Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 14 - Heavy Metal - full transcript

After sliding into the ocean, the team find that they need to make themselves useful to a group of modern day pirates in order to survive until their next slide.

What do you have?

Something in the water, sir.
10 degrees off the port bow.

Bring us 10 degrees to port.
Reduce speed to half ahead.

Aye, sir.

And man the deck guns.
Just in case.

Yes, Captain.

right this way.

Thank you.

This way, ma'am.
Thank you.

There you go, sir.


Tickets, please.

I'm just kidding!

"Tickets, please."
I've been waiting years
to say that.

Welcome aboard.
I'm Captain Thompson.

Captain Thompson, listen.
We're very grateful.

Very lucky is
more like it.

How did you get out here?

We were out fishing.
Sprung a leak.

A big one.

Captain, where are we
bound for?

Bound for trouble if
we sit dead in these waters
much longer.

Prepare to get underway.

Now, if you have any needs,
please ask any member
of my crew.

You're more than welcome
to make yourselves at home
in my galley.

If you'll excuse me.

"Tickets, please."

Man, am I pruny.

What the hell happened?

We never slid in
underwater before.

Next thing you know, we'll be
popping out of the wormhole

or 1,000 feet
in the air.

Something like this really
shakes my confidence
in the whole process.


Q-Ball mentioned something
about a spatial differential

that would only let us
slide onto dry land.

Guys, something is wrong
with the timer.


Well, I mean,
it's having trouble locking

onto a stable set
of slide coordinates.

Getting it wet
probably didn't help.

it's weatherproof.

I mean, you know,
seawater shouldn't
have bothered it.

Have you ever changed
the batteries in this?

Look, this is no time
for jokes, girl.

No joke.
A loss of power
might explain

why we weren't able to lock
onto a solid landing site.

Did you think this thing
would just run forever?

Don't suppose a trip to
Radio Shack for batteries,
would do the trick?

I can probably
give it a jump start
with my PDL,

but we could be in for
some pretty rough slides.

If we slide at all.

Oh, man.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


We have three days
until our next
slide window.

I can probably have
the timer recharged
enough by then

to open the wormhole.

After that I don't know.

I wonder what
they're looking for?

It's about time
we ask the Captain
where we're headed.

Maybe there be
sea monsters.

Don't even joke.

You guys ready
for some good news?


We dock in Hawaii
in two days.

Aloha, wahines.

We're not heading back
to the mainland?

What's the big deal?

I thought you guys
would be itching for
a change of locale.

Haven't you ever wondered
why we always end up
in Southern California?

We never slide into
New York or Paris?

It's our sliding radius.

Sliding radius?

We have about
400-mile radius

from the point
of our original slide.

So we have to be inside
of that zone when
the timer reaches zero.


I don't know.
We've never tried sliding
outside our zone before.

Maybe nothing happens.

Maybe you just move
your "sliding zone"
and start over.

Well, maybe you're right.
But if the timer's on
the fritz,

I don't want
to start sliding

from some island
in the middle
of the Pacific.

We could end up
in the water again.

Or the vortex might
not open up at all.

Or we could slide in
and not slide out.

I get the picture.

Well, we got to
get back to
that mainland.

You want us
to turn around?

It's very important.

Sorry, folks,

but I have cargo that
needs to be in Honolulu,
day after tomorrow.

Now you can hop
the next ship back
once we get there.

Should put you back in LA
by the end of next week.

Well, that's too late.

Too late for what?

Medical emergency.

Well, what's the problem?

Mallory has kidney stones
and he can't pass them.
It's very painful.



I'll have
the ship's doctor
take a look,

but that's the best
I can do.

What about a medevac?

A what?

A chopper,
a helicopter.

Something that will
fly us back into LA.

I don't know what
a helicopter is,

but you're not going
to find an airplane

that could fly
this far out to sea.

Even if you
could afford it.


Come to think of it,
I haven't seen a contrail
since we slid in.

Why not?
Look at this ship.

They must have
the know-how
to build planes.

It's not the "know-how."

It's the raw materials.

So what have you got?

Well, I checked out
the ship's library,
to see if this world

has sufficient technology
to help us fix the timer.

Find that Popular
Mechanics issue
on sliding?

No, but I did
stumble across a copy

of this world's
periodic table
of the elements.


And it goes straight
from atomic number 12
to 14.

Straight from magnesium...
Bam! Right to silicon.

There's no aluminum.

No aluminum.
How is that possible?

Well, either the geology
of this world doesn't
contain the element,

or the people
of this world

never mastered
the electrolytic process

of separating aluminum
from bauxite.

So, this is the really
heavy stuff world?

Well, there is some
aircraft technology.

Mostly 1930s vintage,
but nothing like
the modern airline industry.

This world's economy must
run on the maritime trade.

So, how do we
get off this bucket

and back onto
our sliding radius?

I suppose
we could mutiny.

Joke! That was a joke!

what's happening?

We're being boarded!

By who?

Scurvy bastards
come in out of the sun.

Can't see 'em
till it's too late.



Do your worst.

Are we letting
this happen?

Dumb question.

Come on.

That's enough!

You should know better
than to fight back.

You might get hurt.

And what kind of
a party would this be

if I allowed my guests
to get hurt?

I must have lost
my invitation to
this little shindig.

I like surprise parties.

Move that hand
or you'll get
a big surprise party.

Brighton, Henshaw,
check the hold.

Hunter, I want
the charts, logbook
and cargo manifest.

Yes, sir.

Good work, Mr. Brice.
You brought them
right to us.

Thank you, sir.

Now get back
where you belong.

Yes, sir.
You lying, traitorous...


A good haul.

We've got
some bad weather
coming in.

We should head back
to base.

You worry
too much, Brice.

We'll be back
on the mainland
by nightfall.

Did you hear that?

They're heading back
to the mainland.

That doesn't
do us any good.

Maybe it does.


We switch sides.
Throw in our lot
with these guys.

They'll take us
right back into
our sliding zone.

Reality check.
These guys are killers.

They're businessmen.

Trust me, I know
how gangs work.

They constantly need
new recruits.

Farm boy.
Don't you dare.

Yo! Blackbeard.

Over here.

I've been watching
your operation.


And it stinks.

You're wasting time.
You need better intel.

Find out what
your cargo is
in advance

and you only go
for what you need.

In and out.

And you're just the man
to shape up our operation?

My friends and I have
a little experience
in this area.

We've just been looking
for the right crew
to throw in with.

What's your name?

Quinn Mallory.

And you want
to join my crew,
Mr. Mallory?

It's not a question
of me wanting to join.

It's a question of
you needing me.

Quinn Mallory.

Ah, that's a seafaring name.

Way back.

Well, let me
tell you something,
Mr. Mallory.

We don't
take kindly to spies
from the Coastal Guard.

Oh, yeah!

We have a way of
dealing with coasties.

Wait a minute.

The plank!
The plank!

The plank.

Oh, man!

He couldn't keep
his mouth shut.

You're making
a mistake.

Oh, we'll let
the sharks decide,

I'm not a coastie!

Guys, tell them!

He's not a spy.
This ship rescued us
at sea.

Yeah, ask her.

It's true.

We pulled 'em out of
the soup like a bunch
of drowned wharf rats.

All right,
bring him in.

Thank you.

Not so fast.

Your friend put an offer
on the table.

Do you want to
join my crew as well?

Well, that depends.

What have you got
to offer me?

You'll get a standard share
of the take.

Plus I can promise you
an impressive bonus package.

Well, the last time
I heard that I got
the short end of the stick.

I guarantee,
you'll be satisfied with
what I can put on the table.

I'll tell you what,

I'll give you
a little tryout.

If I like the way
you handle yourself,
consider me onboard.

You drive a hard bargain.

Yeah, well,
competition is
stiff out there.

What do you think,
Mr. Brice?

we've been short-handed
since the Monterey raid.

And if it doesn't
work out,

he'll fetch a fair price
in San Francisco.
Cut our losses.

Welcome aboard.

Nice job.

You knew
that man wasn't a spy,

but you weren't going
to stop me?

The men love
a good planking.

Where are we?

You won't find it
on any map.

Hello, darlin'.

That's just
the way we like it.

Don't you worry
about the people telling
the coasties where you are?

The locals have no love
for the coasties.

The Marine use taxes
are bleeding them dry.

We take care of them.

They take care of us.

Sort of
like Robin Hood.

Robin who?

You steal from the rich
and you give to the poor.

You got that
half right.


Somebody just
grabbed my...

Well, they grabbed me.

That's just
an old-fashioned
pirate "howdy."

Well, whatever happened to
buying a girl a drink?

You haven't
spent much time in a place
like this, have you?

I used to go to
the student union
for a beer.

It could
get pretty rowdy
around finals.

Any luck with
that timer?

No, I haven't been able
to recharge it.

That pirate Brice
won't let us out
of her sight.

I don't think these people
entirely trust us.

Well, good evening.

I hope everything meets
with your approval.

Well, if we
have any complaints,
you'll be the first to know.

We appreciate
the hospitality.

Of course.
I take care of my crew.

I thought perhaps
you'd like a tour
of our operation.

See what you're getting
yourself into.

Your friends
are welcome, too,

if you'd feel
more comfortable.

That's okay,
I don't need
any chaperones.

Lead on.

These guys called
themselves Smokers.

A biker gang.

They had this little contest
where you'd take a long pole

and you run full bore
at each other.

Try to knock
the other guy off
on his rear.

I can tell you I cracked
a few ribs that day.

Not all of them mine.



You think riding a bike
and waving a stick around

qualifies you to
run with us?

You slip up around here
and you'll wind up dead.

Or worse, you'll wind up
making me dead.

I can take care
of myself.

Yeah? Well, good.

I'm not going to
end up hanging from
a coastie yardarm

because you can't
handle a real fight.

Why is he always getting
into fights with women?

The boy's got
some issues.

We've been sailing out
of this cove for about
three years now.

the shipping lanes.

Taking what we need to live
and giving the rest
to our friends here.

Well, then I'm glad
I'm your friend.

I've seen what you do
to your enemies.

We do what we have to,
to protect our way of life.

That include
a good keelhauling
once in a while?

I didn't expect you
to be so squeamish.

You asked to join us,

I don't like killing.


I won't have any man
on my crew who does.

But I'll kill.

Or die to
protect my people.

I have a feeling
you'd do the same.

You don't care for me,
do you, Maggie?

You're a good leader.
Competent, loyal.

You take care
of your people.

But it's not enough.

What good is a fight
without a cause?

It's one thing
to break the law

for something you
really believe in,

but if you're doing this
just for the fun of it,

well, then you're nothing
more than a common thief.

Well, what's your cause?

It's more like a quest.

All right. Tell me.

Maybe some other time.

Thanks for the tour.

Did you find out
anything from Paxton?

Other than
he's charming, smart,
and dedicated as hell.

I'm just thinking about
sliding out of here.

Well, don't get
your hopes up.

I thought you said
that you could
recharge the timer?

I can. The problem is
we're nowhere near
our sliding radius.

Well, where are we?

Well, my best guess is
we are somewhere south on
the Baja Peninsula.

It's hard to tell precisely,
but I'd say we're at least
100 miles too far south.

Unless we can
get out of here and
back in our sliding zone,

we don't dare open
the wormhole.

I say we jump ship.
Head north.

We've still got
two days to make it
to our sliding radius.

How? The only way out of
this village is by sea.

We steal a boat.

Really? And how long
do you think before
Paxton catches us?

He's already
suspicious of us.

We try to steal
out of here,

they're gonna think
we're coastie spies
for sure.

I'm not ready to get fitted
for an eye patch
and a peg leg.

I say we risk it.

I'm not ready to be
drawn and quartered.

Whatever the devil
that means.
I say we don't.

Time to earn your keep.
Be down at the docks
in five minutes.

What's going on?

A shipment we've been
expecting came into
San Diego today.

We hit the cargo terminal
in two hours.

Isn't it a little late
to be sailing?

We find the cover
of darkness

helps facilitate
our illegal activities.

Five minutes.


take the new men
and head that way.

You know what
we're looking for.


You're with me.

Come on.

What are we
looking for?

What are you doing?

He's gone.

Can't be too careful.

Brice, southwest corner.

I've found it.

Found what?

Trick or treat.

What, are we
stealing guns?

Let's just say
the coasties won't be
too happy about losing this.

Less talkin',
more totin'.

This is our chance.

I saw some trucks
parked outside.

We hot-wire one
and we're out of here.

Yeah, we're close
to our sliding zone.

Okay, I like this plan.

They'll notice
we're gone.





Come on, let's go.

There's something
going on.

Yeah, a diversion.
Count your blessings.

It has been a while,

You've looked better.

The kids must love you
on Halloween.

You try
stitching yourself up
with fishing line

and a sharpened chicken bone
and see how you look.

Which reminds me,
I still owe you a little
something in return.

I don't suppose that
would be a fair trial
by a jury of my peers?

You may call me...

"Your Honor".

Maggie, come on.

You won't end this by
putting a bullet in me.

How about
a couple of dozen bullets?


Now, how did that
bring us any closer
to our sliding radius?

Why, gee, look where
we are again.

I wasn't going to run
while those men
were being executed.

Those men
are the bad guys.

Are they? Why don't
we just ask the people
of the village.

They made me
walk the plank.

And that's a bad thing?

Look, I don't care if
there's something going on
between you and Paxton.


But you may have cost us
our only shot at
getting out of here.

Hey, just calm down.

Maggie made a judgment call.
We live with it
and we move on.

What are you saying,

You think I blew
the call, too?

It doesn't matter.

We'll find
another way out.

Oh, man.

I wanted to thank you.

Can't act too grateful
in front of the men, though,
it makes me look wimpy.

Can't have that.

You saved my life.

You're welcome.

What if I needed
to leave here?

Well, I wouldn't be
too happy about that.

You still pursuing
your quest?

I'm not quite sure
what that is anymore.

What about you?

What about me?

What are you
doing here?

Drinking? Fighting?

Waking up every morning
with a black eye
and fresh tattoo?

If that's what
you've got to offer,
I think I'll pass.

I used to be a captain
in the Merchant Marine.

Played by the rules,
made a pretty good living

running freight
up and down the coast.

Steering clear
of your kind.

It wasn't the pirates
you had to worry about.

The coasties want you
to believe they're
protecting the sea lanes.

But men
like Redfield are...

Black hearted.

It isn't enough that
the coasties bleed us dry
with the Marine taxes,

then you have to
line their pockets
just to stay in business.

I refused
to pay Redfield
his kickback.

So, he and his thugs
bombed my ship.

Sunk it right
in Santa Barbara harbor.

My wife and my son
were onboard.

You think we're just
a bunch of thieves.

There's not a man
on this crew

who hasn't lost someone
to the coasties.

That's our cause.

I'm so sorry.

I know what it's like
to lose someone.

Do you?


It's been a while.

You could
have fooled me.

My life doesn't leave
much room for romance.

Tell me.

Well, we're not
in one place
for very long.

And what little time
we do have,

we spend
hustling up a job

or scrounging for food.

Or staying one step ahead
of the local authorities.

But we meet some
good people sometimes.

People we'd really like
to get to know better.

But then we just have
to leave.

It sounds lonely.

But, you know,

it's not really
a bad life either.

It's exciting.

We always
have our friends.

I know.

Yeah, I guess you do.

Thanks for not running out
on me last night.

You knew about that?


I know that
you have something
you need to do,

but if it can wait...

What was that?

Wait here.

Like hell.


How did they get past
the lookouts?

They must have
come ashore
up the coast, sir.

Defensive positions!


You guys okay?

Yeah, for the moment.

Where have you been?


What do we do?

Take no prisoners!

Don't get caught.

We're sitting ducks
out here.

I'm going for that gun.



I'm not here
to save your tail.

Why did you?

It's not
a bad looking tail.

You two
are coming with me.

Aw, hell's bells.

We have them
on the run, lads.

Let's go!
Move it out!

Get back! Get back!

Go! Go!

They got
Mallory and Brice.

What's our next move?

We leave fast.

Redfield must have
tracked us after
the last raid.

He'll be back soon
with more men.

I don't know if you've
noticed, but you're
short a couple of men.

I noticed.

Mallory is a member
of your crew.
Just like Brice.

I thought that meant
something to you.

It does.

Do you think
I don't know what Redfield
will do to them?

I sailed with Brice
a long time.

I know she wouldn't want
any more of her mates
to end up like that.

And that is just
what will happen
if we go after them.

What if it were me
they've captured?

Well, you tell me.

Would you want me
to risk their lives
to come after you?


So give us some weapons,
we'll go ourselves.

Forget it!


I don't want to
risk losing you, too.

I'll need
a new first mate.

I'll think about it.

If you help us
to rescue Mallory.

There's something I think
you should hear.

The repeated attacks on life
and property must stop.

As an example
to those who flout
our maritime laws,

the prisoners taken
in this morning's raid

will be publicly executed
at noon tomorrow.

leniency may be shown

if the property stolen
from the government docks

in San Diego
is returned intact.

Okay, that's it.

We return the cargo you stole
in exchange for Mallory.

Keep loading the boats.
I want to be out of here
in one hour.

It isn't that easy.

No, it is that easy.

You load the crates
onto the boat and
then we make the swap.

What's in those crates
that's more important
than the lives of your men?


It's more
than just cloth.

This is carbon fiber.


Well, you coat it
in a special resin

and you can
shape it into any form.

Once it hardens
it's stronger than steel
and it's very lightweight.

You build airplanes
out of it.

So that's what
this is all about.

Anyone who owns this stuff
can start a whole
aircraft industry.

Or they can reshape
the entire economy
of this world.


And that's why I am going
to dump it in the ocean.

What? Why?

I know why.

Once they can build planes
that are big enough
to move lots of cargo,

merchant ships
become obsolete.

You become obsolete.

I'm not ready to give up
our way of life.

And you think by destroying
this one shipment,
you're going to save it?

It's a start.

If you destroy this stuff,
someone else is going
to make it.

You think if Edison
hadn't invented
the light bulb,

someone else wouldn't
have thought of it?

I am not ready to
sacrifice who we are,
not without a fight.

Well, if you're
going to fight, you're going
to fight alone.

Because I cannot stand by
and watch you beat your head
against the future.

You have to know
when it's time
to move on.

Right on time.

I love punctuality.

Where is Paxton?

Couldn't make it.

I was authorized
to negotiate
in his place.

There's nothing
to negotiate.

Is this my cargo?

Wait a minute.

Where are our men?

Bring 'em in.

You okay?

Oh, yeah.
These guys have been
the perfect hosts.

Send them around.

I'll talk to you later.

There it is.

Yes, it is.

I will see you all hang
on the 6:00 news.

My only regret is
that my old friend Paxton
won't be with you.

I hate to disappoint
an old friend.

Trick or treat.

Your days are
numbered, Paxton.


Maybe it is.

But yours are over.

I've been
waiting to do this
for a long time.

For my wife.

For my son.


Is this what they would
have wanted?

Let's get out of here.

Thanks for the rescue.

I told you.
I take care of my crew.

So, how are we doing?

Charged up
and in the zone.

We should make
the slide at least.

It's been fun.

Even if you were going
to feed me to the sharks.

Ah, there are no sharks
in these waters.

You sure I can't
convince you to stay?

I've seen
what you can do.

It's tempting.
But I...

Your quest.


I kind of got lost
for a while.

But you helped
get me back on track.


By helping me remember
how much I love my job.

What will you do now?

Oh, there's plenty
of opportunity
for a man like me.

Maybe I'll learn to fly.

You'd be a natural.

It's time.

Maybe I'll see you again.