Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 5 - Shadow Games - full transcript

In an effort to bring rain to Capua, the Primus (a prestigious competition for the greatest of gladiators) is announced and Batiatus enters his champion Crixus and Spartacus against Solonius's Theokoles, an indestructible 10 foot tall god of the arena. Can Oenomaus train them sufficiently enough to win their battle ?





Did you not hear my instruction?

Apologies, Doctore.

I did not mean to
scare the rabbit.

The games of the
magistrate approach.

Listen carefully
to my instruction,

and every man chosen

will see victory in the arena.

Perhaps not every man.


Save the water for
men who deserve it.

Rain! By Jupiter's cock,

would you fucking rain!

What are you doing?



The two are narrowly separated
in these trying times.

Perhaps the gap widens...

More creditors, seeking action?

Something of more cheerful note,

recently delivered...

From magistrate Calavius!

He is coming here to personally

select men for his games!

Games to appease the
gods and end the drought!

The biggest games
since Theokoles

bested 100 men in the arena!

But why come himself? Unless...

The Primus.

If we were to secure the
main event at these games...

He arrives within the hour.

Prepare food.

And gather all the
water we have.

Quintus, your robe...

Uh, it's nothing.

Fetch the Medicus.


I should talk to the
magistrate about it.

No, we won't concern the
magistrate with these things,

not with the Primus
in the balance.

I'll tend to the
matter myself, um.

That was the mark
of one of the slaves

who tried to kill Batiatus.

The mark is unknown to me.

Perhaps a closer look...

Details of such craftsmanship

should not be viewed in haste.

I may have seen a
similar mark...


So, what do you think?

You adorn them like a god.

I would be out of them...

And deep into you...


Magistrate Calavius arrives.

Our fortunes rise,
like your cock.

Stay wet and we'll make
it rain presently... ohhh.


You do us honor with your...


Good Batiatus!
I was telling Solonius

how I knew your father.

Now there was a true roman.

A great man,
none of his like to follow.

I will attempt to fill your
needs as he would have.

To business then.

As you well know,
the drought has parched the city

to the point of madness.

We've tried everything to
tempted the skies into tears,

even to the point of hecatombe.

A hundred cattle sacrificed,
and yet not a drop.

Because the gods do not
want the blood of cattle.

They want the blood of men!

Good Solonius has
been kind enough

to lend a hand in
organizing games

to appease their appetite.

It will be sine missione.

No draw. No mercy shown.

Only the finest gladiators

will be invited to participate.

Only the finest are offered
in the House of Batiatus.

Come, examine my wares.

An impressive selection,

rivaling that of good
Solonius himself.

Yet I have the Primus.


Your opponent still
to be chosen.

If you wish to appease the gods,

you must have one upon the sands

Crixus the Champion of Capua,

will willing fight anyone
that Solonius has to offer.


It will truly be a
contest between legends!


Oh, did I fail to mention?

Good Solonius has secured
Theokoles for the Primus!


I managed to coax him
to our fair city,

at great expense.

With our gratitude.

If the gods fail to grant
us rain with such a tribute,

then we are surely cursed.

I fear the gods
will be displeased.

The match is unbalanced.

Only one man Theokoles

and lived.

What if Crixus were joined
by your man Spartacus?

His death was fated
in execution,

yet he refuse to own it.

And cost me four men
in his defiance.

Your debts are well known,

Even if you lose the men,

the purse is enough to
hold off your creditors,

for a moment.

Unless of course
you would rather

sit out these games

or any others that follow,

No. I will set my
men to the task.

My titans!

Pause, and hear glorious news!

Magistrate Titus Calavius
has invited our best men

to fight in his Primus!


Step forward!

Spartacus! Step forward.

You have been chosen
to fight as one...

Against Theokoles,
the shadow of death!

Fuck! Ow! Ow!

Fuck! Ow!

Shit! Fuck!

Ow! Ow! Shit!

Fuck! Ow! Ow!

I think you two will
make a fine couple.

I'd rather fight without him.

And die the same.

This Theokoles.

The legends can't be true.

He's en cut a thousand
times in the arena,

he's never fallen.

I fear you would have
been safer in the pits.

If we were to win,

how large would be the purse?

Large enough to wrest ten
wives from the syrian.

You send them to certain death.

Let me fight in their stead.

That's an excellent suggestion.

I owe Theokoles a debt of pain.

You were not requested!

Look, no one has
forgotten how bravely

you fought against Theokoles,
old friend.

Yet without victory.

You stand the only man to face
him in the arena and live.

That in itself is a victory.

Set your purpose to
the task of training

Crixus and Spartacus
for the match.

I fear no amount will save them

from the shadow's grasp.

Then prepare them for
a glorious death.

The brand belonged to Remus,
a slave trader

plying wares north of the city.

Remus? The name holds
no recognition.

Nor to I. Yet,

if I were to purchase a slave,
intent on foul designs...

Then it would be
from outside Capua,

to avoid simple discovery.

Find Remus and bring him.

I would have conversation.



From Domina.

To help with your training.

Wait a moment.

To what purpose?

Need there be one?

You shouldn't look
at me in that way.

I try with all my
strength not to.

But I am weak.

Sleep, then.

And regain your strength.

I seek no quarrel.

Your presence here
would state otherwise.

We've had our differences.

I own my part in them.

Yet if we are to
defeat Theokoles..


There is no such
thing in the arena.

You believe you can
slay the giant?


As I always stand.

This time you do not.

When Theokoles falls,
the glory will be mine.

And if we do not come
to common ground,

the death shared will be ours.

Oh. As if they stand
chance against Theokoles.

Um. Perhaps the gods
will favor them.

Yes, and perhaps I
should sprout wings

and flutter off.

The odds lay a thousand
to one against them.

No man has ever won
betting against Crixus.

I would lay coin
towards their victory.

A fool's wager.

Happily received.

You leave without words.

None to give.

Each time you step
beyond these walls,

I fear for you and what...

Grab hold of your
cock and be a man!

I do what I must, Pietros.

I'll return soon.

Mind the birds.




She comes at my invitation.

Now's not the time
to be entertaining

that spoiled little bitch.

Her father Albinius holds
the magistrate's ear.

If he were to place
a word in it,

then Crixus may be
replaced in the Primus.

He could place a thousand
and to no result.

Solonius maneuvered you.

With the aid of the magistrate!

Refuse and we would
quickly find ourselves

excluded from the
arena altogether.

And if Crixus falls?

Who will be our champion?

Who will the crowds clamor to
see from the House of Batiatus?

Not Spartacus,
that thing from the pits?

Your guest arrives.

Do not broach the
subject with her.


You do us honor
with your presence.

I would trade honor for water.

Ah, the heat is a thing living,
crawling down the throat.

Well, let us quench that thirst.

I must to tend to
business of the games.

I leave you in loving hands.

Is it true, then? What?

Crixus and Spartacus
face the shadow of death?

They do.

Blood will surely
flow on the day.

I long to see it pour
from the thracian.

You attack as you would a man.

Theokoles is beyond flesh.

Beyond blood and bone.

He is the shadow
that precedes death.

Allow him to fall
upon you alone...

And you are dead.

Now rise,

and come at me as one!

Give way, you fuck!

The advantage was mine!

How Crixus moves.

The way his muscles
catch the sun...

Truly the Champion of Capua.

None to his equal.

You jostle and trip over
the other like fools.

You face Theokoles
in the Primus!

Prove yourselves worthy!


I crave a closer look.

Can we go down among them?

My husband would never allow it.

The bowels of a
ludus are no place

for a senator's daughter.

A private viewing then,
in the villa?

I would pay for it, of course.

A favor amongst friends.

You must let me return it, then.

I've given thought
to your problem,

and have discovered solution.




I've heard of a woman,
a priestess of Juno,

blessed with certain
gifts of fertility.

Many prominent
women speak of her.

Servillia, Cornelia, Laelia..

Ovidius' wife?

You know her?

Oh, in passing.
She has a small boy.

And would have none,
if not touched

by the woman I speak of.

Will you let me
arrange it for you?

As a gift for your hospitality?

We are friends, aren't we?

The very best.

How are we to fare
against Theokoles,

when we cannot
even best Doctore?

I could have bested
him a dozen times,

if you'd not gotten underfoot.

I take the sands beside
you in this fight, Crixus.

Just because you stand beside me

with sword and shield,

do not mistake yourself
as a gladiator.

I fight to honor these walls,
you fight to leave them.

You fight...

Because you are a slave.

Like me.


Not like you.

I accept my place here.

I embrace it.

But you...

You still dream of a
life beyond the arena.

Where that wife of yours
we've all heard about

is still nestled by your side.

And that is all it is,

A dream and one day soon you
will awaken to the truth.

You will never leave this place.

And your wife if she's
not dead already,

has been fucked to madness
by a hundred roman cocks.

Get yourselves cleaned up.

Domina requests your presence.

Both of you.

Do you know who I am, thracian?


I have seen you.

With Legatus Glaber.

I am his wife.

He is regrettably abroad,

and will not be able to witness
your death against Theokoles.


I shall whisper of it to him,

replaying the moment

when we are entwined in our bed.


I require the
thracian for a moment.

Extend it by a lifetime.

I am done with him.

My office.

The Champion of Capua!

A rare honor to receive
a private audience.

One I am most appreciative of.


he does seem a touch
overdressed for the occasion.

Your subligaria. Remove it.

Your champion is
bold to his purpose.

I take my leave.

His flesh is so hard...

Like marble.

Would that every man
were carved so...

We'd best not keep him.

His training resumes
at first light.

Do you think he will survive,
against the shadow?

Only the gods know.

It would be pity to
see such a man marred.

Perhaps there is a way to
see such a tragedy averted.

If your father where to
speak to the magistrate.

Perhaps... to what end?

To seeing Crixus
replaced in the games.

Is that what you want?

Do you fear entering the
arena with Theokoles?

I long for it.

As I long to see it.

You survived being dragged
from your homeland

by Legatus Glaber,

you survived execution by
four gladiators in the arena.

You even survived the
horror of the pits.

Can you survive this?

Crixus and I fight
at cross-purposes.

Then find a way to unite them.

You may have saved my life,

but yours is yet worth
little in the arena.

But to loose Crixus
along with you

that would be a blow
from which this ludus

would not recover.

My concern is only for my wife.

And her fate is
tied to these walls.

If they collapse around me,

then I will be unable to help
her from beneath the rubble.

I will not die
until she is safe.

Well, prove it so.

Fight as one with Crixus,
to best Theokoles.

Or we are all fucked.


Barca has returned,
bearing gifts.

Remove him to the barracks.

Two slaves, broken by your hand,

made attempt on my life.

Who purchased them?

I know not of what you speak...

I speak of being fucked.

By the gods, by the magistrate,

by that cock suck Solonius
and his grinning schemes!

I'm of proud family!

A family of means and history,
you fucking cunt!

You sold the men!

Common slaves,

who tried to kill me,
tried to fuck me like a whore!

But I will not be fucked!

I! Will! Not!

Not! Be! Fucked!

You fuck you...

You fucking hemorrhoid

sucking fuck, you fuck!





To Ovidius...

There was that so fucking hard?

Ovidius' cousin
is the magistrate.

He could be cousin
to Jupiter himself,

I don't give a shit.

I will have satisfaction.

You dishonor me.

The thracian impedes my attack.

I seek to strengthen it.

I seek no aid.

No, you need the gods to descend

and fight by your side!

Even then victory is doubtful.

Words, falling on deaf ears.

Attend your eyes, then...

My failure.

Your lesson.

His first cut...

Dealt when I thought
him vulnerable.

And pressed my attack unwisely.

His next assault..

Came as I fell back

to regain position....

Yet these wounds are nothing.

A game of blood,
to amuse the crowd.

And when he tires of playing,

he will move to
separate your head..

From your neck...

I live because I survived
longer than any man

that stood against him.

Some herald that as a victory.

I am not among them.

You tell us the
shadow wounds both

when he is pressed and
when he is given ground.

How will he to be defeated?

By accomplishing both at once.


And defend.


And strike.

Fight as one.

Or die as two.

Now, show me the way to honor.

The games tomorrow,
and yet he presses them.

To their benefit.

I have business in town.

It'll take me until
late into the night.




Yeah, business, I heard you.

If you would prefer I delay..

No, I have diversion.

Ilithyia's coming
with her priestess.

May the gods grant us miracle.

They fucking owe us something.

A word of advice, Spartacus.

At what cost?

Freely given.

Do not think you can come
to terms with Crixus.

I've trusted him
once in the arena

and this was the result...

He may as well have cut
the balls from my shaft.

He'd turn a sword
against his ally?

Even Barca, if stood
between him and glory.

The only way to survive
against Theokoles

is to consider Crixus
an equal enemy.

How often do you
engage in intercourse?

Several times a week.

Sometimes more.

Has seed ever taken hold?


Have there been other men,
besides your husband?

What bearing does that have?

Well it will inform the correct
combination of elements.

The ritual is usually
a private matter.


Oh please, can I stay?

I've never seen one of these.

It's so intriguing.

Other men?

Have there been any?


How many?

One. But frequently.

Then the difficulty
lies not with the seed,

but within the vessel.

You mean there's
something wrong with her?

The gods have decided to
withhold the joy of children.

But we will entreat
them to reconsider...


Juno has blessed you.

You must copulate
within the hour.

So soon?

Before the flame
of life expires.

Good fortune be with you.

Only an hour?

You think she would have told
you that before she started,

considering her price.

Gratitude for arranging this.

Unnecessary words from a friend.

And I being yours, I'll leave
you to complete the ritual.

Although tales of this other man

will be most expected when
time is not at issue...

Why are the fucking
torches not lit?


I owe you a debt, Ovidius.

I've come to repay.


The boy is unstained.

No child is unstained by
the deeds of his father.

They are not my own.

Two slaves, sent from
Remus to take my life.

Do you deny giving
coin to the cause?

I hired the men, yes.

But to another's purpose.



Speak the name,
and I swear to the gods

I will not kill you.


He paid the balance
of your debt to me.

In exchange for me
arranging your death.

Gratitude for your honesty,

You're not going
to kill me, then?


My slave is going to kill you.

Burn this fucking
place to the ground.

But first...

Take care of the child.

You were right.

I do not honor these walls.

A fact well known.

Has it always been so for you?

When you were brought
here for the first time,

against your will?

Your life traded
for a few coins?

More than a few.

Is that your worth, then?

Has it ever occurred to you

why the great Theokoles

would grace us
with his presence?

A promise of wealth.

The shadow has earned
a thousand fortunes.

He comes here not for coin,

he comes here for the glory

of facing the Champion of Capua.

The Undefeated Gaul.


There is no greater thing,

than standing victorious arena.

Is there no purpose
beyond the blood?

No dream beyond the
cheering crowd?

Is there nothing
else you fight for?

Crixus, you are summoned.

Step into the light.

Let me gaze upon the
Champion of Capua.

You are truly a wonder.

As are you, Domina.

We don't have much time and
I would see it well used.

Do I not stir you to passion?

Yes, Domina.

Your cock would disagree.

Excuse my distraction Domina.

I have thoughts of tomorrow.

I would have you in the moment,
deep inside me.

I've never faced an
opponent like Theokoles...

And he has never meet
a man like you...

I beg a favor Domina.

Love makes a man
weak before battle...

I would have you strong.

We will forgo the pleasures
of a single evening,

and pray to the gods
for many more to come.


You are going to die
tomorrow aren't you?

Only the gods divine the future.

Why didn't you let
Ilithyia help you?

She could have spoken
to her father..

To what end?


Honor and glory.

That's all you care about,
isn't it?

Not all.

Still the fool.


You said love drains a man.

It can give him hope,
in the right arms...

The odds do not favor you.

They seldom do.

I've heard Barca has laid

a large amount of coin on you.

More towards Crixus,
but still...

And you?

If I had the means,
I would wager all with Barca.

You're too fucking
stubborn to die.

Every man has his end.

I pray to the gods you
have not yet reached yours.

If they do not answer,

I would ask a thing of you.

I will do everything
I can to find her.

Now sleep.

Tomorrow you face a legend.

And may yet become one yourself.

Did you see it?!

Septimus the victor, as I said!

Valarius always drops his
shield when he attacks,

a disadvantage
against the spear.

The boy has a keen eye.

Towards gladiators, yes.

His studies are another matter.

My hour of glory is long past.

Yours stands before you.

Heel old wounds.

Kill that fucking
son of a whore.

Finally, the Primus.

Another moment and my
tongue would turn to dust.


Apologies, Domina.

We've used our last.

Please. Share some of mine.

You're too kind, good Solonius.

You'd do the same,
if you were able.

No matter.

Soon Theokoles will honor
the gods with blood,

they turn will bless
us with endless rain.

I pray for the truth in it.

This drought is
driving the city mad!

Unfortunate word has reached us

that our dearest cousin Ovidius
was murdered in his home.



I mentioned his wife
not a night ago.

What of his son?

He was so young.

Their villa was burnt,
only a few bodies yet recovered.

I fear the boy is
among the ruins.

A tragedy.

One cannot but wonder what
would prompt such an act.

Let us turn our minds to
thoughts of rain,

to cool the fevered
brow of our city.

Citizens of Capua!

Brothers of Rome!

In the name of my forefathers,

I, Titus Calavius,
present to you,

the final event!

Your woman, is she the reason a
spectacle of blood and death,

you refuse to die?

A sacrifice to Ceres,
she is.

The great goddess
of renewal!

Then perhaps there is
something beyond glory.

... shower us with an
ocean of rain!

From the house of Quintus
Lentulus Batiatus.

Behold, Spartacus! Thraex!

Joined in battle today by
the Undefeated Gaul!

The Champion of Capua!

Behold, Crixus!


Crixus! Crixus!



Shall we begin?

Together they stand
against a man

who has never fallen.

A beast that has never
been tamed.

A legend that has never
been tarnished.

By the grace of Marcus
Decius Solonius,

behold! Theokoles!
The shadow of death!



They draw blood!



Yeah, Capua!


Shall I begin?!

Get out of the way.

Give ground,
or I'll kill you myself!


Kill! Kill! Kill!


Spar - ta - cus!!

Spar - ta - cus!!