Smallville (2001–2011): Season 10, Episode 19 - Dominion - full transcript

After banished general Slade is found on earth, Clark realizes the Phantom Zone portal must be open and decides to go close it, however dangerous as his super powers don't work there. Oliver was denied coming along but managed by surprise. The heroes find the zone under the rule of general Zod, who looks forward to his revenge for both worlds on Clark and was promised full dominion by Darkseid if he eliminates the great Kryponian adversary. So Clark is forced to enter Zod's arena's mortal gladiator combat, while Oliver is offered an alternative and reminded of being Omega-branded already, which no earthling knows yet. In the Watch Tower, Lois discovers the three hours portal destruction 'safeguard' Clark ordered Tess to trigger and fights it.

Previously on Smallville:

Welcome to the Phantom Zone.

Jor-El created this place to hold criminals
from the 28 known inhabited galaxies.

The omega symbol. It preys upon
the dark side that we already have.

It feeds on our doubts
and our distrust.

It waits for everybody's weaknesses
and then we destroy ourselves.

This is considered a symbol of hope.

It's Old Blue. Mom used to keep it
in her kitchen window.

It's the deed to the farm.

If we didn't have this place,
we'd lose each other.

Smallville is my home.

If you move to Metropolis...

...because that's who the world needs
you to be, that's just fine.

Hey, Lois?

Where can I put this box?

Well, I don't think that requires
any super-sleuthing.

It does say living room.

No, I can decipher your scrawl.
I'm just thinking it was mislabeled.

If you're talking about
my Whitesnake throw pillow...

...loving everything about me
includes the sentimental.

I made this from my eighth-grade
concert T-shirt.

I talked to Oliver, and he told me
how smoothly he and Chloe...

...fused their hero green and geek chic.

Don't worry, my for better or worse
will include your love of hair metal.

Let me move us in a lot faster.
I can unpack this in two seconds.

No, no. Hold the horsepower.

Part of us merging our lives together... taking the time to find the right spot
for everything.

All I know is my perfect spot
is here with you.

We'll take as much time as you need.

Sorry for the digital disruption,
but it's important.

What is it, Tess?

I just heard
from one of my military contacts.

Slade Wilson's back.

He was found unconscious
on a street corner.

He's in a coma
and completely unresponsive.

There's one way
out of the Phantom Zone.

It has to be activated
by a member of my family.

The House of El.

Slade's living proof
that someone stole your family key... Never-Never Escape Land.

Scanning crystal.

There's a better way to solve this
than sending yourself into exile.

If someone's releasing people...

...I need to figure out why
before they release anyone else.

You mean "we," right?
I'm going with him.

You told Oliver I was going in?

I come back to risk life and limb
in the Phantom Zone...

...I get not so much as a,
"Welcome back"?

Clark, you'll be powerless there.

Oliver has more experience with that.

Thanks. You could use me in there.

Absolutely not.

The Phantom Zone
is not a place for humans.

- I need to do this alone.
- Not completely alone.

Thanks to Booster's upgrade...

...Watchtower should maintain

...using the frequency vibrations
in the crystal.

Tracking audio transmission.

"Should" as in "might not."

It's not exactly a vacation destination,
so I haven't had the chance to test it.

Crystal online. Locked.



Frequency locked.

Be careful.

If I'd known about the drop,
I'd have brought rappelling equipment.

If I had known you'd ignore my warning,
I would have told you.

You should have trusted me.

You should have more faith
in your friends.

I came here to help you.

Wherever the hell this is.

Where I'm from,
people just hang a wreath.

It's a warning from the Zoners.

Consider it a not-so-friendly
"keep out" sign.

Guess we didn't corner the market
on darkness.

Darkseid's been to more places
in the galaxy than Earth.

He gets around. You think
he had anything to do with Slade?

I don't know.

If he's strong enough to make it here,
then no place is safe.

Listen, about this zone, Clark...

...when you said Jor-El
built a prison...

...I pictured something a little
more confined than a national park.

He built this place so Krypton's worst
criminals could have some kind of life.

Sounds like a real sweetheart.

Watchtower, do you read me?

We're picking you up.

We've reached the gateway.

There must be some clues
to who opened the portal.


I thought this was a clever name for jail.

They're the most dangerous prisoners.
We need to hurry.

How's it look?

Someone took the crystal.

- But the gate's still open, right?
- You don't understand.

The crystal is the gate.

Whoever sent Slade back
must have taken it with them.

It's our only ticket out of here, Clark.

Get ready.

They're coming.

Okay, here we go.

- They aren't back yet?
- Lois.

I told you that I had this under control.

My entire future just leapt headfirst...

...into a world that makes hell
look like the Taj Mahal.

I am not gonna leave here
until I know he's safe.

Crystal transmission interrupted.

Signal interrupt.

- Why did that just cut out?
- I don't know.

I'm trying to reach them
and I'm getting no signal.

Maybe the problem's on our end.

No. Either the signal's been blocked
or the communicator has been destroyed.

Okay, what do we do next?

There is no next.


Clark and Oliver are on their own now.


- Where are you taking Oliver?
- You're worried for him. You should be.

But there's nothing you can do.

I know.

It's terrible, feeling so powerless...

...when you know you've got
such strength inside of you...

...with no way of unleashing it.

Even without the yellow sun,
I will find a way to defeat you.

You'll have to work twice as hard.

Because when I arrived here...

...I made
a very special acquaintance.

Someone you know,
and someone I'm very, very fond of.

- Who?
- Me.

The original Zod's phantom.

Finally, back in the body
that you stripped me of.

Now I have the full knowledge
of two lives, and you... are my enemy in both.

And I defeated you in both.

Which is why it will give me double
the satisfaction to see you kneel...

...and serve until you die.

You sent me to my death sentence.

You left me at the mercy
of those Kandorians.

This was my punishment.

Jor-El built this place for your kind.

My kind?
Is that why you sent Slade here?

What would Jor-El think about
you using his prison for your purposes?

There's no trial, no jury,
just the rule of Kal-El.

But I suppose, in the end,
it became your undoing, didn't it?

It was all a trap.

And you knew once that I saw
Slade had been sent back...

...I'd come here looking for answers.

And you came.

You have the console crystal.


We're blood brothers, Kal-El.

Have you forgotten how you healed me
with your blood on Earth?

We're not brothers.

I saved you
because it was the right thing to do.

- We have nothing in common.
- We're from the same world.

You think having powers is the thing
that makes you Kryptonian?

It's not.

We share the same instincts.

We're decisive.
Single-minded, headstrong.

No, we were meant to be leaders.


You're a tyrant
who only believes in himself.

Who else should I put my faith in?

We both know that trusting others
is a calculated risk... a Kryptonian is not willing to take.

Oh, we can easily fool
those closest to us, can't we?

But we can lean on no one.

Do you remember
that most famous story...

...about two brothers
from your adopted planet?

You've got Cain and Abel.

Which brother are you, Kal-El?

Well, I'd never murder you.

I saved you.

You exiled me.

I'm in charge here...

...and you're about to find out
what that means...

Yes! Kill him! Kill him! Yes, yes!


They want you to fight.

To the death.


Look out.

The shield. Use the shield.

Look. Hey, here.

- Kill him!
- Kill him!

Get him now! Yeah!

Kill, kill, kill.

Kill, kill, kill.

Kill, kill, kill.

Kill, kill, kill.

Kill, kill, kill.

In the arena...

...we answer failure
with the only thing suitable.




You killed him for no reason.

In any arena, one fighter walks away.

Oh, when are you going to learn
it's kill or be killed?

It always was.

Maybe in your world,
but not mine.

This is my world.

Oh, and consider this
your one free pass.

If you fail to finish the job again...'ll be you dragged along
by your heels.

- Still nothing?
- Still nothing.

Dinner plans? That's the third time
you checked your watch.

I'm just checking to see
how long they've been in there.

Lois, I'm as nervous about this
as you are, okay?

You have to trust me.

I've been in this situation enough times
to know that cool heads prevail, okay?

Okay, but you haven't actually been
to the Phantom Zone.

I've been there.

Now that the phantoms have found Clark
and Oliver, we have to get them out.

I'm trying.

Well, not hard enough.

You haven't checked the crystal laser.
What if that's why we lost contact?


Oh, my God.

Tess is going to destroy the gate.

Better chance surviving your dad's desert
than Zod's Thunderdome.

Hiding out in the wasteland's
not gonna help.

Rather take my chances playing
patty cakes with the phantoms.

Zod has what we need to get home.
We're running out of time.

Before you invited yourself,
Tess and I put a plan in motion... protect Earth
if any phantoms escaped.

What'd you do, set it to self-destruct?

She set it to self-destruct.

It's the only option.

- How does Lois feel about that?
- Lois doesn't know.

But I hope to get us out of here
before we have to worry about that.

How? You can't bend metal in here.
You can't super-speed us back in time.

I know everything that Jor-El wrote
about the Phantom Zone.

And I know how Zod thinks.

Kill, kill, kill.

I hope all your studying paid off,
because it's test time.

Crystal's fine.

Like I said,
the problem has to be on their end.

Well, I guess you have it
all worked out, then, don't you?

Destroying the crystal
was a last resort, Lois.

I didn't wanna worry you.

I'm sorry if I'm not cheering the plan,
but you do realize...

...that this is Clark and Oliver's lives
we're talking about here?


Clark knew the risks.

You know what could come through
that gateway if it stays open.

It's a homing signal
for anything in there.

So, what, you're just gonna shut it
behind them, with no way home?

I cannot believe you turned on them.

You were supposed to be a member
of this team.

I'm following Clark's orders.

Well, that is a terrible plan.

And there's no way
he'd be okay with it.

You said it yourself, Lois.

The phantoms, they're dangerous.
The last time they got out, people died...

...and Clark wouldn't want that
to happen again.

I know this is hard, okay?

And I understand that you love Clark,
and you'd do anything not to lose him.

You bet I would.


...I don't wanna give up on Clark, either.

I don't, but we have a responsibility... not put the world at risk
for selfish reasons...

...which is what you're doing
by wanting to see him again.

I will not let you sacrifice him.

Being with a hero...

...means accepting that hero's sacrifices.

That's where you're wrong.

Being a hero's wife...

...means never accepting defeat.

At least here,
you are on equal footing with Kal-El.

Having to walk alongside someone
with the powers of a god...

...must be so demoralizing.

My ego's firmly intact,
thank you very much.

If you release your pets...

...I'd be more than willing to give
the Wicked Witch a demonstration.


Yeah. That's it.

That's the anger I was looking for.

That dark side of you
that you fear so badly, and you should.

I've seen what Darkseid is capable of.

What do you know?

After the Kandorians sent me here...

...a very powerful entity
came looking for me.

Darkseid promised me lordship
over this dominion...

...if I solved one problem for him.


Darkseid has certain ambitions
for your planet.

The thing is, we took care of that.
We blocked him.

Took care of his three little minions too.

Kal-El might delude himself, as usual,
that he's won...

...but there are millions,
millions on Earth...

...just waiting to surrender
to the will of Darkseid, and you...

...friend, are one of them.

I know exactly what you're doing.


But you know it's true, don't you?

And it goes way back.

After your parents were murdered,
that anger...

...and desire for revenge... can feel it now, can't you?

That darkness bubbling
under the surface.

It terrifies you.

Even if that were true, I would beat it.

Too late.

You're an agent of Darkseid now.

Just one of the many sinful souls
at his beck and call.

What would Clark think,
knowing you were a marked man?

He would, uh...

He'd stand by me.

But his faith in you
would be compromised.

That mistrust, it would grow.
It would manifest like a cancer.

Inevitably, you'll be cast aside,
out of his good graces, like I was.

We can rule here, together,
as brothers.

I was looking for a brother in Kal-El.
I was.

Ultimately, I realized
we have nothing in common.

Unlike you and I.

- He set the bar pretty high, didn't he?
- Heh.

Kal-El would never embrace
his dark side...

...and because of that, he will die here.

But you, you can be saved.

If you're brave enough
to walk along that darker path.

You have to honor it.

You have to draw from that darkness...

...because if you don't, you will die.


Come on!

Kill, kill, kill.

Kill him! Yeah!



At last, I have found
a brother-in-arms worth joining me.

But this...

This kill is mine.

At last, Kal-El,
you will know my vengeance.

I will have my revenge.

No more second chances.


In terms of crippling wounds,
I've had worse.

From friendly fire?

Wasn't really part of the plan.

Come on.
You were the man with the plan.

Get Zod to pit us against each other...

...knowing he'd wanna
finish you off himself.

Gave us a chance to grab the crystal.
But the plan isn't why we're here.

We're here
because we trusted each other.

I knew that whatever Zod said to Oliver,
he'd still follow through.

Yeah. Oh, it's...
Had to reel him in somehow, right?

I'm really glad you guys are back.

But I think I'm gonna have to call Dr. Emil
to take a look at that.

Clark, those omegas
that we saw at the gate...

...seems like the darkness is everywhere.

What if it comes back?

We'll fight it.



What if one of us were to get infected
with the darkness?

What would we do then?

We'd have to lock them up.

Darkness is a powerful thing.

It almost got me once.

And once it gets in...

...I don't think there's a way out.

Yeah, hey, I mean,
at least we took care of Zod, right?

Can't say I'll be missing that guy.

Some of the things he said...

Half the things that come out
of his mouth are a lie.

He knows how to take the fear you have
about yourself and use it against you.

I know someone's darkest fear
will be never seeing her fiancé again.

Lois has gotta be worried sick.
You should go see her.

This, this is nothing. I'll be fine.
Go. Get out of here.


- I knew you'd make it.
- I told you I would.

What happened to taking the time
to merge our lives together?

Finding the right place for everything?

Oh, well, you know me.
Waiting isn't exactly my strong suit.

So I guess nervous energy
equals power unpacking.

What did you do?
Enlist John Jones and Bart?

There's no way that you could have...

How long were we gone?

Three weeks.

We were only in there a few hours.

The crystal,
crushing it must have altered time.

So a few hours for me
was almost a month for you.

You waited all that time.

Well, the League decided it wasn't safe
to send any more people in after you... Tess and I took turns
camping out at Watchtower...

...trying to re-establish contact
with you and Oliver.

I, uh...

...brought the pillow with me
for downtime, because...

Well, it reminds me of you now.

Silly, huh?

After three hours,
Tess was supposed...

Blow up the gate.


Tess and I had a little unexpected
heart to heart about your secret plan.

I brought her around
to seeing things my way.

I just...

I wish you could have had
a little faith in me too.

Lois, I didn't want you to have to make
that kind of choice.

- I was trying to...
- Protect me?

I know.

But you're part of me now, Clark.

A half of a whole.

So in the future,
if there's even a chance...

...that the mission might claim
my better half...

...sign me up.

Because I'd rather be in some
sand-blown purgatory with you...

...than in the hell of not knowing
if I'll ever see you again.

Lois, I am so sorry.

I try to make choices
using my human side...

...but sometimes my Kryptonian side
takes over.

I try to control the situation.

Instead of hiding that side,
I should try to help you understand it.

Promise to put that
in your wedding vows.

The wedding.

Yeah, T-minus-two days, Smallville.

- You didn't postpone it.
- No.

I couldn't.

Believing that you would
come back to me...

...was the only thing that kept me going.

But if you wanna postpone, that's fine.

Lois, there's nothing in this world
that could prevent me...

...from walking down that aisle.

I knew you were coming.
Sneaking up on me is just showing off.

Your hunch was right.

The constellation in the Veritas journal...

...cross-translates with Carter's notes
as the Bow of Orion.

And as associated with these coordinates
on the Celtic coast.

Since we're still going Dutch
on supersonic jet fuel... you mind telling me why you're
suddenly interested in a treasure hunt?

It's not a treasure.

It's, uh... It's Hawkman's quest.

He saw this guy Orion use it...

...the last time he kicked Darkseid's ass
halfway across the universe.

He was never able to locate the weapon
that the hunter used to defeat him.

My family's journals were the missing
piece Hawkman never had.

Now we know where to look
for the weapon... it's my job to go find it.


Fighting Darkseid
isn't your own personal quest.

We're all in this together.

I just need you to trust me
on this one, okay?

There's enough water
under our collective bridge...

...that if you need me
not to ask questions...

...I can do that.

Thank you.