his return.

And I would have much need of words.

I yet have none to break.

Is it a common trait among
men east of the Rhine

to run from a fight?


Yet I have learned it one
of a Syrian to shit

lies from mouth and deem
them sweetest nectar.

I have not broken trust with you.

You were with Castus.

After I commanded you
remain absent his company.


The collar that once bound
my neck is but distant memory.

Do not think I will slip it
'round again for you.

Do not raise fucking hackle.

If I had been discovered
with the Cilician

after promises made to you,
you would be of equal passion.

I came upon Castus in the street

while Crixus and the others
were seized with madness.

We broke for you and Spartacus,

absent time even for words
to pass between us.

And I am to believe
of all within the city

he miraculously appears by your side?

As I would believe you.

In all things.

Agron, we have a fuckin' problem.

How many crest hill?

Thirty by count.

Perhaps more concealed by dawn's mist.


Their numbers stand to few for advance.

Soon they shall swell,
their legions crashing upon us.

Then perhaps we should send message

of the folly of such an attempt.

Gather weapons,
and prepare to open gate!

Spartacus would not allow
foolish attack on Crassus.

Whilst he lays assault
on the man in Sicilia?

He moves towards Crassus,

and yet we're to sit here stoking cock.

Let us show Crassus that
all the coin in the world

will not stay his blood
upon fucking ground!

You do not lead these people.

Perhaps it's time I should.


Why are you assembled
with rising intent?

To meet those of Rome,
gathered upon hill.

He's given order to throw open gate.

I would see it opened as well.

At last he falls to fucking reason.

Well you mistake me.

I do not give command to
see Crassus' men engaged.

Then what moves purpose?

I would see what remains
of our Roman guests released.

You set them free?

You have lost fucking mind.

As you have lost voice
in all decisions of worth.

Attempt to raise gate
in advance of my word.

And you will find it
forever shut behind you.

It seems another life.

When we were embraced by the warmth

of your father's villa.

For some a place of each chill.

When last did food pass lips?

A thing of no care.

To me nothing stands more so.

Let us fall to the comfort of my tent,

and turn from unforgiving ground.

I remain with my men.

As the Imperator would have it.

Your father cares for you
more than you know.

His hand offered
through touch of my own.

You come to me upon his order?

He has chosen to make gesture.

Just as you must choose
how it is received.

What of your men that set upon us?

They now stand willing to see us live?

They are no longer my men,
nor stand for reason.

I will see you from the city,

and far from their wrath.

Would you have come to such compassion

in advance of unfortunate events.

We've both been deeply wounded by them.

You have suffered but annoying scratch.

Do not seek to place it upon level

with severed fucking limb.

I seek nothing, except
the parting of ways.

From you, and those who would
break from my command.

You forced Crixus and
the other from Sinuessa?

They'd remain within cursed walls.

I am for Sicilia with those yet loyal

and points beyond.

The mighty Spartacus.

Turning from noble cause.

I but choose another path.

One slick with blood, as any you travel.

One Rome set me upon.

Be thankful I leave its shores.

And pray to your gods I never return.

Move them back.

Move! Stay back!

We shall have your blood upon a day!

You are blessed because
Spartacus stands a fool.

Move aside.

You put us all at risk!

I but move more to victory!

By setting our enemies to the winds?

You place wrath upon errant hem.

Crassus stands truer enemy.

And you deliver weapon
into waiting hands.

Laeta and the others have
been among us too long.

What they might
have heard or laid eyes--

They laid eyes on two brothers divided.

A chasm we must bridge.

One widen by your schemes in Sicilia.

A thing Crassus will believe as well.

When Laeta tells him of it.

You release her, so he
will know of your plans?

And when he moves to halt them...

We shall see the man
and his legions to their end.

Heracleo and his ships
will carry half our forces

in waves to Sicilia.

Sanus and a clutch
of trusted men to ensure

the Cilicians stay true to bargain.

Am I to remain in the city?

With those known to be loyal to you.

At least that is
what Crassus will believe.

The Roman bodies we have salted
will be clothed to our cause,

and placed to give
the illusion of presence.

You shall lead your forces
through northern gate

and across Melia Ridge,

while we set upon Crassus'
grain holdings on the island.

He will have no choice but to break men

in order to protect his supplies.

Dividing his legions...

Giving you time to crest the ridge...

and drop upon his remaining forces

while they yet believe you
within city walls.

I will be too few to defeat him.

Alone, perhaps.

Yet I would not have you so.

We shall slip from Sicilia

after Crassus' men have
landed to engage us.

And from the sea
we shall join our brothers.

Setting upon Crassus' weakened
forces from two sides.

You knew of this, when we broke words?

I held only Agron to confidence.

Gannicus being brought to knowledge

during return from sea.

I could not risk Laeta and the others

discovering true intention.

You fucking shits!

You have been disagreeable of late.

Any wonder you and your woman
were left from fold?

We must move past it.

Or fall to ruin.

Diotimus told of the bridge

being impassable this late in season.

A thing the Romans will believe as well.

You shall prove them in gravest error.

A lesson I long to teach.

See our people quietly upon land.

And make swift return for more.

I shall try not to kill to many Romans

short of your presence.

You've had your fill of women and drink?

I'm a man of the sea.

And do not belong from it.

If Castus ever awakes form drink,

give word and we shall return for him.

Gratitude, for all you have done.

None deserved.

I am but for coin,

and the weight of it in my hand.

You shall have it upon return.

A glorious day for all.

Until such time.

King Spartacus.

It is a mad fucking plan.

The sort I most favor.

You deem report from
northern efforts accurate?

I do, Imperator.

Then we but await
divinity of the moment.

If sign from the gods is all
you seek to spur intent...

Then lay wanting eyes upon it.

Spartacus releases a clutch
of prisoners from Sinuessa.

You will find what this one
carries upon tongue

of pressing interest.

Well come.
Break silence,

and see more discerning
mind gauge worth of it.

Spartacus and his men
move against Sicilia.

What of the remainder?

They have fractured from the man

and yet hold the city.

Now is our chance!

Sinuessa stands but partially defended.

So it would appear.

Must brought great suffering,

to witness the fall of your city?

Beyond the telling of it.

And yet you survived.

A most fortunate blessing.

Bestowed only by name of Aedile's wife.

You stand married to Ennius?

Do not see the point.

Give reply.

When he was yet of this world, yes.

Spartacus knew of this, and forced me

to lend aid in dealing
with the Cilicians.

You gave aid to the man that robbed you

of husband's life,
in order to save your own?

To save as many of my people
that yet drew breath.

A thing I would do again, if so needed.


The woman gives vital information.

Why do you continue to stand idle?

As I have said, I but pause
for opportunity, now presented.

Gratitude for your spirit.

We shall break words again,
once we retake your city.

Give command to prepare for march.

You have wine?


A gift from your father.

Come, let us share a cup.

The legions have been
called to formation.

I pray it a favored sign.

That the war will soon be over,

and we may return home.

To be met with glory and laurels.

For the Imperator and the men
that yet serve beneath him.

To move without cherished son

weighs upon his heart.

I do not speak of myself.

But of those robbed of life
by intemperate command.

Know that it was not given lightly.

Nor absent regret.

Would that I had drawn this stone,

and had fallen in Sabinus' place.

You do not mean that.

Would the world not still
turn absent my presence?

Would the Imperator not still march

towards desire's end,

absent dragging weight
of constant disappointment?

Your father loves you, Tiberius.

It appears he loves you more.

A thing far removed from truth.


Everything will be as
it should, little master.

Everything will be as it should...


You mistake intent.


You mistake mine.

He took something from me.

And I would have something in return...

Stop this...
Tiberius --

You forget your place.

Despite fine appointments
and elevated worth,

you are yet a slave.

And shall do as I fucking command.

See all amphoras of
pitch from atop wall.

Crixus shall find need
of them upon the ridge.

Vertiscus! Correus!
With me!

Move along.

Keep moving.

Move. Move.

Move along!


See her safely towards encampment.

All we could lay hands.

No more in city.

I pray we hold enough.

I pray we hold enough wine.

We forge journey towards new beginnings.

I would have one between us as well.

Would you now?

Your friend, the blacksmith.

Though he forced my hand,

I know now,

he did not deserve such a fate.

And your hand so forced
when you made assault upon me?

Would you not have done the same,

to protect one you love?

You are a true warrior now, Naevia.

Lay hand upon me again
for whatever reason,

and I will treat you as one.

Keep moving!




Keep moving!

Clear streets!
Move out!

You move in wrong direction, brother.

We are for Crixus and Melia Ridge.

I would move towards more
promising opportunities.

Well as would fucking I.

Yet Crixus has come to terms,

and we are but mortal men
following in the path of gods.

We follow path to frozen death,

while Spartacus sails towards
warm embrace of Sicilia.

He would not have you,
so stained with the blood

of those Roman shits he gave protection.

The die has been cast,

and we must see game to bitter end.

I suppose we must.


Let us join Crixus--

Have you lost your
fucking mind, Lyciscus?

It has always been my own.

That of Gaius Julius Caesar.

You stand Roman?

As you stand for the afterlife.

Wait! Wait--

stay your hand and I will offer aid!

You would turn against your people?

These-these are
not my people!

I come from lands east of the Rhine,

and I would draw breath to
return to them upon a day.

I can see you close to Spartacus.

And together--

we can end the mad fuck.

An offer much appreciated...

yet I have made other arrangements.

Move to your purpose
and clear the streets!

Clear the streets!

See what delays Agron and Donar.

I would have leave of this fucking city.

As would I.


I thought you for the ridge.

I did not wish to leave without words.

Would that I could stop them.

Before you came to the city,

I prayed to the gods
that they would deliver me

from the hands of my dominus.

And in you my prayers were answered.

I have heard this tale before.

And found it equally misguided.

I do not ask you to believe it true.

Only to accept that it is
what I hold to heart.

I accept it.

Now on your way.

May the gods watch over you.

And you, if I can not.

Drive on! Secure the ship!
Make ready!

Their return stretches hour.

Cilicians are not known
to be of such concerns.

Nor of good manners

nor proper bath.


The fates conspired
towards unfortunate delay.

Where is Sanus?

Gone from this world.

He fell to the Romans?

To their desires...and to
the weight of more coin

than even a king could offer.

Apologies, brother.

I did not wish you such an end.

Over here we must see that
the be retaken!

Gather the last of the pitch
and see it to Crixus.

Meet upon the docks
when you are finished--


You fucking traitor!

No, a fucking Roman.


Open the gates!

Donar, The Rope!



Fucking pirates.

You come to aid most fortunate moment.

As you have often done.


Those are Roman ships.

Fall back to the ridge.


Fall back!

Whatever your plan...

it dies with you, Roman.

Now would be time to run.