Sliders (1995–2000): Season 3, Episode 17 - The Exodus: Part 2 - full transcript

One of the Sliders is lost during the mission to save a doomed world, while Arturo and Wade battle an egomaniacal military commander over who will be rescued.

[tires screeching]

Last week on Sliders...

Pulsar... Trajectory... 86.

It would put the pulsar
in a position to irradiate
part of the Earth.

Every living thing
on this planet
will be dead

before we're due to slide.

I have just spoken
to the President.

He wants us
to start to prepare

to transport people
to a parallel world.

You and I
are gonna scout them.

So, how do you like
sliding so far?

Oh, my God.


It's my house.

I'm really home.
- Oh.

Are you all right? Hey!

I got to
get her out of here.

(Mrs. Mallory)
What? Quinn?

[monitor beeping]

(ham operator)
The last time
I went out to look,

there were bodies everywhere.

I don't know
if anyone's out there
to hear this,

but my name is
Matthew Humphries
and I live in Delaware.

Not anymore, you don't.



What happened?
I found Earth Prime.

Something in the air
caused this reaction.

Get her to the infirmary.

Jensen's timer
has our home coordinates
in its memory.

We can go home.

What if you found a portal
to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into
a thousand different worlds,

where it's the same year,
and you're the same person,

but everything else
is different?

And what if you can't find
your way home?


What the hell happened?

Something in the atmosphere,
some chemical,
I don't know what,

but she started coughing
and she couldn't breathe.

You never told me
she could die.

This has never happened
to any of us before.

Your lungs must be different
than ours.

I suppose I should thank you.

You know what?

Don't get
all weepy-eyed about it.


I've seen the way
you two look at each other.

I don't like it.

You got a problem,
you talk to your wife.

'Cause as far as
I'm concerned,

she's just someone
that I have to put up with.

I don't believe that.

And I don't think
you believe it.

[monitors beeping]

Dr. Jensen,
y-your wife wants to see you.

Is she all right?

The flight surgeon says

she'll be fully recovered
in a few hours.

He, uh, also said

that if Mr. Mallory
had taken any longer
getting her back,

she'd be dead.

Tell me it's true.

Earth Prime.

The coordinates
are right here.

[both laughing]

Oh, I can't believe
we're finally goin' home.

The Professor said
you saw your mom.

Is she gonna call my folks?

Yeah, Artie.
Look, she's got to tell Artie.

he's got to get me bookings
or I'm getting a new agent.

I didn't have time
to ask her to call anyone.

Maggie got sick
right away.

Oh, listen, no long faces.
We're gonna be home.

We're gonna see
our loved ones
in a few days.

And what a homecoming
it's gonna be.

Hey, look, why wait?
Why can't we just go now?


What about the lives
we promised to save?

Look, we've already done more
than anybody else would have.

Professor gave them
the new chip
they needed to slide.

Let's let them
find their own world.

Even if I could transfer
our home coordinates
into our timer, which...

...I still can't,

our timer hit zero
after the pulsars hit.

So we have to slide with them
if we want to survive.

No, no, no, no,
not if we use their timer
and go now.


Look, guys, look,
there are catacombs
under this base.

a lot of them could survive
down there

and use our timer
to slide after it hits zero.

That's not the deal
I made with them.


So this is about them?

Man, what about us?

Remmy, Remmy.

We'll make the transfer,

and we'll get home
just as soon as
we finish helping them, okay?

No, no. It's not okay.

[Wade stammering]

Look, Quinn,
the pulsars will be here
in less than eight hours.

Look, the longer we're here,
the more of a chance

that--that something
is gonna go wrong.

Wade, I'm not turning my back
on these people.

So stay
if you're so all fired up
to help them.

But Wade and I
will go home now.

What about
your little buddy, Malcolm?

We'll take him with us.

he'll die on our world.

He'll have a lot better chance
at a hospital on our world

than he will here.

They--they can put him
in one of those bubbles
or something.

We're not leaving.

Wait a minute.

Who the hell
put you in charge?

You're the reason
why we're in this mess.

It's all because of you
that we've been taken away

from everything that we knew
and everybody that we loved.

Or have you
forgotten that?

You never let me.

Well, it seems like
it has slipped your mind now.

Doggone it!

I mean,
what it comes down to,

is that we mean less to you
than a bunch of strangers.

That's not true.

Look, just give me the timer.
- No.

- Give me the timer.

[Rembrandt grunts]

Remmy. No!

That's enough.

I am sick of you
acting like God.

You're just
a guy who screwed up
and stuck us with the bill.

The hell with you.

Remmy, wait.

The hell with you!
- Please!

Sometimes you can be
such a bastard.

Don't worry.

It'll all sort itself out
in a few days when we're home.

You're assuming that I care.

I know
I'm not supposed
to be scared.

My dad would want me
to be a man.

But I don't want to die.


You're not gonna die.

But the TV said...

There is a way
to go to another world.

A nicer place
where you'll be safe.

But it's a secret,

and you have to promise
to trust me
and not tell anybody, okay?

I promise.

Can my parents come?

I don't know
if they're taking
coma patients, Malcolm.

But I'll--I'll see
what I can do, okay?

please turn with me

in your prayer books
to page 347.

"Lord, in your wisdom,

"you have decreed
the destruction of Earth
that you created.

[woman sobbing]

"It has been
a long time coming

"and you have given us
ample warning.

"The day of rapture
is upon us.

"Please welcome us
into your holy house.

"We shall soon
stand naked before you
and ask forgiveness.

"For we have sinned
against you
and our fellow man.

"Take mercy upon us, Lord,
as we cannot defend our sins.

We beseech you
to hear our prayers."



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
hold on there.

I don't need any help.

Whatever you say.

Does your husband know
you're walking around?

There's too much going on
for me to stay in bed,

but thanks for
your concern.

Let me ask you something.

What did I ever do to you
besides save your life?

You expect me
to say thanks?

You jeopardized
the mission, Mallory.

You could have been arrested,
the timer confiscated.

You should have just
left me here.

I'll remember that
next time.


Because I assure you,

if the situation
were ever reversed,

I'd leave you in a heartbeat.


[lock clicking]

What is it?

Sir, there's a crowd
gathering at the south gate.

They think
we have a fallout shelter
on the base.

Like they have in Washington
for the VIP's.

[people yelling]

I wish we had.

Colonel Rickman,
are you watching this?

Yes, Sergeant,
I'm watching it.

[people continue shouting]

No one is to be allowed
onto this base.

Shoot to kill.

They're breaking through!

[yelling continues]

God forgive me.

Fire at will!

[guns firing]

[people screaming]

[gunfire continues]

Don't you understand,

the boy was standing there
with tears in his eyes, Wade.

What else
was I supposed to do?

I can't believe
you told him that.

You had no right
to lay that off on me.

It's just one more name.

It's more than that.

If Malcolm goes on the list,
that means someone comes off.

You have no idea
what it's like

knowing that each name
you erase from that screen

means that
that person dies.

You know, all you think about
is saving one life.

All I'm thinking about
are the people that I'm not.

Wade. Look, I understand.

But I don't know
those people.

I do know this boy.


Rickman has made it
a lot harder to get
on the list.

I-I-It's not just
blood type anymore.

He's got me screening people
for specific DNA,

specific brain chemistry.

I don't care
what you have to do, Wade.

But you got to get
Malcolm's name on that list.

You're the only hope
I got left.


No promises.

But I'll try.


There's no reason
for you to go, Maggie.

Mallory can handle this
on his own.

With the two of us going,

the odds are better that
one of us will make it back.

Damn it, Maggie.
You need more time
to recuperate.

We have no time.

Less than six hours
before we have to be
on a different world.

Please, Maggie.
Stay with me.

Steven, I'll be back.

I'll be with you
at the end of this world

or at the beginning
of the next one.

The clock is running, people.

I got to go.

Let's do it.

Good luck, my boy.

[electronic beeping]


Dr. Jensen,
have you the final numbers
for the slide?

Yes, but it's lower
than I thought.

I can only guarantee
safe passage for 140 people.

Are you certain?

Maybe 10 more,

but the strain on the vortex
is dangerous enough.

I'd like to run
those figures again.


We stick with 140
and plan around it.

[phone beeps]

This is Colonel Rickman.

Establish a base-wide feed
in 10 minutes.

[phone clicking]

What are you
going to say to them?

That we found a way off
and everyone's going.

You're gonna lie to them
to the very end?

You want me to tell them
they're all going to die?

This is not gonna turn into
the last days of Saigon.

We need to maintain order
till the slide is complete.

Now, if you're so gung ho
in saving more people,

be assured

no one's gonna stop you
givin' up your place
on the lifeboat.

I'm sure, by now,

you all know about
the pulsars,

that more are coming.

Until a few moments ago,
I, like the rest of you,

thought that this was the end.

That we'd all die here.

But now we've found a way
for us all to escape.

It's an interdimensional form
of travel called sliding,

which will allow us all
to go to a new world.

We have only one chance
to make this thing work,

so my orders must be followed
without question.

Anyone who disobeys
threatens all of us

and they will be
executed immediately.

We've compiled a list
of all base personnel.

Our computers
will randomly divide us
into two groups.

When it becomes time
to leave this Earth,

each group will leave

At 2100 hours,

everyone will move
to the command buildings

at the center of this base.

If you want to pray,

now's the time to do it.

God help us all.

I don't care
what Rickman said.

I'm running
those figures again.

You're wasting your time.

I don't think so.

Not if I can save
a single life.

[crickets chirping]

You want to take a break?

No. I'm fine.

We haven't taken a break
in six worlds.

There's no review board here,

Meaning what?

You're always acting
as if you're being graded.

If you're not
a perfect soldier here,

nobody's gonna be

I'm a general's daughter,

Yeah, it opened doors,

but it also came with
a price.

I've always had
to prove myself.

Well, what do you know?

There is a person
in that uniform.

I don't have time
for this.

This is the last world
we have time to scout.

We better make sure
it's the right one.

[drums beating]

Do you hear that?

[people chanting]

Sounds like
we got neighbors.

[drums continue beating]

[all chanting]

Oh, they look so primitive.

Do you think it's possible
we've gone back in time?

[chanting continues]

No, we don't time travel.

Some worlds just develop
faster than others.

This one seems to be
a few hundred thousand years
behind us.

[woman exclaiming]

It looks like
some kind of mating ritual.

I think it is.

It looks so fluid,
so smooth.

Like each body
is telling a separate story.

It looks like
it has everything
we need to survive.

But I'm not sure
about the natives.

How long before
the pulsars hit?

Three hours.


we have no choice then.

This is our new home.

[exclaiming continues]

How's it going?

Slower than I thought.
But I'll get it done.



We found it.

Are you certain?

It's not perfect, sir,
but it's gonna have to do.

[alarm buzzing]

[people yelling]

What is going on?

There's been
a security breach
at the outer gates.

[all shouting]

[alarm continues buzzing]

Establish a perimeter
of the quad.

We've got to hold 'em back
until it's time to leave.

Yes, sir.

I'll see you at the slide.


I love you.

How's our timer?

I've been able to modify it,
so you can track wormholes.

And our home coordinates?

It's been taking me
longer than I expected
to download them.

[electronic buzzing]

The mob.
They must've reached
the power substation.

They're gonna need help
re-routing the power flow.

I'll be back
as soon as I can.

Mr. Mallory.

Gather up our companions,
I think we should all
stick close together.

This could turn
very sour.

Are you coming?

Just let me finish
this calculation.

What are those blue flashes
in the sky?

It's the lead effects
of the pulsars.

Come on, baby.

[power switch clicks]


[power humming]

Malcolm's name
get on the list
before it blanked?

I'm not sure.

If we can just
keep power long enough
to finish printing the list.

Check it
as it comes off, okay?

Come on, come on.

[printer beeping]

Oh, yes!


"Malcolm Eastman". All right!

Oh, I love you, Wade.

Cutting it close though.

His name's
the last one on the list.
Number 150.



That can't be right.

Rickman sent an e-mail

saying that
he'd programmed the computer
to cut names off at 140.

Yeah, well,
maybe he decided
he could take 10 more.

Wait a minute.

These last few names,
the ones before Malcolm's,

they're coma patients.

Why would he take
coma patients

and leave
healthy people behind?

I don't know.
Let's just find him
and ask, huh?

Maybe I can get
Malcolm's folks for that list.

Colonel Rickman,
as I suspected,

Dr. Jensen's understanding
of the physics of sliding
is rudimentary.

By my calculations
we can take
at least another 100 people.

We go with what we have.
No more.

that is tantamount to murder.

Look, I told you.
I have enough.

What the devil do you mean
you have enough?

It's better
that a few make it alive
than none at all.

We stick with
the plan we have.

it is quite clear to me

that you are unsuited
for this command,

and when the others
learn the truth,

I'm sure
you will be relieved of it.

[gun clicks]



[Professor gasping]

You shouldn't have been
so damned clever.




Can you hear us?

Help me.

[Professor echoing]
Help me.

[monitors beeping]

Professor, I saw someone
running away now.

Did you see who it was?

[Professor mumbling]

Can't remember.

Here, Professor,
take these.

What are you givin' him?

A muscle relaxant.

Don't worry.
I used to be a candy striper.

They always gave them
to trauma victims.

(man on TV)
There are many thousands
of people

that are gathering
in churches, in parks,

looking for whatever there is
that can bring them comfort

in the darkest hour
of human history.

Could you please
turn that thing off?

[TV clicks]

who did this to you?


It's okay, Professor.

Don't--don't try and talk.
You'll be all right.

Not okay. Not all right.

Brain! Brain!

Where is the timer?

Where is the timer?

[Professor patting]

Did Jensen transfer
our home coordinates?

Can we go home
when it hits zero?


No time.

No, no time.

That means the only way
we'll get home now

is if Rickman will
let us use his timer

when we slide
to the new world.

What? Professor,
what do you want?

[Professor mumbling]

Wanna get up?
- H-Help.

[Professor mumbling]

Wanna get up?

[Professor grunting]

Come on.


[Professor grunting]


What are you trying to say,

Turn his head.


[Professor stammering]


[Professor stuttering]

They've got
the same puncture wounds.



all these coma patients
are victims of an assault.

Probably the only reason
the Professor's
not in a coma now

is 'cause
we interrupted the attacker.

All right. Come on.
Let's get you back to bed.

I'm going to find Rickman.

Whoever's doing this
has good medical knowledge.

There's a good chance

that their name
is on that list
to go to the next world.

Wade, go with him,

make sure he doesn't
do anything stupid.

You go with the beta group,
your son goes with alpha.

No, can't I stay
with my son?


No. W-what?


Guy. Guy.

- How many is that?


[people chattering]

You've got to focus, Captain.

How many is that?

Uh, 115, sir.


Malcolm Eastman.

Alpha group.

Why aren't my parents here?

Your--your parents are going
in the second group.

I'm not leaving them.
Let go of me!

Let him go.


I'm worried about Steve.

He should've been here by now.

Request permission
to go look for him, sir.

Permission denied.

I'll look for him.
You keep this place secure.

Yes, sir.

[people chattering]


Colonel Rickman!

He's not here.

You take
this stuff, okay?


Listen to this.

"Rickman's entire platoon
from the Gulf War

"died from something
they contracted
in the desert.

"Doctors identified
the problem as a fungus
that attacks the brain stem

destroying brain tissue."


Hey, what does this
look like to you?

Syringe vials.

If that fungus
is attacking him, too,

he must be surviving
by stealing brain tissue.

Come on.

Colonel Rickman,
turns out the Professor
was right after all.

My God.

I'm sorry, Dr. Jensen.

But you won't be coming
to the new world.

[Malcolm screams]





Good man.


Not a day goes by

I don't carry the weight
for having dragged him
into all this.

Good boy.

Q-ball, it was Rickman.

He's the one
who attacked the Professor.

Look, we found these
in his office.

He got some kind of disease
in the Gulf War.

The only way he can survive

is by injecting himself
with the brain fluid
of certain donors.

[door opening]

[door shutting]

[banging on door]

We're trapped.

Wade, grab that gurney
and bring it out.

What for?

Just do it.
Remmy, help me with this.

[Rembrandt grunting]

You got it?


[both grunting]


Just like you taught us.

For every action,

there is an equal
and opposite reaction.

All right.
Strap this on tight.

A jet-propelled battering ram.

Quinn, you're brilliant.

I'd save the compliments
to see if it works.

All right. On tight?


Make it straight,
lock the wheels.

[wheels clicking]

And get back. Get back.

[cylinder clinking]

Because I'm afraid
this might explode!



Good job, Q-ball.

Thanks, man.

Look, about before,
I'm--I'm really sorry.

Forget about it.

Quinn, we got to move it.

Rickman could start sliding
at any time.

All right,
let's get the Professor up.

Come on, Professor.

The pulsars
are getting closer.


Have you seen
my husband?

Bad news, Captain.

Some of the civilians
made it to the lab.

I think they thought
that Steve knew where
the shelters were.

I got there too late.

[people chattering]

I'm sorry.



I know
this is difficult for you,

but you've got to be strong.

We have a mission
to complete.


what about Mallory
and the others?

We can't wait.

We've got to go now,
before the mob reaches us.

I'm going to open
the vortex.


Leave it outside!

[water running]



What are you doing out here?
Why aren't you inside?

I went to go see
Colonel Rickman to beg him
to let my folks come with us,

and I saw him kill
Dr. Jensen.

Whoa, slow down,
slow down.

And he was gonna
shoot me.

[electronic beeping]

Quinn, Rickman's sliding
without us.

I'm goin' after him.

Next group, step up!

Ready! And go!

All right!
Next group, come on!

Let's get over there
to the other side,
let's hurry it up!

Come on, come on, move it!
And go!


We're losing power! Go!


[Quinn grunts]



Oh, my God.


Get them home.

Professor, hang in there.
Hang in there.

You're coming with us.




He deliberately
took the bullet for me.

I know.

So you could lead us home.

Quinn, we have to go
after Rickman.

His timer's the only way
we can get back.

Okay, look, uh,

the pulsar's gonna be here
in about an hour.

We have to get underground.

If we get deep enough,

the radiation
might not reach us
before we slide.

All right, look,

let's try to find
some flashlights

and a radiation meter, okay?
All right?


[Rembrandt sighing]

You shouldn't have done that.


That way leads
to a lower level.


You hear that?

The pulsars
just hit California.

Okay, listen up
and listen good!

I want water storage there.
A medical tent there.

And I want a sentry
posted on the perimeter
every 100 yards.


Captain Beckett.

Captain Beckett!


I want
a barbed wire holding pen
set up beyond those trees.

And I want your report
on my desk in three hours.

Permission to speak, sir.

why do we need a holding pen?

We're gonna use
the native population

to build our new colony,

You're talking about slavery.

Just look at the people
we brought with us, Captain,

engineers, doctors.

They're not used
to hard labor. No.

We'll use
the native population

and when they've built
our new city,

I'll set them free.

[watch beeps]

Our world just ended,

How is that thing supposed
to track Rickman?

When this red light
goes steady,

it means it's locked onto
a photon trail.

It's still locked onto
the wormhole
that Rickman slid through.

That thing gets much higher
and we're gonna
glow in the dark.

10 more seconds.

[electronic beeping]

[machine hissing]

Here we go!

[electronic beeping]

Let's go! Go!



Quinn, you're here.

No thanks to you.

It wasn't my fault.
Colonel Rickman
ordered the slide early.

Where is he?

Down by the river.

He-he's scouting
a second base camp.

Give me your gun.
- What for?

Just give me
the damn gun.

Not till you tell me why!

Rickman murdered
the Professor.

And your husband.

Tell her.

It's true. I saw it.
He shot him for no reason.

Look, he probably discovered

that Rickman's responsible
for the coma victims.

He'd been stealing
their brain tissue.

I don't understand.

You want answers
or you want justice?

I want revenge.

You guys stay here,
in case he comes back.

Is he armed?

No. Not inside the perimeter.

Is he alone?

I don't know.

Let's split up.

[Maggie grunts]

Sloppy procedure, Captain.

You bastard.

Why did you kill Steven?

He was a victim
of bad timing.

Or maybe he found out
you were destroying
innocent people.

You're very good at that,
aren't you, Colonel?

I did what I had to do.
I'm an officer, Beckett.

Trained to survive
and to lead people.

And I had 150 lives
waiting for me

to take them
to somewhere safe.

Yeah, who's going to
save them from you?

[Maggie exclaims]


Unfortunately, not you.

[Quinn grunting]

[Quinn groaning]

[Quinn grunts]

Are you all right?

Why didn't you
just shoot him?

Because I was afraid
I might hit you.

I know, I know.

If the situation
was reversed,
you'd shoot me.

I'm not so sure.

[electronic beeping]



[Quinn grunts]


open the vortex.

I can't
until the timer hits zero.

But that's hours from now.

It's okay.
This is tracking him.

It'll hold the path
of his wormhole
until I clear it.

Don't worry.
He can't lose us.

Thanks to your husband.

♪ Way over yonder

♪ is a place that I know

♪ Where I can find shelter

♪ from the hunger and cold

♪ Where the good tasting
sweet life

♪ is so easily found

♪ Way over yonder

♪ that's where

♪ I'm bound

[seagulls cawing]

Someone want to
say something?

Yeah, I do.

It was great knowing you,

[Wade sniffs]

You were so unique
in so many ways

and, uh,
you could be cantankerous
at times

[Wade and Rembrandt sniffle]

but, uh, I know it was because
you cared about us.

And when we get back home,

I'm gonna
write a song for you.

Something classy,

so that people
won't forget you.

I'd like to say something.


I don't believe in good-byes,
not really.

I can't believe
that everything we are

and everything we've done,
just disappears.


I think our spirit,

it's like a river,


it goes somewhere.

And I know in my heart

I'll see you again.

I never would have been
the student I was
without your guidance

and love.

You taught me
there are no limits
to the imagination.

You were a true adventurer.

Now you're
the greatest adventurer
of all time.

Good-bye, Professor.


We're going to miss
the hell out of you.

Oh, yeah.

Are you ever comin' back?

We have your coordinates.

You know I'm coming back
to see you one day.

But for now,
we've got to find Rickman.

I mean, he's got to pay
for what he did.

Plus he has the timer
that's gonna get me home.

Look, you're gonna be okay.

There are a lot of good people
here who'll look after you,
all right?

I'm going with you.

I thought
you had a mission?

I got a new one.

Well, it's fine by me,
but I'm not the only vote.

Once we get Rickman's timer,
you can drop me off
on your way home.

It's okay with me.

First we have to find Rickman.

Yeah, fine.

Welcome aboard,
Captain Beckett.

Just Beckett.
I resigned my commission.

It's time.

[electronic beeping]


Keep drawing!

[whooshing stops]

[birds chirping]

I'll be waiting, Rembrandt.

I'll be waiting.



[Quinn and Rembrandt grunt]


Puncture wound.

He's not here.

But I'm tracking
a new wormhole.

That means he just slid.

How long before
we can follow?

11 hours.

Don't worry. We'll find him.
No matter how long it takes.

We'll find him.

♪ ♪