Sliders (1995–2000): Season 4, Episode 14 - Mother and Child - full transcript

After saving a human woman and her child from the child's Kromagg father, the Sliders discover the child cannot survive on Earth.

You think he saw
us? I don't think so.


Even if they didn't,
they have infrared scanners.

Yeah, well,
I don't think anyone saw us.

We slide out of
here in 45 minutes.

If we lie low,
we should be all right till then.

That's a long time to play
hide and seek with a Kromagg.

QUINN: Hustle it up, Remmy.

Come on, move it.

What do you think
that place was?

it's gotta be military.

The Maggs don't
go in for leisure sport.

Could be a burned-out
storage depot.

Yeah, well,
I didn't see any other structures.

it could be a proving ground for weapons.

Or it could be a camp where they
train the Maggs to hunt humans.

Kind of like that
pleasant resort

we stumbled across a
couple of worlds back.

I don't think anyone saw us.

Maybe we're overreacting.

It is humanly impossible to
overreact to the Kromaggs.

this place looks pretty good.

Maggie and I'll take lookout.

You guys lay low. We're
out of here in 40 minutes.

The girl's in Sector 5 Red.

For a breeder to escape.

And with an infant, yet.

Commander, I assure you there's
no way this breeder will get away.

My men will pick her
up any minute now.


We're picking up other
indicators in the same sector.

What could that be? I had that
sector patrolled less than an hour ago.

You, go take a unit and
find out what's going on there.

Maggie, someone's coming.



Looks more like a woman.

She's alone.



Don't be afraid,
don't be afraid. We're friends.

Don't touch him.

It's okay. It's okay.

Mommy's right here.

Go back to sleep.

Who are you?

Where'd you come from?

I'm Quinn Mallory, and where we
came from is kind of a long story.

Quinn Mallory?

Yeah, that's right.

Then you're Maggie.

How do you know who we are?

I'm Christina Griffin.

Wade told me all about you guys.


your friend Wade. Wade Wells.

So you know Wade? Where is she?

I don't know.

We gotta get moving.

They gotta know by
now we've escaped.

Escaped from what?

A Kromagg breeder camp.

QUINN: What if you found a
portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year
and you're the same person,

but everything
else is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


were you going to go?

I don't know. I just
had to get out of there.

Once I was outside,
I hoped to find someplace.

But you're here now.

It's just like Wade said.
You'd find a way to get to us.

Can I go with you guys
when you... What is that?


Of course you can.

Guys, this is Christina.

She just escaped from
the Kromagg breeder camp,

somewhere down there.

This is my brother Colin,
and this is Rem... I know.

It's Rembrandt.

She knew Wade.


I mean,
is she alive? Is she there?

she's alive. As far as I know.

Hey, if Wade is back there,
we gotta do something.

I don't know if we
have enough time.

Look, I don't care,
man. We gotta get back there!

It's too late. She's gone.

The Magg shipped all the
other prisoners out yesterday

to make way for
the new arrivals.

Wade was with them.

I managed to get away
in all the confusion.

For what it's worth,
Wade doesn't think that you deserted her.

And she doesn't blame you
at all for what happened to her.



I'm picking up a slight
reading on that hill.

Several indicators.

Several indicators?

Who is out there
besides your runaway?


All right,
we're gonna go take lookout.

Well, it looks like a
perfectly normal baby to me.

Yeah, well,
they do for the first year.

I don't know a lot about it.
It's some kind of genetic quirk.

The gestation and
birth are normal.

The Kromagg genes are repressed.

It'll grow up ugly, trust me.

Wouldn't you know it.

We land in a world
crawling with Kromaggs,

no guns, and now we got a baby.

(LAUGHING) And I was
thinking about getting a dog.



You hear something?

It's coming from over there.

All right, guys, stay hidden.

We're gonna go
check out what this is.

(BABY GURGLING) Oh, there we go.

We're keeping steady,
you and me.

We're in this together.

It's okay. He seems to
be in pretty good shape.

Yeah, he's a fighter.

How old is he?
Almost eight months.

We made our break just in time.

Humagg babies are taken away
from their mothers at nine months.

Then at a really young age,
they start their training to be soldiers.

We've run into a few
of them along the way.

you seem to have survived it.

It wasn't easy.




You know, at first,
I couldn't stand to look at him.

Half of him came from
something I hated so much.

But he's so beautiful,
and he's smart.

Yeah. After all,
what happened to me wasn't his fault.

We're gonna get out of this,
little guy.

You just wait and see.

What's his name?

Well, you're going to
think this is really strange,

but he doesn't have one.

I haven't been able
to think of the right one.

Surviving from day
to day in that place,

I had to think of nothing else.

You've got plenty of time.

The right one will come to you.

You can always name him Maggie.



Okay, let's go, huh?


Two Maggs in a Humvee.

I knew it. Infrared scanners.

This is the part where you
usually come up with a great idea.

Wait, me? Why do I always
have to come up with a good idea?

Hey, guys,


They're looking for a woman,

Maybe we should give them one.



All right, Magg.

QUINN: Well,
that should buy us some time.

I don't know. There's gotta be
more goons out there like these.

How long till the slide?

Eighteen minutes.

Where will we go?

We don't know. I'll take point.

There's a little
glitch in our gizmo.

Could we go to my home world?

If we knew your
home coordinates.

They'd be in the Kromagg
Central Data Bank.

Okay, uh,
you've got a choice now.

You can either
work with us or die.


Question too difficult for you,

I'll help.

Smart choice.


Can you work it?

If I can get into the system.
I'm sure there's a password.

Here, come here.

Log us on.


Unit Four,
what's happening out there?

All right, uh, tell him you're enjoying
the weather and having a fine day.

Unit Four.

What's going on?

Uh, sorry, sir. False alarm.

No sign of the prisoner.

You said you had a pattern.

Several indicators, you said.

It must have been wildlife.

No sign of a human out here.

Resume the search pattern,
and keep me posted.

Base out.

You do very good work.

Now open up your system
and bring up the prisoners' files.

No tricks. I read your language.

Go on, Maggot.

What are we looking for?

Bring up anything on
prisoners Christina Griffin

and Wade Wells.

I'll need their
prisoner serials.

Their what? ID numbers.

We don't keep their
human names on file.

I don't know Wade's,
but mine's JK1125.

Now cross-reference
that with her home world.


What is it?

That's interesting.

when do you think that happened?

The file states that our battalions
withdrew six months ago.


Yeah, yeah, that's what it says.

My parents, they could be alive.

All right,
let me get those coordinates.

Units Two and Three,
widen your search area.

Unit Six, return to the river.

If she went that way,
she may have gotten across.

All right, got it. Now for Wade.

But without her ID number...

QUINN: All right,
we'll do it the hard way.

Pull up the records
as fast as you can.

When we see her picture,
we'll tell you to stop.


KREESHAX: What's going on?

Unit Four is accessing
prisoner files.


Unit Four, this is base!

What are you doing?
Those files are protected!

All right, what do we do?

We keep running
through these files.

We only got eight minutes left.

The only conclusion I can draw,

is that a woman and a baby have
overpowered two of your best men,

and are now casually
scanning our protected data.

We had several
different IR readings.

Somebody's out there.
Somebody's helping her!


QUINN: What's the matter?

"Network error 807. Please
notify system administrator."

Try it again.

All units,
Unit Four has been disabled.

Coordinates 9774 by 39.

All units converge.

I hope you're not outgunned out there,

I don't like this.

They could be tracking us now. I mean,
sending in other units.


All right, Colin, Maggie!

We're getting out of here.

Thanks for all
your help. See you!

You read Kromagg?

He bought it.


Back up, back up!

Hang on.

Shouldn't we get
out to hit the vortex?

We're just gonna have to
take the chance that the vortex

can handle all the mass.

I'll count it off.

Ten seconds.

Get ready.



Anybody hurt?

MAGGIE: We're all right.

we don't know who's here yet

or what their
intentions might be.

All right,
so leave the rifle in the car.


We got nine hours.

This the right place?

This look like your world?

Yeah. I think so.

Christina, I think you better
keep the baby well-covered.

Are you certain it was a
trans-dimensional vortex?

Yes, sir.

A court martial will be
convened to review this case.

All amenities will be observed.

You'll have representation,
a fair, unbiased hearing,

then full military execution.

It'll be very nice.

Four humans.

Three male, one female.

They took the
weapons off Unit Four,

accessed the computer,

and then with their primitive
sliding device escaped

to another dimension.

We received a Dynasty
Directive about these humans

earlier this year.

We were ordered
not to detain them,

but now things have changed.

They are now considered
to be extremely dangerous,

and are to be taken down by
whatever means necessary.

Something your troops
are obviously not up to.

It is clear that they
transported themselves

back to the
escapee's home world.

With your permission,
I'll take a commando unit to that world,

recapture the breeder, and deal
with the sliders, per Dynasty Directive.

Permission denied.

No Kromagg is permitted to return
to that world under pain of death.

I know that, sir, but,

under the circumstances,
I thought we might find a solution

to the bigger problem, as well.

I don't have the authority to
override a Dynasty Directive.

You're not to pursue
anyone to that world.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.


Last time I saw this street,
we were running.

Hundreds of us,
from the Kromagg invasion force.

Their ships fired on us.

My two brothers died right here.

Even those of us who fought
back were overpowered.

But the people in your
world won in the end.

Drove the Maggs away.

Folks don't seem to be too friendly,

Kromaggs make enemies
faster than anybody.

Yeah, but we're not Kromaggs.

But we are strangers,
and they're not going to take any chances.

We're not here that long.

I'm just glad we were able to get
Christina and her baby off that world.

It's funny they
didn't pursue us.

I mean,
they know the coordinates.

Yeah, well, stay sharp.

The show's not over
till the fat Magg croaks.

Something here
must really scare them.

Something to scare a Kromagg. Now,
that I'd like to see.

So many nights I'd have dreams,

walking up to it just like this.

Then I'd wake
up in the barracks.

I never thought
I'd see it again.

Let me hold him?

You don't want to give them
two surprises at once, right?




Christina? Oh, my God!


God, I don't believe it.

I don't believe it.

How... How did you? Where's Mom?

Your Mom's gone.

Caught in the war.



I thought they'd taken you
all away from me forever.

Her heart would be
so full at this moment.

Where have you been?

Where have you
been all this time?

I was a prisoner.

A Kromagg camp on another world.

Come here.

These are the wonderful
people that helped me escape.

Quinn, Colin, Rembrandt,
Maggie, this is Jonathan Griffin.

This is my dad.

I don't understand.

You said you were
on another world?

How did you get here?

These people are sliders, Dad.

No, only Kromaggs can do that.

We can, too.

I invented this device that
was supposed to be a, uh,

anti-gravity machine,

but it turned out to
be something else.

We've traveled from world to
world for quite some time now.

We fought the Kromaggs
on many worlds.

Dad, these people are friends,
I promise you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for my daughter.

And who's this little one there?

Come on, baby.

We're home now.


The camp.

It was a breeder camp?

CHRISTINA: Those who put up too
much of a fight or who couldn't conceive

were taken away.

Killed, I suppose.

You're saying there was
nothing you could do?

Mr. Griffin,

I can tell you from
personal experience,

there's no use in
trying to fight them

once you've been
taken to a camp.

There's no way to resist them.

Your daughter did what
she had to do to survive.

I suppose I have to accept
that you were forced to do this.

But you were not forced to keep it,
to bring it here.

When you were able to escape,
why didn't you do it alone?

Because he's my child.

Can you send it back?


I don't know the coordinates.

And even if we could,
we would never do that.

Believe me,
it would have been best.

For both of you.

That could have gone better.

He wasn't really
primed for this.

Look on the bright side. At
least he didn't throw us out.

Not yet.

Maybe we should go.

Where would you go?

There was a great poet
on my world that once said,

"Home is a place where,
when you have to go there,

"they have to take you in."

MAGGIE: Remember
what you said to me?

You said this little
guy is a fighter.

Well, his mommy is, too.

So don't you throw in the towel just yet,
you hear me?

Maybe we should go
on over to the Chandler.

No, you don't.

This is my home,
at least for now,

and I can have all
the guests I want.

Please, you guys.

For moral support?

Do you have
continental breakfast?

I don't want you to think that I'm
ungrateful for what you've done.

It's just that it's been...

it's been a bit of a shock.

We can understand that.

Yeah, these days,
we seem to spend an awful lot of time

being shocked about
one thing or another.

Tell me about it.

Kromaggs hit you pretty hard?

A lot of places got it worse.

Moscow, New York, Paris.

They're simply
not there anymore.

Listen, how did you manage
to drive the Kromaggs out?

I mean, from what I've seen,
they only leave when they're ready,

and that's usually only
after there's nothing left.

Our military developed
better tactics.

Better weapons.

What kind of weapons?

I work in Central Intelligence.

The weapons that we
used are still classified.

The general public doesn't
know anything about them.

Hopefully they never will.

we're just thinking that the Kromaggs

are still ravaging
many other worlds.

This classified weapon
might help defeat

the Kromagg Dynasty completely.

I'm afraid the other worlds
will have to do it on their own.

Wow, you're a hard man.

I had to be, to save my world.

Come on, Remmy.

What you're feeling, this...

This hatred that you
have against the Kromaggs

for what they did
to you and yours...

I've been down that road.

Ate me alive.

Made me blind to
the people in my life.

That is your daughter in there.

She's been through hell.

And all she cared about
was coming home to you.

try harder to think about that.

Maybe don't even think at all,


Just feel something.

Wait a minute.

You think of yourselves
as her friends?

we're just getting to know her,

but I think we're headed that way,

She trusts us,
if that's what you're asking.

The next few hours are
going to be very difficult for her.

If you could stay around.

Help her through it.

You're not just saying it's going to
be hard on her coming home, are you?


You're not thinking about doing
anything crazy, like turning her in?

No, of course not.

Nothing will happen to her.

She'll be fine.

I can't say any more than that.

It's just that she'll need
something that I cannot give her.

if you could stay with her.

If you've got a secret, you might feel
a lot better getting it off your chest.

he's quieting down.

He's been finicky lately.


They seem to be
growing in human.

I'm glad.

Kromagg teeth can be
really brutal coming in.

Yeah, well,
maybe that's why they're so bad-tempered.

Oh, hello, hello.

You know,
when I was in the camps,

what kept me going was
thinking of my folks back here.

Christmas, Thanksgiving.

Just hanging around the
backyard doing nothing.

He's not a bad man.

Yeah, I know. I can see that.

He's just been through
some really bad times.

If only you could see
him the way that I do.

Listen, I'm going to go
rustle us up some soup, okay?

Okay. Okay, little guy?


How's Christina?

She's hanging in there.

What's wrong?

You have that little crease
between your eyes you always get.

It's her father.

He said to stick by her.
Something was going to happen.

Like what?

I don't know. He wouldn't say.

Colin and Remmy went
off to do some research.

Library, newspapers.

See what they could
about the Kromagg defeat.

Maybe it's nothing,
but everybody's so stressed out.

I got a bad feeling about this.

I could really use a good
feeling right about now.

Like the one she gets
when she looks at him.


It seems like we're always
taking care of everybody else.

When's somebody going to take care of us,

I guess we've
just gotta do it all.

You ever think
about having a kid?

My husband and I used
to want one very much.

But we had careers,
and so we put it off.

We put it off a little too long.

You had no way of knowing.

Well, you know,
on some alternate world,

I've probably got 11 kids,
I'm barefoot,

living in a shack on a mountain.

I'm sure you'd make a great mom.

For all 11.

Thanks, Quinn.




What's wrong? I don't know.

He's not breathing right.

Oh, he's got a fever.

I gotta get him to a doctor.

Can you take him to
anyone who you trust?

Who won't turn
you and the baby in?

I don't know.

Uh, Dr. Bailey.

He brought me into this world.
He's taken care of me all my life.

MAGGIE: Let's go.

Forget about Bailey.

Get away from the door.

He won't be able to help you.

No one will.

And just why is that?

You know,
you've been waltzing around here.

Are you going to tell
us what this is about?


During the war,
our military research

developed a virus that
affected only Kromagg DNA.

Very efficient.
Extremely fast-acting.

100% mortality.

It permeates the atmosphere.
That is why the Kromaggs left.

The baby, being half-Kromagg,
is obviously susceptible.

You mean, he's dying and there's
nothing that we can do about it?

there's gotta be an antidote.

No. Being as it was designed
not to affect humans, there...

You knew about this,
and you didn't tell me?



If you would like,
I could get something where...

He wouldn't feel it.


I want my baby to live.

Do you understand me?

To live.

You know, you are one sorry...

Who the hell are you?


Everyone be very still.

Don't touch him.

You keep away from my baby.

KORINDOS: Be calm, Christina.

He's my baby, too.

JONATHAN: For God's sake,
kill him!

QUINN: Come on,
nobody's going to shoot anyone.

Don't move, pal.

This is my son.

Your son?

You contribute
some genetic material

and you think that
makes you a father?

You breed children like cattle.

How many more sons do you have?

This virus is killing him.

As it was designed to do.

Well, is there an antidote?

A treatment of some kind?

Not for you.

What about for him?

He's your grandson.

So there is a vaccine.


The virus wasn't
designed to affect humans,

but we didn't know
what would happen

when it was released
into the atmosphere.

It could have mutated
like Ebola-Zaire or Reston...

We weren't sure that,
once it took out the Kromaggs,

it wouldn't attack every
living thing on this planet.

So far,
we haven't had to use it.

I came here to help my child.

And the check's in the mail.

What about my son?

We can't be sure that it
would help him anyway.

It was designed for humans.

The baby's own Kromagg
blood is killing him.

It's worth the risk.

Not to me.

Oh, God, Christina, I'm sorry.

So am I.

He's going into his mind.

Stop it.


KORINDOS: He's not injured.

I merely wanted to see if what
he was saying was the truth.


anti-virus is nearby.

It's in a lab,
in a classified military facility.

I'll bring it here,
and we will administer it to my son.

I hate to sound like
we don't trust you,

but we don't trust you.

She's right.

We can't just let you
waltz in there by yourself.

No offense.

Do you have any suggestions?

I think we could start by, uh,

keeping an eye on each other.



Not just yet.

MAN ON P.A.: Colonel Jay Ewing,
report to Base Operations.

QUINN: Uh...

Is there any plan here?

I thought we'd
just walk right in.

They'll see what I
want them to see.

Good afternoon, sir.

Afternoon. These officers
are from the Pentagon.

I want to show them the
AKV research establishment.

Very well, Mr. Griffin,
but you'll need O-level clearance passes.

We've got them.

Very impressive.

We have to hurry.

I cannot maintain this level
of deception very much longer.

Hey, there.

I'm glad somebody's
found time to take a nap.

I'm sorry. We couldn't find out
anything about the Kromagg war.

All the information was
censored by the military.

The librarian, she looked at us
pretty funny when we started asking,

so we figured it was just
best to beat it out of there.

It was a virus.

Excuse me?

That's how they won the war.

They released a virus into
the air that only kills Kromaggs.

Wait a minute,
how do you know this?


The Kromagg commander
of the camp I was in,

the baby's father,
he followed us here.


Where's Quinn and Maggie?

We're here.

What are we going to
do about the O-clearance?

Dr. Griffin.

Dr. Townsend. You're
still on the AKV Project.

They won't let me off it.

Ah. Tough gig.

The worst.

My colleagues here are
in from DC for a week.

Fact-finding junket.
That sort of thing.

I'd like to show them the, uh,
latest work being done on the virus.

Sorry I have to ask,
but do you have your O-level pass with you?

Rules, rules, rules.

Don't know what the brass
is so interested in this stuff for.

There's no chance of a
Kromagg being on this planet.


REMBRANDT: I don't know,
Mr. Griffin,

we were just trying to
do the best we could.

You don't know what you've done.

We're trying to
save a kid's life.

Your grandson.

And I'm trying to save a world.

You're not from this dimension.


But you know the Kromaggs.

You know what they've
done to other worlds.


So tell me I'm wrong.

Tell me I can risk everything.

The millions of dead
for the life of one child.

Tell me.

How is he?

He's burning up.

He won't really eat.

The fever is going to get worse.

Can I try?

I can do it.

Come on, here we go.



He's strong.

you don't know what it was like.

Nothing we could
do could stop them.

Jackie and Tom,
they... They both died fighting them.

UP) Now it's just us.

No, it isn't.

They're coming up the drive.

We got it.

Will it work?

JONATHAN: It's the
best chance we've got.

It's ready.


If it's going to work,
it's going to work soon.

He should be fine by morning.


No, I... I...

There's been a change of plans.

Where'd you get that?

I frisked you.

You only saw what
he wanted you to see.


You never disappoint, do you?

I love trust.

It's the one human convention so
easily turned against its adherents.

You said you were doing this
out of concern for your child.

I was telling the truth.

With the antibodies from this
child's blood and the rest of the serum,

we will be able to synthesize enough of
an antidote to immunize our entire army.

So then we can return to this
world and finish what we started.

I wouldn't let anything happen
to this precious, precious child.

COLIN: Did you hear
what Jonathan said?

This serum was
developed for humans.

We're taking a chance it will
have any effect at all on this baby.

Well, we'll observe that most carefully
on our world, from where he comes.

And if the serum works,
as we all hope, well...

I know you've all
had some experience

with Humagg
soldiers in the past.

I almost feel sorry for you.

But Kromaggs do not breed or reproduce
through misguided adolescent sentiment.

This child will be a warrior.





We'll be back.





MAGGIE: Don't!






cannot win.

You must know that.

No, I don't know that.

I'm only human.


You take good care of him.

Oh, Dad.

Don't cry, child.

Don't cry.

He's got a name now.

It's Jonathan.

After you.


No, no.


Dad, no.


You know,
there's no guarantee as to where we'll go.

We could slide into another Kromagg war,
or any other kind of madness.

There's nothing for us here.

Do you think people in the next
world will accept us for what we are?

I don't know.

But that's going
to be your world.

You're not coming
with us after that.

It's no kind of
life for you or him.

You're just going to
have to take a stand.

You're going to have to say,

"This is who we are
and this is where we live."

We're all looking for that.