Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 6 - Harvest - full transcript

Clark examines a rural hamlet where blue kryptonite in the water has no known negative effects. However when a bell rings, tho local deputy regretfully knocks out the nosy reporter 'at the wrong time and place'. Lois has a car crash nearby and is nursed by an Amish family. Yet when she wants to leave, she discovers their chilling true intention, as the extremely aberrant sect does with one female every year. In the Luthor mansion, Alexander insists to be called Lex and his aging condition requires 'regular' birthday parties. Mercer's plan to give him a cure if the original lex's research allows so is reconsidered as she realizes this clone may be too perfect.

Our Twilight Zone acid trip
to the, uh, Phantom Prison...

...that place was...

- Kryptonian.
- Mm.

And that horny-toad-looking thing that
crashed Chloe and Jimmy's wedding?

- Kryptonian.
- Mm.

And the spaceship that I found
in the woods near the dam.

Also Kryptonian.
That wasrt mine. It was my cousirs.

Sorry for the third degree. It's not every
week a girl learns her boyfriend's an...


And you're still okay with that?

Are you kidding me?

It's like dating a god or Bono.

At least we're on a story in the boonies,
and I get to play 20 questions...

...without our nosy little kitty cat
sniffing around.

It's lucky that Tess sent us out here
to cover the Cherry Festival.

Clark Kent doesn't believe in luck.

What'd you do, Clark?

I didn't want you in the middle
of tonight's anti-hero protest.

Clark, that should've been my story.
Why did you chop-block me?

Your articles in support of the Blur
put you in the eye of the anti-hero storm.

So you're gonna lock me in a castle tower
like I'm some damsel in distress?

Lois, I just wanna make sure
that you're safe.

Clark, I love that an intergalactic
powerhouse wants to protect me...

...but this Earth girl
can take care of herself.

I don't even see what we hit.

Two flats and only one spare.

Looks like a job for...


And there's no reception.

Want me to change that tire for you?

I think I can handle it.


Thank you.

Oh, praise the Lord.

You're okay.

That's okay.
There's nothing a mechanic can't fix.

Do you know
where there's one nearby?

- Um, up the road a bit, in Meeker Springs.

All right, Lois. Well, if we leave now,
we'll be back in a flash.

Oh, but, Clark,
I'm such a delicate flower.

I will... I will wilt in that heat.

- I think I'll just stay with, uh...
- Charlotte, ma'am.

I got some fresh-squeezed lemonade...

...if you like.

Ah. Lovely. So we will have big glass as
we damsels in distress wait for Clark... come rescue us.

Lois, is there a problem?

Okay. First, it's not safe in the asphalt
jungle, now I'm at risk in Green Acres?

We're in the middle of nowhere.

Think horse-and-buggy girl will hurt me?
Is she gonna dimple me to death?

Here you go.

- Thank you, Charlotte.
- Mm-hm.

Now, why don't we watch
while my knight in shining armor...

...saves the day.

It's gonna be a long walk, Lancelot...

...but we will be right here waiting
for your triumphant return.

Still watching.




No service.


Something I can help you with?

My girlfriend, she's missing.

I went into town to get a flat fixed
and now she's gone.

We were in an argument when I left,
I thought maybe she was mad at me...

...but I can't find her.
You know, I've searched everywhere.

Better wrap that. Cut looks pretty nasty.

How bad was your little argument?


No, this is from the rim of the tire.
That's where I cut it.

There was a girl here. She might know.

- Girl?
- Charlotte. She was about 12 years old.

She was selling produce.
She had a horse and buggy.

We're in the middle of nowhere.
Never seen anybody set up shop here.

There's not enough traffic.

I know what I saw, all right?
I'm not making this up.

- Why don't we go to the station?
- Not going anywhere till Lois gets back.

Mister, calm yourself down.


This must be what we ran over.

If our blowout wasrt an accident,
someone could've done this on purpose.

I think you better get a move on
before you get yourself in trouble.

- Just trying to show you...
- I'm not gonna say it again.

Those are tracks from the buggy.

Now, if there was no girl,
how do you explain those?

They do look fresh.

Run up the logging road a bit.

All right, you proved your point.
Let's take a hike.

If your girlfriend is out there,
we'll find her.


Captain, come on.

Look at you drive that horse.

At your age, the best I could do
was drive my dad crazy.

Lucky for me you were around.

How much longer before our carbon-free
hayride gets us to the train station?

Oh, not much.
But I'm not allowed to go into town.

My father will give you a ride
from here.

As long as I can make the express
back to cover the rally, I'm happy.

I won't miss out on a story just because
he thinks I can't take care of myself.

So your town is quaint.

- How many people live out here?
- Our whole congregation.

We're believers. Father bought this land
long before I was born...

...and moved his flock here from Idaho
so we could all live together.


Looks like you're having
some sort of shindig.

It's the harvest festival.

Whole town comes out to celebrate.

Bless us, child.

How'd you bring a guest
to our home unannounced...

...when we're unprepared
to welcome them? I'm Ruth.

Ruth Cavanaugh.

Lois Lane.

Miss Lane just needs Father
to give her a ride to the train station... she can get back to the city.

I don't mean to impose,
Charlotte just offered.

Never an imposition
to help those in need.

But my husband likes his supper
promptly at sundown.

He'll take you right after we eat.

You know, if you point the way,
I'm sure I could just hoof it from here.

Don't be foolish.

If you're not familiar with these parts,
you could get lost in those woods.

Stay. Break bread with us.

Mother always makes more than enough.

Rally's not for another couple of hours.

And I could really use
a home-cooked meal.

Good, good.

Go fetch your father, Charlotte,
tell him the ham needs carving.

This way.

Good. That's nice.

Did you see her, Father?

Good work, child. You've saved us all.

Happy birthday, Alexander.

- Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Alexander.

Happy birthday.

Thank you. This is the best party ever.

You're welcome.

I have work to do, so make sure you
save me a really big piece of cake, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

My team is still searching
for a remedy...

...but I don't wanna make
any false promises.

All our tests indicate
that his condition is irreversible.

If the accelerated mitosis persists,
his body will eventually give out.

I'm very sorry.

He's aged four years in two weeks,
so sorry isn't good enough.

He needs to be at the facility
where we can study him.

Alexander stays here with me.

I want him to believe
he is like any other child.

But we both know he's not normal.

And no matter how many parties
you throw him, he never will be.

I just wanna protect him.

I wanna give him a second chance.

Dr. Lamell, I know
that you had a hand... the horrors that Lex Luthor
committed in his labs over the years.

And I chose you to run this team...

...because I know
deep down in your heart... wanna make things right.

- More than anything.
- Okay.

You find me a cure to save Alexander
and I promise you...

...I will not let him become that monster.

Help! Help! Someone come quick.

Oh, my God.
- Alexander.

Do something. Help him.



Mister, I think we're barking up
the wrong tree.

There's nothing out here for miles.

These tracks are probably left
by hunters.

They bring in can'ts
to haul out game all the time.

Do they also leave spikes in the road
to give people flat tires?

Two-by-four probably fell off
a passing truck.

Look, it's only natural for you
to be worried about your girlfriend.

- The most important thing in my life.
- You said she was upset with you.

I bet she hitched a ride.

You go back to Metropolis
and I guarantee she'll be waiting.

- There are crystals in this water?
- Ah.

Meteor shower of '89.
A couple of meteors hit the spring.

- Blue meteor rock?
- Yeah.

Killed one local
and destroyed acres of crops.

But it did give us a gift.

Best drinking water in the county.

Meteor seems to purify it.

And everyone here is okay?

Because I grew up in Smallville.

The green meteor rock has been harming
people for the last 20 years.

Not here.
Been drinking this water my whole life.

I haven't had so much
as a common cold. Ha, ha.

Yep, we're all just fine.

If there's nothing out here,
what was that?

Something I wish you hadrt heard.

I'm sorry I ruined the party.

It's not your fault.

I know that something's wrong with me.
I'm a freak.

No. No, you're not.
You're a beautiful little boy...

...and I promise you that I am going
to make everything okay.


You have to tell me something.

Right before you blacked out,
you were drawing this.

How do you know this symbol?

Lt... It's just a drawing.


...I found these hidden in your closet.

Please tell me what they mean to you.

It's the symbol of the bad man.

He comes into my dreams to hurt me.

I'd never let anyone hurt you.

- You can't stop him.
- You're safe here.

No, he's the strongest man
in the whole world.

- You can't protect me.
- I'd never let anything happen to you.

He wants to kill me!

I know this is hard for you to believe
when you're so frightened, but...

Alexander, I'm here for you.





And to think you fixed this all
without a KitchenAid or Costco.

We believe in living a simple life.

No modern technology
and no worldly temptation.

We keep to ourselves.

Helps us stay on the righteous path.

Uh, speaking of paths...

...isn't it time we hit the road?

Our teachings say
when people come together to eat... make time for your fellow man.

Trust me, you don't forget
Sunday school on the military base.

You should finish your dinner.

It would be bad luck
for a guest to leave our table early...

...on the night
of the harvest celebration.

Yeah, as long as we hit the road
as soon as we're finished.

I would love to stay
and see the festivities one day.

Bet that's a lot of fun.

Fun has nothing to do with it.

We glorify the day we were shown
the Lord's sign.

What exactly was the sign?

The fire came from the heavens...

...tear down our village.

And our daughter, Esther,
was taken from us.

She was ringing the town bell
to warn everyone of the danger.

She was struck down where she stood.

Oh, I am so sorry.

That's awful.

Before that,
we suffered terrible drought...

...and years of bad crops.

People were hungry and sick.

But our daughter gave her life
so that we could all prosper.

Ever since, our crops have been bountiful
and our people never get sick.


And you think this happened
because your daughter died?

I'm pretty sure that didn't make it
into the Good Book I read.

I don't expect you to understand.

You're not a believer.

But every year, since her death,
we have offered our Lord a sacrifice...

...and he has rewarded us.

- Lf you're done, I'll clear your plate.
- Oh, yeah. Stuffed.

Thank you.

It was lovely.

Psst. Charlotte.

I'm a little squeamish when it comes
to the slaughtering of the fatted calf... just tell your parents thank you,

I'm gonna go.

We'll never let you leave.

- What?
- You've been chosen.

Just like my sister.

This was your last supper.

There she is.

Rejoice, my people.

We have our sacrifice.

Praise the Lord!

What is wrong with you people?


Clark, wake up.


What happened to you?

I really stepped in it. I was steamed
you kept me from that rally scoop.

I ended up trapping us
in the Village of the Damned.

I've been looking for you for hours.
I'm just glad you're okay.

Wort be for long. These holy rollers
from hell wanna make me a sacrifice... they can grow bigger tomatoes.

I promise to eat a helping of crow
when we get home.

But right now,
do your super-speedy thing...

...because this fair lady needs
some rescuing, big time.

I can't.

Clark, now is not the time for jokes.

The water is contaminated
with blue meteor rock.

They've been drinking it for years.

Maybe that's what makes them so healthy,
not to mention wackadoodle.

It's infected their bodies. When I'm
around them, I don't have my abilities.

I've got to get far enough away from
them so my powers can come back.

Meteor rock.

Maybe that's why when I pulled that
blue dagger out of you, you healed.

You did that?


Lois, you didn't just heal me,
you brought me back.

You saved me.


...sometimes even a hero needs
a guardian angel, Clark.

Wish you had wings that could fly us
out. The house seems to be surrounded.

Our best chance is for me to get past
the guards before they fire a shot.

I hate to burst your bubble,
but without your powers... won't be able to outrun
their speeding bullets.

But maybe there's another way
out of Dodge.


If this leads to a cellar,
there might be a way out of here.


I can't.

Whenever the general grounded me,
I always found a way to escape.

This Army brat has picked more locks
than Harry Houdini.

Change your clothes or you're gonna
stick out like a stripper in a seminary.

Why are we never someplace romantic
when he takes off his shirt?

Thank you for locating him.
I'll take it from here.

- Alexander.
- This barn is just like I remember.

But you've never been here before.

Yes, I have.

Do you see his bow tie?
It was the first one he ever wore.

And I tied it for him, here.

- That was probably just a dream.
- No, it was real.

Right here, he told me
that we'd be friends forever...

...that he wanted to be my brother.
And at the window...

...I told him that our friendship
would be the thing of legend.

Alexander, if that's what you want... have a chance
to make that happen.

How can I ever trust Clark again?
He made my father hate me.

He took away everything
that I ever cared about.

And the last time I was up here...

...I begged him to tell me the truth
about himself.

But as always,
he denied who he really was.

Clark is not the bad man, Alexander.

Lex is.

He used you just like he used me.

And you don't deserve what's happened.

You don't have to
buy into his memories.

I will help you.

So you can feel good about yourself?

So you can exorcise those demons
deep within your soul?

Isn't that what you've always wanted?

To save the world
so you could redeem the evil inside you.

Stop it.

But you couldn't do it alone,
so you clung to powerful men.


First Oliver Queen, then me...

...then Zod. And now, Clark Kent.

I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.

I just wanna help you. I know that
I can do this. I know that I can save you.

How can you save me when there's
so much you don't know about yourself?



- Alexander...
- Don't call me that.

My name is Lex.


You don't have flowers
for the celebration.

Thank you, sister.

It's you.

Well, I guess you can't get the city
out of this country girl, huh?

- Let's go.
Are you all right?

Don't let them get away!

Stop them! Stop them!

Hold them. Hold her.


- You will be offered up tonight.
- I won't let you hurt her.

You're a mere mortal...

...and you will not defy
the will of our Lord!


No! Clark. Clark!

Clark! Clark!

No! Clark!

No. No!

You didn't have to kill him.

He would have told others about us.

No one can keep us from our holy task.

Our Lord has shown us the light.

The light?

You justify this by calling it a sacrifice,
but you know it's murder.

Whatever happened to
"Thou shalt not kill"?

We follow his example.

Every year, for 20 years...

...a young woman has been sacrificed
with fire from above, just like Esther.

And for that, our Lord has rewarded
his devoted flock.

My daughter was the first
to give her life.

You won't be the last.

I can't imagine the pain
you must have suffered...

...when you lost Esther.

But killing all of those women
in her name was wrong.

She would be ashamed
of how you've lead your people astray.


You do not understand...

...because... do not have faith.
- I have faith.

I have faith.

Faith has nothing to do with blindly
following this misguided messiah.

I believe in knowing right from wrong,
just like you all do.

Deep down, you know this isn't right.

She does not know what we suffered...

...before his fiery wrath rained down
from the heavens.

But you remember those dark days.

If we let her live...

...a vengeful God will smite us yet again.

And mark my words...

...this time...

...he will take one of your daughters.

Ben, would you give up your daughter,

Any of you?

I say,
better to sacrifice a nonbeliever...

...than to lose another one of our own.

You don't have to do this.

- This won't bring her back.
- Shh.

It won't.

God forgives you.

You think he was still alive
when we buried him?

If he was, he's dead now.
Forced our hand.

Should've listened to me and headed back
to the city when he had the chance.

Praise the Lord!

Come on now,
the ceremony's about to begin.

He takes vengeance on his adversaries.

Glory be to the Lord.


Let us pray.

Dear Lord, accept this offering
as our complete devotion to you.

Take her, so that your people may see
another harvest of bountiful crops...

...and another year without sickness.

Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.

Get away from her.


No, she must be sacrificed.

This is a trick.


- Clark.
- Look what he's been through, Joshua...

...and he's still alive. It's a sign.

It's a sign.

Yes, it's a sign.

Move back.

Way back, far away from him.

You are not won'thy
to be in his presence.

Drop your weapon
and beg for forgiveness.

No, I don't think you get it.

He is a messenger
sent from the heavens.

I don't believe you.


Oh, you better believe it.

Because if you don't listen...

...he will strike down upon thee...

...with great vengeance
and furious anger.

And he will use his heat vision
to raze your village...

...and his super-breath
to smite your crops!


What do you say you speed us away
from these Children of the Corn, honey?

Is this all that you were able to make?

Considering we just found
the research...

...we were only able to synthesize
a small amount, but it's a start.

You said Alexander's condition
was irreversible.

That's what we believed.

But on your advice, we scoured
the LuthorCorp database...

...and came across
Peter Dinsmore's work.

He's the architect of Lionel Luthor's
genetic engineering program.

He cloned his own daughter...

...and encountered the same
accelerated mitosis complication.

But I was able to use his research
and formulate that serum.

A cure... save Alexander.

It's the breakthrough we wanted.

This could be the redemption
we both have been praying for.

I wanted so badly... save that little boy.

Miss Mercer, what are you doing?

Destroy all of your research.

And in the morning,
he'll be locked up again...

...for everyone's safety.

If we don't begin his therapy,
he'll be dead in six weeks.

That's the point.

Because he's not just a clone.

He is Lex Luthor.


It seems our Stephen King's romp
in the backwoods...

...bumped Cat Grant's anti-hero crusade
from column one.

Leave it to Lois and Clark to turn a quiet
day in the country into a major scoop.

Friends at the bureau said our
Koresh wannabes were so low profile...

...they werert on anybody's radar.

I just wish we'd found them sooner.
We could've saved so many lives.

I don't understand
how believers would allow themselves... be led down such a dark path.

I guess there's so much chaos
out there...

...people are just desperate
for something to give them hope.

Now more than ever,
the world needs someone to believe in.

- I think I know where this is going.
- Hear me out, Clark.

Hey, I wasrt a big fan
of Ollie's coming-out party...

...and I used to think that it was best
for you to stay in the shadows too...

...but maybe, someday soon,
you'll have to step into the light.

You could be a symbol, inspire everyone
that this planet could be a better place.

I'm not sure anyone is ready to believe
in a stranger from a strange land.


If they know the real Clark Kent...

...then I am sure the rest of the world
will believe in you as much as I do.

I'm sorry I was so overprotective.
I was trying to keep you safe.

If it wasrt for you...

...I would be a crispy critter in Hellsville.

No. You held your own...

...even when I didn't have my powers.

Lois, you saved my life.

Guess there's enough danger out there
for everyone.

We just have to trust that we'll always
be there for each other...

...when times get tough.

Which is why I want you to have this.


The unabridged user's guide
to all things Kryptonian?

It may fill in a few blanks.

I want you to know me completely,
with no secrets.

Because you're the one... always will be.