Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Lawsuits and Listings - full transcript

On the agents' last day in Palm Springs, a pool party ceasefire doesn't even last until the end of dinner. Bre tours a listing with rapper Saweetie.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[evocative music playing]

-[Chrishell] Okay, right here?
-[Emma] No.

-See, I'll do it.
-Okay. [chuckles]

-Right? It's, like, satisfying.

-It's making you feel good in the morning.
-That feels nice.

If we can get through this trip,
we can get through anything at the office.

Did we get through this trip?

-[chuckling] No.

[Amanza] Knock, knock.

Do you have a room service button
in your room that I didn't know about?

[chuckling] Breakfast for one.

Yay! Oh, this is cute.

Looks way better than my bac--
than my bacon.

[Chrishell] I can share.

-[Amanza] Aren't we going by the pool?
-[Chrishell] I don't know.

[Amanza] So, at dinner last night, I got
to hear, like, Nicole defend herself and--

-[Emma] Before we got there?
-Before you guys got there.

And I heard, like, some things that
were said from you and, like, you know.

It's not like
Nicole was completely innocent,

so I wanted to hear from you.

Well, she's definitely
not innocent in this, so…

Although I'm sure that she's trying
to make sure everyone thinks that.

That's what's frustrating.

I feel like we get in these conversations,

and she'll say these things
that are out of line.

It's like I don't really want
to keep talking about this,

but then if I don't, my friends are just
hearing a one-sided thing that's not fair.

This has gone from, like,
a real estate thing, to now digs.

[Emma] Petty bullshit.

But the problem is that Nicole has taken
about five to ten digs at Chrishell,

and Chrishell has taken the high road,
taken the high road, taken the high road.

Why does she have to take the high road,
time and time again?

-I feel the same way.
-[Emma] Nicole is out for Chrishell.

She's after me.

It's so obvious
and thirsty and transparent to me,

but she won't own that.

There's no other reason.
I haven't done anything to her.

She's making it personal.
So don't fucking come for me.

I don't ever agree with
hitting below the belt. I don't.

To be honest with you,
it's like I know Nicole…

I'll just say it,
because it's not even a big deal,

but Nicole likes to do mushrooms.
She openly talks about it.

She's offered them to me.
I've seen her on it many times.

So, it's not like a big, crazy…

I think saying what the drug is
makes it more--

[chuckling] But mushrooms and crack
are a little different, aren't they?

I've never done either.

[Emma] But I think
she said, "cracked out."

-Cracked out.
-She didn't say, "Are you on crack?"

She said, "Are you cracked out?"

Which is actually something
that people… I've said that before.


-Am I talking about actual crack? No.
-[Amanza] No.

Was it a legitimate question
because I've seen her like that before

and it looks like she's on mushrooms?

I'm not one to sit here and police it,

but I don't want you
sitting here, making up stuff,

doing this where it's like,
something's going on.

For me, the drug accusation,
when I heard it,

it triggered something in me,
because, you know, last year

with CPS, I got called, I was accused
of having drugs in my house.

And so, it was like, "Shit, if somebody
is accusing her of doing drugs,

we're all her friends."

Like, is that somehow
going to trickle down, you know?

-I wasn't connecting you to that at all.
-[Amanza] I know.

-You're a great mom. You wouldn't do that.
-I know you weren't. My head just goes…

If somebody thinks Nicole's doing drugs,
my kids might think she is.

If my kids think Nicole's doing drugs,
they might think Mom…

-[Amanza] That's a really hard accusation

to have to, like, feel like you got
to fight your way out from under

when it's not true.

♪ We're going all the way ♪

♪ These are the games we play ♪

[pop music playing]

♪ I've got today ♪

Hey, guys.

♪ Ow! ♪

♪ I'm gonna take what I'm given ♪

♪ Make the most of living ♪

♪ And I'm a-goin' my way ♪

Hello, hello.

[Mary] Hey.

-Oh, good. You're having a margarita too.

Does this just cancel out
what we're doing?

Yeah-- Well, yeah, I mean, no.
It's smart because…

-It's good, then…
-We're hydrating before we dehydrate.

-There we go.

-It's all perspective.

Last night was beyond crazy.

So this morning,
I've arranged for some IVs

for all of us to replenish our bodies.

We're going home tomorrow,

so hopefully with these IVs, we can
tolerate one more day and night here.

I got those good veins.

[technician laughs]

Talk to me about what's in here.

Okay, so we're basically
doing hydration right now,

and then we added in some B complex
that has, like, thiamine, riboflavin.

Kind of some great stuff to have…


…while drinking,
so you'll feel really good afterwards.

-We're doing this right.
-Ah-ha. We are.

-[Nicole] Have you done this?
-All the time.

[Nicole] Really?

I do this actually because my kids
are in preschool, so when they get sick…

-Oh, yeah.

…I go and load myself up with vitamins
to make sure I don't get sick.

-[Mary] Smart.
-[Nicole] Yeah.

-Hi, how are you? [chuckles]

What are you having?

[Nicole] A margarita.

I was like, are you dehydrating
as you're hydrating?


Your glasses are more empty
than your IV bags.

I know!

-So, how are you feeling after everything?
-[Nicole] I feel good.

[Amanza] I was up in Chrishell's room.

Did you get any… Did you--

Well, I got to hear her side.

It's a lot. It's a lot on both sides.

It wasn't crack, but she did say that
she's known that you like to do mushrooms.


But mushrooms aren't legal.

Are they not? I don't know.


I've known you ten years,
never seen you on mushrooms.

-I've never seen you on crack.
-[Mary] Right.

I'm not sure… how someone could even
come close to that conclusion.

As far as Nicole…


I'm still trying to figure out
whether she's doing drugs or not,

because now I've heard it,
I can't unsee it.

I've seen it, can't unsee it,
and I'm like, "Hmm." Let me see.

It's fucked up, her doubling down
that she thought I was on drugs.

Chrishell thinking that Nicole's
on drugs because of her behavior…

I mean, it's weird to say it,
but Nicole just acts that way. [chuckles]

She's always, like, very armsy.

We always call her, like, the inflatable…

Like, those blown-up inflatable dolls,

'cause her arms and legs
are so long and lanky.

When she talks, she's just very animated.

But that's just Nicole.

The point of me taking the drug test
is that we don't talk about this again.

Well, this is where
I get a bit tripped up.


Respectfully, can I say what you said
yesterday with regards to your attorney?

I'll explain to Amanza, if you don't mind.

She has contact
with an attorney over defamation.

[Mary] Are you really gonna do that?

If those kinds of accusations continue…


…I have to.

Okay, this changes things then,
because if that's the case,

then do not talk to us, do not get us
involved in any way, shape, or form.

This is all so out of hand.

I'm done.

If there's lawsuits
and this is all going on, I'm bowing out.

-I'm not gonna be involved in this talk.
-I bowed out while my pancakes…

[Chelsea] Mary's struggling, but I get it.

This is not her area of expertise.
She doesn't deal with drama.

Mary can't handle us chickens
because she's the real chicken.

Did you tell me because you wanted me
to go back and tell Chrishell?

I didn't have any agenda with…
You guys were asking me and--

I don't recall asking
if you went to go do a drug test.


I don't recall asking you
if you went to contact your attorney.

We had a whole conversation
out there for a good hour--

No, you came, and I said,
"That was a long business call."

You were like, "It wasn't a business call,
I contacted my attorney."

-I thought it was a business call.
-I get how serious that accusation is.

It's super serious.

Just the accusation does
as much damage right then and there.

[pop music playing]

♪ I woke up early, I had my coffee ♪

♪ The sun is shining
And it won't come up… ♪

♪ La la la living the dream ♪

♪ La la la living the dream ♪

-[Stacey] Hi! How are you?
-I'm good, how are you guys?

Good, I'm Stacey.

-Nice to meet you. This is Nicole.

I'm with The Oppenheim Group.

-Glad you could make it. Great.
-Me too. I'm really excited.

It's so much prettier in person. I can't--

-I know, right? So different.
-The pictures don't do it justice.

No, they don't.

My client's gonna love it. Stunning.

-Let us know if you have questions.
-Great. Thanks so much.

Okay, you guys. Thanks.

[Bre] After Palm Springs,
I'm just ready to get back to work.

This house is actually in Brentwood.

A lot of celebrities
have lived here over the years.

Marilyn Monroe lived here.

Now Travis Scott,
LeBron James, Reese Witherspoon.

That's because you get
the perfect suburban life

and you're so close to everything.
It's the absolute perfect location.

♪ Let them girls in ♪

♪ Let them, let them
Let them girls in, yeah ♪

♪ Let them girls in ♪

♪ Let them, let them
Let them girls in, yeah ♪

Saweetie is one of the biggest
Grammy-nominated artists in the game.

I absolutely love this because she's come
from the bottom and now she's at the top,

and no one deserves that more.

Wow! I love this place! Ah!

-[Bre] Hi, girl!

Oh my God, you look so cute!

Long time no see.

-Baby, how are you?
-I'm good. You look good.

Girl, you look good.

-Oh, yes. I forgot how fine you were.

I got us a little drink so we can
catch up while we house shop.

[Saweetie] I love that!

-To being boss bitches.

To being boss bitches
and finding your perfect home.

-Yes, girl. That's right.
-Yes. I'm so happy for you.



[Bre] I think this is great.
It's just so open.

We have five bedrooms, seven baths,
and a little over 7,000 square feet.

♪ Let's go… ♪

[Bre] Look at this view.

-[Saweetie] Look at that pool!
-Yes, girl.

[Bre] You got a full grill,
fire pit, jacuzzi.

-[Saweetie, laughing] Little skinny-dip.

You could see from up here,
like, "Hi, honey, I'm down here."

-[Saweetie] I love it!
-[Bre] And I like that it is private.

You don't see your neighbors.

-[Saweetie] You don't.

Unless they got a microscope.

Yeah, then, you know,
we'll put in some more trees.

[Bre] Saweetie and I
met at a party years ago.

We were both with some people of status

and we ended up just clicking
and partying our little butts off

and became good friends.

Bad bitches only.

-I know that's right.

-Love it. Pretty bitch. Yeah.
-Pretty bitch vibes. Yes, girl.

[Bre] Well, let's show you
the rest of your new home.

-So this is what we call the primary.

[Saweetie] We're calling this
the boom-boom room.

-Ooh, yes! Okay.

-You have bachelorette, feminine details.

I feel like this is made
for a boss bitch, not for a man.

Can we look in the bathroom?

[Bre] You like this?

-I like this. Can I walk inside?
-Of course.

-Oh my gosh. This is like goddess vibes.

It is. And then it's like steam,
the whole setup.

-So, I just imagine you're sitting here.

You can be like, "I'll shave my legs."

-Oh yeah, right.
-Right here, right?

You'll have your hair mask on.

[Saweetie] This is the best shower
I've ever seen in my life.

It's huge.
You could have 20 people in here.


-You can do a lot of things in here, okay?

In this shower.

-[Saweetie] Two toilets?
-His and hers. Don't wanna share with him.

-It could be number one, number two.
-Girl, true. Yes.

She's like,
"Drop number twos only over here."

-Keep wet wipes in that one.

I will show you
the entertainment downstairs.

[Saweetie] Ooh!

We got the boom-boom room
and we got the entertainment room.

♪ Keep up ♪

♪ Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keep up ♪

[Saweetie] Oh my gosh!

-This is my favorite part right here.

That's my type, right there.

So, you know I used to bartend.

Oh, okay, no.

[Saweetie] Yes, girl.

-What you want?
-[Bre giggles]

I'll hook you up.

[Bre] We should have done
a whole set up, and had a little--

I love… This is
my favorite part of the house.

This is my favorite part too.

-We'll put a little stripper pole here.

[Bre] I'm coming over.
We're gonna have a whole party night.

-Where does this go?
-Downstairs to the pool.

[hip-hop music playing]

-I'm seeing photo shoots everywhere.
-[Bre] Everywhere.

-I know that's right.

-[Saweetie] A pizza oven?

I love me some pizza.

[Bre] You know, I'm Italian, so we'll
come over and make you some pizza.

-[Saweetie] You make pizza?
-Sure do.

-You serious?
-My grandma did everything from scratch.

[Saweetie] Oh my gosh!

-Five bedrooms.
-[Bre] Mm-hmm. Seven baths.

-Seventy-four hundred square feet.
-[Saweetie] Yeah. Oh, shit.

-Two bedrooms down here.

One right now they got…
It's kind of like a gym area,

but I think for you,
you could do it as a studio.

And you got your own private entrance.
They don't gotta come through your crib.

-Ooh. It's like a private little city.

-A little oasis.
-I like it.

Ooh, girl, but all these plants
gonna run my water bill up.

Good thing I got faux grass.

-Some faux grass.
-That's right.

-It's the only thing fake in this house.

Besides maybe my hair.

-And my boobs.

-And my bundles.
-And my nose.

[both laughing]

Okay, but anyways.
I feel like you like this.

-I do.
-We're on the same page.

I think it just goes
with where I'm at in my life,

but I do want to show my mom.


Once we bring Mom back,
are we on the side of,

you may want to make an offer?
Or do you want to see some more stuff?

-There's two things they gotta throw in.

-I need the stripper pole.

And I need you to come
make pasta or pizza every Sunday.

[Bre] You got it.

So we're sold.

-We're gonna offer after Mama approves.

And I'm gonna cook for you,
get a stripper pole…

-And maybe get on it.


-Yup? Deal.

-Yay! Let's go do it. Yeah!
-Let's go do it!

Ah, ah, ah!

[hip-hop music playing]

♪ It's right now ♪

[hip-hop music continues]

Hibiscus or dragon fruit?

[Amanza] Ooh. One of each.

Yeah? Let's do it.

[Amanza] They think
that I'm sharing these.

-These are both for me.


I didn't want to be
off-balance when I walked.


Okay, you guys.
Say hello to my little friend!

[Mary] Oh damn!

[Chrishell] Yes, Emma! Work it!


[Chrishell] Not the blow-out!
Not blow-out!



[screams] No!

[Chrishell] Emma!

♪ Right now ♪

And on that note,
I won't be joining you. [laughs]

[chuckling] Oh no.

[Chelsea] Well, you still look great.

Thank you!

She's making a fake call
so she doesn't have to be involved?

[Chrishell] Let's turn a corner, ladies.

-Ready to turn a corner? Yeah, have fun?
-[Chrishell] Yes! Please.

[Chelsea] Will you do a shot with me?

-[Chelsea] You will?

[chuckling] Um…
against my better judgment.

You guys want one? Anybody else?

Come on, Nicole. Don't be a party pooper.

I hate shots.

Okay, but I hate shots.

I do shots all the time.

[Chelsea] Chrishell!
One, two, three, four, five…

-[Nicole] Really? Ugh.

Six, please. Okay.

All right!

Oh my gosh. Thank you.

[Chelsea] And can we have,
like, a little toast?

We started not on the best note,

and we're going to end--

-On a better note!
-On a positive and very fucked-up note.

Oh my God, you guys,
this is the worst cheers.


Just take your shot.
Maybe we'll get better as we go.

Okay. Cheers!

-That was the whole point.



-[Chrishell] Go!

I did it.

Oh, God!

At least it was chilled.

♪ I'm feeling good ♪

♪ We're on it, we're on it ♪

♪ I'm feeling fine ♪

♪ We're on it, we're on it ♪

♪ I'm feeling good… ♪

-[screams] Yeah!



[Chrishell] This situation
I could do all day.

I'm really good at coexisting.

-Look how well today went.

-[Chelsea] Did great.
-[Chrishell] No big deal.

How do you feel about, you know,
Bre kind of coming for you last night?

I get it got back to her, and in her head
maybe it came across as malicious.

That wasn't the intent.

These are still my feelings,
but I won't talk about them.

Yeah. I mean, you guys created a boundary,
and this was great, this was super sweet.

Mary planned this to bond with everybody.

And I think maybe instead of bonding,
this was boundaries.

It was, yeah.

The bonding turned into boundaries,
and that's okay.

Can I be honest?

I was, like, a tiny bit sad by Heather,

because she relayed the information
that was said in the office back to Bre,

and I would have liked
to have known prior to then

that Bre was feeling some type of way,
to resolve it privately,

because Heather I've known for a year now,
and I thought we were friends,

but is everything that's said
just told back to her?

-You didn't know before last night?
-I had no idea. I had no idea.

So, I guess someone that
she's met over the last three weeks

is closer than someone
that she's known for the last year.

That was very revealing to me.

I would have loved
Heather to call me and say, "Hey,

I said to Bre what we discussed
in the office, she's upset about it."

"Maybe you should call her."


I just hate this, because
you can see both sides. Like--

No, I don't think there are sides.

If you're going to protect one friend,
you should protect another friend

so that other friend can clear the air.

-I feel like she would tell you--
-But she didn't. That's my point.

I think prior to yesterday, I thought
I was closer with her than we are.

Ultimately, we aren't all really close.

[Chrishell] Right.

You just have to realize
where you stand with people.


[festive music playing]

[Chelsea] This Palm Springs trip

was meant to be
a relaxing retreat amongst us girls.

It's a shitshow.

Literally everything blew up,

and now the group
couldn't be more divided.

This is so reminiscent
of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

-[Emma] Isn't it?
-[Chrishell] It is.

It's so cute.

[Chelsea] I'm really hungry, so--

I am too. Here we are.


-Woo. Woo!

[server] Hello. Could I get you started
with anything to drink?

I'll do a glass of Sancerre.

I would love a shot
of chilled Casamigos Blanco

for myself and then my best friend Mary.

-No, I do not need another one.
-And then after that,

-[Mary] Amanza.

This is our last night in Palm Springs,

and let's be honest, it can't be
any worse than the other nights,

so we've got that going for us.

Last night, guys. Let's cheers.



[Chrishell] Oh, ho, ho.

-Hello, sailor.
-[Mary] It's good though.

[Emma] Spicy!

Ladies, how are we doing?

Would it be possible to get
the suggestion box that we brought?

-Of course, definitely.
-Thank you.

Emma, tell us about
some phrases from Boston.

Ooh! We just say--

Can I have a quarter for some water
for my daughter's dog?

-Park your car at Harvard Yard.

-[manager] Your suggestion box. Of course!
-Thank you so much!

Okay, so, guys, thank you so much.

I know it's hard to take
this much time away

from your partners and work and families
and kids and everything like that.

But today and tonight, it was
much more, kind of, chill and relaxed,

and hopefully,
after we read these suggestions,

we'll be able to fix
some other problems in the office.

-So, I'm gonna open them.
-Hopefully this isn't Pandora's Box.

I sure hope so too.

-I mean…
-[Chrishell] Can you imagine?

Let's open these up
and get back to the office

and do a lot of fucking real estate.

Pick mine. Pick mine.

I don't know which one's yours, bestie.


"Let's have potluck Fridays." Okay.


-That's too much effort. Sorry, guys.
-[Amanza] Okay.

"After you close a deal,

a special basketball hoop,
if you can make it,

you get 5% better commission split."

Picture this. Okay.

You make that crazy hard shot, you get 5%.

I'm so on board for that.

You guys agree on something.

I'm gonna keep this one
and I'm gonna present it to Jason.



-I think that's actually mine.
-[Mary laughs]

-[Mary] I think it's your handwriting.

"Give a compliment
to each of your fellow agents."

"You can do it, girls.
Swallow that pride and fucking be nice!"


[Emma] I can't…

Are we going to do it,
or these are just suggestions?

Okay, Chrishell.
Give everybody a compliment.

[Chrishell] Okay.


Chelsea, I've been sitting
across from you all night.

I feel like you add such an amazing,
charismatic vibe to the group.

You're just really fun, and I feel like
the room is more fun with you in it.

Thank you.

-[Chrishell] Mary.

I feel like you are
the mother to the group.

You keep us all bonded and all together,

and I say that
as a huge compliment, you know.

Like, to be the mother
to this group is hard.




Let me see. I feel like…

Okay, I have to think.

I'll go the easy route 'cause obviously…

[Emma] Hi!

…I know you guys the best.

I love you so much,
so I'll say, Emma, my best friend.

You always go above and beyond.

You're, like, extra
in the most amazing way.

-[Chrishell] Okay. Um, Amanza.

I'm not really sure how it's possible

that your insides are somehow
even better than your outside,

because the outside is flawless!


You're just a good human,
and I love knowing you.


[Chrishell] Okay, Nicole.

Obviously, this one is a little tougher
because of everything that's transpired,

but I will say, Nicole,

I feel like you are… really passionate
about what you do in real estate,

and that is to be admired
and, I think, respected, so…

-I very much appreciate that.
-[Amanza claps]

That's all I needed!


All right. Hear, hear!
Everybody drink to that.

-[Chrishell] Palm Springs!
-Okay. Yes!



[Mary] Well, I think it's amazing

how honest and open you guys
have all been throughout the entire trip,

even when there have been
a few bumps in the road.

But is there anything else that
anybody else wants to add,

um, before we go back to LA?

[Amanza slurping]

So, in the spirit of being
completely transparent, um…

I did take a drug test the next day
after you said what you said.

Just so you know. I'm going to…

Just so that everybody knows
that she's really--

[Amanza] That you're not
shooting up tar heroin.

That I'm not doing anything.

[Chrishell] Did someone actually
watch her pee into the cup?

And are the results being sent
to an unbiased third party like an escrow?

Or are they emailed to Nicole?

[Nicole] And the full panel
came back negative.

And I did this
on the advice of an attorney

because, you know, he was like,
"You need to do that, get that on record."

But you know, these two
were aware of that, and I know

that they were a bit uncomfortable
knowing that information.

You said to me
that you sought legal counsel

because if she continues
to use those terms of slander,

you were going to sue for defamation.

So why do you think-- Why do you think
the advice was to get a drug test?

That was-- That was--
That was to protect myself.

[Chrishell] You know, if you, you know,

feel like you need to seek legal counsel,
that's your prerogative.

I obviously have the same prerogative,

depending on how…
You know, where this goes.

I think it's ridiculous.
I don't think it needs to go there. But…

Guys, like, she didn't sue for defamation.

She said, "If this continues…"

Yes. Then I have the drug test.

-"I just sought counsel."
-Yes. That is a threat to sue.

So that's different.

-What's different?
-Asking for advice.

Then suing for defamation.

So, that's why I was wondering
if it was just like,

"I'm going to get
a drug test to clear it up."

[Emma] You think if someone
accused me of doing drugs, I'd get a test?

I'd laugh it off.

Like, come on, that's a joke.

But, you know, when you have
somewhat of a guilty conscience,

you know, about it, maybe,
you know, that's why she's doing it.

Because why else would you be so defensive
to lawyer up if you had nothing to hide?

-Guys, like, really?
-Yeah. Let's… Exactly.

Jesus Christ.

-I don't see the issue.

Somebody accused me of doing drugs.

I said, "I'll piss in a cup right now."

That's what I did.
I really don't see the issue.

There's no lawsuit. There's no case.

-[Nicole] Yeah…
-She felt scared, attacked.

-She sought legal counsel.
-Thank you.

I feel like everyone's tripping out.

I don't think
Nicole has done anything wrong,

and I believe every single person here
would have done the exact same thing

to prove their innocence
and gone and taken a drug test.

It's just common sense.

[Nicole] It's so fucking ridiculous.

[Amanza] It started with real estate.
Now people are accused of doing drugs.

I can't fucking do this anymore.

This has taken on
a whole other fucking, like, level.

It's-- It's out of control.

[Nicole] Okay.


Just try to move on.

Thank you. Done.


All right, well, I'm ready to go.

So, I don't know if anybody wants to go,

but there is a drag bar down the street
that's famous in Palm Springs, super fun.

If anybody wants to come…
and shake a tail feather and, you know,

dance our disagreements away, so to say.

Palm Springs has been a complete disaster.

It might be worse off than it was before.

Chrishell thinks that
she can just dance all of this away?

Good for her.

[moody pop music playing]

[Emma] Are you okay?

Fuck… This is, like…

This is ridiculous!

-[Emma] Mary, are you okay?
-[Mary] Yeah, I'm okay.



[bittersweet music playing]

[Emma] You're okay.



What are you feeling right now?

Just overwhelmed or--

It's a lot. It's-- It's a lot.

You are…

You are working so hard
to not have to lose your shit,

so if any of this is coming from

feeling like you didn't do
a good job, please…

-I get it. It's a lot.
-It's a lot.


[Emma] You work your fucking ass off.

I don't even…
Can't imagine what you're feeling.

I'm just… It's just like
nothing is good enough.

Nothing. This is why I can't.

Like, I-- I-- I go to pieces.
I can't do it.

Can I give you a hug?

This is my best friend. I see her fragile.

I know what's going on.

-She needs to go home.

She needs to go home.

It's not healthy for her,
her marriage, her friendships.

I just… I can't do it. I'm sorry, guys.

-No… Don't!

No, don't allow yourself
to feel bad. Babe…

Don't allow yourself to feel bad.
You have nothing to feel bad…

You are doing everything
you know you need to do.

Call me if you need anything.

♪ I hold my breath, taking it so slow ♪

♪ I caused such a mess ♪

♪ I'm sleeping alone
Keep to myself ♪

♪ 'Cause I broke every bone
When you and I fell ♪

I wish there was something I could've done
before it got to this point with Mary,

but I also know
from experience that right now,

she just needs space from everyone.

You know, she's hanging on
by a thin, thin thread at this point.

♪ Yeah, I lose control ♪

♪ I've been losing control ♪

Oh God, get me away
from this fucking place.

♪ I'm sleeping alone
Keep to myself ♪

♪ I keep to myself ♪

♪ 'Cause I broke every bone
When you and I fell ♪

♪ When I fell ♪

♪ I lose control ♪

♪ I, I ♪

♪ Yeah, lose control ♪