Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 14 - Conspiracy - full transcript

Clark teams up with Zod's wife, Faora, to investigate the abduction of her sister, Vala, and several Kandorians whom have been experimenting with humans in order to find a way to claim their super powers, while Lois herself is abducted by Bernard Chisholm, a former doctor the Kandorians experimented on, claiming that there are aliens on Earth and he wants the skeptic Lois to write an article about it. But when Zod goes off on his own and tries to stop Chisholm, without his super powers, Clark is conflicted whether to save the life of his enemy. Meanwhile, Oliver investigates the disappearance of money from Tess' company accounts and he discovers that Chloe is responsible and using the embezzled money to construction Kryptonite weapons for possible use against Zod and the Kandorians.


It's not a good idea to advertise
you're from another planet.

You may feel more human
than Kryptonian.

This is who I am.

When you're out in public,
it's better to keep those tags hidden.

How can you be safe
when someone destroyed our tower?

It could have been brought down
by anyone.

I don't even know
who to trust anymore.

I know how much
that tower meant to you...

...but you can't change
what happens in the past.

- Zod told us it was our salvation.
- And he was wrong.

Trust me, the future will be much brighter
without it.

Only one thing gives me hope.

You found my sister
and brought her back to me.


It's Clark, remember?

You need to call me by my human name.

Clark. It just sounds so alien.

I came by to check on you both.

I understand how it can be,
adjusting to a new home.

Without our powers,
adjusting will be more difficult.

Faora, we have nothing to fear anymore.

He'll protect us.

Go. They need you too.

Sister, don't get your hopes up.
He's in love with a human.

Close up and meet me across the street.

You can drown your sorrows
in one of their cappuccinos.

Sorry, we're closed.



What are you up to?

Oh, you know, just juggling deadlines
like I'm trying out for Cirque du Soleil.

What about you?

You have a few pins in the air, yourself.

Just making sure
I don't drop any assignments.


You know, since we started
seeing each other, we never really...

...see each other.

Maybe we should stop
and smell the roses.

I know where we can find some.

Across the street, romantic caf?.


I see a table for two in our future.


Who's the femme fatale?

An assignment that I can't put off.

Guess we should just hit the pause button
on our rosy rendezvous.

- Thanks. I'm sorry.
It's fine.

No problem, Smallville. Go win a Pulitzer.

I thought we agreed,
the Daily Planet's off limits.

I had no choice.

I didn't wanna risk Zod finding out
that I was contacting you.

He doesn't trust you, Kal-El.

But I think you're the only person
that can find my sister.

Vala? What happened?

She's been kidnapped.

Judging by the grim look on your face,
I'd say you're not here for the peepshow.

- Who died?
- My billion-dollar dream...

...for an energy-efficient solar tower.

And given what it's cost our company,
I wanna know why you're not grieving.

Um, I think we can come up
with a fiscally responsible way... make the future brighter, greener.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Or you're not shedding any tears because
you're happy somebody torched that tower.

Hope you're not pointing a finger at me.
Investigators concluded it was an accident.

So it's just a coincidence then.

There was a time...

...when I could stare
into those big brown eyes of yours...

...and believe anything you told me.

Those days are history.

Well, believe me or not...

...I did what I did because
you were bleeding the company dry.

Well, I'm glad to see that you suddenly care
about staying in the black.

Oh, yeah.

Because my divisions aren't the only ones
wrecking the bottom line.

I had breakfast this morning
with the CFO and he revealed...

...that somebody at one of your subsidiaries
is embezzling funds.

I suggest that you find the money drain.

Stop the leak.

You're too late. I'm taking care of this.

I've made sure the police know nothing
and I've cleared up before the owner arrived.

Why don't you go back
to saving humans, Kal-El?

- I'm here to find Vala.
- Well, I don't want your help.

If you hadn't demanded we assimilate,
Vala wouldn't be in danger.

- You can't blame me for her abduction.
- You are to blame.

For sending everyone away from me.

No, you wanted to drive a wedge
between me and my people.

And now Vala and the others are gone.

- The others?
- Yeah.

Two other Kandorians are missing...

...taken the same way...

...their crest left behind
as a warning to us all.

Someone is hunting us.

And we can't defend ourselves
because you will not give us our powers.

I told you,
I can't just give them to you.

And you've made sure to seal our fate
by burning down my tower.

The police may have written this off as an
accident, but you and I both know the truth.

At least have the courage to admit
what you've done.

- What I did was right.
- For the humans.

- For everyone.
- The Kandorians won't see it that way.

You'll never tell them. You don't know
which ones have turned against you.

And the fact that that tower's down...

...leaves you weaker than ever.

Think of me what you will...

...but know
that because of your actions...

...our people's blood is on your hands.

Please. Please let me out. Please.

Oh, I don't want you
contaminating anything, alien.

I'm not what you think I am. I'm not.

Oh, I know who you are.

I thought all of you had vanished off
the face of the Earth.

But when I spotted you
and the others living among us...

...pretending to be humans...

...I realized
you wanna colonize our planet.

No, you're wrong. You're wrong.

I'm human. I'm the same as you.

Stop lying.

I'm gathering undeniable proof.

I'm gonna share it
with the rest of the world.

And when they learn the truth...

...all of you will be hunted down
and exterminated.

Oh, God.

No! No.

Oh, no. No, stop.

No, please. No.

Oh, no.

Just the interruption I was hoping for.

I like where this is going, Romeo, but
you might wanna put on some softer music.

This is not a booty call.

I think Tess Mercer might be listening.

She's up to something
and it involves you.

She came by my office today...

...with evidence that someone's been
siphoning money from my company.

You're stealing from me.

- It's not like that.
- Right.

Women have used me for money.
Never expected it from you.

I wasn't stealing from you, Oliver.

I was borrowing the cash.

I'm buying insurance for the entire planet.

Have you found my sister?

Not yet. But I haven't given up.

Now, Zod told me that three Kandorians
were abducted. Is that true?

What was Vala's connection
to the other two?

They're what you call
cybernetic engineers.

Together they were performing tests... get our powers.

Perhaps these tests are to blame
for her abduction.

You can tell me.

They were experimenting on humans.

Pinot Noir, for one.

Miss Lane.

I'm Dr. Bernard Chisholm.
Forgive me for being so forward...

...but I have a news story
I think you should hear.

Sorry, you got me on a night when work
is the last thing I wanna think about.

It'll make your career.

Aliens are living among us.


Tell you what, pal...

...the next time that
you wanna get a hot tip to a reporter...

...just try an envelope
and a 44-cent stamp.


I did. Dozens of times, in fact.

Considering your story's alien angle...

...those letters probably never made it
off the wacko pile.

I can prove my claims.
I've captured some of them.

They're under lock and key
at a safe location outside the city.

Come with me, Miss Lane. I'll show you.

Help me spread the word.

Together we'll defend the human race.

You're very convincing.

I just need to call my editor...

...and let him know
that I'm following a hot lead.

Damn cell phone.
Never a signal when you need one.

Just... I'm gonna try out there.

Just stay here, okay? Don't go anywhere.

911, what's your emergency?

Never mind. False alarm.

I'd hoped you'd enlist to fight our war...

...but I guess you'll have to be drafted.

This blood confirms my suspicions.

These things are alien.

Now, I've kept copious notes
about my findings.

But if I share them, they'll be dismissed.

If they come from
a legitimate news source...

...the public will listen.
And that's where you come in.

Listen, Agent Mulder.

I will write your X-Files expos?.

But I'm telling you, no one will believe it.

They will when they receive
the body parts I've harvested.

I'm sending samples to medical experts
all over the world.

When they see the proof, they'll come.

Cryogenically preserved specimen
waiting for them.

Okay, buddy... went from creepy critter
to full-blown nut-job.

You need to get that girl out of that Ziploc
and turn off the deep freeze now.

You're not appreciating the magnitude
of my discovery, Miss Lane.

It's an alien.

Look what they did to me.

Oh, my God.

The last thing that I remember,
I died of a heart attack.

But they brought me back to life.


...implanted these into my brain.


You are doing this to her
because she saved your life?

You should be thanking her,
not turning her into a Popsicle.

That thing didn't save me.

When I died...

...I was at peace.

But then, whatever they did...'s like I can't shut off my brain.

You know, it... I can't stop thinking.

And I have thoughts
that a person should never have.

The invasion has begun, Miss Lane...

...and it's our job to save mankind.

The medical examiner will be with us
any minute.

How many people did Vala
and the others work on?

All I know is they stole the cadavers
from the morgue to perform their tests.

When the tests failed, they left the bodies
behind for the authorities.

- They didn't kill anyone.
- That doesn't make it right.

These people didn't agree to be guinea pigs
in your quest.

Dead or alive,
Zod should never have allowed it.

Zod didn't know.

I've seen him command his troops.
I find that hard to believe.

You've known the man a few weeks.
You've no right to pass judgment.

- Let's say I know him better than you think.
- Really?

Were you by his side in the Argo Valley,
where he almost died defending us all?

He ran behind enemy lines alone... carry a young cadet to safety...

...withstood laser scars and
shrapnel wounds to bring her back home.

That cadet was me.

And if it wasn't for Zod,
I wouldn't be alive today.

He's always been a hero,
ready to give his life to protect his people.

Like the way he protected my father?

Regardless of their differences...

...I know, in his heart...

...Zod always considered Jor-El
one of his truest friends.

I guess that's a side of Zod
I never knew existed.

You may think you have insight
into Zod, Kal-El...

...but I assure you... don't really know the man.

Hey, four eyes.

Help out a visually impaired compadre?

- What can I do for you, Magoo?
- Heh, heh.

Well, I have been writing an article
on extraterrestrial conspiracy theorists.

People who believe aliens roam the earth,
that kind of thing.

And I've checked with the police,
the local FBI, and Internet groups...

...and I haven't found
what I'm looking for yet, so....

I figured if anyone wanted
to tell the world...

...they'd seen little green men,
they might contact us.

Seems the town's full of UFO nuts.

- Be right back.
- Why, thank you.

Kryptonite weapons?

You've been spending my money on
something that could kill Clark?

They're to protect all of us, including Clark,
from Zod and all those other Kandorians.

I don't understand.
I thought you were helping set them up...

...with licenses and passports.

All the IDs I gave Clark
have computer tracking chips in them.

I wanna keep an eye on the visitors
from another planet.

Welcome to Nineteen Eighty-Four,
Sullivan edition.

Look, Ollie, I'm sorry, okay?
But I didn't have a choice.

Our friend's moral compass
has gotten us lost more than once.

I'm not okay with just sitting back
and trusting Clark again.

If you're trying to freak me out,
you've already won the Scream Award.

- There's no need for an encore. Ahh!
- Shh!


How did you end up in my
Nightmare on Psycho Street?

I'm with the FBI. We've been watching
Chisholm for a while.

Where are the others?

There's only one person left alive.
She's over there.



What has this monster done to you?


Stop wasting time.

You have a deadline to meet.

Agent Zod. Come on, wake up.

Listen to my voice. Come on.

- You're alive.
- I'm glad to see that you are too, G-man.

What do you say we take a look? Okay?

Okay. We're just gonna put some pressure
on it...

...and everything will be as good as gold
in no time, all right?

Chisholm will be back.

Don't worry. I won't leave
until your FBI backup gets here.

Why would you do that?
You don't know me.

It's what Clark would do.


...backup isn't coming.

So you need to help that girl.

And you need to get out of here.

You save yourself.


I don't think I should be talking to reporters
about hospital business.

I need this job.

Dr. Flores, we know the bodies were taken
from the morgue last September.

I just need to know
if they were recovered.



...this one.

John Corben?

- Now you guys have to go.
- Are there any witnesses?

Someone who could identify the people
responsible for stealing the bodies?

I have no idea. You'd have to ask the
attending ME who was here at that time.

And when does he get in?

Dr. Chisholm was forced to take
a leave of absence.

Psychiatric reasons.

You're gonna have to be more specific
than that.

I've said all I'm gonna say.


I'll have to make up the rest
and quote you as the source.

That's what reporters do
when they don't have all the details.


Chisholm said he caught the body snatchers
in the morgue.

But he was so freaked out by it
that he had a heart attack and died.

Then he claimed that they brought him back
to life because they were extraterrestrials.

Told everybody they experimented
on his brain.

Give me a way to get in touch with him,
I won't mention you in the article once.


Here's his contact info.

But if he's talking to aliens,
I doubt he'll wanna talk to you.

Where'd she go?

You're one of them.

It's worse than I ever thought.

You aliens are everywhere.

You've infiltrated our world.

But you will not win.

You don't belong on this planet.

Your invasion stops now.

You're gonna be all right.


You're gonna get what you wanted.

I'll never see the sun rise
on your planet again.

My father's last wish
was to save your life.

That's what I'd expect from Jor-El.

Don't speak.
We need to get you to a hospital.



...can't save me.



Welcome back.

You said they were in there.

Miss Mercer, I showed you the pictures.

Those crates were in this container,
hundreds of them.

They're not there now.

You wanted a higher pay grade, Lenkov.

Prove to me you're worth it.

Whatever they're spending that money on,
you find it.

Tess was up to something
when she gave me the tip...

...about all the money that you borrowed.

So I moved your stockpile.

What other dirty little tricks do you think
the Amazing Mercer has up her sleeve?

It's too soon to tell.

Clark saw a future
that we wanna run away from.

You said Tess saw the same future.
Maybe she wants to take us there.

Which is why we need those weapons
now more than ever.

Where'd you put them?

- In a safe place.
- You keeping me in the dark because I lied?

Well, you know, Chloe... can't have a set of rules for yourself
and a set for everyone else.

Clark's in the Kandorian family now
and I don't want to let his loyalties...

...lead us into
another doomsday scenario.

Neither do I.

Do you think
we should tell Clark everything?


But only when the time is right.

Lab, please.

I need a blood sample analyzed.

Lois, what are you doing here?

First thing the doctor said
when you got released was to take it easy.

No time, Smallville.

I got Randall to let me pen
my Silence of the Lambs remake.

The bummer is, the support cast
didn't show up to set.

Our icy ing?nue refused treatment
at Met Gen and left no contact info.

Maybe she wanted to see
her own physician.

What about Zod?

Both the FBI field office
and D.C. headquarters said...

...they have no record of him.

Of course.
It's because Zod works deep cover.

The FBI would never even admit
he works there.

It's top secret. That's why I didn't tell you
he was an agent.

That's the thing about heroes.
You shine the light on them...

...they always wanna stay
in the shadows.

But still, something doesn't quite add up.

You're hiding something, Smallville.

Some other earth-shattering detail
about Zod?

You want full disclosure? Great.
It's a two-way street.

You're gonna have to tell me
what you're hiding in your desk drawer.

Touch?, Mr. Kent.

Why don't we both just agree that
a little mystery is good for the romance?

You first.

- Lois, I should...
- Follow up on an assignment?


See you on the front pages.

I trust Lois is well.

Thanks to you.
She told me what happened.

You saved her.

Well, she did a great job
of protecting me too.

I can see why you care for her.

And how are you feeling?

Like a changed man.

When your enemy becomes your savior...

...your paradigm shifts.

Kal-El... did you know
that your blood would cure me?

I didn't.

It must have healed you
because you're Kryptonian, like me.

Are you still in pain?

Even though you healed my wounds,
I was shot.

And, unlike you, I'm not made of steel.

You'll be better than new in no time.

I am better.

Because I was wrong about you.

You do care about the Kandorians...

...and when you saved my life,
I realized that I....

I can trust you.

And together we'll make sure
that our people can call Earth...

...their new home.