Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 14 - Requiem - full transcript

There is an explosion at Luthorcorp when Oliver is about to announce he controls the interests of Luthorcorp. Oliver suspects Lex is behind the explosion but he realizes the bomb was made by an ex Queen Industries' employee called Winslow Schott. Lana learns her power suit gives her the power to absorb Kryptonite.

The world moves so fast today.

People forget how much better they had it
as kids.

When hours seemed like days...

...and a favorite toy
could be a child's best friend.

Toys are powerful things, you know.

They're vessels for the imagination,
imbued with life...

...through the simple act of play.


Mercer's taking too many risks.

MAN: Lex took a gamble on her
and it's paying off.

Look at her success
with the Daily Planet.

Lex didn't know
she was funneling LuthorCorp's holdings...

...into one highly experimental

And now she's lost the prototype.

- I move for a vote of no confidence.
- Yeah, I second the motion.

All those in favor of making a change?


That is, I agree it's time for a change,
but not quite how you mean it.

Oliver Queen, what are you doing
in enemy camp?

I'm actually the one
who called this meeting.

Tess sends her regrets...

...but she's on her way to Dubai,
overseeing our international interests.

What do you mean "our"?

With Tess' cooperation, I've purchased
controlling interests in LuthorCorp.

If that barracuda went behind our backs
and helped you with a hostile takeover...

Mm-mm. I really don't think
that the LuthorCorp board...

...should be lecturing me
on ethics, ma'am.

You've been using the world
as your playground for way too long.

The world is much better off
because of the Luthors.

And no pampered playboy
is going to destroy their legacy.

Everybody down!




Please tell me that the bed
was already wobbly.

Lana, it's made of solid oak.

Oh, God.

What do you say we find out
how strong the floor is?

Where do you get all the energy?

How would you like
to see another sunset?

We could start our night all over again...

...head west, find a sandy beach.

I love you being so romantic, Clark.

But there's something that I would love
even more than a trip to the tropics.

Just ask and it's yours.

I wanna help you
when you're out patrolling Metropolis.

- Lana, I'm not so sure that...
- Clark, when I stopped that bullet...

...and saved Dr. Groll's life... was the most amazing feeling
I have ever had.

I got to use my new powers
the way I always planned to.

Lana, even with your strength and speed,
it's still dangerous out there.

You've protected me for years.

But this is who I am now,
it's the life I want.

And I wanna share it with you.

All I've ever wanted was someone
to share my life with... work with me, side by side...

...just like my mom and dad did.

- With my abilities, I never thought that...
- Clark, stop.

I'm right here.


Clark? Lana?

Hey, there was some sort of an explosion
at LuthorCorp.

- The news was saying it was a bomb.
- Oh, my God.

- Was anyone hurt?
- Everyone on the board was killed.

Oliver was there.
He's in the hospital.


Well, if it isn't Metropolis'
newest power couple.

How you doing, Oliver?

I'm all right.
Nothing a dry martini can't cure.

Were there any other survivors?

You were the only one.

They said the table protected you
from the blast.

Oliver, do you have any idea
who did this?

Angry shareholder, maybe.

I just bought a controlling stake
in LuthorCorp.

I was meeting with the board
to announce it.

If you're trying to erase the Luthor
from LuthorCorp, there's one choice...

...for who was behind this attack.


If he was gonna come after anyone, Lana,
I would assume it would be you.

You were the one
that really got under his skin.

Or should I say into it?

That biotech that you commandeered,
that was his lifeline.

It was his last chance at recovery.

So you probably meant more to him
than his entire company.

Do you remember anything
before the blast?

Something that could help us figure out
if Lex is behind this?


No, I didn't see anything.

All right.

Don't worry, Oliver.

I promise we're gonna find out
who did this.

Hey, Rex.

Hand that kit here, will you?

Oliver's lucky to be alive.

Looks like the bomb went off over here.

There's pieces in the walls everywhere.


Clark, are you okay?


That's kryptonite.

Looks like this silver shard
was part of the bomb.

But why would they use meteor rock?

It's not the first time it's been used
to make a bomb more powerful.

Whoa. What was that?

Whatever it was, Lana,
I don't feel the kryptonite anymore.

Maybe it was treated with something
that lost its charge when I moved the chip.

Queen Industries.

Clark, I think that Oliver knows
more than he's saying.

Lana, it's a big company,
they make thousands of chips a year.

Why would you think Oliver
would be responsible?

I don't, but doesn't it seem like
he's covering something?

But why would he hide anything
from me?

He's done it before, Clark.

When I tracked Lex to Cuba,
Oliver showed up.

He was there to kill Lex.

Why didn't you tell me about this?

I thought that I'd talked him down,
but obviously he still has his own agenda.

I think that you should show him the chip
and give him a chance to explain.

No, we can't trust him anymore.
If he's so obsessed with killing Lex...

...that he went behind my back,
I don't wanna pull him in any deeper.

Whatever Oliver is hiding,
we'll figure it out on our own.

Yes, the game has begun.

Although even the finest plan
can't guarantee a flawless execution.


...Miss Mercer wasn't in the room...

...and Oliver Queen survived.

But don't you worry.

I'll be sure to tie up any loose ends,
Mr. Luthor.


...we've already begun round two.


...for our next move.




Your heart rate's a little higher
than normal, Mr. Queen.


Well, I'm sure the view
has that effect on all your patients.


With the pain meds you're on...

...I'm afraid this is the only view
you're getting tonight.


Looks like someone's making
a speedy recovery.

Yeah, not quick enough. Trust me.

Well, I'm guessing you didn't get me
over here to spoon you chicken soup.

No. Listen, uh, I need you to pull an address
off the Queen Industries database.

It's an engineer I fired six years ago.
His name's Winslow Schott.

And you think this ex-employee
is behind the bomb?

I hired him right out of MIT.
He developed explosives.

Anything from blowing out tunnels
to breaking up kidney stones.

That's pretty high praise
for someone you handed a pink slip to.

- What happened?
- You know, high-pressure job.

He snapped.

He started bringing toys to work.

Whatever, right?

But then he started...

...hiding explosives inside the toys.

And that's when I realized Winslow was
thinking a little too far outside the toy box.


Why are you telling me this
when you have...

...your very own personal bomb squad
in Clark and Lana?

Give me 10 minutes with one of your
satellites, I'll get them to go and get him.

No, Chloe, we can't tell Clark.

Winslow could've attacked me
any time he wanted in the past six years.

He chose the night
I took over LuthorCorp to do it.

The toy boy may have pulled the pin...

...but I think he's working for Lex.

So you're not interested
in tracking this Winslow guy down... just want him to lead you to Lex.

And you want Clark
to stay out of your way.

Chloe, Clark would never agree to do what
needs to be done to get rid of Lex forever.

You're talking about killing a man.

I'm talking about ending this reign of terror
that's been consuming us all lately.

No, I can't lie to Clark.

You wanna tell him the truth
or you wanna protect him?

Lex tried to kill me.

You know he's coming after Clark next.

Chloe, he knows his secret.

Could you honestly live with yourself
if you let something happen to Clark?


What are you doing here?

You know Oliver. Even the blast of a bomb
won't rattle his work ethic.

He asked me to come in and pull some
of the files from the LuthorCorp deal.

That's funny.

I'd think that Queen Industries could free up
one employee to run his errands for him.

Yeah, I'm not exactly a Brink's security
truck, but Oliver knows he can trust me.

I thought I could too.

You're chasing down a lead
on the bombing for him, aren't you?

Sorry, Clark.

Chloe, you don't understand.

Lana told me about Oliver's vendetta
against Lex.

He knows I would try to stop him.
That's why he would lie.

- But I don't know why you would.
- Because I don't wanna lose you, Clark.

Lex knows that the meteor rocks
are poisonous to Kryptonians.

He knows your weakness.

He could kill you.

That doesn't mean
I'm supposed to kill him first, Chloe.

No matter what,
Lex and I are not in a battle to the death.

Open your eyes, Clark.

Lex declared war on you years ago.
He's known your secret for months.

- Why have you not done anything yet?
- I'm focused on the future...

...on using my abilities to help people.

I don't wanna live in the past.

But that's exactly what you're doing.

You think that Lex is still that same man
you saved on the bridge eight years ago?

You're not recognizing
the monster he's become.

So because I'm not gonna kill someone,
I'm in denial?

When you were taken over by Brainiac,
you could have destroyed the world, Chloe.

But I refused to kill you.


It's Oliver's top suspect,
Winslow Schott.

He used to work at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Oliver thinks he would lead us to Lex.

Don't worry, I'll be careful.

Can I help you?

I certainly hope so.

Could you direct me to Oliver Queen's
room? I have a delivery for him.


You found your necklace.

After all the pain it caused you,
I'm surprised you still have it.

How could I throw away something
that means so much?

I still remember seeing you wear this
in high school.

I couldn't get within five feet of you
without falling over.

Even after your ship
got rid of the kryptonite...

...there always seemed to be
something standing in our way.

Not anymore.

We're together now, Lana.

I'm not gonna let anyone
take that away from us.

Clark, I talked to Dr. Groll
about what happened with the kryptonite.

It wasn't the chip.

It was me.

So besides strength and speed,
you can destroy kryptonite?

No. Dr. Groll says I absorbed it.

But I'm worried, Clark.

If Lex built this as a weapon...

...what if you were the target?

But Lex isn't wearing it, Lana, you are.

Look, we're gonna figure this out.

We need to stay focused
on tracking down this bomber...

...before he causes any more damage.

Did you find anything?


You were right.
Oliver was hiding something.

He thinks the bomber is someone
who used to work for him.

I went to that address listed there,
but he doesn't live there anymore.

According to this,
Mr. Schott is a pretty prolific inventor.

He filed a lot of patents
for S.T.A.R. Labs.

A guy like this, he wouldn't just stop
registering his research...

...because Oliver let him go.

So maybe the patent office
has a current address for him.

If this guy's working for Lex, we're dealing
with a lot more than just some toymaker.

If Lex put things in motion,
he has planned three moves ahead.

And now that he has nothing to lose,
he's more dangerous than ever.

What the hell?

How does it feel to not be in control
for once?

Untie me right now.

That wouldn't be very much fun.

Oh, I get it, I get it.

The children's ward's two floors up,
you know.

- Excuse me?
- The balloons, the monkey...

...the ridiculous costume you're wearing,
you're a clown, right? Aren't you a clown?

I am Winslow Schott.

You called me one of S.T.A.R. Labs'
greatest minds and then you fired me.


Of course, yeah.
Yeah, I remember you now.

Well, it's good to see
you're still playing with toys. Ha-ha.

Come on, man.

How much for the ape?

I don't need your money anymore,
Mr. Queen.

I've found someone new to work with...

...someone who appreciates my genius.

None other than Lex Luthor himself.

Well, that's impressive.

I thought he was dead.

You are the one
who is supposed to be dead.

You should have died in that explosion
like everyone else.

You seem like you're getting angry. Maybe
you should take your toys and go home.


...I made a toy just for you.

After this little fella clangs
his cymbals together 53 times...'ll be the last sound you ever hear.

Fifty-three, huh?

Seems a little arbitrary, doesn't it?

I filed 53 patents working for you.

Queen Industries made millions
and I got nothing.

I bet you wish you appreciated my artistry
just a little bit more now, don't you?

Unlock the other cuff.

Come on, 28 and counting.

Bobo's not gonna slow down
any time soon.


I swear I'll break every one of your
artistic little fingers. Now, tell me...

...where can I find Lex?


This is the last known address
the patent office had for him.

Chloe mentioned this Winslow
had a thing for toys.

And I'm guessing he still lives here.



There's a wireless camera
inside this doll.

- Someone's watching us.
- I can guess who it is.

Lex likes to keep an eye
on the people that work for him.

Lana, look at this.

It's Metropolis.

Winslow must have played out
the bombing here before the attack.

If that's the case,
then Daily Planet is Lex's next target.

Excuse me, Mr. Queen.

It's time for your medicine.

Oh, my God.

Where's Mr. Queen?

I just delivered a balloon-o-gram
and the guy attacked me.

Here, let me help you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.


You're Winslow Schott.

No, don't untie him.

I win.

I just picked up Chloe from the hospital.

She's okay,
but this toyman guy got away.

Keep looking, Lana.

Call me crazy,
isn't there a bomb you should be finding?

Tracing that camera's signal
may be our only chance to find Lex.

Lana's searching for the bomb
at the Daily Planet. Have you had any luck?

The feed to the camera's been cut,
but it was broadcasting to a single receiver.

You found Lex.

Well, I managed to sneak past
the latest gaggle of ghost routers...

...and ping the IP address
that Winslow was sending to.

Where is he?

Where sort of depends on when.

Clark, Lex has been on the move
this whole time.

I thought Lex was immobilized.

Lex may have been immobilized...

...but his IP address is still leaping
tall wireless towers in a single bound.

Now, I programmed the signal
into one of Oliver's satellites...

...and synced it with my PDA.

I made you a Lex tracker.

Now, Oliver's satellite
is about to pass out of range.

You only have 10 minutes before the signal
is gone and Lex disappears again.



I've searched every room
and I can't find the bomb.

Like you said, we're a team.


It's on the roof.



Clark, that much kryptonite
could take out half the city.

LEX [ON SPEAKER]: Clark Kent and
Lana Lang, welcome to your destiny.

You've destroyed me in every way.

So now...

...I'm going to take away
what matters most to you.


Do you know what people remember
about the greatest star-crossed romances?

Not how the lovers met, but the way
the relationship tragically ended.

The skin Lana's wearing
is designed to absorb enough meteor rock...

...that you'll never be able
to go near her again.

You're a coward, Lex.

Come out here, face us.

No, Clark.

It's time for you
to face your defining moment.

You can walk away,
sacrificing innocent lives to stay together...

...or defuse the bomb
and sacrifice your love forever.


You have to.






You'll never hurt anyone else ever again.

I know how much it hurts right now,

But if you go after Lex like this,
you will kill him.

After what he's done to us, Lana,
he needs to be stopped.

I promise you,
I will help you to punish Lex.

But if you kill him... will lose so much more
than just us being together.

Clark...'ll lose yourself.

Lex deserved to die, Chloe.

You certainly made sure
he got what he deserved.

They identified the remains as Lex's.

And what does Clark think?

That Winslow turned on Lex.

Pieces of a toy bomb
were found in the wreckage.

Yeah, well, that makes sense.

Wouldn't be like Winslow
to play a game he can't win.

Are you seriously gonna let another man
take the blame for something you did?

Chloe, Winslow's already a killer.

He blew up those people at LuthorCorp.

He was about ready to take down
the entire Daily Planet.

One more death's
not gonna make a difference.

Are you listening to yourself?

- Oliver, you've really crossed a line here.
- Lex is dead.

The world is safer because of it.
Clark is safe again.

This is murder.

This is justice.

Although Clark
may not be able to accept that... know what I did was right.

Please don't stand there
and look so innocent.

You know, I did a little video viewing
of my own.

Seems a certain meteor freak
named Sebastian Kane...

...died at the hospital
after he was visited by somebody...

...who looked an awful lot like you.

That was Brainiac...

...not me.

Was it?

Because it seemed like
a pretty natural instinct to protect Clark.

Now that Lex is gone... can't tell me you're not relieved.

Every fiber of my conscience wants to say
that's not true...


Then you can't tell Clark what I did.

Lex just ripped
the man's heart out, Chloe.

He's gonna need his friends around him
right now more than ever.


Clark, please.

I don't wanna hurt you.

Lex already took care of that.

Did you talk to Dr. Groll?

Can he help us?


I'm gonna do everything I can
to fix this, Lana.

I will find a way for us to be together.

Clark, he tried everything.

He can't reverse the process.

I love you.

I always will.

I know what I need to do
with my life now.

Life... so precious... beautiful.

And to be able to protect that,
that's an amazing gift.

I know you feel the same way.

What we have is beautiful.

Clark, we made our choice on that roof...

...and I know we would do it again...

...because both of us are driven to do this,
even if we can't do it together.

Don't leave.

Don't leave again, Lana.

Even if we can't be together,
I want you in my life.

That's where you're stronger than me.

To see you...

...on the street every day...

...and not be able to touch you...



Clark, don't.




Goodbye, Clark Kent.

That night at the cemetery, when I
introduced you to my mom and dad... told me
that I would never be alone...

...that my mom
would always be watching over me.

If we're in each other's hearts, Clark...

...I will always be with you.

No matter what.

I love you.

I love you.