Slings and Arrows (2003–2006): Season 3, Episode 2 - Vex Not His Ghost - full transcript

Charles Kingman--the theatrical lion whom Geoffrey has recruited to play Lear--brings some secret demons of his own to the production and immediately alienates cast and crew alike. Meanwhile, the festival's general manager, Richard Smith-Jones, flexes his creative muscles.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Everybody, please hurry up.

You'll miss your flight.

[speaking spanish]

No! Tim, why is
he doing this?

He says he's lost

His st. Christopher

He won't travel
without it.

No! You have
to make this flight.

Their visas expire tonight.

It's very serious.

[speaking spanish]





Oh, there you are.

Gangs of people on
the streets everywhere.

♪ when life takes its toll
and fate treats you bad ♪

♪ you used to be cain
but now you've be ad ♪

♪ alone with your fool
you think you'll go mad ♪

♪ it's nice to take
a walk in the rain ♪

♪ a stomp through a storm
is what i'd advise ♪

♪ when people you trust
tell nothing but lies ♪

♪ and kidnap your friend
and gauge out his eyes ♪

♪ it's nice to take
a walk in the rain ♪

♪ you say your daughters
are evil plotters ♪

♪ and a little shower
will keep you sane ♪

♪ when all has been said
and all have been slain ♪

♪ it's good to take
a walk in the rain ♪

♪ for several hours ♪

♪ helps to have
a how in the rain ♪

♪ without your clothes on ♪

♪ nice to take
a walk in the rain ♪

[cheering, applause]



I haven't cried
in a week.

I think that's
worth knowing.

Look, it's not
a big deal.

50% of men
age 40 to 70

erectile dysfunction.

It's a highly
treatable problem.

You got that off
the web, didn't you?

You just google

And wade through
the porn.

Eventually you get
to bob dole.

he made that

Public service

He...He made an ad
for viagra.

And I don't need

I'm just--i'm under
a lot of stress.

What the fuck
were you thinking

Inviting barbara
to move in with us?

I thought
she'd say no.

She did say no.

Then you asked her
a second time.

Well, I thought
she'd say no

A second time.

She's my best friend,

And she was very
very good to me

When we
were in new york.

And this isn't
about barbara.

This is about you
accepting the fact

That you're older now.

I'm older now.

We're not in a young
company anymore.


Vocalize your pain.


Or pleasure.

No one will judge
if they're the same.

Now imagining each vertebrae
as building blocks

As you start to roll up
ever so gently.


And rolling faster.

And fuck the rolling;
you're standing.

Es y tu?

keep your pee clear.

Water is your friend.

There they are,
our new roomies.


That one is some kind
of a future star.

She's like
the ingenue part.

in "king lear?"


There they are.
Boys and girls: The musical.

Well, they're flexible.

I'll give them that.

The stick figure,
that stick insect,

It's megan.
She's the lead

And a triple threat
they say.

What, cute, sexy,
and bendy?

You think she's cute?

I think she looks sick.
Bet she's bony.

I think
you're an idiot,

'cause she's
totally your type.

What? I do not
have a type.

And if I did,
it would...Not...

Shut up.

You don't find her

Hey, um...
Are you excited

About the rehearsals
coming up?

I'm nervous.

Like the first day
of school.

Yeah. It's their
first day, too.

What do you do
on the first day

Of a musical rehearsal?

I don't know.
Get all gay?

Woman's voice: The service
interval indicator

Should be right next
to the fuel gauge.

Do you see it now?

Oh, yes. Yes.
Thank you. Thanks.

Sorry, i've never had
a car like this before.

Is there
anything else

I can do for you
this morning?

Uh, no, no.
That's fine.

That's good.
Thank you.

Thank you for
using bmw assist,

And have a great day.

Thank you. Actually,
today is a big...

It's a big day.

I'm starting
a new project.

It's a play,
a musical.

I'm very
excited about it.

i'm producing it.

Great. Good luck.

What's your name?

My name?


Uh, emily.

Oh, emily. Ok, well,

I'm sure i'll be
talking to you again,

So i'll let you know
how it goes.



Uh, yes, we had some artists
booked on ac flight 916

To la paz via miami.

I'm just wondering
did they get on the flight?

Ok, well did they get
off the flight?

Yes, i'll hold.

Richard? Geoffrey?
I need to speak to you 2.

A human resources
meeting at 10.

Anna, i'm in rehearsal.


Anna, i'm in rehearsal.

No, you're not
in rehearsal.

You don't get to use
the same excuse.

I am taking on
the musical.

Geoffrey doesn't do
administrative duties

While he's rehearsing.

Neither do I.
I'm sorry, anna.

That's the new deal.

So the new deal

Is that anna
does all the work?

It's your


Anna, i'm in rehearsal.


just wanted to say

Good luck on your
first day of rehearsal.

Oh, yeah. You, too.

Thank you.

And I wanted
to ask you.

Could you give me
some tips

About dealing
with darren?

Because frankly,

He makes me
a little nervous.

Ah, yes. Darren.

Well, darren
is an idiot,

And like
many idiots,

He's very proud.

Your best weapon
is flattery.

Suck up, and
he'll respond.


Oh, no.

Stephen morris died.

I don't know why
you bother with that.

Huh. I might
tell morrie.

Oh, you are a number.

I woke up this
morning thinking:

When will I ever
play king lear?

Oh, frank. You can't
seriously want

To play king lear.

All that ranting.
You'd be a wreck.

Much nicer to stay

In the middle
of the pack.

Looks so much older.

Well, of course
he is older.

So are we.

How are you?
You look terrible.

I'm having that
feeling again.

That weepy feeling?

What is wrong with me?

Well, just sit here
like this.


I want it
drug-like jags...

Why can't we have--


Good looking


God, they're young.
They're so young.


You can actually,
you know,

the first energy

When you
step in the door.

Do you have
a purpose?

Excuse me?

Why are you here

Quietly spouting

Oh, oh, well,
darren, you know,

I thought i'd really
like to learn something

About this--
this process.


Geoffrey said that
if I want to learn

about theater,

I should come
and watch you.

He says
you're the best.

And I mean
you are the best.

I've always known

That you are
the best, but--

You've done
very well for us,

But you're the best.

Kind of
a legend really.


This is nigel
harrison, the writer.


And as the writer,

Nigel is the eunuch
in the harem.

Ha ha.

Take a look around,

Absorb. We'll settle,
and then nigel

Will sing us
through the score.

Ok. Thank you,

Not in my chair!

Us, sophie? Come on.

I want you
to meet charles.

Sorry. Charles?


This is sophie.
She's playing cordelia.

Yeah. Uh,
forgive me, dear.

How much
do you weigh?

107 about.

Enter king lear

With cordelia
dead in his arms.

That'll be
a challenge.

Ha ha.

Um, charles, I believe
you know ellen.


It's nice to
see you again.

Oh, i've changed.

My hair is
completely different.

"the 3 sisters?"
national arts center?

I was marsha.

Uh, sorry, dear.

There've been
a lot of marshas

Over the years.

Um, if you
remember barbara?

She was olga.
One of your olgas.

You, I remember.

Oh, how flattering.

You were the black one.

Uh, jerry? Come
and meet charles.

Come quickly
and meet charles.

Jerry is playing kent,
and is your understudy.

It's 10:15.

Oh, outstanding.
All right, everyone.

Let's grab a seat.


I'd just like to say
at the outset

How thrilled I am

That we have charles
kingman joining us.

I first saw charles act
as falstaff in henry iv,

And as he knows,
it was that performance

That made me want
to pursue this life

In the theater.

I was 11, and my father
took me to the play,

Which was unusual because
my father detested the theater.

Charles' performance
left me with 2 things:

The first is amazement
that one human being

Could generate
that much spit...


And the second--
the second was

At the end of the play

Where falstaff's great
friend hal betrays him.

Charles made me cry...
Which wasn't unusual.


What was unusual
was that my father...

My father was crying...

Geoffrey, I don't know
if you remember

The exercise
we used to do.

The one where someone,
well, anyone,

Would tell the story
of the play

Through their character's
point of view.

That sounds like a--

That's a great idea,

Why don't you start us off?

Is everyone sitting

The tragedy of "king lear."

East hastings,
the musical.

Once there was an old king
who, after many years of reign,

Realized he was at
the end of his life.

This is the story of
a junkie hooker named lulu

And her fight to kick the horse.

The king announced that he was
going to divide up the kingdom

Amongst his daughters:
Regan, goneril,

And his favorite,

But first he had
a question for them.

Which of you, shall we say,
doest love us most?

And so david, the gentle

He tells lulu that
he's leaving for seattle.

And after one
last night of passion,

He leaves her an envelope
with 20 crisp $100 bills inside.

So lulu has a choice.

Charles: So cordelia
has a choice.

Does she flatter him
like her sisters?

Or does she risk everything
and tell her father the truth?

Nigel: Does she escape
east hastings

Or does she get higher
than she's ever gotten before?

♪ I hate the needle,
I hate the needle ♪

♪ I hate needle,
but I love the trip ♪

Lear's anger is boundless.

He banishes cordelia,
he banishes the faithful kent,

And goneril and regan
seize their opportunity.

She's so high. She's too high.

♪ she's too high-igh-igh-igh ♪

They drive their father
out of doors

Into a fierce thunderstorm,

And there, on the heath,

With his fool
and the disguised kent

Begging him to take shelter,

He rages against
his daughter's ingratitude.

He's gone mad.

And it's there,
in the mental ward,

That lulu begins to sing.

♪ wasn't long ago
my soul was dying ♪

♪ wasn't long ago I thought
that life was too absurd ♪

♪ now i've got it figured out,
forgive me if I shout ♪

♪ i'm trying,
trying to be heard ♪

♪ i'm trying to be heard ♪

♪ trying to be heard ♪

The old man sleeps,
and when he wakes,

Cordelia is there,
as if in a vision,

And the king and his daughter
embrace with tears of joy.

They're sent to prison,
but they're resigned happy

Because they're together.

And poor cordelia's hanged,

And...As lear cradles
her dead body,

His spirit finally breaks,

And he dies.

And suddenly david appears.

He's returned from seattle.

He's a record producer now.

♪ we don't need the needle,
we don't need the needle ♪

♪ we don't need the needle
to be free ♪

Charles: And the moral?

Well, perhaps you could tell me.

♪ we don't need the needle,
we don't need the needle ♪

♪ we don't need the needle
to be free ♪

♪ we don't need it ♪

And blackout!

[cheering, applause]

Ahem. Thank you.
Nice, charles.

Well, now we know
the story,

So why don't we start off

With an easy reading
of the text? Maria?

But could--could
we have a break?

Of course.

Thank you.

[bell tolling]

Man: But I can talk
to my fishies.

My fishies, heh?

You like the red flakes.


Oh, sorry. I was
engrossed in the fish.

Are you looking for
the Monday drop by?

No. No. I was
passing by.

Saw the sign.

Oh, well,
please come in.

What is the--the
Monday drop by?

Oh, it's a glee club
for the homeless.

Have a seat.

I'm sorry about
that chair.

You're a little older
than my usual clientele.

Your usual clientele
are homeless children?

You know, I just
got these fish,

And I can't stop
looking at them.

I find them--I find
them oddly soothing.

Fish live in the now,
as they say.

We can learn
from the fish.

So i'm--i'm
andrew mcteague.

Geoffrey tennant.

Geoffrey tennant
from the festival?

Are you a subscriber?

No, no. It's just
i've read about you

In the paper
with the swans.

Small towns. Things get
blown out of proportion.



Take your time.

Would you like
some juice?

I have--I have
sunny d.

I think i'm--
I seem to be

Right in the middle
of a crease,

And I don't
know what--I don't...

I'm directing a play.
It's "king lear."

And maybe it is
the play, I don't know,

But lately I find
myself suddenly crying.

Suddenly--no reason,
and, um, oh...

There's other stuff.

Other stuff?

Ahem, yeah. Um...

I'm having a peck
of a problem

Holding up an erection.
I'm sorry for the word.

No, i'm a minister,
not a mollusk.

Well, I should
tell you right now

That I can't
prescribe medication.

No. I don't want

These kind of problems,

They're usually
the symptom

Of a much larger issue.

Think of your life
as an inner tube.

If you fill it
with too much air,

It'll bubble
at a weak point.

You can patch
that weak point,

But it'll
just bubble

Somewhere else.

The real problem
is the pressure.

We just need to find

The source
of your pressure.



Oh, am I
distracting you?

I'll just go wait
in the pews.

What are you doing?

I'm praying.
What's it look like?

What for?

Because i'm
in need of help.

Geoffrey, why am I
still here?

Oh, god,
i'm depressed.

Oh, I see. So if
i'm depressed,

You have to be
more depressed.

Is that
how it works?

Look, i'm the one

Who's having the
crisis here, oliver.

Where were you?

Oh, I see. You couldn't
find your ghost friend,

So you had to resort
to therapy.

Listen to yourself.

Forget it.

Oh, my condolences
on your limp dick.

You leave my limp
dick out of it.


[speaking halting spanish]

Oh, I can't handle this.

Richard? Grant applications
are due on Friday.

Dammit! Why didn't
you tell me?

I've been trying
to tell you all week.

I've written something up,
but you need to vet it.

Let's do that
after work, ok?

Richard, this is work.

No, anna. The work
of this place

Is the theater,
not about the money.


Get your priorities
straight, anna.

Oh, um, si, si.

If you will come to me
for thou I spy danger,

I do entreat you bring
but 5 and 20.

To no more will I
give place or notice.

Line endings?


I can't hear
the verse.

I gave you all.

And in good time
you gave it.

Made you my guardian,
my depositories,

But kept a reservation
to be followed

With such a number.

Must I come to you
with 5 and 20, regan?

And speaked again,
my lord.

No more with me.

God. The same bad habits
you had 20 years ago.

Oh! Nice to know

You remember me
after all.


I'll go with thee.

Lie 50 yet of
double 5 and 20,

And thou are twice
her love.

Hear me, my lord.

What need you
5 and 20?

10 or 5 to follow
in a house

Where twice as many
have a command

To tend you?

What need one?


Oh, reason not to need
are basis beggars are

And the poorest things

Allow not nature more
than nature needs;

Man's life
as cheap as beast.

Thou art a lady
if only to go warm

Where gorgeous white
nature needs,

Not what
the gorgeous wears,

Which scarcely keeps
me warm.

But for true need,
you heavens,

Give me that patient's
patience I need.

You hear the verse?

The meaning
is in the verse!

We must respect it!

Please continue.

♪ $2000
it could get me some smack ♪

♪ and a trip to nirvana ♪

♪ $2000,
it could get you on track ♪

♪ solve your life
if you wanna try ♪

♪ that's what $2,000-- ♪

Megan, i'm gonna
stop you there.

You're singing
to david,

The man you love,

The man who pays you
to have sex with him.

Obviously the emotions

Contained within
these relationships

Are complex, but I don't
want you to play

Those emotions.
Nigel, sit. Sit.

I want you all
to take note of this.

Music is manipulative

On a level few of us
can fully appreciate.

I visited a lab in rotterdam,

And I saw a chimpanzee driven
to a state of sexual ecstasy

Simply by listening to
a c major seventh chord

Repeated over and over.

I saw--I saw it
with my own eyes.

Sing the duet by yourself.
Let's see how that feels.

Darren scares me

When he gets
esoteric like that.

Yeah. That was

You want to step in
if things get

Out of hand, right?

Oh, look, i'm just
here as an observer.

I'll try.

Thank you.

I'm happy that I am.

I cannot heave my heart
into my mouth.

I love your majesty
according to my bond.

No more, no less.

Speak up.

You have begot me,
bred me, loved me.

I return those
duties back

As are right fit.

Has no one told you

You have serious
vocal problems?


Oh, come on,
for god's sake.

Give me the cue.

Sorry. I'm trying.

Obey you, love you,
and most honor you.

Why have my
sister's husbands

If they say they
love you all?

Is that the way
she's going to do it?

Ellen: Charles!

Yes, ellen?

You're being a bully.

Well, someone
has to tell her.

If not me, it'll
be the critics.

Stop it!

Oh, so you're

The cast mother
now, hmm?

Ok, everyone.
Let's cool down.


I'm fine really.

I just...
Let me, uh...

it's nearly 5:00.

Oh, thank the little
baby jesus.

All right, everyone.

Have a relaxing

And we will pick up
with this fun

Again tomorrow.

Your company's soft.

We're rehearsing lear,
for god's sake.

It's not an acting class.

The problem is this:
We made a profit.

How is that a problem?

Richard, if we
made a profit,

The arts councils
will reduce our grant.

Then if we have
a bad year,

We have to start
all over again

In the funding
line up.

Then we'll call it
a surplus, you know.

We'll hand out
some bonuses.

We'll throw a huge
opening night party.

You know, maybe start
a capital campaign.

For what?

I don't know:
A new theater?

A swimming pool?

You know,
it doesn't matter.

We made a profit.

A surplus.

A surplus. Whatever.

You know,
we should celebrate.

God. Do we not have
any booze around here?

Wait. What happened
to those gift baskets

We got for macbeth?

In the board room.

I haven't
opened them yet.

Let's go!

Jesus christ!

for fuck's sake!

Oh, hello, geoffrey.
How's rehearsals?

Oh, god and all
his angels.

What is wrong
with you?

You just about
gave me a heart attack.

Oh, don't bother.

It's not working

What is this?
A cry for attention?

Possibly. I don't know.
I don't care.

Why don't you sit down
here with me

And tell me what
this is all about.

I told you
at the church.

I want to die.

Well, apart from
the fact

That you're
already dead, why?

Why now?

it's my time.

It was my time
2 years ago.

I want to move on.
I want my reward.

What if you're not
getting a reward?

What if what you get
is punishment?

This is
my punishment,

This marginal

Why is this
happening to me?

Was I such
a bad person?

Do you really
want to go there?

And in any event,

It's all blood
under the bridge.

I've moved on.

You really believe
that, do you?

What are you doing?

It's my new affliction.

I come and go now,
kind of like a rash.




Good for you.


One little bit.



How's the musical?

Oh, god, anna.

You should hear
this one girl.

This huge voices
come out

Of this tiny body.

I get chills just
thinking about it.

It's so good to
see you having fun.

You know, that's it.
I'm having fun.

For the first time
in my life

As an arts

I'm actually
having fun!

I always suspected

There was a crippled
artist in you

Trying to crawl out.


But still, come on.

Are people
talking about me

In the musical?

Do they think
i'm an idiot?

You killed yourself

Turning this place


Don't worry about
the talk.

You've earned
the right.

Thank you, anna.

To your musical.
May it be a big hit.


So what about you?

I mean, what's going
on in your life?

What's going on?
Are you still seeing

That canadian

No. That ended--

No! Richard!

don't do that!

I'm sorry. Sorry!

You were nice to me!
Made me horny.

Oh, please
don't say that.

Ok. I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.

It was--it was
the scotch.

I understand.

You were nice to me,
and made me horny.


Paul: You can't
take it personal.

Well, it feels personal.

It's making me not want
to go back to rehearsal.

He's just
a grumpy old man.

No, he's mean. I hope
he gets alzheimers.

Ok. We're gonna have
a couple drinks.

We're gonna play
some pool. Ok?

You owe me 40 bucks.

You know, you're
a very simple person.

I am a very simple
person. It's true.

Shit. They're
at our table.

They're new owners.

Hi. Ladies? Gentlemen?

Sorry. This table's
traditionally reserved

For actors.

We are actors.
We're in the musical.

Oh, yes, true. Sorry.

That's my fault. I should
have been more explicit.

This table is traditionally
reserved for actors

In the classical company.

This is still
the new burbage festival,

And that converts to nature,
rights, and privileges,

And et cetera.

Anyway, bottom line
is our shakespeare

Pretty much
trumps your sequins.

Well, too bad.
We were here first.


Paul, forget it.

No, wait, wait.
I'm sorry.

I'm just trying
to make a point.

I'm sorry.

We are
the residents,

And you
are the visitors.

We're gonna be here
long after

Your little workshop
production is closed.

It's about respect.

i'm gonna go, ok?


Ooh, your
girlfriend's leaving.

Maybe you should
walk her home.

That would be
the respectful

Thing to do.


Oh, my god.

He's cute,
but he's a dick.


So, one minute
i'm being insulted

For not being
able to organize

My income tax receipts,

And the next minute
we're tearing off

Each other's clothes.

So you know what
the worst part of it is?

I still have to pay
$27,000 in back taxes.

Oh, excuse me.

I am sweating
like a pig.

Hot flashes.

All ready?

Yep. Lucky me.

When I first found out,

I was depressed
for 2 days,

And then I thought:
This isn't tragedy.

Lear is tragedy.
This is just life.

Good for you.

So what if I can't
have kids? Boo hoo.

I can travel.
I can do theater.

So what if i'm not
in a relationship?

I have my battery-
operated boyfriend.

Ellen, you just
finished telling me

You slept with your

I'm not shocked.

I'm just not used to
intimate conversation.

There's no one
in the company

I can talk to.

What about geoffrey?
God, it's so romantic.

Living together,
working together,

Sleeping together.

It is, but, you know,
we have our problems.

I mean, I don't know.

Tell me something.

Why doesn't geoffrey
speak to charles

About his behavior
in rehearsal?

I'm sorry.
I shouldn't...

Oh, no, no.
You're right.

i'll talk to him.

Where is he,
by the way?

Working. Probably.
I don't know.




Oh, there you are.

You disappeared

In the middle
of a conversation.

I know. I've been
doing that lately.

I just fade away,
but I don't go away.

Very depressing.

Well, I have
a little something

That might
cheer you up.

Oh, you found a gun?


I need your help
with "king lear."

I'm having
a little trouble.

I don't care.

I beg your pardon?

is pointless.

I see that now.

It accomplishes

You struggle
to put on a play

That was
cobbled together

From 400-year-old
hand-written fragments.

And it's full
of contradictions

And inconsistencies.

And the actors don't
know what the hell

They're saying.

The audience
doesn't know

What the hell
they're hearing.

And at the end, what
does it get you?

Not 2 pickets
to tittsburgh,

I can tell you
that much.

You're depressing.

Let me come
to therapy with you.


I need help,

I've got nowhere
else to turn.

Look, this isn't
about you, oliver.

It's about me.

And I support
what you're doing.

You're getting help
while you're alive,

And I respect that.

I just want
to sit in, listen.

Maybe he might
say something

That will give me
a new perspective,

For both of us.

Maybe we'll both
quit the theater

For good, eh?

I'm not going to him
for career advice,

You weirdo.

Aren't you?

Oh, shit. It's
happening again.


Hi. What's up?

Hey, you've been
in here for 20 minutes,

And I have a rehearsal
to get to.

Oh, so do I.
Ha ha ha.

Uh, so you can't
dry your hair

In your room?

Oh, there's no
mirror in there.

Ha ha!

There's no mirror
in there. Ha ha.

So...You know,

I want you to think
of each session

As your hour.

It's about you
and nobody else.

If you want to
whine and complain,

Feel free to do so.

Take it away.


Well, I don't...

Maybe you could
ask me a question.

Sure, yes. Ok. Um...

Do you think of yourself

As someone
who can separate

His work life and
his personal life?

Or are you someone

Who takes your work
with you

Wherever you go?


Uh, you know, yeah.

I suppose I do
take my work with me,

But--but I don't
really know how

To stop working, which
for me is thinking,

And how do you not
think of something?

Right. How do you ignore
the elephant in the room?

Well, you know, quite often
work-related stress

Results from
an unrealistic self-image.

What do you mean?

Well, you constantly fail to
meet your own expectations,

And it makes for
a miserable life.


You know,
no, I think maybe

That it's a little
bit different

For people in the arts

Because when
i'm not working,

I don't know
who I am.

But you are working.
Very hard, in fact.

One of the first things
you said to me

When you
came into my office

Was, "I don't know
who I am."

Oh. Oh, he's good.

I think sometimes
you have to ask yourself

Is work enough or--or
is there something more?

You mean i'm looking
for a higher purpose?


Ah, yes.


Oh, you found them.

We were just
having breakfast.

Oh, thank goodness
you're out of danger.

I was so worried
you'd be caught up

In the coup.


They didn't know?


There's been a coup
in your country.

The generals have
taken over the government.

[speaking spanish]

They said they heard
there were rumors,

But they did not know
that this was coming.

Then why did they
come back?

He did not want to
go through security

Without his st.
Christopher medal.

He caused such a scene

That they kicked him
out of the airport.

They didn't know
where else to go,

So they came back here.

And it worked.

[speaking spanish]


Got a minute?


I've come
to talk to you

On behalf
of the company.

Who asked you?

It doesn't matter
who asked, does it?

Ah. Barbara.

Yes. She's
made me deputy.

Has she found
somewhere to live?

Uh, she's working
on it.

I'm sure she is.

So, what did you want
to talk about?

Charles. He's making
life difficult

For everyone.

It's not fair.

The actors can't
do their work.

All we're asking for

Is a little
common respect.

That's not too much
to ask, is it?

No. No.

I'll talk to him.

Ok. Thanks.

So...How's it going?
Your therapy.

Did you have
a session today?

Uh-huh. Yeah.
It's fine, you know.

Did you talk to him
about your...

My faulty unit?

I was trying to be
a little sensitive.

Ok, well, i'll see you
at rehearsal.

You know, my first
musical, "oklahoma,"

I was 7, you know.

"wizard of oz"
when I was 4 or 5.

But isn't everyone's
first musical

"the wizard of oz?"

I played the leader
of the lollipop guild

When I was in grade 2.

I drove
my mother crazy.

I played snoopy

In my high school

Of "you're a good man,
charlie brown."

I was linus.

Kingston summer rep.


I used
my own blanket.

I lost my virginity

To the girl
who played lucy.

I lost mine backstage
at a production

Of "broadway,
broadway, broadway"

At canada's wonderland.


Would you 2
please shut up?!

I'm trying to work!


Sorry, darren.

Take 5.


You do me wrong.

Now take me out
of my grave.

Thou at a soul
in bliss with I

Am bound upon
a wheel of fire

That mine own tears do
scald like molten lead.

Sir, do you know me?

You are a spirit,
I know.

When did you die?

Still still far wide.

Where am I?

Fair daylight.

I am mightily

I should even
die with pity

To see another thus.

I know
not what to say.

O, look upon me, sir.

Oh, for fuck's sake,

Will you learn
your lines!

That--that is
my line.

It may be your line,
but it's not your cue.

You cut me off.

I'm very sorry,

A waste of my time

Rehearsing with

Stage management,
you call me

When she's
learned her lines.

I thought you said

You were gonna
speak to him.

I did say that; yes.


Well, i've
been waiting for

An appropriate lull
in the...

Darren: Let's try it again.

This time,
everybody dance

With your backs
to the audience.

Let's go.

You know, the thing is
darren has a vision.

But ultimately,
all the great musicals

Are sustained
by the story.


And this is
a good story.

I mean it's one
woman's journey--

Then you've gotta
help me defend it.


Because it's gonna
get lost

In all this theater.

Ok. Ok.

Hey, darren. Sorry.
I have a question.

I was just wondering,
you know,

This staging with their
backs to the audience,

And also, you know
that scene in act 2,

Scene 3, where it's
all in the dark,

Do you think
that's really

our story here?

Get out.

Get out!

I cannot concentrate

With your
ill-informed yapping.

This is
a creative process.

I cannot be constrained
by your ignorance.

Sure. Sorry.
I'll sit down.

Ahem! Again from the top.

Thanks for trying.

Geoffrey: Charles?

Come in. Come in.

It's all more
of the crap

You accumulate
at my age.

Someone's writing
a book

On the history of
theater in canada.

You look worried.

Charles, we need to
talk about rehearsal.

Yeah? Good. What
are your thoughts?

The thing is
it's the cast.

They're having
a very hard time,

And they're afraid.

And so
they should be.

The play is
very disturbing.

It could effect
your whole life.

They are afraid
of you.

You are very...



Well, it's not
my problem.

Well, yes, it is.

They haven't been
with this play

As long as you have.
None of us have.

You have got to give us
time to catch up.

I don't have time.

Charles, come on.

We've got weeks
before we open.

I'm not talking
about that.

I have cancer,

You have cancer?

Yes. I have 2,
3 months,

So you'll forgive me
if my patience

Is a little strained.


Charles, jesus.

Why didn't you
tell me?

I was afraid
you'd cancel.

Well, of course
i'm gonna cancel.

Nobody should die
doing a play

At new burbage.

Lear is far too

For somebody who's sick.

I mean you're gonna
need to rest.

You're gonna need to
take care of yourself.

What for?
I'm still gonna die.

He's right.
He could get hit

By a pig truck

And then what?


I know the part.

I've been studying it
all my life.

And now i'm living it.

Help me do this.

For however far
we get...

Promise me.

Is this...Is this
my higher purpose?

I don't know.

You have to do this,
geoffrey, for me.

For you?

Yes. For me.

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acorn media

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captioning institute

♪ call the understudy,
I can't go on tonight ♪

♪ i'm drinking with my buddy ♪

♪ i'm getting good and tight ♪

♪ before they raise
the curtain ♪

♪ i'll be higher than a kite ♪

♪ so call the understudy ♪

♪ I won't go on tonight ♪

♪ tell the bastard crew
to break a leg ♪

Break a leg.

♪ and roll me out
another bloody keg ♪

Bloody keg!

♪ I need to reach the point
that life can bring ♪

Life can bring.

♪ and liquor is what
will hit the spot ♪

♪ the play is not the thing ♪

♪ so call the understudy,
I think it's only right ♪

♪ my picture will be muddy,
i'll never find me light ♪

♪ before the intermission
i'll be pissing on the sprite ♪

♪ so call the understudy,
I can't go on ♪

He can't go on.

♪ I won't go on ♪

He shan't go on.

♪ I can't go on tonight ♪

Damn right.