Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 20 - Beast - full transcript

Davis asks Chloe if she can go away from the city with him, but when Clark realizes Davis is alive, he confronts Chloe to give him an explanation about it. Meanwhile, Oliver discovers that Jimmy has become a pill-popping junkie and offers his services and emotional support. But Jimmy is too consumed by his anger and paranoia and brushes off Oliver. Later, when Oliver sees Jimmy breaking into Chloe's apartment to steal money and items to buy more drugs, things get worse when Davis appears and attacks them both. It leads to an angry Clark tracking down Davis/Doomsday to the ruins of the Fortress of Solitude for a brutal confrontation.

Previously on Smallville:

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

I have hurt many people...

that I care about.

No more than three tablets a day.
They can be highly addictive.

Please, for your own good,
get out of here now.



JIMMY: I've put up with years
of you taking someone else's side.

First Clark, then Davis?

Marrying you was the biggest mistake
of my life.

There is a savior among us.

Until you fulfill your destiny...

he won't have his great challenge
to overcome.

You are destined to kill each other.

Sorry about being
the invisible best friend.

Just when I'd hit
my fill of high-maintenance men...

I take a job from Oliver.

Watchtower is officially online.

Something about being around you...

that seems to calm
the murderer inside me.

Will you stay with me?

We all have our inner demons...

but we must learn to control them.

♪ Time and space ♪

♪ There's a lonely place ♪


♪ There's no sound ♪

♪ Just a heart that pounds ♪

Davis, is everything okay?

I'm sorry if I woke you.

I had another one.

It's just a dream.
You know you're safe with me.

Could you come down anyway?

Uh, I need to see you.

Of course. I'll be down right away.

♪ In my mind, there's a silent cry ♪

♪ What you feel ♪

♪ What you feel ♪

♪ What you know ♪

♪ What you know ♪

♪ You're not in control ♪

♪ You're not in control ♪

♪ If you just ♪

♪ Let it go ♪

♪ There's a peace you'll know ♪

You know, this isn't exactly
the typical response to a bad dream.

Most people just get a night light.


I wanted to surprise you.

It's beautiful.

But I don't remember ever
seeing a box of candles down here.

Or flowers.

There weren't any.

Davis, we talked about this.

- You can't leave the basement.
- I was careful.

I know how much you're risking.
I only wanted to thank you.

I don't need thanks.
I need to be able to trust you.

I won't do it again. I'm sorry.

Aah. Chloe, you've helped me
when no one else would.

Well, friends help each other, right?

Friends help you move...

they take you to the airport.
You can't think that's really all this is.

Okay, so maybe it was a 9.9
on the Richter scale of favors, Davis...

- but that doesn't change our relationship.
- Chloe...

we met in a flurry of smoking ash
and burnt-out cars, people freaking out...

but for a moment there...

it felt like everything disappeared
except us.

Those feelings haven't changed.

I do care about you, Davis.

- But...
- Stay.


Without you,
the man that I wanna be doesn't exist.

Davis, is that blood?

What did you think was gonna happen?



♪ Smallville: "Beast" ♪
Season 8 Episode 20


Are you okay? You usually
make cappuccinos blindfolded.

Clark, hey.

Uh, yeah, I just didn't get
my full seven hours of sleep last night.

And judging from the look on your face...

you didn't come here
to join me for pancakes.

Tess named Davis the serial killer.

She devoted the whole front page
of today's paper to the story.

Headlines can't hurt Davis
now that he's dead.

That's the thing, Chloe. I'm starting
to believe that Davis is still alive.

Come on, Clark.
We both watched him die.

Oliver buried the body.

But it says in this article...

they found one of Bruno Mannheim's
thugs in a dumpster, torn apart...

the same way that Doomsday
dismembered his victims.

That body was probably there for weeks.

The murder happened after Davis died.

I love a good ghost story
as much as the next girl.

There has to be
a more logical explanation...

than the resurrection
of an alien monster.

There could be a copycat killer.

Chloe, he's come back
from the dead before.

Not from meteor rock.

Look, Clark,
I understand why you're paranoid.

Davis was sent here to kill you.

That would make anyone believe
there were monsters under their bed.

That doesn't change the fact
Davis is a murderer.

But, Clark, Davis is dead.

And the only thing that's keeping him alive
in your mind is fear.

Let him go.

LuthorCorp is going green.

I don't want the investors to think we're
wasting money on hemp bracelets, so...

We could send some cameras
into the geothermal energy facility.

It's innovative. It's profitable.

Okay. Perfect.
Call Tess, arrange a press release.

Nothing screams "photo op"
like a 10-mile hole in the ground.


Hey, Oliver,
um, can we talk for a quick sec?

Hey, Jimmy, uh...

not the greatest time
right now, actually.

I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

Okay. All right.

Gentlemen, excuse me.

Thank you.

I'm sorry to barge in on your lunch...

Jimmy, listen. Those guys aren't
my frat brothers. I'm here on business.

Yeah. I know. I know.

Uh. Real quick.

I was hoping that you could
spot me 600 bucks, stat.

A mechanic called a code blue
on my alternator.

You work here. What are they
paying you in, Shirley Temples?

They, uh... They let me go.

Cutbacks. I mean, you know how that is.

I do.

That's why I'm pretty sure
it's not your car that needs the fix, buddy.

You think that I'm lying?

I got three bus transfers to prove it.

Listen, I know a really great place
you can go to.

Get back to being yourself. Very discreet,
staff's very supportive, food's great.

And if you're worried about paying
for your treatment, don't.

I can take care of that for you, okay?


You gonna drive me there too?

Because my car doesn't work.

All right, hey.

This road that you're on, man,
it is lonely, all right?

Now, if you need someone to talk to,
if you need a friend...

then I'm that guy, but, uh...

I'm not gonna give you
any money for drugs.

You know, I thought after everything
that happened that we could be friends.

But seeing that you don't trust me,
I guess not.

You've been caring for Davis Bloome
in your basement?

Who else knows about this?

No one.

Not even Oliver. And I came to you directly
because he can't be trusted.

Chloe, he created our organization
to help with exactly this kind of problem.

Oliver killed Lex Luthor.

And the stakes are too high to have
someone involved who can't think clearly.

WebMD doesn't exactly have
a lot of intergalactic infections.

You are the only person
that I could turn to for a cure.

No. I'm glad that you came to me.

But there's only so much I can do
with a few cells.

You have his DNA.
What more do you need?

The subject in person.

That's not gonna happen.

I can run some preliminary tests
on the saliva.

But, Chloe, are...?

Are you sure this is something
you wanna take on alone?

I'll be fine.
Call me when you get the results.


- Who was that?
- Davis, you shouldn't be outside.

What's going on?
Look at me. It's fine, okay?

Calm down. It's just a friend.

Now, you know you're not supposed
to be out the house. What's happening?

Nothing helps.
I tried looking at photos of you.

I tried holding strands of your hair.
None of it works.

This thing inside me starts to claw
its way out as soon as you leave.


I can't be away from you now.

CHLOE: You are now Metropolis'
own Cornfield Killer.

I didn't tell you
because I didn't want to upset you...

but the police are hunting for you
as we speak.

And by accepting your help,
I put you in their crosshairs.

Only if someone finds you.
Which they won't. I won't let that happen.

Well, what about when the cops find you?
What then?

Then we leave.

We load up the car and never look back.

You've done more for me in a few weeks
than anyone's done in my entire life...

but I can't ask you
to run away with me.

It's a good thing
you're not the one asking.

You wouldn't be able to say goodbye
to anyone. Not even Clark.

Can you do that?

Can you honestly tell me that I am
the most important person in your life?


I would do anything for you.

Well, then maybe
this is our chance to start over.

Let's leave Smallville.


So this is actually happening.


Um, I just need to close a few accounts
and dead-end some paper trails first.

We can be on the road by sundown.


I don't know where I'd be without you.

Oliver. I checked the quarry
where you said you buried Davis.

- He's not there.
- Your vision must be blurry.

I buried that body myself.
Still have the dirt under my fingernails.

I saw the grave. It's empty.

- Why would someone move the body?
- I don't think anyone moved it.

It doesn't look like anyone
dug into the ground.

It looks like something
clawed its way out.

Then that thing's still alive.

It went after Chloe before.
It may try again.

Have you warned her yet?

She thinks I'm being paranoid.


She knows he's obsessed with her?

Which is why I need you to find her,
take her someplace safe.

I need to head to the Fortress
to send Doomsday to a place...

he can't hurt anyone again.

No need to pack your parka.

I can tell you how to conquer the beast.

Kick his ass, Clark.

Get this thing out of our lives
once and for all.

You want me to kill him.


I need you to kill him. We all do.
You're the only one who can.

That doesn't make it right.
I'd still be taking a life.

You'd be saving thousands, Clark.

The only way any of us are gonna be safe
again is if Doomsday is destroyed. For good.

Doomsday is my problem
and I will handle it.

Just please, take care of Chloe.

I'm down to my last card, Emil,
and I really don't wanna play it.

So please take another look
at the samples.

There has to be a cure.

His nuclei are in a constant state
of mutation.

I tried to destroy a cell
and somehow it got stronger.

You wanted to see him in person.
How about I bring him to your lab?

- I don't want him anywhere near me.
- Look, he's not always a monster.

I mean, something is keeping him
from transforming.

Well, sometimes...

dramatic changes to the body
are caused by intense emotions.

Love, hate...


Which is why my presence
stops him from morphing.

Chloe, this creature puts us all in danger.

We need to warn people.

You don't wanna do that.

You betray me, you betray Davis.

And you sure as hell
don't wanna be on his bad side.


But if you do have this power over him,
then it's all on you.

You're the only cure.


Were you talking to someone?

Just one of my patients.

Have you heard from Oliver?

Not since he asked me to hack
into a stream of transmissions from Tehran.

And considering the fact
that, uh, Farsi isn't exactly my strong suit...

I should probably
get back to translating.

Chloe, Davis is alive.

I have proof and I need to find him.

I'm sure that when he resurfaces,
we'll hear about it.

He has a habit of crashing his way
onto the 6:00 news.

Well, I intend to find him and bring him
to the Fortress.

I got a faint signal from the console.

I found the crystal that Brainiac
used to release Zod.

Okay, putting aside my serious distrust
of all things Brainiac...

how is the crystal gonna help?

It's gonna open up a portal
to the Phantom Zone.

Clark, you can't send Davis there.

He has killed over 50 people.
He put Jimmy in the hospital.

- There's nothing more I can do for him.
- No, I'm talking about you.

I mean, what if when you open the portal
it sucks you in?

You once told me if there was no other
choice, put the good of the world first.


And losing you is not good for the world.

It's a risk I have to take.

Okay, then maybe I can help.

I've been hearing about a string
of suspicious murders in Alaska.

I didn't pay much attention.
They weren't trademark Doomsday...

- It's okay. It's a lead. I'll find him.
- Hey, Clark.

Good luck.



So you're stealing money
from Chloe now.

I guess your car really does need
those repairs.

It's just a loan.

I'm gonna pay it back.





Oh, what the hell.

Hey, Jimmy. Hey.


Hey. You okay?


Aside from being snatched
by a crazed serial killer...

yeah, I'm great.

Any idea who did this?

Not to sound like a broken record,
but it was Davis Bloome.

Where the hell are we?

Looks like the Talon basement.

My God. What's he done with Chloe?

I'd never hurt Chloe.

She, uh...

She saved me.


No way.

Chloe might be a sucker for the strange,
but she's not crazy.

Bit of advice...

you really don't want to upset me
right now.

Yeah, trust me, I know.

I've seen your horns.

You give a whole new meaning
to the term "bridezilla." Ha, ha.

You're the beast.


Hey, Davis. It's me.
I'm just on my way home right now.

Chloe, hurry. I can feel myself changing.

- Please get back and stop it.
- Chloe, stay away!

Is there someone there with you?

Some guys broke into your apartment.

I'm holding them here.

Why did you leave the basement?

Because I thought you were in danger.

Okay, you trust me, right?
So trust me on this and let them go.

As soon as we're out of Smallville.

Just come home, Chloe. Hurry.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

Why did you do it?

Come on.

Every killer's got a sob story.

You know,
I hear that a unhappy childhood, that's...

That's pretty popular.

You wouldn't understand.


Of course not. Because you, uh...

You brooding types,
you guys are all so complicated.

- Come on, man. Chill out.
- No!

No, that monster destroyed my life...

and brainwashed Chloe,
and he's trying to ruin hers too.

You have no idea what Chloe wants.
We have to be together.

Davis? Hey.

Hey, man. Look, I know what it's like
to jones after a girl, really I do.

But you can hold on a bit longer.
You have to. Chloe's on her way.

Oh, I hope so.

I really do. Because if she's not...

the only way that I can control myself
is if I kill one of you.

Then kill me.

Because you've taken everything from me.
All that's left is scar tissue.


Jimmy, that's enough.

What are you, anyways?
Because you're sure as hell not human.

Stop talking.


Do you really think
that Chloe could ever love you?

Whatever lies that you told her...

she's gonna find out the truth eventually.
And when she does...


Davis. Davis!

Chloe's never gonna forgive you for that.
You understand?





You're right.

You mean too much to Chloe.

It has to be you.


Sometimes the monster
really does get the girl.

I'm sorry.



No. No. Davis.

Fight it.

Davis, don't do this.

- No. You don't have to do this.
- Oliver.

Where's Chloe?

What are you gonna do to me, Clark?

Oh, my God.

Was Davis was holding Jimmy
in the basement?

They're lucky to be alive.

Jimmy, I'm so sorry.

Whatever you do, Chloe...

- you stay away from that monster.
- Let's go.

You know, Chloe,
I thought about calling the police.

I figured I'd give you a chance
to explain...

before I let them haul you to prison
for harboring a killer.

I shouldn't have left Davis here alone.

This would never have happened
if I was here.

This is all my fault.

When did you become
one of the bad guys, huh?

For whatever reason,
I calm the beast inside him. He needed me.

He needed you.

So the needs of the Cornfield Killer
outweigh the needs of the world?

- It's complicated...
- Complicated.

Same thing
your psychopathic boyfriend told me.

Look, either I keep him with me
or let innocent people die.

Come on.

Chloe, if you believed that,
you would've handled things differently.

Instead what do you do?
You fluff his pillow, rock him to sleep.

I understand what it looked like
from the outside.

But trust me,
I had the whole thing under control...

You didn't have anything under control.
Speaking as Davis' next victim...

I can tell you,
your plan was seriously flawed.

How did you think
this was gonna end, Chloe?

- I'll find him, okay? I'll fix this.

You won't.

I think you've done enough.
We'll let Clark handle it from here.

Wait, Oliver, where is Clark?

Oh, he took Davis.

He's finally gonna finish this.


I don't care if this place
trapped me once before.

You wanna throw down with me?
Good luck.

I didn't come here looking for a fight.
This Fortress can help you.

It's all that's left of our planet.

How did a piece of Krypton get here?

My father created it
using Kryptonian technology.

It will send you to a world
where you don't have to hide who you are.

A world without Chloe?

Well, you better have a plan B,
because I'm not losing her.

If you truly cared about her,
you would let her go.

You got it all wrong, Clark.

She chose to protect me.

It was her idea
for us to leave Smallville forever.

Chloe would have done that for anyone.

She believes in second chances.

She doesn't
actually have feelings for you.

Why, because of what I am?

I didn't want this, Clark.
I even killed myself to try escape this life.

But the darkness,
it doesn't come out when Chloe's around.

She makes me...


What happens when that changes?

It won't.

She is my chance to be happy.

Why can't my Kryptonian brother
let me have that?

I'm sorry, Davis. I was wrong.

We're not brothers.


I don't wanna hurt you, Davis.

Don't worry, you can't.

If I go, I'm taking you with me.


What are you doing?

I can't let you do this.

This is the right choice, Chloe, trust me.

Trust you?

The only reason why you won't kill him...

is because you don't want blood
on your hands.

I can't believe you were willing to force him
into a life of hell for all of eternity.


I know you better than anyone.
I can't let you do this.

You would never forgive yourself
for giving up on him.

Tell me your search team
has a read on that beast.

I have people on every continent,
Jimmy, but so far, no.

No castle to storm.


I'm not sure the beast you need to be
fighting is out there. I think maybe, uh...

Maybe it's in here.

Look, if this is another attempt
to turn me into the poster boy for rehab...

cancel the photo shoot,
because I'm not interested.

I didn't call you here for a lecture.

Just this.

It's the, uh, money you asked for.

For your car.

Forget it.

I don't... I don't need your handout.

This is not a handout. It's your paycheck.

Oh, let me guess.
It's got 12 steps attached to it.


Well, only if you decide not to take
the elevator to your office.

Truth is, there's an opening on my staff,
and something tells me you'd be perfect.

I ran a little background check.
It seems to me there's more to your story...

than, uh,
you write on your cover letter.

Unfortunately, what you see
is what you get.

I'm a mediocre

I don't know. Everybody knows
you take great action shots.

What I didn't realize until recently...

was when called upon,
you're pretty damn good in action as well.

You make it sound
like I'm some kind of hero.

Trust me, I'm not.

I wouldn't be so sure.

You figured out Davis Bloome's secret
before any of us did.

You took on the beast all by yourself.

That takes guts.

You got good instincts, Jimmy.

- That's enough for me.
- Yeah.

Thanks to those instincts,
my life is really awesome these days.

Well, if you don't like it, change it.

Which you start by accepting my offer.

What's the catch?


No, no, no catch. No catch, just work.

Uh, and a lot of it. It's a full-time gig.

What do you say?


If you're looking for Chloe,
you're wasting your time, Clark.

But I guess that's what you do best,
isn't it?

She's gone, man.
She doesn't wanna be found.

If there's anyone who can make
themselves invisible, it's Chloe.

Davis must have done something.

Chloe would never lie
if she weren't trapped.

Either that or she can't resist
tall, dark and Doomsday.

Besides, Davis isn't a monster
when he's around her.

- He's got real feelings for her.
- Whatever his feelings are for her...

Chloe would never care about him.

Clark, she sent you
on a wild-goose chase to Alaska...

when she was hiding
that psycho-killer in the basement.

Take it from a guy who spent $10 billion
on a merger with the girl that got away.

You don't always choose
who you fall for.

The Chloe you're talking about
does not exist.

She'd never choose Davis
over her friends.

Well, people change, Clark.

Maybe it's time you did too.

You should have killed that thing
when you had the chance.

Clark, I know
you wanna save everybody...

but eventually you're gonna
have to make the tough decisions.

That's what heroes do.

♪ Time and space ♪


♪ Time and space ♪

♪ There's a lonely place ♪

Who is this?

Clark, it's Chloe.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay.


Where are you?

Davis and I are gone,
but please don't try and find us, okay?

We're fine.

You think that you're safe
Chloe, but you aren't.

You are not safe with him.

I'm sure everyone's fitting me
for a straitjacket right now.

But, Clark, I do know what I'm doing.

And I knew that if I told you any sooner

that you would've found a
way to stop me, so.

Look, everything I've ever done,
right or wrong, I did for you.

By running away?

Admit it, Chloe.
You have feelings for Davis.

That's why you're protecting him.

Clark, I'm protecting you.

I meant what I said.

Condemning Davis
to a life as that monster

is worse than killing him.

What about you, Chloe?

Chloe, I'm gonna spend every
second looking for you.

I will find a way to save you.

Clark, you're not here to save one person,
you're here to save all of us.

And you think sacrificing yourself
will help me do that.

Chloe, you're wrong.

You're wrong, Chloe.

CHLOE: I must have thrown
a million green rocks away...

and I have never really saved you.

Now I can.

Chloe, listen to me. This is your life
that we're talking about. Don't do this.


if there's one lesson
I've learned from you...

it's that choosing the greater good
is never a sacrifice.




- Hey.
- Hey.

You said that, uh, road trips
give you a sweet tooth, so...

Thank you.

We better get moving
if we wanna hit the border by morning.

Let's disappear.

♪ If you just ♪

♪ Let it go ♪

♪ There's a peace you'll know ♪