Snowfall (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Other Lives - full transcript

Franklin walks a different path. Life in South Central begins to change forever.

I'll see you at the lake.

FX presents Snowfall.

Franklin Saint murdered my dad.

This rock that you're selling,

it's doing real damage
out there.

Once the rock
get ahold of they ass,

the person you knew,

they gone.

I don't know
what it is you think

you know, but I'll
put you back in that cell

any goddamn time I want.

I didn't mean to kill Kev, Mama.

I didn't mean to kill Kev.

You ain't built for this
shit, Saint.

We sell it right here,

in the hood, same as weed.

I didn't invent this rock.

But I'm-a blow it up.

I don't sell coke to kids.

- Then what do you sell?
- I sell kilos to people with money.

Okay, front me a key.

So you are after something.

Fucking right.

- And what's that?
- Freedom.

Hey, come here!

Freedom from all of it.

Watch out, man.

Know when I'll feel free?

When I'm somewhere
far off from here.

In physics, it's referred to

as the many-worlds theory,
its roots in quantum mechanics.

Simply put, if our universe
is, in fact, infinite

and ever expanding,

it means every possible
permutation of our reality,

no matter how improbable,
must at some point exist.

So, if you're failing
this class,

don't beat yourself up too much.

In another reality,
you're teaching it.

Remember, exams Friday.

Don't forget your blue books
and pencils.

So, who are you?

In one of these
parallel universes.

Probably back in Africa.

My people never chained
and brought to this country

to begin with.


Took your fun game and kind of
fucked it up, huh?

Yeah, yeah, you kind of did.

What about you? This other life.

The youngest senator in history,

on track to be
the first female president.

Well, you got to be at least 30
to be in the Senate.

Not in that world, you don't.

Shame you're not ambitious.

Show me someone around here
who isn't.

The professors. I'm serious.

They decided to spread knowledge,

instead of using it
for power or profit.

We're the ones
you got to be afraid of.

So, who are you in this life?

Why? Trying to be friends
with the unicorn on campus?

Or you got a thing for black dudes?


You looked interesting.

Bet I do, to somebody from...

I don't know... Connecticut.

I'm from Chicago.

Oh, yeah? Which suburb?

Are you this tough on everyone?

Or just white girls?

It's got to be in there.
This is what she said.

She said it was a problem
with the loan

and that it would all
be taken care of

once the scholarship came
through and paid the loan off.

Look, whoever you spoke to
was mistaken.

This shows the loan
was canceled months ago,

hence the overdue payment.

Wait, why would the loan
be canceled?

Your family's most recent W-2

listed a reported income
of $111,000,

making you ineligible
for financial aid.

A hundred... I'm sorry.

My mother earned $11,000
last year, sir.

Well, not according to that.

No, it's a mistake.
I promise you, sir.

Do you have proof of that?

I can get my moms to send
a copy of the W-2.

You can call her right now.

Your moms?
Do you have two of them?

My mother, sir.

I can get her to ship it,
but it'll take a few days.

Unless we have proof of
the error in the next 48 hours,

you'll have to vacate the dorms
and drop your classes.

It's just a mistake, sir.
Can't I get an extension?

If our financial requirements
are such a burden,

perhaps this isn't
the best place for you.

Well, you know,
if you're too stupid

to know a simple mistake
when you see one,

then perhaps this ain't
the best place for you, sir.

- Glenda, call security.
- Don't bother.

I'll be back.

It's just a mistake, sir.

It's just a mistake.

Damn. the Soviet state, right?

So, one of the issues that...

If this institution

wants to remain competitive
amidst the evolving landscape

of America's racial makeup,
it needs to take a hard look

at its admissions
and scholarship policies.

"Or risk not only falling behind,

but being on the wrong side
of history."

I thought a lot about
what you said the other day,

about me being hard on people.


Don't always think
I was like that.

What did you used to be like?

Got some free time.

Tell you over coffee?

I would, but there's a recruiter
on campus giving a talk.

- I was gonna check it out.
- Oh.

What kind of recruiter?

Yeah, welcome.
And, uh, thanks for being here.

Uh, right off the bat,
I want to start by just,

uh, dispelling, uh, a few myths.

Yeah, have a seat.
Uh, start by dispelling

any misconceptions
that-that may be out there.

You know, if you're here
because you have dreams of

vodka martinis
and-and-and flashy sports cars,

uh, I'm afraid the CIA
is-is not for you.

Um, despite what Hollywood
might have you believe,

it's a life of service
and-and sacrifice.

And, uh, it's-it's not...
it's not usually very glamorous.

It's rarely dangerous.

It's mostly
pretty boring, really.

But, uh, I can assure you
that it is absolutely necessary.

Uh, the question
that I would ask is, uh:

Do you have what it takes
to dedicate your life

to something bigger
than yourself?


You're not running for the door,
so I'll take it as a yes.

We'll start by talking about,
um, the different kinds

of career paths
that you can choose...

How you doing, sir?

Uh, copy of the W-2, along with
the pay stubs, just to be sure.

And, uh... and, uh, I just want
to say sorry for the other day.

I was out of hand.

I'm afraid I have bad news.

The financial question
brought your scholarship

to the attention of our committee,

and they're putting it up
for review.

Up for review?

What does that mean, sir?

The Reagan Administration
budget cuts

have thrown a number of
aid situations into uncertainty.

Including mine, all of a sudden.

They'll review your aid package
as soon as they can,

but unless you have
the $7,800 you owe,

you'll need to move out

What? You're kicking me out
right now?

Well, it wouldn't
be fair to the kids

who are actually
paying their way

if we let you stay for nothing,
would it?

Nah, fuck that!

You got somebody else
I could talk to?

You got a supervisor
or something?

- No, afraid I don't.
- Huh?!

'Cause this motherfucker's
obviously not listening.

- They'll review your aid package as soon as they can.
- Huh? Fuck that.

It's already too late
to drop these classes.

I don't finish them,
they'll be F's on my record.

You know that.
You understand that, right?

Yeah, that is a shame.

A shame?

This is my life, man.

Don't you know how hard
I worked to get here?

You pulled yourself up once,
I'm sure you can do it again.

But if I were you,

I might reconsider my attitude
moving forward.

My attitude.

Fucking attitude?

- You did not do that.
- Right over the fucking desk.

- Have you lost your mind?
- Maybe I did in that moment, yeah.

I ain't never been that angry before.

So, yeah.

Can't go back.

Even if the scholarship
goes through.

Hey. You'll be okay.


That'll be a totally different
experience, trust me.

Man, can you pass
that weed already, man?

- It's too strong for you, fam.
- Hey, pass that shit.

Here come the homey right here.

Hey, what's up, poindexter?

How about you hit us
with some of them equations?

Nah, nah, nah.
Hook up some of them stock tips.

I'm trying to invest, boy.

No problem.

My commission's 20%, though.

- 20%? Wow.
- 20%. Go ahead, give it to him, man.

- Break the bank.
- 20% of 20%. How about that?

Oh, it sounds like a scam to me!

Pay $200 to find out what type
of kid you're gonna have.

Well, you're gonna find out
for free eventually,

like God intended the shit.

It's gonna be a girl, no doubt.

- Hey, nephew!
- College boy.

- What up, nephew?
- Auntie, look at you, all big.

I see they ain't teach you
how to talk to no lady

- up in that motherfucking school.
- No, they ain't teaching

Pregnant Hood Bitches 101.

I just meant you
farther along than I thought.

- That's all. Wow.
- Mm-hmm.

What you doing here?

You get that loan shit straight?

- Mama told y'all about that, huh?
- Well, yeah.

So, what's up?

You know, we was gonna
help you out with that, but, uh,

between the baby coming
and me having to front

for product
with the Mexicans, man,

a little cash-strapped
right now.

It's fine, Unc. For real.

Wasn't the right place for me
anyway, you know?

What you mean?

Wh-What, you done with school?

For now.

Hey. You want to help me
move this weed?

You'll have that cash
in no time.

Uh-uh. No.

- He ain't doing that.
- I put a gun to the boy head?

I'm trying to help him out.


No, no. For real.

It's okay, Unc. It's fine.

So, um, you know,
you got the baby.

Y'all picked out any names yet?

'Cause you know, me, personally,

I think Frankesha
is a perfect name.

- Frankesha.
- Right? Frankesha?

He need to be changed.

- I look like the nanny?
- Goddamn.

Yeah, you know,
he has to do some adjusting there...

- Oh, shit.
- What's up, Lee?

This water must got me
fucked up,

seeing ghosts around here.

Fuck you doing here?

Whitey finally realize
you a nigga

and kicked your ass to the curb?

- Something like that.
- Leon!

Your son done shit everywhere.

Nigga, get the fuck up and come
help me clean that shit up!

Hey, Franklin.

Hey, Wanda.

Nigga, get the fuck up.

Franklin, take his ass
back to school with you!

- Make something of himself.
- At least if I shoot her,

they'll just put me back inside, right?

I'm not fucking playing with you!



Jerome still in that weed
and water game?

Think he could put me on?

I'll ask him.

Franklin, there's six of us
in my mama's spot right now.

I got to put something together.

Hey, little nigga.

With the fucking camera.

- The fuck you doing?
- I'm filming.

Yeah, I can see that.
What the fuck you doing it for?

'Cause I'm making a movie.

Nah, what you making is evidence
for the police.

Let me see that shit.

What? No!

- Get off... get off me!
- Let go of the camera.

- Give me that shit!
- Come on, man.

- Let that man live.
- Ain't nobody in the hood

making no motherfucking movie!

With your square ass.

Stupid-ass nigga.

What happened at school
wasn't your fault, Franklin.

And I'm not here
trying to punish you.

It wouldn't hurt
to earn a few bucks

while you're trying
to figure things out.

I stopped by Cho's
on my way home.

Said he's been sick.

Could use some extra help.

All right.

Hey, Louie!

Sweetheart, why don't you
come over here

and help us out with this shit?

You seem to be doing just fine.

Hold on, now.

- Get the... get the dog.
- What should I do?

Wait, wait, hold on. Hold on.

Wait, hold up.

Huh? I should get it?

Yeah, get it, get it.

Hey. Hold on, now, nephew.

Wait. Hold up. Wait.

It's Leon.

What's up, man?

What the fuck
you so uptight for?

Boy, you'll get
your goddamn ass shot.

Who the fuck you gonna shoot
with that little-ass gun?

You getting big, huh?

Better way to get your ass shot.

How much you want to start with?

I'll take a whole Z.

That be 150.

Now, I'm telling you right now,
don't make me into no asshole.

You move it, you bring it back,
you set me right.

I mean, I don't see
how that shit gonna stop you

from being an asshole, but okay.

Your boy got an
attitude problem, huh?

Shut the fuck up, nigga.
I'm right here.

- Why the fuck you looking at him? Huh?
- Come on, Lee.

Come on, what?
This nigga already an asshole,

been an asshole, gonna forever
be a fucking asshole.


How about I slap the
shit out you with this pistol?

- Go ahead. Slap me, nigga.
- Louie, shoot this motherfucker in the head.

- Get the fuck up, nigga.
- Little bitch-ass motherfucker.

- Shut your ass up.
- You shut up. I'll spray the fucking concrete

- with your little bitch ass.
- Go ahead. Who you shooting at, nigga?

You ain't gonna shoot shit,

- You ain't never shot shit...
- Let me see your paperwork.

Heard they was fucking your ass
up in goddamn county. Yeah!

I ain't even mind
them motherfuckers inside.

Or the food.

But the man got you
on his schedule

every second of every day.

And the guards treating you
like they own you.

Shit wear on you.

Everybody's owned by somebody.

Not like this.

Hey, why the fuck
you ain't at that school?

Thought for sure
you wasn't ever coming back.

I got fucked.

Maybe I fucked myself.

I don't know.

Thought I could play their game
my way and still win.

Franklin Saint.

Always thinking
there's a better way.

So, what's the better way now?

Franklin Saint?

Hey, I'm Teddy McDonald.

Y-You came to a presentation
I gave at Claremont.

You're the recruiter?


Sorry to just show up like this.

I was wondering if maybe
you had a few minutes to talk.


It's just you and your mom?


- Your dad?
- Uh...

He'd been living
on the streets a long time.

Cops gave him a beating a few
years back. He didn't make it.

- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Look, I don't mean to be rude,

- but, uh, what...
- What the hell am I doing here?

Yeah, yeah.

I came to see if the CIA

might be the right career path
for you.

I'm sorry, what?

The... the CIA?

You came here to hire me?

Well, um, I mean, you'd have to
finish school first, of course.

And then you would go
through our process.

Exams, interviews, background
checks, there's a polygraph.

You know, it's not easy, but...

...from what I hear,
you can handle it.

And what did you hear?

3.9 GPA, double major

political science, economics.

1540 on your SATs.

Your professors speak glowingly
about your work ethic

and your critical thinking.

And you've shown
an acute ability to move easily

between worlds.

I should add that diversity
has become

increasingly important
to the Agency.

You see, to meet
ever more complex goals

going forward, we have
to broaden our perspectives.

You seem surprised.

I just never thought about

- working for the government.
- Really?

D-Do you mind if I ask why?

You know, the... the government
never cared about me.

So, why help them?

This kind of work's
not for everyone.

Why do you do it?

- Tradition.
- Mm.


And I believe in America.
Its mission.

You know, they recruited me
at Yale, 'cause, uh,

I was the best
and the brightest.

Like you.

Well, you know,
e-even if I was interested,

there's a problem...

with school.

A problem like you assaulting
the financial aid officer?

Rumor has it
that Alexander Hamilton punched

- a bursar at Princeton.
- For real?

Man. Wow.

You know, we're not looking
for spotless backgrounds.

We're looking for people
with backbones.

And if you're concerned
about getting back into school,

consider that taken care of.

Anyway, uh, I'm gonna be in L.A.
for a few more weeks,

but then I'm gonna be
back in D.C.

After that, uh,
if you're interested,

give this number a call.
They'll put us in touch.

Theodore McDonald.

- Have a good one.
- Yeah.

- You be safe out there.
- Sure thing.

Thank you.

Oh, my bad.
Go right ahead.

Cute-ass couple.

- What's going on, little homey?
- What's up, man?

Ain't nothing.

Let me, uh, get
this box of Apple Smacks

and, uh... oh, shit,
them yellow flip-flops.

- Yeah, let me get a pair.
- All right, man.

Hey, size 13.

We ain't got no 13s.

Damn, that's all good.
Hey, check this out, though.

I guess I'll take all the money
in the register.

Let's go, nigga. This your
first time being robbed?

Move! Get that money.

Let's go, man,
hurry your ass up!

Nervous nigga
knocking shit down.

Man, hell nah, this ain't
all you got. Go back, man.

Take all the money out.

Hell wrong with you, man?

Do with these coins, nigga?
I ain't riding the bus.

Matter of fact, run that money
in your pocket, too.

Shit. Let's go, nigga!


Two dollars?

Shit. Broke-ass nigga, man.

Man, just-just take it and go.

The fuck you say to me?

- What, you trying to tell me what to do?
- No.

- Oh, you think you're my boss, huh?
- No.

- No.
- Nigga, you ain't shit.

I'll take your fucking life
right now if I want to.

Matter of fact.

Hey, say you're my bitch.


Say it, nigga,
right fucking now!

I'm-I'm your bitch.

Now say you're my fucking bitch.

I'm your bitch, man.

I'm your bitch.

Trying to lose
your goddamn life tonight?

Ass end up on the news, nigga.

Fuck wrong with you?

No, no, no, no, no!

You all right, Franklin?

Officer needs help.

Shots fired.

Cho's market.

Requesting ambulance and backup.

Black male.

Not responding.

Not breathing.

Confirm Cho's market.

Backup and rescue unit
on the way.

- Came in through the door.
- Okay.

Saw the suspect
with the gun in his hand.

He fired a shot at me.

I ducked, fired three shots...

- Excuse us.
- Franklin?

- Ma'am.
- Sorry.

- Ma-Ma'am.
- Franklin.

Oh, my God.

- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.

God. Come on.

Let's get you out of here.

Thank you.

That's it.

You're going back
to school somewhere.

I will find the money.

I'm not going
back to that world.

I don't belong there.

You don't belong here,
either, Franklin.

You're too big for this place.

I don't know what to do, Mama.

You know,
I've had this conversation before.

With your father.

He felt the same way.

Betrayed by the Panthers,
by his country.

A man without a place
in this world.

But he let them win.

He gave up.


You don't have to know how,

but you have to keep going.

You can do anything you want.

Reapply for a scholarship

to an all-black college
and finish school.

Or go back to that...

You have to keep going...

And refuse to leave

until they give you a job.

You can do anything you want...

Use them to learn the system,
pass the exams...

You have to keep going...

...and then come back
to South Central

and open your own firm.

You can do anything you want.

Your ancestors suffered horrors

beyond imagining
to give you this opportunity.

You have to keep going...

I've done all I can.
You can do anything you want.

There is grace
for those who seek it.

I believe it in my heart.

You will be all right, Franklin.

But you have to stay and fight.

I got you.

There are
more than 400 youth gangs

in Los Angeles, and these days
it doesn't take much

to start a gang war.

Just over the weekend,
seven people were killed

in three separate attacks.

Police say that extra security
during the Olympics

kept the lid on at that time.

Now they believe gang members

may be settling
a lot of old s...

You don't need
to be watching this.


Your, uh, dad and I
are gonna step out for a bit.


- Need anything?
- Nah, I'm good.

All right.

Thank you for coming.

We in trouble.

Okay? Drifting. Profits is down.

Violence is rising.
The gangs at war.

This entire business is about
to spin out of control...


- Cissy...
- He is not ready.

You need to let
him make that choice.

I most certainly do not.

He started this shit.

And it almost killed him.

Three minutes
he was on that table.

- His heart stopped.
- I was there. We all was there.

Then how dare you ask me
to push him back in?

If he ever does come back,
it'll be when we...

- Oh, get the fuck out of here.
- ...decide that he's able.

- Decide what?
- And if y'all can't manage this shit without him...

Then what?

Then you should have
the good sense to walk away

before somebody else dies
up in this piece.

- Woman, you know you're in the goddamn drug game now, right?
- You know that?

- Do you know that?
- Why don't you go have a fucking kid before you got...

Oh, shut the fuck up with the
goddamn kid shit! You don't make

- no fucking decisions...
- You don't motherfucking get to make this decision!

- You know you're a fucking drug dealer now, right?
- He's my motherfucking son!

- This is my shit!
- I don't give a fuck what you say!

- That's my goddamn son!
- This is my wife, Jerome.

- You understand me?
- Franklin!

Fucking hardheaded.

It's okay, Mama.


All right. I'm here.

Talk to me.

I still don't understand why.

We have the money, we can leave.

All of us.

Start a life somewhere else.

I didn't build all of this
just to make a bunch of money

and leave, abandon our people.

You telling me this is still
about our people?

Have you taken a look about
what's going on out there?

I have. And that's exactly why
I can't leave now.

You can't control what happens,


- You can't stop what's coming.
- Maybe, maybe not.

But what I know for sure is,
if we bail,

there'll be chaos.

We'll leave a vacuum, for sure.

Gangs battling over control
and territory.

And an entire fucking community
in ruins.

Is that what you want?

You still haven't fully healed.

I've healed enough.

And I have to stay and fight.

I'm sorry.

I got to...

got to go take care
of something.

I love you.


You are a sight for sore eyes.

Ain't I glad to see you.

- You look good.
- Ah.

Look like I'm hurting,
which I am.

But I've subscribed
to the notion

that whatever doesn't kill us
simply makes us...

- Stronger.
- Sharper.


Did you know that L.A. used
to suffer from serious floods?

I think I heard that at some point.

You know,
they tried building dams,

but that didn't solve it.

So after a couple disastrous
floods in the '30s,

L.A. reached out
to the federal government.

And they brought in
the Army Corps of Engineers,

and in 20 years they built
and designed the L.A. River,

a 50-mile waterway that saved
the City of Angels.

I was right about this rock.

We're making more money than
we ever could've dreamed of.

What I was wrong about
was the cost.

Lives are gonna be destroyed.

Ain't a thing I can do about
that now except to keep going,

keep things under control
as best I can, you know?

Yeah, how do you do that?

I bring in
the federal government.

I'll identify anybody
who poses a threat to stability,

and you'll help me
take 'em down.

That's how we keep
the violence at bay,

stay out the papers
so we can make that paper. Huh?

Why would I help you do that?

Well, because...

...the CIA wants me to keep
flowing money here, Reed.

Or James Smith or Thomas Parker
or whatever your name is.

You can destroy me any time
you want, I get it.

But you see, the thing is,
I'm not afraid of dying anymore.

Not even so much afraid
of prison.

But what I will not be

is a slave... to anyone.

Even you.

Remember McDonald's?

Thousand keys a week?

Oh, yeah.

I'll make you
so much fucking money,

you'll be able to fund that war
all by yourself.

They're gonna name a wing at the
CIA headquarters after your ass.

Real American hero shit.

And in return, you'll make sure
that me and mine are protected.

And at the end of this,
the both of us

are gonna ride off
into the sunset.

You said you'd be here with me
until the end.

Did you really mean it?

Esta es mi familia.

This... is my family.

You either get in line...

Or you get run out.

Divided, we fall.
United, we roll.

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