Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 4, Episode 5 - Manna from Heaven - full transcript

Let's not tell names.

Let's just be the people
each of us needs right now.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

My God, it's all over the news.
They said Rick killed somebody.

I don't have to prove you're
a clever killer, only a killer.

The ballistics test match
the gun found in your truck.

I'm up for murder 1,
and you don't know me.

What's going on here?

I just had to have your body.

Just don't make any
kind of statement, okay,

until we get you a lawyer.

[overlapping chatter]

You're going to cool
it in the lockup tonight,

and you are welcome to join him.

♪♪ [theme]

[A.J.] Boy, call me crazy,

but oh, do I like it
when things go right.

[Rick] Yeah. Correct
me if I'm wrong now,

but isn't this the first
time one of these toads

has come up with the negatives
and the prints and an apology?

- Yep.
- What a guy.

For a pornographer.

Way these things usually go
down is in a dark alley somewhere,

us face down, me
with the dry heaves

and you got to eat
soft food for a month.

- Business is good.
- Yeah.

- Check didn't bounce.
- Yeah.

- Boat is gone.
- Yeah.

My boat.

Where's my boat?

Somebody stole my boat.

[Woman] Hold on
a moment, please.

[Man] Yeah, Mr. Simon?

Hi, Mr. Dolan. Rick Simon here.

Yes, Mr. Simon. We
have nothing to discuss.

The damnedest thing happened.

It seems your company has
mistakenly repossessed my boat, and I...

Why didn't you pay your bill?

Well, I'll tell you why...

It's because the post office
screwed up, that's why.

I don't know why
you use those guys.

Where were you? We
sent you several letters.

I was out of town, trying to
earn the money to pay for the...

- [dial tone]
- Hello?

No, huh?

And now, you're going
to need a place to stay.

It's too bad you broke up with
that nice girl from the barber college.

Isn't it, though?

Well, Marlowe, I guess we're just going
to have to stay with A.J. for a while.

You ever consider simply
paying what you owe on the boat?

Can't. 428 bucks short,
unless you want to loan it to me.

Rick, are you ever
going to grow up

and stop leaning
on other people?

You've got to take
charge of your own life.

You can't just wait for manna
to fall from heaven and save you.

Yeah, you're right, A.J.

About time I grew up.

Took charge of my own life.

Started acting mature.


- Hello, Mom?
- No, that...

I will not permit you to
put the bite on our mother.

At least I can make
you pay the money back.

That is despicable.

- Hi, Mom...
- [phone rings]

Guess she's not home.

428 bucks, cash.

American money. All
three months' worth.

I didn't expect a brass band,

but I thought you'd be
a little bit more excited.

I never been current before.

The boat has been legally
repossessed, Mr. Simon.

It goes up for auction
on Saturday. I'm sorry.

All right, look. Just
give me a couple days.

I'll get it refinanced
someplace else.

I'll pay the whole thing off.

Oh? How will you get
your credit approved?

I'm the guarantor of your loan.

Bank won't let me wait.

Of course, if you can pay
me the entire balance today...

I don't have 9,000 bucks.

Look, I had to scrimp and
scrape and bust my back just to...

Look, Dolan, just
give me my boat back,

and we'll call it even, okay?

Uh-uh. You want your
boat, you can bid on it.

It's my boat.

Excuse me, I got an appointment.

It's my boat.


Hey, Henry.


Listen, I was way
out of line back there.

I guess I just must have
been loopy or something.

Anyway, I'm sorry, okay?

Sure. How'd you know I was here?

I asked your secretary.

All right, you don't
have to fire her.

I didn't ask her. I looked
in your appointment book.

Buy you a drink?

I got a drink.

I'd like to drink it
alone, if you don't mind.

Ah, beer.

No glass.

It's sickening, isn't it?

You know, the way
nothing lasts anymore.

Good ball clubs. Marriages.


Finally had to pull mine
out of the water. Hull's rotten.

Who's going to want it
now except me, right?

Ah, well. If I weren't
so attached to it...

I mean, sentimentally
speaking, you know, I'd...

You're really a 14-carat
moron, you know that?

You expect me to
believe all that bushwa?

I checked the damn
boat out myself.

Fiberglass patch. Paint.

I'm going to make a nice profit,

except I'm going to have
to hose out your stink first.

Big mistake.

You stay the hell away from me,

or I'll have you
arrested for assault.

Maybe I'll just forget all about
the boat and settle for you.

Don't threaten me, Simon.

Back off.

Hey, knock it off.

Yeah, yeah.

You all right, Dolan?

Help you up.

Hey, look, I... You're
in a lot of trouble.

Sorry about the fracas,
man. He took a poke at me.

Here, wipe that
blood off your face.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Want to see what it looks like?

Beg your pardon?

Your nose.

Oh, yeah.

No real damage, then.

I was kind of hoping
for an improvement.

May I sit down?

Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, please.

Well, was it a good fight?

No, no.

It was a fight, but
it wasn't very good.

It was just stupid.

Why? Because you lost?

No, no, I didn't lose.


Of course, I didn't win, either.

I guess the guy had it coming,

but it was still stupid.
He's got my boat.

Then it wasn't over a woman?

No, no.

He runs a finance company.

He repoed my boat.

Of course, it might work out.

I'm stuck for a place to live,

and he's coming back
to have me arrested.

You want to be arrested?

- No.
- Then you better
get out of here.

Gee, I hadn't thought of that.

You're probably right.

Mind if I go with you?

Why not? I hate
being miserable alone.

What's your name?

Let's not tell names.

Let's just be the people
each of us needs right now.

Manna from heaven.

Not bad.

Very nice.

Of course, it won't
have the same kind of TV

- as those places
down by the Navy base.
- I don't want to watch TV.


If you want to have
your way with a lady,

you think it's smart to give her

a big, expensive French
dinner and champagne?

Might make her sleepy.


Not a chance.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

I think the California's
every bit as good as...

Oh, not for the champagne.

Thanks for being exactly
who I need right now.

Oh! Sorry.

I'll get a towel.

Never mind.

We've got the other one.

[Announcer] The school bond
issue will finally be decided

at the polls on
Tuesday, but so far,

voters appear to be
evenly divided on the issue.

A local businessman,
found murdered this morning,

has just been identified
by police as Henry Dolan.

Dolan was killed between
10:00 and midnight,

shot to death in the living room
of his Bayside condominium.

Dolan's neighbors
noticed nothing unusual,

but a local man is wanted for
questioning... Richard Simon.

Police captain Tom
Balcomb described him

as having a violent temper

and should be
considered dangerous.

One report places Simon
and Dolan together at a bar,

where they were said to have
argued and exchanged threats.

Police have so far been
unable to locate Simon.

This is Temple Hill,
Channel 3 News.

[Woman speaks over police radio]

I gave him a check.

He had plenty
of time to cash it.

He had the money with him.

Dolan didn't want the money.

He jerked Rick
around in his office,

and Rick doesn't like
being jerked around.

All right, yes, but
it's a long jump

from that to a murder rap.

Rick's just having a
late night of it, that's all.

Come on, Rick's a big boy.

He doesn't come home half
the nights out of the week.

Makes him look
ten times as guilty.

- Save the hyperbole for someone
you can scare with it.
- [phone rings]

The only reason
Rick isn't home yet

is because he probably
doesn't even know you want him.


A.J.? You know?

Of course you know.
What the hell's going on?

Uh, I already
subscribe to the Herald.


Yes, yes, that's the number.

Okay. Bye.

I'll find him sooner or later.

Sooner would be better.

Just tell him to come in.

I'll get the circus
off your lawn.

I'd appreciate that.

Come on, Rick. Call.

[phone rings]


Why is everybody in
such a good mood?

Rick, where are you?

First things first, Town...
I didn't kill anybody.

That's good enough for me, but I
can't help you if you don't help me.

You're on a hot
griddle out there, man,

and you could get fried.
I'll come and get you.

No, not yet, Town.

Not until I find out who
measured me for a frame

or until I find my alibi.

Who's the alibi?

Girl I was with last night.

All night?

Yeah. We didn't go
to sleep till about 5:00.

That simplifies matters.
What's her name?

I'll get six guys on it.


I don't know her name.

I don't know anything about her.

No, of course you don't,

because you're Rick Simon,

and you can't ever, ever

do anything like a
normal human being.

What the hell's the
matter with you, man?

I'm sorry, Rick. Look,
don't hang up, man.

Let me just try to
straighten this thing out.

You want to trace the
call. I'll save you the trouble.

I'm on the corner of
Washington and Central.

Good. I can be
there in five minutes.

No, not yet, Town.

Just tell me who's got the case

and how did Dolan get it.

Captain Malcolm's got the case,

and Dolan took 2 9
millimeter slugs in the head.

All right, thanks.
I'll see you later.

[phone rings]

Hello, Rick?


My God, it's all over the news.

They said Rick killed somebody.

Calm down, Mom. He...
[phone line crackles]

Uh, Rick hasn't killed anyone.

Well, then, what's
going on? Where is he?

- If he's there...
- Cecilia.

I can't talk now.
Do you understand?

Loud and clear.

Will I be getting a visit
from some men in suits?

Yes. You better
perk a lot of coffee,

and tell them
everything you know.

I don't know anything.

That's what I mean.

- No.
- Oh, no?

How about some passionfruit?

No, no, it wasn't fruity.

It was maybe more musky...

Whatever musk smells like.

Running out of
empty places here.

So am I.

Uh, excuse me.

Excuse me, could I use
your skin for a minute?

Uh, no, it's not...
Yeah, right there.

That's it. That's what
she was wearing.

Thank you. What is that?

It's Blue Dahlia.

Blue Dahlia. Now, is that
one of your exclusive scents?

No, it's from Paris.

She could get it
almost anywhere.

Thank you.

Go that way, quick.

- [camera shutter snaps]
- Thank you, thank you.

Oh, ladies, wait. I'm
doing a photo essay

on women walking the other way.

Please turn around
and go that way. Please.

Go on, go on, go on.

Thank you. Don't
walk so close together.


My man. What a coincidence.

We tried to walk in the
same spot at the same time.

It's no coincidence, Max.

When did you take
up photography?

About an hour ago.

Oh, man, beat it.

Okay. You're working.

So am I.

And I expect you
already know that.

[hums] Dragnet, baby.

They're busting up the town to
find your brother, but I ain't singing.

Then why are you taking
pictures of that bar over there?

That's where Rick
got into trouble.

You'll find this
hard to believe,

but stuff goes on in that bar

that has absolutely
nothing to do with Rick.

I'm working for
U.N.C.L.E., okay?

Let's just leave it at that.


Whenever Rick needs a favor,

he either comes
to you or to Carlos,

and Carlos was last reported on
Sunday heading south on a jet ski.

Come on, Max.
Please, I'm desperate.

He ain't been in touch.

If he don't want to be found,

no one's going to find him.

Not you, not me.


I'll find him.

How do you pronounce that?




Martin C. Hidalgo.

I've been retained
by the Dolan family

to tie up a few loose ends.

Yeah? Cops were
here this morning,

tying up loose ends.

They ruined my
breakfast business.

Police can be
very inconsiderate.

You telling me?

I'm going to give you
what I gave them...


Oh, come on.

Hey, I'm family.

Hey, come on, give me
something... Crumbs, anything.

This psycho Simon,
did he come here alone?

Did he leave alone? What?

Hey, what am I,
the bar historian?

As far as I know,
he came in alone.

A guy like that
usually is alone.

What about Dolan? Was he alone?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Like this week, he was in
a few times with this guy.

Had white hair. Kind of old.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Between you and the cops, I'm
having a very busy day selling no booze.

Are you thirsty?

Yeah, I'd love a beer.


May I?

Thank you.

Thank you.

[register beeps]

No more questions,
no more answers.

You can tell the next of kin

to pick up that
lighter and notepad

that Dolan left behind.

He called up afterward, said he
was going to come pick them up.

I'd be happy to
deliver it for you.

Oh, I bet you would.

Listen, all I know about you is

I got a card with
a funny name on it.

No chance.

Hey, come here. There's
a fire in the men's room.

There's a fire in
the men's room.

All right, calm down, calm down.

Somebody probably dumped
a cigarette butt in the trash.

[Man] Somebody call
the fire department.

Hello, I'm calling
for Henry Dolan.

Thank you.

Hi. Henry Dolan
told me to call you.

Sorry. Wrong number.

2 down, 98 to go.

This is going to
take me forever.

Hi, Mom?

Hello, Andrew?

How are things over there?

Oh, just fine. Had lunch?

No, ma'am. As a
matter of fact, I haven't.

Well, why don't I pick you
up and we'll go get something?


This is far enough,
Mom. Where is he?

Are you sure
nobody's tailing us?

I'm positive.

We're 30 miles out of town.

How about those little devices

they might have
put in your pockets?

No, I checked.

Well, now look who's paranoid?

I'm a professional. I'm careful.

You are a mother.
You're paranoid.

What about those funny
little umbrella things

that I've seen you use?

Little umbrella things?

Oh, you mean parabolic mikes?

No, we've been
moving, Mom. Come on.

Where is he? Please?

Would you get my sweater
out of the trunk, please?

That's a good
place for a sweater.

Jumper cables, spare tire, jack.

My brother.

Hello, A.J.

You want to get me out of here?

I think I've lost contact

with the right side of my body.

Want anything from inside, or
we you go straight downtown?

I tell you, I'm beginning to
feel a little queasy about this.

I think I'm changing my mind,
and I'm going to the Yucatan.

Rick, Rick.

Come on, that's nonsense.

You didn't do anything.

Going in is a lot
better than being found

and taken in,
especially from Mexico.

A.J., sometimes you just got
to let your reflexes take over,

and right now, my run
reflex is twitching like hell.

You're not thinking straight.

Malcolm just wants
to talk, that's all.

Could I have your
promise on that?

If I gave it to you,
you'd know I was lying.


Malcolm doesn't like us,
after the last go-round.

But you don't have any choice.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

So play it his way, okay?

Hey, where you going now?

Never go to jail without
your hat. That's a rule.

You're not going to go to jail.

Where are we going?

All you have to
do is tell your story,

play it straight,
be cooperative.

[Rick] All I've got to do
is find that woman, A.J.

That's the stupidest story
I ever heard in my life.

Captain, my brother
may be stupid,

but he's not dumb
enough to make that up.

Thank you.

Let's have it again.

I met her in the bar, and
she didn't give me her name.

And that didn't seem odd to you?

A little, but it was fun,

kind of like a game, you
know, every man's fantasy.

You're damn right
it was a fantasy.

All right, what about the
perfume... Blue Dahlia?

Come on, millions
of women wear it.

All right, the note that she
wrote... compare handwriting.

Against what?

Check out the restaurant, okay?

I ordered a flaming
steak with the works.

I tipped the waiter 50 bucks.

- Simon, Rick Simon.
- I had the money.

- Yeah, I know you did.
- Dolan didn't want it.

Besides, they smell a big tip
and they give you a real show.

I went over there.

Apparently 50 bucks doesn't
make the splash it used to.

The restaurant wouldn't
give you an alibi anyway.

It was before 11:00.

Neither would the hotel.

The clerk said you
checked in alone,

maybe to establish
an alibi, huh?

Then you went over
and killed Dolan.

Has this guy ever
had a girl in his life?

Let me ask you
something, Balcomb.

Have you ever checked
into a hotel with a woman?

They don't like parading
through the lobby

because everybody there
has got a pretty good notion

of what you've got in
mind, and they stare.

She waited outside.
I registered alone.

At least I didn't sign it Smith!

Okay, Captain,

he came in, he's cooperating.

Now, you've got
a lot of work to do

before you can make
a case against anybody,

so what do you say everybody
just goes home right now, okay?

- [phone rings]
- Yeah.


Thank you very much.

Lock him up.

[overlapping shouting]

I had a hunch he was dirty.

The team I sent
over to their house

found a gun stuffed
under the seat

of Mr. Simon's truck,

a silenced .9 millimeter.

That was a plant.

If I were the killer, I
wouldn't still have the gun.

I don't have to prove you're
a clever killer, only a killer,

and I've got means, motive,
and opportunity knocking.

Process him in, Brown.


Just don't make
any kind of statement

until we get you a lawyer.

It might not even
be the same gun.

- Kathleen's.
- Yeah, I know, but...

Wait a set, wait
a... Hey, this is her.

Hi. Am I glad to see you.

Listen, they're holding
me here for murder.

You're going to have to tell
them I was with you, okay?

Who is that man?
Why is he talking to me?

- I've never seen him before.
- Hey, come on, lady.

- I'm serious here.
- You're wrong. Let's go.

[overlapping shouting]

[Rick growling]

[Brown] Come on, Rick.
This is not the way, man.

You're making things
worse for yourself.

Wait a minute...

That's just serious. Stop it.

All right, Rick, you're going
to cool it in the lockup tonight,

and you're welcome to join him.

What's wrong with you?

Okay. No problem. Okay?

- It's okay?
- No harm, no foul. Come on...

Hey, you take it easy.

This is not the right
way to go about this.

A.J., that is her. Now,
why is she denying it?

What is she trying to do to me?

I don't know. I will find out,

but in the meantime, you are
going to be a model prisoner, model.

I'll find out.

Hey, you believe me?

Of course I believe you.

Joyce, we're leaving.

Listen, I want to thank
you both for your help.

I'm sorry he bothered you.

We're supposed to be
more careful than that.

That's her. That's the
woman Rick says he slept with.

Uh, no, A.J., he
didn't say that.

Yes, he did. She's his alibi.

- [laughs]
- What's so funny?

Brown gets it. Don't you, Brown?

That's Joyce Dolan,
the dead man's ex-wife.

He'd taken her for a fortune,

and she came up
dry in the divorce,

but now that he's dead, I think
she gets the whole estate back,

so if she and your brother
are lovers, come on, man.

That's the worst
alibi ever invented.

You knew?

Yeah, I knew.

I've been working
on this case all day,

but I didn't know your
brother was going to go batty

and name Joyce Dolan
as his mystery squeeze.

It's got to be a possibility.

Anything's a possibility,

but she has her own alibi.

Spent the night at her
father's house, in by 10:00

Oh, of course.

That figures,

and I'm sure the father has
just unimpeachable character.

Harker Anderson.

I don't know you
brother, Mr. Simon.

No one's claiming
they do, are they?

Only my brother.

Wouldn't expect that
Harker Anderson's daughter

to be in a place
like the Mai Tai.

You had dinner.

Steaks... flaming steaks.

Yours was a little too
well done. Am I right?

- What?
- What about after dinner.

What about it?

You stayed in the car.
He registered, room 1148.

He spilled your
champagne on the bed.

[phone rings]

Captain Balcomb
made it quite clear.

No one believes
your brother's story.

Except quite possibly you.


Dad. No, I'm fine,
just going to bed.

No, no one else has
bothered me... yet.

[A.J.] I took this
back to the Mai Tai.

The bartender there confirmed

that Harker Anderson had an
argument with Dolan the same morning.

Anderson's office
is two doors away.

It's Dolan's lighter, same logo,

Anderson Import Autos.

Oh, yeah, one other very
important piece of news.

The ballistics test match
the gun found in your truck.

Well, it's not a cheap frame.
This one isn't gilt edged.

- Prints?
- Wiped clean.

Well, that's something.

What am I talking
about? That's nothing.

We've got absolutely
nothing here.

How you doing on
that phone number?

I've been calling all morning,

got 40-some calls left to make.

So far, nobody's
twigged to Dolan.


I've got to talk to Joyce.

What are you going to do,
beat the truth out of him?

That's a thought.

I am not the greatest
judge of women.

I admit that, but
this girl is just...

She's a sweet,
lovely creature...

Who's trying to frame you.

No, I don't buy that.

I'm going to have to get
out of there and talk to her

and find out what's going on.

Are you desperate enough?


Ricky, you're looking good.

Thanks, Bronco. Bail me out?

Murder 1 is not overly easy.

In fact, it can be
real hard work.

Okay, for collateral,
we've got my house,

we've got two cars, we've got...

His butt is all the
collateral I need.

You don't show up for
arraignment at 9 in the morning,

it's mine.

- A.J.
- Yo.

She's got a hair
appointment at 4:00.

Peel the wallpaper
off this place.

I'll do that. Okay.


Hello, I'm calling
for Henry Dolan.

Uh, [speaks Spanish]

Yeah, uh, gracias.

Hello, I'm calling
for Henry Dolan.

Hi, is your mommy
or daddy there?

Uh, I see.


All right, well,
why don't you go...

You go ask her again. I'm
sure she'll buy it for you, okay?

Bye-bye. [sighs]

Hang up.

What have you got?

I think I struck
the main vein here.

It's the history of
Joyce's divorce.

It seems she started out
using her father's attorney.


Then she brought
in some new guys.

They sicced some
CPAs onto Dolan,

got a court order,
set him up for the kill.

How much is she looking to get?

Um... million.

Good work. Good work, Rick.

- You just hanged yourself
with the motive.
- Yeah.

You and Joyce killed
Dolan for a million bucks.

Can you think of
a better reason?


I'm calling for Henry Dolan.


Yes, I know.

I know.

I'll be doing Henry's
business from now on.

- [key jiggling]
- Calm down. Calm down.

I just need to know what's
been happening at your end.

Yes. Yeah, just start at the
beginning and don't leave anything out.

[A.J.] No problem, Jerry.

I'll take care of it. Right.



That was Jerry over
at Tri-State Gems.

He's expecting another
shipment of emeralds from Dolan.


Seems that Jerry is a fence,

and the late Mr. Dolan
was smuggling hot stones.

Of course. That's the connection
between Dolan and Anderson.

Anderson's bringing in
cars from all over the world.

[A.J.] You've got it.

My father would never
do anything like this.

Lady, I just got
it from his fence.

All right, Miss innocent,
you and I meet.

There's a little magic.

We sleep together.

I entertain thoughts of
falling in love with you,

and now all of a sudden
I'm up for murder 1

and you don't know me.

Just what's going on here?

When I got home yesterday,

my father was here already.

He insisted I needed an alibi.

I'll tell them we were together.

It's a little late for that.

They'll just think we
were in it together.

Why were you at the Mai Tai?

To find Henry.

Rick picked you up?

Uh, I picked him up.

I'm sorry, but that's
what happened.

You looked so sad and beaten,

and then when you told me
you'd been fighting with Henry,

well, I just had to
have your body.

And then after you
used me that way,

why did you leave that note, I
was exactly who you needed?

Because I meant it.

You were.

[crying] I'm sorry.

[Rick] Max, I need a favor.

I don't know how to
break this to you, Max.

They closed the Fillmore.

It's part of my cover.

It's a great cover.

[Max] You said
something about a favor?

Yeah, when are you going
to bust Harker Anderson?

For what?

Come on, Max.
We know the skinny.

Anderson and Dolan were into
an emerald smuggling racket.

They paper the stones
right here in town,

a place called Tri-State Gems.

There's a fence there named
Jerry who can fill you in on it.

You guys want a job?

Nope, we just want Anderson.

He's probably a murderer, too.

He and Dolan got
into it that morning.

He sure as hell didn't want
her CPAs going over his books.

The way we figure it,

when Joyce didn't come home,

Anderson went to Dolan.

Dolan said he hadn't
squared it with her yet,

so Anderson
panicked and killed him.

That's a funny
thing about alibis.

They work both ways.

If she was all night at
his place, so was he.


When are you going
to bust Anderson?

We just got on to
him two days ago.

- I don't know.
- When will you know?

- When we know.
- Big help.

Listen, we've got about a month's
worth of phone taps on Dolan.

- [Rick] Great.
- They're not transcribed yet.


I think we've got something.

[man's voice chattering
on headphones]

My ear's swollen shut.

Wait a minute.

Mr. Anderson?

Harker Anderson?

Yeah, uh, I'm sorry to wake
you up this early in the morning,

but, uh, something I
think you'd like to hear.

Hold on just a moment, please.

[Anderson on tape recorder]
Dolan, I want to talk to you.

- [Dolan] I'm busy right now.
- Well, get unbusy

and meet me at the
Mai Tai right away.

You're in big trouble.

That damn lawyer of Joyce's

is going to sic a
CPA onto your books.

- You hear me?
- [Dolan] Five minutes.

Uh, just a moment, please.

[clicks button]

Did you like that?

I thought you'd be interested.

We were working for
Dolan. We had him wired.

We've got it all.

Now, the only
question as I see it is,

is it worth 50 grand to you?

Okay, where is he?
The judge is going ape.

He says if Simon isn't in
his courtroom by 12 noon,

he's revoking his bail.

I'm revoking his life.

Say something.

[Rick] One two, one two.


There was a young
lady from Leeds...

Listen, this can get to
be a dirty deal real quick.

The man doesn't trust you.
He thinks you're ripping him off.

- No.
- Keep your distance.

Stay cool.

It's okay, Max. We've
done this before.

I've done this before. Trust me.


Listen, if the guy doesn't
come across 60 to 90 seconds,

get lost.

It's blown.

It's blown when we
say it's blown, Max.

This is one we
can't afford to lose.

Hey, Simon, you meatball,
judge is getting antsy.

You want to put your
hands out the window?

That's it.

Where's your boss?

Hold it right there.

You hold it.

No, you hold it.

Okay, A.J., what's Plan B?

We hold it.

Good thinking.

- That way.
- Okay.

[Man] Let's get them over
to Anderson's warehouse 19.

[Bronco] Hey, stop those guys.

I know where they're going.

Guys who jump bail
never go someplace

where they'd be safe from me,

like the dark side of the moon.

They go on a freaking joyride.


They are disarmed?

Yeah, but are they clean?

- [electric crackle]
- Yow!

Well, the signal would
not go far in any case.

Too much traffic, too
much metal in the way,

heavy equipment.

In that case, you
probably won't mind

telling us why you killed Dolan.

Dolan killed Dolan.

By that I mean he was careless.

He made a number
of dreadful mistakes

that I'm only now discovering.

In the end, it was unavoidable.

Was using your daughter to
frame me also unavoidable?

I didn't frame you,

except to notice that fate
was pointing its finger at you.

All I did was have my
men help fate along

by planting that gun.

Now, shall we look
at that suitcase?

Uh, yeah, well...
[clears throat]

These are only copies.

I have made arrangements for
the originals to go to the police

in the event... I doubt it.

I doubt that there's anything
on these tapes to worry about.

Dolan was not clever enough.


Simon, it's getting late.

Hold it right there!

Guns on top of the car.

Back away from it.

[gun fires]

[gun clatters on the ground]

[Rick] Bronco, hi.

Ooh, hey, man, you're hurt.

We're gonna have to
get you an ambulance.

Later. What time is it?

- What...
- What time is it?

It's that time.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA