Sliders (1995–2000): Season 5, Episode 1 - The Unstuck Man - full transcript

The Mallory brothers become separated from the rest of the sliders when another person appears in the vortex with them. Quinn appears to have jumped into the body of himself in the world they arrived in, but the fate of his brother remains unknown.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


Are you ready?

As I'll ever be.


Big day, huh?


Go ahead.

Stand back.
Ready to proceed.


Just stay alert
and enjoy the ride.


MAN: Hold the countdown.



I don't understand.

Is there something wrong
with my calculations?

No. Not at all.

I've just made some
adjustments in the
dimensional synchronicity.

Only hold for
a few more seconds.

Resume countdown, now!


Beckett, come on!

MAN 1: On your right!
MAN 2: No!

Q-Ball, call it!
We got 20 seconds.


(PANTING) This is
getting personal.

MAN: Move!
On the left!

Damn it. I'm out.

Come on, guys,
shake it!

Go! Go!

Here they come.
Let's go.



They made it!

Another rough one!




Never had one
like that.
Are you all right?

Yeah. What was
that explosion?


Where are they?

MAN: Wow! That was
really something!

Who are you?

Who are we?
Who the hell are you?

I'm Quinn.

Quinn Mallory.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


I didn't see you
in the lab.

How did you
get out here?

How did I
get out here?

What lab?
What are you
talkin' about?

And where's Quinn?

What happened to Colin?

Hold on!
Give me a chance.

I told you, I'm Quinn

and I don't know
anybody named Colin.

I saw some guy in that...

What was that... Tunnel?

He got hit by some
kind of lightning and...

Well, suddenly there
were thousands of him

and then he was gone.

I've never seen
anything like it.

Is he with you?

Yeah. Yeah,
he was with us.

Well, what were you
doin' in there?

Are you with
Fremont Labs?

Thermodyne propulsion?

We're not with anybody.

Okay, I've had
enough of this.

What have you done
with our friends?

I haven't done anything
with your friends.

I don't even
know you people.

I was part of this
experiment for this
weird guy I work for.

What guy?
See? I knew it.

Who you workin' for?
The Kromaggs?

Take it easy
with the gun, fella.


Maggie, stop him.

If he kills me,
little Thomas will grow up
without a father.


What did you
mean by that?

I don't know.
It just came out.

We got married...

Had a son, named him
after your father,
the General.

And you're Rembrandt.

Rembrandt Brown.
We've been together
since the beginning.

You're like a brother to me.

A brother...
I got a brother.

I had a brother.

Don't move.

I wish I had a clue,
but I don't.

That place that...
That world,
whatever it was,

where Quinn and I
got married
and we had a son.

That existed only for us,
and only for a few hours.

There's no way
that the Kromaggs,
or anybody else,

could have known about it.

You tellin' me that
this guy's Quinn?
That's nuts.

I don't know who he is.

But he knows something
that only Quinn knows.

Maybe he's just some
kind of alternate
we haven't seen before.

Like a fraternal twin?

We've seen
stranger things.

Not much.

Got about
six hours here.

Not long.

We know they made
the slide, there's
no point going back.

Look, maybe they
landed someplace
else on this Earth.

Now that's
happened before.

Well, if Colin
split up into 1,000
different directions

I don't know where
to begin looking for him.

I'm scared, Remmy.

Yeah. Me too.

And another thing,
it was night
when we slid out.

Now it's day.

The wormhole must
have distorted time.

Q-Ball would know.

Well, if they made it,
they'd meet us back
at the hotel.

We should go there.

Okay, we're going
into town.

Maybe there's somebody
there who might know

who you are
and what happened.

Fine with me.
Lots of people
know me.

Just hope somebody
knows you.

It was empty.



What's their hurry?


MAN: Over here!

Leave it! Hurry!


I looked and there was
a pale green horse

and its rider's name
was Death,
and hell followed with him!

I promise you,
the end of days
is nigh.

Look to the skies!

There'll be hurricanes
and tornados
and earthquakes,

and fire without end!

The heathen will be
ground into the dust,

consigned to an
eternity of pain!


Looks like
let's-get-outta-dodge day.

What's goin' on
here, anyway?

Why do you two
always expect me
to know everything?

Look, I'm gonna check
for Quinn and Colin
at the desk.

Why don't you
check out the bar?

We've had more of those
weird magnetic storms

in the Santa Clarita valley.

It's been raining
in the desert for 17
straight days now,

with no sign of stopping.

The temperatures
will be in the mid-70s
this afternoon,

so there is some
good news to report.

Now back to Tawny
for tonight's missing
persons report.

This is Paul Leonard.

I guess
we're experiencing some
technical difficulties...


Hey, folks,
what'll it be?

Uh, draft. You?

All right, make it three.
I've got another friend

I have to get
back to the lab.

Uh, Dr. Geiger'll
want a report.


He's my boss.

Well, he's more
than that.
He cured me.

Well, wait, wait, wait.
What... What are you
talking about?

This lab?
It's a hospital?


I don't know.



They haven't
checked in yet.

Yeah, well they're
not in here either.

fog boy doin'?

Babblin' about some
guy named Geiger.


Uh, listen, barkeep...

Oh no,
call me Hal.

Okay, Hal. Look,
folks around here
seem pretty worked up.

Yeah, what can I say?
It's the end of the world.

(LAUGHING) At least
that's what some
of these bozos think.

And you don't?

Hey, now. My mamma
didn't raise
no mouth breather.

Things these people
buy into... (CHUCKLES)

You guys wanna know
what I think?

It's all a government
plot. Yeah.

Part of a big experiment
goin' on at a secret lab
outside of town.

Had a cousin used to work
out there 'til he got
a little too curious,

if you know what I mean.

Yeah. They, uh...
They got a machine
out there.

Call it the Combine, yeah.

You turn that puppy on,

whole world's gonna get
squashed like a bad melon.

That's a... That's
a pretty interesting
theory there, Hal.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Ain't no theory, Jack.

You remember
when everybody
got all worked up

about that elephant
clonin' over in England?

Well, let me tell you,
that was just a side show.

They've been clonin'
people at Quantico
for the last five years.

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, and here's
another thing.


How come everybody's got
all these black helicopters
flyin' around?



Hey, I think that's
for you there, fog boy.


Intact? Am I intact?


What do you mean by
anomalies in the vortex?

Well, there were two
people in there with me.

No, I...
I don't know them.

Yeah, they're here
with me right now
at the Chandler Hotel.


They're sending a van.

WOMAN: (ON PA) Dr. Wright,
report to stasis generator.

Dr. Wright...

I'm sure Dr. Davis
will be able to answer
all your questions.

Quinn! I'm so glad
you're okay.

We were worried
about you.

I'm Diana Davis.
Welcome to Geiger
Applied Research.

Thank you
for helping Quinn.

He's a very important
part of our work here.

Dr. Geiger is anxious
to talk to you.

Could you take him
to the lab right away?

Don't worry about
a thing, Quinn.

Your new friends
will be with me
in my office.

You can join us as soon
as you're de-briefed.

this must all be
very confusing to you.

Matter of fact.

If you'll come with me,
I think I'll be able
to explain it all.

GEIGER: Quinn,
I'm glad to see
you're well.

I couldn't be sure
of the result
of the added mass

in the exotic matter
of the wormhole...

But things seem
to have gone well.


So, then,
did it work?

Are you two people?


Well, I don't understand
how you happened to be

in the same vortex
with our test subject.

Well, it's the least
of what we don't understand.

Why don't you
explain to us

what your test subject
was doing in there?

Considering the circumstances,

I think it would be best
if we laid all our cards
on the table.

I'm certainly willing
to do that.

As assistant director
of this lab,

I want to help
you if I can.

Look, we're not scientists,

but one of our friends
who's missing, is.

His name is Quinn Mallory

and obviously
your Quinn Mallory is
some kind of alternate.

Then there's Colin,
who's Quinn's brother...

It's a long story,
but basically,

I guess you could say
Remmy and I here,

are just along
for the ride.

Where to?

I'm just tryin'
to get home.

Yeah, well, there's
been complications.

We've, uh, made a few
enemies along the way.

Quinn Mallory invented
the sliding machine,
and that timer.

This is counting
down from 4:38.

Yeah. It means we've got
four hours and 38 minutes
until our next slide.

And if we don't
make it...

You're stuck here
for the next 29 years.

How'd you know that?

It's one of the
predicted algorithms
in the EPR Paradox.

Yeah, whatever.

It's been
one of the rules
since the get-go.

All right, now you know
what we're doing here.

Ball's in your court.

We've been working
with a new piece
of equipment

that Dr. Geiger
calls the Combine.

It's complicated,
but in lay terms,

we use it to extract
healthy DNA from
trans-dimensional alternates.

Quinn Mallory
was our first
test subject.

He was suffering a previously
incurable strain
of muscular dystrophy.

By selectively
combining new DNA,

we were able to cure him.


I want to know
what happened
to me in there.

What happened
to you in there

is exactly what I wanted
to happen to you in there.

We'll need to monitor you
for the next few hours

to make certain
you're stable,

but I'm sure there's
nothing to worry about.

Have I ever
let you down before?


Then let's review
the data from the traverse.

The, uh, initial entry
phase seems normal.

Did you feel anything
strange at this point?

You mean aside
from the fact

that I was flying
out of control

through some hole
in the universe?


The quanta has reached a state
of maximum agitation.

I don't remember
a lot about it.

I remember seeing
two men, though.

The collision
produced more energy

than the exotic matter
could contain.

That man
came unanchored.

Is he alive?

GEIGER: I don't know.

He's now what we call
"unstuck" in space-time.


He's in an unstable
state of flux.

He will spend
the rest of his life

involuntarily jumping
from one dimension
to another.

The rest of his life?

Unless we can stabilize
him and anchor him
in one universe.

Well, please say
you can do that.

It has been done,
but only once
that I know of.

So then you do it twice.

All right,
what about Quinn?
Is he unstuck too?

That's a different matter.

When our Quinn
entered the wormhole,

it must have caused
some kind of
a dimensional nexus.

The physical appearance
of the man who came out
of the vortex with you

is that of our Quinn...

But he seems to have
absorbed some or...

Or maybe all
of the sub-atomic
structure of your Quinn.

I don't get it.

You made this collision
happen on purpose?

Of course.

My calculations anticipated
the opening of the vortex
in a parallel dimension.

The slight hold
in the countdown

was to coordinate
the traverse
on our side

with the initiation
of the vortex
in the target world.

But those other guys,
they weren't
part of the deal.

They had no idea
that this
was gonna happen.

They are now participants

in one of the
greatest adventures in
the history of science.

This was a very
unfortunate side effect
of the experiment.


One of our friends
is unstuck

and the other is
tangled up
inside another man.

I'm terribly sorry.

Yeah, well, sorry
doesn't cut it, lady.

Now it was your equipment
that caused all of this...

This unstuck business.

So now it can just
un-unstick it.

Those guys never
had a chance.

What kind of science
is that?

The most advanced science
in the history of the cosmos!

Who are you to
question my work?

You came to me
in a wheelchair!

You walk now
because of what
I did for you!

One of those men
may be missing.
It's unfortunate.

But the other
is still with us,
in a way.

He's inside you.

I promise you
we will put this
entire lab

to work on this problem.

Will that solve it?

I wish I could
tell you for certain,
but I can't.

I can only promise you
we'll do our best.

So what can
we do to help?

You said you weren't

However, you are

which is of great
interest to us.

I'm sure Dr. Geiger
would be eager
to study you.

No ma'am. No way.

No. We're not interested
in your studies. Thank you.

Running out of time there.
You'd better get busy.

I assure you,
that if this problem
can be solved,

this is the only place
in this world
where it can be done.

You've gotta trust me.

I promise
I will do everything
to get your friends back.

I want to trust you,
as always. But...

I am having thoughts
and memories that
I just don't understand.

According to
my calculations,

this is only
a temporary condition.

The persona
of the other man

will eventually be
entirely subsumed
in your own.

You have to look
at the big picture.

You are now
a key component

in the creation
of a whole
new way of life.

A new universe.

The way is now
clear to combine
entire cities,

even worlds.

The dimensional compression
that could lead to
a recombinant universe...

Would cause some form
of elemental collapse
on a cosmic scale.

For one thing,
you'd have to account

for the allocation
of an almost
infinite mass.

Welcome to my lab,
Mr. Mallory.

I think you'll find
plenty here
to occupy that...

Excellent mind of yours.

You know, I'm not sure
if this is the end
of this world for real,

but it sure feels
like it to me.

And no matter
what she said,

I don't think findin'
Quinn and Colin

is at the top
of anybody's list here.

Well, she said this was
the only lab in the world
that could handle this.

What's the alternative?

I keep askin' myself that.

Keep tryin' to think
what would Quinn do?

But I keep comin' up short
because I'm not Quinn.

Nobody is.

Well I... I decided
one thing.

If these people can't
put things back together
by the time we slide,

I'm not goin'.

What? Just like that?
I mean, shouldn't
we talk about this?

What's the point
of going on?

I don't have a world
left to go to.

Quinn, well...

Quinn was my world.

And if we're gonna
find him and Colin,
it's gonna be here.

If here stays here.

Look, whatever we do,

we do together.

You stay. I stay.


Oh, yeah.
Then in 29 years,

we'll just hobble off
into the next dimension
on our walkers.


You speak for yourself, girl.
I'll still be in my prime.

I bet you will.



Guys, we've gotta stop it.

Stop what?
Oberon Geiger.

He's the head of this lab.

He's collapsing universes
into one another.

I... I was just
a guinea pig

to see if the Combine works.

I mean, their Quinn
was the guinea pig.

I just got pulled inside him.

It's so clear to me now.

By creating
a single universe,

Geiger is creating
a quantum vibrational rate

that his body
can align with.

He'll no longer
be unstuck.

Why didn't I
see it before?

'Cause you didn't
have our friend
in your head before.

Like Colin, Geiger is
unstuck in space-time.

He can only exist
inside that force field
at the lab.

If he has his way,

and he can
combine universes,

he'll destroy
all those worlds

and kill billions
of people.

He has to be stopped.

Who's gonna do it?

We are.

There's nobody else.


GEIGER: Diana, this
is an exciting day.

Yes, I suppose it is.

You suppose?

You know how long
I've waited for this.

The Combine has achieved
a dimensional nexus.

We have a
recombinant life form.

The way to more
advanced experimentation
is now clear.

I'm concerned about
what this has done
to Quinn.

Oh no. I've spoken
with the boy.

He understands he's part
of an exciting new
wave of exploration.

I don't think he was
or psychologically

prepared for what
has happened to him.

As a matter of fact,
neither was I.

Diana, you were
my best student.

You will, no doubt,
succeed me in this work.

Today was one of
those fortuitous
moments in research

that make the journey
so exciting.

It's the moment...

The moment the Curies
turned off the light

and saw radium
glowing in the dark
for the first time.

As scientists,
we have to be prepared

to exploit breakthroughs
when they come.

Exploiting breakthroughs
is one thing.

Exploiting people
is something else.

When he first came to us,
Quinn Mallory couldn't walk,

and the doctors
had given him
no hope whatsoever.

Look at him now.

And then imagine

a world without
hunger or disease.

Through the Combine
we can achieve such a place.

This amalgamate Quinn
is just a...
A temporary distortion.

It proves that
my calculations

for combining
dimensions work.

But what about
the other Quinn?
And his brother?

I promised
their companions

that we would do
everything we could

to re-constitute
their friends.

Well then, I'm sure
you'll want to head up
that project yourself.

Dr. Geiger,
there is a limited
amount of time.

They have no control
over a timer

which governs their
dimensional travel.

And have you considered
that they might be valuable
to our own research?

Of course.

But they are
reluctant to cooperate.

Still, they, uh,
they may have
something to teach us.

Keep me informed
of your progress on
their little problem.

Diana, as soon as
you've helped
your new friends,

I need your full
attention back here.

I'm initiating a new
countdown on the Combine.

The next traverse will be
on a much larger scale.

I have been adrift
between worlds

for what seems
like centuries.

Through the work
that we're about to do,

not only will this Earth
be a better place,

but it will finally
be a place
where I can live.

Have a normal life again.

I need you.
Now more than ever.

I haven't pieced
it all together,

but what I know
from working there,

and what I know from...

From, well, being this
other person that I am,

this Geiger is definitely
your textbook megalomaniac.

He has to stay in some
kind of a special room

protected by
a magnetic force field.

It may be what
keeps him anchored
in this dimension.

And what if he
loses that anchor?

Probably the same thing
that happened to Colin.

He'll come apart.

That he is able to
anchor himself

is our only hope we have
to get Colin back.

But you said we
have to stop him.

We do.

And then we make him
put our lives back together.

An hour and 10 minutes.

We gotta go get Diana.


I have to talk to you.
We need your help.

I'm trying to help.

MAGGIE: There may
not be time for that.

Your boss is
up to no good.

And we need your
help to stop him.

Why would I
want to do that?

And you're just
a lab assistant.

How could you
possibly understand

what we're trying
to do here?

Because of what
Dr. Geiger did,

I am no longer
just a lab assistant.

You asked for me?

Young Mr. Mallory
and our visitors

seem to be interrupting
Dr. Davis's work.

...experiments have
already disrupted
life on this Earth.

Now, if Geiger
gets his way,

he'll do the same thing
on parallel universes
as well.

DIANA: You don't understand
what we're doing here.

You know, maybe
you're the one who
doesn't understand.

Please bring our guests
in here to see me.

And young Mr. Mallory
with them.

MAGGIE: You're the only
one that can help us.

But, before you try
to reconstitute
our friends,

you have to stop
this experiment.

If you don't, we may
not have a chance
to do anything.

And from what I hear,
if Geiger succeeds,
we may not even be here.

Dr. Geiger'd like
to speak with you.

If you'd come
with me please.
You too, Mr. Mallory.

Not you, Dr. Davis.

Just these three.

GEIGER: Welcome
to my laboratory.

My name is
Oberon Geiger.

Forgive me for not
welcoming you sooner,

but I've been
rather involved.

I look forward
to hearing about
your experiences

in the different
dimensions you have
been visiting.

MAGGIE: Some other time.

We have only about
an hour left before

we have to
make the next slide.

Yes, I've heard
about the difficulty
with your timer.

Your assistant said
she was gonna help
re-constitute our friends.

I know Diana has been
giving her full
attention to that matter,

but unfortunately,

I don't think an hour
will be enough time.

But I might
be able to help.

Give her a little
extra time to
complete the work.

And how could
you do that?

Well, as you were told,

we're involved in
advanced dimensional
research here.

And I have
what you might call
a stasis generator

that could stop
your timer.

That would give us
plenty of time

to reconstitute
your friends,

and then you could
go on your way.

You, uh, only need
to put the timer
on the platform.

(SCOFFS) The timer
doesn't leave my hands.

Nor mine.

Well, fair enough.

Then you can both
step up there
and hold it.

I can assure you,

it will do you
absolutely no harm.

Of course, if, uh,
you have another way
to solve the problem,

I would be happy
to hear it.


Now then, Mr. Mallory,

would you care to explain
what you were doing
with these people?

What happened?
Where are we?

It's just a guess,
but I'd have to say
we're nowhere.

Has the timer stopped?


I knew those people
were important,

or dangerous or something.

I didn't trust them
from the beginning.

Then why didn't you
tell me about this?
Or security?

I haven't been able
to think straight

since I went into
the wormhole.

I'm tryin' to be me,

but this other guy...

You're returning
to your old self
ahead of schedule.

Not soon enough for me.

Now, I have a lot
of work to do.

We'll talk again
when the experiment
is complete.

Keep an eye on him.

When he opened up
the sixth seal,

the sun became
as black as sackcloth,

the full moon
became like blood,

and the stars
of the sky
fell to the Earth.

And the sky vanished
like a scroll.

Oh, hide us
from the wrath
of the lamb,

for the great day of
wrath has come and
who is able to stand?

Who is able to stand?

The radar shows
this unusual cloud cover

extending all the way
from Catalina
to Palm Springs.

There are reports
of lightning
caused brush fires

in the Inland Empire

and the San Gabriel Valley
is reporting wind gusts
up to 80 miles an hour.

I have never seen
anything quite like this,
have you, Tawny?


I'm having trouble with this
reconfiguration formula.

I'm not sure I can make it
before the timer runs out.

Where are Rembrandt
and Maggie?

Geiger zapped them
with that laser projector.

I don't know
where they went.

Don't be ridiculous.

I saw it.
It was the same thing
you used on me this morning.

They could be trapped
in some weird tunnel
like I was.

I think you're still
a little disoriented

from the traverse
this morning.

Listen to me,
this is Quinn Mallory
speaking now.

Not the one you know.

Geiger has imprisoned
my friends because
they were trying to get

you to help them
stop him.

He's about to put
a terrible force
into operation.

It could well destroy
this entire planet
and everyone on it.

I am going to
find out exactly
what is going on here.

You stay right here
until I get back.

Ah, good.
I was just
about to call you.

So far, so good.
All the readings
are normal.

I think you had
better tell me exactly
what we're doing here.

Of course.

You're absolutely
correct, my dear.

Until our recent success
with young Mr. Mallory,

our work here
has been almost
entirely theoretical.

The nature of
our ultimate goal
has been such

that I couldn't trust
anyone with it.

Until now.

I have entered
the final calculations

to bring the dimensional
nexus force
up to the macro level.

These are the
for Los Angeles.

But not this one.

A city that exists
in a parallel universe.

Buildings, roads,

homes, automobiles...

And people?

According to my best

the people in this city
may well not even be

aware of the change
in their surroundings,

their lives
or themselves.

Quinn Mallory is
quite aware of what
has happened to him.

Yes and that knowledge
has seemed
to have faded away

in a matter of hours.

Our dim,
but faithful
lab assistant

seems to be
himself again.

Diana, you have trusted
me every step of the way
of this project.

You know me!
You know my motives.

Now that we are
so close to success,

you have to trust me
more than ever.

The city that will result
from this recombination

will almost certainly
be better than the one
that we have.

Cleaner, safer.

But what if it isn't?
And even if it is better,

you are imposing
your will on
unsuspecting people,

changing who they are.

Who are you to make
such a decision?

Time is short,
the experiment is underway.

We will have our
little ethics debate

after we view the results.



Security, this is Geiger.

Proceed to Dr. Davis's lab.

Secure Mr. Mallory
and bring him to me here.


It appears our lab
assistant is not
as dim as you thought.

This alternate Quinn
is a very arrogant
young man.

And apparently
a very talented one.



GEIGER: Please show
Mr. Mallory to the platform.

What are you doing?

Putting Mr. Mallory
in a place

where he cannot
interfere with our work.





Stop her!




Whoa, slow down, big guy.

Drop the gun
and kick it to me.








Then another portent
appeared in heaven,

a great red dragon
with seven heads
and 10 horns.

His tail swept a third
of the stars of heaven

and threw them
to the Earth!


What's happening?
Oh, my gosh.


Or not.

Thank you.

The latest computer
printout from
our weather satellite

shows the cloud cover
has completely dissipated.

Winds have dropped
to normal...


So, Tawny,
it looks like
we're going to have

a typical southern
California day.

How much time, Remmy?

Under two minutes.

I'm goin' with you.

It's the only
chance I got.

Who's doin' the talkin'?

Let's do it for Colin,
Wade, the Professor,

and I think I
owe you a 70 Deville.

All right. Let's just
continue being gentlemen
here, shall we?

What about you?

I don't know.

Look, you got about
30 seconds to make
up your mind.

MAGGIE: You're the only
hope we have of
getting our friends back.

And since he's
coming with us,

it's the only chance
you're gonna have

to get your
Quinn back too.

MAGGIE: What you're doing
here is just theory.

We're giving you
the chance
to do it for real.

I'll need a few things.

MAGGIE: Diana, let's go!

He saved us again,
and he wasn't even


After you!

Oh, come on.
The first step
is easy.

It's the last one
you have to
look out for.