Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 15 - Infamous - full transcript

Malicious reporter Linda Lake, who can transform herself into water, tries to get Clark in her power by threatening to expose his Superman identity. Clark decides instead to reveal himself as the blue-and-red-caped hero, against Chloe's advice. Initially Metropolis hails the superhero, but soon excessive expectations and governmental suspicion of any alien cause uncontrollable problems. Linda manages to feed the public malicious lies about the Kryptonian as cause of all meteor freaks misery. It gets so bad Clark decides to undo his outing, even if that requires using the Legion's ring to travel back in time. That also means he isn't informed of Davis Bloome's Kryptonian identity after he stops taking paranoia pills and attacks Chloe.

Previously on Smallville:

CLARK: What am I looking at?
JIMMY: Well, uh, it's a person.

This blur saved Lois
from becoming roadkill?

See, that's how good he is.

This pulp rag lives or dies
by my column.

Now, you get it done today...

...or you're gonna be decorating bathrooms
in strip malls.

You wanna rise above sea level,
you better sharpen those teeth.


You will eradicate the other Kryptonian,
and then the rest of the planet.

I am not going to hurt anyone.

You have no free will.

And you are destined to become
what you really are.


No way. I can't believe it.

I thought, just for a minute,
someone needed me.

I'm sure he needs you.

- How do you know?
- Because I know Clark.



Great, thank you! Nice to be back!


Are you kidding me?
Now you show up.

The one time I actually depend on you,
you flake on picking me up from the airport?

I am really sorry.


"Sorry" doesn't buy back
that last three hours I spent...

...standing in a downpour...

...watching cheesy curbside reunions.
- I can explain.

You e-mailed last night
to say you'd be there.

What? Do I need to tie a string
around your finger myself?

But I got held up at work.

I finished one thing,
something else would come up.

You're a reporter, Smallville.
You're not saving the world.

I know. I should have called.

Look, I get it.

You have other things on your mind.

I don't expect to be the person
at the top of your priority list.

Clark Kent.

He can save an entire city
in the blink of an eye.

But when it comes to ladies, the
Red-Blue Blur still drives with the brakes on.

Linda Lake.

- What are you doing here?
- Watching you.

Impressive as always.

You're a murderer.
You should be in prison.

The police cleared my name.

Besides, there's no prison sentence
worse than where I've been...

...circling the drain of obscurity.


I'm a nobody, Kent.

Two years living underground
dried up my prophetic pen.

But I'm ready to make another splash.

- Haven't your stories ruined enough lives?
- Oh, no. Heh.

It's different this time.

I want to be the voice
of the Red-Blue Blur.

Every rescue.

Every takedown.

Every kitten that you rescue from a tree... leak the story to me first.

My name will be known alongside yours
in papers around the globe.

Chloe was right.

You are crazy.

I prefer ambitious.

In fact,
I spent a few hours of my morning...

...writing your life story.

Partner with me, I'll shred it.

You turn your back on me...

...and the world reads
about little orphan alien.

We've gone through this before.
I'll stop you.

Not this time.

You'll make a great headline, Kent.



Can I raid your DVD collection?

Jimmy's being transferred to Met Gen
and I don't think he's into a chick flick.

You okay?

Linda Lake is back.


I thought that water snake
slithered back into her swamp.

If I don't give an exclusive scoop
on all of my saves...

...she's gonna expose me.
My name, my face, everything.

Oh, my God. Okay.

Well, the H2O is obviously
gone to her head...

...and we need to figure out a way
to kill that story once and for all.

Well, she's got a back-up plan, Chloe.

Whether we stop her or not
she's gonna release my identity.

So I'm going public.

On my terms.

Whoa, Clark.

Okay, I realize that after Lana left,
you really buried yourself in patrol duty...

...and there's nothing wrong with that,
but to come out waving the flag...

...I mean, that's huge.

Chloe, I always thought
that I would live in secret forever.

But you convinced me that Jimmy's picture
of the Red-Blue Blur was a symbol of hope.

Yeah, well, the world's out-of-focus
superhero didn't have an address...

...or a family, or a face.

Are you sure that you're ready... have all of your intimate details
made into the banner headline?

Well, I don't have a choice.

This way, I control the way my story
comes out in the press.

Right, because the paparazzi are famous
for respecting people's privacy. Clark.

- We can stop her, there's always a way.
- No, Chloe, this time is different.

Even if I agreed
to be Linda Lake's puppet...

...eventually she will stab me in the back
and expose me.

I need to stay ahead of her.

Not only for me,
but for everyone else's sake.

Even in a world this advanced...

...people are still pretty backwards
when it comes to accepting change.

I know, Chloe, but when the
Red-and-Blue Blur hit the front page...

...people accepted it.

And maybe they're ready to accept me.

There could be an upside to all this,
you know.

For the first time in my life,
I may actually be able to be myself.

Can I ask you what you're doing?

Davis Bloome. I'm one of the, uh, EMTs.

I've never seen you before.

Oh, I've been out for a few weeks.

Do you wanna explain this?

- I'm just restocking my rig.
- Antipsychotics.

Used for multiple personalities.

Yeah, not exactly
your latest designer drug, is it?


I'm sorry. I hope whoever it's for,
they get the help they need.

Trust me, so do I.

Hey, Jess.

Here, thanks.


Can I talk to you?

Wow, what is that noise?
Is someone talking?

Lois, you can't ignore me forever.

Could be worse. You could be ignored
in a three-hour downpour.

I want you to write my story.


No offense, but I've long since graduated
from the lonely-seeking-lonelier classifieds.

- It's a pretty interesting one.
- Clark, I'm busy here.

You may have forgotten me,
the news world didn't.

After the story you're about to write,
it never will.

What story?

I didn't forget to pick you up
at the airport, Lois.

The reason I wasn't there
is because I was protecting people.


I'm the Red-Blue Blur.


That's the best you can do.


That thing that saved you
from the speeding car, that was me.

That time the barn door flew off,
you thought it was weather. I did that.

Yeah, right. What'd you do, sneeze?

- Actually...
- Clark... time you liquid lunch,
take the rest of the day off.


Let me help you with that.


Oh, wow!




Guess I should stop
calling you Smallville.

You're speechless.
That's never a good thing.

The disappearing acts,
the half-baked excuses.

All this time, I just coughed it up to
a classic case of Peter Pan syndrome but...

You're the opposite.

You're like...


...a hero?

Look, Lois. This is a lot to take in...

...all at once, but I wanted you to hear from
me before you heard it from anyone else.

So why am I the first one you told?

Actually, Lois, you're not.

Lana and Chloe already know.


Someone's had a busy morning.

They've known for years.

Right. Of course.


Start at the beginning.

What guns you got in your arsenal?

I guess I might as well
just throw it all out there.

I can blast fire out of my eyes.


I can hear a dog barking
from 10 miles away.

I can see through objects.
I can run faster than the speed of sound.




Expand on your whole
see-through-things thing.

No, Lo, l...

Look, I have to focus.

How did I not put these pieces together?

I mean, I lived with you.

We practically work on top of each other.
I mean, have I been high this entire time?

The important thing
is that you know now.

And there's no better reporter
to tell my story than you.

Would you do me the honor?

Consider it done.

Tomorrow's front page will tell the tale
of the red-and-blue, meteor-infected hero.

About the meteors...

We should talk about where I'm from.


Your money is no good here.

For 50 years, I've watched this city
get eaten alive by crime.

But you picked us up, Kent.

You reminded everybody
what it means to be good again.

Excuse me, Mr. Kent.

Can I get your autograph?



Here you go.

I like your outfit.




Hey, Kent! Way to go.

Hey, Clark. Catch!


- I'll fall for you any day, Clark.
- You can't just do that. It's not...

He just caught her. No way.
Did you guys see that?

WOMAN 1: That was amazing.
WOMAN 2: You were great.

You may have scooped me...

...but I will have the last word.


You don't understand.
There has to be a room.

My husband's being transferred here.
I confirmed yesterday.

Yesterday, our parking lots
weren't full of paparazzis...

...and our hallways weren't full
of rubbernecking fans.

- It's not fair to our other patients.
- It's not fair to Jimmy.

I'm sorry, but we can't run a hospital
when everybody's clamoring for pictures.

Of a guy in a neck brace?

A guy in a neck brace
married to the alien's best friend.


- When did you get back?
- Chloe, hey.

Uh, just a few days ago.

I think we should talk
about what happened.

You remember?

Well, it's kind of hard to forget. I mean... kissed me.

Right, yeah. Uh.

I'm assuming that's what
all the phone calls were about.

I sort of deleted the messages
without listening.

Well, you didn't miss much.

It was basically a long, rambling,
awkward apology.

Look, I wasn't blowing you off.
It's just that, with Jimmy's recovery...

...and then losing a chunk of my memory
after the wedding from hell, I was...

Okay, see, this exactly
why I went out the town.

I need to give you some space.

No space is necessary.

Davis, let's just forget
that this ever happened.

Now, the problem is
I can't seem to do that.

You have been nothing
but a good friend to me.

I just... I don't think
that will ever be enough.

- So I take it friendship's off the table?
- Chloe.

A friendship like ours... can be dangerous.

I guess this is goodbye then.

You actually know her?

Yeah. So?

So? She's famous.

She's the Kryptonian's best friend.


Ready to earn your stripes
as city editor?

Linda Lake.

Well, there's a name
I haven't seen in a while.

Here to reclaim the stiletto
out of your assistant's back?

Heh. We both know this news rag's
nothing more than poor man's wallpaper.

Just here to make it readable again.
Clear your page one, run this.

We stopped throwing your gossip grenades
years ago.

Don't forget, while you were chasing
ambulances with the other cubs...

...I was breaking real news.

My blog had more hits
than the Chicago mob.

My name was feared and revered
around the world.

- I'm doing you a favor.
- Do yourself a favor, Lake.

Get a new career.

It's about the alien.

Live from the Smallville farmhouse. Till this
morning Clark Kent lived in anonymity.

Crowds have gathered and
are trying to peek at the superhero.

There she is. Chloe Sullivan. What's it like
having an alien as a best friend?

I'm, uh, just trying to get inside.

Mom, what do you mean forced leave?
Can they even do that to a senator?

Okay, look, this'll all blow over.
People just need time to adjust.

All right, I'll talk to you later.


Clark, it's Chloe.


It's like the Beatles have landed
in Smallville.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. How are you dealing
with the instant-star status?

Unfortunately, my 15 minutes of fame
have no end in sight.

I don't mean to add to the fanfare,
Lois was just given an editor's promotion...

...and congratulations.

You now have a penthouse office
right next to Tess Mercer.

Clark Kent's not everyone's hero.


Last week...

...a crane collapsed
at my husband's work site and killed him.

Where was Clark Kent then?

Who says he gets to choose
who lives and who dies?

Clark, right now we need to focus
on finding Linda Lake.

Now, I think I know why she went MIA.

It turns out that Linda shared a cell block
with me in Black Creek.

She can turn herself into water.
Why didn't she escape?

Because electricity is her kryptonite.

Linda Lake's specialized restraints discharge
a chemical-electrical bonding current.

- Meaning it basically kept her solid.
- Great. All we have to do is find her.

ANCHOR 2 [ON TV]:to a press conference
with Linda Lake.

- It shouldn't be too hard.
LINDA [ON TV]: Clark Kent... not a hero. He's not a savior.

He's not even a friend.

He is the first wave...

...of an all-out alien invasion.

My detailed investigation has revealed...

...that Clark Kent is to blame
for meteor showers...

...deadly power outages...

...and an unspeakable trail
of human carnage.

- When it rains it pours.
- But Smallville was home to a real hero.

A hero that tried to stop this alien
before it ravaged our homeland again.

And that hero...

That hero was Lex Luthor.

And Clark Kent killed him.


She just turned me into a public enemy.


Clark, you need to leave. Now.

I can straighten this out.
I'll talk to the authorities.

Looks like they wanna talk to you too.

This is only gonna get worse.
You need to leave while you still can.

I'm not running, Chloe.
People need to know the truth.

Why don't you go out the back, okay?
I'll catch up with you later.

Be careful.

REPORTER: House here in Smallville.
Where we are all waiting to see...

Linda is lying through her teeth.

Her points line up, Clark. So why don't you
tell me who you're working with?

Like I said, I'm not working with anyone.
I was sent here alone.

To do what? Work on a farm?
It's pretty clear there's a bigger agenda.

My father sent me here with a dying wish
that I use my abilities to protect mankind.

It's what I've done,
it's what I'm gonna do.

I'm sure if I ask friends,
they'll attest to that.


Friends like Lois Lane.

You gave her the front page of a lifetime.

She's keeping your secret. She could be
aiding and abetting an enemy of the state.

No, Lois is innocent.
Everything she knows is in her story.

And Chloe Sullivan?

Lmpressive how long she kept your secret.

How many other secrets
is she keeping, Clark?

Look, I have been open
about everything you've asked me.

And I appreciate it. I really do.

I'm sure you won't have any problem
with us running some tests.

No one agreed to any tests.

Only to answer the questions
that you asked of me.


Just calm down
and everything will be fine, all right.

No one's running any tests.



Keep your car running.
The feds are after you.

- What did they do to you?
- Doesn't matter.

Leave Smallville now.

MAN [ON RADIO]: We interrupt this
broadcast to bring you a special bulletin.

Authorities are on a statewide manhunt
for Clark Kent.

He is considered dangerous, unpredictable
and without remorse.

Granville County has issued
a mandatory curfew of 9 p.m.

And urges all families with small children
to stay indoors at all times.


- Do they know about the meteor rocks?
- Not yet. They're after a way to stop me.

- We have to leave town, separately.
- What?

Am I losing you, Clark?
If this is goodbye, I'm not saying it.

No, Chloe. When this all dies down,
I'll find you, I promise.

This isn't gonna die down, Clark.

There has to be a way
we could undo everything.

Can't you ask Jor-El to orchestrate
another second chance?

He's gone, Chloe. He disappeared
when the Fortress went dark.

Unless you're hiding some latent power
to turn back time, I have no ideas.

The Legion.

They gave me a ring
that makes time travel possible.

I hid it in the barn.
I never thought I'd have to use it.

You think you can go back
to before your story broke?

The Legion went back
a thousand years using it.

I don't need to remind you what happened
last time you turned back the clock.

There's always a consequence.

The world fears me, Chloe.
As long as they know who I am...

...I can't help them.

I don't have a choice.

Clark, call me. Whatever trash these people
are spreading about you... can count on me to fire back,
guns blazing.

You sit across from the guy, Lane.
How slow are you?

Oh, hell no.

Hold that elevator.


Last I checked, stories required
these little things called facts.

The city editor is willing to print your fiction,
but Tess Mercer will gladly run my rebuttal.

I'm sorry, Katie,
I'm gonna have to call you back.

My connection just took on
a terrible whining sound.

Okay, thanks.


Katie Couric.

You see a parade
and you just have to rain on it, don't you?

You can't stand the fact that there are
actually good people in this world.

If your boyfriend
really cared about saving people...

...he would have done things my way.

People looked up to him.

He could have been the hero
they always needed.

Funny thing about people...

...the only thing they love
more than building up heroes... tearing them down.

Tess, what were you think...?

OFFICER 1: She's up here.
OFFICER 2 [ON RADIO]: Roger that.

Ms. Lane, we need to speak with you
regarding matters of national security.

Without my lawyer, you're not
gonna hear me so much as hiccup.


LOIS: You shouldn't be here.
The bloodhounds will be sniffing you out.

It's okay. This sounds crazy,
but in a few moments, this will all be over.

Okay, try me. My shock threshold
is pretty high right now.

Lois, I have a ring that allows me to go
to any moment in time.

I'm gonna go back to before Linda Lake
ever wrote that article.

The world isn't ready to accept
someone like me.

Then stay and fight back.

Look, give people a chance
to see who you really are.

It's too late, Lois.
My whole life, I've seemed different.

Some people spend their entire lives...

...looking for a way to stand out.

To be a person
that anybody would call special.

When you first told me who you were... thought was, "Anyone but Clark."

And not because of the alien thing.
I've known enough guys to know...

...that you can be born on Terra Firma
and be light-years from normal.

Lois, you don't have to explain. I get it.

No, you don't.


How can someone with x-ray vision
be so blind?

I've been down the hero road before.

And every time, I made a giant U-turn.

But this...

This was different.

And this time, it will be different, Lois.

When I do this,
no one's gonna remember who I am.

And when you hit your reset button...'re not gonna tell me your secret,
are you?

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Why should I think I'm special?


I understand.

Lois, you don't understand.

It's because you are special.

I have to go.

LOIS: Clark!



Looking for this?


Davis. Oh, my God. What happened?

Chloe, I am so sorry. It's all a lie.
I thought that I could stop it.

Davis, look at me.
Tell me what's going on.

- I'm gonna get help.
- No, you can't.

Nothing helps.

- What are these?
- Oh, jeez. I've built a tolerance.

- I can't control it anymore.
- Control what?

The beast.

You must have blacked it out.
You were in the Arctic with me.

You told me if it was my destiny
to kill the other Kryptonian.

What are you saying?
The other Kryptonian?

There's only one Kryptonian.
There's only Clark.

I am Kryptonian.


You're Doomsday.

I was sent to this planet to kill Clark.

You stay away from him.

You have to warn him.
Something's been drawing me back.

I thought that it was you,
but, no, it was Clark.


Davis, your eyes.

Chloe, run. Get out of here!


Lois, give a message to Clark.
He's not picking up his phone.

That creature that was at my wedding
is Davis Bloome.

And he's coming for Clark.


I used to think a lot about rings.

I thought getting one meant
I'd found true happiness.

But there is no such thing
as true happiness in this world, is there?

Not when you only see the bad in people.


Look how fast they turned on you.

One second, you're on top of the world.

And the next...'s as if your life story's written
in someone else's blood.

Not that I care.
This trumps your blur any day.

That ring, it's dangerous.

No. This ring is every journalist's dream.

I'll know stories before they break.

The entire world will know me.



Lois, the rock.

- Are you okay?
- I'll be all right.



Chloe just called.
You're not gonna believe this.

But Davis...


I know what you're planning.

Mr. Kent.

I was just thinking about you.

Two years is too long to go
without a visit.

You're not gonna run my story.

Oh, your story?

Oh, so now you're not just super,
you're psychic.

I'm a journalist now.

I brought you my latest work.

It's about all the murders
you've committed.

People are gonna know
who you really are.

And your word will mean nothing.

You're going to jail.

I don't think so.


No one can ever know my name.


Some things never change.

I've been gone a month,
and you still drive in the granny lane.

You're welcome for the ride, Lois.

Did I mention that I missed
your ongoing commentary?

No, actually, aside from asking me
what the speed limit was... barely said a word
on the way home.

Or since I've been gone, unless you count
your three 10-second voicemails.

Lois, you know, after the wedding,
things got a little crazy.

Heh, things got a little crazy
before all hell broke loose, let's face it.

Or we could not face it...

...and just forget
that it ever almost happened.

I think it's a pretty
complicated conversation, Lois.

We don't have to
overanalyze anything now.

I'm gonna work off my jet lag
later on tonight at the café.

You wanna come by for a coffee, cool.
If not, let's just say I get it.


Okay. See you then.

Or not. Or whatever. I'm going to work.

I admit, I would've loved
to have seen Clark Kent... an international celebrity icon.

It wasn't a pretty sight.

But being a part of your entourage,
I must have had some perks, right?

If you consider a complete
invasion of privacy a perk.

But there was this one moment
right after I told Lois the truth about me.

I thought everything would be okay.

That I could have it all,
but I was wrong.

You know, Clark, maybe you can
have your cape and wear it too.

Say Clark Kent, the unassuming journalist,
buttoned up in a starched shirt and tie...

...but then, when he's playing hero he's...

Steps out of the shadow into his red
and blue, creating two separate identities?

Yeah. And for the cherry on top... get to tell Lois the truth
and know her reaction.

All of this made one thing
very clear, Chloe.

Lois can never know who I really am.

Is it safe to say that maybe another benefit
from protecting your secret... getting to protect yourself
from getting hurt?

I destroyed the Legion ring.

Speaking of that.

Controlling time is too dangerous, Chloe.
It always comes at a price.

Trust me,
I'm thrilled that you got a page-one rewrite.

But it kind of makes me wonder
what might have changed this time.

Can I ask what you're doing?

I'm Davis Bloome.
I'm one of the, uh, EMTs.

Oh, well, there's actually a patient
who's looking for you.

Uh, there must be some mistake.
I don't know you.

While I've been puddling around Metropolis
for the last week...

...I've seen lots of interesting stories.

What a nice surprise
to stumble upon your dirty little secret.

The painful breathing.

Pale complexion.

Unsightly bone protrusions.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Right, you just have
a terrible skin condition.


What do you want from me?

I want you to release the beast...

...and break me out of these restraints.

It doesn't exactly work like that.

Don't waste your time with the pills.

- I have seen what you can do.
- You don't understand.

- You don't know what you're dealing with.
- No. You don't understand.

I can't spend another second
trapped in a cell.

Do you want me to tell Chloe
who you really are?



Good boy.

Become the thing you're meant to be.

- Stop.
- Let it go.

- Shut up!
- Set me free!


Oh, my God.