Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 19 - The Breeder - full transcript

While in a strange world, the Sliders discover a creature living inside Maggie and attempting to reproduce.

♪ ♪

What are these things?


I don't think I can
keep this up much longer.

How much time?

35 seconds.


These things are everywhere!



Hey, get it off me!





You okay? Come on.

Come on.


Here we go, guys.
Couple of more seconds.

[electronic beeping]

Okay, let's go.






[both groaning]


It gets my vote as
the all-time worst world.

Thank God we were only on it
for five minutes, huh?

Let's wipe that
world's coordinates

right off the timer.

Where's Maggie?

[Maggie groaning]

Oh, my God.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


All right.
Step back, folks.

[vapor hissing]

What are you doing?

Shutting her system down.

She's ice cold.

That's what happens

when you're
cryonically suspended.

She'll thaw out just fine
after they make a diagnosis.

Let's go.

That must be
the way they stop

further damage until they
get to the hospital.

Is she gonna be all right?

(Dr. Sylvius)
We don't know yet, but her
vital signs are strong.

Has she eaten
anything unusual recently?

She might have
swallowed something

in the bog we were in.

Bog? What bog?

Uh, out in the country.

When did this happen?

A few hours ago.

Although it seems
like a world away.


I'd like to
show you something.

Another three degrees,
her body temperature

will be back to normal.

You know much about
this stuff, Q-Ball?

Not nearly enough.

Our world has
barely scratched

the surface of cryogenics.

Over here.

We did a CAT scan
and took some X-rays,

and everything
turned up normal

except for something
we can't identify

in her stomach.

Now, as you can see,
her stomach is empty,

except for this
solid object right there.

You sure that isn't
just something she ate?

Well, if the object
were ordinary food,

it would've been
digested by now.

Let me show you
this other X-ray.

This was taken just
five minutes

after the first one.

Now, as you can see,
this object

has doubled in
size during that time.

What the devil
could grow that fast?

(Dr. Sylvius)
nothing I've ever seen.




Wade, Remmy. I found her!



What are you doing here?

I don't know.

We've got to get you
back to the hospital.

What hospital?

Come on.


[all chattering]

[electronic bleeping]

[electronic bleeping]

There she is, right there.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, hey, let her go!

Get your hands off her.

Hey, back off!

Please, no!

Get up against the car.

What you think you're doin'?

What the hell do you think
you're doin'?

D Squad.
Where's your donor tag?

What, she doesn't have
one, either?

Put them in the truck.

Where are you taking us?

We were just
trying to help her!

Whoa, whoa.
Don't push your luck.

You may be over 25,

but I'll still take
you in for obstruction.

Move along.


Where are they taking them?

I don't know.

Let's get you
back to the hospital.

I'm fine.

You're shivering, girl.

I--I--I just...

I need to get
someplace warm.

Let's get you
back to the hotel.

Look, all they said was that
they were D Squad,

and then they
took them away.

Yes, I'll hold.


Man, it is hot in here.

This feels great.

No wonder.
The heat was up to 90.

I'm here. Yeah.


All right, now where is that
in the complex?

Okay, thank you.

It seems they have

a mandatory organ donor
program on this world.

Everybody between
the ages of 18 and 25

have their wrist implanted
with their medical profile.

Where are you going?

They're gonna
implant Quinn and Wade.


Don't go yet.

Why not?

What are you doing?

I like you.

Maggie, look, wait a minute.

I think this is
a little inappropriate.

I mean, especially when
our friends are in trouble.

I want you.

What's gotten into you?

I want you, baby.


What are you talking about?

Cut it out!

What the devil
is wrong with you?

What the hell...

You keep the hell
away from me.


Go there if you want.

You okay?

Yeah. I'd feel a lot better
if I knew what this was.

You've just been inducted

into the organ-donor program.

This disk,
implanted in your wrist

carries your
complete medical profile.

As you know,

between the ages of 18 and 25,

your organs are in
peak physical condition.

If you are called upon

to save the life of
a valuable American,

we'll preserve those organs

by cryogenically
freezing your body

until such time
as they are needed.

Please know
that your government

and your fellow Americans
thank you.

You've just been inducted

into the organ donor program.

This is barbaric.

And I thought
the military draft

was bad on our world.

Hey, guys.
Thank God I found you.

We've got a big problem.

Don't worry,
we can get them removed

in the next world.

Yeah, well, we've got
another problem. Maggie.

That thing in her stomach?

It's more than just a thing.

Her blood test reveals
several extreme abnormalities,

so I had the DNA lab
run some more tests.

The results are astonishing.

That small object
in her stomach

that we couldn't
identify at first?

Well, it appears to be
some kind of egg,

and it's rapidly replicating.

How rapidly?

At about nine times that of
normal cell multiplication.

It also appears
to be imitating

aspects of the DNA
of its host.

Are you saying
it's cloning her?

That's not right.
What I saw come out

of her mouth was
some kind of creature.

Look, right now,
all we know is that

we're dealing with
some kind of symbiont.

And that it could
be very, very valuable.

Valuable? Trust me,
you don't even want

to be around this thing.

I'm not so sure about that.

Now, if we can
harness it and learn

how it replicates
the DNA of its host

then we can generate
replacement organs

consequently putting an end

to our mandatory
organ-donor program.

How do we get it
out of her?

I'm not so sure.

It appears to be in some kind
of breeding pattern,

which could explain
why it's so aggressive.

I believe she was trying
to use you, Mr. Brown,

as a host to
incubate her eggs.

Gee, and I thought
she liked me.

Why would it want men?

Well, it could be

It has characteristics
of both sexes,

so it is possible it can
only impregnate

a host of the opposite sex.

If she starts laying eggs
inside other men

and we don't know
who they are...

You're gonna have one hell
of an epidemic on your hands.

So, where does a woman go
when she's looking for a man?

If she doesn't care
what kind of guy it is?

A bar.

Okay. Let's split up.

[horn honking]

[siren wailing]

♪ ♪

What can I get you?

You always keep
the air conditioning

so cold in here?

Cold? It must be
85 degrees in here.

Sorry, babe. I don't
get off until 2:00

and I'm already taken.

That's okay.
You're not what I need.

I may not be your type,
but I like your style, girl.



What do you want?

I want to touch you.


I like you.

Don't worry, I won't bite.

Hey, where you going?

You're not right.

What is this?

Some kind of sick joke
you play on people, huh?

Come on, what do you say, uh,

you and me go someplace
we can be alone?


Hey! What's the matter, babe?

You don't like the feel
of my chest hair, huh?

Let's see
how you like it!


I said no.


This is a big
singles hangout.

What do you think?

You want to know
if I think

she's capable
of doing damage?

From what Rembrandt said,

I think she's
capable of anything.

Excuse me.

Did you see a brunette
in here tonight?

About 5'5",
mid-twenties, alone?

She's who did that.

First thing she
did was come in here

complaining about
the air conditioner.

Said it was cold in here.

if it had been any hotter,

I would've just melted.

And then?

And then she went around
feeling on guys' chests.

What happened to him?

He wasn't her type

and he wasn't very good
at rejection, either.

He got a little pushy,

and she broke
his arm in half.

Her complaining about
it being too cold in here,

before she attacked
Remmy in the hotel room,

he said it was like a sauna.

She had the heat up to 90.

Then she must need
an extremely warm environment

in order to lay her eggs.

And she's probably looking
for people who have, uh,

a higher than normal
body temperature.

Feeling them could be
her way of checking.

That's what it
seems like.

She could be
anywhere by now.

I think we should
tell the police--

No, no.
Uh, you can't trust them.

They shoot first and
ask questions later.

You know,
if the symbiont needs warmth,

it's just possible that I can
coax it out of your friend

by lowering her
body temperature.

Okay. So where do we find
heat on a cold night?




Excuse me, ma'am.

Judging from the description

given by one of
the condo tenants,

the attacker had to be
your friend.

Can you tell if
she mated with him?

Well, the X-ray
didn't turn up

anything unusual
in his stomach,

so my guess is, this wasn't
about procreation.

She probably saw the uniform,
felt threatened

and attacked in self-defense.

I need to sign the order
to freeze this body

for organ harvest.

You know, when we
first started sliding,

all I saw was adventure.

Now all I seem
to see is death.

What does that mean?



No, go ahead and say
what you were thinking.

You think this man
would still be alive

if it wasn't for me.

That's not what I said.

Hey, Q-Ball, come on.

And the Professor.

He'd be alive, too,
if I hadn't invented sliding.

Look, that wasn't your fault.

It's all my fault.

The Professor,

this man,
Maggie's next victim.

All because I lost
control of something

I didn't know enough about.

So please,

go ahead and tell me
what you were thinking

because I think about it
every minute of every day.

What about Maggie?

Yes, of course.

How could I have
forgotten about Maggie?

She'll die, too.
Thank you for reminding me.

What I meant was that
Maggie would be dead

right now if we hadn't
slid into her world.

She owes you her life, Quinn.

So do the other 150 people

that you found
a new home for.

Yeah, well,
Maggie's not lost yet.

But if you don't stop
worrying about your ego

and start focusing
on finding her, she will be.

Point taken.

But this is a big city.

Yeah, but we know
that thing inside of her

loves hot water
and it craves steam.

And we know it's
looking for men.

The beach?

Too public.

What are you thinking?

Health clubs?

It's got everything
it wants.

Men, steam rooms,
and privacy.

Look, there are only three
in this area. Come on.

[people chattering]

Hi, welcome to the club.
I'm Tami.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for a man.

Who isn't?

Uh, miss.

Miss, you can't go back
unless you're a member.

If you'd like
a complimentary tour, I can--

Yes. Take me inside.

Okay. This way.

This is our slow period.

Most of our members are
at work this time of day.

What do you do?


Uh, we're the only club
in LA with our

own line of complimentary
shampoos and conditioners.


These are our
private showers.

Isn't that hot?

No, it's wonderful.

What are you doing?

Ma'am, I'm sorry,

but I'm gonna have to
call security.


This is the last one.
If she's not here...


All right, you check out
the ladies' locker room.

We'll look upstairs.





Are the women here
exceptionally beautiful,

or have I been
sliding too long?

These people have probably
spent more time

under the scalpel
than they have the barbell.

Yeah, they inject
most chickens with hormones.

It doesn't make that thigh
any less enjoyable.

Let's go. Come on.

Hey, no!

See, I can't understand

how come they
don't fight back.

Different worlds,
different customs.


I'm just surprised
at how fast you can

dismiss oppression
as a custom.


It's Wade.



Listen to me. You're sick.

We need to get you
back to the hospital.



I, I'm gonna go
find Quinn.



Oh, Wade, help me.


You can't stop me!

[door creaking]

Come in or close the door.

You're letting steam out.

What are you doing?

Do you know this room
isn't co-ed?

Not that I mind
having you in here.

So, what's your name?

What's it matter, anyway?

You're the one.

Whatever you say.




Hey, Remmy.
What was that back there?

Oh, it's just that we've been
traveling so long together,

I forget how different
we really are.

I don't follow.


We may slide to
parallel dimensions together

but we grew up in
different worlds.

Now, bottom line,
I've seen oppression close up.

To you, it's just another word
in a history book.



Hey, girl, you all right?


Maggie, she's upstairs.

Stay with her.

[knocking at door]



Stay away from me,
or I'll kill you!




I'll be down
in a little while.

Look, I told you, I'm fine.

Just worry about Quinn.




How is he?

Well, Remmy said
that the ER doctor

diagnosed a mild concussion
but he should be okay.

How cold is it in there?

Not cold enough.

I want you
to look at this.

The symbiont's not
uncomfortable enough

to leave the body
of the host.

I'm gonna have to turn it down
another 30 degrees.

Wait, his heartbeat's down
to five per minute.

Nobody can live
at that rate.

I have to do whatever it takes

to get that symbiont out,

Yeah, but you might
kill him.


[electronic beeping]

It's moving.
The symbiont's moving.

[electronic beeping]

It's out! Turn the gas off!

Oh, damn it!

It must be too young
to survive without the host.

But the one inside
your friend is stronger.

It's more mature.

It has a better chance
of survival.

What about him?

There are ice
crystals in his blood.

We don't seem to be able
to get the body

cold enough to drive
the symbiont out

without killing the host.

Wh-what are you saying?

You're gonna have to
kill Maggie?

It's one life in exchange

for the chance
to save a lot more.

So that makes it right?

My brother was
a forced organ donor.

He was only 23 when
they harvested him

and nobody cared

whether it was
right or wrong.

So don't ask me
to shed any tears

over a stranger.

I'm not buying your
explanation, Doctor.

It seems a little
too rehearsed.

Wouldn't the person
who developed the ability

to replicate human organs

stand to make
a lot of money?

Where does it say
science can't be profitable?

I'm not gonna let you
do this to Maggie.

[dialing telephone]


This is Dr. Sylvius.

I'd like to
activate a profile.

[electronic beeping]

Got her.




Hey, let--

It's a setup!
They're gonna kill Maggie!

Hey, let her go!

Hey, wait a minute.

All right!

I could kill you
right now.

But I'm giving you
a chance to live

which is more than you're
giving Wade and Maggie.

I'm doing what I have to!

That symbiont could make our
organ donor program obsolete.

Yeah, by killing our friend.

Look, if you want to
change things,

you start by
changing the law.

Well, this is
a lot more expedient.

And profitable?

You two can
debate about this later.

You got Wade
prepped for harvest.

I want her back.

How do we make that happen?



Bring me Maggie.

Once I have the symbiont,
you can have Wade.

And if there's no Maggie?

There's a bureaucrat
in the State Department

that needs a new lung.

Wade just happens
to be a perfect match.

We'll need one of
those cold-trauma guns.

They're in the ER.

Meet me there.

How long till we slide?

I don't know.

I, uh, I left the timer
back at the Chancellor.

You left it at the hotel?

Look, I had just been
attacked by an alien, Q-Ball,

so I was a little preoccupied.

All right, we'll get it,

then we'll go
looking for Maggie.


Well, what if we
can't find her?

Then we come back here,
get Wade out

and slide without Maggie.

It's the lesser
of two evils.

Not by much.

[electronic beeping]

That's him, right there!

[tires screeching]

I must have sounded
like such a jerk

when I made that crack
about oppressive worlds

back at the gym.

Oh, forget it.

No. When you said we
grew up in different worlds,

you were right.

I haven't lived
your life, and I know

I don't have
all the answers.

You know, sometimes
you act like you do.

I don't know, Q-Ball,
maybe it's because

you've gotten us
into all of this,

so you feel responsible
for us, you know?

Yeah, I know there's still

plenty about life
I can learn.

And next time
you have an opinion

different than mine,
you tell me.

I'll listen.

All right. Fair enough.

Fair enough.

[car honking]

I don't think she's here.

Yeah, it's too cold.
Where's the timer?

Over there.

Three hours. Not much time
to cover a city.

We meet back
at the hospital at 4:00,

with or without Maggie.
- All right.

You are one smart symbiont.


She's in here, Rembrandt.

Okay, look,
just open the door.


I can't just yet!
Everything's okay.

Just stay cool.

Right, Maggie?

Let's just stay cool.



No more Maggie!

Q-Ball, talk to me, man!
What's going on?





Just like you said.
Stay cool.



[typing continues]

And if this doesn't work?

We take her with us.

Are you crazy?

Wade, I know you've got
issues with Maggie.

This doesn't have
anything to do with her.

That thing will
attack either one of you,

first chance it gets.

She's not your responsibility.

She was not dragged
into this like we were.

She insisted on coming.

You would have done the same
in her position.

Look, you've got
two people here

who rate a little higher on
your scale of responsibility.

And we both vote
to leave her here.

Is that right, Rembrandt?

I know it's not
an easy decision, Q-Ball.

We're not leaving
without her.

You've got a thing
for her, don't you?

That's ridiculous.

Is it?

(Dr. Sylvius)
The symbiont's
moving around but not out.

I'll have to lower
the temperature

another 10 degrees.

She'll die
at that temperature.

Give it five more minutes.

Five minutes, five hours.
it doesn't matter.

Now, I'm sorry,
but we'll have to motivate

that symbiont into
the aquarium somehow.

It's too smart
to fall for this.

It knows we want it
out of the body.

Then we will lower
the temperature some more.

It will abandon the host,
one way or another.

We had a deal, Mallory.

You get Wade and I
get the symbiont.

You will kill her.


Do you realize that all I have
to do is push this button

and two of you
suddenly become organ donors?

I've got another idea.

I'm listening.

It wanted to mate with me.

Well, convince it to
live in me instead.

Are you insane?

Just to lure it out, Wade.

Then we grab it and throw it
in the aquarium.


Come. Be with me.

That's right,


That's what you want.


It's working.

Yeah, but not fast enough.
One minute.

Live in me.

Turn up the temperature.

I already did.

Live in me.

Come on.


Shut down the nitrogen!


I'm losing it!

Put it in the aquarium,

Hold on!
Watch out, it's loose!

Don't hurt it!

Hold this!

10 seconds!

What's happening?

You hang tight there, girl.

We're getting you
out of here.




Quinn, no!

[electronic beeping]

I can't just
leave her like that!

You know what
it'll do to her!

No, Q-Ball!

No time!

Go, Wade. Go.


Q-Ball, you asked me
how I see things differently.

I see how the good book
tells the truth.

"Reap what you sow."

You asked

I told you. Now, choose.

Doctor, are you all right?

I'm fine.

♪ ♪