Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 4, Episode 6 - What Goes Around Comes Around - full transcript

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...


I think it's time
to call in the cops.

No cops. Find out
who's sabotaging my car.

You develop pictures
of naked people?

- How naked?
- Naked enough.



You pack quite a punch.

A girl needs one now and then.

Who's in my car?

[Man] Simon.

He's gonna roll it.

♪♪ [theme]

Bellwood and Powell
side by side for the lead.

[Over P.A. system] Into the
uphill turn goes the leader.

The number 22 car,
Dwayne Bellwood,

down the back straightaway.

Car number 45, Monica
Powell, has taken over the lead.

Damn it!

- What?
- [over radio] Same as last time.

It's doing the big fade.

Down to about 60% maximum.

I'm telling you, Curt,
somebody's tampering with it.

I don't know how.

Let Monica have it,
Dwayne. Bring her in.


- Give me that thing.
- Orville, we're busy here.

Hey, he's not listening to you!

Well, you see if
you can get him in.

Dwayne, this is Kincaid.

Look, don't take any chances.

Bring that thing on in, now.

Don't get so worked
up, Orville. I'm coming in.

He's coming in.

Bellwood has lost it.

His car is on fire, and he's
stranded on the side of the track.

Here comes the
fire emergency crew.

[sirens wailing]

Bellwood's out of
the car. He's okay.

Here's the winner, car
number 45, Monica Powell.

Hold it. You
supposed to be here?

Yeah, if this is where
Bellwood keeps his car.

I'm the new wheel man, A.J.

[Curt] A.J.?

If that's Foyt, hold on to him.

He still owes me the 50
he borrowed in Daytona.

Sorry. It's A.J.
Simon, not Foyt.

- I'm Curt Dundee,
crew chief, chief mechanic.
- Hi.

I'm the chief, but
don't call me that.


Oh, my tools will be
coming any minute, okay?

So Dwayne tells me you
know suspension and wheels,

and you do a little
driving on your own.

Says you're good.

He says the same
thing about you.


[A.J.] Boy, it's amazing

Bellwood's not twisted
up like this thing.

He's been lucky.

His engine has a
tendency to blow up.

- How many does this make?
- Three.

When she goes, it'll be four.

That's all he built.

What he oughta do is let
me put a new Penske mill

or something
reliable in the new car.

You don't think it
could be sabotage?

Geez, you've been
drinking beer with Dwayne.

Well, three unexplained blowups.

You want explanations?

I got 30 or 40.

If I had to bet,
I'd say it's a seal

that disintegrates
on a 12-hour race.

Only you can't tell

because it burns up in the fire.

It's a miracle he walked
away from this one.

Walked away? Are you kidding?

I ran away.

- How you doing, A.J.?
- Fine.

Morning, Curt.

Didn't we say we were gonna
be on the track this afternoon?

Well, we can be, if you want.

But I got a line on
a new engine that...

Look, we've been
through all that.

I just want to get some laps in.

[clears throat] A guy from Poly
Ridge Tires was by this morning.

Guess who isn't buying
his rubber for Sunday.

I suppose if I junk my engine,
they'll change their tune.

I suppose.

- We got enough tires.
- We only got three sets.

How am I gonna get
you through the time trials

and run the race
without equipment?

You always do.

Curt, all we gotta do
is win one... just one...

And my engine will put us
up there with King McGill.

It'll put you in your grave.

Come on, Curt. Stick
with me one more time.

Let's get this buttoned up.

Dwayne wants to run some laps.

- Everything okay?
- Just fine, sir.

[quietly] Just ignore me.

Come in.

Hi. Mr. McGill.

Or, uh, should I call you King?

Mister would be
just fine. Have a seat.

Happy Donohue.

What could Pop-On Auto Parts
want with me, Mr. Donohue?

Hap. Call me Hap.
All my friends do,

and I got a feeling we're
gonna be real good friends.

Uh, we want to throw
you our endorsement.

That's 100,000 up front

and another 100,000 every
time you take a checkered flag.

Pop-On's always been
with Dwayne Bellwood.

Why dump him now?

We just want a fair
return on our investment.

But there's not a gasket or
cam shaft in Bellwood's engine

we'd put our name on and sell.

American street racers and hot-rodders...
they want to go with a winner.

- And I'm a winner.
- On and off the track.

You're a businessman. I
wouldn't be at all surprised

if you weren't already thinking
about taking over Bellwood's team.

You guys are unbelievable.

Like buzzards.

A great race driver
goes down the tubes,

and all you care about is a
new place to slap your decals.

He used to drive
for me, you know,

back before he thought he
could build a better race car.

He was my friend,

and there was no
better friend or driver.

And I don't think we
have any business, Hap.

[door closes]

King bite?


Not if he's taking
shots at Bellwood.

He's smart enough to
hide the smoking gun.

Everybody at the
track except Dwayne

thinks his engine
is the problem.

I hate to say it. We may
have a non-case here.

We get paid one
way or the other.

Yeah, but I like the guy.

He's used up a lot
of guts to get this far.

His crew thinks he's crazy.

Damn near loyal.
They think he can win.

Okay, who's next on our list?

Bellwood's ex.

So who wants to play
the Friday night jerk?

Who's best at it?

♪♪ [country]

♪♪ [continues]

Monica Powell, right?

- Pecos Bill, right?
- [chuckling]

Now, I know you're Monica Powell

because I saw you beat
Dwayne Bellwood at Talladega.

You must've got quite a charge

out of whipping
that old boy's butt.

Hey, didn't you two have a little
thing going up until that point?

Would you get out of here?

I got a theory.

I think pushy broads like you

get their jollies by
putting guys down.

What do you think?

I'll put you down, pal.
You won't have to think.

- You'll know.
- I already think
I know about you.

- You like it
a little rough, don't you?
- Excuse me.

- Is this guy bothering you?
- Hey, mind your own business,

The lady and I were just
having a conversation.

Just take your hand
off of the lady, okay?

♪♪ [stops]

Ahh. [groaning]

You okay?

[A.J.] Yeah. I am.

Boy, you pack quite a punch.

Well, in this kind of life, a
girl needs one now and then.

Aren't you, uh... Aren't you
Dwayne Bellwood's new wheel man?

Yes, ma'am. Simon. A.J. Simon.

- Can I buy you a beer?
- Yeah.


- Orville.
- Mmm.

You and me been on the
circuit a long time, haven't we?

You ever hear of a
crewman named Simon?

A.J. Simon, hmm?

- I never heard that.
- Me, neither.

[A.J.] What do you
think his problem is?

Dwayne can be his
own worst enemy.

- Thank you.
- Well, yeah, but th...

Thank you.

That's true of anybody, I mean,
you know, some of the time.

Yeah, but with
Dwayne, it's a way of life.

I mean, he's a guy who's more
comfortable in second place.

He's scared of winning.

And he'd never admit that,
but I know him pretty well.

I lived with him for two years.

You don't think his
engine's been sabotaged?

Sabotage? Is that
what he told you?


There's more than one
way to blow an engine.

You put that engine in my
car, and I'll show you first place.

Are you serious?

I used to wake up in the middle of
the night, when we were together,

and I'd see Dwayne
circling the kitchen table,

going over the
design for that engine.

He built it with his heart.

And a little of
mine's in there, too.

Dwayne, I thought we
told you to leave this to us.

I know.

Didn't think there'd be any
harm in sleeping in there.

There is if you want us to catch
whoever's messing with your engine.

They're not gonna try
anything if you're in there.

We thought we'd make
it nice and easy for them.

It's gonna be dark
in about an hour.

We'll just sit here
and watch, okay?

We know how to do this, Dwayne.

Trust us, okay?

- We'll be here all night.
- Yeah.

[Men chattering]

Morning. I'll be right with you.


if you want to run
around all night, that's fine,

but not if you want
to work for me.

I was in bed at
10:00 last night.

I just had some trouble
getting to sleep, that's all.


Let me get some coffee, and
I'll take over for you here, okay?

No time for that.
Dwayne said the car

is understeering pretty
bad when she hits 130.

Take her out. See if
you can pin it down.

Well, why don't I
take a look at it first,

see if I can figure out
what the problem is?

I already done
that. Take her out.

Dwayne has some stuff
he wants me to do in there.

The most important thing
you have to do is listen to me.

You have done some driving

in your illustrious
career, haven't you?

Of course.


- Who's in my car?
- Simon.

I just wanted to see if
he is who he says he is.

Nobody drives my car but me.

You know that, Curt.

This is Dwayne.

A.J., how's it feeling?

No sign of understeering
yet. I'm at 120.

That's good, A.J.
That's real good.

In fact, that's good enough.

Why don't you
just ease it on down

and bring it on home, all right?

Okay, Dwayne.

He's gonna roll it.

You okay?


That was real nice. I
thought it was all over.

- What happened?
- Oh!

I don't know. I don't know.

I was in the turn, but the
engine cut out and I lost control.

That sound familiar?


Either somebody got past us,

or there's something
very wrong with that thing.

It was all right when I
checked it this morning.

I wouldn't have put
him in it otherwise.

I can't tell you more till I
dig around that engine.

Here it is.

Crimped halfway through.

Look at this seal we pulled
from that other engine.

It's brittle. Carbonized.

How about it, Curt?

You know my engine
doesn't run that hot.

[Curt] I do now.

I just put brand-new
seals in there yesterday.

Somebody crimped
the oil injector lines,

and they didn't get lubricated.

Now that we know how
they're doing it, we can win.

In a way, your little spinout
was a lucky break for us.

Otherwise, we might
never have figured this out.

You're welcome.

[engine revving]

It couldn't possibly be Dundee.

He's been like a
Little League father.

Why would he want to do this?

Blackmail, money,
greed, ambition, envy.

I mean, just stop
me when I ring a bell.

I don't know how anybody
got past us. I checked...

There is not a mark on a window.

We would've seen
a ladder to the roof.

For the moment,
I don't even care.

I can win on Sunday.

I think it's time to call in
the cops. We've got enough.

No, no, no, no.

You tell the police, and
we'll have track stewards

and the racing commission
and who knows who all over us.

And I'll probably
get disqualified,

because they've been looking
for any reason they can find

to get my engine off the track.

No cops.

I hired you to find out who
was sabotaging my car.

Do it.


Blowing your engine

in the middle of racetrack
full of cars going top speed

sounds a lot like murder.

Sounds like a lot of murders.

Racetracks have a tendency
to get a little crowded.

There was one name
on Dwayne's security list

that he never mentioned to us.

- Orville Kincaid.
- Who's Orville Kincaid?

Kincaid? Oh, he was
a really good driver

until about four
or five years ago.

Had a near-fatal accident.

- Still driving?
- No.

According to the list,
he's at a nursing home.


the Silver Spring Nursing Home.

What's the matter?

[Rick] I hate rummaging
around in medical records, A.J.

[A.J.] Well, we don't
need any details this time.

We just need to know
who's signing the checks.

Must've quit rich.

Kincaid was never a big winner.

If he's got the money
to afford it here,

he didn't make it
driving a race car.

You see, Mrs. Garland,

it's a very difficult
decision for us

to put Dad in a... in a...


I understand perfectly.

You mustn't feel guilty, Rick.

Our motto is, at Silver Springs,

the patient is king.

It would help to be a
king to afford these prices.


What a charming
way of putting it.

Yes, we are expensive,
and we're the very best.

Is it true that there is
a supplemental fund

for those patients who
cannot afford the full cost?

What a vicious rumor.

No, I'm afraid not.

Um, what line of
work was Dad in?

- Uranium.
- Oh, how lovely.

Uh, does he suffer any
particular infirmities?

Well, he is
slightly radioactive.

Oh, dear,

I just don't know whether
we're doing the right thing here.

I... [clears throat]

Could I possibly
get a glass of water?

Oh, of course.

[Rick] Yes, the state of
Utah was very grateful to Dad.

As a matter of fact, the
next time you're in the area,

why don't you drop by
Simonville and pay us a visit?


How wonderful to have
a town named for you.

Yes, well, it was a
humbling experience.

- Here's a map of the grounds.
- Oh.

Now, I want you to investigate
them to your heart's content.

- Thank you. Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Hi. Orville Kincaid?

Mind if we talk to you
for a couple of minutes?

What about?

Well, we're from
Gearbox Magazine.

We're in town for the race
Sunday. Heard you were out here,

and thought you might want
to answer a few questions

for our Racing News section.

- You're pretty versatile.
- How's that?

Journalist, crewman
for Dwayne Bellwood.

What else do you do?

Well, in my spare time,
I'm a private investigator.

Oh, so he took my
advice, huh? That's good.

Well, he was so paranoid

about somebody
tampering with his engines

that I told him to
hire a detective.

I guess he hired two of them.

You mind telling us why
he's paying for you to be here?

- He didn't tell you?
- He didn't mention your name.

We were wondering why.

Man can live without
the use of his legs,

but he might as well be
dead without his pride.

Dwayne's protecting mine.

Well, maybe you can help him

if you tell us
what it's all about.


I got hurt in
Watkins Glen in '80.

Dwayne and I were both
driving for King McGill.

Dwayne got an eye infection

and had to withdraw
from the race,

so he convinced
McGill to let Bobby drive.

- Who's Bobby?
- Dwayne's brother.

He'd just signed on the week
before. He was a good driver,

but, uh, reckless.

He put us both into
the wall on the 58th lap.

I lost my legs,
and he lost it all.

After that, uh... [chuckles]

Of course, I was at
war with the world.

I hated everything
and everybody.

The Bellwood
brothers most of all.

But it was Dwayne that
finally turned me around.

He wouldn't give up.

I thought it was just guilt,

but I finally caught on.

He really cares for me.

I'm sure he does.

Um, listen, thanks
for your help.

Uh, tell him to look out

for his old girlfriend
Monica Powell.

I warned him, but he
doesn't want to believe me.

Warn him about what?

Scuttlebutt says there's a big
piece of change riding on her.

- [A.J.] How big?
- 75 grand.

That's big.

- Thanks again.
- Thank you.

Something, uh, for you?

Yeah, uh, you develop
pictures of naked people?

How, uh, naked?

Naked enough. We'll
show them to Arnie.

Well, who shall
I say is calling?

[sprays twice]

Morty Gold.

Of the Nevada Golds.

Right this way.

After you.

So how'd you hear about me?

Shoes Rafferty in Vegas said

that they were stuck
in Diego and bored,

which is redundant.

"I can count on a little
action from Arnie Roberts."

- [Arnie] Do you know Shoes?
- Oh, yeah.

Me and Richard...
We done a little, uh,

remodeling for him,
you know what I mean?

Well, sure.

So, what can I do
for a friend of Shoes?

I got ponies. I got dogs.

I got baseball, football.

- I got boxing up in L.A.
- [sniffing]

And I got two good chicken
fights down in Ensenada.


I only play cars.

Flames, Richard.

Uh, we're talking the,
uh, championship race?

Let me get the
numbers on that one.

Who you like?

Sonny Heffleman.

Are you nuts?

Odds on that turtle are 20-1.

I'm gonna overlook the
fact that you called me nuts.


Sounds about right. I mean, Shoes'
nephew's new to this track, right?


Shoes' nephew?

Well, in that case,

how much?

- How much we holding, Richard?
- [Rick] 30.



For a friend of
Shoes, you're covered.

Okay, up an inch.

Down an inch. Down an inch.

Walk away.

[engine revving]

Look, Mr. McGill,
there's only so much

that we can do with this engine.

Another 4%, 5. That's tops.

But a few breaks
and a long caution,

you can still win it.

In other words,
without the breaks

and without the cautions, Bellwood's
engine still beats our socks off.

- Is that right?
- That's right.

Hold that.

Hi. There's a problem.

My men are squeezing all the
RPMs they can get out of my engine.

It's just not enough.

We can't beat
Bellwood head to head.

We have to come up
with something else.

Well, think about it, then.

And put another 10,000 on Monica

just in case someone
starts asking questions.


[A.J.] We follow the money,
find out who's backing Monica,

maybe we'll find a motive.

Suppose he covers
the bet himself?

Kidding? Guys like
Arnie get sweaty palms

whenever anybody bets 50
bucks right on a Padres streak.

He'll go to whoever's
handling the big bets

and lay it off. He'd
be crazy not to.

Do we seriously believe we
stumbled onto a race-fixing case?

I mean, so you
rig Bellwood's car.

All that means is he loses.

Doesn't guarantee Monica
wins. It's a stupid bet.

Rick, like I try and tell
you every weekend,

there isn't a sport in the world

that doesn't
invite a stupid bet.

- Hello.
- What have we got?

He's all mine.

Okay, I'll stay with Arnie.

I'll go see if Monica
knows about any of this.

Leave me a message
where you wind up.

What the hell are
you doing in here?

Waiting for you.

I think we ought
to have a little chat.

Okay. We'll chat.

I've been through your files.

Pretty clean.

I guess you're hiding the
incriminating stuff someplace else.

- What?
- Come on, lady.

Why don't you just save
me a lot of time and trouble

and tell me straight out,

who's your partner in
this gambling business?

- Oh...
- Take it easy.


Oh, no.

I've never hit a lady
with a tire iron before.

Maybe we should just talk.

Sounds good.

What did you mean, gambling?

Somebody is betting
a lot of money on you.

Dwayne hired me to find
out why. You got any ideas?

No. But they're gonna get a nice
paycheck, 'cause I plan to win.

I've been doing that lately.

And Dwayne has
been losing lately.

Which brings us back
to his engine, doesn't it?

The sabotage. I already
explained all this to you.

Dwayne is scared to death.

He's lost the will, you know?

Now, I've got a race to
drive in a few hours, okay?


Why does a great driver lose it?

Because of his brother?

Yeah, you got it.

Dwayne thinks his
engine killed Bobby.

And maybe he wants to die on
the track to atone. I don't know.

But if anybody is tampering with
Dwayne's engine, it's Dwayne.

Wait a minute. What do
you mean, his engine?

I mean, that accident
was back in '80.

The Bellwood brothers
were still driving for McGill.

Even then, Dwayne had ideas.

He begged McGill for months to
let him drive with a modified turbo.

- And it killed Bobby?
- In a way.

There wasn't anything
wrong with it. It was too good.

Bobby just couldn't handle it.

He found himself
riding too big a horse,

and it threw him.

And that's what's
making Dwayne nuts.

He knows he should never
have made Bobby drive.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I was about to
mend an old fence.


Hey, uh, Dwayne?


Walk a lady to her car?

You know, we're down to
cleaning the bugs off the rearview.


I guess the boys can handle it.

I'll see you at 6:00.

Thanks, guys.

You and Curt are gonna
take shifts with the car, huh?

I don't know why anybody would
bet heavy on me. I'm a good driver.

You'll be the first to admit it.

We're close.

Anyway, I thought you ought
to know that I'm not doing it.

- Betting on yourself?
- Sabotaging your car.

I know that.

- What's happening?
- You're looking at it.

Gray hair's been doing
most of the talking.

Paid the bill. I
say he's the man.

Who's the guy in
the calypso hat?

Never turned around.

[A.J.] Okay.

Well, when they hit the
streets, let's lose Arnie.

You take gray hair,
and I'll take calypso.

- Okay.
- Who will we be?

Um, undercover vice.

We had a microphone
in their sugar bowl.

Okay. Wait a minute.
They're getting up.

Oh, come on. Come on, calypso.

Turn around. I want
to see your face.

Hold it. He's getting up.

He's reaching for s...

It's Kincaid.

I'll be damned. I take it he
left the wheelchair at home.

[muted shouting]

This is a stupid move, Kincaid.

You should not be here tonight!

I put the 10 grand
down on Monica,

but we still have
things to discuss.

Gil, move his car.

If you're still talking about
re-marking Bellwood's tires,

I said no.

- It's too risky.
- Not the way I'll do it.

What is wrong with
the engine seals?

Right now, they'll
be watching for that.

I'll re-mark the tires so he's
running low rubber on the inside.

Sooner or later,
he'll blow a tire.

At 200-plus, he's just as dead.

You're not thinking straight.

It's too easy to get caught.

It's not your option.

It doesn't change anything.

It's their problem, not ours.

Just like that, you're
gonna kill them, too?

Your problem, McGill,
is you keep forgetting

what it is you want.

In about five hours,
the crash crew

will be cutting what's
left of Dwayne Bellwood

out of what's left of his
car, and I'll have what I want.

Dwayne's private eyes are
safe in the grease pit for tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll lose
them in the desert.

[McGill] When those two
don't come back tonight,

Dundee and Bellwood are gonna
strip every seal out of that engine.

Which is why I have to be
up early to re-mark his tires.

Whatever it takes, right?

Whatever it takes.

I've been waiting four years
for him to start trusting me.

The time is right.

Does it matter that his
brother's already dead?

His brother has
nothing to do with it!

Dwayne was so steamed

to get his engine
out on that track,

he pushed his
brother into that seat.

Bobby just drove the car.

Dwayne was driving Bobby!

So I want Dwayne.

[McGill] Cover that pit.

[Man on P.A. system] Car
number 16, Ollie Jordan,

picked up the pace at...

I had to double-check
the engine seals

all of a sudden this morning.

Dwayne's worried

somebody might've
tampered with his car.

Hell, I was with
it half the night.

Then my wheel
man didn't show up.

Quite a morning.

Anyway, the car is
fine as frog's fur now.

You can take my word for that.


Orville, how's the boy?

- Today's Dwayne's
lucky day, huh?
- Yeah.

You staying with us, or you
going up in the grandstand?

Oh, I'm staying
down here, chief.

You know that I'm Dwayne's
lucky charm, don't you? Huh?

I know that, all right.

[Man] Okay, I'll get to that.

What about the rear end now?



What the hell are you doing?

I'm trying to roll you over

so I can get at your
damn belt buckle.

- Why didn't you just ask?
- You all right?

Never mind.

Come on. [grunts]

[Man on P.A. system] Out
of the turn, ready for the start.

Powell and Bellwood
battle together.

There goes the green
flag, and we're underway.

The 22 car, Dwayne
Bellwood, has taken the lead.

Bellwood still
hanging on to the lead.

Back in the pack, Monica Powell,

number 45, trying
to get through.

No. Can't help.

Here. Wait. Give it to me.

Give it to me. Okay.

- Easy.
- Got it? Hold on. Hold on.

- Okay.
- You all set?

- Yeah. Okay.
- Ah-ah. Don't move.

Don't move. Just hold it there.

Out of the turn is
the 22 car, Bellwood,

heading for the pits.

Not steady in the turn.

Did you do something
to the suspension?

Negative. Maybe that wheel
man you saddled us with

did something to it.

That's not it. Look, when I
power up out of the turns,

she starts to shimmy real bad.

You want us to
shift the chassis?

No. Monica's got too
many seconds on me now.

Check the tires.

Okay. Well, go get her.

All right.

Here comes a
peel out of the turn,

and here comes Monica
Powell heading for the pits.

[Rick] One more. Ow!


- All right.
- [sighs]


How's the arm?

Right now it's numb,

but I have a feeling
it's gonna hurt like hell.

Here's Bellwood,
still moving away.

There's trouble with the 22 car.

Back into the pits he goes.

What the hell happened to you?

Kincaid has done
something to your tires.

We heard him say he was
gonna re-mark them or something.

He wants revenge. He tried to
murder you by sabotaging your engine.

Now he's sabotaging your tires.

[Rick] You're gonna
have to change them.

He's right, Dwayne. These tires
are shot. Give me the right set.

I saw Kincaid going
through the tunnel.

He almost turned you
into part of the wall.

There's Monica. You're even up.

Go get her!

Bellwood's back in play.

- [people exclaiming]
- We're coming down to
the final laps.

The rest of the field
is all over the track.

- [gunshot]
- [Woman screaming]

- Look out! Look out!
- [people clamoring]

Cars dropping out

with tire problems,
brakes, suspension, heat.

- Get out of the way!
- Get out of the way!
- [gunshot]

[crowd cheering]



So far, 17 cars
are still running.

It's been a tough
race all the way.

Car number 45, Powell,
has not let up the pace

all the way around.

Still in there is Bellwood,
number 22, in second place.

Out of the turn, the leaders
heading for the start-finish line.

With a burst of speed, the
number 22 car, Bellwood,

- has made it right at
the start-finish line.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah!

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