Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Life and Death - full transcript

Ben and Maddie help Ryn guide her surrogate though a life-threatening delivery; Helen and Xander deliver a hybrid corpse to Beth at The Ranch.

- [narrator] Previously...
- Wait!

- This will not help our tribes.
- You know nothing about it.

I will put an end
to these humans,

and to you if you interfere.

Tia wants to rule us.

The tribe is violent.

You must go back to the water,

defend our territory.

These things, nobody knows
anything about them.

I do. I've seen what
their cells can do for Ma.

Your mother's not a guinea pig.

[Ben] What if I could prove
that we're safe?

Your baby, she's alive.

What are you talking about?

[Leena] We implanted
one of her embryos

in a female hybrid.

- Where is she?
- I'm so sorry.

We shouldn't have done it.

Focus. You let every
mistake in life throw you,

you'll never get over it.

Ryn, you should know,

I saw Sarge again.
I went to the water.

He told me, war is coming.



Oh, shit.

[Leena panting]

Hey, hey, hey.

He's gone.

Do you, like, have any idea
how messed up this is?


No, you don't.

You have got to get
your shit under control.

I protect the baby.

We have to get out of here now,
before the others find out.

The others?

His followers wanted
a pure-blood baby.


To worship it.

Okay, that's not weird at all.

We need to take Meredith
somewhere safe.

Somewhere they won't
come looking for her.

We can take her
to my place for now.

- What about him?
- He should be brought
to the ranch.

We have rituals, ways of dealing
with our own dead

so we don't have to bring in
the outside world.

Meredith needs to go.

Okay, we can take Meredith.
You take the body to the ranch.

I have to stay with Meredith.
Her condition is too fragile.

I'll deal with him.

[Leena] They'll never
let you on the ranch.

- You're a stranger.
- [Xander] I'll figure it out.

Just get her out of here.


♪ You can cover up my mouth ♪

♪ You can curb me
To the ground ♪

♪ But I'm never burning out ♪

♪ 'Cause my spirit's
Contagious ♪

♪ Cover up my mouth ♪

♪ You can curb me
To the ground ♪

♪ But I'm never burning out ♪

♪ 'Cause my spirit's
Contagious ♪

[cell phone vibrates]


This way.

[Ben, on phone]
I should have called you back.

It's okay. Listen...

something major's happened.

Remember a girl named Meredith?

She was one of the people
at the ranch.

Why? What about her?

She's pregnant with Ryn's baby.


I know.

[winces and gasps]

Listen, Ryn's embryo,
the one we thought was lost?

Leena implanted it
in a surrogate.

Her name is Meredith.

Does Ryn know about this?
Where is she?

Yes. She's with me.

And Meredith?

- We're all here at my place.
- All right.

- I'll be right over.
- Okay.

[knock on door]

Hey, I took a taxi
like you said.

Had him drop me off
down the road.

Yeah. Thanks for coming.

Where is he?

Dragged him in here.

Guy weighs a ton.


Why did she do it?

Why do they do anything?

Why did she set my boat on fire?

She's a mermaid.

- Not funny.
- Am I laughing?

I don't know, maybe Cami thought

that he was putting
Ryn's baby in danger.

Yeah, this baby means
everything to them.

It's their future, but...

That still doesn't
make this right.


Ready when you are.


Well, he's...

You know, he's big dude,

so maybe I can drag him

and you can get the door?

I got this.




You get the door.

What a mess.

Yeah, what else is new?

I'll tell you what else is new.

You're cleaning up the mess
instead of making it.

Guess I'm not
so useless after all, huh?

No, officer. I guess not.

[engine starts]

[water dripping]

[breathing heavily]

Is she all right?

She is guarding Meredith
and the baby.

I see.

It's just a little scary after...

She's here to help.

First baby in many tides.

I used to pretend
that I was a full-blood.

I'd never seen one,
but I always knew

that they would be
strong and beautiful

like the two of you.

You are as strong
as any in the water.

This is an honor
to do this for you.

To have your baby.

Let's get you hydrated.

This is going to pinch a little.


You know you're doing
the right thing, Xander.

Hiding a murder victim?

Joining the force.

Dale needs someone who knows
what's going on around here.

Someone who's in
on our little secret,

who can help him protect
these creatures

and their place in the world.

Yeah, well, people need
protection too.

Consider our cargo back there.

Well, he made a bad decision.

Whatever, I just
wish I understood

why these creatures
do what they do.

They have a different
moral code than we do.

You think?
You call that moral?

It's primal nature.

It's pure.

Sometimes enviable.


Not right now.

You know, you've changed
a lot since...

Since Donna?


Well, just...

seems like...

I have a better chance
of taking care

of the people I love
if I have a badge on my chest.

- Hi.
- How is she?

This pregnancy, it's not normal.

She's pretty far along.

Yeah, I wasn't expecting normal.

She's already had
a bout of false labor,

and Ryn felt it.

- What?
- Yeah.

But it stopped once
she was near Meredith.

It was like the baby calmed
as soon as Ryn got close.

What happened to your hand?

It's fine.

I dropped a beaker.


The heartbeat is strong.


Very different from humans.

The baby grows much faster.

How are you feeling?

Better now.


My baby will be here soon.

[Meredith groaning]

So Leena hasn't done
an ultrasound?

Bryan had them hidden away
in that house.

No equipment.

So have no idea what stage
of pregnancy she's in.

Or what state the baby's in.

It has a healthy heartbeat.

Yeah, but is it in human form?

[water dripping]

[Meredith groaning]

I mean, we're on land.
It makes sense that it would be.

The baby's in amniotic fluid.

Two percent saltwater.

Not ocean water, though.

Fins or feet?

Or both?

Her body temperature's
risen again.

- What can we do?
- We need to get her
into an ice bath

to stabilize core temperature
before it damages the fetus.

Grab as much ice as you can.
I'm going to run the bath.

Ironic to think
he wanted so badly

to bring a pure-blood
into the world

and then was killed by one.

He was a fanatic.

That generally leads one
to dark ends.

Are we sure he can be trusted?


Yes. I wouldn't have
brought him otherwise.

Yo, you worried about something?

Yes, actually.

This is a very
private community.

We're extremely careful
about who knows about us

and our practices.

[scoffs and laughs]


I just delivered your friend's
dead body to your front door,

which I'm pretty sure is, like,
I don't know,
like a federal offense.

So trust me, I'm not telling
anybody about this.

I'm on your side.

I'm sorry.

I appreciate your help.

Whatever. I just...

Before I leave here,
I need to know

that you guys are going
to get rid of this body

without a trace.

We have a...

a particular way
of taking care of our dead.

The people in our community

tend to have small
physical deviations

which could raise questions in
an autopsy or at a funeral home.

There will be no remains.


Because none of us
want this coming back

to bite us in the ass.

This is all we have.

I'll run and get some more.

[car alarm beeps]


- Robb.
- Right.

With two B's.

Right. How did you know that?

Maddie showed me your website.

Oh. Cool. Ben, right?


Just one B.

I work with Maddie.


She's an amazing person.

[Ben] So you two met
in Seattle, right?

Yes. Yeah.

Where are you headed now?

Well, I was hoping
to go say hi to Maddie.

No, no, I meant after
Bristol Cove.

Oh, I'm planning a trip
to the Indian Ocean.

We have a cleanup crew out
there, they're waiting...

- Hey.
- Hey.

You're still here.
Thought you were flying out.

Wow, lots of interest
in my travel plans.

You two working undercover
for Homeland Security?

I postponed the trip

so I could spend a little
more time with you.

Oh, I'm so sorry, I can't.


We have a lot going on
at the research center.

Yeah, I got to get over there.

Good seeing you, Robb.

Be right there.
I just have to...

Do that thing.

Yeah, the thing in my apartment.


I should've called or texted.

I thought it'd be
a cool surprise.

Oh, it is.
It is, on any other day.

I get it. You got a thing
in your apartment.

It's a weird day.

But don't give up on me.

I'm really glad
you stuck around.

Me too.


I think.

[door closes]

- [Leena] Careful.
- What's happening?

Water come.

Her water broke?

One way or another, this baby
is coming in the next 24 hours.


[Xander] So, they're setting up
to burn the guy?


Seems very creepy.

Yeah, but...

well, it's kind of
impressive too.


Okay, I got to get to training.

They got me doing a ride-along
with the water patrol.


You be careful out there.

The new one, Tia,

she's out for blood.

I thought they ran her off.

They did.

But she's out there,


Be careful.

- [Meredith groaning]
- Hey, I got the ice.

We don't need it.

- Why? What happened?
- Her water broke.

The baby's coming
faster than expected.

- Can her body handle this?
- She's in active labor,

but she's not ready.

Her body hasn't
had time to adapt.

A natural birth isn't possible.

Okay, so, C-section.

- Yes, that's our only option.
- But she can't go to a hospital.

I have what I need at the ranch.
Her blood pressure's dropping,
and we need to move fast.

What if Bryan's followers
come looking for her there?

Ryn and Cami aren't gonna let
anyone near her or that baby.

[breathing heavily]

The colors.

[Beth] It's a unique
hybrid phenomenon.

The chemical makeup
of our blood is different.

It's beautiful.

Do you believe in the afterlife?

I do.

One hundred percent.

I hope Bryan finds more peace
there than he did here.


Let's hope that he and everyone
that leaves this life in turmoil

finds peace.

[cell phone vibrates]

What now?


They're bringing her here?

They have no choice.

I worry about Bryan's
people finding out.

It's already dark.

Most everyone from the funeral
will be gone within the hour.

I'll make sure
the facilities are cleared

by the time they get here.

No one will talk?

No one will know.

So, what, you just don't
give a shit?

Come on, I was, like,
ten minutes late.

It's more like 20.

It was 15.

[dispatcher, on radio]
We got a disabled vessel
with a medical emergency,

requesting assistance.

Two miles south,
southeast of Point Elma.

Caller is male. We're still
trying to confirm injuries.

Any word on how
the boat was disabled?

Requesting any further

of the disabled vessel.

Passenger tour boat, 50 footer.

It's got a sign
on the deckhouse,

something about
mermaid adventures.

1-9-5, en route.

[Leena] We'll get through this.
Just stay focused.

And be ready with the
instruments when I need them.

Yeah, I've assisted surgical
vets in a few procedures.

Good. I've done more
than my share of C-sections

over the years,
but this exact situation...

I know. I know.

We need to watch
for signs of infection.

Fluid in the baby's lungs,

which may or may not
resemble human lungs.

We need to be prepared
for anything.

[Meredith groaning]

I'll administer the epidural,

which will numb her lower half.

I want you watching Meredith.
BP, heart rate.

Got it.

[breathing heavily]

I want to do this.

I do.

And you will.

Try to relax.
Just breathe.

What you wanted as a little one,
you earned today.

You are one of us.

[gasps and whimpers]

Oh, something's...

Oh, something's wrong.


- [Ben] Leena?
- [Maddie] What's going on?

The baby has moved
into the birth canal.


Not possible anymore. This baby
is delivering naturally.

- What do you need from me?
- We'll start with the epidural.

She's going to need it.

[Meredith hyperventilating]

Ah! No.

[groans and yells]

Yes. It's good.



[music playing on radio]

[man on bullhorn]
Tour vessel.

This is the county sheriff.

Prepare to be boarded.

Over here! Hurry up!

Over here.


- My head. Is it bad?
- You'll be okay.

Thank God you're here.

These are friends of yours?

Yes, sir.

Is that feeling better?

Are you doing okay?

Where's the injured party?

Xan, you came.

Oh, my God, I can't believe it.

I split my head open
and you called Xander?

- 911, people.
- No, he's a cop now.

Xander's a cop? No way.

I thought you were a stripper.

- [all laugh]
- Yeah, well, we're cops.

In training.

- I hate cops.
- Libby, honey, stop talking.

Sorry, she hit her head.

Let's take a look
at that injury.

- [woman] This is embarrassing.
- Is it bad? I feel it's bad.

It's not as bad as you think.

This is my bachelorette party.

Unbelievable, right?

What the hell happened?

I'll admit, we are all
a little over-served.

She got carried away playing,
"I'm the queen of the world,"

tried to climb out onto the bow,

and then smacked her head open.

It's pretty gnarly.

Okay, and how did the boat
get disabled, like, exactly?

The engine stalled out.

We ran out of gas,

because he never bothered
to fix the gauge

after I bought the boat
off Eddie Coburt.

It's on my list.

[Dennis] Okay, we need
to get you all back to shore.

Annie, radio dispatch,
tell them to have EMTs
at the docks.

Yes, sir.

Libby strikes again.

Cool friends.

Hell of a day, huh?

Starts with a funeral
and ends with a birth.


A pure-blood born
right here at the ranch.

It's incredible.

You know, I was very close
to one of them.

A pure-blood?

We called him Sarge.

He passed away sort of suddenly.

- Oh.
- Broke my heart

to think I would
never see him again.

But then, I did.

You did what?

I saw him.

He came back to me.

Our community's always
believed in the spirit world.

I mean, lots of stories
like yours in our history.

Ghost stories?

Oh, no.

Less ghost stories,
and more visions.

People we love
who come back to us,

to comfort us, to guide us.

Or maybe to warn us.

Helen, what?

I was hoping to get
a better understanding

of Sarge's visitations,

so I took something.

A sort of oceanic herb.

And you had a hallucination?

Oh, but it was so real.

And did you see
your friend Sarge?

No. I saw Ryn's sister, Donna.

She was trying
to tell me something, but...



Donna's soul
was crying out to you.


Blood pressure?

86 over 49.

- Falling.
- [Ryn] Breathe, deep.

Relax into it.

When the contraction comes,
push with it.

- You're doing great.
- You are strong.

You can do this.

- Come now! Come, come!
- It's good.

- [Ben] It's still falling.
- I am with you.


BP still falling, Leena.


The baby's crowning.

You're doing it.
Big push.

[Meredith screaming]

It's coming. It's coming.


[baby whimpering softly]

She's beautiful.

She really is.

She is good?

Yes, she's good.

She's so quiet.

And she hasn't cried at all.

I mean, newborns always cry.

- Is she okay?
- She is good.

Our babies do not cry.

It would attract predators.

And why should she cry now?

She's with her mother.

She is strong.

[baby coos]

Is that what I think it is?

Her first smile.

Helen should see the baby.


Show her off.

You take her to Helen.



I'm going to help Leena
clean up.

[beeping rapidly]

Chest compressions. Now.

Meredith? Meredith.



- Stay with us.
- [machine powering up]

She's a Blue-Eyed, all right.


Looks just like her mother.

Oh, my goodness,
she really does.

I hope you two are
very comfortable here.

Please let me know
if there's anything you need.

It's very nice that
you're taking such good care

of Ryn and her baby.

But what you did to Bryan

was not right.

You do not get to decide

who lives or dies.

You did wrong.

I have heard you.


[door opens]

Her heart couldn't take it.

It's a miracle
she delivered the baby.


She didn't make it.

Take her to the water.

Bury her like one of us.

[Dennis] Come on, ladies.
Come over this way.

Is it bad?

Stranded in open water

with an injured passenger,

out of gas because you forgot
to fix a gas gauge

that you knew was dead?

Back off, man.
We were just having some fun.

Libby looks like she's having
a blast with her busted head.

And Janine and her
freezing girlfriends?

Scared to death?
Stuck on a boat?

Yeah, whoo-hoo!
It's a party.

Things got a little out of hand.

It's not a big deal.
We weren't even out that far.

You didn't take care
of your passengers.

You didn't take care
of your boat.

What did you expect, hm?

You're running a business, man.
Grow up.

Are you serious, Xander?

We used to get drunk
on the North Star

every damn night,
and you're calling me out?

We weren't carrying passengers
on the North Star.


Listen to me.

I'm trying to change
my life here, man.

I won't go back to being
a drunk-ass fisherman.

I won't.

I'm better than that.

At least I want to be.

♪ She went running ♪

♪ Paper ticket in hand ♪

♪ A pair of flying wings ♪

♪ Took her to another land ♪

It's a lot...

what happened tonight.


What's going on with you
and this new guy,

the environmentalist?

You're really going
to go there right now?

You two seem like
you're getting on really well

for two people that met,
like, five minutes ago.

He's a nice guy and he's smart.

- You need to be careful.
- Ben...

We need to be careful
about letting new people

into our circle.

Especially now.

We don't want another
Nicole situation.

He's nothing like Nicole.

We don't know
what he's like, do we?


What would you do
if he found out about Ryn?

I don't know what I'd do.
What would you do? Kill him?

[door opens and closes]



- Here.
- [baby coos]

Then you rock the baby to sleep.

What is rock?

Move back.

Then forward.



Ah, yes.

Babies love that.

I wish sister was here.

So do I.

But we'll tell this
little girl all the stories.

She'll know all about Donna.


She will.

How's Mom and baby?

How are you?

I'm good.

This is not a time to fight.

We're fine.

How's the little one?

[baby cooing]

What's that sound?

Her breathing.

It's not right.

Ryn, she's degrading.


Very fast.

She needs to go in the water.

[music playing over jukebox]


Thanks, man.

Look, it's dangerous
out there, dude.

People get into
real trouble, okay?

And you're out there wasting
our time and police resources

with that trashed boat
full of drunks?

- I know.
- Do you? Because...

Dude, I know.

No, man, I don't think you do.

I mean...

do you know what
went through my mind

when we got a call
about a disabled boat

and a medical emergency?

I mean, what night do you
think that brought me back to?


Look, I'm sorry, Xan.

I didn't mean to bring you
back to your dad.

Well, that's what we're still
up against in that water.

And you, me and, like,
five other people in this town

know enough to understand

exactly what we're
talking about right now.

I mean, that's why
I'm back on the water.

That's the last place
I want to be.

I feel you, man.

I really do.

Because, you know,

it's much better
being a drunk-ass cop

than a drunk-ass fisherman.

Come on, that was funny.

Hey, you know what?

Dave! Dust off that stupid
expensive top-shelf Scotch

and pour us a couple.


Think you're gonna buy me back
with some $11 hooch?

It's 15, and we're moving on.

At least, I hope so,
because, you know,

I can't have my best man
hating my guts.

No way.

See, you pick right now,
tonight, to...

- Yeah.
- [stammers]


You really are a piece of work,
you know that, right?


Here you go, boys.

- Congratulations.
- [both] Cheers.


Yes, idiot.

[thunder rumbles]

Can she survive
the transformation?

The baby's degrading fast.

She could die either way.

And what if Tia finds them?

What choice does she have?

[raspy breathing]

[high-pitched shriek]


They made it.

♪ Sunlight ♪

♪ Spirits hiding
In the twilight ♪

♪ Secrets safe inside
Our hindsight... ♪

Look, I'm sorry.

This isn't how I expected
things to turn out

with the three of us.

Me neither.

♪ Since it's grown
You've found a new time ♪

♪ I can feel you moving ♪