Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 7 - Just Say Yes - full transcript

The Sliders must wrestle themselves away from addiction after they land on a world that encourages the use of drugs and narcotics.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
get off my back!

Get your face off my
neck! I can't see anything.

Would you get your elbow
out of my ear?

After Colin
moves his face!

Stop moving!

Oh, great. Great.
This is great.

Now we're
sliding into closets.

What's next, landing
inside a brick wall?

Can that happen?

Not a chance.

a densitometry circuit that...

That if you ask me,
needs a lot of work.

Well, nobody asked you!

Q- Ball, how long we here for?

Nine hours.

Instead of arguing, wouldn't you
rather try to find out where we are?

Why can't we do both?

Look. I need a drink.

Yeah, me, too.

Where'd this come from?

Is it my imagination or does
Maggie and my brother argue a lot?

Oh, I wouldn't
worry about it.

You do what we do, you get
a little tense at times.

Yeah, but this morning she called
him a name I never even heard of.

Well, she used to be
a Marine.

What do we have here? Zucchini
juice? Beet frappé? Frozen okra whip?

What is this,
Health Nut Earth?

The broccoli and soda
sounds good.

I don't see
why you're blaming me.

You're the one
who broke the law.

I swatted a mosquito!

On a world where you knew
it was an endangered species!

How the hell was I
supposed to know that?

You're gonna tell me you
did not see one of the signs?

And I think the cop would've
let you off with a warning

if you hadn't
yelled at her.

That was not yelling!
You haven't heard yelling.

Hey, Quinn,
I wouldn't call it yelling.

Thanks for
the support, bro.

Thank you very much.
You see that?

There you have it. Even your
own brother thinks you're wrong.

Hi, my name's Damon.
Can I be of assistance?


Why the negativity?
I'm your friend.

Okay, then why don't you mind
your own business, friend?

The difference is, you...

I'm a licensed facilitator,

and I think your dosage
needs a little adjustment.

I think your nose
needs a little adjustment!

I think
you're yelling again.

That is not yelling.
That is not yelling!

This is yelling!

This is "I really don't want
to hear about it. "

And this is, "You are gonna finish
this discussion with me right now!"

Maggie? Maggie? Maggie, what
happened? What did you do to her?

What's wrong with her?

Can you hear me?


What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?

Easy does it.

Easy does it, easy as pie,
pie is good and so am I.

She seems
better than before.

Oh, I am better than ever. As a
matter of fact, I feel like dancing.

Anybody care to join me?

Uh, Maggie?

What is this?

What did you give her?

Standard mood elevator.

She needed it.

I'd say you do, too.


That's a little dart.
Isn't that clever?

Hey, I don't understand
your aggressive behavior.

Testosterone imbalance?

Quinn, have you ever wondered
why we have so many fingers?

Colin, listen to me.

I am.
You sound orange.

You have to... What?

He's hearing colors.

And seeing sounds.

And tasting aromas.
It's fantastic, man.

It's like I'm one
with the universe.

You are so cute!

Okay. Okay. Okay.
Look, look, look.

Just remember you're still
with friends, all right?


If it gets spooky, just let me
know, I'll talk you through it.

Have you seen things
like this before?

Yeah. Once or twice.

See? Nothing to worry about.
Everything's fine.

Where's Maggie?

You look. I'll stay
here with finger boy.


Oh, man!


It's Quinn.

You still think
everything is fine?

I don't get it.
Tranquol shouldn't do this.

Our clinic's
on the next block.

Has she had a reaction
to Tranquol before?

She's never taken any.


Most unusual.

Well, let's see
what she is taking.

No infuser?

Well, you have one,
don't you?


Uh, medication dispenser.

No, we don't have those.

How's that possible?

We're not from around here.

But I thought everybody was
using infusers these days.

Well, not quite.

There are still some more primitive parts
that are dispensing medications orally.

Areas of Canada,
for example.

Yeah. That's right. We're a
bit behind the times up there.

Uh, so you don't know what
her regular prescription is?

I'm afraid not.

Well, then we better play it safe and
just neutralize all the drugs in her system

with a dose of Troxoprine.

Oh, it's pharmaceutical grade.

Not the impure bootleg street
stuff. Nothing to worry about.

You keep saying that.


It shouldn't take long
to do its work.

In the meantime, uh, why don't
you just stay here and relax and...

Is she gonna be
all right?

Absolutely. Absolutely.
Be just a sec.

I'm not sure, but
I think it's Quinn Mallory.

No, but I do have his
companion under restraints.

Okay, uh...

I'll do the best I can, but
get here quickly, okay? Thanks.

Damon, the DEA
doesn't want us to wait,

so I'll distract him
and you tranq him, okay?


It's about time.
Where's Maggie?

I'll tell you later. We've
got to move. How's Colin?

He's coming down. He had a
little snack so he passed out.

All right. Well, then we'll have to
carry him because we cannot stay here.

Okay, don't tell me.

Our little friend with the
happy darts is coming back?

With reinforcements.

Yes, that's the man.

That's Mallory, all right.
Busted twice for non-possession.

Jumped bail a year ago
and ran off to Mexico.

I'd heard he died
of an underdose.

Same here.
Guess we were wrong, huh?

It's a safe bet that Mallory
snuck back into the country

to spread more of his
anti-drug propaganda.

A guy like that
shouldn't be on the street.

He'll be apprehended, sir.

Let's move out.

Where's Mallory's
partner in crime?

Oh. Right this way.

I did a complete blood work-up
on her and apparently

she's never had any
significant pharmacotherapy.


Nothing at all?

Poor, dumb kid.

Think everybody's
on something?

Everybody but us.

Well, that explains
the brain-dead grins.

What it doesn't explain is what
they have against the local Quinn.

He's obviously no friend
of the powers that be.

We find him, maybe he
helps us spring Maggie.

Yeah. Well, we're
gonna need help,

especially with Colin
out of the play.

How long is he
gonna sleep like this?

I knew a roadie once
who crashed for three days.

Didn't even twitch when
the drummer set him on fire.

Somebody set him on fire?

It wasn't on purpose. Hold
on. Hold on. Signs of life.

Hey, hey?
How do you feel?

And please
don't say "hungry. "

I feel...
I feel ordinary.

Lost touch
with the universe?

All the sensations are gone.


Not good.
I want more.

No, you don't.

Yes, I do. I mean,
you've gotta try it.

It's important to experience
new sensations.

Science demands it.

Yeah, well, the next time
science calls, don't answer.

Oh, there he is.


Come back here!

More! I want more!

Colin! Get back here!

Colin, wait up!

More! Please, give me more!
Come on, give...


There they are!
Tranq them!

Let's go!

Now talk to me. How did Mallory
get back across the border?

Now why won't you
enlighten me?

Loosen these straps and
I'll enlighten you but good!

No can do, honey,
you'd hurt yourself.

Not before I hurt you!

Well, now.
A woman with spirit.

We'll fix that.

We certainly will.
I've got a prescription here

that will take care of those
anti-social impulses you're experiencing.

And your system
is all ready for it now.

Oh, no. You stay away from me,
lady. No! This won't hurt a bit.


Much better.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. There we go.

You sleep tight.


Agent Lowell, sir?

I'm sorry, sir.
The other two got away.

Well, what have we here?

Well, he says
he's Quinn's brother.

Colin Mallory.
And you are?

Fletcher Lowell, Special Agent,
Drug Empowerment Administration.

Tell me, Colin,
how did your brother get here?

The same way I did. We slid
through an inter-dimensional gateway

vortex wormhole

Is that a fact?

Yeah. My brother invented it. He's
a genius from a parallel universe.

I am also from such a place.

Very different
from this world.

Been drug-deprived a tad
too long, haven't you, Colin?

Based on recent experiences,

I'd have to say yeah!

Oh, hi, Maggie.


Is that where
they have Maggie?

There's the drugmobile. They
must've brought Colin here, too.

Just like you figured.

Less than six hours.

So, what's the plan?

Give me a minute
to think.

We don't have a minute.

Hi. Hi.

We've gotta go get them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

They almost got us last time.
This time they're ready.


Follow that van!


I'm in a good space right now.
A really mellow mindset.

Come on, man.
Start the car!


Maybe that'd
get you started.

Whoa, I hear you!

But the heavy-duty materialist
bag is not where I'm coming from.

I can't get behind it.

You better get
behind that wheel!

Stay loose. You're gonna
make me forget my mantra.

We don't have that long.

I'm gonna go in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're
not going back in there?

Why not?
The doctor's gone.

Maybe her office has some record of
where they're taking Colin and Maggie.

You'd think a place like this
would have more security.

I don't even see
an alarm system.

No cameras either.

Okay. Do we break the glass
or pick the lock?

I don't even see a lock.

Okay, she doesn't care
about her magazines.

But she'll lock up
her office, right?

Possibly not.

I guess with everybody so blissed out,
they don't have a huge crime problem.

They may not even
have cops here.

Just paramedics with
tranquilizer guns and... Remmy?

Whoa! Your double
needs a haircut.

Haircut and a bath.

Staying off drugs
won't hurt you, people.

There's nothing dangerous
about getting low.

So don't listen to the lies
of the government

and the pharmaceutical

Tune out, turn off
and drop in, people.

Do you hear me?
Am I getting through?

Hmm, so that's why
they don't like you.

I'm an anti-drug agitator.

"Last known whereabouts,
Ensenada. "

And that was months ago. If the DEA
can't find him, how are we gonna?

Odds are, we won't.

But at least we'd be able
to find Maggie and Colin.

Oh, wait a minute.

"Transferred this date to
Reorientation Compound Four. "

Doesn't sound good.
Is there an address?

Yeah. 1402 Elm Street.

This is a rather upscale neighborhood
for a Reorientation Compound.

Here's 1402.

No guards, no gates.
Doesn't seem right.

Where's the Beaver?

Oh. Hello, again.

we've got company.

Quinn, Remmy!
How marvelous to see you.

So good of you boys
to drop by.

What is this?


You're stoned
out of your skulls.

You say that like
it's a bad thing.

It is.

Maggie, that stuff
almost killed you.

Oh, please!

That dosage was all wrong.
But they fixed that now.

We appreciate your concern,
but we're fine.

We feel good
about ourselves.

Really good.

And that's why
we've decided to stay.

You what?

We decided that we're not
going to slide with you.

Look, you're in no shape
to make decisions.

Well, you're not gonna
force us to leave, are you?


No, no, of course not.

Oh, heaven forbid.

Good. Well, then why
don't you sit down.

Sit down.

Make yourselves

Okay? That's it.

Now Maggie's gonna make you
some hot cocoa.

Oh! I'll help you, dear.


Four more hours
and Maggie's making cocoa.

We're just gonna have to play along
until they slide. Then carry them out.

I don't think
they'll go for it.

They'll thank us later.

They don't look happy.

No, they don't.
We have to help them.

I totally agree.

They'll thank us later.


Yummy, yummy
cocoa bunny.

There, boys.

Look, are they giving you
this reading material?

Drugs are your Friends.
Domestic Bliss Made Easy.

Illustrated History of

We just started that one. The
first chapter's on Sigmund Freud,

the father of
modern pharmacotherapy.

He was studying dreams
or something,

But then
he discovered lithium.

Threw all his previous work away
and started all over as a biochemist.

Oh, come on! Let's go.

All units, we have a
medical alert at Compound Four, Unit 1402.

We have reason to believe
the fugitives may be there.

All units respond.
Oh, great.

Colin, Maggie, come on out!

We can't stand violence.


It's all over!
Would you two get out here?

Hey, we gotta go!

Well, what about them?

You think you can drag them
along and outrun these guys?

Come on.
We'll come back later.

Say again?
Mallory struck him?

Yes, sir. Fortunately,
he's all right.

It's my fault. I should've
gotten here faster.

Post a lookout,
then hustle back here.


Damon's gonna need some help
to tackle Mallory.

Doctor, whip up
a cartridge of Decimide.

Is that really necessary?

Mallory's become violent.

The fastest way to nail a sociopath
like that is to fight fire with fire.

Agent Lowell, you are asking me to
give Damon a drug that could be lethal.

I'm not asking you.

I'm ordering you.


I'll do as you say, but I'm
having difficulty coping with that.

Physician, heal thyself.

You're absolutely right.

It's time for
extra-strength Tranquol.

Four out of five doctors
recommend it.

It won't be easy dragging
those two through the slide.

Even if we can, what happens
when their infusers run out?

Serious withdrawal.
It won't be pretty.

It could be dangerous.

We might slide into a world where
they don't know how to treat it.

So we gotta get them detoxed
before we slide?

Yeah. When Maggie
had her system cleaned out,

the doctor used something
called Troxoprine.

Sneaking back into that
clinic twice, pushing our luck.

Wouldn't help anyway.

Troxoprine's something even
these people keep locked up.

But Damon said there was
a black market for the stuff.

Maybe we could find
some on the street.

Worth a shot.

Now look, Damon, here's the
bottom line. Mallory is a menace.

His drug-starved mind's
blown all its fuses.

Taking him down's gonna require a
volunteer with some starch in his shorts.

I'd like to volunteer, sir.


Now, the doctor's gonna
give you a mild stimulant.

Now, it's gonna
rev you up enough

so you can use force
to bring in Mallory.

Now, I know it's extreme...

No. If you think it's necessary,
sir, that's good enough for me.

You're all right, kid.

This is nice.

Yes, isn't it? No
conflicts. No aggression.

Just a sense of peace
and well-being.



Except what?
Aren't you happy?

Oh, yeah, I'm happy,

but I don't know. Shouldn't
we be doing something?

We're doing what
we're supposed to be doing.

Adjusting to our medication.

And experiencing
a more enjoyable lifestyle.

And learning new skills.

Maybe that's what I need.

A new skill.
Something to do.

Good idea.
How about this?

Baking? Hmm.

I'll try anything once.

Troxoprine? I might be able to help
you out there. How much you need?

Enough for two.

Well, how big a dose?

You just want to clear your heads
a little or get completely clean?

Completely clean.

Totally grounded, huh?
Good choice.

You haven't lived
till you've kicked.

But getting dry ain't cheap.

Two Virgin Marys.
That runs into money.

All right. How much?

Well, understand, my product's
the best. Guaranteed uncut.

How much?

Lotta Troxy out there wouldn't scour
a lab rat, but I don't touch it.

Right. Got a location on Mallory.
An alley next to 1125 Gould.

He's trying to score some Troxoprine
from one of our undercover agents.

I'll bring him in, sir.

I'm sure you will.

All right, all right. Get
a move on. Get a move on.

While you still remember
where you're going.

You know the last time I
authorized a Decimide intervention,

it was up in Monterey,
in '95.

Seal population up there
had exploded.

Coast Guard was called out to blow
the little beggars off the pier

with high-pressure hoses.

And a bunch of tree-huggers in
sandals were ripping out their infusers

and lying down
right in front of the Guard.

We sent in two D'ed-up
facilitators. It was just two.

There were hippies and baby
seals flying all over that harbor.

I want you to sign
a DI 1029 form right away

so I can fax it up
to Sacramento.

Well, of course.


has never been administered

from this facility before,

and I will not be held responsible
for whatever Damon does out there.

Hmm. Now I know you're proud of the
therapeutic reputation of this clinic, Helena.

But don't worry, your pretty
white smock won't get soiled.



Are you sure the Tranquol
is kicking in for you?

Perhaps I'm developing
a tolerance.

Well, Doctor, in your position
you can't let that happen.

I think you better kick up
the dose a little, huh?

And I don't even make
much profit on Troxy.

But I like to think
I'm making a contribution.

Have you got
the stuff or not?

Well, of course I have it, but
we gotta agree on terms first,

and I want you to know
what you're getting.

Look, all we're getting
is a run-around.

Hey, hey, hey, wait up!
Come on. Let's negotiate.

Don't you guys wanna
make a deal here?


He looks different somehow.

That ought to stop him.

Yeah. But it won't.

What the devil is that guy on?
PCP? Crystal meth?

We gotta find
another way out of here.

We can't outrun
this guy forever.

There's no place to hide!

A couple more hours
till we slide.

Look, maybe we're just
gonna have to take him.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but
this guy's got a bit of an edge.

That's fair.

Maybe we can take some of
that edge away from him.

Hey, Damon, how you feeling? That
car thing was very impressive.

You are one tough guy.

Stay back, man.
I'm telling you, stay back!

I am gonna
knock your head off, man!

I'm sorry. I'm so...

A little help!

Get him off me!

You've got to be kidding me!

If he gets up again,
he's all yours.

Why haven't we heard
anything from him?

This is taking too long.

Prolonged use of Decimide
is hazardous.

Doctor, take an
attitude adjustment.

Oh, God.
Is the Tranquol not working?

Do you think I need
something stronger?





Much better.

Let me review
the bidding here.

Car hits him, barrels hit him,
I hit him, the floor hits him.

Even if he didn't feel it,
he's gonna need a hospital.

Yeah, I know, but we've
gotta try this first.

We need his help.

If he can just sweat out
all those drugs.

But what if he doesn't?

How much time
we got left?

Two hours.

What if he stays hopped up
enough to tear us apart?

Then we better hope
that's a tough chain.



You don't like them.

Oh, no.
Of course I like them.

Colin, you be
honest with me.

But you worked so hard on it. I
wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.

I don't think you could.

Not while I'm wearing
this thing.

I forgot. Another benefit
of pharmacotherapy.

Well, in that case, these are the
worst cookies I've ever tasted.

You're alive.

More or less.

Do you remember
what happened?

I feel like I was
hit by a car.


It must have been Decimide,

but they didn't tell me.

I could've killed you both.


Just don't do it again.

Wait a minute.
Wait, they lied to me.

No, they don't want you
brought in, they want you dead.

And they were willing to
turn me into a murderer!

What am I feeling?

We like to
call it anger.

Yeah, but it's so intense.
What's wrong with me?

Nothing. You're normal.

You're clean.


No, no, no.
That's dangerous.

Not really.
Yeah. Sure it is. Sure it is.

Look, people die without
their prescriptions, okay?

Look, I need medicine.

I'm scared.

I'm actually scared.

So this is what it's like?

You've never been
scared before?

Not like this.

When you're clean
does everything feel so real?

Sure. Love, hate,
passion, rage.

The whole nine yards.

And you know what?

Some things
are actually funny.

Lowell says you're violent
and out of control. Yet...

You could've killed me
and you didn't.

I was the one
who was out of control.

He's moved on to guilt.
Go for it.

All right, listen to me,

We are not a threat
to you or anyone else.

All we want to do is get Colin
and Maggie back and then clear out.

Leave the city?

Leave the country.

It'd probably make Lowell
just as happy.

I can't go back
to work for that guy.

Well, then,
work with us.

What would I have to do?

Come on.

Watch yourself.

God, I've never felt
this kind of pain before.

Mind if I take
an aspirin?

I'd take two.

Colin? This isn't working.

Maybe you should try

No, not this. This.

What's wrong with it?

Don't you find it
a little boring?

Mmm, no.

Maybe I would
if I wasn't so content.

That's it! That's it!
Don't you see?

We're not the same people
we used to be.


We're better off this way.
We're much happier.

Yeah. Yeah, but I think
life should be

about more than happiness.



Easy, guys.
Easy, guys.

They're tranqued and
ready for Reorientation.

What the hell
happened to you?

Oh, they, uh, put up a pretty
good fight, but I got them.

The other two
still inside?


You can return to
your normal duties now.

Sure you don't
want me to go...

See to your
other duties, Greg.

I'll take care of this.

You gonna make it?

Now comes
the tricky part.

Agent Lowell?
Sir, it's Damon.

Where are you, Damon?

Compound Four. Mallory
tried to rejoin his friends.

I tracked them here.
I killed them all, sir.

What's your condition?

Not good, sir, feverish...

Trouble breathing,
hard to move.

That's side effects
of the stimulant.

We'll be right there.

Oh, God.


She'll bring Troxoprine
if I got those symptoms right.


Well, yeah. We only studied
Decimide briefly at the academy.

It's a drug
that's never used.

Almost never.

Burning up.
The drug...


Thank you for making
the house call, Doctor.

What are you doing? Making sure
that that really is Troxoprine.

That it cleans him up and
not put him to sleep for good.

That's absurd!
I'm a doctor!

Oh, come on!
Some doctor!

You gave him Decimide without even
telling him what it would do to him.

I had no choice.
I was ordered.

Doctor, stop whining.
It's so unbecoming.

Damon, what say
you and me talk?

All right.
It's Troxoprine, all right.

Let's go.


Hi, everybody.

What's that, Damon?

A little medical adjustment.

Oh, yeah.

Goody. We could sure
use one, huh, honey?

What are you doing,
Damon? Stop that!

You don't know what it's
going to do to them, Damon.

I order you to stop this.

Damon, I...

No, no, no!

Now there is going to be a major DEA
investigation into all of this. I promise you.

And the four of you are gonna
go into Max Reorientation.

All right.
Now put that down right there.

Put it down.
Put the box down!

Open it up.
Open it up.

And the good doctor
is going to lose her license.

And you, you had
so much promise.

You just disappointed me.

No! That's Ecstacide.
It's much too strong for you.

Why did you... Why did you
disappoint me, Damon?


This is so amazing.

Thanks, Mr. President.

All in a good day's work,
nothing more.

I got a letter
from Aunt Irma today.


Your friends
are completely clean.

If you're sure
that's what you want.

That's what we want.


No traces of Decimide and no
lingering effects. So, uh...

It's safe now to put you back
on your normal medication.

Uh, actually, I think I'm
gonna stay clean for a while.

It feels interesting.

You won't turn me in,
will you?


But, well, you might be
making a mistake.

Drug therapy isn't perfect, and it
could certainly be misused. But...

That's an understatement.

Look, it made this guy feel
like he could walk through walls.

Some of us are trying...

Some of you better take
a hard look at yourselves.

Hey, guys.
One minute.

Oh, I can't wait.

Amen to that.

Not gonna miss
all of that happiness?

Liquid zombieness.

Hey, you guys
want a cab now?

I'm back in driving mode.
Very direction-oriented.

Uh, no, thanks.
We've got a ride.

So you guys aren't mad
at us for detoxing you?

Hell no.
Thank you!

Good. Uh, just a reminder
for the next world.

Please try not to get us in any trouble.

What are you saying?
That this was all my fault?


You can't get away
with that!

They're at it again!

One big, happy,
sliding family.

Wow. This new formula...