Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 10 - Wrath of the Gods - full transcript

Glaber is confident that Spartacus' band can be starved on Mount Vesuvius after a daring attempt to break out fails. After Lucretia attempts to discredit Ashur, Glaber decides instead of an execution to sent him as envoy to ask Spartacus's extradition in exchange for his men's lives, but they refuse and Naevia insists to kill her rapist-pimp in an unfair duel. Ilythia delivers her son early, but Lucretia is madly jealous enough to turn that into fatal tragedy. Spartacus finds a way around so he and three mates can climb down with vines to surprise Glaber and turn the ballista on the Romans, who scatter after the praetor is killed.

as all conflict must,

You will become
gods of the arena,

showered in wine and women.

You are my husband...

and l, dutiful wife.

They carry
the weight of the world,

braced by your own advice.

And what madness
does the Bringer of Rain

contemplate this time?

That we shall sprout wings

and do the impossible.

Man: Head off.

lf we but fought as an army,

like the Romans.

They hold only
advantage of number.

One we shall see evened.