Sex Life (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Go with the flow - full transcript

Visit a Millennial sex club, explore the marriage enriching joys of a tantric three-way, and witness a sexy world-record attempt.

♪ Don't care
what you think about it ♪

♪ Ain't here to
please nobody ♪

♪ I'm the one
they run for cover ♪

♪ Here comes trouble now

♪ Mend my wicked ways

♪ I'll get you
into trouble now ♪

♪ It's just so
hard to behave ♪

♪ Got you seeing double now

♪ I'm the one
your mama told you ♪

♪ I play the one
as torture ♪

♪ The risk you cant afford

♪ Here comes trouble now

♪ Turn it up all night

♪ Got you feeling high

♪ Turn it up all night

♪ Got you feeling high

♪ Get you into trouble now

- The G-spot--I have one.

He definitely knows
where the G-spot is.

- Yeah, yeah.

- What is my
move for the G-spot?

You Spiderman it
and slide up there,

hit it like you're trying
to tease quarters out

of an '80s video games,
and trying to hit the

release button.

- So like the
G-spot is real.

But I think some women
don't know where it is.

I think maybe guys,
because they watch,

like, so much porn,
they're just shoving stuff

in there to see if it sticks,
or see what happens.


- I've had experience
with accidental anal play.

- I've had a lot
of men who aren't in touch

with what the
prostate can do for them.

If no other woman ever
put anything in their butt

before and you do,
you're just,

like, this goddess
to them suddenly.

- Actually, I, like, let
a girl play with my butt,

and doing some
anal stuff on my end,

and also for the girl.

I kinda like that.

A lot of guys, they may
pretend like they don't like it,

but if they tried it,
they would.

Hey, let them touch your butt.
Quit being scared.

Hey, open up.

Try to stick your finger in
the dude butthole sometime,

he might like it.

- I'm Angela.
- I'm Jennifer.

- I'm Bucky.
- I'm Donovan.

- I'm Ken.

- And this--
- And this--

- And this is our sex life.
- We like to fuck.

- We love it.

- I love sex, and I
want you to love sex too.


- Tantra's all about trying
to embrace the wild nature

of our bodies
and our sexuality.

Tantra literally
means "to weave."

So you're weaving
together the mind,

the body, and the spirit.

We're working with
mindfulness and energetics,

and the entire,
whole person.

And the goal is to just have
a deeper connection with

yourself and with
your partner as well.

But I'm there to
help and to heal,

and I'm also there
to--to be in service.


- I know nothing about tantric.

- It's a practice that's
been around I think for

hundreds of years,
possibly thousands.

I would imagine that it has
so much to do with letting go.

- Yeah, I would do anything--
- A ton do.

- --to get out of
my head when we--

- Yeah.
- --have sex.

When I got into my
relationship with Bree,

I think I actually asked her to
marry me within the first--

- Like two weeks in.
- --yeah, like two weeks in,

- Like maybe a month in.

- --I was so nervous
that she was gonna leave,

like she was
gonna find me out.

We have been
married for 22 years.

We have two children,
16 and 12.

- After being together
for this many years,

you know,
you change physically,

you change mentally,
you have all kinds of things

that are thrown at you
through the course of life.

- One of the big
challenges had been sex.

- She's our--our tantric guide?
- Her name is Tallulah, okay.

- So she's the guide we
met on the phone--

- Uh-huh.
- --several weeks ago.

- I have no idea
what to expect, but--

- Yeah.
- --I'm sure it'll be amazing.

I was more challenged in
the not wanting to have sex.

I think part of that has
to do with being a mom.

I could tell that it was
always a concern for him.

As we progressed in
our relationship,

it definitely became
more of a conversation,

because obviously, you don't
get to 24 years of marriage

without having multiple
conversations of divorce.

- We've had that
conversation about divorce,

and we've come to realize that
we really do love each other.

- We don't wanna go start
this all over with somebody new.

- We're committed to
each other forever.

How can we deepen our sexual
relationship and make it

more comfortable and that
we're on the same page?

- Jason and Bree have
been married for a very long

time, and they want to
expand their sex life and

bring in some excitement.

So we're looking at
sending Jason and Bree

to a tantra specialist.

This is going to be a way
that the two of them can

connect spiritually, sexually,
mentally, physically,

with each other.

Tallulah is really
great at helping people

get the focus back on the
one-on-one experience,

and cancel out all
that busyness outside.

- We're meeting
in downtown L.A., at a loft.

And so are you pretty
comfortable about--

- Yeah.
- You probably more so than me.


You're sexier than me.
- Thank you.

- Jason wants to learn how
to be more confident

and probably needs
to have more tools for

himself to feel really
like an experienced lover.

- My first experience with sex,
I picked a girl up on

Las Vegas Boulevard,
and then I wound up with

her in my car,
which was not a pretty

experience at all.

And then a day later,
my brother caught wind of it,

and then my brother and mother
started to make fun of me,

you know,
for what I'd done.

And that was my
intro to sex,

and that was--I was
somewhere between 16 and 17.

That was kinda where I was
sexually, and still am.

- Sexual energy is
energy, it flows.

If you have something
blocking that energy,

like emotional
trauma or stuck energy,

or you're not breathing,
you're just living in

this state of constriction and
restriction in your body.

Most of us are.

- My hope is that it
increases my wife's interest

in being more sexual,
and decrease my need.

Sort of find that even
plane for the two of us.


- So I just wanted to, like,
have an initial conversation

with you guys,
just to get to know you

a little bit and where you're
at in your relationship,

and where you're at sexually.

- We know we're gonna
be together forever,

so maybe we're open to
exploring a little bit more,

and, like,
some deeper connection.

If we could get to that same
level of vibration when

it comes to sexual
energy that is beautiful and

growing and deep
and connective and all,

that would be amazing.

- Yeah, so connection is really
an important piece for you.

- Very much so.

- That level of deeper
intimacy is part of what

drives you to tantra.

- It's a deeper level
of connection of energy.

- Yes.

We try to, like,
release goals in tantra.

It's just about really
being present and connected

on a mind/body/spirit level.

- Because Bree has had
concerns about getting out

of her head and
into her body,

hopefully Tallulah can teach
Jason how to touch Bree

in a way that she
will be responsive,

and in a sense, also open up
the pathways to better sex

between the two of them.

- We're gonna just simply
start with your eyes closed.

[bell sounds throughout]

Drop your breath
really deep into your belly.

Take a nice, deep breath,
feeling your belly expand

with your breath.


You're gonna be
following after me--ha.

- Ha.
- Ha.

- Ha.
- Ha.

- Ha.
- Ha. Ha. Ha.

- Ha. Ha. Ha.
- Ha, ha, ha, ha.

- Ha, ha, ha, ha.
- Ha, ha, ha, ha.


- Ha.

- I feel like I'm
gonna pass out.

- Right?

- Laugh about it--feel
how silly you feel,

and then still do it.


We're gonna just
take our time,

slowly transitioning to Bree,
you being the receiver,

working with a yoni massage.

- "Yoni" is just another
way of saying "vulva."

You're always trying
to integrate the heart

with the yoni.

It's not something we really
are used to doing in our

modern sexual culture.

It's just usually all
about the genitals.

Well, in tantra,
it's about everything.

It's like your whole
beings are coming together,

mind, body,
and spirit right now.

And Bree, I would love to just
invite you to open your leg.

And then we'll start to
go a little bit lower.

So this is sort of like
the back door of the G-spot,

right behind
the pubic mound.

And you can actually,
at certain points,

put a lot of pressure
behind the pubic bone.

The G-spot is one of those
elusive places that a lot of

people just have
misconceptions about.

And it's like a flower, right?

You massage the
outer petals of the flower as

you slowly work your way inward.

- I think we
made a great team.

- Yes, I know, we are
making a really great team.

I felt like it was important
for Bree to experience

a very specific type of touch
to her G-spot which

I don't think she had ever
received before.

I also wanted Jason to
watch me with her as well,

and watch what I was doing,
and just the energy behind it,

and really be able to tune
in to how she was responding.

- Ooh.

That is so crazy.


I feel like I can move energy
wherever I'm thinking it to go.

- Yes, yes.

- And it--it already, like,
completely--I already fully,

like, climaxed--
- Uh-huh?

- --and then had total
control of where to move it.

- Wow.

- Somehow I just jumped
out of my head--

- Good.
- --and just let go in my body,

and then was able to hold
it in this certain space,

and then move it.

- That's--it sounds like
you had a--a good

first-time experience--
- That was--

- --of something new.

- It was a completely
new experience, for sure.

- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah.

The biggest thing was that
I could get in that space.

- It was deeper than
anything I've ever

experienced with Bree.

It was other-level.

It was very cool, you know,
and very unexpected, I think.


- Has anything new come
up from you after your

experience with
Tallulah yesterday?

- It was extremely
fulfilling just to watch and

to be a part of it, and to
see Bree reach that level.

She somewhat attacked me
in the middle of the night.


- Nice.
So let's talk about today.

- Okay.
- Okay?

We have somebody coming,
and we've been talking with

her for a little while--Soriya.

And how are you
feeling about that?

- I'm just not--I'm not
reading too deep into it.

You know, not, like,
trying to expect what's gonna

happen or have
any kind of agenda.

- It's another human being
that we have to consider.

How do we make sure that
we're conscientious of this

third person?


- So within their community,
Jason and Bree were

able to meet someone;
Soriya's her name.

- I think after that call,
we both felt like oh, okay,

she's really cool, like--

- I wouldn't ever prescribe
somebody bringing in a third.

If they suggest that this is
something that they've been

fantasizing about, that
they want to experience,

then we can talk
about that together.

Each person has been
able to express what it

is they're looking--
- Right.

- --to get out of the
experience together,

and what their
ultimate fantasy is.

- Hello, Bree.
- Oh, my goodness, hello.

- Oh, I'm so glad to
meet you in person.


- The reason why I decided
to be here today and have

this experience with Jason
and Bree is because I was

really moved when I read
a little bit about their story.

- We are off to a
good start already.

- Yes.

What got me is that
they've been in a monogamous

relationship for over
20-something years.

- You're finally here.

We're finally here and
meeting in person, I love it.

- Yes.
- I love it.

- And I was so excited to
hear that they wanted to

go on this, like,
tantric exploration.

Because of tantra,
I experienced some of the

deepest healings ever.

And through that, I was able
to feel sexually empowered

and love myself more
deeply, and enjoy sex.

- As time went by, you start
losing your hair and then

you have kids and your
guts a little bigger,

and you don't feel beautiful.

- Which just
gives me an idea.

I think today would be
really exciting to shower

you with love and
for us to just, like,

fill you up and, like,
show you and tell you how

beautiful you are, so that
you can see it for yourself.

- I agree.
- Yeah.

- Okay.


- I want other people to
experience what it's like

to have sexual freedom.

- I was thinking we
could go in a circle,

so we can talk
about our intention.

We can talk about
some of our fears.

- Okay.

My intention--just

Yeah, just let it be
whatever it's gonna be, like--

- Wonderful.
- Yeah.

- Jason?
- Scared to death.


- Very normal feelings.

- My fears are I'm not--I've
never thought of myself

as really good at sex.

But at the same time,
just enjoy it for what it is.

- Okay.

Thank you so
much for sharing.

Jason and Bree are going
into this thinking this

experience is more for Jason.

In talking with Bree
and her inability to get out

of her head, I'm
thinking and hoping that she's

going to find herself
pleasantly surprised.

This experience is also
going to be quite beneficial

for her as well.


- Just take this
time to be together,

just you two.

Just slide together.

Feel free to, like,
kiss each other and--yeah,

this is your session.

I also like to use,
like, my butt.

- Uh-huh.

- You can, like,
go like that--

- I like butts.
- Do you like that?

- Yeah?

- Uh-huh, okay.


Breathe in again
- [inhales]

- Squeeze.
- [exhales]

- Okay.

I'm just right at the entrance,
saying hello.


Do you want me to
knock a little harder?

- Come in easy.

- Okay.
Relax and let go.

- [exhales]
- Oh, he likes it. Mm.

[breathing, moaning]

- Oh!
- Yeah.

- Oh!


- Ah, yeah!

I love how expressive Jason is.
He had the time of his life.

Watching them come closer
together brings me so much joy.

- It was awesome.

Even though I've been with
Bree for 20-some-odd years,

I don't know that I
ever felt an experience

where--where two people
were just there for me.

It was really an
amazing feeling.

- Through the entire process,
not once did I think, like,

okay, oh, my gosh,
this other woman is

touching my husband.

All that was in my mind
was let's just give him this

pleasurable, loving,
amazing experience.

- For Bree, her best
experience was with Tallulah.

She was able to have this
exciting time learning

how her body responds
to touch in ways that she didn't

even know were possible.

For Jason, the experience
of Bree with Soriya was very

profound for him, because
he was able to live out his

full fantasy of having
two beautiful women,

with him the
center of attention,

and be able to share that
experience with the most

important person in
his life--his wife.

- All that did was make
me love my wife more.

It definitely
switched a switch.

It serves as a huge reminder
that those feelings that

we had when we got
together 20 years ago,

they're in there.

It makes me just appreciate
Bree for who she is and

what we have,
because it's really special.


- In my twenties,
I was very sexually active.

I was crazy hormonal.

I would keep five men in
the stable at all times.

I wanted to be the one
in charge of the sex.

- I like to penetrate.


I'm just the--you
know, the touchdown guy.

- I like it when she's on
her stomach and tied up.


- And we're not freaky.
- We're not.

Good, old-fashioned
fucking is perfect for us.

- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

- Oh, I know what
a sex club is like.

- Have you been?

- Oh, yeah,
I've worked for one.

- I have been to more sex
clubs than I can even count,


Etiquette, it's
all about etiquette.

And so many couples
get nervous saying no,

and they ask my wife and I,
how do we say no to people.


- I like my booty smacked,
especially let's say like

you're in doggy style, you know,
and like you getting stroked,

and it's just like [claps]

and it's like, ah, ah!


[traffic, honking]

- There has been this
perception that going to

a sex club makes you
a deviant or a slut.

Well, NSFW is not a
traditional sex club.


And when you see people
who are really popular

on Instagram going
to a sex club,

you start thinking about
sex clubs differently.

We believe that sex is
an active element of your

health life.

It's an environment that
is very sexually charged.

People are having sex.

People get to explore without
that feeling of judgment.

[moaning, strapping, gasping]

It really is a place to play.

NSFW is changing the
conversation on sex.

I think a lot of
people need that.


- I've been a
New Yorker my entire life.

Grew up in the Bronx.

The area, it was
known as Heroin Alley.

And I was raised
Jehovah Witness,

so we'd go and
preach in the morning at, like,

6:00 a.m., and yeah,
try to convince junkies to

believe in God.

It was a very
repressed type of religion.

We couldn't masturbate.

You couldn't really
do anything sexually.

[water running]

And just sexually, like,
growing up,

I felt very different.

I didn't feel
like I was gay,

I didn't really feel
like I was straight.

I felt like
somewhere in the middle.

Then I was about to turn 30,
and I just kind of felt like

I should be myself.

I wanted to be more
open with my bisexuality,

I wanted to be more
open with my ideas around

polyamory and how
people can love.

And so I started putting
together events that gave

people a safe space,
gave people a place where

they can exist judgment-free.

Because I wasn't
really seeing that.

NSFW stands for the
New Society for Wellness.


We stand for that because
there are so many benefits

to having a good
and healthy sex life.

Lower depression rates,
lower rates of suicide,

lower rates of anxiety,
overall feelings of joy.

- Oh, my god.

There we go, there's
the thruster action.

[engine whirring]


What I love about NSFW is
that it really is a safe

space for people to come in--
- Oh, my god.

- Oh, my god.
- Stop it.

- --and explore
who they are, their sensuality,

their sexuality,
with other like-minded people.

For every member,
it's something different.

[traffic sounds, honking]

- If someone told me even
a year ago that I would be

a member of a sex club,
I wouldn't have believed them.

[kettle whooshing]

I grew up in a household
where we never really

discussed sexuality very much.

There was so much more
for me to know

that I wasn't exposed to.

Every Sunday morning, I sing
at church with my volunteer

church choir, and I really
love it because it's such a

great community, and
everyone's so kind and so sweet.

People associate
sexuality with sin,

but obviously, someone can
love God and love going to

church and also be a sexual
person and explore

their sexuality.

- I think it's so amazing
that NSFW is about having

a younger crowd there,
and about being millennials.

And it's empowering for
younger people who can

claim their sexuality at
such a young age.

I really don't know what
I'm looking for right now.

You know, I don't think you
can really find out what you

like and don't like
until you try new things.

You know, I'm just
still exploring.


- Those can go in
the back for now.

Put them with--like in
the back storage room.

Hey, guys,
we're at door open.

- Doors open!
- Open!

- Does it feel
like--I've heard about, like,

those things that, like,
spiritual [inaudible] --

- Hi.
Welcome back.

- I love walking into the
clubhouse and just feeling

like you're stepping outside
yourself into a different

world that's so accepting and
so exciting at the same time.

- We have 16 total rooms,
so people navigate through and

find different places to
play or experience things.

You know, all these spaces
are kind of available to them.

So there's spaces you can
go and just be a little bit

more private
with your partner,

or there are spaces
where there is no sex,

it's spaces just to mix and
mingle and meet people

who are here.

- Nice to meet you.

And I was, like, I don't
need him to experiment.

Like, I can be fun
and do this on my own.

Like, why did I
think I needed that?

- Hey, everyone, if
you'd like to see the demo,

Corey's getting started.

We have different masters
or masters of mischief

to provide educational aspects.

- All right, well,
let's get started.

[chains clinking]

So Laura--I'm
Corey, by the way.

My name is Corey B.

I am a sex educator, and I
am a chief educator at NSFW.

- [inaudible]
- Maybe a little water.

- Water?

I think it's important to
educate young people about sex,

because I mean,
the sex education that we get

as children in this
country is abysmal.

And you wanna make sure that
your boundaries are clear

and the consent is clear
before you play with them.

[crowd chattering]

- And so many people have
not been exposed to that

type of thing, and it's
always felt so taboo.

- Hitting someone, like,
bare-hand spanking--

[rapid spanking]
--hurts after a while.



- You know, this idea that
you have to be secretive

about your sex life is
kind of an old idea.

Let's not talk about it
as if sex is something shameful.

Let's talk about it as if sex
is something to be celebrated.

[traffic sounds, honking]

- You excited for tonight?

- Yeah, that's a good question.

If somebody is there,
do you wanna do something

with somebody else?

- Um, yeah,
but I guess it depends, like,

how the vibe is.

But yeah, I'd be
down, that'd be fun.

- We've been seeing each
other about nine months now.

Hey, dude.
What's up?

- And we just, like,
moved in together last week,

so that's exciting.

I grew up in, like,
a pretty conservative family,

and we went to church,
we were Baptist.

Sex just wasn't something
that came up a lot.

If there was a
stripper scene on TV,

my mom was like--like,
she wouldn't--she was, like,

"We can't watch this."
So it made me more curious.

- You're so glamorous.

I grew up in Paris, France,
so sex was not a taboo

subject in my family.

So that openness did
allow me to explore.

So what do you wanna bring?

- Um, we should
bring the whip thing,

since we haven't used it yet.

- Yeah.

And I've been part of
various sexual communities

for a long time.

I've bought a lot of toys,
lost a lot of toys,

bought a lot more.


- So cute.
- You're so cute.

Okay, let's go.
Fuck, we have to go--

[traffic noise]

- Jordan and I are
open in our relationship.

It's been really exciting
for us to explore new people

and things together.

It is a new relationship
for me in that sense.

Like, I've never been in
any relationship that wasn't


- Different things work
for different people.

For us, what we've found
works is just keeping

an open mind in general
and communicating constantly.

- It's just something
we talk about a lot.

One person can't give
you everything you need.


- Brr--so cold.

- I love NSFW because you
can do things that maybe you

haven't done before or
you've always wanted to do.

- Ladies first.

- I never had, like,
a threesome before.

And I'd also never
been with a girl before.

- There have been
some firsts for me,

some firsts for Olivia.

[crowd chatter]

- Oh, hello, fancy
meeting you here.

- How are you?

- Jordan and I always
have conversation before things

happen, so we know that
everyone's comfortable.

- How are you?

- Everyone gets into
non-monogamy for their own

different reasons.

- It's nice to meet you.
- This is Olivia.

- Hi.

- There are so many
different ways to be

open relationships,

or maybe you're okay with
your partner having sex with

somebody, but you're not
okay with your partner, like,

dating somebody or
being romantically involved

with somebody.

- Are you doing
more ropes tonight?


All right, I'll loop back.

Tonight I came here and
I was hoping to meet some new

people and kind of
share some experiences.

Oh, so you're new too.


And you like it so far?

There's such a wide
variety of people that go

to these events.

You control where your
night goes completely.

That's one of the biggest
selling points of NSFW.

Depending on what you're
looking to get out of it,

you will likely get the
experience that you're

looking for.

Like maybe I'll meet someone
that I can have sex with

at some point, but that's not
at all what it's about to me.

- Scootch.

- When we
arrived at the party,

we saw Sadie, who is
somebody that I see on my own,

without Olivia.
- --you know, whatever,

I'm comfortable.

- So I got, like,
a little square one,

and it's just so loud.

[crowd chatter]

- Yeah, that was
a little weird, I don't know.

- I was surprised
when Sadie kissed me,

because she has never kissed
me in front of Olivia before.

- We don't
necessarily have, like,

this is a rule,
that's a rule, but just, like,

making sure the other person
is always comfortable.

And normally we talk
about things first.

We hadn't talked about that.

- There's a lot of things
that you can learn from coming

to a sex club about how to
check in with yourself,

how to understand
what your needs, wants,

and desires are, and how
you articulate them to

another person.

- Like that--like, as soon
as something doesn't feel right,

it's your responsibility
to speak up.

- The idea of this
place has always been

female-focused first.

Like, I want a woman to come
here and feel completely

walking around naked,

without feeling like
she's gonna be touched

or approached or anything else.

You know, we launched two years
before Harvey Weinstein,

we launched two
years before Me Too became

a global phenomenon.

And from day one, a lot
of the principles that we

established here were around,
you know,

asking permission
before engaging.

And it's now becoming
the consent culture that people

were suggesting
for everything else.


- You good?
You wanna sit?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

And it's totally okay
with me--

- Good to see you.

- Hi, how are you?
- Hey, man.


- May I torture you?
- Yep.

- This'll feel a
little bit like a whip.

The thing about the BDSM
scene in New York is--

[whip cracking]

--it changes every
five to 10 years,

because you have kind of
a new crop of people turning

18 every day, and dying to
explore all of their desires

and all of their fantasies.

- You are such
a little pain slut.

[moaning, laughter]

- We saw "Fifty Shades
of Grey" when it came out,

and we thought, there
has to be more to this.

This seems interesting.


- Louder.

- Posture up!
Did I say lean down?

- No.

- No.
Stand up.

Get on the cross.

My next strikes, I want
you to count out loud.

Are you ready?

- Yes, Mistress.

- One.




- Corey and Laura,
to see them, you know,

performing in this way and
expressing themselves

sexually in this way,
was amazing.


- --21, 22, 23,
24, 25--

- I don't know if I would
practice BDSM.

I'm definitely
interested in it.

I think that I
would at least try it,

but I don't know
that I'm there yet.

- Are you ready?
- Yes, please.

- Beg me for it.
- [shouting] Please!

- Louder.

- [shouting]
Yes, please.

- There you go.




- So I'm sitting there and
I'm watching the people

that work there and are very
experienced with the ropes,

and then--



- Yeah, I think I'm down.
- Okay.

- I wasn't sure at first.
I was a little hesitant.

But I was like,
you know,

I wanted to try this
going into it,

and I'll probably be kicking
myself if I don't do it.

- Yeah.

- Being tied up for the first
time very much depends,

person to person.


- My initial draw to the
ropes was really just

the artistic perspective of it.

It's such a form of sexual
expression that doesn't

necessarily have to
do with intercourse.

- When I first saw Allison,
she was kind of sheepish

and looking around, not really
sure about what was going on.

- I'm in my nightgown and heels,
and suddenly, like,

I have one leg up in the air,
like, tied to something

that's on the ceiling,
and I'm, like,

this is all happening
very quickly.

I was having so
much fun with it.

It was so freeing.

And it definitely did turn
from nervous butterflies

to excited adrenaline.

- I just saw in her like,
oh, she's flying now.

But it was really cool
to see that transition from

sheep coming into this new
experience to she's being

tied up and suspended.

- You can lift your
leg up if you wanna, like--

- This leg,
the standing leg?

- Yeah, the one that's standing.

- Woo!


- Impressive.
- I love it!


It was exactly what
I wanted in the moment,

and it was exactly
where my comfort level was.

I couldn't have possibly
known what I would have

wanted in that moment,
but when the moment came,

I knew it was the
right thing to do.

- Ooh.
- What's his name?

- How old is he?
- Max? Aw.



- We both agreed that the
surprise was the only feeling.

Other feelings may
have layered on top of

that--jealousy, fear, anxiety.

- We always are really good
about reassuring each other

and knowing what is
reality and what is, like,

an irrational fear.

And those are all really
normal things that come

about in these situations.

It is all still new to me,
so I think it's all part of

the adjustment period.

- Hi.
- Hi again.

Good to see you.


- I was gonna throw it away.
- Yeah.

Like, um--
- [inaudible]

All yours.
- Okay.



- Okay, we are doing this.

- You can never anticipate
every possible thing that's

gonna happen in life
in general, and certainly

not at a sex party.


- We have this idea of what
non-monogamy looks like,

and actually, you're gonna
find people that are great

at communication
that are happy in their

relationships, that are
doing this because they want

to experience as
much love as possible.



- I would say one of the
big differences between NSFW

and other sex clubs is that
this is a place that people

are proud and happy to
share that they're part of.

But I would say the main
takeaway is that feeling of


A lot of people,
before coming to NSFW,

had these desires, but
really didn't have a place

to have that outlet.

That's what we provide.

We provide that place that
people have always been

looking for, but
have never been able to find.

♪ Feels so right

♪ Now every time you
hypnotized me ♪

♪ We go all night

♪ When I'm with you
I dont think about me ♪

♪ yeah

♪ Can you feel it,
can you feel it ♪

♪ Can you feel it too, oh.

- Oh, I love squirting.

I squirted the first
time I masturbated.

I thought I peed.

- I actually had a debate
with a friend not that long ago.

She said it's just peeing,
and I swore that it wasn't,

and she swears that it is.

And she said when she
tried, she peed the bed.

- I've had friends
who are squirters,

and they said it's
really hard on the sheets.

- My feelings on squirting
is I love it, of course.

Like, she says that I like
it like it's a slot machine.

You know, I mean, like, ching,
ching, ching, ching, ching.

Like, I just
can't get enough.

- One of my partners
literally just figured out

the little, you know,
combination to the lock,

and then [singing]
the gushy goodness.


It's some gushy goodness.

- I want to squirt.
I wanna squirt,

I wanna do it,
I wanna know what it feels like.

I have still never squirted,
and I don't think that I am one.

And I'm really
sad about that.

- I just remember
at one point that, like,

feeling the muscle
clench and then hearing the

pitter-patter of
rainfall on the tile floor,

and the sounds
of her pleasure,

and it was like,
I am a fucking god.



[crowd chattering, laughing]

- I'm creating an
event--the Kinky Carnival.

And I've actually been
wanting to do this for a while.

- [crowd]
11, 12--

- I tend to like campy things.

Weird things get me aroused.

Like putting on this event
and having that go well

gets me aroused.

It's set amidst a carnival.

And I like the combination of
sex with playfulness and games.

Games like cock-ring toss,

pin the dildo on the butt,

bobbing for dildos.

There's gonna be a wax station,

a dirty mind-reader,

[inaudible] bondage,

a human dog show--

- Shake what your
bitch mother gave you.

- --a human pinata,

and an Olympics of pain.


[moaning, shouting]

- Ow, fuck [inaudible]
-- - [screaming]

- I'm a sex educator and
mental health professional.

Plainly put, I teach people
how to have better sex with

themselves and each other.

And I love putting on
a show and shocking people,

because I'm getting
off from the crowd.

I'm a total exhibitionist.

So the Kinky Carnival will
lead up to me setting the

squirting world record for
most volume squirted in

a one-minute period using
only the assistance of one's

person, meaning my hand.


[crowd cheering, shouting]

- This is a Tuesday
night in Brooklyn,

packed house, 200-plus, wanna
see a world-record-breaking

squirt session.

- Her whole narrative is
about empowering women

not to feel shameful about it.

But more importantly,
we don't have enough

information about squirting,
and it's not a new phenomenon.

- Lola Jean is
unapologetically sexual.

She's a geyser.

Some women are trickles,
some women are puddles,

and she's a geyser.

- How are you?
[crowd cheering]

Thank god.

My name is Vivian B,
but you call me Madame,

and I will be your
mistress or questionable person

of ceremonies for
this spectacular event.

Are you ready to experience
the most ground-breaking

moment in sexual
squirting history?

[crowd cheers, claps]

Oh, my goodness.

Real quick, give all your
energy and love to the one

and only Lola Jean,
putting all this together.

[crowd cheers, claps]

Set the world record
for squirting.

- I often surprise people
with how quickly I can squirt.

On-demand, on-command,
whenever--three seconds.

I could do it right now.

- Do you have anything
you wanna say right now?

- I do--welcome to
this Kinky Carnival.

Thank you for indulging
in my really weird,

campy fantasies.

Squirting is the release of
fluid from the Skene's gland

and/or the urethra
during sexual experience.

We have a bunch of really
fun things leading up to

the big splash.

My goal is to get a liter.

Make sure you get to try
out everything tonight.

- One more time
for Lola Jean.

[crowd cheers, claps]

Going to see
plenty of her later.

- I really unleashed--or, like,
truly squirted around,

I think 27.

It's not something that
your body does on command.

I realized I could, and then
I locked myself in my room

and masturbated, until I
could replicate it on my own.

And now I'm doing
this at athletic level.

It is a sport, and it is a skill
that you can learn and perfect.

[traffic noise, sirens]

I fell into the sex
education business.

I didn't intend for
this to be my career,

but now I cant really
imagine it any other way.

I worked in advertising
for about five years,

and I was bored
and depressed.

So I started reaching out
to people within the sex

industry and sex education,
sex parties,

and I would help
coach squirting classes.

And I realized I could
make something out of this.

All right, I'm trying to
figure out--

-- just like a
little talk beforehand--

- Uh-huh.
- --so we might do that for

a little bit, and then
we'll take your pants off.

- Cool.

- Why don't you just
give me a background,

with your history with
squirting with other partners,

when that's happened,
how you feel,

like, your awareness of it.

- I didn't know that I could
squirt until somebody pulled

this little hand maneuver
situation on me, and I was like,

"Oh, my gosh,
what happened."

I've been able to
do that two other people--

- Mm-hmm.

- --but I cannot for the
life of me do it to myself.

- Squirting can be a really
beautiful experience and

why I wanna teach other
women or vulva-owners how

to squirt is it can
really give them some sort of

sexual independence.

All right, let's
get your pants off.

- Sounds good.
- Yeah.

As a sex coach, people
come to me because they're

running into some
sort of barrier.

Whether it's a confidence
issue or a physical issue,

I have to dig and
figure out where that lies.

All right, so I'm gonna take
a finger internal--okay.

So we'll do this
first you wanna squeeze

and push so you
bring my finger in.

- Am I doing it right?

- I teach them the
different mechanics with

their muscle groups,
and have them work on

that in their own time,

Because it's gonna be
different for everyone.


Do you feel like you
need to squirt right now?

- A little, yeah.
- Okay.


- It's been a while.
- Yeah.

I can kinda feel that.

- Yeah, I feel like this
is definitely something

I'm gonna have to, like,
try at home in, like,

a less pressurey environment.

- Most people, it
might be a week later,

a month later, a year later,
but I kind of let people do

it in their own process.

Because like, I didn't
learn how to do it in a day.

Squirting and
orgasm are separate.

In fact, like, most of
the time that I squirt,

I'm not orgasming.

Yeah, see, you
have that strength.

So really play with that
while you're masturbating,

or while you're with a partner.

You're very strong.

A lot of the information
about squirting comes from men,

and there's a natural
distrust that women or

vulva owners have
with men when it comes to

talking about their bodies.

That is another important
aspect of the squirt coaching,

in that I've experienced this,
I can relate to you.

- Thank you so much
for sharing this time,

sharing your body.

- Yeah, thank you for
sharing your wisdom--

- Absolutely.
- --and giving me some ideas.

You're, like, one of my
prime squirting prospects.


- I hope so.
I will let you know.


- I think we're just
gonna do a test squirt

before you go.
- Cool, yeah.

- Which I'm not
sure if my body's gonna allow

me to do that or not today.

I often describe squirting feels
like this loss of control.

It does feel like a
release from my body,

and it feels pleasurable.

Like, it's pleasurable
in my vulva area.

But the myth is that
squirt is pee.

The haters are
gonna be like,

oh, it's pee, blah, blah, blah.

Well, I've literally
squirted and peed into two

separate cups and had
people see the difference.

Like, there's a
visual difference,

and I can do that
in front of someone.

That's what I like doing,
is, like,

using my body as
a science experiment.

- Are you gonna be the
person who helps me kind of,

like, pour that into
here, that goes into--

- Sure.

- I'm squirting into
this kiddie-pool tub.

I wasn't assigned that
role, but I will step up.

And then we're going to
take that and pour it into

this massive funnel that's
going to go into measuring cups.

- In there, perfect, yeah.
- Yeah.

So then all you have to do--
- And then we won't lose any.

- Yeah.

- I'm not necessarily
comfortable that I'll contain

it in the tub,
because I know myself,

and I know that I can
spray and shoot wide.

But when I usually
catch most of it.

What I need to do is
just stimulate my clitoris.

- Give me a three, two, one.
- Three, two, one.

[tinkling in tub]

- And it'll kinda
be funny if I squirt, like,

over a liter, because
then we have to get a second

measuring cup, because my
cups only go up to a liter.

[fluid sloshing]

Just a little bit.
- Okay.

Just under 100 milliliters.

- Yeah.
That's not my best work.

I had to really exert myself--

- But that's really
good to know.

- --on that one.

- So on Tuesday, it's like--
- You gotta make sure it is.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I know I'm pretty top dog
when it comes to squirting,

but I don't know if
I can squirt a liter.

This is the moment.

[crowd chatter]


- Hi.
- Hi.

- Y'all ready for this?

- So, I don't know how the
fuck we went that much over.

There's more
people than I realized.

Also, I love that they
wear fucking umbrella hats.

- Right?
- Because I squirt.

- That's so funny.
- Yeah.

- This dog is definitely
dressed for New York attitude.


Little doggie.


Give it up for
doggie number one.

[crowd cheers]

One more
trick--one more trick?

Here we go.

Classic Westminster dog move.

- We're good.

We're gonna do it, yeah.

- Okay, here we go.

In order of preference
and I know nothing

about this [inaudible] --
- We're ready.

- Ready.
- Ready.

- Yes.

- Third, second,
and first place.

[crowd cheers]

And that,
ladies and gentlemen,

was the human dog show.

Back to your host.

[whistle blows]

- Lola, we ready?
- We're ready.

- Let's do it.
Give it up for Lola Jean!

[crowd cheers, whistles, claps]

- Oh, my goodness,
Lola Jean,

how are you feeling?

- Uh, very hydrated.
[crowd cheers]

- Hydrated--that's excellent.
- Yes.

- Phenomenal.

- I've been
preparing--preparing all day.

I had a nice, good pussy-licking
about 15 minutes ago.

[crowd cheers]

I think--yes.

A round of
applause for cunnilingus.

[crowd cheers, applauds]

I want to use my body on
display so that you won't be

able to talk about squirting
without talking about me--

[crowd cheers]

--or without talking
about involuntary squirting.

[crowd cheers]

Because you don't need
someone else to make you squirt.

You can do it all
by your damn self.

[crowd cheers]
- Damn right!

- Yes, it is completely dry.


- As you can see, there
is no liquid in the tub.

- You wanna stand over it, or--
- Yep.

- As you can see, Lola
Jean has no liquids on her.

[crowd shouting encouragement]

- Let's go.
- I'm ready.

- And let's start,
shall we, everybody?

[crowd shouting,
cheering, counting]























[cheering, applause]

- Give it up for Lola Jean.

The longest squirting
session in world history.

[inaudible] for Lola Jean.

- Careful, careful, careful.
- Ready?

[crowd exclaiming, laughing]

- Oh--every
drop is precious.


- I got it, I got it.
- Ooh--

- I hit it--I hit it--

- Oh, my god--not one
container, but two.

[crowd cheering]

- I fucking did it.

I did over a
liter--over a liter.

- She did over a liter,

[crowd cheers]

- Yeah!

- All your
admiration to Lola Jean.

[crowd cheers]

If she can do it,
you can do it.

You don't need
anybody else to do it with.

- I feel great.

I could see it in the
bucket as I was doing it.

It was a lot.

I did even a faster
time than before,

and once I saw it pass
that one-liter mark,

I was, like, yeah, did it.

I love shocking people as
much as I love being

the center of attention,
but I love shocking people,

proving them wrong,
and I did all of those

things tonight.

And I proved science wrong.

And I think I shocked
everyone else that someone

can do this on their own.

And that's all I wanna do.

I wanna blow
everyone's mind.

- Thank you so much.
- Yeah, you're welcome.

- Thank you.
- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

- Oh, I'm so
glad you made it.

- I have not seen that
volume of liquid come out

of a human female, ever.

- How does it feel?
- Great.

- It's astonishing.

My body hasn't done
that but I've witnessed her

body do it,
so I know it's possible.

What she does helps us be
able to open up as well,

and that makes me really
fucking happy and turned on.

- She's honest.
She's passionate.

She is diligent,
she is driven.

And I'm so happy to be here.


I'm just so motivated by her.

- And if I can give those
different ways to empower

women, give them back
control over their bodies,

whether it's
through squirting and

masturbation--any entry
point that I can do that

is a win for me.