Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 3, Episode 1 - Enemies of Rome - full transcript

Furius and Cossinius can't capture the rebel slaves army, nor properly keep their plans secret. Realizing hiding will be much harder in winter, Spartacus decides to capture a town. First he and a trusted band sneak up to the commanders' hideout villa to slay them. The senate fears Rome itself may be endangered but lacks funds and men to mount a suitably large army. So Metellus turns to immensely rich, ambitious Marcus Crassus, who accepts, to eager son Tiberius's frustration without even negotiating an accordingly exalted status or mandate, and continuous private sparring with a dearly paid gladiator, whom he ends up killing in a fair duel. Spartacus's victory unwittingly plays into Crassus's hand, as he now formally 'inherits' sole command.

Give report!

Spartacus' cavalry
has broken our western flank.

That fucking savage.

Give signal to re-form
to the south.

Kill him!

We must go!


The Romans
have sounded retreat.

We have won the day.

We have won nothing.

Cossinius and Furius
again slip from grasp.

The same cannot be said

for many that stood
with them.

The field is
thick with the dead.

Deserved fate.

For all who would see us
again to shackle and whip.

Another standard lost?

It is a grave wound inflicted
upon the Republic, Cossinius.

A deeper one would
have been suffered,

had we not withdrawn
from battle.

It confounds
the fucking senses.

How could a handful of errant
slaves continue to vex us?

I fear their numbers have
been sorely underestimated

within the Senate.

Spartacus' mongrel
horde has swelled

with each passing victory,

since Glaber's
defeat at Vesuvius.

They added
thousands to rank

the mines of Lucania.

Slaves across
the Republic,

humble and grateful
to their masters

for so many years,
have broken to treachery

in the wake of ever expanding
legend of Spartacus.

Untold numbers
joined his cause

after Scrofa fell to him
on the banks of the Calor.

His standards and
fasces falling to the enemy,

as the man himself.

Such chaos and death
at the hands

of a fucking slave.

You will discover
this fucking slave

at the very gates
of Rome itself,

if reinforcements
are not dispatched.

Lucullus battles Mithridates
near the Black Sea.

Antonius sails against
the pirates plaguing Crete.

Pompey yet struggles
with the renegade

Sertorius inEspainia.

The resources
of the Senate

are drained
by these conflicts.

We have not the men nor
the coin to procure them.

There is one among us
who could fund endeavor

from his own purse.

And never feel sting
of its cost.

I had hoped to
avoid involving the man.

We would not be beholden to him
any more than you, Metellus.

Produce alternative,
and we shall seize upon it.

Very well.

I shall return to Rome
and entreat Crassus

to aid in crushing
Spartacus and his rebellion.

And in the act, attempt
to redress grievous injury

inflicted upon the honor
of the Republic.

The field has been stripped
of weapons and horses.

The Romans' loss again
becomes our bounty.

What of Gannicus?

I would have his
report as well.

You well know
the man.

He favors celebration
after a victory.

Often for many days.

A thing I would
gladly give blessing.

After Cossinius and
Furius fall from concern.

They have proven
themselves no fools.

And may yet attempt
bold maneuver.

Double our sentries
in surrounding hills.

I would not
be caught unaware.

You give those shits
credit beyond due.

Underestimating your opponent
is a Roman trait, Agron.

Do not fall
prey to it.

Cossinius and Furius come
to the end of their days.

With each passing sun,
hundreds of slaves

break bond to
join our cause.

Agron is not wrong
in this.

Soon we shall have
the advantage of numbers.

Gauge prowess
of all that have joined us,

and see them readied.

I would strike again
at nearest opportunity,

and give further warning
to the fools in Rome

seeking to grind
us beneath heel.

Every day for months
he wrestles with the man,

groans and grunts
filling ear.

Your father is
a dedicated student.

And I forced to stand
witness to the lessons,

while more pressing
matters fall to ill attention.

Apologies, Dominus.

I lose myself
in the heat of contest.

Less than a scratch.

Worse deserved for
not anticipating blow.

You are quick of study.

Yet you open
flank to injury

when perceived
advantage is pressed.

The ruin of many
a man within the Senate.

Let us return to lesson
after evening meal is broken.


The rumors prove true,

You take instruction
from a slave.

Hilarus stood a champion
of the arena for many years.

I paid his lanista more
coin than you'll ever see

in your life
to purchase the man,

and impart what he's
learned of the games.

And of the men who have
drawn blood upon the sands.


You strike upon very
subject of my visit.

If we may break word
in private?

Oh, Tiberius is well trained
in the ways of men.

I would expose him to
those of the Senate as well.

To the matter,

we've have suffered
unexpected complications

in our conflict
with the rebel Spartacus.

Cossinius and Furius
have fallen?

They live,
but find themselves

inneed of reinforcement.

An expensive
thing to acquire,

in these
troubled times.

Their asses must
be sore from the ramming

Spartacus has given,
to come begging to me.

No one is begging.

They are
asking assistance

from a loyal member
of the Senate.

How much assistance?

Ten thousand men.

It would take
considerable coin and effort

to raise such a force.

And in return you
will be offered a command.

Under Cossinius
and Furius, of course.

An offer better received
from the men themselves.

They've withdrawn
to a villa on the outskirts

of Nuceria,
within short ride

of what remains of their
legion to the north.

Spartacus continues
to gather force

in the valley
of Campania

You know I would
not have come

if situation did not
demand of it.

No. You would not.

Their terms
are agreeable.

I will dispatch message
to them immediately.

Best I send
my own men,

to ensure it arrives
at intended destination.

Whatever your will.

To voice truth of it,
I had expected you to extort

inflated title
at the very least,

as Pompey did to take his
charge against Sertorius.

My interest lies only
in title and honor earned.

Apologies for ever
suspecting less.

You would agree to serve
beneath Cossinius and Furius,

absent true command?

It would appear so.

I have heard how you
berate their names,

how foolish and vain you
think them and Senator Metellus.

Father --
The time for words
has ended.

Spartacus must fall,

and I shall set
upon what path I must

to see day hastened.

For the glory
of Rome.

I saw it with
my own fucking eyes!

In the heat of battle, blood
and brains thick to the knee.

and Gannicus,
in the middle of it all!

Strips to his
fucking cock,

bellowing to the Romans
to kneel before him

and receive
golden tribute!

In my defense, I had taken
much wine that day,

not expecting Spartacus
to turn and attack Scrofa.

There is more wine?

My friends,
are of thirst.

Your woman brings gifts!

Gifts, yes.

Not for you.



It is my fucking tent.


We shall find another.

Hopefully as well stocked.

Is it imagining,
or do we rise to heights

unknown in wake
of battle?

As all men do, when bathed
in blood and victory.

When Rome falls,
I fear we shall

split the heavens
in celebration.

And fuck Jupiter

as he plummets
to the earth.

Oh, you believe you fuck
as a god now?

I boast but upon
evidence given.

Couple proud words
with wine,

and see them
better received.

You afforded yourself well
upon the field this day.

You stand surprised?

I have always believed
in you, Nasir.

Even when you were
yet a contrary

little Syrian
slave boy.

My eyes were
yet shrouded.

I am forever in Spartacus'
debt, for parting veil.

A debt shared
equally by all.

One we shall repay
with Roman lives.

You summoned me?

I would not have had to.

If you had
reported in with Crixus

and Agron
days ago.

My attentions were called
by pressing matters.

Of women and drink?

Are there
any more so?

Days can not pass after
battle without your report.

We fought.

We won.

Does that cover
needed ground?

You have proven
valuable asset

against the Romans.

Yet I would have
you stand more

than just
another sword.

Take rightful place
beside Crixus and myself,

as a leader.

I will give
life to your cause,

in honor
of Oenomaus.

I may even believe in
it myself upon a day.

But I am no leader,
nor seek to be one.

There are many that already
look to you as such.

A greater number still
would follow you in battle.

You mean die for me?

For the cause.

I would not be set
above my brothers,

and thought greater
than I am.

As many begin
to think of you.

I do not wish it.

Yet it is so.

They begin to speak
of you as a god.

And may react poorly
when you prove yourself mortal.

Victory against the Romans
is my only concern.

And how is it defined?

When Cossinius
and Furius

struck from
this world?

You know that will not
be the end of it.

Rome will send more
and more in their wake.

Then they too shall fall.

And when we have laid
waste to the mighty Republic?

What will you turn
your wrath upon then hmmm?

The men that set you
on this path,

the men that took
your wife from you.

They are gone from this world.
Their wives too,

in past news of Lucretia
and Ilithyia's fall.

A thousand lives would
not equal Sura's.

I dared to love
a woman once.

When I was a slave
to Batiatus.

She yet draws breath?

I would give the world
to have it so.

A fate too common,
for men such as us.

I had my vengeance,
as you did.

And stood as empty.

Until Oenomaus
forgave betrayal.


It was his wife
I lost heart to.

Even when freedom
was gained,


of what I had done
to those I loved remained.

With final breath,
Oenomaus struck chains

that bound me.

There is no one
I hold to heart, left

to break
such balming words.

Absent such, a man must
speak them to himself.

Words also denied me.

You seek them in the voice of
thousands, clamoring for blood?

I could not
save my wife.

And I can fight
to see a day

when no innocent life
is so easily disregarded.

A day when the Romans
and their cruelty

are but distant memory.

May you find peace
in its arrival, brother.

Let us share
wine and women,

and set aside such
heavy fucking thoughts.

The offer is
much appreciated.

Then I will drink
and fuck in your name.

Fight when called upon.

The very steps
to the Roman Senate

if that is where
your madness leads.

Raise offer to 350 denarii

and two iugera of land.

We must elevate
numbers quickly.

I will dispatch Sabinus
and see it done.

I thought you to bed.

Tiberius has filled his ears
with talk of war.

The battle rages in his head,
vanquishing slumber.

Is it true?

You ride with an army
against Spartacus?

Yes to defend
the Republic,

as is the duty
of all Romans.

I'm a Roman.
I will go with you.

Oh, would that you
were of an age,

to stand by
your father's side.

Now for your bed,

and dream
of future laurels.

Yes, father.

He would follow you
to the shores

of the afterlife,
if so commanded.

As would Tiberius.

He will hold place amongst
my troops when they march.

A place?

He deserves position
of note,

worthy of the name
he bears.

He does not
yet hold the years

for the title
of Tribune.

Coin and persuasion
would see

such rules set aside--

He has not earned it.

Tiberius has shown great
promise as a soldier.

Yet he falls from target
in strategy and discerning mind.

Then lend instruction.

My lessons
never cease.

It is for
him to apply them.

Your work carries
into night?

And threatens
break of dawn.

I shall see food
and wine brought.

Kore shall tend
to my needs.

Of course.

Your bed awaits.

If you
find want of it.

It is an honor long deserved,
to be given command.

One he finds beneath
Cossinius and Furius.

I have never known
your father

to remain beneath anyone
for length of time.

Ah, perhaps the years
have tempered desire

for laurels and adulation
of the crowds.

And what
of your desires?

Apollo himself would be
set ablaze by them.

I shall remember not
to stand too near,

for fear
of melted wings.

I would not have you from
my side in this, Sabinus.

The gods themselves could
not wrest me from it.

I will see offer raised
and numbers elevated.


I recall a time when you and
Sabinus were but children,

playing at war
with wooden sticks.

Such games are
of the past.

A thing yet proven
to your father.

Do not give him cause
to further doubt you.

Any shall be swept
from thought,

when I stand awash in
the blood of our enemies.

Watch your left!

Watch for the swing!

Raise fucking guard!

Your boy grows
fiercer by the day.

Soon even I shall fear
to call him little man.

At least now I will be able to
understand you when you yield,

you simple shit.


Next man!
Take position!

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on!

We test the last
of those that have joined us.

How do you find them?


Yet short of skill.

Many among us
once stood as such.

These will soon
prove as worthy.

Perhaps not all.

Next man!

Do not speak of this.



If I were?



I can spare no more
than this,

so do not fucking ask.


You have killed a horse?

Lower fucking voice.

I would not follow
the animal

in crush news
of meat would bring.

Who gave permission?

A man atop a horse in
battle is valued ten

upon foot.

He was gravely wounded
against the Romans.

I would have
sought permission

from the great man
upon the hill,

but King Spartacus is far
too busy waging war

to bother with
such low concerns.

What moves you
to such thoughts?

Open fucking eyes
you have your answer.

I begin to question turning from
the calm of the ocean breeze

and the safety
of my city's walls.

You were a free man,

Far removed.

I toiled beneath the heel
of a most unpleasant shit

in Sinuessa en Valle.

Yet he at least provided
for fucking needs.

Did you expect freedom
to come absent cost?


Yet absent fucking plan
to be clothed or fed

we must take matters
into our own hands.

Or risk early grave
waiting for the Bringer

of Fucking Rain to bless us
with much needed shower.

Weather will soon
turn cold,

and with it--

A clutch of Romans ride
from the north,

attempting to slip
past our position.

You are Spartacus?

I-I did --
Still tongue.

You may not always have
full belly or warm cloak,

but while I draw breath
you have freedom

to speak your heart.

Even against the great
man upon the hill.

Fuck the gods.

You there!

What is your purpose so
near rebel encampment?

Who else is with you?

Find fucking tongue.

Who is with you?


We must follow.

No. A spear. Quickly.

I stand your equal
with sword.

Yet you have
me by fucking spear.


This one carried
a message.

What does it say?

Ten thousand?

Led by Marcus Crassus

Cossinius and Furius will
see their numbers swell,


We could lay trap.
Here, upon the Appian Way.

Catch them by surprise
before they have chance

to join their brothers.

That would
place us between

Crassus advancing
from the north

and Cossinius and Furius
in the south.

We do not have the men to face
armies on both fronts.

We must strike
Cossinius and Furius

before odds tip
to imbalance.

We have inflicted
nagging wound.

Yet for months we have failed
to shatter resolve of their men.

Perhaps the heads
of their commanders

carried before us
would so sway them.

Trophies proven
difficult to win.

On the field of battle, yes.

By what is written here,
message was not directed

to where
their troops lie.

It speaks of hope that
word finds them safe

within the villa.

They have gone
to ground?

Warm bath and
the comfort of women,

if my days in Rome
are of worth.

Where is this villa?

It does not say.

Then we return
to beginning.

We intercepted Crassu''
men here, riding southeast.

Cossinius and Furius
would seek to stay

within reasonable
distance of their men.

Would place
their villa

within this region.

How do we divine
which is theirs?

They are no fools,
as you have said.

We will know location
by placement of sentries.

And sizable force
they no doubt have

without villa
to lend protection.

Then we descend upon them
with every sword we have.


We risk discovery moving
against the villa
with large numbers.

Cossinius and Furius
would be alerted,

and have chance to slip
again from grasp.

Yet a few men might penetrate
defense unnoticed...

A few against many.

Much as
the old days.

Gannicus, Crixus--
I would have you at my side.

I am to stand idle,
with arm up fucking ass?

You are to lead
in my absence.

Gather every man and woman
that can hold weapon.

Towards what purpose?

One of vital importance,
if we are to gain victory.

It is plan born
of fevered mind.

As often springs
from his brow.

Yet if we can see it--

A word forever
casting shadow.

You burn brightly enough
to light darkest night.

I voice concern
and you offer flattery.

I offer truth.

Your fire blazes to
rival the fucking sun.

These hands, once trembled
with broken memory,

now stand as strong
as the steel they wield.

Because of you.

Because your
heart is strong.

And your will
undeniable force,

as I have often

I would not be
from your side.

Nor I yours,

but this night
it must be so.

Stay near to Agron,

and follow command.

Kill many Romans.

And return to my arms

with their blood

The bodies
of the dead
be all that greet
Crassus and his army.


There is yet
much to be done,

if we are to move
against Spartacus.


Yet you waste hour sparring
with a common slave.

Was Spartacus not also once
thought of as such?

Would you dismiss him
so casually as well?

No. Yet for all
his victories

is still a slave.

He's a man.

No better or worse than
any sharing title.

You would place him upon equal
footing with a Roman?

In some regards, he's proven
to stand even higher.

You believe wealth
and position grant you

advantage over
those beneath you?

I believe we tower
above a slave in all things,

no matter what
name he bears.

Then couple words
with actions,

and prove belief.

Well, you've
been well trained

in the Roman
ways of combat.

Surely you
can best a common slave.

Apologies, Dominus.
I did not mean to...

You did but teach lesson
sorely needed.

As Spartacus schools those
who consider themselves gods,

far above lesser men.

And laughs as they tumble
from the heavens.

There are too many.

Even for us.

Then let us pause moment.

And see
numbers thinned.

The die has been cast.

We cannot
reverse throw.

There has been no
word from Metellus.

He takes
overly long.

And with what haste
could we expect

reply from Longinus
for aid?

Cisalpine Gaul lays
twice distance than Rome.

At least consider
dispatching message--


The rebel army gathers near
our legions in the north.

Give Mummius
orders for first

and second cohorts
to move to support them.

To fuck with Crassus.

We shall rejoin our men and
take Spartacus ourselves.

Fetch armor
and sword! Quickly!

Agron's advance
on position

to the north
draws them away.

Not all.

The gods have heard
my prayers.

There is no boast
in easy victory.

Stay to the shadows.

And let us end this.

He speaks to me as
he would a child.

Then prove him wrong,
and do not pout as one.

An army not yet
raised to maturity.

Preparation for long march
and campaign ignored.

All in favor of playing
with this fucking brute.

I do not understand
his mind.

Set aside wounded
pride and think as he would.

And see shrouded
mystery parted.

Swiftly. Before they are
discovered from their post.

We do not know
how many await inside.

Let us pray they are
not too few.

I am encircled
by mad fucks.

And begin to count
myself as one.

The gods favor us.

Spartacus holds
no belief in them.

I pray this night
they prove me wrong.

Dominus, it takes
time to master technique.

I well know it can
swell frustration.

My frustrations
lie not with myself.

Dominus? If I have done
something to offend...

The only offense lies
in what you do not do.

You hold back
in your assault.

Do you think I'm not
worthy of it?

As the Senate believes me
unworthy of a true command?

No, Dominus.

None stand more worthy
of respect than you.

Then see it given.

Come at me.

As you would an opponent
in the arena,

absent thought of mercy.


We all have lessons
that must learned.

I would have this
my final test.

And in its completion,
knowledge that I am readied

to face those trained in
your arts upon field of battle.

You ask me to kill you.

I command you to try.

Then you command
my death.

If you're victorious, it will be
at the cost of my life.

If you fall to my sword,
my life is equally forfeit.

Bear witness.

If Hilarus
strikes me down

he's to be rewarded
with his freedom

and ten thousand denarii.

You cannot be serious.

A man's true enemy
is doubt.

A thing I would not
carry into battle

against Spartacus.

Make choice.

Or fall
where you stand.

Your will, Dominus.

My hands.

First and second garrison
ride to join the legion.

Spartacus does
not hold the numbers

for decisive victory.

What is his
mind in such attack?

Let us see his skull
split open,

and read his fucking thoughts
upon the ground--


Stay together.

You must stop this.

He has given command.

It must be obeyed.

Come on!

We must see you to safety.

I will not fucking turn
from him again.

Seize reason. We will
return with more men

and see Spartacus
to his fate.

Don't let them away!


You were waiting...

for me to think you'd
made misstep I warned you of...

Knowledge and patience.

The only counter
to greater skill.

You have been
well schooled.

Know that your service

will not pass

The coin I promised
had you bested me

shall be set
towards monument

to the storied
gladiator Hilarus.

It has been
the greatest of honors

to have served you,

The honor was mine.

Fucking savages have
blocked us from egress.

Take shelter here.

I will not fall trapped
as fucking animal.

Your cause is lost.

The mistake is mine.

In not foreseeing you would
attack in the night,

as the thieves
and cutthroats you prove.

A mistake you shall
not make again.

Name terms of surrender,

and let us
be done with this.

There are none I would trust
a Roman to honor.

Gather their heads.

A most ill-fated turn.

And yet news
of calamity

does not end
with their deaths.

proper command,

I fear Cossinius
and Furius' men

will soon be
scattered to the winds.

Yes it was
most unfortunate

their leaders fell
before my arrival.

Even more unfortunate
that your messenger appears

to have taken
routes that passed

so near
the rebel encampment.

Give plain voice.

If you're of a mind.

Let us move
from clouded past

and turn eye
towards pressing future.

Sole command and charge
to bring Spartacus

to deserved end
is now yours.

Along with title of Imperator,
if you so wish it.

I serve the glory of Rome.

As do we all.

You planned this.

From the moment
Metellus offered command

under Cossinius
and Furius.

The House of Crassus
bows to no one.

How did you
know Spartacus

would make attempt
on their lives,

instead of fleeing when
knowledge was gained

of your army advancing
from Rome?

Because it is what
I would have done.

Mummius and the last
of the Romans

flee to the west.

Sight of their leader''
heads upon pike

has broken
fucking spirit.

Let us give chase,
and see them all to equal fate.

We have won our victory.

I would see us
far from here

in advance of
Crassus and his army.

The mighty Spartacus turns
from unwinnable fight?

Our numbers have grown
beyond wildest expectation.

Yet winter will soon
be upon us.

To face hunger and cold
as well as Crassus

would drag us
to certain doom.

We must seek advantage
of supplies and shelter.

One that can be
defended if set upon,

until spring
warms intent.

There is not a villa
in all the lands

that could hold so many.

No, there is not.

Only a city
could hold us now.

And we shall tear one
from the flesh of Rome,

and salt mortal wound

with With blood and death.