Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 5 - Roulette - full transcript

A mysterious woman forces Oliver to play in a dangerous game of Russian Roulette and then turns up dead. The police believe Oliver is responsible and arrest him, while Clark reluctantly sets out to prove Oliver's innocence. Meanwhile, Lois angrily confronts Clark over his knowledge about Oliver's suicide attempt.

Previously on Smallville:

Lex deserved to die.
- Are you listening to yourself?

Oliver killed Lex Luthor.

You're not one of us anymore.

You're making a mistake.

Maybe I'm selfish.
I can't share you with the world.

You may be on some death wish,
but I could use a dose of hero about now.

- You're meant for more than this.
- Who are you?

My name is Oliver Queen, and I am....

Chloe, we have
to get these people out.

Oliver's standing on a land mine.

How did you know
the plate wasn't real?

I didn't.

Is there any of the person
I used to know?

Maybe not.

I took a look, and you were right.
I've been running from myself a long time.

But now I know who I really am.

Now, that's the face of a guy
who's down on his luck.

I think my luck's ready to turn around.

- I don't remember seeing you earlier.
- Oh, maybe not.

But I've seen you before.

Your type.

And what type is that exactly?

The player who can't find a game
to satisfy him.

I'll admit I've lost
a certain lust for life...

...but luckily not other things.

Then play a game with me.

I'm all in.

That's not exactly
the kind of game I had in mind.

You can only choose one.

You're not joining me?
Trips are more fun when they're for two.

This is just for you.

I promise it'll be worth it.

Of course, you do have a choice.

But what do you have to lose?

Absolutely nothing.


What the hell?

What the hell?

About time you got home.

Shelby's great, but the conversation,
a little one-sided.

Shouldn't you be
riding a bull somewhere?

- It is Friday night.
- Correction.

It's movie night.
I hope you like sharks.

We're gonna start
with my favorite one.

You have your hands full. We should
make movie night another weekend.

It's called multitasking.
Try it sometime.

Hope I have enough detergent.
How do you have anything left to wear?

Most guys wouldn't complain
if I found myself shirtless.

Oh, poor Clark. Here.

FYI, that did not just happen.

Come on.

It is called Smallville for a reason,

What else do you possibly have to do?

It'll be fun.

No! Stop it! Someone help me!

Someone help!

- You know what we need? Popcorn.
- Don't forget the extra butter.

Please help.


See? We're already having fun.

Can anyone hear me?

Come on, think. Just think.


That's the last time
I trust a woman with a dragon tattoo.


You gotta be kidding me.

Hell of a game you're playing,

If the Toyman wants to play,
come out here and face me like a man.

Winslow Schott isn't responsible,
Mr. Queen.

Care to guess again?

Enough. This ends now.

If that is what you want...

...just say the safe word
and the game will stop.

What are you talking about?
I didn't get a safe word.

Because you didn't ask.

If you don't care enough
to learn the rules... can't complain
about the game continuing.

- Who is this?
- I'll give you a hint.

Tell me, Mr. Queen,
who did you destroy?


I've ruined a lot of lives.

I better keep this simple.

Here's a yes or no question.

Have you had your rabies shot?

Are you like this
at the movie theater too, Clark?

These runs are sweet, but you're up
and down more often than the Cubs.

It's all the on-screen suspense.
It makes me hungry.

What did I miss?

There was this thing about a boat.

And then just lots of:

All right, Lois. You show up
with every shark movie known to man...

...and 11 loads of laundry, when I've
seen you take socks to the dry cleaner.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Why wouldn't I be fine?

I'm totally not fine.
Even if it is stupid.

But it's not stupid.

It's Oliver's birthday today...

...and we always go out
for beer pong on our birthdays.

But today is about to be
yesterday in T-minus...

...negative minutes.

It's over. He totally missed it.

How does a guy
with nine numbers not call?

Probably just celebrating
with someone else.

Wow. Tall, dark, and single.

Go figure.

Do you know something?
You would tell me if you did, right?

I'm sure Oliver's just fine,
but paying him a visit wouldn't hurt.

Great idea. Anchors up, captain.
Let's go.

Come on. Chloe. It's Oliver.
I really need your help.

We're sorry,
your call cannot be completed as dialed.

Oh, come on.

You come on, Mr. Queen.

Did you really think
it would be that easy?

Who the hell is this?

Just the woman I'm looking for.

I know exactly how you feel.

Don't make a scene.
The people who set the game are here.

If they realize you're here,
they'll kill you.

- And why should I trust you?
- Trust your instincts.

When the chips are down,
they're all you have.

All in?

Wait, wait, wait.

- I don't know your name.
- Victoria. We don't have time.

We're gonna make time, Victoria.

Tell me who's behind the game.

I work for some nasty guys. They don't
exactly have an HR department.

It's my job to knock their targets out.
If you hadn't, they would have killed me.

I'm gonna help you out of this, okay?
Look at me.

Hey, in order to do that, I need to know
what these people want with me.

I wish I knew.

People hire them. They never tell me
the client's identity or end game.

So I guess you're the only one
that can answer that question.

Who did you hurt so badly
that they'd wanna see you dead?

Pick a name.

My personal wars have left
a serious casualty list. I guess I....

I kind of always figured it was easier
for me to hurt the people I cared about...

...than to stick around long enough...

...knowing eventually I'd end up
disappointing them.

- They found us.
- Go, go.

- Uhn.
- Hey. Come on.


Victoria, listen to me.
Victoria, Look at me. Look at me.

Let me go.
This is the only way I'll be free.

Listen to me. You gotta fight, okay?

You gotta hang on.
Victoria, look at me.

Hands up!

No, wait a minute. Hey.

- You got the wrong guy, okay?
- Get up. Now!

Listen to me! You got the wrong guy!

Pants on, birthday boy.
Party train's arrived.

Lois, I think people would prefer "knock"
over "pants on."

We've checked his jet and his apartment.
Unless he's under the couch....

Looks like his party left the station.

Without me onboard? Doubtful.

Lois, why don't you let me
take you home?


Why would Oliver wanna relive the night
someone tried to Hindenburg him?

We should respect his privacy.

I can't imagine what he was
going through standing there.

He looks like he didn't even know
the bomb got defused.

But then why is he...?

Oh, my God. He didn't know.

Oliver tried to kill himself.

Lois, come on.

And you knew.


How could you keep something
this serious from me?

I was trying to protect him.

From who? His friends?

Lois, wait. I didn't think
he wanted anyone to know.

Well, I'm not just anyone.

Clark, you lied to me.

You lied right to my face.

You said everything was fine.

No. Nothing about this is fine.

Let me get this straight.

You have no ID, no witnesses,
and no alibi.

Why should I let a murderer walk free?

The people she works for,
they came after us, okay?

- They shot her.
- Gentlemen.

This case just officially became
FBI jurisdiction. Don't let me keep you.


- I thought you could use those.
- Thanks.

I apologize for the way
you've been treated, Mr. Queen.

- You know who I am?
- Mm-hm. And we know about the game.

We've been tracking this group.

Their M.O. is to target wealthy individuals
and eventually hack their bank accounts.


I never thought I'd be happy
if she didn't want me, just my money.

It's how they get their kicks.

They toy with you
while they wipe you out.

I suggest that you
check your accounts immediately.

Nothing's been touched. It's all here.

Well, you're lucky.

I need some paperwork.
Then you can go.

Thank you.

Hey, they've taken everything. Hey!

Hey! They're draining my accounts!
You hear me? Come on!


Hey! Come on. Hey!
Let me out of here!

Come on!

I found the invitation to Roulette.
It's a few blocks away.

I could hear you yelling.

What is all this?

It's game over.

I just got taken.

Oliver. Oh, my God. Are you okay?

South of there
by a few horror movies.

Someone's been using Oliver
as a pawn.

- We need to figure out who.
- Just tell me where to start.

The name of the club is Roulette.

He met a woman there
named Victoria.

At the risk of taking a belly flop
into an awkward pool...

...what kind of game
puts people through hell?

Starts with being buried alive
and ends with bankruptcy.

That was quick.

Looks like the two clues
are one and the same.

Meet Victoria Sinclair, a.k.a. Roulette.

Seems as though she's made a career
out of betting for high stakes.

- I.e., everything you have.
- Get my gear.

When you turned your back on us
I locked up your arsenal...

...hoping that one day
you would want it back...

...but not like this.

- My fight. I'll handle it how I see fit.
- Where'd that line lead you last time?

Look, I got into this mess on my own.
I'll get out the same way.

With my lawyers. Okay, scout?

Clark, he needs to cool off a little bit.
Right now, you have bigger problems.

Trust me.

My relationship with Oliver
may have dissolved...

...but I didn't lose everything.

Our computers are still linked.
I found this.

Oliver was watching on his laptop.

It's a long story
about Lois and laundry and lacy things.

- Lois saw this video?
- Not only it, but me on it.

Okay, on a scale from one to Chernobyl,
how big was the fallout?

Let's say if there was
an anti-life equation, I found it.

Check this out.

That's the assassin
who attacked Lois and I.

I buried her before this was taken.
How could she be on it?

If we're looking
for a Kryptonian assassin...

...who's from the future
and supposed to be dead in present...

...I'm out of answers.

Maybe Jor-El won't be.

When you say "close,"
are you talking feet or zip codes?

Look, Mr. Whatever-Your-Name-Is,
you're a GPS tracking service... can see him
on your satellite... how much farther down
pepper spray lane do I have to go?

Never mind. I found it. Thanks.

If you're not lost, then get that way.

I don't like smudge marks on my car.

Nice try, Vice City.
Go grand theft someone else's auto.

I've sat in that front seat enough to know
that this car belongs to Oliver Queen.

Oh. Well, if you know Oliver,
then you know he likes to give gifts.

This is one of them,
so I suggest you back off.

Sorry, but backing off,
not exactly my strong suit.

Where's Oliver?

I prefer to make my own luck.

I guess your luck hasn't run out.


I'm disappointed, Oliver.

You lack the killer instinct after all.

Toss the gun.

You know, true gamesmen,
they don't cheat by stacking the deck.

Well, everything was aces
until your girlfriend showed up.

- I had to play the hand I was dealt.
- Why don't you just let her go?

You didn't play by my rules.
Why should I?

You were supposed to shoot her.

I don't understand.
You could have killed her yourself.

Could have shot me
when I walked through the door.

Why set the scene?

One can tie up loose ends
with a simple square knot...

...or one can choose
the more elegant cloverleaf.

It's all a matter of style.

Oh, and I'd say
I'm sorry for taking your money...

...except, in your case, it hardly matters.
You can't take it with you.

How do I know
this isn't part of your game?


Shoot her.

She knows I won't,
not if there's a chance I'd hit you.

Gasoline. I thought I'd
torch the place when we're done.

- Cloverknot.
- No.

I just like playing with fire.

Never bet against the house.


Help! Help! Help me!

Help! Help!

Oh, hell.

- Help me.
- Hey!

Hey. It's all right, okay?

I'm gonna get you out of here.
Come on.

Why did you come?
You could have left me here.

After everything I put you through,
no one would blame you.

I'd blame myself.

Listen, I don't care
what you did or who you are...

...I'm gonna get you the hell out of here.
I'm not gonna let you die. Come on.

What the hell is this?

You kept asking me
who did this to you.

My question was always the answer.

Who did you destroy?

I hear you're some sort of hero.

One that tried to bury
that part of himself.

You've just proven
that hero is still alive, Oliver.

Now it's time to resurrect him.

Nicely played.

So I started asking myself
who knew about Lex, about Toyman.

The things I'd given up,
what I tried to do.

Then it all occurred to me.

Dinah shattered the glass
in the warehouse...

...Bart, the car,
Victor faked the computers...

...and Watchtower kept an eye
on the whole thing. Right?

You were living
like you had a death wish, Oliver.

You had to face your demons.

I had to push you over the ledge
in order to pull you back.

Did you have to push with a truck?

I didn't think a tricycle
would be a strong enough point.

You're a fighter, Oliver.

You fought for yourself
and for a second chance.

Chloe, I'm not the only one
you put at risk.

If you're worried about our club,
and Lex, don't be.

I played my cards close to my chest.

And Lois was what?
She was just another ace up your sleeve?

I never meant for her to get involved.

She was chasing after you
when she ended up storming the field.

That's when Victoria went off script.

I could have killed her.

No offense to your manhood...

...but I made sure that your gun
was loaded with blanks just in case.

I trust you, Oliver, just not that much.

Did Clark know about this?

You can't be serious.

Clark would never in a million years
risk what needed to be done.

Well, he's led a different life
than we have, hasn't he?

I can't expect him to know me
like you do.

The places that I had sunk to...

...the depths you had to go
to bring me back.

Thank you.

You proved it to yourself.

Even with your face in the gutter,
you still had the hero in your heart.

You saved my life, Chloe.

Both the myth and the man.

So, what was that about?

Uh-oh. I've seen that look before.

Usually right before
you sock me in the jaw.

But if you're unconscious... can't answer any questions,
like who the hell was that dragon lady?

She was a psycho ex-girlfriend.

Watched Fatal Attraction
too many times.

What am I, the bunny?

Oliver, you really need to take a dip
in the sane-chick pool.

I mean, that dress?

That was a bigger red scare
than cold war Russia.

I thought you wore it pretty well.

But... never should have been dragged
into this mess I made of my life...

...and I'm sorry.

Was the mess so bad...

...that cleaning up seemed harder
than throwing it away?

- Um....
- I saw the video.

That's enough
to send anyone on a binge.

Why didn't you come talk to me?



And, um, regret.

The truth is, I've been fighting
my demons for so long...

...I just wanted this war to end.

And you felt like there was
nothing in life worth fighting for?

I never felt that way with you.

I mean, I just....
I think what I mean is I....

I lost sight
of what was good in my life.

I know things between you and me
have changed, right?

Some things haven't changed.

Ollie, I will always be here for you.

And if you forget that again...

...I will knock you out.


Now, I believe there is a certain
birthday tradition we have to uphold.


- Ah.

- Ready to get your ass kicked?
- Hey. I'm ready.

I've gotta stop giving out keys.

I take it Jor-El knew something
about the alien assassin.

He recognized her.

It turns out the symbol tattooed
on her shoulder is her family crest.

Her name's Alia. She's Kandorian.

I thought Kandor exploded
with the rest of Krypton.

So did I.

But if she's here,
there may be others.

They'll have left a Kryptonian symbol
marking their arrival.

We better start looking.

We can use Watchtower
to run a search algorithm...

...that would cross-reference satellite
images with my Kryptonian lexicon.

In other news, Oliver's back.

It seems like more than
just a cooling off. What happened?

Maybe the scam artist
did a number on him.

Or he needed to get some perspective.

Found one.

Alia definitely didn't come alone.

I heard you were back.

You do know you look
ridiculous in that, right?

I mean, I got a great tailor.
Hook you up with a little color maybe.

Nice to see you discovered something
worth living for after all.

Yeah. More like a rediscovery, actually.

You've done a hell of a job
keeping the world safe on your own.

- I'm here to help you now.
- Good.

Something tells me, soon the world
will need all the help it can get.