Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 6 - Delicate Things - full transcript

Spartacus, now declared the New Champion of Capua, is surprised by the news that his wife Sura has been found, so he draws a plan to gain his freedom. Meanwhile, Barca's freedom is in jeopardy when Batiatus learns that Ovidious' son is alive.

there is no greater thing
Than standing victorious in the arena.
We have seen misfortune.
Felt the sting of defeat.
The humility of vacant purse and empty stomach.
Some believed the house of batiatus
Would never reclaim its former glory.
That we would fade from memory, forsaken by history.
But we have proved them wrong.
We have proved the name batiatus
Will live long after we have gone to dust and bone.
So stand proud before the bringer of rain!
The slayer of the shadow of death!
The new champion of capua!
spartacus! Spartacus!
A titan, his victory eclipsing all others!
Quenching our thirst!
Fulfilling our hopes and dreams!
Behold the man, as he becomes legend!
This is only the beginning!
I will build an empire of blood and glory upon your name!
He did not stand against theokoles on his own.
Crixus is not forgotten.
He will always have position, if he survives.
But spartacus is the name on the crowd's tongue.
And I would see it spoken
With ever increasing amazement.
I defeated a man who could not be defeated.
What more could they expect of me?
Their appetite is a great beast.
It must constantly be fed with new delights.
We'll start by changing your fighting style.
Two swords, as theokoles fought with.
We'll see the crowds pleasure double
With their new hero twice as deadly!
And new armor, worthy of a legend!
Men will be made to feel smaller by it!
Women will moisten at the very sight.
Ah, but I forget.
He has no hard purpose for just any wet thigh, does he?
He and his purpose are not my concern.
Fortunately the gods feel otherwise.
They shower him with more than rain and accolades...
They bless him with news to lift the heart
Higher than the clouds.
In the dark corners of syria.
Where...Where is she?
Is she well?
All will be revealed when a mouth closes!
The syrian glaber spoke of sold her to a merchant,
The sea his mistress.
He has recently docked on the shores of neapolis.
On roman soil?
Your wife among the slaves.
Two days ride from where you stand, barring incident.
When do we leave?
Is it wise to allow such a thing?
My man already spurs his horse, rest at ease.
She moves ever closer even as we speak.
You are an honorable man.
And will forever bear my gratitude.
As you bear mine.
Being reunited with your wife
Is but the first of many rewards.
Secrets upon secrets.
The news of her discovery only just reached me.
And what of good ovidius and his family?
Why did you keep plans towards their slaughter from me?
And all to clear a few debts.
It had nothing to do with debt, except one of blood.
His was the hand behind attempt on my life in the pits.
Moved to purpose by solonius.
I keep from you not out of secrecy, but from love.
I would not have you stained by such things.
We are the toast of the fucking city.
Let us pause and enjoy it.
yours alone.
Not to be shared?
Your achievement in earning it profound.
Made possible by your instruction.
My actions only set you to the task.
By depriving theokoles of his life,
You put end to a battle left unfinished by my sword.
An end to my shame.
I live to see my wife again, because of you.
A debt not soon forgotten.
There is no balance between us.
Only the promise of future glory.
Are candles permitted?
Sura was always fond of them.
You misunderstand.
This cell is for you alone.
Wives are not permitted to live among us.
Then where will she stay?
In the villa.
Kept safe and well in return
For good service to the domina.
As a slave.
As are we all.
But you rise quickly,
Unlike any other I've ever witnessed.
Continue your ascent, and you will gain freedom.
For both of you.
I was this very moment coming to have words.
Keep them.
I would have coin instead.
It is no small marvel, the fall of theokoles.
Your wager in the favor of the unexpected outcome,
The size of the odds...
It's not a simple matter,
To cover a win of such margin, eh?
I give no shit for margins.
Beg, steal, or kill to cover what is owed.
Or you will have two worthless legs.
And nothing in between to prop yourself up.
I've had exchange with the cripple.
He pays what is owed?
Soon the coin will be in hand.
Enough to buy our freedom.
Freedom, err...The word is foreign to the tongue.
It will learn to savor the taste.
What of the birds?
They will fly this place as we do.
I will see what clothes we have packed and ready.
Which direction shall we travel and how far?
As far as desire wills our feet.
This cloak.
It was the one you wore when you left.
When good ovidius was murdered.
There was nothing good about him.
Then it was you who killed him?
All his slaves?
His family...
My hands did what they were commanded.
What of the young boy.
Ovidius' son.
Did they take his life too?
Such were my order
But you know of my affection
For delicate things.
The boy was spared,
And set to wander far from the deed.
By the time he is discovered, we will be free.
And your hands?
Clean forever more.
And yours to command...
Spartacus' victory ignites the imagination of the city!
Orders for my men
Flood in from every family with half a name
And a little coin!
Prosperity beyond measure is within our reach!
As are those who would have you dead.
I will see solonius pay for the grievance.
But these things are not be hurried.
I would savor every drop of sweat from his brow
As my noose tightens upon his neck.
I would prefer it tighten quickly.
Eh, everything to its ason.
Turning towards more pressing matters.
Reuniting the thracian with his wife?
Not the matter I was referring to.
Have the girl's ass a bit and I'll watch.
And I would give pleasure to your eyes...
The thracian woman concerns me.
The promise of finding her
Was the only thing that kept him in check.
What if her presence reverts him to his thracian ways,
And thoughts of defiance?
It will not.
How can you be so sure?
Did you see the tears of gratitude in his eyes?
Gratitude falls short of loyalty.
He's not the man crixus is.
And crixus is not the man he was,
And may never be again.
Spartacus will be reunited with his wife.
And in the act...
I will bind him to us and this ludus...
Until god comes to claim us all...
how will you save us?
From the rain.
Your victory splits the skies.
How will you close them before we all drown?
You believe the rest of the fools, then?
That I am blessed by the gods?
Miracles do take habit of shooting out of your ass.
I've heard whispers of yet more divine providence.
Is it true?
She speeds to my arms from neapolis.
And still you doubt the god's favor you.
If what sura has been forced to endure
Is parcel of their favor,
I would rather they turn their back on me.
If they exist at all.
She comes.
That is all that matters now.
You once lived free in these lands.
From which way does she travel?
The port in neapolis lies in that direction.
Are there roads to the mountains that lead east?
Which ones are the most sparsely traveled?
An odd question, removed from the subject.
Not so far astray.
Yes, some are sparsely traveled.
But not to the point of the new champion of fucking capua
Going unnoticed, if overcome by questionable thoughts.
How long do you think before batiatus
Would allow me to buy our freedom?
How many years will she be condemned to bow and scrape?
Death the alternative?
You move to escape beyond these walls,
And that is surely what you'll find.
Has no one ever attempted such a thing?
And lived?
It is a thing born of the impossible.
The same was said of defeating theokoles.
You have a plan, then?
One begins to take shape...
That's your plan?
I fear it malformed.
In what way?
Weapons, to begin.
In large supply at a ludus.
Ah, but kept by lock and key.
Or do you believe the gods will drop one from the sky
Along with the rain?
I believe in opportunity.
And the power of reason to seize upon it.
Fair enough.
Say you somehow "reason" up a weapon.
What of a horse?
You'll never reach the mountains without one.
Dominus provides one.
Sura arrives by cart...
Well it won't matter.
Weapons, horses, they're the least of your concerns.
And the greatest?
The one man that could stop you...
I had not considered him.
You have not considered many things.
Take pause, I beg of you.
We will have our freedom.
I will take her in my arms,
And hear her speak my name.
My name.
Not the one the romans branded me with.
I cannot help you in this.
I would not ask it.
If it weren't for my own family...
Give it no thought.
Is there nothing I can say to turn you from this path?
Then may the gods you don't believe in favor you.
a fine figure, is he not?
A god among men.
I've never beheld such magnificent armor.
If you grant permission,
I would wear it upon my wife's return.
A move to impress?
She will mvel at the sight.
A man must always appear his best in the eyes of love.
You may wear it.
And I will even stand by your side
While you welcome her with your open arms.
The swords, however...
What need would I have of them?
Can it be?!
The legend himself among us?!
Magistrate calavius!
Good fortune to see you.
No, the good fortune is mine!
My son numerius cannot cease his talk
Of spartacus and his victory over theokoles.
He demanded a trip to market to obtain something
Of thrace in your man's honor.
Show him.
The merchant said it was a warrior's weapon.
As well it is.
See these marks?
Thracians notch their hilts.
One for every kill.
How many made to yours after slaying theokoles?
He must have been worth ten at least!
If I could wield a sword half as well you...
Join us at my master's ludus
And I will teach you the blow
That brought death to the shadow.
a splendid notion!
Perhaps a visit ter this afternoon.
Why make the boy suffer with anticipation?
Join us presently.
Joy must be delayed in favor of sorrow.
I attend to matters relating my cousin's murder.
good ovidius.
The heart constricts at the thought.
But swells with promise of vengeance.
numerius! Come!
Your generous hospitality will be appreciated shortly.
An invitation to school the magistrate's son?
Apologies, if I offered out of turn.
Fuck apologies!
Shrewd maneuvering, if ever I saw it!
I'll make a roman of you yet!
Should his eyes not be open?
Calm is needed to heal the wound.
I keep him at rest with herb.
He will recover?
I've done what I can.
It rests in the hands of the gods.
His life now rests in your hands.
And I will see them parted
From your fucking body if he dies.
See how they all look at you?
My father had many champions,
But none to rival the great spartacus!
You can almost smell the coins dropping into our purse.
If I may, what remains of my own coin,
After sura's transport?
You wish to buy something for your wife?
This market is for proper romans,
It would not suit a slave.
I ask not for me, but for the men.
Wine and women, in celebration of my victory.
A noble gesture, to be much appreciated.
You pay with your own coin,
Yet their happiness is a benefit to me.
Very well, let it be done.
Ah, marcellus is of sound choice towards the vice.
Shall I make arrangement?
See that there is ample remainder.
Come let us prepare for the magistrate's arrival.
More threats then, is it?
Coin, to the purpose of wine and whores.
Enough to wet tongue and cock for my master's men.
And a large matter of debt to the gladiator barca,
That I would ask assistance with...
I have no hand for this.
Your belt and adornments.
They hinder your purpose.
Your armor is heavy and yet you move swiftly.
in time, so will you.
But a true warrior needs only a sword
To cleave his fate.
I see your meaning.
Let us go again.
Play theokoles, and I will attempt to bring the rains...
apologies for our late arrival.
My inquiry at my cousin's villa was...
How did you fare?
As expected when walking on dead relatives.
Your son is a quick study with the sword.
Born of a fascination with gladiators.
his fifteenth birthday approaches,
My ears are assaulted with request for a pair
To show demonstration at his party.
I had thought to engage solonius' men,
But his wares have fallen out of fashion
Since your victory over theokoles.
It seems your son has a taste for what is in favor.
And I would see him well fed.
Come. Let us negotiate a price for the meal.
begging pardon, dominus.
I bring word of great import to magistrate calavius.
An important man,
Seldom out of reach of public matters!
Ah, this message strikes more personal.
Ovidius' boy yet lives!
Well this is fantastic.
How can it be?
By jupiter's blessing.
He was discovered miles north of capua,
Wandering the road!
What of his words?
Does he describe the horrors?
How he came to survive.
Details not yet clear.
Numerius, come!
Do not forget your things.
Gratitude for the lesson.
It was an honor.
How can the boy still be alive?
He could not.
Your eyes held his death?
I left the deed in barca's hands.
And our lives as well.
What are we going to do?
Fuck. Think!
pardon the intrusion.
Provision for the celebration arrive.
Cunt with celebration!
We are betrayed by the beast of fucking carthage
And you bray about wine and whores!
The man has always been loyal.
As a snake to the breast.
The son of ovidius lives.
Unfortunate news.
Would the boy know your face?
No I was in shadow.
But barca was clearly revealed.
I cannot believe barca would betray you.
And yet...
If you have knowledge, bring it to light.
Barca placed a wager against theokoles,
Winning sizeable coin.
I overheard him whisper to pietros
Intentions to buy their freedom with it.
Barca has never mentioned desire to leave these walls.
He seeks to fly before discovery.
If the child is allowed to look upon his face,
He will be known as your man.
Gather proper guard and return with barca.
I would hear truth spilled from his mouth.
When a man is pressed, lies flow with greater ease.
End him and be done with it.
Not before I look into his eyes,
And see if treachery lurks there.
Perhaps there is another path to illumination.
One traveled by more delicate sensibilities....
Tomorrow the men will be slow from drink.
And half the guards with them.
There is one that does not partake
In your joyous offerings...
A man of higher principle, not so easily distracted.
How does crixus fare?
Adrift in the land of dreams.
Kept there yet by the medicus, in hope of recovery.
I would pay my respects.
You drown me!
In more than just wine...
You are summoned.
what are you doing?
I come to share drink with my partner in victory!
Well, pay your respects and be gone, he needs rest.
And keep that fucking wine from his lips.
Without you, brother,
My blood would have fallen in the arena
Instead of the rain!
May the gods forever honor crixus, the undefeated gaul!
And forgive the pain I cause.
Move aside!
His wound has reopened.
The brown jar!
Will this heal him?
But it will calm him to sleep so that I may seal the wound.
Will he be all right?
Get the fuck out!
I've had too much wine already...
None of worth.
This is falernian,
None of that swill flowing below us.
Um, it truly tastes of the gods.
And brings us closer to them.
How fares barca?
In fine spirits, as are all the men.
Is your confidence to be trusted?
Yes, of course dominus.
Several days ago,
I was forced to take retribution against ovidius,
The grain merchant.
He had made attempt on my life in the pits.
The man was a danger and not to be trusted,
He had to be handled accordingly.
You understand?
Now rumors abounds that more than ovidius
Gave up their lives.
His entire family, slain.
There was even a child.
The rest I can put from mind.
But the boy, he troubles my conscience.
If barca exceeded my orders and laid hand to such an act...
No, he didn't kill the boy.
Perhaps you only tell me what I wish to hear.
No, no, no.
He told me so himself.
He swore he'd never harm a child.
Well this gives reason to put conscience to rest.
He'll be so pleased to know it.
We'll keep it from him yet a while.
I do not wish to taint the celebration
With such dark thoughts.
Yes, dominus.
Thank you for your honesty, pietros.
The true nature of the man is revealed.
I would not have thought it of him.
Let barca hoist his cup a while.
When his wits are damp with wine
Then I will see him rewarded for his loyalty.
You smell of wine.
I bring cups, full of celebration.
I honor your victory.
With prayer.
Your instruction made possible reunion with my wife.
I would raise cups in gratitude.
The sentiment is well received.
But wine has not passed my lips for many years.
Your gods forbid it?
It is a matter of discipline.
Sura always cautioned toward the same.
A wise woman.
Far beyond the station of her husband.
If she had not come into my life...
And now she returns.
The gods have truly blessed you.
Sura would say the same.
And you?
The gods and I do not tread common ground.
Although she made effort many times
To place us at even footing.
Wise and understanding.
To love a man despite his shortcomings...
She is the only reason my heart beats within my chest.
To find love such as this...
A rare and fortunate thing.
You speak from knowledge?
A wife of my own.
The thought of her ever upon my mind.
Does she live?
In memory.
I would have desired to meet her.
And tell her of her husband's worth.
Apologies for disturbing your prayers.
I cannot drink to victory.
But to your wife,
And her joyous return...
Discipline gives way to the moment.
You honor us.
Wow, what did the dominus require?
Nothing of import...
You kiss with purpose.
For the thought of freedom...
A word, if I may.
Fuck your words, unless coupled with coin.
The very matter I came to discuss.
I've secured a sizeable loan from good marcellus,
To cover your winnings.
The terms of interest were outrageous..
Give it here.
Marcellus will bring it when he collects his whore,
In the morning.
You interrupt my cock with empty hands?
And intelligence.
Batiatus knows of your desire for freedom,
And makes noise for discussing terms.
Your skills, while impressive in the arena,
Lack a certain gentle touch in the art of negotiation.
I can offer to bargain a better price from batiatus
For your release.
Half the difference to be subtracted from my debt to you.
Batiatus is in agreeable spirits.
If we move with haste...
Lets go and call him dominus, for the final time.
I hear whispers you seek freedom.
Ashur represents me in the discussion.
There's none to be had in the matter.
The bond between master and slave
Has already been dissolved...
The moment you disobeyed me.
The son of ovidius lives.
The magistrate rides to retrieve him.
Yet breathing, small fingers trembling
To reveal the beast that took away his family.
This cannot be.
My hands upon his throat,
I felt the life flee from his body.
Your lover spoke otherwise.
You told him the boy lives.
Did you not?
I did.
But only to calm him.
If he knew the child's blood stained my hands...
So you lied to him?
Or he lies to you now.
Either way, we've a serious issue of trust.
Dominus, let me expl...
Well, stop him!
Now you're free.
Barca purchased his freedom.
We wished him well
And escorted him through the gates of the villa.
Do you understand?
Yes, domina.
Do you understand?
open up.
Juno's cunt!
What now?!
make way for the magistrate.
Close the curtains!
Santos clean the blood up in there,
Get it cleaned up!
Make way!
You call at unexpected hour.
Drawn by matters that will not wait for dawn.
What new offense is this?
Ah, nothing.
A disobedient slave, freshly corrected.
Not the only wretch deserving of blood this night.
I have just now returned from the promised reunion
With ovidius' son,
And would have words with a man seen in your house.
Which man do you speak of?
The messenger that filled my heart with false hope.
Ovidius' child was not seen on any road.
Returning to the city,
We had news that his body was discovered
Among the ashes of my cousin's villa.
The messenger lied...
I will have knowledge of the reason,
Along with the fool's tongue.
Every effort will be exhausted until the villain is discovered.
Paired with gratitude.
The messenger had the desired effect, then?
My concerns have been laid to rest,
Sharing grave with barca and his thirst for winnings.
There's no chance the magistrate
Will deduce the source of this message?
Not unless hades speaks of it from the underworld.
The messenger has been put to grass.
And you will follow,
If a word of this transaction parts your lips again.
I shit myself.
Young pietros!
How does the day find you?
As the night, filled with worry.
Barca never returned.
Nor will he.
He has his freedom.
Purchased from our dominus.
I could barely keep pace as we saw him to the gates.
He was to take me with him.
The price of freedom was too steep for the both of you.
But do not worry.
I'm sure barca will find another tight hole to sit on his cock.
One he doesn't have to pay for.
Jupiter's cock, my head.
I can barely stand for want of vomit.
You're in large company.
No one in condition to halt a man of purpose.
Such by design.
Doctores usually up before the sun, whip in hand.
Will he ever rise again?
He will.
But not for many hours.
Oh, your chances improve, then.
To the point of certainty.
Nothing is ever so.
Look even if you ride beyond the gates,
The guards will pursue.
They will be commanded against such action.
You actually expect them to obey you?
I expect them to obey their master...
Drop your fucking swords!
Do it!
I will release him when we are in the cover of the mountains.
Your wife's cart appears upon the road!
I'll be with you presently!
I urge you to reconsider one lastime.
Sura will be free.
In this life, or the one after,
With her husband by her side.
May the gods see you both upon the plains of thrace.
The pool is clear.
As if it never happened.
A regrettable misunderstanding.
The man was yet loyal.
He wished for his freedom.
A betrayal in itself.
To happier thoughts.
The thracian's wife approaches.
How is that cause for cheer?
Her arrival will only remind him of his old life,
And the ways of an animal.
Why can't you see that?
Our hopes and fortunes are tied to spartacus.
I made a promise to reunite him with his wife.
In honor of the man, I will keep my word.
they came out of nowhere... On the road...
They attacked... They attacked on the road.
I'm here.
My word is kept.
They're reunited.