Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 22 - Revelations - full transcript

With nearly a month until their next slide, the Sliders find themselves extremely bored on a dull world. While the others get jobs, Rembrandt dives into a sci-fi book that bears more than a passing resemblance to their lives. When the Sliders track down the author, they learn he came from Quinn and Colin's home world.


Oh, my God.

GIANT: Maggie!

MAGGIE: No! COLIN: Come on.

COLIN: Watch it.

Maggie! It's coming this way.

Where are you?

Get back.




You know, it's probably for the
best. That guy wasn't right for you.

What's so funny? He wanted
me to meet his parents.

idea where we are?

Not a clue.

Looks like there's
a road up ahead.

You ever slide into a
land of giants before?

but they were never this friendly.


This is strange.

It didn't stop again, did it?

No. It's fine.

It just says that we're
here for 624 hours.

Six hundred and twenty-four?
You're sure you're reading it right?

COLIN: That's 26 days.

That's three and a half weeks.

QUINN: In the middle of nowhere.

Even if it's not the middle,
I bet it's right next door.


doesn't that thing go down there?

I took it off this thing.

But it's not supposed
to go back on this thing.

Hey, take it easy,
don't jam it on there.

Are you the boss
or the helper today?

I'm the boss. And I
said don't jam it in there.

You know,
having nothing to do wouldn't be so bad,

if we had a different kind
of nothing to do sometimes.

Man, this is gonna be the
longest 10 days of my life.


What do you think?

He looks pretty nervous.

Think somebody's after him?

I don't see anybody.

Could be choppers.

What do you figure,
highway patrol?


QUINN: Hey, bub, not a good
idea to smoke around these pumps.

We don't get too many
of these around here.



Back to work, Joe.


Oh, that's it! I've had it!

What's wrong now?

I'm not working at
that place anymore.

COLIN: Did you quit?

Two schools of thought. Marty
thinks he fired me, I know I quit!

But one thing's for sure.

That trucker's going to be doing
everything with his left hand for weeks.

Well, we got 10 more days here.

It's all right,
I'll get another job.

There aren't any other jobs around here,
Maggie. We're stuck.

I never thought I'd be saying this,
but I miss the Kromaggs.

Yes, they're scary, yes, they're dangerous,
but there's never a dull moment.

QUINN: What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


Hey, Maggie. Thought
you didn't get off till 6:00.

The boss gave her
the rest of her life off.

What have you got there?

Oh, a bunch of old books.

Might be something in here to
kill time better than watching reruns

of Touched By A Ranger.

I mean,
Chuck Norris is a fine actor,

but on this world he should leave
that action stuff to somebody else.

Let me see one of these.

"Bebop King,
the life of Jackie Robinson,

"the greatest saxophone
player this world has ever seen."

You see, on this world,
Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier

in what was, up until then,
an all-white art form.

Got a bunch of time-killers.

Think I'll take a shower.

Hey, be careful.

Showers in places like this

tend to attract guys with really
big knives and really bad wigs.


Maggie seems really
short-tempered lately.

I would think all of you
would look forward to

three weeks of nothing
going on for a change.

I can't stand vacations either.

One week of sun and sand and I
just want to get back to the grind.

Sliding, fighting Kromaggs,
running for our lives every other minute?

Ah, that's the life.

guys, listen to this.

"When Grobar, the Gormak science officer,
revealed his formula

"for inter-dimensional travel,

"Commander Kurch Grimax knew
that the possibility existed for his people

"to escape the wrath of Thon."

What are you reading?

Flow My Blood,
The Soldier Said, by Isaac Clark.

I thought you hated
science fiction.

There's also a
biologic weapon in here.

Sounds a lot like the one we heard
about when we were in the slidecage.

Well, what we do in reality might seem
like fantasy to people in another world.

Yeah, if I hadn't been along for the ride,
and they told me about it,

I wouldn't believe
anything we do.

I think I just figured it out.

"Gormak" is a close
anagram for Kromagg.

Hey, look at this.

Oh, my gosh. Those are Kromaggs.

You're doing a pretty good job there,
farmer boy.

Thanks. Just takes practice.

Internal combustion is
just a controlled explosion.

Just as long as it's controlled.

Think I'm on to something.

Publisher says he has
no idea where Isaac lives.

Doesn't have an agent, just does
all of his business through a lawyer.

Lawyer will not talk. Actually
his voice mail won't talk.

But I got his name.

And I got the name of another agent
who brokered some movie stuff for him.

And what does that mean,
you're on to something?

that's the name and numbers of three people

who had to have called
up Clark at some time.


all we got to do is match some numbers up.

Yeah, well,
how do we access those phone line records?

We've got a computer.
We hack our way in.

Not without a modem.

Yeah, well,
Maggie's got money, we can...

Hey, guys, ready to roll? Downtown
Needles. Bright lights, big city.

You've never seen me roll the dice,
have you, big boy?


What's wrong?

Maggie, I've realized you've
worked very hard at the diner.

Colin here at the gas station,

and I also realize that
you've saved up your money,

so you could really enjoy
your little holiday in Needles.

How much money do you need?

Enough to get a modem.

So we can get online and hack our
way to get some phone line records.

Of course. What would a slide be
without hacking into some phone records?


There's a whole section in here

on how the Gormak women
are unable to have children.

Just like the Maggs.

This guy is either from your world,
or he's been following us around.

What are you looking for?

Any repeat calls to the same number
from all three of the source numbers.

We figure Clark's lawyer,
publisher and agent must have called him.

Maybe more than once.

If we can match the numbers,
it helps narrow the scan.


We've got three calls to this 555 number,
818 code, from the publisher.

Okay, key in on that number
and scan the other bases.


Bingo. One, two, three, four calls
from the lawyer. And two from the agent.

And look at this. The calls are
to this number, never from it.

And always about
the same time of day.

So what do we do now,
call that number?

Not yet. That's why we
bought the reverse directory.

We can track the
phone's location.

QUINN: Okay, here we go.

It's in Wrighthood, up the mountains.
Highway 2. It's a pay phone.


Hey, guys.


Yeah. Hello?

Sure, okay, great. I'll let him know. Yeah,
thanks, bye.

So what if it's not Clark?

Then we apologize and go away.

But it would be really strange

if Clark's agent, attorney,

and publisher were
calling somebody else.

Yes, what is it?

is this the residence of Isaac Clark?


Excuse me, but we're huge fans of his,
we came all this way just to meet him.

Maybe get him to
autograph a book.

I told you. No one
named Clark lives here.

I have a gun.

You won't need it. I mean,
we don't mean any harm.

we're inter-dimensional travelers.

Like the ones in Mr. Clark's book,
only for real.

And we go from one
world to another with this.

My name is Quinn Mallory. And it's
kind of important that we see Isaac Clark.

I'm Isaac Clark.

Please, come on in.

Our parents told us the Kromaggs
were defeated on our home world.

Very close to what you
describe in the book.

And if there is a weapon
that can defeat the Kromaggs,

well, I'd like to get my hands on it, take
it back to my world and drive them out.

Dad spends a lot of
time dodging lunatic fans,

but you people
take the blue ribbon.

I've never heard anything
so crazy in my life.

Well, it's all true,
just like the story in your father's book.

That's a novel. Fiction.
He makes it all up.

Don't you people
know how that works?

We haven't made up anything. Everything
we told you really happened to us.

We're here because
we think you can help us.

Come on, Dad.

Do you need to hear any
more of this nonsense?

No, I don't.

Everything these young
people are saying is true.

I knew the minute you told me your name,
Mallory, you see.

I knew your parents.

There was, as I think, you know,
quite a Kromagg problem on our world.

That seems like
an understatement.

we heard it was a full-blown civil war.

a weapon was needed to put an end to it.

Michael and Elizabeth
Mallory were brilliant scientists.

They headed the research team
that developed sliding technology.

And they used it to put you two on
different worlds, out of harm's way.

And they made it available for
anybody who wanted off that world,

away from the Kromaggs.

But they went back.

It's their world. They
wanted to fight for it. So did I.

The government put together
a team of their best people.

We were under a lot of pressure to
develop a weapon that would end the war.

And you did.

Your parents were
key to that research.

In fact, your father perfected
the formula that led to the solution.

The Maggs were destroyed.
They were given the highest honors.

Then it was just a
mopping-up operation.

Something I don't
understand. Why are you here?

You won the war, drove out the
Maggs. Your world was at peace.

I saw a lot of destruction,
such death was the cause of a lot of it.

I just couldn't face
anything on my world again.

And I had a brother
who worked with us.

He decided to stay,

but I got Michael Mallory

to slide me to this world.

And you became a writer?

No, not at first.

I looked for work
at my old profession,

but I found that I had lost
the will and heart to pursue it.

Then, I met Catherine's mother.

I found happiness for the
first time in a long, long time.

Then I got this idea.

Nobody on this world
would believe my story,

what I'd seen,
what I'd been doing.

So I decided to make science fact,
science fiction.

Yeah. But why the isolation?
Why hide away like this?

Sliding technology.

You've got it. The Kromaggs have got it,
as you well know.

And you were never
going to tell me this?

Oh, honey.

You were born here.
This is your world.

I felt that keeping the secret
would allow us to have a normal life.

What good would it do
you to know the truth?

That it was the truth.


Excuse me.


One of the hard things
about being a parent

is that sometimes there is
no clear right way to do things.

You don't have to be a
parent to have that problem.

Excuse me. I need
to get some air.

Well, how can I help you?

Mind if I join you?

Well, it's a big night,
and nobody owns it.

I know how you feel.

How could you
possibly know that?

I didn't know the truth about my life,
my parents,

I grew up thinking that the people that
raised me were my mother and father.

They weren't.

They never told you?


They might have,
but they died when I was very young.

I didn't find out about my true
parents until my brother found me.

And he told you how he was able
to slide from one universe to another,

and that there was a world where some kind
of mutant race went to war with the humans.

Yes. And you believed him?

it's not funny. It's not funny at all.

I'm having to deal with the fact
that my whole life has been a lie.

Isaac Clark is
still your father.

I think the hardest thing
about being a son or a daughter

is realizing that your parents
try to do the best they can.

But they're only human.

We're just trying to get home.

That's all any of us want to do.


I want to thank you for
being so understanding.

Such a fantastic story coming
out of nowhere, and all at once.

You raised me on
fantastic stories.


But it must have been quite a jolt
to find out that they were all true.

Well, Colin helped me with that.

Nothing I know about you from
experience really changed last night.

Bless you.

I just want to learn more about your world.

I'm not so sure that's a good idea.

Why not?

This is your world. It's been
over 20 years since I left my world.

There must have
been a lot of changes.

I don't know what we might be heading into,
and it's safer for you here.

But I'd never see you again.

Well, now,
I might be able to come back for you.

And you might not.

My mother is gone. My only real
family now is you and yours on that world.

Yes, I really want to go.

Hey. Hello.

Ah, what a day, huh?


You know,
packing for a trip is always so hard.

I never know if I bring too
much stuff or not enough or...

I solved that problem
a long time ago.

You see, I don't bring anything.

You see, up until now,
we were never sure where we were going.

But we always manage to find
what we need when we get there.

God, I can't imagine what
it's like doing what you do.

It's amazing what a
person can get used to.

Colin and Quinn are going home now.

But where is home for you?

really. My home was destroyed.

I lost everything I had and
everyone that was important to me.

One person in particular.

A man?

My husband.

Quinn and Rembrandt rescued
me from my disintegrating world,

and, well, there was never
anyplace I found that I wanted to stay.

I guess you could say my world has
become one big never-ending slide.

Never ending until now.

Oh, I guess we both have
some real adjustments to make.


Are we about ready to go?

Getting close.

I only brought some things I
was working on and money.

I brought these with
me when I came.

I always held out the hope
that I might get back again.

You might need that.

And for you.

Hey, that, uh,

37X ought to be 39X.

Are you sure about that?

It's my world.

And what are those equations
there at the end? That's...

After the Kromaggs were
driven from your world,

our father designed a slidecage to
protect it from ever being invaded again.

Oh. I didn't know that.

These equations,
added to the coordinates you've given me,

should get us around that cage.

Taking the back door, are we?

Something like that.

This might be
the last slide of all.

All right, let's go.

You guys ready?

Oh, yeah.



Wow, it's wonderful.

Yes. Yes, it is.

Looks like 20 years
of peace and progress.

Let's go.

I know you'll want to get to
your parents as soon as you can.

This is the address
20 years ago.

If they're not there,
at least it's a place to start.

You're not coming with us?

Uh, no.

No, no, it's a family reunion,

and, uh, we'll catch up with
Michael and Elizabeth later.

So, where can we find you?

There used to be a pretty
good hotel around here.

The Chandler?

How did you know?

Oh, we've been around.

Well, thanks for the lift.

I guess we'll be
seeing you then.

We're home now. We're not going
anywhere. So, yeah, we'll see you.




Dad? I'm Quinn.

This is Colin.

Quinn? Colin?

Oh, my God. Is it really you?

Yeah, Dad.

Elizabeth. Elizabeth.
The boys are back.

Our boys are finally home.


Come in. Don't stand
in the hall. Come in.

Hi. Hi.

Come on in.

Rembrandt's been
with us since the start.

Well, I was on my way to work,
minding my own business,

Q-Ball here activated the vortex,
and then, bam, here I am.

It's been a hell
of an adventure.

Oh, it sounds like it. Traveling from
world to world, searching for this one.

But your search is finally
over. You guys are home.

Cheers. Hear, hear!

At least Quinn and I are.

Maggie doesn't have a home
world. Hers was destroyed.

MAGGIE: But you know, Quinn,
we've been through so much together.

A lot of things have happened along the way
that would make me sad not to see you anymore.

I think I'll stay here and
start a new life for myself.

What about you, Remmy?

You're welcome to stay, too.

Well, I appreciate that. But
I'd think I'd like to go home.

QUINN: We made it to our home
world once... Remmy's home world.

I thought it was my
home world at the time.

The Kromaggs took it over.

Kromaggs took it over?

My mother's on that world.

At least I hope
she's still alive.

And I'd like to help them.

And now, with Dr. Clark,
there may be a way to do that.

With Dr. Clark?

Isaac Clark.

He's the real reason we're here.

We found him on the
last Earth we were on.

And he helped you on your way.

REMBRANDT: Well, actually, he made
the slide with us, he and his daughter.

Listen, if there are plans for the
weapon that defeated the Kromaggs,

I can take them back,
help free my world.

that sounds like an interesting idea.

Where is Dr. Clark
staying while he's here?

At the Chandler. He's going to
stay there until he gets his bearings.

See, this is our timer.

It allows us to travel from
one dimension to another.

It's counting down
from six hours.

Now we can either
catch it or stay.


Well, you have no more use for this,
do you?

I guess not.

Do you think you could help us
find Remmy's home coordinates?

Certainly. I probably have them
on file somewhere in my records.

Well, this is yours now.

Take what you
can from Dr. Clark,

cause when the time comes,

you'll be home.

Kind of like passing the torch,
huh, Q-Ball?

Something like that.




I love you, Rem.

I love you back.

you told Rembrandt we'd be at the Chandler.

I came here to do something very important.

Something I couldn't share
with our sliding friends.

That's why I had to
find my brother's house.

Well, I don't understand.

Rembrandt said he wanted
to get the plans for the weapon

and take them back to his home
world to defeat the Kromagg.

That's why I could never allow him to know
what actually happened to the Kromaggs here.

Such a thing can never
be allowed to happen again.

Trust me on this,
Catherine. I do know what I'm doing.


Yes, Robert. It's me.

My God.


Come in.

Welcome to the
Chandler. May I help you?

Yes. I'm here to see a
friend. A Dr. Isaac Clark.

I'm sorry. We don't have
a guest with that name.

You don't?

Would you mind
checking the computer?

I don't have to.

The police called earlier asking
about someone with that same name.

Why do you want to see him?

It's like, I said,
he's a friend.

Wait here.

I still go into the campus for lectures,
of course,

but actually with the Internet
and the television transmitter,

I could do all my
work right here.

I just miss the interaction
with my students.

What was your major?

Physics major. Special interest,
quantum mechanics.

Of course. And your education?

I'm mostly self-taught. My world
wasn't as advanced as Quinn's.

Yeah, but you should have seen what
he was working on, given his resources.

Electric storage cells,
flying machine. He was a local genius.

More the local witch
doctor. Take your pick.

You know, when your mother and I went
looking for you after that terrible war,

we weren't able to find you.

my parents died of a flu epidemic.

After that I was pretty
much on my own.

You know, your foster parents told
me that you died in a flu epidemic.

Even showed me
a death certificate.


I didn't know that.

I was told they hid me because
they didn't want to give me up,

and made up some story for you,
but I guess that was it.

How did you find out the truth?

I was in a Kromagg prison on
what I thought was my world.

I met my foster mother there,
and she gave me the microchip.

It was embedded in her arm.

Ah, the microchip.

COLIN: And it told
him how to find me.

And then after that we found the chip
you left in my foster mother's locket.

I see.

Well, it was a lucky thing
you ran into your foster mother

during that terrible war,
wasn't it?

And it was also a lucky thing that
you've connected with Dr. Isaac Clark.

ISAAC: How in the
world did you find me?

You said that you had a brother
and that he was a scientist.

And when you weren't at the hotel,
I picked up a book, Who's Who on science.

Robert J. Clark.

Nice to meet you.

I couldn't get into the hotel,

so I was lucky enough to find that
Robert was listed in the phone book,

and I imagine you found that,

Yes. But there's a little more to this,
isn't there?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Well, I wasn't the only one
looking for you at the Chandler.

The police are onto you.

The Mallorys.

Of course, your friends must have
told them I made the slide with you.

We'll have to
move to the clinic.

I knew it was just a matter of time
before they found out I was here.

Wait a minute.

And maybe you better tell me
exactly what's going on here.

Why should I do that?

Because you owe
me! And my friends!

Now you wouldn't be here to do whatever it
is you're going to do if it weren't for us.

I don't see it that way.

You want me to give you a weapon

that would allow you to destroy
the Kromaggs of your world.

I can't allow such
a criminal act.

What? A criminal act?


I need to clear up some things.

REMBRANDT: I would think so.

For Catherine's sake, not yours.

The Kromaggs of this world
were a downtrodden society

with very low technical skills.

Their weapons were
primitive against ours.

Hold on. You told us that
they made war on you,

and you invented a
weapon to win that war.

Well, it seemed to be what your friends
wanted to hear, and I had to get back here.

I worked with the
Mallorys for a while

to devise what was called the final
solution to the Kromagg problem.

It was a biologic weapon.

A disease, really.

Would you like
to see what it did?

Are they still here?


No need to be afraid.
These are our friends.

ISAAC: Very few Kromaggs
have survived this long.

Kromaggs were rounded up, herded
into death camps, and exposed to the virus.

And when I saw what
that disease was doing

to an entire species

that was innocent of everything
except being different, I had to act.

And with a few others
who thought like I did,

we managed to get thousands of Kromaggs off
this world with pirated sliding equipment.

Those we couldn't slide, we hid
in secret clinics to try to treat them,

perhaps find a cure.

If there was no war, why would the Mallorys
take their sons to different worlds?

Oh, there was an uprising in one of
the camps and Quinn was taken hostage.

And when the revolt was put down,
and Quinn saved,

the Mallorys decided to
get them off the planet.

My brother was arrested
and sentenced to exile.

The Mallory sliding machine was used
to deport those whom they called traitors

to the human cause.

You used us to come back
here for some kind of revenge?

No. Justice. And, anyway,
you used me as well.

I had the coordinates.
You had the timer.

And I brought back evidence
to submit to the world court

to bring people like the
Mallorys to trial for their crimes.

This just doesn't fit with what I
know about Quinn and Colin's parents.

I mean,
if they are what you say they are,

then this is the wrong world.

I've got less than an hour. Listen,
you've got to help me.

If I don't reach my friends
before this timer reaches zero,

we're all gonna be stuck here.

Your friends may
already be beyond help.

If the Mallorys are onto me,

they must be aware that Colin
and Quinn are not their sons.

All the more reason
for me to get to them.

I can't be seen.

As you said, the police have already
been to the hotel looking for me.

There'll be a general alert.

Listen, do you have a car?

Yes. Well, I need it.

You don't know what you're
getting into. The Mallorys are...

Do you know what you're getting into,
Father, huh?

You came here on a mission for justice,
to right a terrible wrong.

But to get here you sacrificed the safety
of people you knew weren't from this world.

Are Colin and Quinn and
Maggie just three more casualties

in a war that ended
over 20 years ago?


Let's go.

Since the gas shortage,
I haven't really had it on the road much.

Yeah. Well,
when was the last time you drove it?

I'm sure I had it out
sometime before Christmas.

All right, try it.





Twenty-two minutes.

The stories that you have to tell of all of
your adventures would make a great book.

Have you thought of that?

Not really.

We haven't had much time to
do anything except keep alive

and stay one step ahead
of whatever was chasing us.

Well, I guess those adventures
are over now, aren't they?

I sure hope so.

What's going on?

When we placed you on separate
worlds during the Kromagg purges,

we did not embed a
microchip into a woman's arm,

nor did we place another
one into a woman's locket.

And there was no slidecage.

No need for one.

The Maggs were completely
eliminated from this planet.

And if any were
foolish enough to return,

well, we still have the weapon that my
husband and I perfected at Alamogordo.

So, I don't know who you are,
but you are not our sons.

I've just notified
the military police,

and they will be here
in a matter of moments.

Isaac Clark was a convicted traitor
who was sentenced to sliding exile.

Obviously, by bringing you people here,
he's violated that exile,

and he may also be responsible for
introducing dangerous criminals to this world.

We're not criminals.

Well, why don't we have
a nice trial and find out?

These people aren't
anything like our parents.

MAGGIE: Come on.


That way!

Look, there's your friends.

Pull over.

Let's go!

How much time?

Five minutes!

We're doing great.

We are?




Come on, move it.

What's going on, Remmy?

We've got another
two minutes to kill.

Or be killed.

I'm not going to
make it. You go on!

I came here to do something,
and I'm going to do it.

Go on to Robert's house.

The evidence is
all in my briefcase.

Robert will know what to do.

Now, go! Go!

Hold it right there.
Hands behind your back!


I have to help my father.

I know.

You see, on this world,
the Kromaggs were the good guys.

Clark and his brother,
they're trying to help them.


The people we thought were
our parents are trying to kill them?

You got it.


What now?

We're on a train!

Almost time.

this isn't the best idea you've ever had!

It's the only one
I've got right now.


No turns, no low bridges so far.

Quinn, I hope one day
you really do find your world.

Yeah, so do I.

All right, here we go.