Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 25 - This Slide of Paradise - full transcript

Rickman becomes leader of a clan of half breeds of humans and animals who help take the Sliders prisoner on the island. The creatures' creator, Dr. Vargas, inadvertently distracts the guards while Rembrandt frees his friends. The Sliders split up when they travel through two different vortexes.

♪ ♪





That water's freezing.

You always said
you wanted to

land near a beach.

You got to be careful
what you wish for.

I never said near,
I said on.

On a beach, okay?


I hate wearing wet clothes.

What am I gonna
wear while these dry?

I don't know what
to tell you, except--

I know. Improvise.

I have learned the hard way.

If you wanna slide,

it is the only way to survive.

How's the timer, Q-Ball?

Ah, nothing a little
sun won't cure.

26 hours and change.

What's that?

Looks like
the Channel Islands.

Too many.

Maybe it was the big one.

People on our world
are always saying

that California
would break off

into islands if
a big earthquake ever hit.

Well, it's fine by me.

An island makes it
a lot easier to find Rickman.


What the hell was that?

Whatever it is,
it sounds hungry.

And it has
an advantage.

It knows the terrain,
and we have no weapons.

Okay. If it comes after us,

we just head
straight into the trees.

[growling continues]

It's coming, go!

Go! Go!

Go! Go!

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


Where is he? I don't see him.

I guess we lost him.

Strangest-looking animal
I ever saw.

Or the ugliest man.

Talk about unsightly
body hair, huh?

I never heard a man
snarl like that.

You didn't know
the Professor that well.

[Rembrandt laughs]

[birds cawing]

Which way?



I'll bite.
What is it?

Hard to say.

Looks like something
from a science-fiction movie.

Sounds like there's
more of them.

If the rest are as
ferocious as this one,

it's possible
Rickman's dead already.

Not with our luck.

Let's get out of here
before he wakes up.

His mood is not
gonna improve.



When do we attack?

We don't.

I told you that.

Vargas has guns, I don't.

So, a few die.

Considering what Vargas
has done to them,

they won't care.

But I do.

They depend upon me
to lead them.

And I will not
see them die

just so you can suckle
on some pure human.

Is it really their lives
you're concerned about losing

or your own?


Do not challenge me, Rickman!

You live because I choose it.

You feast on
the weakest of the pride

because I allow it!

Don't forget that!

We both know
why I live, Ceres.

If you expect me
to take you with me

when I go to another world,

you better curb your tongue.



What has happened?

A fight with humans.

Humans? You mean Vargas?

I thought he never
left the compound.

Not Vargas.

Kolain said they,
they fell from the sky.

They're strangers.

Kolain said two male,
two female.


Welcome to my nightmare.

Forget Vargas.

I want these strangers.

[birds chirping]

Is it just me
or does it feel like
we're being watched?

It's not just you.

Wait a minute.
This looks very familiar.

That's because we passed
this spot an hour ago.

We're walking in circles.

Great. Just great.

And I think
something is circling us.

Yeah. More than just
one something, though.

All right, come on.



Go! Go!

Quinn, look out!

[hybrid squealing]

I won't hurt you,
but they will.

This way, hurry.

The compound where I live
is just beyond the clearing.

We'll be safe once
we're inside the fence.

What are those things?

I've never seen anything
like them, or you.

We're hybrids.

We're genetic mixtures
of humans and animals.


What is in those guns?

Poison darts.

If the hybrids lie down
and remain passive,

they'll survive.

The doctor would
prefer not to kill them
if he doesn't have to.

Come on, this way.

[birds cawing]


Let's just hope his last name
isn't Frankenstein.





That was the last dart.

You sprained it.
Let me help you.

No. I must walk.


That's it, I'm carrying you.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I don't have the timer.

We gotta keep moving.
Let's go.

We'll come back for it,

Open up!
We have somebody hurt!

Daniel, hurry!


Be careful of the gate,
it's electric.

Open up!
We have an injured...

My name is Alisandra.

Alisandra's injured
out here!

Come on, open up the gate!


Daniel, hurry!

Go, Quinn! Come on!

Quinn, hurry!

I'm coming.


[electric buzzing]

What did you do to her?

It's okay, Daniel.
It's not their fault.

(Dr. Vargas)
Oh, but it's not okay.

Go. Get out of here.

[hybrids snarling]

Who wants to be
the first to see

what new things
I have in my lab?

[hybrids snarling]

Who are you people?

What are you doing here?

Our boat capsized at sea
and we swam ashore.

So swim to the next island.

I don't want you here.

Well, believe us, as nice as
this place seems to be

with your electric fences,
warm hospitality

and interesting
array of wildlife,

we don't want to stay.

We lost something
of vital importance
in the jungle.

If we could borrow
a couple of dart guns,

we'll leave right now.

That's all you want?
Some guns?

That's right.

And, uh...

you're not
from the government?

Trust us.

We're not even registered
to vote around here.

We'll talk about what
I can provide you inside.

You, get up.

Here, let me help you.

No, no.
she must do it on her own.

But she's hurt.

I gave you a command.

Maybe you didn't hear me.

Daniel! Stay.

I heard you,

but she must learn
to do what I ask.

Maybe she does,
maybe she doesn't.

Look, I don't know
what the rules are here,

but there's one thing
that I do know.

I don't have to
obey your commands.

And I'm gonna help her.

Your friend has
a peculiar attitude

for someone needing a favor.

Sometimes he lets his emotions
get the best of him.

These hybrids,
what created them?

Not what, who.

Come, I'll show you.

So, when do we
get the guns?

In the morning.

It's getting dark.

It's too dangerous to go out
in the jungle at night.

Is the couch okay?

Yes, that'll be fine.

What do your friends
call you?

Well, it depends
on their mood, but mostly

they call me Rembrandt.

Well, thank you,



We don't need to
look for the humans.

They will find us now.

How's it feeling?

Oh, better, thank you.

Here, let me warm that up.


It's not as bad
as I thought.

You're gonna be up
on that in no time.

Can I get you
something to drink?

Water, please.

I'll be right back.

No, don't go.
This will be fine.

[lapping up water]

Do you want some?

Oh, no. No, thanks.
I'm cutting back.


I've never seen
anyone like you before.

Yeah, yeah,
I know the feeling.

You have
an interesting color.

Do you live on the land
that sits under the horizon?

No, my home's a little
further away than that.

And this place
where you live,

do you have a mate?

No, no mate.

That pleases me.

let me hold that for you.

(Dr. Vargas)
I bought this
old sugar plantation

five years ago

and converted it
into a working lab.

In here,

I mix samples of
the animals' DNA with my own.

Finding the right formula
has been difficult,

but I've had some successes.

Alisandra and Daniel
are two of my best results.

And the ones
who don't turn out so right

get put back out
in the jungle.

Well, science always
has its failures.

So, this is your idea
of a good time, right?

Using the chemistry set

Mom and Dad gave you
for Christmas

to make genetic mutations.


To make the perfect human.

I use these hybrids

for experiments
in genetic markers.

[tiger roaring]

(Dr. Vargas)

These are the genes
that cause various cancers.

that sort of thing.


if I can identify
and control those markers,

I might be able to
eliminate them

before they take hold in you.

In the human body.

Well, take a look at this.

Now, this is Michael.

Oh, my God.

He's still in
the infant stage,

so we've just
started to communicate.

Infant? He's at least
10 years old.

Well, hybrids mature faster

because of
the animal DNA in them.

Come along, Michael,

say something
for our visitors.




Doctor. Yes, good. Well done.


Damn it! Damn it!
How dare you bite me?

I created you.
I can destroy you, too!


So, uh, well,
when you're ready,

Daniel will show you
to your rooms.

[hybrids growling]

Make sure they
don't try and leave

during the night.

I'm not finished
with them yet.

Oh, and,

get rid of Michael.

Yes, Doctor.

It's all right.
It's just me.

what are you doing here?

You must leave
the compound right now.

Daniel believes
Dr. Vargas

is a threat to you
and your friends.

What kind of a threat?

Daniel isn't evolved enough
to figure it out,

but I trust his intuition.


All right.
What about the guns?

Daniel is getting
what he can.

Alisandra, if Vargas finds out
you're helping us...

I just don't want
anything to happen to you

because of us.

You like me, don't you?


Yeah, I do like you.


Don't worry.
We'll be fine.

Without us, Dr. Vargas
is a failure,

and his fear of that
is stronger

than any anger he'll have.

Come, let's wake
the others.

Go to the jungle.

The others will
take care of you.



I could only get one gun.

I thought you were
loyal to Vargas.

Why risk helping us?

I help Alisandra
because she likes him.

Well, whatever the reason,

Let's go.

Be careful.

The hybrids like to
attack from above.

You take care.

Why do you even need this?

It's just like
the one you already have.

If mine breaks,
I'll have spare parts.

Very valuable when
you travel the way I do.

You mean like we will.


Yes, of course.

Don't worry, Ceres,
I won't leave you behind.

We'll find a world
where someone like you

could be appreciated.


The humans you seek
have left the compound.

Are the traps set?

Yes, as you wanted.


Let's go see the fun.

[birds cawing]

I can't stop thinking

about the little boy
in the cage.

I understand a little
of what Vargas

is trying to achieve.

But science without
a moral compass

is easily abused.

[low growls in background]

They're all around us.

[hybrids snarling]


[firing darts]

I'm out of darts. Let's move.


[all grunting]

Hold still.

get out of here.

I'm not leaving you to the mercy
of these creatures!

Go back to the compound.

Get some more tranq guns.


Is that you,
Maggie, my darling?


Yes, it's me.

Or at least
what's left of me.

This is all your fault.

If only you
just left me alone.

Do you want me to
go after the one
that got away?

No. He doesn't matter.

I have what I want.





Daniel, open up!

Why did you come back?

I had to.
My friends were taken.

Where's Vargas?

In the lab.

Alisandra with him?


where is Alisandra?

In the house, recovering.

From what?


Please, no more.

Alisandra, it's me.

Don't come,
don't come any closer.

What did he do to you?


What did he do to you?


Nothing he's not allowed.

No one's allowed to do this.

Not to a human,
an animal, or anything.

It's because of us,
wasn't it?

If it wasn't you,

it would have been
something else.

He gets angry sometimes.

He doesn't need a reason.

Maybe not.

But I know what
he does need.

Rembrandt, no.


Whatever's on your mind,

it might be wise
to reconsider it.


You give me one good reason
why I shouldn't do to you

what you did to Alisandra.

I told you, she has to learn
to serve one master.

You must understand that.


I know that you care for me

but he is still my master.

And I am still his slave.

What are you talking about?

It's what I was bred for.

It's what all the hybrids

were bred for.

You said you created them
for medical reasons.

Yes, but I wasn't
making any progress.

And now you turn them
into slaves?

They're not slaves.

a new species of life.

Bred to be
docile beyond reason.

The only thing that
you've accomplished

is to create a new term
for an age-old sin.

Oh, look, I'm not in the mood
for a moral debate.

Now, you've obviously
come back here for something.

Now, what is it?

My friends were
taken by your rejects.

Now, I want guns and darts.


All right, yes.
Yes, of course.

In return for your DNA.


We're not going to help you
make more slaves.

Oh, yes, you will,
if you want my help.

Now, look,

I know where the rejects,
as you call them,

I know where they live.

And, no doubt,
that's where they've
taken your friends.

And I also know
the back way in.

I get my friends first,
then you get the DNA.

Oh, please, Mr. Brown,

Now, look, we both know
that once you've
found your friends

you'll never come back here.

[Dr. Vargas sighs]

Unless you're forced to.

Get your stinkin' paw off me.

I always loved
to watch you sleep.

Go to hell.

Oh, look at me, love.

I'm already there.

What are you
going to do with us?

You're a smart man,

I'm sure you
can figure it out.

Of course,

I'll save you for last,

Give us a chance to
see if we can

rekindle the old flame.


You mean after all this time
with your new friends

you never once mentioned
we were lovers?

Biggest mistake I ever made.


The biggest mistake
you ever made
was betraying me

to follow Mallory.


I'm sorry you're gonna
have to be first, Wade.

I really am.

I've always found you
rather attractive.

Look in the mirror.
Then guess how lucky I feel.

I like your spirit.

I hope I get
a large dose of it.


Listen, take me
instead of her.

Don't worry, Mallory.

Your turn will come.

Get her out of there.

[Quinn groans]


Angus, please,
leave her alone.


You people
never left me alone.

Don't you know
payback is hell?


Dr. Vargas is here.



Put her back inside.

Nothing personal, Wade.

But if I can have a doctor...

Come on, let's go.




So the rumors
were correct.

I would've come
to see you sooner, Doctor,

but I know
you've had company.

The reason for my visit.

As I guessed.

Where is Mr. Brown?

Back at my compound.

Unfortunately, he was injured
by one of my servants.

[growling continues]

So, I'm guessing
you're not here to invite me

to a neighborhood
watch meeting.

I'm here to trade.

Mr. Brown told me
about your unique needs.

At my lab,
I have hundreds of samples
of human DNA,

and I will give you
a dozen of them
for each of your prisoners.


An attractive offer.

But I'm not interested.

You see, I'm leaving
the island this evening,

and I have all the supply
I need.

I have a special connection
to my prisoners.

A warm, fuzzy relationship.

Much like you have
with these servants.

Ceres, don't make me do it.

The poison,
I've made it stronger.

[hybrids growling]

Okay, let's go.

If you change your mind,
you know where I'll be.

Haven't you heard, Doctor?

I change my mind every day.

[Rickman snickers]


[hybrids growling]

There are too many of them.
You stay.

But I don't
have enough darts.

do what I say! Stay!

Get after the doctor!

[monkeys chattering]

Come on. Come on.

Guys, where are you? Hey!





Took you
long enough.

Shh, shh.

Can't put it back
at least topside.

Quinn, get the timers,

and Rickman
will be here forever.


[hybrid growling]

Let's go, Q-Ball.

Right behind you.

Oh, no.



How much further?

Not that far.
Then we just got to wait
40 minutes

till Rickman's
timer hits zero.

Can you believe it,

40 minutes till you're home.

Hey, guys,

I'm going back
to the compound
for Alisandra.

You can't go back
to the compound.

That's the first place
Rickman will look for us.

Rembrandt, we all know
how much you care about her,

but you'll be putting
us in too much danger.

Look, I didn't say "us."

I got 40 minutes, right?
I'll catch up to you.


if you miss the slide,
you'll never gonna get home.

Maybe so, but it's
somethin' I have to do.

Fine, then we'll go
with you.


I'm going to have
to pull rank on you, Q-Ball.

Can't let one person
jeopardize a whole mission.

Right, Captain?

He's right.

All right.
So where can I meet you?

East side of the cliffs.

Makes it easier
to defend ourselves
in case they find us.

I'll meet you there.


Where's the key?

On the desk.

[hybrid howling]

Where's Dr. Vargas?

I don't know.

Maybe the hybrids took him.

Alisandra, look,
I'm leavin' the island

and I want you
to come with me.

Ah, yes. Yes.
I knew you'd try
to double-cross me.

It is so typically human.

[hybrids growling]


I need a volunteer.

Somebody care
to step forward?

You'll do.


Take the gate down!



with your DNA,

I have little hope
of producing a docile hybrid.

My only hope
is to cross you

with a more timid creature.

[all growling]

Kill them all!

I'm afraid I'll just have to
dispose of you.

[Rickman howling]

[hybrids growling]


Come with me.

I can't.

I belong with my own kind.

But it was good
to feel like a human being,
if only for a little while.

Use the back door, quickly.

What do you
think you're doing?

Have you forgotten who I am?

It is I who created you!

Now, all of you,
get out of here

before I take away
the very life I gave you!




Yes! There's your villain!

He doesn't care for you!
He will destroy you!

Where are the sliders?

Well, you're the animal.

Why don't you sniff them out
and hunt them down, hey?

They could be anywhere.

No. Maggie will
go to high ground.

That's the way
she's been trained.

I'm going to the cliffs.

Do what you want with him!

You think you can destroy me?
No, you cannot.

My genes are everywhere!

I'm in all of you!

I am in all of you.





I've got less then 10 minutes
before my vortex opens.

I hope Remmy's
watching the clock.

[seagulls cawing]

He'll be back in time.



Where is he?

Ah, don't worry.
Remmy will be fine.

I wish there was some way
that you could come with us.

But we both know
I can't breathe on your world.

I know.

Listen, uh,

this timer will hit zero
a couple of minutes
after we leave.

I hope you find someplace
where you
could find happiness.


Come on, smile.

You're getting
your crew home.

Not the whole crew, Maggie.

You're part of us now.


I was never a team player
until I met you guys.

Now I'm going to be
flying solo again.

Part of me
wants to go with you.

Part of me
wants to talk you into it.

But you got them here

and you're going
to have to get them home.

Don't ever forget me, Quinn.



Where's Alisandra?

Couldn't get her
to come.

We're going home,



Seems too good to be true.

I guess it's for real, huh?


It's time.


Looks like it, Maggie.

It's been a hell of a ride,

I'm going to miss you
gettin' on my nerves, Wade.

Same here.

Take care of yourself.

going to be comin'
right after us.

You keep your head down.

[hybrids growling]

I think
he's already found us.

When that vortex closes,
you better be in it.
Now, go!

No. You're not
going to face him alone.

You have no choice.

Go, I'm right behind you.

No, not without you!

I said go!

[both screaming]


Stay back.

Not without me!

[Rickman screaming]

[all growling]

Stay back!

Quick, before they
change their mind.

How much time?

20 seconds.


Track their wormhole.
It'll take you home.

It'll take us home.

That's right.
I'm not going to leave you
on this island.

- I know.

You just have to
take your chances
on my world.


You're the genius.

You just have to
find a way for me to breathe
when we get there.

I will.

I'm not going
to lose you, Maggie!


We got to get you
to a hospital.

Wait a minute.

This isn't your home world.

I'm not having any trouble

The tracking device
must have been damaged

in the fight with Rickman.

We just slid randomly.

[airship roaring]

We must have slid
into the future.

So how do we get you home?

I don't know.

♪ ♪