Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 5 - Isis - full transcript

Oliver enjoys his new, public role since he outed himself as super-hero, yet misses Chloe desperately and feeling guilty. His example further inspires Clark to tell at least Lois, but just when they meet to that end an Egyptian jewel allows the Pharaonic goddess Isis to take possession of her body, eager to resuscitate her beloved Osiris, all required being at hand from a major exposition in Metropolis, but that would also revive his realm, hell, on earth. Tess, who is otherwise preoccupied with Lex's boy-clone Alexander, joins Oliver and Clark at Watchtower, where she proves herself able to fill in for Chloe IT-wise. Even with that invaluable research, Clark nearly perishes in his supernatural duel with Isis. Cat get caught in the fight and mistakenly believes Lois is the evil Blur.

Previously on Smallville...


Lois Lane?

She's the one who got
this whole thing started.

Calling those
costume vigilantes heroes?

And I thought those "Sex and The City"
girls had gaudy taste.

You might tell that
to its owner,

the Goddess Queen Isis.

She spent eternity searching
for the cut-up pieces

of her dead husband.

Clark: But now that you're back,
are we, uh, partners?

Of course.

Unless you're disappointed
I'm not blonder.


She's no Lois Lane.

People have these so-called
vigilantes all wrong.

I am Green Arrow.

I'm sorry.

For everything I've done
that's destroyed your trust.

You betrayed me, Tess.

What's your name?

I'm Alexander.

It's okay.
I won't hurt you.

Oliver: Yeah, uh, so,
I'm not really sure
about the spotlight.

You know,
to me it seems a little...

Adrianna: Necessary.
I want everyone to see you

the moment you start down
from the skylight.

You want me
to zip-line in?

Oh, it will make the gala.

We'll set you up with a wire
and harness.

Imagine their faces
as you come flying in --

daring, invincible.

The fans will love you.

Yeah, all right.
Yeah, yeah, no, I like it.

But I'm not gonna need
the wire.

I'll just go ahead and use
my grappling gun for that.

Our insurance
doesn't cover that,

which reminds me --
do you have a helmet?


Okay, no harness,
no helmet.

So after our guys
finish moving everything

over to the exhibit hall,

we'll set up a platform
next to the sarcophagus,

which is where...
You'll land.

And then the Green Arrow girls
will come out.

"Green Arrow girls."

Billionaire by day
and hero by night.

Oliver, you're better
than Christmas.

Thank you.

Adrianna: Excuse me.

Tess: "Isis...

A tale of eternal love."

That's quite a title
you chose.

You know,
my love life may not be

in the same shape it
was when I started
funding this project,

but, uh, I still believe
in the story.

And you're hoping
that wherever she may be,

some feisty little blonde
is gonna get the message.

Excuse me.

If only you still were
the same guy that Chloe fell for

and not a caricature
of him.

What are you up to,

This city has embraced me.

I'm trying to give
something back.

Groupie love isn't real love,

You used to know that.

Do you even know what real love
looks like anymore?

Oliver, we have a, uh,
very serious problem.

The, uh, Amulet of Isis,
is, uh, missing.

What a shame.

But what do they say,

The show must go on.

Well, as far
as I'm concerned,

the thief will get
what they deserved.

According to legend,
the necklace is cursed.

Whatever soul dares possess it
will be condemned

to spend all of eternity
in hell.

Clark, you don't have to hide
the truth any longer.

I know your secret.

And I get why you didn't tell me
for so long.

But the fact is,

knowing you're The Blur just
makes me love you even more.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckling ] And I sound like
a bad soap opera.

[ Sighs ]

You know what I need?

I need a good headline --
something -- something snappy,

something like...

"Hey, Clark,

you were Blur-rific."

[ Laughs ]

[ Groans ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Alarm beeping ]

Damn it!


[ Sighs ]

"Hey, Clark...

Do you remember
when The Blur and I kissed?"

"How could I, Lois?
I wasn't there."

"But you were.

Because I could tell it was you
from the kiss."

"Does it change the way
you feel about me?"

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ]

When I realized that the man
I loved and the hero I admired

were the same person,

it was like everything
just...Fit into place.

I'm -- I'm gonna start
with coffee and doughnuts.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Carpe diem, Lois.

You can do this.

And by tomorrow,

you will be living
in a brand-new world.

[ Breathes deeply ]

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Original Air Date on October 22, 2010

♪ Somebody save me ♪

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♪ let your warm hands
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♪ somebody save me ♪

♪ I don't care how you do it ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

♪ I've been waiting for you ♪

♪ just stay with me ♪

♪ I've made this whole world
shine for you ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

[ speaking Arabic ]

Concerned look.
Stoic silence.

What are you wearing,

I'm telling Lois
my secret.

Okay, that's officially

the biggest news
I've heard all day.

Why now?

I saw the future...

Okay, now,
that's officially

the biggest news
I've heard all day.

You know you sound crazy
when you talk like that, right?

In the future,
Lois already knew about me.

What I didn't see
was how I told her or when.

My instincts have always been
to keep my secret,

but then I see five minutes
of a future

that seems too good
to be true, and --

so you came over here
hoping that I would

try to talk you
out of telling her, right?



Well, I hate to break it to you,
but I say "go for it."

Coming out was the best thing
I ever did.

I can finally be myself
around here.

And it turns out, people
actually like the real me.

That's an understatement.

Look at this.

"For breakfast after a long
night keeping us safe."

This is
the sweetest thing.

Ohh. And...

...My new
favorite cereal.

[ Sets box down ]

And they sent spoons.

If I remember correctly,

you coming out to Lois
did not have a happy ending.

You told Lois the truth,
and she dumped you.

That -- we broke up.

All right?

Look, Lois and I were never
really meant to be together.

Clark, she loves you.
[ chuckles ]

That makes you
a lucky man.

Take it from me --

living without love
is not really living.

It's just sort of...


The question you have
to ask yourself...

Is what are you willing
to risk for love?

Morning, Lois.


[ Exhales ]

[ chuckles ]

You choose first.

so many choices.

I've been meaning --
I have a confession to --



What were you gonna say,

[ Clatter ]

Hi, hi.

Hope I'm not
interrupting anything.


Oh, doughnuts.

No, no.


You Metropolis girls
do have your own sense of...

Style, don't you?
[ chuckles ]

You should see
what's underneath the jacket.

Oliver asked me to cover
the gala at the museum.

It's themed.

Oh, did you not
get an invitation?

Tsk. Sucks.

Won't this be
the greatest,

working together again?

Our names looked terrific
side by side on that byline.

I mean, it's like we were
meant to be partners, Clark.

You're the Popeye
to my olive.

The Mickey to my Minnie.

The sick
to my stomach.

A source confirmed the museum
is missing a valuable artifact

from its new exhibit.

I thought we'd check out
LuthorCorp's loading dock.

That's where this Amulet
was supposed to arrive.

Hey, I've seen
this fashion faux pas before --

when I was in Egypt.

I appreciate
the, uh, offer,

but I'm already booked...
On a personal interview.

The roof.

Well, it looks like
you're gonna be playing

in that Saharan sandbox
by yourself.

Don't get burnt.

[ Sighing ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Exhales ]

If there was ever a time
for my lucky lipstick.

[ Exhales ]

[ Exhaling sharply ]

So much for leaving
Egypt behind.

Wow, you look beautiful.

Did you get that necklace for the gala?

It's so, um...

I must locate
the treasures of Isis.

You mean the article
th Cat's working on.

Where is this Cat now?

She's probably on her way
to the LuthorCorp loading dock.

And I know that it goes
against every bone in your body

not to chase down
a lead, Lois,

but there is something...
That's more important

that you need to know.

I wanted to
tell you this before.

I just didn't know how.

I did tell you once before,

but everything
got out of control.

And it wasn't your fault,

You were perfect.

I'm doing this
all wrong.

You said this knowledge
was of great importance to me.

I'm The Blur.

That is of no importance
to me.

"Of no importance"
as in it doesn't change

the way
you feel about me,

or "no importance"
as in you...



This vessel might have once
been called "Lois,"

but now it serves Isis.

Female computerized voice:
Carter Hall is offline.

Attempt failed.

Carter Hall is offline.

Attempt failed.

Just typical.
You know?

I mean,
just when we need a lesson

on how to de-Isis Lois,

Professor Hawkhead
takes a sabbatical.

Oliver, we need help,

and there's one other person
we can call --


Did you hit your head?

Tess can't be trusted.

"B," she can't do
what Chloe did.

No one can take
Chloe's place.

Then I hope you brushed up
on your Egyptian history.

Courtesy of a once-lovely,
now-livid museum curator.

I canceled tonight's gala.

Adrianna was not thrilled
to hear that news.

I told her a friend
had unexpectedly flown in.

Please tell me
these books are gonna explain

what happened to Lois.

Whoa, whoa. The Isis myth
isn't just about some Goddess.

It's about what people
are willing to risk for love.

I had my lecture
on love for the day.

Fair enough.

Her husband, Osiris,
was killed by his brother, Set,

out of jealousy.

I guess being an only child
does have some perks.

Anyway, Egyptians believed
that a person's soul

remained in their heart.

So when Set
dismembered Osiris' body

and scattered
all the pieces --

he wanted to make sure that
his soul never found peace.

Exactly, but the mighty Isis
vowed to resurrect Osiris.

So she recovered his body
piece by piece,

but she was never able
to find the burial jar

containing his heart.

And to make sure
that she never did,

Set trapped her spirit
in an Smulet.

Now that she's back,

she's gonna finish
what she started.

If we can find that jar,
then she'll find us.

Oh! Clark.

Because of his lost soul,

Osiris was doomed to rule
the Underworld for all eternity.

If Isis succeeds
in resurrecting him,

his kingdom
will also rise.

She will literally
unleash Hell on Earth.

[ Gasps ]

What are you doing here?


You are here.

[ Lid thuds ]

[ Exhales ]

I have missed you
for so long.

[ Clatter in distance ]

What is this?

Two stories
for the price of one.

I won't let you get away
with another crime, Lois Lane --

at least not without snapping
proof of it first.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Notes from my latest
therapy session with Alexander.

He's...An unusual boy.

His intelligence if off
the charts for someone his age.

Genius has a way
of driving people insane.

Is he stable?

It may be too early
to tell.

That's why I'd like to move
the boy to a facility...

Where I can monitor him
around the clock.

I'll make sure he's packed
by morning.

[ Door opens ]

Knock knock.

I know who this is.

Even when no one else
believes in you,

he's the one person
who loves you unconditionally.

The one you'd risk
anything for.

You need Peter Pan
and chicken noodle soup.

Excuse me?

That's what my little boy wants
when he's not feeling well.

I know the look of a worried
mother when I see one.

[ Chuckles ]

This boy's not my son.


Well, with the red hair,
I just assumed that...

Are you here to pitch
the follow-up to your last piece

about the problematic
squirrel population?

They're rodents...

And probably rabid.

[ Sighs ]

I'm working on now

is a history-making

I know the identity
of The Blur.

And that so-called hero
is right in your bullpen!

I'll admit
that our H.R. office

needs a little bit
of work, but --

being a reporter is
the perfect cover for The Blur!

Y-you can be
the first on scene,

and no one
will question it.

Y-you can cover
your own tracks.

You can blow
your own horn!

You can be surrounded
by people

who expose secrets
for a living?

It's time the world
knows the truth --

that The Blur is nothing
but a liar and a thief.

Lois isn't gonna know
what hit her.


If this is just
a petty attempt

for you to one-up
a fellow reporter, Cat --

oh, I'm not trying
to scoop Lois.

She is the scoop.

Lois Lane is The Blur.

[ Chuckling ]

[ Laughing ]

Laugh all you want.

You mark my word,
Tess Mercer --

I will expose
The Blur's identity,

and I will bring down
this hero menace

once and for all.

You're telling me Lois Lane
has turned into Isis.

How the hell
does that even happen?

The current theory
involves an Amulet

that's supposed to be
at the museum,

but is apparently
around Lois' throat.
[ beep ]

So let me
get this straight.
[ beep ]

Lois finds a necklace,

gets possessed
by an Egyptian Goddess,

and now is flying around
like Amelia Earhart,

minus the plane.

Just another Friday night
in Metropolis.

Who's ready
for the weekend?

I'll make sure I relay
your message about Cat to Clark.

In the meantime, he and I
can take care of the blonde
and her bombshell.

You don't have to
throw me out, Oliver.

I'm just trying
to protect Clark.

[ Air whooshes ]
Protect me from what?

Apparently the third wheel
of your bullpen bus

thinks that Lois
is The Blur.

Which is why I erased
all the security footage

of Lois crumpling a metal door
with her hand

and throwing a security guard
across a warehouse.

Cat saw what she saw,

but at least
now she can't prove it.

Thanks for the backup,

but we have
another problem.

Lois found Osiris' heart,
and now I can't find her.

Well, she still does have
one more layover

before our nonstop to hell.

She has to reunite
the heart --

with the body
to make Osiris whole.

[ Oliver sighs ]

There's a sarcophagus
at the exhibit.

It's rumored to hold
an ancient priest

of the Underworld.

Now, I'm thinking --

that high priest
is actually Osiris.

Kind of stole my thunder
there, Tess.

Look, every one
of those crates

has the name of the museum
on it.

If Isis saw that, she'll know where the
artifacts are headed.

It's only a matter of time

before we become permanent
residents of the Underworld,

and we have no idea
how to get this Egyptian genie

back in her bottle.

You don't,
but I might.

Sure, yeah, just go ahead
and make yourself at home.

Please do it
somewhere else.

Off the laptop.

You don't
trust me still.

Oliver, I get it,

but you need
to take a step back

and look
at the bigger picture.

Yeah, like the one that you're
trying to paint yourself into?

Our team --
we protect secrets.

We don't keep them
from one another.

I'm not sure you know
the difference.

Lex kept a record

of all of LuthorCorp's
active excavation sites.

he also deleted it.

However, nothing in cyberspace
is totally lost.

So it might take me
a little bit of time

with your low-tech
laptop here,

but I think that I can
reconstruct the files.

Time's not a luxury we have.
Please hurry.

Where are you going?

To try to prevent
the end of the world.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Flames whooshing ]

At last...

My love...

We shall be together.

[ Exhales ]

[ Clatter ]

[ Moans ]



[ Crying ]

[ Air whooshes ]

You can't bring him back.
It's over.

[ Sniffles ]

It cannot be over.

It is eternal.

Even if his body was there,
you can't risk Hell on Earth,

not just for love.

[ Flame whooshes ]

Then you do not
know love.

I do.

The woman i love
is the vessel you took over,

and I want her back.

You would not risk
the world for her?

Not for such
a selfish reason.

Then do not pretend
what you feel is love.

For thousands of years,

my heart beat only
for one man.

What you know
of these things

is but the wisdom
of a child.

Osiris was cut
into a thousand pieces.

He was doomed
to the underworld.

My spirit was ripped
from my flesh and blood,

and I have waited lifetimes
for him.

All of what we suffered...

Was worth what little time
we had together,

and I would bear any cost
to be reunited with him,

even for a moment.

Your memory
will have to be enough.

Have you given this woman
your heart?

She knows how I feel.

But you hold yourself back
from her, hmm?

If you will not risk
your heart completely...

...Then I will.

[ Whooshing ]

[ Stretching ]

Isis, I know how much
you love Osiris,

but you cannot sacrifice
two lives just to see him again.

True love is worth
any sacrifice.


Time betrays us all.

Time is 11:23.

I'm on the hunt
for The Blur.

I'm betting she'll come here,
to the Met Museum,

looking for artifacts.

And when she does...


You're on "America's
Un-Funniest Home Videos."

As once you lived, Osiris,
so shall you live again.

Through the ritual of life,
I shall restore your heart

and claim your body
for the soul.

I will never
understand liberals.

I bring you forth,
my love, Osiris,

so that we may stand together
and face eternity.

Forget about an article.

It's gonna land me
a whole series.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Pulse with blood
that once was spilled.

Beat again with love
and life.

[ Whooshing ]

[ Heart beating ]

Take this body
for your own,

and rise to rule
from your rightful throne.


[ Screaming ]

Help! There's a crazy woman in tacky
Gladiator boots after me!

[ Gasping ]

Wait! No! No! Aah!

[ Tapping ]

This isn't
what I had in mind!

[ Tapping continues ]

[ Stretching ]

There's got to be
an easier way

for a girl to get a date
in this town.

[ Sighs ]

Your heart is brave...

But I can see
it belongs to a lonely soul,

a warrior
with a vacant heart.

You try to fill it,

but the harder you try,
the emptier it becomes.

Yeah, well,
I may be lonely,

but I'm still gonna kick
your Egyptian ass.

If you truly
meant to harm me,

you would have done so
by now.

But you do not wish
to hurt this body.

Childhood hang-ups.

I was taught never
to hurt a girl.

And I was taught
never to hesitate.

The answer
was in Lex's files.

through the Amulet.

That's what'll trap you again,
isn't it?

But in the dead of night,

where will you
find the light of sun?

[ Stretching ]

[ Snapping ]

That's a good question.

Clark: Isis?

This ends now...

Or I will destroy
Osiris' heart.


Then release Lois.

I need her back.

I see now that I am doomed.

Our undying love
shall be denied for eternity.

This vessel --
she loves you completely?


You hold Osiris' heart
in your hand.

What you take of mine,
I shall take from yours.



[ Exhales ]

Did we take a behind-the-scenes
tour of the museum?

[ Chuckles lightly ]

I love you, Clark,

but sometimes
you are such a nerd.

You seem far away.

Sometimes you need to view
things from a distance

in order to seem them
more clearly.

You were right --

about me turning
into a caricature of myself.

I shouldn't have
said that.

The show
I was putting on,


The Green Arrow girls?


Emptiness I was
trying to fill.

I was lying to myself,

You're one of the only ones
that would call me on it.

Another one of those
is Chloe.

God, I miss her.

I miss her laugh and...

Her strength,

the way her eyes lit up
when I entered the room.

She really loved me.

I gave her a secret that
was too hard to hold onto and...

...She paid the price
for keeping it.

when it comes to you,

no price was too high
for Chloe.

I guess you can
still spot real love.

I'm sorry
for what I said.

Don't be.

It's the truth.
[ chuckles ]

And there hasn't been a lot
of that in my life.

Just like there hasn't been
a lot of love.

Did I drive halfway across town
just for an apology?

Clark: No.

It was so we could both
give you something.

That's right.

Other than our solar-powered
friend over here

doing that cool,

thing that he did,

we couldn't have done it
without you.

You took care of Cat,

and you figured out how to put
Isis back in the Amulet.

You're pretty impressive
with a low-tech laptop, too.

Now let's see
what you can do

with something
a little more powerful...

...Like Watchtower.

Welcome to the team.

Thank you.

[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Crying ]

You really think
we can trust her?

We'll find out.

[ Crying ]

I came to take the boy,
but security won't let me.

Under my orders.

Alexander's staying
with me.

With all due respect,

you flew me here
to observe the boy.

He doesn't need
to be watched, doctor.

He needs to be loved.

And you think
you can do that?

The boy's stability
is in question.

he may prove dangerous.

Why would you risk
your safety?

What do you see
that I don't?

His heart.

[ Door opens ]

[ Groaning softly ]

[ Door creaking ]

Tess, did you see how much
I grew since last week?

That's very impressive.

Soon you're gonna be taller
than I am. [ chuckles ]

I brought a book
for us to read.

It's the story of Peter Pan
and his friend Wendy.

What's it about?

It's about...

The adventures
of growing up.

I think you'll like it.

I love you, Tess.

[ Voice breaking ]
"All children,

except one, grow up..."

"They soon know
that they will grow up.

And the way Wendy knew
was this..."

Lois, those copies
you asked for.

Thank you.


[ Exhales sharply ]

What the hell?!

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts ]

who wants to go first?

She stabbed me!
She's The Blur!

That is the dumbest thing
I've ever heard.

And I thought you were
a bottle blonde.

Cat, there's something
you should know.

Don't even bother
protecting her, Clark.

I know the truth,
and I have proof.

What kind of proof?


I caught
little miss liar

conducting some sort
of satanic...

S-e-x ritual
last night.

I couldn't see who else
was there,

but once I print those photos,
it won't matter --

I'll have my evidence!

And everyone
will see The Blur

for the devious menace
she is!

First, are you 12?

And second,
I may be no angel, honey,

but I am definitely not
into the devil.

Oh, yeah?

Why don't
I show you pictures?

[ Air whooshes ]

Then we'll see
what you have to say.

Should make
for a great quote.

[ Scoffs lightly ]
Oh, my God.

Those are my only copies!

that's a rookie mistake.

You need to always
back up your evidence.

Pretend all you want,

but there's just
no other explanation.

Actually, there is.

Lois was possessed
by the spirit of Isis.

Now, I may have kept
my youthful good looks,

but I wasn't
born yesterday.

I'm not buying it,

Well, your only options
are cash or credit,

because Clark just told you
the truth.

This is Metropolis.

Weird things happen
all the time.

Get used to it.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

I know the pen
is mightier than the sword,

but Cat was off
her rocker.

I mean,
Lois Lane is amazing,

but you and I both know

that I'm not the world's
greatest superhero.

Lois, I'm sorry you had
to get a ballpoint in the hand

for the truth
to come out.

The truth. Right.
[ breathes deeply ]

About The Blur?

Who he is?

The big mystery?

Of course,
he never told me his identity.

So I guess I don't even
really know him.


I feel like I do.

The thing is, Clark...

The Blur and I,
I mean, we --

we have
this special bond.

Actually, it's kind of like
what you and I have together.

Because I...

[ Chuckles ]

God, I wish
you were a mirror.

'Cause I
[Exhales sharply]

[ Clears throat ]

What I'm really trying to say
to you is that...

I know you.

But you don't know
The Blur.

He's probably keeping it
a secret for a reason.

[ Chuckles lightly ]

He's never gonna tell me,
is he?

Not if it means
putting your life at risk.

I wish he knew that I was
willing to take that risk.

All my life
I've been afraid, Lois --

afraid of people
knowing the truth about me...

Afraid of them
rejecting me --

and even if they didn't,
still losing them.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

I've been afraid of everything
I can't control.

But when I was faced with
the idea of losing you forever,

it made me realize there's
something that I would regret

more than anything else,

and that's not telling you
the truth about me.

'Cause that's the only way
we could share a life together.

I know the odds
are stacked against us

and we'd be risking

but if you're ready
to take that leap,

there's no one else that
I'd want to take that leap with.

Lois, you've had a lot
of questions about The Blur.

It's me.

I'm The Blur.

[ Exhales ]

What took you so long?