Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Bre Bites Back - full transcript

While Elvis superfan Chrishell enjoys a tour of his honeymoon home, Nicole makes a statement. Later, Bre airs out her grievances with Chelsea.

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[tense music playing]

I just yelled at them, I said you're not…
"She's never fucking done that."

"That's not, like… That is bullshit."

[Nicole] And she called me a crack head.

-[Mary] I'm so sorry.
-But that's what she does.

Well, but that's not what I'm going
to allow to continue to happen.

-[Nicole] Yeah.
-Give me a hug.

Come here. I'm so sorry, honey.

She should never have said that.
I don't know why she said that.

-'Cause she has nothing else to go off of.

Jesus. Why can't everybody
just fucking get along?

It's not that difficult.

[Chelsea] Are you okay?

[Chrishell] Yeah, I just, you know…

I-- I'm so over this situation.

I'm not gonna be that same little person
that was sitting around biting her tongue.

No. I'm not doing that anymore.

But would I take this version of me
over the old version?

-A hundred percent.
-[Emma] Yeah.

[tense music continues]


[exhaling] You know…

Listen, this hitting below the belt

is going to stop.

I feel, if I'm being very honest,

that you have been like,
making digs at her, like, about stuff.

And she… It just didn't…
Went way below the belt too.

Can you… can you name one thing…
that I did below the belt?

[Mary] Saying you know stuff
that could ruin her career.

And saying that Jason only gave it to her

because he had a crush on her
when she was married.

That's below the… belt?

You don't say or do that,
because that ruins people's reputations.

Everybody just needs to chill out.

It's interesting that
one thing is based on facts

and one is based on being called out.

-And you know that.

[Nicole] And I know you know that.

-No, Nicole.
-[Nicole] Yes.

No, I don't.
Because Jason gave you the listing.

[tense music playing]

If I was ever in a situation and
that was thrown at me, I'd be really hurt,

because even if I was a fucking druggie,
I don't want everyone to know, you know?

Like, it may be
a little bit more… triggering.

Honestly, if it's not drugs,
it's more embarrassing,

because now it's just you being crazy.

-When it comes…
-I appreciate…

Appreciate it.

When it comes to ruining and saying things
like this that's going to hurt you,

I will fucking shut that shit down.


But you also cannot say things,

just like little jabs,
'cause that's not true either.

It needs to end because
it's making everybody look bad,

and it makes all of us here uncomfortable.


I'm done talking about this.



Come here.
I know you're mad right now,

but I love you, okay?

I've never felt more betrayed
in my entire life.

No one at the office has my back.

I honestly don't think I've ever felt
more alone than I do right now.

[exhales softly]

I like Nicole. I do.

I don't like the things she's been doing.

And obviously none of us
want her in there crying.

I don't know. I'm past my point with her.

So I just don't want
to talk to her at all.

[tense music continues]

She's so aggressive.

Like, literally, can you just,
like, take a chill pill?

Mary's pissed.


Guess we're not doing the box tonight.

I don't give a shit about the box.


Chrishell, that wasn't cool… at all.

Do you not think any of the things that
she said to me have been below the belt?

-So when I do--
-Yes, but I honestly feel like what you--

-That took it a million times further.
-But I believe it.

It's hard because I love you both.

She's in there fucking hysterically crying
like, "I've never fucking done that."

I've seen her on drugs. I don't wanna
have a conversation with her like that.

What have you seen her do?

Ecstasy, mushrooms, weed, drinking…
I don't know what concoction it is today.

You said they're doing stuff
at my bachelorette party?

Do you remember that night?

She went crazy.

Chrishell, that is damaging
to everybody, including me,

and I take that very personally.

[tense music continues]

-I don't know what to say right now.
-Am I supposed to lie? Is this--

You should have compassion unless you want
everything you've done in your past…

-Tell her to say it.
-…brought out.

Tell her to say it.

She threatened me as if she had
all these things to say, so say it.

I don't think you want to continue
this conversation, Chrishell.

I think that you guys are just never gonna
get along and it's fine and maybe just…

-[Emma] Yeah.
-I don't think you should try to mend it.

-No, I--
-[Emma] Like, I think it is what it is.

Both of you, and everybody,
we have to learn a different way

to work out problems.

I just called it how I saw it.

Like, just everyone needs to fucking stop.

["Insane" by Kendra Dantes playing]

♪ Oh darling, we made quite the mess ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

♪ You make me feel insane ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

♪ You're always in my brain ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

♪ You make me feel insane ♪

♪ Ha ha ha ♪

[Chelsea and Chrishell] Good morning!

I already made some coffee.

-Do you want one?
-Okay, yes, please.

-Okay, I'm gonna make you coffee.
-So I've got eggs.

I've got turkey bacon.

-What else do we need?
-[Chrishell] I'm not picky.

Any food is good for me.

All right. I'll make you coffee.

Um, what can I do to help?

So, since we're cooking breakfast,
we should call it something.

-What should we call it?

Well, yesterday was Tits and Tequila…

[Chelsea] So today?

And you're definitely giving some…

[both, laughing] Boobs and Breakfast!

-Boobs and Breakfast! Let's do it.
-You'll have to be the boobs part.

-I'm not exactly--
-[Chelsea] Boobs and Breakfast.

Do we have any vegan butter?

Vegan butter? What would that be made of?

-Good morning!
-[Chelsea] Hi, my darling.

-Welcome to our Boobs and Breakfast.
-Welcome to Boobs and Breakfast.

-I love that you came dressed accordingly.
-I came ready.

Am I ready? I'm kind of ready.

You're ready.

-[Emma] I'm very impressed.
-Are you guys doing scrambled eggs?

I'm not eating them, but I was wondering.

-Oh, you're not--
-I'm vegan.

-So you don't eat eggs?
-It's okay. Oatmeal?

[Chrishell] Oh my God! We were trying
to put vegan butter on the eggs.

[Chelsea] We were trying to put
vegan butter in the egg.

-[Chelsea] Oh my God!

[Chrishell] We're so stupid.

Heather, can you clarify?
Vegans: they don't eat what?

Nothing that has eyes.

What about, like, oysters?

No, because they were alive at one point.

But they don't have eyes.

-Are you sure?

No, oysters don't have eyes.

-[Heather] Okay, so…
-You could have oysters.

Nothing with eyes, or oysters. [laughs]

Good morning.

What are you guys making?

I'm making avocado toast.
I make a sick avocado toast.

I might want one too.

[Emma] Do you want me to do you?

[Heather] Gosh, I keep seeing
flies everywhere. It's so gross.

-[Emma] Haven't seen any near the avocado.
-[Heather] Flies are so nasty.

That looks fun.
Just the first initial squish.

-It's a stress, uh, reducer.

All the mean people in our lives,
there's your face. [laughs]

Did anyone check on Nicole last night?


I don't have any want to…
to talk about it, to be honest.

If I saved a child
from drowning at this point,

I feel like she'd be like,

"That was calculated. That kid, like,
she's manipulating…" I'm like, I just…

So there's not going to be any point
in talking to her at this point.

I think today everybody
just kind of takes a breather

and agree to disagree.

-[Mary] Yeah.

[Chrishell] Now let's eat.

Do you want some bacon?

[Heather] Is Nicole not eating?

-She's on a conference call.
-[Heather] Mm. Mm-hmm.

You guys, there's a house on the market
now that was Elvis's honeymoon suite.

-[all exclaim]
-I know you guys know I love Elvis.

But it's on the market right now
for, like, five million

and it's not far from here,
if anybody wants to come.

Oh, I do.

-[Emma] I'm definitely coming.

-[Heather] I'm asking now.

We made such a good team this morning.
You're gonna love it.

I'm going to just lay at the pool.
I kind of want to just relax.

-[Chelsea] I'm with you on that.
-[Mary] Yeah, but you guys have fun.

Okay, Bre texted me back.
She's going to meet us at the house.

[Emma] Perfect.

-[Emma] Yeah.

-[Chelsea] Flies.

[Mary] I don't know why.

-[Chrishell] Door's open.
-The horses too.

-The door? Oh, really?
-[Chrishell] Oh, the horses.

[Heather] Are you gonna wear shorts,
like, more caszh?

[Chrishell] It's going to be hot, so--


-[Chelsea coughs]
-[Chrishell] What?


-[Mary] Did you eat a fly?
-[Heather] Did it go in your mouth?

-I think she ate a fly.
-Are you serious?

-[Emma] Think she did.

It flew in her mouth.

-Did it go in?
-[Chelsea] I think so.

Oh my God.


[Chrishell] Oh my God.
Is it in your mouth?

-Spit it out.
-[Emma] What do we do?

-Pull her hair back.
-Here, here, here.

-[Mary] God.
-[Heather] Disgusting.

-They're too close and personal.

All over.

I did not expect to wash a fly
out of my mouth this morning.

It's disgusting. It's fricking disgusting.

Ugh. Maybe it's a sign
I need to keep my mouth shut.


[Emma] Flies are… Did it come out?

-[Mary] Did it… Did you really?
-[Chrishell] It came out, oh my God.

Poor Chelsea. Like, I can't even imagine.

Oh, God. So disgusting.

Ugh! Like… Eww!

-At least you got it out.
-[Chelsea] I know.

Imagine if I didn't.
It was wriggling around my throat.

Watch out. Don't open your mouth too wide.

-There's more.
-[Chelsea] I can't help it!

[rock & roll music playing]

♪ Riding down on Sunset ♪

♪ Santa Monica too ♪

Palm Springs is world-renowned
for its mid-century modern architecture,

and it has been attracting
the best architects for decades.

It's really nice to get out of the house,
go see some real estate,

and see some of
the architecture I really love.

♪ I said, "Driver, stop the car" ♪

♪ "And, baby, get in this limousine" ♪

♪ I've got a stretch cadillac… ♪

Hey, thank you.

♪ Oh, there's a party going on
From dusk till dawn ♪

[Chrishell] Yes.

Oh, I love the architecture.

Wow, gorgeous.

I am a huge fan of Elvis.

In fact, Gracie, my dog,
is short for Graceland.

I've named all of my dogs after Elvis.
I'm from the South.

We love Elvis, Jesus, and horses.

So, unfortunately, today,
Gracie is not allowed into this house.


Sorry, Gracie.

[Chrishell] Look at the door handle.

[Emma] What is up
with the door handles in Palm Springs?

-I feel we can open it with our butts.
-We probably could. [laughs]

-[Chrishell] Elvis would approve.
-Elvis would approve of that.

-[Marc] Hi, ladies.

Welcome to the Elvis and Priscilla
honeymoon hideaway.

-Yay! Thank you.

♪ One of a kind that I have
It looks like magic ♪

♪ It's a classic ♪

♪ It's a classic ♪

♪ Check it out ♪

♪ It's a classic ♪

♪ It's a classic ♪

♪ Check it out ♪

[Heather] Bre!

-[Chrishell] Oh, yay.
-Her pants are… Look at her.

-Oh my gosh, hello.
-[women] Hi.

-[Bre] I literally fell into the door.
-I know.

-[Emma] Hi.
-[Chrishell] We love the handles.

-I was like, what the hell?
-You look cute!

Hi, you have, like, full abs.
You look great.

-Thanks, guys. You're making me blush.

I love the outfit.
A little flair for Elvis.

[Bre] Yes, a little, you know.

-Yeah! So fun! I love it.
-We're happy to have you.

-[Bre] Excited to be here.
-Positive energy.

-Yeah, it was a night.

You missed a night.

-What kind of shade? What's happening?
-You missed--

It was a lot of anxiety, I must say.

Yeah, tension, cussing.

Was it Nicole?

[chuckling] Same shit,
different day, basically.


Well, I'm here.

-Where should we go?
-Let's check out the kitchen.

-See where he made his bacon and eggs.

-No. Peanut butter.
-No! Peanut butter, banana, and honey.

♪ Ooh, la-la ♪

Oh, look at the picture!

-[Chrishell] How cute is this?
-[Bre] Oh wow.

Look how happy they look.

[Chrishell] I love that this is circular.

-I love it.
-[Heather] How funny is this?

Hello! [laughs]

-[Heather] What's going on up there?
-I wanted to see if it echoed. [laughs]

Oh, it's hollow.

[Emma] You can get in it.

-Yeah, we… Oh, no.
-It's like a cocoon.

Wait, let me take a picture.

See, this I will get a picture of.

-The ledge of a pool? No.
-Stay up there!

This is perfect.

[Emma] I love it.

-[Chrishell] Shall we move on?
-[Emma] Shall we see the rest?

[both] Yes.

[upbeat music playing]

-[Heather] Think they went skinny-dipping?
-[Emma] A hundred percent.

-[Chrishell] He was on his honeymoon.
-[Heather] True.

I'm trying to think if I know anyone
that'd want this house. It's dope.

I really like it though.

[Heather] We're flipping houses
out in Palm Springs,

but I don't have any buyers for, what…

-What is this, 5.4?
-It's 5.65.


[Chrishell] Is it heated, Emma?

-It's like a hot tub. Yes, it's heated.

[Heather] I'll take your word for it.

[Bre] I love how this is
kind of like a point though.

That's nice.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind
skinny-dipping in this pool right now.

No one can see
over those mountains, right? [giggles]

We should have brought our bikinis.

Right? We could have had
our bikini pool days here.

I bet he would have been fine with it.

♪ It's just what I needed ♪

["What I Needed" by Kat Leon playing]

♪ I still can't believe it ♪

This is so beautiful.
How are you, darling?

-[Mary] Good.
-Sorry to keep you waiting.

Oh, that's okay.

-Would you like a margarita?
-[Chelsea] I would love a margarita.

Is it spicy?

It is. It might be
a little too spicy, so let me know.

It's typical me.

-I tried to water it--
-No such thing as too spicy, says you.

You told me that.

Well, I kept trying
to go down, like, a lot.

I, like, halved it.


♪ Ooh ♪

♪ You're looking real nice, real nice ♪

-[Chelsea] Hi, babe.
-[Nicole] Hi.

-[Mary] Hi.
-[Chelsea] That was a long business call.

[Nicole] Well, had it been
a business call, it would have, yes.

But it wasn't. I left for a little bit.

To take a drug test.

-A what?
-[Chelsea] A what?

-A full-panel drug test.
-[Chelsea] What?

Uh, wh-- Why would you do that?

Those were very severe
and extremely damaging accusations.

-Even though they are 1,000% false.
-Let me see that, Mary.

-And no one believes it.
-Let me validate this piece of paper

because I don't believe
you spent two hours on your vacation

to go and take a drug test.

Sadly, I did.

Uh, never have I ever
taken a voluntary drug test,

particularly on a girls' trip

while hung over.

Where did you find a drug test
in the middle of the desert?

My wonderful husband
actually found it for me.

And I made an appointment last night.

I'll have the results in 24 to 48 hours.

They take it very seriously.

You gotta put your stuff
in a locked container.

They've got a--

They gotta make sure you didn't
come with another can of piss.

She was very confused why I was there.

I'm hoping you didn't tell her the story.
Just be like--

-Oh, I did.
-[Chelsea] Oh.

If I was Nicole
and someone called me a druggie,

I would've let it roll and kept
my day moving because I don't do drugs.


Babe, I told everybody that you don't
and haven't ever done anything.

-[Nicole] I know.
-And I made it very clear.

Everybody knows that, including her,

but my professional reputation
is not something I mess around with.

[Chelsea] Right.

-That's fair.
-And that's a really, really big deal.

-The damage is in the accusation.

And this is a…

mic drop.

And I'm not saying that,
you know, like a "fuck you."

-But it's like a "Hey. Let's…"

[Mary] Squash it.

And that's the last time
that you'll ever be accused of that.

[Nicole] Yes.

Last time anybody will ever be accused
of anything like that in our office.

Listen, as you guys hopefully know
by now, I'm a real big fan of facts.

-Haven't noticed.
-[Nicole] Yeah.

Don't think anybody thought you're on
drugs, don't think Chrishell thinks so.

-I know she knows I'm not.
-It was a tit-for-tat type of comment.

She's not a crazy person.
She doesn't just lash out.

-I've never seen that.
-Me neither.

I've known her a year.
You've known her longer.

Even with Christine,
she never lashed out like that.

Never seen that, so, how do you want to
approach your relationship with Chrishell?

I don't-- I don't think
there is a relationship.

That's fair.

[Nicole] There's nothing to pursue.

So just moving on like a normal day.

Okay. Then let's just try
to have a good night,

um, and what do you plan to do,
Nicole, when you get the results?

Once I get the results…

Let me consult with my attorney first.

[Chelsea] Your attorney? Why do you need
to consult with your attorney?

Well, defamation of character,
slander, I don't know.

You're gonna sue Chrishell
for defamation of character?

Oh shit, this is going…

Now it's going way,
way out of fucking control again.

No, no, no.

So that's why it doesn't need… Listen.

If that doesn't end…

[Mary] I'm not doing this.


I didn't want that to go that way,
but oh God.


Let's not go there. Let's not make this
a bigger issue than it needs to be.

-I know.
-Going there.

But I also need to protect myself,
and that's what this is.

Wha-- what protection do you need?

You know I'm friends with Chrishell.
I don't wanna hear that.

That puts me in an uncomfortable position.

Is that information
you want me to conceal?

Listen, I did this without anyone--

You can handle your personal affairs
however you choose to,

with whomever you choose to.

I just… [sighs]

I'm hot. I'm going to cool off.

Can we just go back 30 seconds?
I didn't want to know that.

Didn't want to hear it.
[makes whirring sound]

♪ Coming in hot ♪

♪ I'm coming in hot ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

[Heather] Since you weren't here,
I want to give you a heads-up

before you get bombarded with
any conversations you're not expecting,

but you were brought up last night
at dinner. Nothing like bad-bad.

Chelsea brought up that
she still was just a little… unsure,

because she doesn't agree with
your relationship and your situation.

This is déjà vu.
I feel like every day, all day,

someone's telling me
Chelsea's talking about me.

Maybe she needs a hobby.

I expressed that you were upset that she
brought up your situation in the office,

and she said that you were
emotional about the situation.

I said that's something that was a private
conversation between you and her.

-And not to be brought up.

Then she said,
"Well, it was public knowledge."

I'm like, "The situation was public,
but not how Bre felt in that moment."

-"That wasn't public."

"That was private."

She said, "How'd she find out?"
"I told her."

-I tell facts.

Yeah, I'm getting really tired
of Chelsea talking about my situation.

I mean, talk about Nicole
having a hard-on for Chrishell,

-Chelsea obviously has a hard-on for me.

Like, why are you so involved
in who I sleep with?

Why is that any of your business?

This is my child's father.
This is my family you're talking about.

You keep going for the one thing
that's off-limits.

-Want me to talk about your family?

-That's like--
-Your man or kids? It's unacceptable.

If anyone brings up my kids or my family
or my man, right away, mama bear.

-Yeah, like, what…
-Mama bear.

You don't accept him,
you don't accept my kid,

which now I'm really not gonna
fuck with you if you go that route.

-Like, you have no fucking right.

Because of your situation
doesn't define who you are as a person.

It doesn't.

It's like she's saying, "I wanna get
to know her but I don't accept her."

Exactly. You can throw
your accent on it and it doesn't change

that you're targeting
my man and my family.

How many times are you gonna
keep coming for me before I bite?

Enough is enough.

[hip-hop music playing]

[Chelsea] Hey, we've both got lace-ups on.

-[Mary] Yeah!

-[Nicole] Hello, ladies.
-[Chelsea] Hi.

-Hey. Look at you.

-You had the same color in mind as me.

We're like a pumpkin Oreo.

A Halloween Oreo. There we go.

-I like it.
-Boom. We didn't plan this.

"Orange" you glad I came?



Oh, hi.


[Chelsea] You just made it! Oh my God.

I finally made it.

A little bit late,
but better late than never.

Let's go have some fun.

You made it just in time.

[Amanza] Oh, God. What happened?
Good stuff or bad stuff?

We'll soon find out which… [chuckles]

With the heart in the braid!

Some people wear their heart
on their sleeve, I wear mine on my head.


-Always a little off.
-Thinking love all the time.

-I missed you. I'm so happy you're here.

-Are we going to eat soon? I'm starving.
-We're going to dinner.

♪ Wild's the word
These old walls are breaking ♪


-It smells like horses. Do you smell them?
-Who made these floors?

-[Chelsea] Hi!
-[Heather] Hello!

She's finally arrived.

-[indistinct chatter]
-I'm falling on you! Oh my gosh.

-Good to see you.

Oh! Look at that watch.

Thank you. It was my push present.

[Amanza] I'll take it.

-Holy gorgeous.
-Thank you.

♪ I do my thing ♪

["Get Wild" by Prty Animal playing]

♪ I do my thing ♪

♪ I do my thing ♪

This is nice.

[Heather] It's very pretty.

-[Nicole] Hi.

Right here?

[Chelsea] We can save these for Chrishell.

[Heather] Over here? Okay.

And Emma.

[server] Can I get you
started with a drink?

-[Nicole] How's the Hot To Trot?

That one's going to be made
with the mescal itself.

-Love it. Two of those?

-[Amanza] I'll have it with tequila.
-Yeah. For yourself?

-[Heather] Plain water.

-[Mary] Plain water?
-Still water, is that okay?

Yeah. Still water.

And then can I please do
the Ginger Kicker?

-[server] Of course.
-Is anyone else drinking or just me?

-Yeah. They are.

-What are you guys drinking?

-[server] Wanna do that?

[server] Okay. Perfect.

Amanza, you wanna know what happened,
or should we not talk about it?

I wanna know.
Just to be on the same page as everybody.

-Somebody's out.
-It is not peaceful anymore.

Oh, no.

Apparently I'm a drug addict
and a cokehead.


No, honey, a crackhead.

Is that not the same thing?

-So I went and got a drug test today.

I'm sorry, you got a drug test today?

-[Nicole] Yeah.

But why did she say she was on crack?

She was saying things that
Chrishell was feeling threatened by.

-It was a lot of things back and forth.
-There was a lot going back and forth.

Those kinds of comments are very hurtful.

-[scoffs] It's-- It's damaging.
-That's a strong accusation.

That's the fucked up part. It's like…

Proving it doesn't really matter
because the accusation is…

The damage is there, you know?

I love you both.
That's what makes me so sad, is like…

My children call you Aunt Nicole.
Auntie Nicole and Auntie Chrishell.

This isn't something that's, like…

That any of us want to see.

It's not easy for the group,
you know? It's not.

But anyways, where's the girls?
Where are they? [chuckles]

Where are Chrishell and Emma?
I'm gonna text her. I'm gonna text them.

Well, hopefully they're gonna hurry.

[clears throat]

[Emma] Cute, let's just
go to the pool, right there.

♪ Ooh, la-la ♪

-[Bre] You look great.

-It was worth the wait.

[Heather] Oh my God, your hair.

I took a hair vitamin, you guys. [laughs]

-[Bre] Really?
-[Emma] Hi!

-Ooh, look at you.

-[Amanza] Hi.
-[Emma] Hi.

I'm going to get a margarita. Okay.

The party has arrived!

Did you guys drink before you came?

-We did.
-[Heather] Okay.

Margaritas. Ooh, ooh!

How's everything going?

Is everything good?

I mean, yeah, I'm good,
but I spoke with Heather today and…

What are you hearing?

That you keep bringing up
that you don't accept my situation

and you're not okay
with… my child and my baby father.

[tense music playing]

I think "accept" is a strong word.

"Don't resonate with,"
"don't understand," is a different…

"Don't agree" is a different word.

You don't need to agree with
my situation. This is my situation.

I'm allowed to voice
my opinion on something.

Are you? Is it necessary?

I'm not the only one
that doesn't understand the situation,

but I'm the only one that's openly said,
"I don't understand the situation."

If you don't agree with her situation,

you're still learning about it,
understand it or agree, you said.


Does that matter about how you feel
about Bre, or wanting to get to know her?

Or if that's your stance on it,
then why even try to get to know her then?

So what did you say, Heather?

The thing you just told her
is the thing I told her.

-[Chelsea] So was… Did I…
-Exact thing.

I don't want to be accused
of trying to stir the pot.

-I don't do that.
-[Chelsea] Tell us.

Have I told you anything
that she told you different?

-Then what's the issue?

Hold on.

The issue is, why is it necessary
for you to voice an opinion on my family?

I wouldn't talk about yours.

-It's public. Everyone talks about it.
-Hold on. Can I interject?

In the office, you said
that Nick was a master manipulator.

[tense music playing]

[Chelsea] I don't want
to be fake to y'all.

Like, I don't want
to sit here and be like,

"Oh my gosh, I'm your biggest champion,"
because I don't understand it.

And when I don't understand something,
I take a step back.

So, I mean, just keep that role then.

-If you wanna stay there, stay there.
-That's fine.

I'm not gonna have people in this office
talk about my family. I'm not.

-[Chelsea] Let's set that precedent.
-[Bre] I'm setting it with everyone.

I apologize for talking
about your situation.

We won't mention
any time Nick has another baby.

Good luck. He may have 85 more.
I don't give a fuck.

[Bre] I'm tired of her being a snake.

I'm not going to accept her apology.
It's bullshit. It's not authentic.

Nothing out of her mouth is authentic.
She doesn't mean anything.

She tries to chameleon to every situation,

and because she couldn't get
everyone to dislike me with her,

she now has to apologize.

I thought we were cool.

Then I turn around and hear
something else and I'm like…

I didn't say we're not cool, sweetheart.
I just said that--

Don't "sweetheart" me.

[Chelsea] I'm still getting to know you.
That's all I said.

We all work together,
but we don't all have to be super close.

This is not the Girl Scouts.

Unless we say The Oppenheim Group's
a family, we're not. We're co-workers.

We actually were a fucking family.

-Family's a strong word.
-[Amanza] You know what?

I don't have a family.
And The O Group was always my family.

It's a very incestual family.

-I haven't fucked Jason.
-Me neither.

[Heather] Me neither.

[tense music playing]

He paid the down payment on the house,
so my kids can have their own bedrooms

and I can have my own bedroom.
That's family.

-[Heather] Yeah.
-I'm just saying I'm not family.

Oh my God, I don't give a fuck
if Bre has nine baby daddies.

I don't give a fuck if Bre's baby daddy…

Thank you.

…has 34 baby mamas.


Chrishell is dating someone
who is non-binary.

A lot of people don't understand it.

We fucking love Chrishell.

Shall I really unpack
why I think it's different?

I am a very big proponent
on non-conventional relationship.

So why does my relationship
upset you so much?

For me, I see you as beautiful, smart.
I see you as very sassy and savvy.

And then I see

multiple kids being born into

a situation that means that…

Unfortunately, a lot of people
don't have fathers.

They don't have
someone they see frequently.

And I see you in a situation
where it's like, "Damn."

Like, "There's so many kids here."

This is a little bit unfair.

-That's how I feel.
-To whom?

To the kids.

Who are you to make that decision?

I'm not saying… I'm not making a decision.
I'm saying, this is how I feel.

It is unfair, but it's not any more unfair

than me having two kids
by the same dad and he's gone.

It is not, but that wasn't a choice.
That wasn't a choice.

Her kid is better off than my kid.

-I got married, the "right" thing.
-[Bre] Who says it's a choice?

That wasn't a choice.
You planned the situation.

So the kids that he has after,
not my choice.

That has nothing to do with me.

That's his decision on his own.

Like I said.

-You're talking about my family.
-Okay, well--

You're sitting like, "It's fucking cool."
It's not fucking cool.

[tense music playing]

-I don't--
-[Bre] Enough is enough.

Don't like me, fuck it. Don't give a fuck.

And I don't have to succumb
to your acceptance of my relationship.

-I didn't say you had to.
-I get to do what I want.

You shouldn't care
what my relationship is.

I'm not stealing your fucking husband.

I'm not doing X, Y, and Z,
I'm not hurting you in any way.


I'm done. I want to go home.

-I'm gonna go. Yes.
-[Bre] All right.

♪ I was born for this, I was born for ♪

♪ I was born for this ♪

♪ I was born for this ♪

♪ I was born for ♪

♪ I was born for this ♪

[Chelsea] I'm still getting to know her.

I will speak on the things that
I know are public, and that's what I did.

I spoke on the things
that were everywhere.


-I'm not a drama starter.

I'm not trying to stir anything up.
I don't wanna rile you up for no reason.

I want everyone to get along,

but I'm gonna tell facts.
I'm gonna tell the truth.

And I don't appreciate…
Saying that I'm a liar,

I didn't reiterate things
to you correctly.

I think she's full of shit.

I understand the whole world
is so concerned with my relationship,

and you're just another person, fine.

-But mind your fucking business then.

All I'm saying is respect me.

Don't talk about my business.

If you're going to,
we're gonna have a problem.

You're not allowed
to tell me how I should feel,

you can't tell me
what I should do with my fucking life.

Fuck you.

You don't like it, stay in Manhattan.

Do you feel you can move forward
with any type of friendship?

-No. So you're done.
-No. I'm done. Bitch, bye.

["Born For This" by CRMNL playing]

♪ Born for this ♪

♪ When I was young
I climbed up too high ♪

♪ Just to touch the sun ♪

♪ On my mission
No prescription ♪

♪ Shoot for number one ♪

♪ Start a riot
Won't keep quiet ♪

♪ I'm a ride or die ♪