Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 20 - Prophecy - full transcript

Searching for the Bow of Orion, the only known means to stop the Darkness, Oliver and Kara independently reached the same booby-trapped underground sanctuary. Kara got herself trapped, but Oliver rescues her in Indiana Jones style. Together they decipher and follow the clues to the bow, only to be get a bitter surprise. Meanwhile instead of giving has blessing in the fortress, Jor-El temporarily transfers Clark's super-powers to his already far too cocky bride.

Previously on Smallville:
Darkness has come to Earth.

Been trying to draw it towards me
so I can stop it.

- Jor-El should have come to me.
- You're not ready.

The Omega is a sign of corruption...

...a mark that the darkness
has taken over someone.

Every time the world would be consumed
by darkness...

...another force arose,
to send the darkness back.

What if one of us were to get infected?

Once it gets in,
I don't think there's a way out.

Constellation in the Veritas journal

...with Can'ter's notes
as the Bow of Orion.

He saw Orion use it
last time he kicked Darkseid's ass...

...across the universe.
It's my job to go find it.

Gold meteor rock?

- What does it do to him?
- Could take away his powers. For good.

- Hello, Granny.
They call her Granny Goodness.

You clear their minds,
preparing a way for Lord Darkseid.


Sorry that I'm late.

I got the final offer on the farm.

Ow! Son of a bitch.


Listen, I, uh... I know
that you've been overwhelmed lately.


Right. Well, with the wedding planning
and the new promotion...'ve hardly left the office.
- I had everything covered.

And then we lost our crab cakes.

Crab cakes?

Exactly. But they are the beginning
of a much larger conspiracy.

Only if someone's hiding something
from you.

Yes, and right now you are.
So go jump in the river.

The river?

The river.
Clark, your size 14s are standing...

...on a school, a church and a high-rise.

What does a map of Metropolis
have to do with our hors d'oeuvres?

The catering company
that was covering our blessed event...

...went under in the blink of an eye...

...bought out by something
called Marionette Ventures?

Well, naturally,
I got a little bit, heh, upset.

When I called to file a complaint
with the Chamber of Commerce...

You realized
it wasrt the only local company bought.


Lois, it's just a sign of the times.

Then why did all the former owners
suddenly skip town?

I'm sorry, Clark, but I have to slay this
monster of a story before the wedding.

Only one thing left on my wedding list
that you can help me check off.

Well, we booked the chapel,
bought the rings...

...and the League is on patrol
while you're MIA...

...and everybody is converging
on the rehearsal dinner.

What could we possibly have left to do?

I told your father about the wedding,
but I didn't tell mine.


So how does one ask for permission
to marry on Krypton?

Kara told me in Kryptonian culture...

...the head of the house has to approve
life unions.

Life unions?

Will you stop being so romantic?

Kal-El, my son, you have returned.


...I come here today as a Kryptonian... a member of your house,
and your son.

In honor of our home...

...I'm here to declare my desire
to start a life bond with this woman...

...Lois Lane.

Lois Lane... you truly intend
to initiate a life union with my son?

I do.

Your pledge is observed.

If your lives are to be joined,
then you must both understand.


Jor-El, what the hell are you doing?


Give me my powers back!

Lois, can you hear me?

Are you okay?

Lois, are you okay?

I'm more than okay.

I'm super.

I'm starting to regret not packing
my intergalactic dictionary about now.

No way these are Celtic.

No. They're Apokoliptian.

You're Clark's cousin, Kara, right?


How long you been here?
I gotta get you out.

No, wait.

It'll kill you.

Right. Okay.

There's gotta be some way
to turn off this death ray from hell.

How did Watchtower find me?

I haven't checked in for weeks.

I hate to break it to you,
but, uh, I'm not part of a search party.

I just came here... find...

The Bow of Orion.


What do you know about it?

You're looking for it, without Clark?

So are you, apparently.

I have my reasons.

So do I.

Mine have to do with protecting Clark.

Who are you here to save?

Right now you're topping my list.

You say you can read this stuff?

It's a prophecy about the return
of Darkseid written by the hunter himself.

When I touched Oriors symbol,
this trap was sprung.

You say this is a prophecy.


One that heralds the end of the world.


What's the rest of it say?
Can you read anything else?

That a balance must exist
between light and darkness...

...and to wield the bow's power
and save the world...

...hands must first right
the scale's two sides.

"Hands must first right
the scale's two sides. "

This guy Orion was so concerned
about balancing everything out...

...maybe we just need to add
to one side of the scale.

No. I considered that.

But the Omega is a symbol of darkness,
of the enemy.

So I've heard.

I'm just thinking that if I touch it,
maybe a balance will be struck.

Or we could be stuck down here
for centuries.

Your call.

Clark trusts you.

I suppose that's enough for me.


You okay?


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Just took an extra hand to balance it,
that's all.

Let's go get what we came for.

- Lois...
- This is awesome.

- Hey...
- I love you. Mwah.

Lois, I don't think Jor-El did what he did
so you could get ahead at the office.

We were able to cover deadlines
for the wedding day...

...the day after, the day after the day
after the wedding day.

Look, I know it's hard not to go
all four-alarm-fire on this thing...

...but Jor-El's intentions
might have been good.

By taking away my powers,
he's made me vulnerable, and you...

Like 800 percent more awesome
than yesterday?

Okay, maybe 700 percent more.

Maybe Jor-El wanted me to know
what it felt like to be you.

I'm not so sure, Lois.

In his warped way, I think he's trying to
tell us something about our relationship.

We're as bulletproof as your... My skin.

I'm not worried about us.

I'm not.
But him manipulating me is one thing.

Him bringing you into this...
Whatever it is...

Clark, I know that you feel
like you've been let down...

...but we don't know his motive...

...and he did say that
you'd get your powers back at sunset.

A lot of time left in the day
for things to go wrong before 6:58.

Okay, why don't we take this gift
at face value...

...and just be open to all possibilities?

Huh. Speaking of.

Yes. I have been wasting all my time
worrying about the businesses...

...that sold out to Marionette Ventures
and not what they had in common.

A little blue line.

Boundary for the underground reservoir.
It provides drinking water in Metropolis.

Yes, and along
with all the building purchases...

...come the water rights.

There's only one business
that Marionette hasn't purchased...

...that's located above the aquifer.

If they're able to purchase the holdout,
they'll control all the water rights.

I think it's time we pay a visit
to this holdout.

It's time for a good, old-fashioned,
super-powered stakeout.

Maybe Jor-El wanted to teach us
a little something about patience.

Well, if he did,
then you're about to fail.

I'm driving.


- Nothing suspicious from this end.

Lois, I thought you said
you were going to get Parmesan.

A guy brought a gun to a knife fight.

- At the condiment stand?

In Wisconsin.

The TV behind the counter had news
from the Great Lakes...

...about the hostage thing,
and I couldn't resist lending a hand.

I brought you a souvenir.

On my way through the heartland,
there was this flood...

...I had to use my freeze breath...
- Arctic breath.

- To stop it.
Also, I have a whole new appreciation...

...for your jacket-and-boots thing.

The number of heels that I have broken
today is out of control.

Happy you have appreciation
for my wardrobe...

...but today,
I need you to be more careful.

Well, I'm almost 50 percent certain...

...that the Burgundy Blur pulled it all off
without a hitch.

That's weird. It's the middle of the day.

Looks like our store owner's
closing up shop in a hurry.

This is when
I would use my super-hearing... listen in,
to see how they operate.

Right, and a big part
is the squinty head tilt, yes?




Just take a deep breath
and try to focus on one thing.


Besides everything?

Help, please. Someone, come quick.

Someone just cried for help.

- Where?
I don't know.

- It's a kitchen fire.
Oh, my God. Call 911.

- And they're dialing 911.
147 th and Graham.

147th and Graham.
I could be there in a flash.

There's a fire station a few blocks
from there. What else?

Oh, no. A car accident.
It sounds real bad.

Oh, my God!
- I can't just ignore this.

Keep listening.

Okay, they're exchanging information.
Everything's okay.


Are you okay?

Clark, you have to ignore all these people
crying out for help, in pain, every time?

I don't ignore them...

...but I do have to prioritize
who needs help and how soon.

- Like an ER doctor, right?

I'm not sure I can handle
the whole emotional triage of it all.

It's a lot to take on, but right now,
just focus on the clothing store, okay?

Get away from me!

Get out of here!

I hear an ugly argument in there
and it's not about fashion. That's my cue.

I work out.

- Courtney.


It says here
the bow is in the inner sanctum.

So let me get this.
Whoever wields the Bow of Orion...

...can use it to vanquish darkness.
Is that what you're saying?

According to the prophecy, yeah.

Well, that's me.

Think about it. A bow, right?
The medium is the message.

You never told me
why you were seeking it.

Promise you won't tell,
but I'm trying to change my fate.

The Bow of Orion is the key.
It worked for him, right?

Only after he found the strength
to turn away from the darkness...

...even though that meant turning away
from his father.

Orion is Darkseid's son.

Yes. He was raised by someone
who believes in spreading the light...

...instead of the darkness
his birth father had created.

And eventually, he swore
to serve that light instead.


Look at that.

It looks like another one of Oriors tests
to see if we're won'thy.

If this is about balancing
light and darkness...'s gonna require two shots to open,
one from each symbol.

Which also means they have to hit
at exactly the same time.

Sort of like a bank shot.

It's easier than it looks.
Just point and shoot, really.

- Okay.
- You got it.


You trust me to do this?

Well, it's like you said,
if Clark trusts you, that's enough for me.


Nice shooting, partner.


Kara, are you all right?
What's wrong? Is this another trap?

It's Jor-El.

I have to leave.

You have to retrieve the bow
and deliver it to Clark.

I'm trusting you now.


Why would you call me back
when I almost had the bow?

The bow is Kal-El's destiny, not yours.

You told me to protect Kal-El.

Why interfere when I was so close
to finishing what you told me to do?

I believe you care about Kal-El
and wish to help him...

...but ultimately,
this battle must be his.

That is why I've called you here,
to make a choice.

A choice?

There are two paths
laid out before you, Kara.

You can leave Earth now
and allow Kal-El to embrace his destiny...

...or you can stay and help him,
risking the future of this planet.

Kal-El and I have fought Darkseid
together before.

You involved Kal-El against my wishes.

He was too weak then...

...and he was almost overcome
by darkness.

You have grown strong.

Your will is no longer at the mercy
of my command.

You will need that strength
to forge your own path.

It is in your hands to choose.

You want me to just walk away?

Kara, your own destiny is written.

It is in another place and time.

But this is Kal-El's battle
and he must fight it alone.

Even though a time will come
when he turns away from me... the end,
he will make the right decision.

He is ready. This is his time.

He's the only family I have left.

I have to at least warn him.

Sometimes the greatest sacrifice
a person can make... to give up
what they hold most dear.

Microscan initiated.

What is it?

From the scans, a diode that emits
a frequency into the brain stem...

...inibiting higher motor functioning,
leaving the wearer open to suggestion.

Wait. So it was controlling me?

You were a puppet.

What I wanna know is,
who's behind Marionette Ventures?

John Jones and I
looked into that company.

We know who the shareholders are.

Dark Archer, Roulette, Metallo,
and some dude named Manta?

That must've been why I was targeted, but
we never figured out what they were up to.

They're buying land above the aquifer.
Controlling all of Metropolis' water.

Well, that makes sense.
They charge big money for every drop...

...and then the city is at their mercy.

Microscan complete.

Anomaly detected.

Is that who I think it is?

Winslow Schott.


When in doubt,
I say go straight to the source.

Naughty, naughty.

Someone still hasn't learned to play nice.

I'll give you a time-out,
except you've already been put in one.

Well, well, well.

Lois Lane.

How on earth did such a mild-mannered,
ladylike reporter like yourself...

...get clearance
to visit a deadly catch like me?

Well, I used to be deadly.

I confess, recently I've mended my
mischievous ways. Havert you heard?

You can pretend all you like,
but I know...

...that you've been collecting
an evil posse of pen pals...

...with handles like Roulette
and Dark Archer... do your dirty work
on the outside.

What I haven't figured out,
if that's the case...

...why are you still playing telephone
from the Stryker Island day spa?

People tend to underestimate you
when they think they're in control.

The guards give me certain liberties.

Sorry. Your calling plan
has been revoked.

I should warn you that the Blur
and his team are well aware...

...of the little present you planted
on one of their own.

Looks like the Blur has given you
a sparkly token of his affection.

My love life has nothing to do
with the Blur.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hm.

Then you may not have heard
of the Blur's first love.

She was willing to sacrifice everything
for her bulletproof beau.

How heartbreaking.

The tragic tale of one Lana Lang...

...and Clark Kent.

I don't know what's in the water
you've been drinking...

...but you are lost at sea if you think
Clark Kent is connected to the Blur.

You've got quite the poker face,
Miss Lane.

And I certainly hope you're right...

...because at this very moment... team of villains are closing in
on the Blur.

A shame for the blushing bride... be wearing a black veil
on her special day.


What's your game, Toyman?

You give me the phone back...

...and wear this...

...stylish steel accessory.

They'll abort their mission
and you'll save your fianc?'s life.

How do I know I can trust you?

What kind of gamesman
wouldn't follow his own rules?

Call off your dogs.

And don't worry.

I will keep our agreement...

...and call off the minions...


...I think I'll send you instead.

Kill the Blur.

"The only true power
comes from within. "

How deliciously selfish of you
to want the bow...

...just so you can remove the stain
we put on your soul.


Thank you.

You see, those traps were designed
to keep the prophets out.

Oriors bow was a light
like the world will never see again.

It's been the one power
Darkseid could not defeat.

I will find a way somehow
to defeat you.

From the moment you were marked,
you've been serving him.

But you're not like the rest
of your brethren.

You've got real potential
and we've got bigger plans for you.

Don't worry, dear.

You won't remember any of this.

To my esteemed members
of Marionette Enterprises, I bid you...


If you'd be so kind
as to pass your mission folders...'ll find pertinent information
on each of your targets.

It might feel like cheating to know
what cards the other is holding...

...but we can ill afford to lose...

...not when we're this close
to bringing Metropolis to its knees...

...and getting what we deserve.

And with the help
of our newest associate...

...we'll finally take control
of the Metropolis aquifer.

We will bleed their pockets dry...

...until the parched populace is dancing
for us like puppets on a string.

In fact, she's taking care of the Blur
right now.

We are going to have so much fun.

Thanks, Courtney. Stargirl's got us
on the next ferry to Stryker's.

Good. I'll bring the truck around.
Lois has been in there too long.

- How are you coming on those diodes?
- Almost there.


Toyman put a diode on her neck.
How long until sunset?

You need to stall her.
The surs almost down.

Lois, Toyman thinks he can control you.

Don't let him. Don't...

Lois, you have to fight it.

Hold on, Clark, just a little bit longer,
20 seconds.

You're the most stubborn,
iron-willed woman I've ever met.

Don't let him win.

I love you.



Clark, not yet.
You don't have your powers back.

Lois? Answer me. Lois, wake up.

It's okay.


Oh, no, you can rest assured
the Blur won't be a problem.

I've seen to it.

Back so soon,
my pretty little plaything?

I'm flattered, Winslow.

But playtime's over.

What's to say I just don't tell
the whole world who you really are?

Something tells me if you really wanted to,
you already would have.

But then, we wouldn't be able
to play anymore, would we?

No matter how many of you
band together...

...what games you decide to play...

...I'll always be there to stop you.

Kal-El, I trust you found my gift
to the both of you illuminating.

It wasrt a gift. It was a trial.

It wasrt about Lois appreciating
what it was like to have my abilities...

...or me realizing what it was like
to be human.

It was about control.

Your trials are not a riddle, Kal-El.

They are stepping stones on a long path.

Path that I could blindly walk forever,
but I understand now.

This whole time, it's up to me to decide
when to take control of my own destiny.

The trials end
when I'm ready for them to end.

Your journey is far from over.

But I can only be what the world needs...

...when I can finally admit I'm no longer
just the son of Jor-El or Jonathan Kent.

And you knew the time would come...

...when neither of you
could guide me anymore.

And that time... now.

Goodbye, Jor-El.

You all right?

You know, Clark,
walking a mile in your shoes... so different
than I imagined it would be.

When you're just a reporter with a story...

...the word hits the paper,
the paper hits the stands...

...and it's over.

But for you...'s never over, is it?


I guess I tell myself there will always be
a balance of good and evil...

...but it's up to me to tip the scale.

I always knew...

...that you had a big heart.

I just never realized how strong it was.

Good luck, Clark.

I was so weak, Clark.

You know, the very moment
that Toyman threatened you...

...I put on that diode,
and I let him control me...

...because you
are my greatest weakness.

And I'm afraid that I will be yours.

You're not my weakness.

You're my strength.


And I'm sorry that Jor-El dragged you
into one of my trials, but it's over.

Jor-El is as much a part of my past
as the farm.

My destiny is marrying you...

...and for us
to create our own future together.

Come on. Everyone's waiting.

Clark, I'm sorry.

After today, I realized that... being together
makes you vulnerable.

And I can't just sit and watch a movie
and eat ice cream...

...when at that very moment
you could be saving five people.

Clark, every moment of your life
that I take for myself...

...I am stealing
from people who need saving.

Lois, what are you saying?

I'm s...

What is this?

I'm sorry, Clark.


I can't marry you.

I'm sorry.