Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Miss Management - full transcript

Bre shows houses to a celebrity client looking for a fabulous family home, while renovation delays and office squabbling amp up Mary's anxiety levels.

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["Get It" by Luna Wilde playing]

♪ Gotta get up and get it now ♪

♪ You gotta get up ♪

♪ Gotta get up and get it now ♪

-♪ Gotta get up ♪
-♪ Gotta get up and get it now ♪

-[Chrishell] Hello!
-Hi there.

-[Jonathan] Welcome.
-[gasps, chuckles] Hello!

This looks just like my puppy, Gracie.

-This is Pixie.

-How are you?
-Nice to meet you.

-You too!

In Encino, the luxury market
normally goes for people that are celebs

that want to be a little
removed from the scene.

If you cross over
to Encino from Beverly Hills,

one, it's not as far as people think,

and also, you are gonna get
a lot more space,

a lot more bang for your buck

that sometimes you don't get
in a zip code like 90210.

So welcome.
So we're, like, 7,000 square foot,

seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms,
and best views in Encino.

[Chrishell] Absolutely gorgeous.

How long did you guys
work on this property?

We bought this for a little over
$4 million, 12 months ago.

We put a million into it.

We're listed at 7.895.

I have someone in this price point,

um, but just curious
if you have any room on the price.

-Bring them by. We'll talk numbers.

Enjoy the house, the view.
If you have questions, let us know.

-Thank you. Thank you, Pixie!
-[Dougal] Cheers.

-I'll send Pixie after you.

[pop music playing]

Thank you.

-I'm old and you're pregnant.
-I know. We gotta help each other.

Well, don't you two look cute!

She's escorting me in because, you know.

-I love it!
-You can't see your feet right now.

-How are you?
-[Heather] Hi, gorgeous!

You guys look so beautiful!

-You too, darlin'. So pretty.
-You too! You're tiny.

I feel like when, like,
a monkey bucket, like the bucket…

You know, like, when a circus person,
they have… That's what it feels like.

It's like pants, like…

-This is a long seam.
-Or like a clown.

Are you done talking about your crotch?

-Yes, maybe.
-You have a long crotch.

-Well, I hope not!
-The night is young.

[chuckling] Okay.

-Super pretty!
-I live close to Encino.

But these aren't the houses
you think of when you think of Encino.

I love this view. Isn't that beautiful?

[Heather] So pretty and peaceful here.

-[Chrishell] Hello.
-[Amanza] Makes you feel so rich.


-[Amanza] One day.
-[Chrishell] This is a really pretty view.

[pop music playing]

[Amanza] I'm excited to see the primary.

[Chrishell] Let's go.
My favorite room in the house.

-[Amanza] Obviously.
-[Heather] Come on, Mama. [laughs]

[Heather] Oh, it's pretty! High ceilings.

-This is cedar planking, $10 a foot.
-[Heather] Beautiful.

-Wow, okay.
-So that's why.

-[Heather] I love the flooring, very warm.
-[Amanza] Very California modern.

-[Heather] Wow!
-[Chrishell] Look at this shower!

You could fit how many people in here?

You could do a whole
song and dance in here.

Oh my gosh!

♪ The hills are alive ♪

[Heather] Is that what it said?
"I licked it, so it's mine"?

[Amanza] I'll lick the floor
if I can have this place.

[Heather] Infinity pool. Beautiful.

Okay. Can we sit for a sec?
Take a load off?

Your birthday was fun.
Did you have a good birthday?

-[Heather] I loved it!
-I saw all the pictures.

Yeah, and we missed you.

Chelsea and Bre,
we went out a little bit after,

and we all bonded and were
just girl talking. It was nice.

Chelsea came and told us
all about it afterwards.

I mean, I think it was more--

-She had concerns.
-Wait, what?

I guess that night, is when some news
broke about Bre's baby daddy, Nick,

having another baby with someone.

Chelsea was saying that maybe Bre seemed
put off or emotional by the situation,

that she maybe didn't know about this.

She said that to whom?

[both] The whole office.

I don't know what she was aiming
to accomplish at the office,

but I definitely feel like
she's going about it all the wrong way,

because obviously Bre
is sensitive about a very personal topic.

She was, you know, really emotional.

It felt like, to me,
Chelsea was concerned that

Bre's baby's gonna have
an absent father now or something,

and then low-key blames Bre
and, like, Nick, or whatever.

And I think because Chelsea's situation,

she has a great husband,
she's still married,

two kids, a supportive husband…

Not everybody gets
that picture-perfect household.

As somebody that had, at one point,
considered, you know, using a donor,

there's not a big difference between
knowing and not knowing your donor.

Not a big difference
in marrying your donor and then--

But that's what I'm saying, so…

-At the end of the day…
-There's many ways to have a family.

She's signing up for it.
Like, "This is what I want."

-And she's happy!
-Being honest about it.

And Nick sounds like an awesome dad.

But Chelsea said that…
uh, Nick was a master manipulator.

I felt like, you know,
like that was very rude and uncalled for,

and she's a strong woman.

I don't really know
if Nick is a master manipulator.

It sounds like
he and Bre are on the same page.

I would call him
more of a master ejaculator.


As someone who is a single mom,
I actually have empathy for the girl.

And I think it's just,
like, not fair to judge that.

And it doesn't need
to make sense to anybody else.

That's why I'm not
adding to the conversation.

Even hearing how Bre feels, if she chooses
to share something, she chooses to share.

I don't know.
I did tell her… I like Chelsea…

I've-- I've always got along with her,
so I don't know,

but maybe they might not hit it off.

It's okay if people don't.

-Yeah, you don't have to like everybody.

Uh, I think we established that.


♪ I'm the joker, I'm the devil ♪

♪ I'm a demon, I'm a rebel ♪

♪ I've gone mad ♪

♪ Don't try to understand ♪

♪ Now I fight with dirty hands ♪

["Hello, Beautiful" by Foxxi playing]

♪ You look gorgeous
In the paper ♪

♪ So fire keep impressin'
All the neighbors ♪

♪ Comin' up
You don't need an elevator ♪

♪ Big bang bang bang like a crater ♪

♪ You da best in the room
Ya super fine ♪

♪ And you never really stop
When u see the signs ♪

♪ Even when it rains you bring the shine ♪

♪ Like every time ♪

[Bre] Today, I'm meeting
with my client and friend Telli.

She's in a relationship with
Deontay Wilder, an amazing boxer.

He's held the title for the last six years
for heavyweight champion,

and they are the most badass couple.

I'm gonna help them find the perfect home
for them and their eight kids.

♪ Look sweet ya you pretty as a picture ♪

♪ FoXXi feelin’ better when I’m witcha ♪

Hi! How are you?

-You look so cute!
-You too.

-This view is amazing.
-I love the fit.

Thanks, girl. You too.

♪ Hello, beautiful! ♪

[Bre] So this house is 33 million.
It's six bedrooms, eight baths,

and 14,000 square feet.

It's sexy and fun.

I cannot wait for you to see this.


This view.

[Telli] Oh! These views. Oh my goodness.

[Bre] And this is a two-layer
glass-bottom pool,

which is extremely rare in LA.

-What do you think?
-Girl, I love the pool.

-Oh, God.
-Like, I'm sold on the pool.

Now we have to show you this kitchen.

I mean, I know we don't cook,
but for the chef--

-I do cook! I do.

Yes! I cook, I clean.
I do all the stuff still, girl.

[Bre] That's why you got that ring.

What I love about this kitchen
is it has a full herb garden.

I've never seen that before.

And the Hibachi grill, it's fully packed
for either the chef or entertaining.

I love the colors. He's the Bronze Bomber.
So the bronze is coming in.

-The black and gold.
-[Bre] Oh my God! You're so right!

-This is a $15,000 coffee maker.
-Oh, wow.

Apparently it's like,
the best coffee you'll ever have.

-This is solely for the coffee?
-Yeah. Just a coffee maker.

-Also, this at night is insane.

[Telli] I can't even imagine at night.

[Bre] I think you should bring back hubby
and have a twilight viewing.

[Telli] Let's make it happen.

Now, I need to show you
the entertaining area.

It is unbelievable.

♪ What a conundrum
I've got the move… ♪

-[Telli] Oh my gosh!
-[Bre] Twenty-five-foot screen.

There is 40 surround-sound speakers.

I love the gold. I love color.

I love, like, the pop of purple in here.

[Bre] This is one of those sensory
deprivation floating tanks.

-[Telli] I love it.
-[Bre] Which are amazing.

Sensory D. And we'll know what
the D is, and not that type of D.

Not that kind of D.

-But it's a good D.
-[Telli] Right.

♪ I like it ♪

-[Bre] Ooh! Fancy!
-Automatic door.

-Girl, it's like a resort in here.

So we have the cold plunge,
which will be great for him.

-Oh, yes.
-Full fitness, we have the infrared sauna.

And then, in here, girl,
we have a full yoga room.

-[Telli] I love this!
-[Bre] With all live plants.

I wanted to touch, make sure it was real.

-Are they? I was told they're real.
-They are.

It smells very planty.

[Bre] Well, we got some fresh oxygen.

[Telli] Yes, absolutely.

♪ Put your hands on your hips, let's go… ♪

[Bre] This is the entertaining area.

These are all TV screens.
So you can turn that on.

-[Telli] Amazing, girl.
-[Bre] Look at this.

[Telli] I love how everything
is clean and discreet.

-And black.
-Exactly. And black, the way I love it.

So there was actually two pools.
That's why it looks like it was so deep.

The illusion's everything.

Can you imagine everyone's here partying,
and you can swim naked across the top?

[Telli] Absolutely. I love that.

How are we feeling?

-I love it.

So, numbers, let's talk.

So as I told you, it is at 33.

I feel like if we do cash,
obviously I'd want it at a lower rate.

Maybe like 26, 27 cash
would be negotiable.

[Bre] That's a strong offer.

This is definitely
a hot property on the market,

and, you know me,
I'm a shark. I'll do my best.

A cash offer is… is really strong.

I have a good relationship with the agent.

I think we can
definitely work something out.

-We'll get you the best deal possible.

It's definitely… Cash changes everything.

Absolutely. Sounds good.

I'm so happy for you.

♪ Let's go, girl ♪

[hip-hop music playing]

♪ Let's go, girl ♪

♪ We've got strength
We've got moves ♪

♪ Let's go, girl ♪

♪ We are the best
We never lose ♪

♪ Let's go, girl ♪

-[Chelsea] I love this restaurant.
-[Jeff] Beautiful.

-Ooh! I am ready to eat.
-[Jeff] Home away from home. Love it here.

We came here after my pre-op
for my first boob job.

Oh my God. That's right.

Welcome to Crustacean.

May I interest you
with something from the bar?

He will take a Macallan 13?

-[Jeff chuckles]

I think? 29?

-The best Macallan. The most expensive.

-A 15 neat is fine.
-Yes, sir. And for the lady?

I will take a Daughter of the Dragon.

[server] Lovely. Coming right up.

-Take your time.
-Thank you.

By the way, you should've seen
Melia at the dropoff.

-How was she?
-She literally sprints to her class now.

-Are you joking?
-This girl is on week three, preschool.

-She cannot get into her classroom…
-Are you joking?

…fast enough.

-Can you believe it?


-I wanna cry.
-That makes me happy and sad.

I can cry talking about it.

Here's a popular appetizer at Crustacean.

-Tuna cigars in a stunning presentation.

Wrapped like a cigar
with fresh smoke of cherry muscat wood.

Enjoy it with your hands.
Start with the caviar.

[Jeff] Delicious.


I still cannot believe

everything that took place
at my broker's open for The Strand.

Did you confront them about it?

I did speak with Chrishell.

Only heard her side of the story,
but the way I understood it

was she felt, like, backed into a corner.

She would never come
to my open house with those intentions.

It's just not her personality.

Now, I don't know Nicole so well, so I do
want to, um, hear her side of the story

so I can make a judgment
on whether this is a friendship I want.

Always two sides to a story.

[Chelsea] So with Nicole, I do think
it's important to have the discussion.

I don't want that to reoccur.

That's the kind of stuff that,
you know, the business manager and J…

I don't know who is responsible

within the construct
of your office to address that.

Or take it upon yourself.

You have a gift.
You have a knack for seeing things

that maybe other people don't.

And I think it has to do with
that ability to just override emotions,

see things for what they are
in the moment.

Very few people can do that.

So I'm like a stoic bitch?

A little bit.

I wanna be a bad bitch. Am I a bad bitch?

-You're a bad bitch.
-And a stoic bitch?

-That bitch?
-Bad stoic bitch.

-And your bitch?
-And my bitch.

You're a bad, stoic…



-Thank you.
-Cheers, love.

Can we go home and have sex now?
I'm sorry. Was that…


[hip-hop music playing]

[Romain speaking French]

-You good?
-That's the one you send me after.

-Hey, baby.
-[Romain] Hey, baby.

[Mary] Romain is the project manager
for the penthouses,

and there is so much work
that's involved in it.

Uh, and Jason wants to get these
on the market in three weeks.

How's it going?

Looks like there's a lot to do.

[Romain] Yeah.



What is that?

[tense music plays]

[Mary] This is two different colors.

Jason is going to freak out.

[Romain] The sun is bleaching the wood.

Just because it was covered.
Relax, it's not gonna… Nothing.

We just need to wait
about a week, week and a half,

and everything is
going to be the same color.

Well, no.

Won't it continue to bleach that part?
Should you cover that part now?

No. This part is going to stay like this.

You can--
At some point you can get lower.

You're going to see, okay?

When Jason sees that, he's gonna flip out.

-No. I'll tell him the same things.
-I think he will.

[Mary] How're we gonna get done
on Jason's timeline?

Jason put $10 million
into these penthouses,

and he is bleeding money.

So there's a lot of pressure, um,
for me to get these penthouses finished,

on the market and sold.

We still have some issues
about the windows.

Because the HOA hasn't approved it yet.

When do you find out?

You know, we're waiting for them
to have a meeting and to figure it out.

That's going to delay everything.

Romain and I are stuck
in between a rock and a hard place

because these windows were installed

before the new city regulations
got put in place.

So the easiest fix
is just to tint the windows,

but we can't do that without HOA approval.

That's what we're trying to figure out.
How low can we go with the tint…

And with still be okay
for the energy efficiency…

[Mary] Yeah.

[Romain] And also
be low enough for the HOA.

Because them it's about the aesthetic
of the building from the outside.

I mean, no one is looking up
at the very top of the building!

-They're not even gonna notice it.

But from the inside, this is gonna
raise the prices for all of the building.

And if they don't approve it,
then it's going to cost us, like,

a quarter million dollars to replace.


-Oh my God.
-[Romain] Yeah.

-Plus, we're gonna have to use a crane.

Which is $1,000 an hour, to come,
to crane all the glass up.

Of course.

-What a nightmare.
-[Romain] It is.

[tense music playing]

-Jason's going to freak.
-[Romain] I know.

Managing flips is not
my area of expertise,

and it is stressing me out.

This all looks impossible
to finish before the deadline.

Plus, I'm working with my husband,
which is also a little bit stressful. Um…

I just don't want business
and these projects

to come in between our relationship.

Well, by the time Jason comes back,

I really need them to have an answer
so we have some sort of good news.

-I would love--
-Well, that would be amazing.

But it's out of my control, unfortunately.

[Mary] It's just becoming too much.

Dealing with Jason's penthouses,

my own clients,
Chrishell and Nicole's drama,

and just all the other bullshit…

I'm over it.

It just worries me.

[dramatic pop music playing]

♪ I live for the real… ♪

["Confetti" by Laurell playing]

♪ I love this dress
Feeling this fresh… ♪

[Nicole] Beautiful. Thank you so much.

-[barista] Enjoy! Cheers.
-[Nicole] Thank you.

♪ Riding this adrenaline ♪

♪ On the up and up
I'm just getting started ♪

♪ You ain't ready
'Cause I'm feeling confetti ♪

-Hi! Hi, babe! How are you?
-Hello! Look at you!

-Nice to see you.
-Good to see you.


You uh, just need to give me
a big high-five for this outfit.

You look amazing.

Well, I didn't really
think through it because

apparently runway is not meant
to be worn other than runway.

-It's more of a standing-up--
-How am I going to sit down?

I mean…

You got it! Just… Yeah! There you go.

Some outfits are standing outfits.

-I got you coffee.
-[Chelsea] Thank you, darling.

Cheers to being great agents

before we get onto
the craziness that's been going on.

Done. Cheers.

-Is this bad luck to cheers?

-I don't care, girl.

[tense music playing]

So, ultimately, girl, like…

-I like to lead with transparency.
-So do I.

When I met you,
you were so astute and professional.

So I was taken aback
by your behavior at my broker's open.

That's unprofessional.

[tense music continues]

If you guys want to have a WWE fight
outside of my broker's open…

-Not exactly, but I'd win. Okay.
-I wouldn't insert myself.

It disrupted from the energy
of my broker's open,

which is why I say it wasn't
the right time, nor the right place.


First and foremost, and most importantly,

I offer my sincerest apologies that
that happened at your broker's open,

particularly when your client was there.

And that's not something
that should have ever happened.

First and foremost,
I want to say thank you for that apology.

Can I ask you, post-broker's open,

have you had conversations with Mary
with regards to how she handled things?

I… I have.

Uh, it was just the two of us, and…

-So what was discussed?
-She ran away.

She couldn't even
have the conversation, so…

She didn't want to have
a conversation at all?

At all.

She, like, physically left.

It was just, you know,

"I don't want to deal with this,
this can't happen while Jason's gone."

And it was just a stress thing,
and she couldn't handle it.

Even I was a bit surprised
by that… reaction.

So you're saying you went to your manager

to have a conversation
about an issue that happened,

and she completely dismissed it
and left the conversation?


Basically, yeah.

[Nicole] I've been friends
with Mary for almost a decade.

Not that I'm looking
for favors from a friend,

but because of her unwillingness
to handle conflict,

I think it actually makes it worse,
not just for her but for everyone.

I'll say this, it's not a position
I would have ever put her in.

It's not a position I ever saw her in.

Frankly, I don't think it's a position
she necessarily wants to be in.

Then step down, right?


["U Do U" by Bubble Club! playing]

♪ Ride in your lane, ride in your lane ♪

♪ Cross every line on your highway ♪

♪ X's and O's
Hang up your chains ♪

♪ Early in the day ♪

♪ Come on and try it ♪

♪ Come on and try it ♪

♪ Come on and try it ♪

Emma, are they straight?
Can you see underboob?

-Not enough.

You should have done a pony today.

I should've done a pony.
Would've been cute in this outfit.

I love a good pony whip.

Good morning!

-I didn't pick up the phone. So…
-[Emma] Good morning!

[Amanza] Braker came
into the living room the other day like,

-"You look so beautiful, Mama."

"You're way too pretty to just be sitting
in the house all day." And I'm like--

"What do you want?"

And I was like, "How much?"

Because he always wants money
to buy, like, Roblox, whatever it is.

That's what I'll do. I'm gonna train him
to be my hype man. [laughs]

That works.

My son's like, "Mama, I like your hair."
This is when I had blonde hair.

I'm like, "Maddox,
do you prefer blonde or black?"

He's like, "I like the blonde."

Then the next day, I was like, "Maddox,

when your friends ask you what color
Mama's hair is, what are you gonna say?"

He's like, "I'm gonna
tell them she wears a wig."


[Emma] Phew!

So, what does everyone have going on?

-I love that little whip-around.

I actually just went and saw a property
on Londonderry with my client.

-The one for 33 million?

I literally just toured that
with buyers of mine.

-Well, do they like it?
-They love it!

-Uh-oh. [laughs]

I'm like, "Oh shit!"

-Great for the brokerage!
-Emma's like, "Not so great for me!"

I'm like, hold on!

Well, he's a boxer,
so Deontay Wilder and his family.

So this was really suitable for him
as he doesn't have to leave.

Yeah, it's a very sexy house.

Yeah, it's very sexy.
But do you have interest?

Because they seemed really interested.

My client wants to put
an offer for 27 million cash.

Yeah, they really like the house.

They did want to be under 30.

They do want to be under 30?

I mean, what's three million?

But I think he was just deciding
if he wanted to sell his property first.

Damn it. Bre's offer is really good.

All cash?

But I'm always down
for a little friendly competition.

And we're going to set up a twilight.
So let me know where you're at. So…

Yeah, no. So you're showing them again.

-[Emma] I actually did the reverse.

-I did the twilight. He wants to go back.

We're going to do the day.
So we're doing reverse on that.

Well, we'll see. We'll see what happens.

I'm competitive,
but I'm also, like, lazy-competitive,

because I'm so confident in myself

that I don't stress myself out,
I just know I win every time.

[Emma] Oh, hello!

-Hi, guys!
-[Emma] You look so cute!

Thank you.

How are you?
What's been going on with you guys?

Just busy. Bre and I both showed
our clients Londonderry for 33 million.

Oh, no way!

So we could potentially have
a nice deal come through The O Group.

-So may the odds be ever in your favor.

-Yeah, right?
-[Emma] Perfect.

Aw, that's awesome.

Yeah, any other updates
for Mary from you girls?

Uh, yes, so I have an offer
on my 15th Street listing.

It's listed at 3.950. My offer is at 3.6.

I think this is a good starting point,
so I feel like

we will be able to have
a meeting of the minds,

and I think we'll get there with
this buyer. So I'm excited about that.

Well, then, yeah,
then it is a good starting point.

Good for you.

I want to give you an update
on my Strand property.

So, you know, we listed it at 22.

Really, really aggressive price.

We have two offers,
19 million and 20 million, respectively.

-But the problem is,

my client had 27 in her head.

She thinks you're underpricing it.

She thinks I'm underpricing it.
I've shown her the comps.

She just doesn't want
to let it go for that price.

And both offers, those are best and final?

Best and final.

-That's unfortunate.
-[Chelsea] It's sad.

But she has mentioned to me
maybe we lease it.

So I do have somebody
that wants to lease it

at 50 grand a month for six months.

But that's not a very good return
on the 22 million house.

Yeah, it is actually.

-That really kind of sucks for--

I mean, she's stoked.
No, she's really happy.

Well, it seems very low.

The price for one month of the lease
pays her entire property taxes.

[Mary] I mean, clearly,
for 22 million, 50 grand is not--

Yeah, 50 to 55 grand.

That's the lease prices on The Strand.

-[Nicole] No.
-[Chelsea] Yeah.

-Seems like a deal.

So it's typically
5,000 per million for a lease.

So this price just seems really low.

I've done the comps. Over the last year,

the highest that has leased
on The Strand has been 55,000.

So 50,000 a month, I'm super happy.

And that's furnished and everything?

-Like, for six months.


Chelsea, are you looking
at what the price per square foot…

What those are going for?
Not just the price?

Yeah, I did my research,
and that's the price.

-[Chelsea] Mary is patronizing me now.

Trying to tell me to recheck
the lease in Manhattan Beach.

I'm not sure if she's trying
to impress the others,

but this is an area
I consistently sell business in,

and honestly, I'm not gonna take advice

from somebody who doesn't have
what it takes to be a manager.

Sorry, not sorry. It's the truth.

I don't know.
I would say, price out again.

I'll take a look at it,
but that seems very low.

The numbers don't lie.

[tense music playing]



You okay?

[Chelsea] 45,000, 42,000.
That is a couple of doors over.

You know, obviously she's not
an expert on Manhattan Beach.

[alarm beeping]

What is that?

[Bre] That is my alarm.

Um, okay, girls, I'm going
to go pump, so I will be right back.


-Excited? I'll show you. It'll be great.
-I love it. The sound, everything, sexy.

Does anyone want
Bre's breast milk for their coffees?


I'll pass on that.

-[Chelsea] Mary.

-I wanna talk to you for a second.

[Mary] What's up, girl?

Oh my gosh.

All right, girls. I need to be at my desk,
so, sorry. Mama's got to work.

So we're going to multitask.

-We're gonna feed that big old chunker.

Are you sure you want to have a kid, Emma?

[Emma] Oh, I'm sure.

That's cute. I think it's a cute look.

[Chelsea] Okay, look,
something's been weighing on me.

-[Mary] What?
-[Chelsea] My broker's open.

There was a lot of drama.

It just wasn't respectful
to me or to my client,

and ultimately that was your opportunity
to intervene and say something

to Nicole and to Chrishell and to Bre
and to Emma, and say, "Look, stop."

"This is not the time for this,
not the place."

"Please be respectful
of Chelsea's broker's open."

I was a little bit
disappointed that you didn't.

See, I wasn't out there
and I didn't want any part of it, um…

Don't you think it's your job
to have a part of it?

-I-- I need--
-I mean, there was profanity spoken.

Like, there was like
the "B" word, the "A" word.

Just, like, a big spectacle
at a professional event.

My broker's open, my client was there.
It makes me look bad.

-It makes The O Group look bad.
-I completely agree with you.

I felt ashamed, and I feel like
this is somewhat of a continuing issue.

[Amanza] Emma…

Are you paying attention?


-You're the manager and you're the leader.

[Chelsea] I think ultimately
you need to tell everybody,

"Let me be your example.
Follow my lead." You know?

-Who? Me?

I shouldn't have to be like, "Hey, guys,
look at how I don't fight with everybody."

But everyone seems to need a lesson,
clearly. They keep messing shit up.

I know it makes you uncomfortable because
that's not the way you conduct yourself.


Sometimes it may be easier
to just take a step back

as opposed to getting involved
and kind of saying--

I also expect people to act like adults
and to be professional.

If you want to come into the office
and be a professional, act professional.

And that's just fucking common sense.

-Well, not at this brokerage.
-[Amanza] Not in this house.


[Amanza] Not eavesdropping,
just good ears. I can't help it.

I've already talked to Nicole about it.

I haven't talked to Chrishell,
but regardless, right now,

the conversation needs to drop
until Jason gets back.


-All right.

♪ I ain't no saint
So call me a sinner ♪

♪ Watch out when you pull my trigger ♪

♪ No more Mr. Nice Guy
Welcome to my bad side ♪

♪ Can't hide
I know where to find you ♪

♪ These flames
They're only getting higher ♪

♪ No more Mr. Nice Guy
Welcome to my bad side ♪

♪ No more Mr. Nice Guy
Welcome to my bad side ♪

♪ Welcome to my bad side ♪