Snowfall (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Re-Entry - full transcript

Business is booming in season four of Snowfall. It's January 1st, 1985. Ronald Reagan has won his re-election campaign proclaiming it is "morning again in America," but in South Central, ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we're
Killing ourselves

to keep these drugs away,

and our government
is just bringing them in.

I'll make you so much
fucking money, you'll be able

to fund that war
all by yourself.

You're digging a tunnel.

And it's gonna go all the way
under the border?

All the way.

Little Lee here been fucking
with my crew.

Trying to take our territory.

Yo, I ain't tried.
I took that shit.

You're gonna leave
his people be,

or you're the one that's gonna
find yourself a new plug.

These are the territories
of the people we can trust.

Nobody got no connection
in inglewood?

Manboy. His sister is
skully's baby mama.

Okay, okay.

So how much weight we talking?

Franklin: We're making
more money than we ever

could've dreamed of.
What I was wrong

about was the cost.

Lives are gonna be destroyed.

Either Franklin killed Andre,
or he had him killed.

Police ruled it a suicide.

Franklin Saint murdered my dad.



I got you.

Profits is down.

Violence is rising.
The gang's at war.

This entire business is about
to spin out of control.

No. He is not ready.

It's okay, mama.
I'm here.

Tom brokaw: There are more than
400 youth gangs in Los Angeles.

And these days, it doesn't
take much to start a gang war.

What I know for sure is,

if we bail,

- there'll be chaos.
- (screaming)

Gangs battling
over control and territory.

And an entire fucking community
in ruins.

♪ ♪

I have to stay and fight.

"I got the..."
by labi siffre playing...

♪ ♪


♪ I got the blues,
but I don't mind ♪

♪ all I have to do
is get to you ♪

♪ and then I feel just fine ♪

♪ I'm on a downer,
but not all the way ♪

♪ when I'm feelin' low,
you do your thing just so ♪

♪ and then I feel okay ♪

♪ you're so good,
the way you give ♪

♪ you're so good,
you're the best there is ♪

♪ I got the blues,
got it oh so bad ♪

- ♪ when I think of me ♪
- damn.

♪ It's hard to be a person
quite so sad... ♪


- Louie: Hey.
- (chuckles)


- You come alone?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Peaches...
He, um, gonna grab a bite

- and come back later. Damn!
- Okay.

- (chuckles)
- look at this place.

Yeah, we still got a little work

to do before Monday,
but come on,

- I got something to show you.
- All right.

Bricks in and out.
Expenses, cash, payroll.

And weekly payouts,
including nix.

Uh, he been a problem?

Well, he gets his cash
and then stays out the way.

The territories. Okay?

Kilos being moved.

Was steady for a while,
but then the shootings ramped up

and folks got nervous.

You can forget about growth.

We barely
keeping up with the buy.

Plus, more product
coming over the border

means more competition.

The only reason
we got any sense of power

or control is how cheap
we getting Reed's product.

Any change in price or purity,
and we got real problems.

How's it been working with him?

- Who, Reed?
- Mm.


All right, cool.


Well, you ain't making no trips
to Panama.

So where's the cash?

(chuckles softly)

follow me.

All right, here we go.

There's more at the house.

We're hiding it
every place we can think of.

- (door opens)
- Jerome: Hey, where y'all at?

- Louie!
- Hey.

- Hey.
- (door closes)

What you two motherfuckers
doing lurking around this bitch?

- I'm getting him up to speed.
- Huh?

- Give me a kiss.
- (both chuckle softly)

I want to thank y'all

for keeping this shit going
while I've been hurt.

- I know it ain't been easy.
- Jerome: Easy?

That shit been
downright hazardous.

Ain't exactly smart,

walking into this funeral,

If y'all want to sit
this one out, I understand.

Come on.

♪ ♪

(buoy bell clanging)

Season 04 Episode 01
Episode Title: "Re-Entry"

(ship horn blows)

(distant horn blows)

(tires screech)

(vehicle approaching)

(car door closes)

What's up?

- You smoking now?
- Teddy: Yeah.

Thought maybe
I was getting too healthy.

Who's the new guy?

Lurp. Friend of a friend.


Worked the long range
recon patrol in nam.

Name stuck.


(ship horn blows)

You're hiring mercs now?

Can't be too careful, man.

'Cause of what...
What happened to you

or what's happening
to your neighborhood?

Couple gangs at war.

Shit's getting uglier
by the day.

Yeah, I heard.

You know the players?

You try talking sense to 'em?

(women crying softly)

(soft murmuring)

It's Franklin.

Franklin Saint,
your business partner?

How hard you think
it was for them

to get that Jesus nigga
to stay on that cross?

I don't know.

Uh, I, um...
I wanted to come through,

pay my respects,
say I'm sorry for your loss.

I know it ain't
none of my business,

but it seems this shit

between you and manboy done
got out of hand.

Anything me and mine can do
to help squash that beef

before more people get killed?

Where y'all just come from,

- a funeral?
- Franklin: Yeah, actually.

- In inglewood.
- Come at US,

- that's what the fuck happens.
- That's how it started?

- They came at you?
- Of course.

Everybody know skully crazy.

It's on him.

Manboy's the fucking problem.

He don't know when
to shut his bitch-ass mouth.

He done fucked up now, though.

I know, and, um,
I know you want to hit back,

but there's got to be a way
to make this right.

(skully scoffs)

You hear this shit, khadijah?

This nigga trying to say me
and your brother family,

so we should just kiss
and make up.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna kill every one of them
Compton motherfuckers,

and anybody else
that get in my way.

Manboy: I'll tell you this.
They come back at US,

you better keep
that formalwear handy,

'cause we'll put every last one
of them niggas

- in the ground.
- (bag thuds)

- That's unfortunate.
- Franklin: Yeah.

You know, I was hoping maybe

you or your people
could help me out with this

before it gets out of hand?

Yeah, you know,

there's things I can help you
with and things I can't.

And unfortunately,
stopping a gang war falls

squarely in the latter.

You know...

In the '50s, the middle east was
in total chaos.

The Iranians had just
nationalized their oil pipeline

general Mohammad Mosaddegh,

and there was concerns

that Mosaddegh might have
communist sympathies,

that he would ultimately

become a puppet
of the Soviet union,

give the Russians control
of something like 60%

of the free world's
oil reserves.

So, the CIA orchestrated a coup

to replace Mosaddegh
with a general named zahedi,

and strengthen shah pahlavi
in his place.

Now, ultimately,

shah pahlavi presented problems
of his own, but...

He was still the lesser
of the two evils.

It was important
that we take action,

back the side that most
benefited US at the time,

try to maintain some measure
of control.

You supply both sides, right?


Hang in there, kid.

- (phone ringing)

- (indistinct chatter)

Irene Abe.

All right, Chuck.
Tell me something good.

No. No, no.

You said you'd go on the record.

M-my whole story
is based on your...

I-I understand it's scary
to put yourself out there.

But if you don't talk to me,

this is gonna keep happening
to other people,

and trust me, you don't want
that on your conscience. You...

Well, then, fuck you, Chuck,
you coward piece of shit.

The guards at the internment
camp had more spine. Fuck.

Everything okay?

Great. Why?

What's that?
Our marriage certificate?

Uh, melody Wright.

That girl you were looking for?

The one who went Mia
after her father died?

Oh, Wilson.

You sweet, sweet boy.

All right, I got it.

(Mexican music playing)

Speaks Spanish...
best in Tijuana.

Just give me the keys.
I'll drive.

What is this?

Cedro gave it to me
for Christmas.

Cedro, he's the younger one?

The-the younger one is carlito.

Cedro turns six soon.

By the way,

we're gonna have a party.

You should come.

To a six-year-old's
birthday party?

You spend too much time alone,

It's not good for you.

I wish you liked baseball.

At least we'd have
something to talk about

on these goddamn drives.

I like Fernando valenzuela.

You kind of look like
Fernando valenzuela, actually.

(engine starts)

I'm kidding, calm down.

(siren wailing)


(truck door closes)

- Gustavo: Michoacán.
- Michoacán?



♪ ♪

(crate shatters)

♪ Half past 1:00,
this is how it goes... ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Look at this nigga.

Come on, bruh.

Mr. Saint.
Good to see you out and about.


- He here?
- Fatback: Yeah.

Come on. What up, peaches?

♪ And she would do anything
that you want her to ♪

♪ she started buggin' out, she
didn't care how she looked... ♪

(dog barking)

Oh, yes!

Yes! (Moaning)

Yes, Leon!

Franklin: Know what?
I'm-a come back later.

No, they actually been at it
for a minute.

I think they about done.

- You sure?
- Fatback: Yeah.

Give me a second.
He'll be glad to get rid of her.

- (knocks on door)
- hey, Franklin out here.

(indistinct chatter in distance)

(speaking indistinctly)

(plane passing overhead)

Working hard, huh?

If that's work, I'll take it.

Your mama finally let you
out the house, huh?

Kicking and screaming.

You know, she wouldn't
even let US, uh,

come and see you.

Yeah. It's been hard on her.


- Call me?
- We'll see.

Look at you.

Got the projects on lock.

ladies coming and going.

- Surprised?
- Nah, just saying.

Missed you yesterday, though.

Trying to deal with this
manboy/skully shit.

Ain't no dealing
with those motherfuckers.

Only thing you can do
is stay out the way

and be glad they ain't
coming at US.

Yeah, well, that shit
at the bottoms last week?

Five people were killed,
not one of 'em in the game.

Cost of doing business, homie.

- (helicopter passing overhead)
- we don't do anything soon, man,

it won't just be the bottoms.

Your neighborhood. Mine.

Our families' lives at risk.

We already there, Saint.

There's too much money
for the taking,

and niggas be too desperate.

What's coming is certain
as Jesus on Sunday, my nigga.

That's why you refuse
to work with Louie?

Lost cause?

Nah. I just ain't get into this
to take orders from your auntie.

I feel you.

But you know I'm back now.

I need you with me, Lee.

I got these projects to manage.
You know, business to run.

I can't leave all that just to
drive you around.

drive me around?

I'm good.

You coming to...
Louie's for new year's?

We'll see.
Might stop by for a minute.

♪ ♪

(cell door clacking)

(chatter in Spanish)

El pocho y El gringo.

Please, have a seat.

My name is Oscar Fuentes.

I am the new chief of police
here in Tijuana.

I'm Reed. This is Gustavo.
It's nice to meet you.

Um... I want to start by saying
we were, we were very sorry

to hear about chief cala.

The thing was, we s...
We had a-an arrangement

- worked out with him...
- No.

You didn't.

I promise you we did.

Mm, you might have had...

A deal, but... (sighs)

It was not a-a fair one.

- Cala thought it was pretty fair.
- (oscar chuckles)

Cala was, uh, small-minded.

Of a different generation.

He didn't fully understand
the scope

of the opportunity ahead
for Tijuana and its people.

Which is why he's not
sitting here today.

Okay. Uh, so if you have
something else in mind,

just let US know.

I'm sure we can find some way
to make you happy.

I really hope so.

Because you're not the only men
moving product

through our plazas.

Maybe, uh...

You've heard about this?

Uh, we have.

The thing is,
I don't see any reason why

our business should have
anything to do with theirs.

Well, I guess that is
another thing

you need me for, isn't it?

Carlos will take you back
to your truck.

There you will find your cargo

in the exact
condition you left it.

Then my men will escort you
to wherever you want to go.

That way, your minds
can be fresh and clear

to think about a fair price
to conduct our business.

He arrested you so they could
go through the truck.

Figure out exactly how much
we're bringing across.

- (train horn blowing)
- what're you going to do?

We pay him.
Whatever he wants.

We can't afford the risk
to say no.


Shit, you see that nigga
walking with that cane?

He look weak as hell, homie.

I'm telling you,

Franklin being back
don't mean shit.

That nigga weak.
He hurt. Soft.

Best not underestimate Saint.

Boy's brain still work.
That's problem enough.

Y'all gonna talk business
all night? Shit.

Damn, boots, where you
find this one at?

She got it bad, huh?

Shit, she know the goods
when she see it.

- (chuckles softly)
- sup, girl?

♪ More bass
than a powerful amp... ♪

- You should come, too.
- What?

(chuckles softly)
I appreciate the offer,

but I got my hands full.

- Ugh. Uh-uh.
- Next time, though.

I'll see y'all in a minute.

Yeah, a minute sound
about right.

- Bye, sweetie.
- (laughter)

Shit, cover your ears, nigga.


(bootsy mutters)

Mm. You ready to have some fun?

Hell yeah, I'm ready.
What you got for me?

I want you to sit right here.

- Right there?
- Mm-hmm.

All right.

- Mm, you like that?
- Shit, you know I do.

Oh. All right.

Do your thing, then.

(zipper opens)

(inhales, moans)

Damn, girl. Mm.

Peekaboo, nigga.

(children laughing, shouting)

Hey, stop running!



What's wrong?

Oh, my god.

- (flies buzzing)
- come on.

Don't look.
Don't look. Come on.

Come on.

Hit back, and you can't

- blame the nigga.
- And people scared.

They ain't trying to be out on
the corners selling right now.

It's fucking up our whole

We pick a side.

Manboy or skully.

Get one to set the other one up,

ambush 'em,
disappear the bodies,

end this as quick
and as quiet as possible.

You're talking about a massacre.

No. No, I'm talking

about taking a few lives
to save many.

Well, shit.

If we gonna be choosing sides,
then I'm-a take manboy.

Can't trust skully
with his crucifixing ass.

Say it.

Okay, I get that manboy
is the obvious choice.

And I know skully crazy.

But he always stay in his Lane.

"Lane" like
the new testament type shit?

Manboy always trying to test US,

trying to take a territory,
find a better deal.

He's smart and ambitious
as anybody I ever seen.

We back him?

When he done with skully,
we next.

(heavy door rattling)

Hey, you can crash here
if you don't want to drive back.

Nuvia makes menudo.

(Teddy coughs)

Man (on TV): The level of violence
seen in that era pales in comparison

to the carnage seen in cities
all across america today.

In the past, organized crime
bosses introduced tight control

and enforced ground rules.

Civilian deaths
were to be avoided

and every attempt was made
to not kill

law enforcement officers.
Today, some places...

(Mozart's "symphony no. 40"

♪ No, you can't stop the clock ♪

(snorting) - ♪ no, you
can't stop the clock ♪

♪ no, you can't stop the clock ♪

♪ no, you can't stop
the clock... ♪

(pager beeping)


It's McDonald.

(turns page)

Uh, sorry, you're saying...
You're saying that, uh,

they-they didn't arrive
in Panama City,

or that they didn't arrive
at-at the airstrip?

(clears throat)

Yeah, just let me...
Let me get into it, and then

I'll-I'll-I'll get you back
at this number.

Okay, thanks.

(line ringing)

Automated voice (over phone):
Please leave a message after the tone.

- (beeps)
- hey, avi, it's Reed Thompson.

Listen, my contact
in Costa Rica said

that the cargo
never even showed up.

So please give me a call back at
this number as soon as you can.

Thank you.

(indistinct chatter)


(hip-hop music playing faintly)

Probably best I go alone.

I doubt it.

All right.


(door closes)

- (mutters)
- (baby crying)


(indistinct chatter)

You put conditioner in it first?

(scoffs) I'm telling you, it'll
make it a whole lot easier.

(knocking on door)

You gonna want
to see this shit, blood.

Hey, khadijah!

- Go with mom.
- Khadijah: Come on.

That don't look like no re-up.


I got to sit down.

Thank you.

It's a dragunov.

Accurate from half a mile away.

Ten rounds per mag,
telescopic scope.

One of these once took down
an airplane.

So what's the deal, youngblood?

Deal is I want this war
between you and manboy done.

Decided to help you finish it.

You said it yourself, right?

Manboy don't respect shit.

He wants power, territory.
You've been loyal.

Got the soldiers
to do this shit.

All you need is a little help.

you feel that?

Hell yeah, I feel that.

Feel like a nigga back
in the pen, and somebody

in the shower trying
to sneak up behind a nigga.

Mm-hmm. Exactly.

What about you, khadijah?

You feel like
you about to get fucked?

Yep. Both holes.

That's fine.

You don't want my help,
it's fine.

Keep shooting it out,
trading losses.

(zipper closes)

How many can you get?

As many as you want.

Uzis, too.

From who?


He legit. It's where I get mine.

- How much?
- Dragunovs are two g's.

Uzis are $600. More than fair.

Come with me if you want,
meet him.

You don't like what you see,
walk away.

No hard feelings.

- You gonna be there?
- Of course, yeah.

I just want this done, man,

so we can get back
to making that money.

Man, if you trying to play me,

I'm-a send every nigga I got
to fuck your world up.

You feel me?

Yeah. Yeah, I feel you.

Announcer (over radio): Draws
a foul on the penetration move.

Great first step.
As you can see there...

What's up, drew?


Listen, man,
I'm sorry about bootsy.

Ain't right,
what they did to him.

I think it's time
for skully to go.

you think?


I want to help you out.

Don't need your help.

I just came
from the bottoms, man.

They got an army
waiting for y'all to show up.

Trust me, you need my help.

And how you gonna do that?



See, the thing is,
skully still buys from me.

He trusts me.

I'll draw out him and his folks,
and you'll ambush 'em.

With skully gone,
inglewood will be in chaos.

And I'll bleed them dry.

No more cocaine.

It'll be worse for a minute.

In the long run,
we'll all be better off.

And you'll get revenge
for bootsy.


How the fuck I know
you ain't trying to play me?

You don't.

But take a ride with me.
I'll show you.

(seabirds screeching)

(music playing faintly)

(door opens)

Opa, avi.

(speaks Hebrew)

Wow. And here I was,
thinking maybe

I was gonna have to find myself
a new arms dealer.

My apologies.

Argentina isn't the easiest
place to keep in touch.

Jesus, man, don't tell me
you were on vacation

while I got people dying
and guns missing.

Of course not.

We were hunting Nazis.

You're what?

We got a tip Josef schwammberger
is hiding out near catamarca.

You know his work?

He was in charge
of three death camps in Poland.

Executed hundreds.

Women, children.

Oh, he's serious.

Avi: I'm always serious
when it comes down

to the greatest enemy the Jewish
people has ever known.

Don't you want to know
if we got him?

Currently, I'm a little more
concerned about those guns.

Yeah, well,
I don't know quite yet,

but we're working on it.

Do you know how difficult
and complicated

the international arms game is?

It's a miracle anything
ever goes through.

No, I-I know exactly how
complicated it is.

But, you know, avi,
that's the reason

that I pay you the exorbitant
sums of money that I do

is so that when things go wrong,
I can trust

that you're there to fix them.

That is your job.

Listen, I'm sending lior
on the next plane to Panama.

Okay? We'll find out
what happened.

I also need you on that flight
to Panama.

I'd like for you
to find out yourself.


I trust lior with my life.

- Don't worry, he'll find out.
- I'm not worried. I just don't want lior

fixing your problems for you.

Are you saying that
I can't handle myself?

I don't even know
who the fuck you are, man.

- It's okay, lior.
- Lior: Hey, if he has something

- to say, let him say it.
- I did say something, and for

- some reason, this guy keeps talking.
- Shut up, you.

What the fuck?

I just don't understand

- what his problem is.
- Okay.

- It's fine. I'll go. All right?
- Lior: Why? What's his problem?

-My problem is that you
don't seem to hear too well. - Hey.

- I hear fucking excellent...
- Fuck.

- (gunshot)
- fuck, man!

- (lior groaning)
- you hear perfectly fine now?


The fuck, man?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Teddy: I just don't know how
much more clear I can make myself.

I need to know where my guns are
and I want you to find out.

And you'll let me know
as soon as you do.

Dick Clark:
And we're having a good time...

- Cissy: You can blow on it all
you want to. - Alton: I've got to get it

I got to get it working.

Well, you... can you get it working,

- please? Ooh!
- (alton grunts)

- Cissy: Ten.
- Who's winning?

(stammers) who do you think?

Never play monopoly with
an aspiring real estate mogul.

- (Franklin chuckles)
- cissy: Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Where's your cane?

Oh. Thought I'd go without it.

Well, now, uh...

Think that's wise?

I'm thinking it'd be nice
for just one night

to not have everybody looking
at me like I got something

- wrong with me.
- You do have something wrong with you.

- Alton: Come on.
- Cissy: What?

Listen, I want y'all
to come with me tonight.

New year, fresh start.

Jerome and Louie would love it.

Y'all can finally
Bury the hatchet,

so we can get back
to being a family.

Just keep yourself safe, son.

(door closes)

Ready whenever you are, sir.


All right.


love you.

I love you, too.

Happy new year.

All right.

("Flash light"
by parliament playing)

♪ Now, I lay me down to sleep ♪

♪ ooh ♪

♪ I just can't find a beat... ♪

El oso!

Happy new year, man.

Thank you for the invitation.

The past is the past, right?

- Time to move on.
- Órale.

Congratulations, the place
is fucking amazing.

Thanks, Reed.

Let me show you around.

Ain't that that girl tanosse
from back in the day?


Mm-hmm, that's the one you got
your first nut from.

Mm-hmm. (Chuckles)

You want a drink,
Tequila or something?

- Water?
- Water. Two waters, please.

♪ listen, listen,
listen for the beatbox ♪

♪ huh! ♪

♪ Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ♪

♪ yup, baby, yup, baby,
yup, baby ♪

♪ come on, everybody, hurry up ♪

♪ clap, clap, clap, come on... ♪

Oh. Hi.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised,
seeing you here.

No? Why's that?

'Cause you was always the girl
who knew everyone.

Always in the right place,
right time.

And that's what this is?

- The right place?
- ♪ everybody say ho! ♪

♪ Ho! ♪

It is tonight.

♪ Now everybody scream ♪

how you doing, t?

I'm good.

You look it.

So do you.

But I heard some things.

Like what?

Like the kid who was prep school
bound took three bullets.

Never thought it'd be you
in this game.

I didn't like the alternative.

Which was what?

Their rules.

- ♪ Make it go uh ♪
- ♪ uh ♪

♪ nah-nah-nah-nah... ♪

- I remember him.
- Who, Leon?

♪ Nah-nah-nah-nah... ♪

Glad to see y'all still cool.

It's important to keep
them real niggas around.

The ones who was riding
before you came up, right?

- Mm.
- Leon: Hey!

Hey, what the fuck
you doing here?!

♪ No matter what the age... ♪

I asked you a question.
Why the fuck you here?!

Leon, do not make a scene.

I was invited.

By who?

- By the family.
- Hey, hey, now. Come on.

Let's not do this here.

Let's get it off the floor,
come on.

Come on, baby.

♪ Nah-nah-nah-nah,
it'll make you go... ♪

I got to remind you what this
motherfucker responsible for?

- Leon, you need to calm the fuck down.
- Kevin dead because of them.

Franklin: Kevin's dead
because he didn't listen.

- No, fuck that! - Leon!
- The fuck are you doing?

- Franklin, please get control of your man.
- Hey, you stay out of it.

Leon: They went behind
our back. They went to Kevin,

offered him conejo
for that motherfucking recipe.

- Franklin: I don't need a history lesson.
- Then how the hell

you gonna do business with him
like nothing happened?!

We've been doing business
with him, for months!

And you'd know that
if you'd been around!

Who the fuck you talking to?!

When you went down,
what do you think happened?

Everybody came at US,
trying to take our territory

and fuck US up.
Who you think kept 'em back?

Jerome and his fucking speakers?

It was me and my
motherfucking crew, nigga.

And instead of gratitude, you
want me to embrace this nigga?

- Put the gun down!
- Louie, shut the fuck up!

- Hey, hey, now watch your mouth now.
- Hey, back up off him, nigga.

- I'll beat your fat ass.
- Leon, this is about business. Huh?

- Business.
- No, it's about what's right.

Lower it.

Reed, oso, leave now.

(Leon panting)

You lost, you know that?

Money's got your head
all fucked up.

Or maybe your head was
never right to begin with.

You know, I thought
with me being hurt, maybe

you'd grow up, stop acting
like a fucking child!

- Nigga, fuck you!
- Fuck me?!

You know what, you're gonna
get yourself killed, man.

And I ain't gonna lay in bed
at night thinking I ain't try

to set your stupid ass straight!

You ain't got to worry
about me, nigga,

- 'cause I'm done with your ass!
- Fine!

Find your own fucking plug then.

Do shit the way you want.

You just stay
the fuck out my way.

(grunts softly)

Stupid motherfucker.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on now, nephew.

(birds chirping)

(children shouting playfully)

(knocking on door)

- Bernice Wright?
- Yes.

Uh, I'm Irene Abe.

I'm a reporter
with the herald examiner.

The herald? In Odessa?

No, ma'am. In Los Angeles.

Your brother was sergeant Andre
Wright, LAPD, is that right?

I don't want to talk
about any of this.

I drove a long way
to come see you.

Well, I'm afraid
you've wasted your time.

Please. I just need five minutes

of your time and then I'll go.

It's okay, aunt bernice.

You can let her in.


I appreciate
you inviting me in, melody.

I know you've been
through a lot,

and I'm not here
to cause more problems.

It doesn't matter.

The lord's justice will be
served as he sees fit.

All we can do is
be pure of heart in his gaze.


Uh, I covered what happened

- to your father.
- (pen clicks)

I'm also aware
of what took place a week later,

when your neighbor Franklin
was shot.

Melody didn't have nothing

to do with any of that.

Franklin said he didn't
know who did it, right?

I-I'm not saying she did.

But there are questions
that still need to be answered.

Why your father did what he did.

Who shot Franklin and why.

Why do you care about all this?

About my daddy and Franklin.

Because no one else seems to.

I was born
in the crenshaw district.

Grew up there.

Raised my own daughter there.

I'm watching it change,
almost by the day.

I'm scared,
because I don't understand why.

And I think you do.

If you can help me,

I can tell the story,
and telling the story will make

- people pay attention.
- It's not your place to try and stop what the lord intends.

All due respect, melody,

the lord didn't break Watergate.
Woodward and Bernstein did.

Of course he did.

He guided them.

Just as he will

or won't

guide you.


Maybe the lord
sent me here to you.

So you can tell me
what really happened.

How's it go?

The truth will set you free?

♪ ♪

(distant siren wailing)

(pills rattling)


Manboy: These
motherfuckers killed bootsy.

Put that nigga on a cross.

It's time to show these
motherfuckers what time it is.

Let's roll.

(labored breathing)

♪ ♪

Heading out?

(sighs) uh, yeah.

Just gonna get a bite with lurp.

Late-night craving, huh?


Uh-huh. And is that a .38

or a .45 you got in your waist?

You know, I was thinking

about putting that VCR to use.

Tossing in one of those
new tapes, like

enter the dragon.

Remember how many times
you made me

and your mama take you
to see that movie?

By the time we'd get home,
you'd hit the door

and get to chopping everything
in the damn house.

You chopped down our curtain...
In the room, papers flying

and you just in there,
just chopping.

Yeah, you remember that?

And then, what, kev... no, Leon.

you chopped him in the neck

and he rolled off
the porch out there?

Couldn't tell you your name
wasn't Bruce. (Chuckles)

Bruce, man. The legend.
(chuckles softly)

(imitating Bruce Lee):
"be water, my friend."

(both laugh)


Why don't you stay home tonight,
and we'll

pop up some corn
and put in the movie

and take it all the way back.

Just me and you,
old-school night.

Spend a little time
with your old man.

Huh? What do you say?

Thanks, dad.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪