Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 3 - Wither - full transcript

Clark realizes that in his escape from the Phantom Zone, a handful of other phantom criminals have also escaped and one of them is causing murder and mayhem at a local forest after Chloe and Jimmy stumble upon a ghoulish murder scene. Meanwhile, Lana and Lex finally decide to announce their romance by having a 'Dark Thursday' charity ball at the Luthor mansion. Also, Lois begins to fall in love with Oliver Queen who agrees to become Martha's benefactor.

Along with a healthy cash prize,
Lucky Lucy wins the chance to compete...

What are we doing here?

Well, I don't know, exactly.

I got this tip there's something weird
going on up here.

I thought it might be a good story.

By weird, you mean two people
at Makeout Point not making out?

You're right. We're undercover.

We should probably be
a little more convincing.

The new model year.
Among the newcomers...

to the market,
the Toyota Camry Hybrid...

boasts an MSRP
below $ 26,000...

40 mpgs for the urban commuter
and 38 mpgs on the open road.

- Are you putting the move on me?
- No, no. Come on.

Do you want me to?

Okay, look.

I know we planted our flag...

on the summit of intimate territory
back when we were interns.

- I thought it was, wasn't it?
- No, it definitely was.

Okay, me too. Really.
I mean, really, definitely.

And it's not like I wouldn't mind
exploring that territory again one day.

But I just thought maybe this time...

- we could take it slower?
- I'm slow.

Look, slow is great.

You'll barely see me move.

- Wanna go for a swim?
- But I didn't bring my bathing suit.

Neither did I.

- I'll race you to the lake.
- Okay.

What was that?
That came from the path. Come on.

Yeah. We should definitely
go check out the dark woods.

Let's go.

Why would one wanna wander
around in the woods?

- They were probably headed for the lake.
- This is a really bad idea.

You know,
maybe we should call someone.


Is anyone there?

No, I was thinking more like
authority figures...

who carry weapons, you know?


Looks like the naked trail ends here.

Is that...?

Oh, my God.

♪ Smallville: "Wither" ♪
Season 6 Episode 3

Original Airdate Oct. 12, 2006

- Is that the invitation for the ball?
- I just RSVP'd.

I hope Lex gets a good turnout.

I can't imagine anyone from Metropolis'
who's-who not showing...

to help the families
affected by Dark Thursday.

You know, I responded for two.

Thanks, Mom,
but costumes really aren't my thing.

Besides, it's not really the place
for a reunion, you know?

How do you feel
about the two of them together?

I don't know.

It's like they're different people.

We all have our own ways of moving on.

Whether it's about growing up
or just surviving.

Mom, I've lost Lana, Dad, Jor-El.

You don't see me as a different person.

Well, in a lot of ways I do, Clark.

All those things have shaped the person
you are now.

And the person you'll become.

I already know what the device isn't,
Dr. Groll.

Your job is to tell me what it is.

I want a report.

What's all this?

My God, your complexion is even
more radiant than in the magazines.

This is Monica.

She's helping us pick out costumes
for the charity ball.

She can help you
put something together.

Well, thank you for coming,
but I think I can dress myself.

Oh, come on, Lana. I thought you'd
have fun becoming anyone you wanted.

Well, I can tell you what I'm not.

The next Lex girl.

Monica, will you excuse us?

You saw this morning's paper.

Look, Lana,
I was raised in front of the cameras.

I know it can be hurtful.

When I was 13, a reporter caught me
between classes at boarding school.

He asked me how I felt
about my mother's death.

A mike shoved in my face in front
of classmates I couldn't stand.

That's how I found out she died.

The press will tear us apart
if we let them.

Well, they're right about
the revolving door of women you've had.


But I've never asked any
to move in with me.

Lex, I know you.

You desire what you can't have.

So, what happens when you get it?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't struggle
against my nature every day...

- to let myself have this with you.
- I'm fighting mine to believe you.

Lana, I've given you time,
I've given you space.

- You still don't know what you want.
- And you do?

I want us to stop pretending
we're only roommates.

Lex, I just need to be sure.

- I always trust people too much.
- No, you trusted Clark too much.

You can come up with excuses
why this won't work.

But you have to decide.

You can either fight with Clark's ghost
or you can be with me.

I'm done paying for his mistakes.

- Hey.
- Hey. How goes life living with Lois?

Closer to coffee, further from sanity.

But, you know, until
Metropolis University reopens, I guess.

- What is it about a gift horse?
- Stay away from the mouth.

Which is difficult
because Lois uses hers so much.

So, what's going on?

Okay, so I found a body in the woods
up at Lone Pine last night.

Girl and guy make
like the birds and bees.

Girl gets her wings cut, guy buzzes off.

- You think he killed her?
- I seriously doubt...

some freshly minted pimple-popper
is capable of doing that.

I mean, the M.O. Wasn't exactly normal,
if you know what I mean.

What do you mean?

Impaling people in trees
in under five minutes...

isn't humanly possible.

Unless the guy was infected
with kryptonite.

And that's our only lead
and he's still missing.

What were you doing at Makeout Point?

What's up, CK?

- Hey.
- Hi.

"Queen Industries."
Must've caught a strong headwind.

Mrs. Kent's been waiting for this
for weeks. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Oh, crap. I'm sorry.

With a face like that,
you could do a whole lot better...

than playing errand boy
to the rich and arrogant. Here.

- Thank you very much. What is that?
- Your tip.

It's a tip. Okay.

Seriously, aim higher.


Thought I heard the door.

Yeah, your pledge finally sailed in
from Queen Industries.

- Where's the man who came with it?
- The courier?

Oh, I gave him his tip
and sent him on his merry little way.

Handsome, chiseled features
with a smile that could light up a barn?

Mrs. Kent, you have a crush
on the courier?

You mean the billionaire CEO
who stopped by...

to talk about his financial support
of my platform?

No, Lois. I don't.
I've never even met him.

And now, I probably never will.

That was Oliver Queen.

Sorry. They'd already organized
a search party.

And the police dogs from Granville
will be here in another hour.

Where did you find the body?

It was just up the road
about a quarter mile.


Guess I'll meet you there.

You're not supposed to be here.

I'm sorry?

I'm with the search party. Clark Kent.

Gloria. Park Services.

They find anything yet?

No. Nothing.

Have you?

It's a big forest.

Lots of green.

You must feel isolated out here
working all alone.

There's no one for miles.


It's what I love about it.

We haven't met before, have we?

I think I'd remember.

So you searched this whole area
all by yourself.

Couple of times.

I haven't found anything
that's not supposed to be here.

One more search wouldn't hurt.

I found him. Go get help.

- Clark, where are you?
- Over here!

He's alive!

Oh, my God.

Clark, you're bleeding.

We don't have much time.
His mom's in the cafeteria.

Wow, this guy's pretty messed up.

Not as bad as his girlfriend.

Hey, what are these things on his lungs?

Beats me.

- Jimmy.
- What?

Look, we need to get this in the paper.
We have to warn people.

- We don't even know what it is yet.
- She's right.

A picture of a weird X-ray
isn't page-one material.

Maybe we'd have a better picture
if I was with you when you found him.

Okay, that was my call.

You're just so much more at home
on the streets of Metropolis.

- I know the woods freak you out.
- No, no.

What freaks me out...

is my girl traipsing through a forest
when that can happen.

Your girl?

I mean, aren't you?


This really isn't the time.

Yeah, you're right, CK.

I gotta go take care of something,
so we'll talk later...

- when we're alone?
- Okay.

Is he always that fired up?

You should see him
when he's on his 10th cup of house drip.

- How are your hands?
- Healed.

Which begs the question...

since not even Obi-Wan's lightsaber
can Ginsu your dermis...

how did a vine cut through it?

I don't know. I didn't get weak,
so it's not Kryptonite.

Well, I sent a cutting of the vine
to my botany professor at Met U.

If it's not meteor rock,
what else could it be?

Lone Pine Ridge goes right up
against the Luthor Estate.

There's a greenhouse
that runs near the property line.

That'd be a good place to start.

Okay, call me the advocate
of the devil, Clark...

but don't you think pointing the
pitchfork at Lex is a bit of a stretch?

He had his hands
on the Kryptonian ship.

He was possessed by Zod.

He nearly destroyed this planet.

- If the horns fit...
- Okay, fine.

I'm just saying you might wanna check
your personals at the door.


You've always had an eye for beauty.

Its Latin name, formositas falsus.

Beauty that belies a dark nature.

So even your plants
have hidden agendas.

Well, I guess it all comes down
to survival of the fittest, doesn't it?

A strange vine has cropped up over the
ridge at Lone Pine. It's attacking people.

And naturally, you came to my little shop
of horrors to foil my ingenious plot...

to repopulate the planet
with vegetation.

Sorry, Clark, I'm all out of evil.

Lana must be a calming influence on me.

She's never gonna fit in your world, Lex.

Unlike you, I'm willing to do
whatever it takes so she does.

You can keep fooling yourself that you've
changed, but the closer you get to Lana...

the closer she is to finding out
who you really are.

The days of you showing up
unannounced in my home are over.

You're not welcome here.

You found your way in,
you can find your way out.



It was such a rush to evacuate the dorms,
I guess I took a few of your things.


Oh, wow, I was really missing this
half-chewed eraser.

And your library book
which is two weeks overdue. Lana?

I don't know why, but I felt like I needed
an excuse to come and talk with you.

Excuse accepted. Let's go upstairs.

Feels like a lifetime since I lived here.

Yeah, well, a sprawling
17th-century mansion isn't a bad upgrade.

Well, actually,
it's getting kind of crowded in there.

- Water?
- Please.

Lex seems to think that I'm dragging
Clark's ghost around with me.

And he didn't sign up for a threesome.

Chloe, I have this terrible feeling.

I feel like if I do this with Lex,
I'm going to lose my identity.

Well, Lana, if you don't trust him now,
that dynamic's not gonna change.

It's just that I keep blaming
my trust issues on everyone else.

And the truth is, the person
that I don't trust is myself.

I keep...

I haven't always made
the right decisions.

And when I realize
that I have made the wrong ones...

I'm too far gone to get myself out.

Lana, I don't know if Lex
is the right guy for you or not.

He certainly wouldn't be my first choice,
but he wouldn't even really be on my list.

You can't just sit safely by the water...

and watch all the happy people
splashing around.

I mean, eventually, you have to grow
some fins and just dive in.

Oh, my God.
You scared the blink out of me.

I thought I was the only one
that felt safe out here.

No. No, no, no, no.
Not safe. Compelled.

By what?

A girl.

And a photo.
You know, my hope, her respect.

Well, you have mine.

Says the girl who made me drop a log.

Look, is there any chance you've seen
this weird vine that's fond of people?

Yeah, I think I can help you find
what you're looking for.

Well, I don't know what's...

Well, I don't know about but...

Well, you know,
I already got a girl, so...

I don't wanna be your girl.

Well, then what are you doing?

I just wanna wrap myself around you.

Miss, you cannot go in there.

I'm sorry, Mr. Queen, this woman
does not have an appointment.

It's okay. She's expected.

I guess I really underestimated
the mental powers of yoga.

Well, I find the focus benefits my work.

And apparently, your premonitions.

After your lamentable blunder,
it was either this...

or a good firing from your boss, right?

Although, I must say
I didn't picture the fruit basket.

Yes, Mr. Queen.

I surmise that you're very busy with all
your bendy stuff, so I'll be really short.

Peanuts? I'm allergic.

I'll try and remember that.

Look, Martha Kent
is a sterling senator...

and I would be devastated if...

Childhood bobbing trauma?

Are you hungry?

No. Okay.

Look, I realize that I was very rude
the other day...

and I'm just trying to apologize.

If you hold this against Martha Kent,
it will be you who is missing out...

on the opportunity of doing good work
with a great woman.


Well, I guess I was prematurely
accurate on my opinion of you.

Miss Lane.

If you want my full attention...

come with me
to Lex Luthor's ball.

While I'm sure downsizing me
for an entire evening...

would make great sport,
I think I'll pass.

If Martha Kent's as amazing
as you say she is...

it's gonna take more
than groveling...

to convince me
that she's worthy of my support.

I don't have a costume.

You don't have a costume.


The telepathy.

Here you go.


Even in my size.

Mr. Queen, have you been rummaging
through my drawers?

Well, I have a good eye
for sizing people up.

So you were right.

The pods inside his stomach
are seeds.

- He's going into surgery.
- Anything from your professor?

He was unable to identify the species
but he could break down the DNA.

It's foreign to the planet Earth,
which explains why it could cut you.

- It's alien? How did it get here?
- I don't know.

But while it can't gestate in our soil...

the chemistry of the human body
creates a perfect potting mix.

Find his mother.
I'm issuing a code red.

Oh, my God.

We need to stop it.

Not "it," Clark.
"Her." The plant's gynoecious.

It has a sex. Female.

It needed a male to reproduce
which is why the girlfriend was killed.

Coming through.

Park ranger at Lone Pine.
Hunter found her this morning.

Excuse me. I think I can identify her.

There's been a mistake.
That's not the park ranger.

Selina Adams, 28,
went missing last week.

Only female ranger in the county.


Your attention, please.

An emergency has been reported
inside the building.

All employees should immediately
proceed... For further instructions.

Wardens will be on hand
to direct employees...

in areas that require evacuation.

All visitors, contractors
and non-employees of the hospital...

must immediately proceed to the nearest
exit and leave the building at this time.

All patients are urged to remain
in place to await further instruction...

or assistance by hospital...


I was hoping we'd meet again.

- What are you?
- I'm just a girl that loves nature.

You're not human.

- You're not even from this planet.
- No.

- But I think I'm gonna like it here.
- Wherever you're from, go back.

- Now.
- I can't.

My world is gone. It was paradise.

It was lush and green and full of life.

But towers of steel
replaced the forests...

upsetting the balance of nature.

So I tried to correct it.

At the cost of how many lives?

They didn't understand me either.

They branded me a criminal and
imprisoned me in a desolate wasteland...

where the suns never set
and nothing ever grows.

The Phantom Zone.

I knew I'd seen you before.

The Kryptonian
that opened the gateway.

- How do you know that?
- Because I was there.

- The savages were attacking a girl.
- Raya.

You touched the gateway
and it went white.

Looks like I'm not the only one
that doesn't belong.

You can learn to adapt like I did.

What do you think I'm doing?

There's a party nearby
full of eligible suitors...

waiting for me to spread my beauty.

- Can you smell them?
- You have to stop.

Says who?

I can't change my nature...

and no one else
will ever make me again.

Welcome to the first annual benefit ball
for the victims of Dark Thursday.

On behalf of Lex Luthor, we'd like to

thank everybody for reaching
into your pockets...

and supporting the families affected
by this disaster. You guys rock.

[ The All-American Rejects: ]
♪ It Ends Tonight ♪

♪ Your subtleties ♪

♪ They strangle me ♪

♪ I can't explain myself at all. ♪

♪ And all the wants ♪

♪ And all the needs ♪

♪ All I don't want to need at all. ♪

♪ The walls start breathing ♪

♪ My mind's unweaving ♪

♪ Maybe it's best you leave me alone. ♪

♪ A weight is lifted ♪

♪ On this evening ♪

♪ I give the final blow. ♪

♪ When darkness turns to light, ♪

♪ It ends tonight ♪

♪ It ends tonight ♪

♪ A falling star ♪

♪ Least I fall alone. ♪

♪ I can't explain what you can't explain. ♪

♪ You're finding things that you didn't know ♪

♪ I look at you with such disdain ♪

♪ The walls start breathing ♪

♪ My mind's unweaving ♪

♪ Maybe it's best...♪

I'm glad you came.

So am I.

I thought
I might have frightened you off.

You'll have to come up
with better scare tactics.

♪ When darkness turns to light ♪

♪ It ends tonight, ♪

♪ It ends tonight, ♪

So is this part of your sizing me up?

Well, Miss Lane, honestly,
that was a miscalculation.

That would be my polite comment
on your choice of legwear for this evening.

You have a quick tongue.

I find that very attractive.

Well, keep it in your quiver,
jolly green bandit.

So is your fortune the do-it-yourself
steal-from-the-rich kind...

or is it silver-plattered like our host's?

It belonged to my parents...

and I inherited it when they died.

Well, I wasn't gonna give it to you,
but the tights?

- You're totally pulling it off.
- You should see him in a tutu.

Lex Luthor.

And with a girl
he doesn't have to inflate.

Lana Lang, Oliver Queen.

We went to boarding school together.

Talk to any of the old gang lately?

Enjoy the party.

I always do.

If that's a friend,
I'd hate to see an enemy.

Senator Kent.

Hi, I've been looking all over for you.

I would like you to meet Oliver Queen.

- Mr. Queen, it's nice to finally meet you.
- The pleasure's all mine.

So Lois has been telling me
about your policy points.

We should get together
and talk about how I can help you.

- I'm looking forward to that. Thank you.
- Thank Lois.

She can be very persuasive.


Clark, I can't find you on my own.

You have to help me.
Where are you?

- Clark!
- Chloe.


Oh, my God, Clark.

Come on, Clark, come back.

This girl can't lose you twice
in one month.

I will be in a second.

How'd you kill it?

Biology 101.
Electricity denatures enzymes.

We have to help Jimmy.

- Jimmy?
- He's over there.

Go find him.

Gloria's headed to the mansion.


I'll get help for Jimmy.


Tarzan and park rangers
both love the wild.

And swinging on vines.

Ride's over.

Who the hell are you?

The gardener. Get out.

Kryptonians. Always so hard and cold.

You can't go home.

I can't let you stay.
What are we gonna do?

We'll have to let nature decide.

You saved me from
the Phantom Zone, Clark.

I'm sorry it has to be this way.

There are pods inside him
that can be killed with electricity.

- You're insane.
- Please listen to me.

- You have to defibrillate him or he will die.
- The guy is not in arrest.

We will not defib. Now, back off.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- Back off.

They're hot.

Please don't let me kill him.

Did you just paddle me?


♪ James Carrington - Ache ♪

I have enjoyed courting you
against your will this evening.

Only because I let you.

I'd like to kiss you now.

You know...

the lady requires a show of skill
before awarding you with her favor.

Which is actually
where I was going with the kiss.

Let's make it interesting.

Hit that can with your arrow...

and I'm yours.

You're that easy, huh?

It's that hard.

I'm gonna go for it.

All right.

Here goes nothing.

Better luck next time, Hood.

This is definitely a night of firsts.

How's that?

Well, it's the first time I've ever danced
in my extremely pretentious fountain.

And it's the first time I ever felt...

this satisfied.

I was half-expecting the word "happy"
to come out of your mouth.

Happiness is just a feeling of euphoria.

It's your brain chemistry
going into overdrive.

That's why so many relationships fail...

when the honeymoon ends
and reality sets in.

Have you always been
such a romantic?

If you were any other woman, I'd be
saying everything you expect to hear.

But you're not, okay?
You're not like anyone else.



because I am dangerously
close to being satisfied.

Then my evil plan is working.

So, what made you change your mind
about gracing my arm tonight?


Wanting to live it.

What are you doing?

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