Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 20 - The Last of Eden - full transcript

After landing on a world ravaged by earthquakes, Wade falls into a crevice and discovers a deserted city below the surface.

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♪ ♪



[crickets chirping]

What is it?


I--I keep having
these recurring nightmares

that underground world.

Those creatures.


You know,

you never told me
what happened

with you and the Professor
on that world.

Yeah, you never told me

what happened
with you and Quinn

Said you didn't want to
relive it.

You know,
if you talk about this,

it might stop the dreams.


Ah, he went to ground.
We'll never find him now.

Let's head back.
Come on.

[birds chirping]



[Rembrandt exclaims]


You just gonna
stand there and laugh,
or are you gonna help me?

Sit still.
I'll give you a hand.

- Laugh.

[Quinn and Wade laughing]

I must confess, you--

you do look like
a float in the Rose Parade.



Sharp little devils,
aren't they?


[Professor grunting]

Hey, guys, check that out.

[birds chirping]

Those planets must be
in syzygy

with this earth and moon.

Is that good news
or bad news?

Well, it depends.

It could mean no more
than abnormally high tides.

Then we better look
for higher ground, huh?

we've got 3 days here.

You all right?

I think the rose bush won.

[people chattering]

Did you hear that?

Sounds human.

[chattering continues]

No guns.

Maybe they haven't
discovered gunpowder.

There's plenty for everybody.

But they have
discovered barbecue.

I wonder if they could seat
a party of four.

Only one way to find out.

Who's this?

Stay back. I'll go.

Maybe we should've
made a reservation.


[woman screams]




No, no!

[Wade yells]

[rocks thudding]


Wade, I've got you!


Hang on!

Wade, hang on!

Quinn, help!

Wade! Wade! Wade!

Hold on! Hold on!

the ground is closing!


Hold on!

[Professor grunts]

Get out of here!
Go on! Go!

[people chattering]

Come back here! Help us!

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?

♪ ♪



Tell me exactly
what you saw.

I tried, but she slipped
through my hand.

It looked like
there was an air pocket
down below.

We must assume
that she's still alive.

This is not gonna cut it.
We need tools.

All right, I'll go get some.
Keep digging!

I don't think you're going to
find much by way of machinery.

But we could use
the extra hands!


[Quinn panting]

[all chattering]

Get out! Go, go, go, go!

Hey, I need your help!

I need tools, shovels,
whatever you have
to dig with.

Who are you?

Where did you come from?
Out there?

My friend's
been buried alive.
Help me dig her out.

Nobody digs the earth!

She'll die down there.

Then that is her fate.

Isn't this the law
where you live?

- It is the law here.

maybe we should help him.


The Janeers said
don't dig the earth.

Don't go
beyond the valley.

You've been warned.

[electronic buzzing]

[machines hissing]


[metallic clanking]




[metallic clanging]

Where are you?

Hey! Are you all right?

Answer me!

You think
there's any chance?

We keep digging
till we find her!

Any luck?

They won't help.

They warned me
not to dig here.

Look, if she's not down
too far, we can find her.

Oh, we will.

Look, we need some rope
and something like a shovel.

If they won't give it to us,
we'll take it. Let's go.

Had an uncle who
worked the coal mines
in Tennessee.

He used to tell us
about being in a cave-in--

Trying to make
me feel better, Remmy?

I'm trying to make
myself feel better.

What kind of
screwed-up world is this

where they won't help people?


Go! Go!


Well, it's not
your typical suburb.

Just as long as
they've got a hardware store

and some rope.






Do you think the Syzygy is
causing the earthquakes?

Most certainly.

Like vast tidal movements
inside the earth.

Keegan, you're wrong.

Do not speak.

So, what's the plan?

Let's go talk to him.



You help us,
or I'm gonna hurt you.


If I take my hand off,
you won't yell for help?

You don't have to hurt me.
I'll help you.

Why will you,
when the others won't?

Because that's my sister
and her daughter down there,

and I'll do anything
to save them.

Let's go.

This way.

I know where we can
get some equipment.

[bird cawing]

Will you return
the way you came?

Uh, yeah, I guess
we will.

So there is land
to the east?

I don't know.

Well, then how did
you get here?

Well, the truth is...


The truth is, Brock,

my friends and I,

we came from
another world.

Did the Janeers
make you a world, too?

Somebody did.

Was your world perfect, too?

The longer I'm away,
the more it seems that way.

Then why did you
ever want to leave?

I wanted to see
what was out there.

Me, too.

If we find my sister
and her child,

I'm taking them with me
when we leave this place.

We go this way.

Whoa, whoa!
The meadow's straight ahead.

It'll take too long
to dig.

There's another way
to get to her.

What's that?

I don't know, but it
goes deep into the earth.

[crow cawing]

What could be down there

that would need
a ventilation shaft?


It's not locked down.

Let's remove it.




What are those marks
on your arm?

And your neck?

Oh, it's, uh,
it's hives.

It's some sort of
allergic reaction

to the plant
that scratched me.
It's unimportant.

tie this around the tree.

You got it.

You'll need these.

What are they?


They grow here.
The Janeers made them.

All right, I'll go first.
You guys got my back?

Oh, yeah.
That ground starts shaking,
we're bringing you back up.

That's good!

You got another?

It's a long way down.


Here we go.

Stop! That's enough.




We don't open the earth.
We don't go below.

No, you can't do that!

Where is your respect
for these old ones?

They wanna help me
save Haley and her baby.

Where is your respect
for me and the law?

Those who disobey

and travel to
the Forbidden Zones will die!

You are not gonna believe
what's down here.

We're gonna need more rope.
Pull me up!



[baby cries]



So, what do you think
about this place?

Well, it must once have been

a remarkable
technological civilization.

What do they call them?


Obviously engineers.

The people who
built this place

were engineers.

It's just that the word
became corrupted with time.

Damn this rash!

It's driving me nuts!

And it's spreading
all over the darn place.

How's yours?

It's fine.

What do you suppose
happened to them?

What, the Janeers?


I should think
probably long dead.

Pity they didn't leave
some medicine

behind for me
before they went.


Mr. Brown.

What do you make of this?

It's growing out of my skin.

"Seismic Shock Column,
Number 6860.

North Quadrant,
operational July 7, 1972."

Guess that's what's
holdin' this place up.

That is a long way to fall.

Multiple skull fractures.

Guess it wasn't
your day, was it, pal?

All right,
Wade, you're alive.

You're not walking
like you're hurt. Wade!

I'm going this way.
Read my tracks.

I'm not wandering,
I'm moving with purpose.

Come find me.

Find me before
something else does.


Hey, out here, help us!

What the hell is the matter
with you people?
We need help in here!

Save your breath,
Mr. Brown.

Oh, man.

It's got me.

[door opening]

Hey! Open up! Open it up!

[banging on door]

You hear me?

Where do you think
you're goin'?

How can you listen to them
and not do anything?

You already have everybody
angry with you
for what you did.

Maybe they can
tell us what to do.

No, the old ones
deserted us.

No, they didn't!

They went to
the edge of the world
to try to stop the shaking.

But they never
came back.

I hear you out there!

And now
we don' t need them.

We don't?

Then tell me,
why does the ground
shake more each year?

Why is there not as
much to eat as before?

things will get better.

We just have to wait.

Everyone else in
the valley is gone.

If we leave here,
we will die!

Why do you believe
that everyone
who left is dead?

Because 10 years have passed,

and not one person
who left came back.

We need help in here!

Now, if they found
something good,

don't you think they would've
come back for us?


We are safe here.

I don't feel safe.

Not anymore.

Not after what happened
to my sister and her baby.

[banging on door]

Hey, out there.
We need help in here! Hey!

I am telling you
to leave them alone.

Hey, help us!

[banging continues]


Do you hear me?


Will you stop it?
You're ripping the skin off!

I don't care, damn it!
It's itching!

It's driving me mad!

It's just below
the surface of the skin!
Leave me alone!

All right, that's it.
I'm tying your hands.

No. No. No.

Look, you cannot fight it.

Yes, I can! It's all right.
It's all--

You don't have the willpower!

I have the willpower!


Give me your hands.

All right, tight, man, tight.

Yes, still.





Oh, this is no good!
You've got to put me out!

Hit me, man!
Knock me out!

Hit you with what?

With your fist, you bonehead!


[creatures mumbling]

[creatures growling]

Who's there?

I said, who's there?

Do you have the baby?

Where's the baby?



[door opening]

If they find me here,
we're all in trouble.

Yeah, well, no more
than we are now.

Look, is there something
you can do for us?

This will heal you.

The Janeers
gave us the water.

We drink it,
and we don't get sick.

If we're injured,
it makes us better.

put this where it hurts.

[Rembrandt sighing]

Well, I'll be damned.

What is this stuff,
and how does it work?

Very well.

You're telling me.

[creature moans]

[moaning continues]









In here!


You all right?


She's been feeding
the baby.

The one that fell below?

Where's the mother?

She's dead.

What a weird world, huh?

I think this has
something to do

with the alignment
of the planets.

This happened once before.

I guess they saw it coming

and built a second level
on those big shock absorbers.

I guess not everyone
made it topside.

It seems that
the ones that stayed behind

adapted pretty well.

And developed a taste
for the upper class.

They've become scavengers.

Do you think
we're the first live ones

they've seen this close up?

Except for the baby.

I can't help but noticing
that we might be outnumbered.

I can't help noticing
that we might be dinner.

What about the baby?


[creatures mumbling]

Let's go!

[creatures grunting]


[all shrieking]

Here, take it!

So who takes care
of everything?

Takes care?

Yeah, keeping the place up.

It takes care of itself.


The old ones told us

the Janeers made
our world this way.

That they relocated us here

so that we could have
a perfect life.

It's not too perfect.

That plant
could've killed us.

It never had
that effect on any of us.

Maybe because
you're not from here.

What happened
to the old ones?

The last ones
left a few years ago.

They went to
the edge of the valley

to see why the world
started shaking, but...

they never came back.

is he gonna be all right?


How are your marks?

They're gone.

I don't know why it affected
your friend more than you.

Has he been ill lately?



[cloth ripping]

[creature grunting]

You should eat something.

Brock said it would
help you heal faster.

Where is he?

I'm anxious to get
after Quinn and Wade.

He said he wouldn't be long.

It's good.
Tastes like apples.

I really fancy
a piece of steak myself.

It is steak.

This is extraordinary.

Anything that
you can think of,

it tastes like. Try it.



It does.

How do they do that?

I don't know.

They must have been
remarkable engineers.



Brock was wondering
why you got such a bad case

so quickly and I didn't.


I'm probably, uh, more prone
to allergies than you are.

He said there would
have to be something
seriously wrong

for it to hit you that hard.

Well, he's wrong.

Nothing wrong with me.
I'm as strong as a horse.

Are you?

Been times on other worlds
where you were
not quite yourself.

In San Francisco, when Quinn
met himself as a boy,
that was--

that was the first time
I noticed that
something was wrong.

And then in the desert,
when we were
helping the girl get home.

And now.

You gotta level with me, man.

If there's something wrong,
you owe it to us to tell.

Why? Why should I?

Aren't I allowed any privacy?

Because while we're on
this journey together,

we're gonna have to
depend on each other.

I thought we were friends.

Friends don't keep secrets.



Well, the good news is,

I don't think
I'm going to die today.

Then you have something?

I went and saw
a doctor in San Francisco.

I have a terminal illness

and there is nothing
that anyone can do for me.


Who else knows?
Quinn? Wade?


Because he could handle it,
and I couldn't?

No, not at all.

He found out.

Really nice to know
where I stand with you.

We must go quickly
so they don't find us.


Let's just go.

Mr. Brown.


[Rembrandt grunting]

One of us should wait here.

All right,
I'll stay behind.

I'm not fully over
my nettle rash yet.

Take care, Mr. Brown.

Make sure you get out.

All right.


Oh, yeah,
this is a great idea.

Going underground
while the earth
is still shaking.

Okay, hold it.

[Brock grunting]

Man, this is one big
freaking basement.






[metallic clanging]

[steam hissing]








- Remmy.

Where's Q-Ball?

Where's my sister?

She's dead.

- I-I'm sorry.

She died in the fall.
There was nothing I could do.

We got to hurry.
There's some
creatures after me.


Those guys.

What the hell
are those things?

They live down here.

We hunt them above
for food.

Looks like
we're the hunted now.

Not if I can help it.


[creature grunting]

I was gonna say
you guys wouldn't believe
what I've been doing.

But I think
you've got me beat.

Where's the Professor?

He's up top,
waiting for us.

May I have the baby?

Thank you for saving her.

How much time we got?


[creature growling]

Go! Go!


Get going!

[creatures grunting]

[baby crying]


You have got to
keep her quiet.

Maybe she's hungry.

I can't do
anything about that.

Let me see her.

What do you know
about babies?

I happened to be the highest
grossing babysitter

in my neighborhood.
Let me see her.

You changed diapers?

Nine seconds was my
personal record.

Give me the kid.


Come on.


[crying stops]

That's a girl. Still got it.

So how much did you get?

75 cents
for the first kid.

50 cents,
each additional head.

I give them
a discount if I drop the kid.

Good thing they bounce.

You really like kids.

Yeah. I wanna have
a big family.

I missed out on having
a brother or a sister
to play with.

You need somebody
to share things with
when you're growing up.

Yeah, I know.

That's why I wanna have
at least three.

I wanna have five.


I hope you like
stretch marks.

Why five?

Then I'd have my own
basketball squad.

And how's the great procreator
gonna pay for college, huh?

I'll just give them a timer
when they graduate high school

and tell them to go
slide for four years.

They'd learn a lot more.

Hey, guys,
no sign of the creatures.

We can go now.

All right.
We've got an hour. Let's go.

[baby crying]


Easy now, gentlemen,

[baby crying]

Don't remember inviting them
to join us, do you?

Not me!
- Go!

Twenty minutes.

What are they doing?

Basic math?

I'll take the big one.

They're all big.

[creatures grunting]

Go! Go!

Hurry! Hurry!



[creature yelling]

Move it!

Come on, come on!

[all grunting]


You wouldn't listen to me,
would you?

You came to
the Forbidden Place.

But you said
this man was dead.

I guess he was wrong.

All of you
who disobeyed will die!

And you'll all die
if you stay here.

We will not
leave this valley.

You must leave this place.

I don't know
what's out there,
but you can't stay here.

Look, there's
another city below you

and one day this will
all fall down.

It's true.
I saw it with my own eyes.

Those creatures you hunt,
they live underground.

I think they
were like you once,
but got trapped below

when the Janeers
relocated everyone.

We must leave.

And who will come with me?

Don't you understand?
You will all die.


I'm telling you,
there is nothing out there!

Quinn, will you come with us?

We're going in
a different direction.

Come with us, Keegan.

We do not go beyond.

We do not open the earth.

Those are the rules.

Not anymore.


You realize,

your children will die
if you stay here.

We can't
save everyone.

Then I guess we'll just have
to look out for each other.

Mr. Brown,
I want you to know

that I count myself
very fortunate

having you as a friend.

Oh, man.
See, now I'm gonna
have to be nice to you.


Oh, we don't have to
create a precedent.

[both laughing]

Wait here.


You never really
dropped a baby, did you?



It's a good thing
they bounce.



[creature continues growling]

[both grunting]

♪ ♪