Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 4 - Arrow - full transcript

While attending a fund raiser, Lois witnesses the Green Arrow steal a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck and vows to find the man behind the costume. Clark does some investigating of his own and discovers Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow who steals from the rich, who really fence art works which were stolen and sold on the black market, to donate them anonymously to legitimate museums as a modern-day Robin Hood. Soon, Lois lands in mortal danger when she brashly publishes an article in the Daily Planet claiming to know the identity of the Green Arrow, which leads to her getting kidnapped by henchmen of the ruthless millionaire who owns the embarrassed security company to torture her till she talks. Meanwhile, Lex enlists Lionel's help in testing Lana's loyalty.


- Here you are, my lady.
- Thank you.

It's beautiful, but I feel
self-conscious even borrowing it.

It shouldn't stay hidden
in the LuthorCorp safe.

It needs to be worn for the very first
time on the neck of a beautiful woman.

It's perfect, Martha.

But now, it's time to meet
the money bags of Metropolis.

You'll need them to fund you a bid
for the United States Senate.

Okay, now remember this is a party.

I know, I know.

Stay away from religion, politics
and bad dye jobs.


It's been too long.

Come over here.

- Hello.
- Hi, Oliver.

Mr. Westcott and his wife, Candice.

I'd like to introduce you to Lois Lane.


Simon Westcott.

It's my pleasure.


So I wanted to tell you
that I thought you were so eloquent...

at the congressional
indictment hearings.

Sorry about your oil tanker.

I'd hate to be a pelican
in that harbor, huh?

Well, we're gonna go.

That's our cue, so...

Guess I forgot to add public humiliation
to the list of cocktail-party don'ts.

I'm gonna go get us a drink, okay?

Just wait here...

and don't talk to anybody, okay?

I'd like to thank you all
for coming tonight.

I hope you're having a splendid time.

And that you've had a chance
to reconnect with some old friends.

Right now, though, I'd like to introduce
you to someone...

who I hope will be a new friend.

A valuable new friend.

Someone I'm sure you'll be glad
to have on your side.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce
to you our Kansas state senator...

and your future United States senator,
Martha Kent.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.


Excuse me.

Give me the necklace.

You forgot to say please.

"Green Arrow"

I couldn't ID the guy, but
he didn't exactly stick around to chat.

You told Mr. Luthor
that you almost caught the guy.

Yet you expect me to believe
you didn't see anything?

Look, Lionel Luthor pays SafeTex what,
a gazillion dollars for personal security?

So don't blame me if you let a Boy Scout
with an archery badge crash his party.


I think Ms. Lane's made her point.

Wouldn't you say?

She'll call you
if she remembers anything.


So, what aren't you telling him?

I just nabbed the story of my life.

William Tell's not the only one who
walked away with a serious party favor.

Mr. Queen?

My mom told me you were here.

Smallville, it's almost midnight.


You're Clark Kent?

You must be Oliver Queen.


This is funny, it's just... You know,
the way Lois talked about you...

- I thought you were a little more...
- I could use some water.

Little more what?


Of a geek?

Well, you're not exactly jumping
the velvet ropes at nightclubs, so...

It's nice to see Lois has found someone
who can overlook her personality.

Well, don't worry about it, Clark.

If I lived with such a beautiful woman...

I probably would've masked
my feelings in sarcasm too.

- Feelings?
- Feelings?

Little advice, Freud Jr., there,
stick with your day job.

I'm here to get that necklace back.

Last thing I want is my mom
indebted to Lionel Luthor.

She should have
thought of that...

before she accepted his help
with her fundraising.

If you're really championing
the cause of pick-pocketed billionaires...

you might wanna add a few more
to the list.

What, Lionel Luthor
is not the only victim?

Over a dozen of Metropolis's
who's who have been hit recently.

Good, then there's some leads.

Well, not if all the victims
were as uncooperative as Lionel Luthor.

Do you find it interesting
that he never called the police?

Okay, if you boys are done
marking your territory...

Which, for clarification, is not me.
I have a frontpage article...

that's missing a few key details.

Good night, boys.

Now, play nice.

What was with that sprint
up the last hill?

I always suspected
you couldn't handle me.

Dr. Groll.

Did we have a meeting?

I just need a few words with you...

in private.

Well, you can say anything
in front of Ms. Lang.

- It's about the device.
- Please.

Where'd you get that?

I found it.

And I asked Dr. Groll
to figure out what it was.

Some kind of power source...

beyond anything developed on Earth.

If we could understand the technology...

it could solve
the planet's energy crisis.

Well, for someone on the verge
of saving the world...

your enthusiasm seems tempered.

There is one risk.

If it fell into the wrong hands...

It could be used as a weapon.

So if it's so dangerous, shouldn't you
hand it in to the government?

Then he'd lose any chance
at a Nobel Prize.

Isn't that right, Dr. Groll?

What do you want me to do?

Every breakthrough has its challenges.

Keep working.

Very well.


Let me guess.

You need help researching
your next article.

Yeah. The Inquisitor's search engine...

consists of a highlighter
and the yellow pages.

Does Mrs. Kent know
that you're still moonlighting on her?

Are you kidding me?
I've got this double identity thing down.

Besides, I told her all about it
this morning.

All right.

So, what's the story
worth bringing out the alter-Lois?

Actually, you know, now that we're both
in the same biz...

I probably shouldn't be
leaking my story.

I can't believe you don't trust me.

It's not all of you I don't trust,
it's just one little side of you.

Lois, I'm not gonna scoop your story.

But watching you bumble
through our database...

is like watching Clark try and dance.

Come on.

Lois, tell me what you got.


I scooped this off the scumbag
before he ran away.

There's some writing on the inside
but it's faded.

Yeah, this could take a little while.

Well, I haven't seen you since the world
was falling down around us.

And I hear you have got yourself
a new landlord.

I assume that Lex
told you we were together.

Mr. Luthor, if you called me here
to discuss my relationship with Lex...

Oh, that would be wildly inappropriate,
wouldn't it?

Unless you consider
that the last time you and I spoke...

we were discussing
which one of us was going to kill Lex.

He wasn't himself.

But you were. Completely yourself.

And unless I'm mistaken, the discussion
was due to the fact that Lex...

Please sit down.

Was obsessed
with a piece of alien technology...

infinitely too dangerous
for any of us to comprehend.

Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Mr. Luthor, this is all behind us now.

Well, it's obvious that any trust you
have for me only works in times of crisis.

But we both know, Ms. Lang,
that the crisis is far from over.

Lex salvaged
that piece of technology...

Why do you think
I moved into the mansion?

Please tell me.

Mr. Luthor, I care about Lex.

But part of being with him
is protecting Lex from himself.

I'm not naïve,
I know that comes with the territory.

Lex has finally found his equal.

But watching over him,
that is not enough.

Ms. Lang...

Lex is using every resource
available to him to unlock the mystery...

of that Pandora's box that he
somehow managed to get ahold of.

Once he opens it...

and unleashes
whatever is in it to the world...

Well, we may not be lucky enough
to close it...

this time.

What do you think we should do?

Destroy it.

"The Green Arrow Bandit."

Doesn't really roll off the tongue.

This guy steals your boss's necklace
and then gasses you and your cousin...

all within a 24-hour period?

I'd say he's got a thing for you.

Well, when you're my editor,
I'll remember to care what you think.

You know that whole
sugar-and-spice thing?

Never really took with you, did it?


Green Arrow, Green Eggs and Ham.
It doesn't matter what I call this guy.

I'm gonna have his face plastered
all over the front page soon enough.

Unless I'm missing something...

without that ring you're not as close
to ID'ing the guy as you claim.

Yeah, that, well, I might've stretched
the truth just a little.

Okay, well, you know,
it's a good thing that The Inquisitor...

doesn't pride itself on integrity.

Listen, I don't like the idea...

of you dangling yourself
out as bait in front of this guy.

Anyone after the Green Arrow
will come after you.

Anyone after the Green Arrow
is a friend of mine...

and I'll be sitting front and center
with him when they lock this guy up.

Wouldn't want you on my jury.


Well, you know, I thought...

we did away with the shoot-first-ask-
questions-later mentality...

with covered wagons.

Oh, come on, don't tell me your
some kind of bleeding-heart pacifist?

And that's worse
than a knee-jerk fascist?

All right...

forget about this guy for the weekend.

I can have you in Cancun
in time for the sunset tonight.

Sipping margaritas, what do you say?

Well, as much as I would love
to be your beach bimbo...

the only person I'm gonna spend
the weekend with is into leather...

and has a perverted fetish for archery.

Well, they changed the gate
to the speedway.

Yeah, and why is that?

Well, that's the way it's engineered.

Oh, I understand.

- Thank you.
- All right.

Clark, what a good surprise.

What brings you up here?

- Mom was shaken up after the party.
- Yeah, I know.

In spite of the
impromptu entertainment...

your mother made a terrific impression
on some very influential people.

- She wasn't the only one.
- Walk me to my car, will you?

Don't worry, Clark, my security team
is making a very thorough investigation.

Unlike the police.

Why wouldn't you report something
that valuable if it was stolen?

Well, I'd rather not let
the entire city know...

that I'm a sitting duck
for some acrobatic archer.

It's not wise to advertise
our vulnerabilities, is it, Clark?

We're talking about some
very expensive vulnerabilities.

Oh, Fabergé egg.

"Bishop's Miter, 14th-century."
It's big stuff.

Not the kind of stuff you find
in your local pawnshop window.

Here's something that might interest you
unless you've noticed.

There's only one name on the SafeTex
client list that hasn't been hit already.

I don't wanna be late. You find it, huh?

Who are you?

Haven't you read?

I'm the Green Arrow.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your cult status
while it lasted.

I think you're taking the whole
neighborhood-watch thing too seriously.

- We got a breach. Secure all exits.
- Yes, sir.

That was fun.

Looks like I'm not the only one
with a secret.

Hate to break it to you
but you're on the wrong side.

I'm not sure the police would agree.

Look around you, Beav.

The days of the good guys
running the show are over.

Good evening.

Ms. Lang, what are you doing?

Lionel Luthor knows about the black box.

And he is willing to do anything
to get his hands on it.

And you think I'm working with him?

Not yet.

But trust me, when he approaches you,
and he will...

Lionel is going to make you an offer
that is hard to resist.

No matter what the bribe...

you will come to us before you
breathe a word to Lionel Luthor.

With all due respect,
I work for Lex and not his girlfriend.

I'm not interested
in your respect, Dr Groll.

I'm much more interested
in your 14 years of employment here.

Your two girls that are now
in prestigious prep schools.

That new home that you just built
on Sparling Lane.

You have a pretty wonderful life.

Are you threatening me?

Well, it just came to my attention
that if the government...

or your colleagues
were to find out...

you were secretly testing
alien weapons...

this life that you have
worked so hard for...

may take an unfortunate turn.

So how'd you let this guy
slip through your fingers?

This Green Arrow Bandit's
got a lot of gadgets.


Against the man of steel?

He's good, all right?

Fine, backing off.

"The Green Arrow Bandit"?

Is that really the name
Lois came up with?

If you ask me, I'd lose the "bandit,"
but not my story.

With your competitive streak, I'm
surprised you forfeited this one to Lois.

Competition? Lois?

- I'm chalking this one up to pro bono.
- Yeah, right.

Okay, so idle hands
aren't really my thing.

I got the SafeTex report on the arrows.

They're made from an advanced
titanium alloy that is untraceable.

- What about the ring?
- None of the shots I scanned...

came out to have a clean image.

However, I may have forgotten
to mention to Lois...

that my computer is compiling
them to render a new one.

Look, you can tell the mailroom
to stop forwarding these bogus claims.

Well, I highly doubt the Green Arrow
is going to out himself...

on a Hello Kitty notepad.

Yeah. Thanks.

Come here.

- Lois, hey.
- Chloe!

- Lois?
- Help.


Clark, she's in trouble.


Looks like someone took her.

Took her? What? Who would do that?

Isn't it obvious?

The Green Arrow.

What makes you think
he'd have anything to do with this?

He's wanted all over town
for armed robbery.

Lois is the one who publicly threatened
to unmask the guy.

Guess he doesn't
live by a code of honor.

Because it's not the same as yours?

If you're as interested in finding out
about him as you are in catching him...

you'd realize that everything he's stolen
has been bought off the black market.

- You saying Lionel's necklace is...?
- Yeah.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

You've been on this hunt
to return it to its original thief.

You think Lionel took her?

There's a lot of people that would...

go to any length
to catch the Green Arrow.


I gotta go.

Chloe, it's too late,
there's no sign of her.

I might have something that will help.
The image from the ring finally rendered.

And I'm sending it to you right now.

It's a family crest.

The only problem is, ye olde
crest makers weren't very creative.

There's thousands of them
and they're all identical.

It's gonna take me a little while
to track this one down.

- I've seen this before.
- Clark?




Tracking system enabled.

Transmitting to BlackBerry.

Tracking engaged.

Tracking Safe Tex Security.

Tracking system enabled.

Tracking Safe Tex Security.

- No. Let me go.
- Shut up.

Get your hands off me.

Let me go. Hey!

How much do you know about Green Arrow?

I should've known he wouldn't have
the stones to face me in person.



You know who he is.

Give me a name.

What did you see?

- Who's the Green Arrow?
- Bandit.

Green Arrow Bandit.
And like you don't know.

That Errol-Flynn wannabe
put you guys up to this.

That's enough.

This "Bandit"...

has made a joke of the firm
I've worked my life to build.

He's walked off with more than
30 million from my clients.

Then why am I the one with bruises
on my knees right now?

Because you splashed my humiliation...

across the front page of the paper.

And now you're gonna help me
rectify that.

I don't know who he is.

She doesn't know anything.

Kill her.

I didn't know blackmail
was one of your talents.


I know I went behind your back,
but I wanted to do this my way.

- And if you're mad...
- Actually, I'm impressed.

I've never had anyone...

try to protect me like that.

Lex, we have a serious problem.

Your father.

He isn't gonna stop until he gets
that black box away from you.

Because he's afraid of what I'll do.

What about you?

Is there a part of you
that wonders the same thing?


I believe in you.

But, Lex...

there is something that I haven't been
completely honest with you about.

I knew the box was a weapon.

If the box is that dangerous...

you want me to shut
the project down, don't you?


Lex, it might be the only thing
that will save us from them next time.

Are you okay?

No thanks to you.

- I saved you.
- Yeah.

From goons who were trying to find you.

They're not the only one with a
V for Vendetta on your little leather ass.


I've been working the glutes lately too.

Did the humor come with the costume?

Did the Tomb Raider routine come
from wanting Daddy's attention?

I guess my aim's a little rusty.


let's take off those glasses and unveil
our prince of thieves, shall we?

Oliver Queen.

You owe me one.

That was you on the roof?

Why'd you let me get away?

I'm not sure Lois would understand why
her new boyfriend leads a double life.

Or why one of her best friends
does the same thing?

I think we're even.

We'll be even when you return
what you stole from Lionel.

Chloe, what's all the buzz?

Seven stolen artifacts were
anonymously returned...

to the Met, the Tate and the Louvre.

Looks like you got some competition
in the knight-in-shining-armor arena.

The guy does a couple good things
and goes from villain to hero?

Clark, every time he strikes
some corrupt tycoon...

an anonymous donation to
some charity appears the next day.

You don't care how many laws
are broken to get it?

I guess that's the price of justice. If you
ask me, he's a modern-day Robin Hood.

That still doesn't mean I'm not dying
to find out who he is, though.

Oh, hey, I never heard back from you
after I sent you the picture of that crest.

I kind of ran into a dead end.

That's funny, so did I.

All my files on the ring are gone.

Including the backup files. Clark?

Just don't look into them, Chloe.

You know who he is, don't you?

As a favor to me, please don't.

And he knows who you are.

Well, I guess there's some sort of secret
code of honor among superheroes.

Reported by Lois Lane

What do we have here?

Not bad for a rookie.

Incredible. You have every newspaper
in the country...

calling this guy the Green Arrow.

He's got a real following.

Yeah, well, so did Charles Manson.

I know this is a rare moment for you...

but, you know,
maybe you're overreacting.

- It's not like this guy's a killer.
- Ollie, he's a threat to Metropolis...

and I'm not gonna stop
until I find out who he is.

Trust me. You don't know
the Green Arrow like I do.

Not that I'd ever question
your theatrical skills...

but you really had Lana convinced.

Thank you, Dad.

Just following the script.

The script that you gave me, son.

But, you know, if you really want to
have a honest relationship with Lana...

you should stop testing her.

Well, I had to be sure.

Another important lesson you taught me:

"The greater the trust,
the greater the betrayal."

All right, what do I have to do to prove
that I wanna be a part of your life?

Part of my life or part of the project?

I would never have told you about
the box if you hadn't already known.

But that's as close
as you're ever gonna get to it.

So, what makes you think
that I won't tell Lana Lang...

about the obstacle course you set up
for her, if I'm so untrustworthy?

Because you've put so much effort...

into fooling the Kents
that you're a good man...

you're starting to believe it yourself.


I didn't realize
I was such a fascinating subject.

You've been reading up on me.

You and Lois ought to start a fan club.

Are you gonna tell her?

I don't know, Clark. You seem to be
doing a pretty good job skating by...

with this farm-boy charade.

You can't be with someone
unless they know who you really are.

Trust me, I've tried.

You lost her to Lex.

Is that why you hate me, Clark?

Because I'm just another silver-spoon-fed
rich boy, is that it?

Or is it because I won't play
the martyr like you?

You can play this game
as long as you want.

But sooner or later
you're gonna hurt her.

You know that.

Well, you seem to have all the answers.

So I guess it's a good thing I've decided
to put this into safer hands.

For the record, Lionel bought that
off a notorious Bosnian warlord...

used it to launder LuthorCorp money.

So why give it to me?

Well, you seem to have a crystal-clear
idea of what's right and what's wrong.

You decide who it belongs to.

It's not as clear as it used to be.

You really think it's right to steal
as long as it goes to a good cause?

That the end justifies the means?

Absolutely, yes.

I'll never feel that way.

You said you didn't owe me one.

So why are you really here?

Clark, you have abilities
I couldn't even dream of.

And I admire that you use them
to save the people you're close to.


But there's a whole world
of people out there, Clark.

They need us.

With your potential...

you can't wait for them
to come to you.

When you're ready
to do something about that...

you let me know.