Siren (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Survivor - full transcript

Ryn learns the secret existence of her unborn child; Ben sets out on a dangerous path to help his mom; Xander tries to establish himself in his new career; Helen consults with Eliza to help contact Sarge.

- [narrator] Previously...
- I made a choice in the water.

- I had a chance to save him.
- You let him die.

- So, what does this mean?
- I don't know.

It feels different now.

Robb Wellens started
this project

to clean plastic from the ocean.

Do you want to grab a bite, and I
could tell you about the energy data?

What is it? Application
for the Sheriff's Academy.

Fill out the paperwork,
hand it in end of day.

The procedure went
exceptionally well.

They implanted the first
embryo in you.

A mermaid baby isn't compatible
in a human body.

Sarge, he was trying to tell me
something. What does it mean?

War is coming.

You're suggesting we continue the
treatments at an increased dosage.

- We extracted them from Ryn's sister.
- After you dug up her grave.

Oh, my God.

It's only half transformed.

We buried her.

She is one from another tribe.

I will put an end
to these humans,

and to you if you interfere.


- It's really bad
- She's strong.

Stronger than any
I've ever seen.

Stronger than Ryn.

[soft gasp]


You need to rest.

No. No rest.

Your body needs time to heal.

Okay, come on.

Before, it did not take me
so long to heal.


Your injuries
were very bad this time.

I fight hard before.

This is different.

Maybe because I am
human for so long.

Harder to heal.

That's possible.

Ryn, you should know.

I saw Sarge again.

I went to the ocean.

I saw him under the water.

He told me war is coming.

It is her.

I must be ready.

For 50 years this milk crate
was floating in the ocean.

I couldn't believe it.


And this is boring
the crap out of you.

No, sorry.

It's just been a crazy
couple of days.

I know I talk a lot,

but I'm actually
not a bad listener.

A friend of mine got hurt.

She should be fine,
but I've been helping her out.

Sorry to hear that.

Yeah. I appreciate you being
cool with a quick coffee.

Of course. Of course.

I like you.

And I want to get to know you,
at whatever pace.

But sometimes I come on
too strong,

like a socially inept dork.

Just tell me to back off.

I like socially inept dorks.

[both laugh]

Would you want
to go with me to do...

to do a gyre cleanup?

Did you just invite me
on a date to a garbage pile?

Not a date,

though that would be
quite romantic.


as colleagues.

It'd be amazing to go,
see the project in action.

You had some great thoughts
the other night,

about how to tweak the machine.

I like how your brain works.

Look, just think about it.

Let's go, McClure.
We don't have all day.


Drop your weapon!

I'm not going down for this!

We can still
end this peacefully.

Just put your gun down
and slide it over!

Come and get it!

Come on, McClure. Focus.

Xander, wait!

Bang, bang!

McClure, you're dead.


You can't take your eyes
off the prize, people.

Every day,
you're on the front line.

You're going to see
some crazy shit.

You're the one between
innocent people getting hurt

and a total free-for-all.

All right, sprints!



That's it.
All the way down.


Just one more.

- Good, Elaine.
- Wow, Mom.

- Look at you.
- Hey.

What a nice surprise.

I'll de done in a minute.

All right. Let's get you seated.

You said you wanted
to talk to me?

Yeah, let's go out here.

All right,
I'll get the TheraBand.


I think I should try standing.

Let's take it slow.

We just got your upper body
strength up.


[door opens]

[door closes]


I have some questions
about this study.

What they've been
putting in your mother.

Stem cells from some deep-sea
marine creature.

Is it one of them?

It's working, Dad.

You... you knew,
and you let them anyway?

We didn't have a lot of options.

You saw what she was like.

She was dying.

You didn't know
what it would do to her.

- It could've killed her.
- But it didn't, did it?

I need to talk
to Commander Kyle about this.

Kyle's not in charge anymore.

There's been a change
of command.

Look, I'm not even sure
if the treatment can continue.

What's going on?

- What?
- Mom!

- Elaine! Get her, get her!
- Mom! Mom!

Oh, my God! Get her!

- Elaine.
- [Ava] Oh, my God! Elaine!

What the hell happened?
Baby, what happened?

Everyone relax.

- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.

How long were you under?

I don't know.

A few minutes, maybe?
It's okay.

A few minutes?

I'm okay.

Tia wants our territory,

but we cannot let her rule us.

The tribe is violent.

I must stop her.

- How? You are weak now.
- You stay to help me heal.

And you. We will practice
fighting on land.

Make me strong again.

I make medicine for you.

I can help.

Katrina and the others
will stay in the water.

Guard against her.

They will wait
and watch for her.

Tia will be going
back to her tribe,

to lead them again.

I must be ready.

Attack like we fight in water.

Better if we fight in water.

First on land.

Then in water.

Anything you need,
just help yourself.

I have bowls, a hand mixer,

measuring cups.

I bring this,
to make our medicine.

Helpful and delicious.

[whimpers and gasps]

You're doing great.


[Leena] Her body temp is
too high for a mermaid baby.

But she can only stay
in this ice bath

for a half-hour, max.

Then that's how long
she'll stay.

If I could take her
to my lab at the ranch.

No. No way.

Anyone finds out about this,
they will keep her there.

If we do nothing, she could die.

She won't.

You won't let that happen.

You teach me to read.


Ryn, it might not
be the best time.

Tia is more human than Ryn.

I must have knowledge
to be more human.

Okay. I'll teach you to read.

But, you know, an easy way
to get knowledge

is just to ask your phone.

What does phone know?

A lot of things.

[phone chimes]

How many bones
are in the human body?

[voice on phone] The human
body includes 206 bones.

How many bones are in my body?

The human body
includes 206 bones.

Phone does not know everything.




[yelling and grunting]


"There are four
different categories of..."


It's like ocean and science.

♪ Think you're a God
Yeah, but tonight ♪

♪ Let's see if you
Bleed like one ♪

♪ You call the shots
But that's all you got ♪

♪ I'm gonna call your bluff ♪

♪ Cause' something happens ♪

♪ When you fan the flames ♪

♪ I'm like an animal
Inside a cage, but ♪

♪ I'm gonna break out
These chains ♪

♪ You're gonna wish
You never held me down ♪

♪ I feel it rush
Through my veins ♪

♪ Yeah, this adrenaline
Is kicking now ♪

♪ There's a killer
Inside of me ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Killer, killer, killer ♪


♪ Killer, killer, killer ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ♪


[knock on door]

Oh, you got the fish.


Everything okay.
Is Ryn feeling better?

Yeah. All this spear fighting
is making them hungry.

Ryn is determined
to be as strong as Tia.

This is the medicine Eliza made.

She said it's supposed
to help speed up her healing.


Hope it works better
than it smells.

How's your mom?

Something weird happened
at physical therapy.

She slipped underwater.

Oh, no. Is she okay?

She's totally fine.

She was under there for awhile.

How long?

- Three minutes.
- Three minutes?

- Maybe more.
- How is that possible?

No idea.

I'm gonna take her
back there later,

run some tests.

Check her lungs.

[knock on door]

One sec.

[door opens]

- [Robb] Hey.
- [Maddie] Hey!

For you. Indian food.

Oh, thank you.

- Come in.
- [Robb] Thank you.

You said you were
taking care of your friend,

but somebody's got to take care
of the caretaker, so...

Hey, man.

Robb Wellens.

Ben Pownall.

I got to run.

I'm bringing my friend
some food, so...

Oh, sorry. Yeah, sure.
I don't mean to disturb.


That's a lot of fish.


Call me later.

I will. I will.

Thanks for the food.
That was sweet.

Of course.

See you.

- Okay.
- [door opens]

[door closes]

New friend?



[Meredith sighs]

Here. Lay down.



I think...

I think the baby's coming.

You're not dilated yet,

and the contractions
are too far apart.

It's been ten minutes.

These are Braxton Hicks.

False contractions.

It hurts.

She needs medicine.

It'll delay the contractions.

Give her some relief.


And don't talk to anyone.
And come right back.

I'll be back soon.


[gasps and pants]



You okay?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.

Just got a lot on my mind.

- Don't you worry about me.
- No, I know.

- Nothing can bring you down.
- [Elaine laughs]

So how are your friends?

Maddie. Ryn.

We don't need
to talk about that right now.

Okay, fine, I just thought

you might need
someone to talk to.

And, I mean,
I know how these relationships

can be complicated.

You know?

I assume.

We ready?

This is a spirometry test,

to determine your lung capacity.

Put that on.


You'll inhale
as deep as you can,

and then exhale in here.



- [inhales]
- [machine beeps]



Must be a mistake.

- [machine beeps]
- What?

Your lung capacity is enormous.

Like an Olympic swimmer.

[Elaine laughs]

Come on! Piece of crap.

You going to choke
just hanging up the target?

Jeez, McClure.

I like to coast through life
on my good looks.


- [bullet clatters]
- Oh, jeez.

Hey. Focus.

What happened before,
that was in the past.

You let every mistake throw you,
you'll never get over it.

Got to move forward.

Good shooting.

That's lichen.

Old man's beard.

My people use it to heal wounds.

We can use in fight.

The war Sarge warned of?


Do you think it will be
dangerous for your people?

More will die, yes.

And go to the spirit world?

We're not afraid.

We will see our family.


Oh, I wish I could
see Sarge again.

Maybe. If you go back to water.

Yeah, I might drown if I take
another midnight dip.

There is another way.

To visit the spirits?

But is dangerous for you.


Eliza, please.

I really need
to see Sarge again.

I bring for you herbs from sea.

How are you doing?

Pain comes in waves.

Not all at once.

I think you might
be bleeding inside.

From the fight.

Maybe. Yes.

We need to get you to a doctor.

What doctor?

That woman from the ranch.

You must go back to the water.

Defend our territory.

I will go right away.

You are hurt?

I will see a doctor.

A human who heals.

I will stay.

We are family.

[knock on door]


We thought we might
find you here.

Maddie, Ryn.

And this is Cami.

How are you doing?

Not great, actually.

Ryn's experiencing pain
in her lower abdomen.


She was in a fight recently,

but I worry there might
be some internal bleeding.

Maybe you could check her out?

I am supposed to see
another patient.

Please, Leena.
She needs help.

Of course.

You must be feeling pretty good.

Looks like I have a future
in deep-sea diving.

- [chuckles]
- A world-record setter.

You know, it's funny.

When I was under there,
I wasn't scared

or thinking about how long
I could hold my breath.

It was...
it was almost peaceful.


Probably shouldn't go
on any more solo dives.

So when do you think I can get
my next round of injections?

I haven't been able to reach
the doctor to schedule it yet.

Dad didn't tell you?


All right.

[clears throat]


There might not be
more injections.

What do you mean? Why?

Commander Kyle moved on.

Okay, well,

surely they can find
someone else.

I'm not sure, Mom.

Without the cells, I...


Mom, I'm going to do everything
I can to make sure you're okay.

[monitor beeps]

No sign of bleeding.


There. That's the pain.

Her uterus is contracting.

Is she pregnant?


How often has this
been happening?

About every ten minutes.

Do you have anything that you can
give her to help with her pain?


This should help
with the contractions.

I'm sorry.
I have to go.

Thank you for your help.

Of course.

For now, and also for when
we try to make a baby.

I'm sorry we weren't
able to do it.

You try to have a baby?

With human science.

But no baby?

It didn't work.

Baby would save us.

Help tribe survive.

[Ryn] It would have
been a great honor

to have the first baby
in many tides.

Your baby...

She's alive.

What are you talking about?

When Ryn was taken,

we implanted one of her
embryos in a female hybrid.

Her name is Meredith.


Where is she?

I'm so sorry.

We shouldn't have done it.

I go to her.

No, it's dangerous.

Bryan is with her.

I'm sorry.
I have to go.

We go.

Hold on, we have to be smart
and make a plan.

- [cell phone vibrates]
- Just...

One sec.


We go to save the baby.

I hate to do this,
but I don't think now

is the time to take a trip.

- Your friend?
- Yeah.

Things got more
complicated with her.

Is she okay?

It's kind of hard to explain,
but I just...

I'm sorry, I can't
leave right now.

No, I understand.

You know, it's not that
I don't want to go. I do.

It'd be amazing
to be there with you,

to work on that project, but...

- It's complicated.
- Yeah.


The offer still stands,
whenever you're ready.

Thanks for understanding, okay?

I'll call you later.

Yeah, I'll speak to you soon.

[phone beeps off]

She turn.

[tires squeal]

What is light?

- [Ryn] Green means go.
- [Cami] Now?

Go fast.

[tires screech]

[car horns honk]

- Drink?
- Sure.

[liquid pouring]

Your telephone call
made it sound

like it couldn't wait
till morning.

When Mom had her accident,

you said that you would
do anything.

- Ben--
- Anything you could to help her.

Yeah, I was talking about real
medical science.

- She's so much better.
- From what we can see.

We don't know anything about
possible side effects down the line.

And that's her choice.

These... things.

Nobody knows
anything about them.

I do.

You didn't even know they
existed till five minutes ago.

I've seen what
their cells can do, Dad.

Anyway, it's a non-issue.

You told me that they're
shutting down the trial,

so it doesn't really matter,
does it?

But if I could get more cells--

I don't want to play
a hypothetical game with you.

It's not a hypothetical.

Your mother's not a guinea pig.

What if I could prove
it was safe?

I'm not having
this conversation.

- What if I could prove it?
- Look, son...

I don't care if it makes
her immortal.

It's not happening.

- [indistinct chattering]
- [music playing on jukebox]

First round's on me.

Oh! All right!


What are we having?

Well, in that case,
I will have a double bourbon.

Top shelf.

Oh, way to take advantage, Xan.

Hey, he earned it.

- Sharpshooter over here.
- I try, I try.

- [cell phone vibrates]
- Oh.

Just one sec.

Hey, Mads. What's up?

Hey. I need a ride.

- Are you okay?
- It's Ryn.

She's missing.
She took my car.

I tried calling Ben,
but he's not picking up.

I'll text you the address.

Yeah. Hey, I got you.
I got you.


[phone chimes]

Actually, I...

I got to run.

Are you turning your back
on a free drink?

Man of mystery.
What can I say?

Well, enjoy.

If it's anything like your
last concoction, I can't wait.

Eat very small piece.

Will it cause visions?

Make me see things

that aren't there?

Not see. Go there.

To spirit world.

You feel?


Maybe I should eat another...


Are you there?

[wind chimes tinkle]


What is it?

Do you know where Sarge is?


What is that thing?

My dad put a LoJack in my car.

I didn't mean
to crash your night.

Oh, are you kidding? I wasn't
going to let you go by yourself

to track down Ryn and her,
you know, crazy one.

Thank you.

You know it's kind of
taking over your life, right?


It's all right.
All right.

It's sacrilege to say
anything bad about them.

Think about the fact they exist,
that we get to know them.

I mean, it's...

It's huge.

Maybe. I just feel like
every time

I start getting
my shit together...

I don't know.

There. This is it.

[Meredith whimpering]

Here. Take this.


No. No.

My baby.

- Please, you have to leave.
- We will stay.

Please, for your sake
and for hers.

He will not touch this baby.

[thump at door]


[breathing heavily]

The baby, she's calm.

She senses her mother.

This one. Has to be.

What're we expecting?

- [Maddie] No idea.
- [Xander] We got this.

You feel better?

Yes, thank you.

- [crashing thud]
- [man screams]

- [Maddie] Ryn?
- [Xander] Ryn!


Oh, shit.

♪ I keep crying out for her ♪

♪ Her ♪

♪ I still shudder
At the sun ♪

♪ It's a force
I can't escape ♪

♪ I think I'm going ♪

♪ Mad ♪

♪ It's all right ♪

♪ I think I'm going ♪

♪ Mad ♪

♪ There's a war
Inside my head ♪

♪ The long days are nights ♪

♪ And I'm trying to miss it ♪

♪ No, I just can't take it ♪

♪ No more ♪

♪ I think I'm going ♪

♪ Mad ♪