Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 24 - Stoker - full transcript

The lead singer of a rock band encourages Wade to join until Quinn discovers the band members are vampires seeking to snatch the Sliders' timer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Hold it.


Go ahead.

"And second on the bill
is the Goth rock band Stoker

who gets
the Alice Cooper Award
for tryin'."

What'd he say about me?

He said you
need drum lessons.

I'm gonna kill him.

You'd think after
all these centuries

you could take
a little criticism, huh?

This is Mina.

She heard you were lookin'
for a girl singer,

and she'd like to audition.

That's cool.

Yeah, so is she.

She's a runaway
and she's got no relatives.

Hello, Mina.

All right, guys, let's go.

Ten minutes. come on.

Hey! 10 minutes.

I, uh, like...

You wanna hear me
sing or somethin'?

I brought a demo tape.

These guys makin' you nervous?

No, I...

They're makin' me nervous.

I'll be out in a minute.

I, uh, want you to know

that I'll do anything

to be in the band.

No, no, no, no, no.
That won't be necessary.

Good. Because
the last couple of bands...


It's not my way.

♪ I'm everything you
never wanted to be

♪ I'm everything you
never wanted to say

♪ Dance with you

♪ Yeah, dance with you

♪ And I'll take
and take and take

♪ And I'll take
what's yours is mine

♪ And break and break
and break away from you

♪ Yeah, away from you

♪ And then pray for the things
that I can't resist

♪ Pray I don't get
another broken lip

♪ Hey, I know the first
thing that I can't resist

♪ Hey, I know the first
thing is a broken lip

♪ Broken lip

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't
find your way home?


Maybe your
timer's malfunctioned.

Timer is working fine.
Rickman is still here.

There is no sign
of a wormhole trail.

Well, then,
why can't we find him?

You know, you'd think someone
who sucks brain to stay alive

would stand out in a crowd.

And where are all
the coma patients
he usually leaves behind?

Maybe he's
disposing of them by now.

Or maybe nobody's seeing
that the bodies
are connected.

You think we should
tell the police?

Tell them what?

That we're from
another universe,
just sliding through

looking for a maniac
named Rickman?

You got a better idea?

Yeah, I do.

I say we split up.

We hit the hospitals,
we find out if there
are any coma patients,

see where they're from
and follow the trail.

That is a better idea.


You get lucky or run over?

You're gonna
have to speak up.

I think I blew a few
frequencies last night.

How was the concert?

Hmm. The band was pretty hot.
Especially the lead singer.

not according to this review.

Hey, listen, I talked to
a few people last night.

Two of those missing girls

were seen at Stoker concerts
before they disappeared.

You think Rickman's grabbing
them from the mosh pit?

Come on.

I don't know.

Maybe there is something
to what she just said.

Well, you better
make that coffee to go.

We'll fill you in on the way.

Oh, hey,
could I catch up with you?

I really didn't
get a lot of sleep.

I would think you'd be willing
to give up a little sleep

if it meant finding Rickman.

If you don't get his timer,
you don't get
the coordinates to go home.

I'm working the night shift,

You are going to rock concerts
and having fun.

I think there might
be something there.

I'm gonna check it out again

You want us to go with you?

Uh-uh. I'll be fine.

Do you want me to stay,
Father Rickman?

You run along.
I can let myself out.

It's so good of you
to visit him.

I'm sure he knows
you're here.

It's the least I can do
for one of my flock.

Now, I'll be back to see you
before I slide.

Try and stay alive till then.

It would make my life
so much easier.

Excuse me.

Bad music.

Bad music.

Really bad music.

Signal noise is
more interesting
than that crapola!

I hate this job.

I'm a music critic,
not a reporter.


Oh! Oh! Oh!

Oh, God!

Help! Help me!

Help! Help!

Who made you music critic?

What gives you
the right to judge?

I mean, do you play?

What you wrote
really hurt my feelings!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

So I'm no Matt Sharp,
but I never dropped
a beat in my life!

Let me show you.




...three, four!

One, two,

one, two, three, four.

Dr. Schriber. Dr. Schriber,
Pediatric ICU.

What are you doing?

Uh, delivering some flowers.

To him?

He's a John Doe
coma patient.

Who'd be sending
flowers to him?

I guess
everybody's got somebody.

make sure they get water.

This doctor says he's had
about three in one month.

Now, the first one
was about the time
that Rickman arrived.

The most recent was
a couple of weeks ago.

Now, two of the victims
were living on skid row.

The third was a college girl.

Three out of four are drunks.
What do you make of that?

Well, Rickman knows that if
some vagrant disappears,
nobody cares.

Still, that doesn't
explain about the girl.




We're gonna
check out skid row.

You wanna come?

I've got
something better to do.

Like what?

Dig up Rickman.

You mean,
like, from the ground?

I saw his name on
a death certificate
in the county records.

Why were you looking there?

I've been
checking morgue records
whenever I could.

If he's gonna die someplace,
I'm gonna know about it.

I've done a lot of things
since I started slidin'.

I'm just not up
to robbin' graves.

Why would he
use his own name?

All of us in the military were
given special I.D. tattoos

that only appear
at the time of death.

Name, rank, and serial number.

Yeah, it still seems
like a long shot.

Don't you wanna go home?

More than anything.

then we have to dig him up.

We have to make sure
the timer's not
buried with him.

You better hope so.

Here you go. Grab this.

It just says
you're donating your blood
to our favorite charity

for a pair of Stoker tickets.


How did you do?

I've located five more donors
that meet your DNA criteria.

I'm gonna need more money.

I thought we had a deal.

That was before bad things
started happening to people

on the lists I gave you.

I see.

But you could
forget about that
if the money were right?

♪ If ever you were lonely

♪ You never let on,
you never let on

♪ If it was up to you
and you only

♪ You'd never be wrong,
you'd never be wrong

♪ You'd never be wrong

♪ 'Cause you were
falling behind

Who's there?

You have a beautiful voice.

I-I'm sorry,
I saw the keyboards
and I--I just couldn't...

How long have you
been watching me?

Since last night.

It's you.

It's been a long time
since I've heard
a voice like that.

I'm looking for a singer
for the band.

How would you
like to audition?

No, I--I couldn't.
I'm traveling now.

I'm not stayin'
in one place too long,
you know?

Sounds like you're
already in a band.

No. I always wanted to be.

Well, the least you could do
is come and meet the guys.

They've gotta hear that voice.


I could do that. Sure.

You know, there could be

more than one guy
named Rickman on the planet.

Little late to bring that up,
isn't it?

I checked the phone book.
There's two Rickmans,

both accounted for.

How deep did they stuff him?

I hit something.
Put your light over here.

Coffin number 7226.

That's it.

Here, I'll do it.

I got it.

You sure?

I got it.

Be there, you son of a...

It's not Rickman.

But he left a calling card.

That's a pretty sick joke.

Where are you goin'?

Gonna check out skid row.

What about the grave?

I dug it.
You two fill it.

You plannin' on
makin' a habit of this?

Only till I know he's dead.

Nice hands.

Where'd you learn
to play like that?

We all have
classical training.

I sort of taught myself.

It makes no difference
how you learn.

The important part is
making music.

What's in this, anyway?

It's an old family recipe.

Would you like some more?

Uh, a little.

take care of the lady.

Here you go.

What's with Renfield?

Can't he keep
this place stocked?

We're almost
out of supplies again.

Perhaps if you
didn't drink so much,
it would last longer.

Hey, I'm the one
running around all day
getting business done.

Not in front of our guest,

You know how it is.

You spend a lot of time
with someone

and you end up getting
on each other's nerves.

Yeah. I know that one.

A toast.

It's always good
to have some new blood
in the group.

Hear, hear.

Oh. Excuse me.

Fill out the form.
If you qualify,

we pay $27 for
a pint of whole blood.

If you have certain
antibodies, we pay $42.

We're not buying sperm
this month.

I'm not selling.

Then you're
in the wrong place.

I just had a question.

I'm not a medical doctor.

If you have doubts,
get tested.

that's what I'm wondering.

What kind of testing
do you do here?

Standard blood workups.

No DNA matching?

Well, that's not necessary
for what we do here.

Well, if I wanted that done,
where would I go?

I wouldn't know.

Excuse me. People are waiting.

Excuse me, do you know where
Stoker's playing tonight?

Do you think we
should say something?

Like what?

A few words.

I mean,
we are burying somebody.

Suit yourself.

You gonna bow your head?

To, uh, whoever you are,

I hope this time that, uh,
you can rest in peace.


You wanna say something?


I hope we get to
make a phone call.

♪ No frustration
and you're fine

♪ Make no aggravation

♪ You don't know
where you belong

♪ And you don't know
where you went wrong

♪ A victim of
your own affliction

♪ Death bed

♪ Death bed

♪ Death bed

Is there a human voice
I can talk to?

I'd like to leave a message.

Yes, I'll hold.

Tell him if this gets
as far as a strip search,
I'll kill him.

Yeah, I'm still here.

Yes, could you please tell him

that I'm in Sybil Brand
for grave robbing

and I'd like to get
out as soon as possible?

Yes, that is the message.


All new inmates are to
report to the shower rooms

for inspection and delousing.

Next thing...

Thank you.


Wade! Wade!

Who's that?
- He's a friend.

Quinn, what are you
doing here?

I need to talk to you.

This is Morgan and Harker.

She's got a great voice, man.

I was singing
with their band.

I heard you. You were good.


Can we talk?
It's about Rickman.

It can wait.
We wanna go party.

You wanna come
with us, Quinn?

No, thanks.
Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm having fun.

I haven't had any fun
in a really long time.

Wade! Wade! Wade!


Wade, can I talk
to you for a minute?

Wade, can I talk
to you for a minute?

Wade! Wade!

She said later.

He could have killed you.
He still might.

Who are you?

Name's Van Elslinger.
She your girlfriend?


Ha. Makes it easier.
They may drain her.

The less emotion here
the better.

What are you talking about,
"drain her"? What's going on?

Take it easy, man.

Come on with me to my office.
It's just around the corner.

I'll explain everything.

And this is what Stoker
sounded like back in 1957.

But they called themselves
the Goodtones.

I got recordings of them
on 8-track, an LP, a few 45's,

and some reel to reel.

It's the same group?

Yep. I did a frequency match
on their voices.

It's the same.

I've found
pictures of these guys

goin' all the way back
to the Civil War.

They've always been musicians.

Sometimes they
disappeared for years,

probably going to
some other country.

And everywhere they've gone,

people have disappeared
and died.

They took my wife.
Her name's Charlotte.

They're serial killers?

No, they're vampires.

What do you mean,
like Dracula?

I don't know the reference.

He's a famous vampire
where I come from.

One of the best
bloodsuckers around here
was named Nixon.

So you're saying
vampires really exist?

Where've you been?

It's been a felony since 1897.

Maybe you'd
prefer to call them

"hematologically challenged"?

Why don't the police
just take care of them?

They can only do so much.

People have to
look out for themselves.

Do you know where
they took my friend?


They been livin' in a museum

that's been
closed for repairs.

Come with me.

Help me kill them all and
we'll get your friend back.


Any piece of wood
right through the heart
does the trick.

What is this?

Paint balls
filled with holy water.

we gotta do something fast.

They're about to leave
on a European tour.

That's why they're
stocking up on blood.

They're keeping the blood
they're trading
for concert tickets.

Yeah, charity begins at home.
Smart, eh?

Four guys at a couple of pints
adds up to a few bodies.

Bankin' it
lowers their profile.

we've got to get Morgan today

before he makes your friend
one of them.

Why do you think
he's gonna do that?

Because if he wasn't
gonna turn her into a vampire,

she'd be dead by now.

Yeah, it seemed
like a good idea at the time.


Mmm. No, I-I've had enough.
Thank you.

So, you never
answered my question.

I don't know how to answer it.

I want you
to hear something.

She sounds like me.

I told you
I looked a long time
for a voice like yours.

A voice that touches me.

It's the one thing
missing in my life

like the one thing
missing in your life.

I watched you on stage
the other night, Wade.

You belong up there.

We can have
the perfect life together,
you and me.

Making music,

sleeping all day,
partying all night.

Staying forever young.

Bob Dylan.


Y-Y-You don't do the song?


But you could teach it to me
if you come on tour with us.

Are you saying
you want me to join the band?


What-- What'd
the other guys say?

I get what I want, Wade.

And I want you.

You don't know
how good this feels.

And how--

How bad I feel because

I have to say I can't do it.

I--I can't miss the slide.

The slide?

You know, I met my wife
at a Joplin concert.

Janis Joplin?

Yeah, we both liked
those old hippie bands.

The Stones, the Dead,

You know,
Joplin's gotta be in her 50s,

but she looks
like a real grad student.

She's a real health nut.

Oh, man.

It's okay,
it's just a security guard.

I'll handle it.

Uh, we're just waiting
for a tow, Officer.

We're fine,
thanks for checking.

Please step out
of the car, sir.

I'm always around

just in case
some moron like you
is in the neighborhood.

You all right?


Come on,
let's drag him over here.

You're still up?

Sunrise in 10 minutes.

You know where she's from?

The Midwest?

She's from another world.

If you say so.

It's true.

The guy named Quinn
invented a timer

that allows them to slide
into parallel worlds.


I'm so tired of bein' hunted.

If we could
travel to another world,

we'd be safe for
at least a couple centuries.

Then we could move on.

I've told her
to get the timer.

She'll do what I tell her.

If we're leavin',
what do you wanna do
about the blood?

You might as well pick it up.

We'll have a blowout
before we split.

Would you hurry up?

Just one more. Just one more.

There. I got it.

Man, I cannot believe
you just did that.

Hey, listen,
cutting off their heads

is the only way to be certain
that they're dead.

Look, it's Wade.

Give me your keys.
I gotta follow them.

No, no, no.
I need you here, man.
Can't do it alone.

There's too many of 'em.
Come on.

The timer's not
in the hotel room.

Who has it?

Any one of 'em
could have it.

All right.
Where do we find 'em?

Remmy and Maggie are in jail.
They left a message.

For doing what?
- Grave robbin'.


See, you got your body,

you got your soul
or your spirit.

It the spirit gets
trapped inside the body

at the time of death,
it freaks out.

To stay alive, it needs blood.

So you become a vampire.

Can the spirit
ever get set free?

Well, that's what you do when
you put a stake in their heart

or cut their heads off.

You're setting 'em free.

I never heard a decapitation
sound so positive.

Let's try over here.

Aren't there only four members
in the band?

I told you
they made some converts.

It's one of the missing girls.

I got the guitarist.

Oh, geez.

Is it Morgan?

It's Benji, the night clerk
from the convenience store.

Do we have to
kill all of them?

Yeah. Any one of them
could convert your friend.

Might as well start here.

Quinn, if you find my wife

while we're searchin'
the museum, let me know.

I want to free her myself.

I think we're gonna
need more stakes.

Oh, yeah. Okay.

It's gonna be
getting dark soon,

and we slide in a few hours.

Well, it's about time.

Do you have the timer?

Nice to see you, too, Wade.

Where is the timer?

I don't have it.
Quinn's got it.

We need to find him.

Wade, is something wrong?

No one's heard from him
since last night.

He said he was
goin' down to skid row.

I'll start
looking for him there.

You guys go back to the hotel
and wait for me. Okay?

So happy to disturb you.

So, that isn't a good sign?


Boogie time.

Oh, my God, it's my wife.

Oh, I love you, Charlotte.
Forgive me.

Come on.

I--I can't move my legs.
He broke my back.

I'll carry you.
- No time. No time.
Get away. Get away.

I'm not gonna leave you here.

No, I wanna stay with her.

Go on, you know it's
the right thing to do.

Get Morgan.

That's the only way
you're gonna save your friend.

Oh, geez. Go.

Lock and load, rock and roll.

Come on, Wade.

He needs me.

Yeah, well,
Quinn needs all of us.

So come on, let's go.

Take me to him.

Let's go.


Hold on!

She just said,
"I have to go to him,"
then they drove off.

That was the last
I saw of her.

We slide in five hours.

Five hours to find Wade and
save her from some vampire?

His name's Morgan.
This guy, Van, told me that

we have stake him before
she makes her first kill.

Why is that?

She takes blood, she
becomes one of them. Forever.

Uh, I don't know, Q-Ball.
We've seen a lot of things.

I'm havin' a hard time
with this one.

You come with me, I'll
make a believer out of you.

Why'd she have to get herself
into all this mess?

She's been feelin'
bad since Arturo died.

Somethin' comes along that
makes you feel better,
you go with it.

She hasn't been
havin' fun in a while.
- Yeah? Well, who has?

Now, where's Maggie?

She went down to skid row
to find you and Rickman.

That could be her.

Whoa. Take it easy.

This is the guy
that took Wade.
- Where is she?

She's with Morgan.
He wants the timer.

He'll trade you
the girl's life for it. Okay?

Just be at the nightclub
in two hours.
And get off of me.

You got any garlic
in that bag?

What are you doing here?

Why don't we go in the back
where we can talk, my son?

But I have people
waiting to sign up.

And I have your money.

This is more like it.

I have some
new names for you.

I'll print up a list.

I thought you were gone.

Yeah, I got one box left.

All right,
thanks for everything.


I knew you'd be
the one to find me.

And I'll be the one
to kill you.

Not this time.

There's only half a carton...

One hour.

There's been
a wormhole activated.

Bye-bye, Rickman.

You sure you're up
for this, Maggie?

Don't worry.
I only have one
major screwup a day.

It's not your fault
you missed Rickman.

Yeah, well, next time, I'll
be armed and I'll shoot first.

Yeah, and what if you
shoot the wrong priest?

I'll do extra Hail Marys.

What the hell was that?

Really big pigeons?

Did I make a believer
out of you yet?

Oh, yeah.

That's affirmative.

I'm a little rusty.

I've been playin' drums
too long.

Where's Wade?

Show me the timer.

I need to know
she's all right.

She's with Morgan.

Bring her to us,
we'll give you the timer.

Silver crucifix. Heavy metal.

Very conductive.

Where's the timer?

I've got it.

That sucked.



You all right?

Come on.


I'll stay here with him.
Go get Wade.

Lot of good that did me.

I've got the timer, Morgan!

Here it is!
This is what you wanted!

Let me see Wade!

Don't hurt him.

Wade, stay there!

Here it is.

Let her go!

Don't hurt him!

I'm sorry.

It must have been
some kind of spell.

Just my luck, huh?

I finally
really like somebody

and he turns out
to be a vampire.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's all right.

No, just--
I want to explain to you.

When--when I was with
those guys up there,
with the band,

I felt like
I really belonged.

Like I wasn't alone.

You're not alone,
you've got us.

Do I?


I'm sorry if I haven't
made that clear lately.

Maybe I just need to hear it
more often than some people.

I hate to leave
without getting Rickman.

We'll get him.
It's just gonna take time.

Yeah, well, he just
made it harder, that's all.

Was I really good,

or were you just saying that
'cause you're my friend?

You were really that good.

Maybe we'll come back
and see Joplin.

Ha! I'd be down for that.

♪ ♪