Selling Sunset (2019–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Mary in the middle - full transcript

Jason has a rocky reentry from Europe, prompting Emma to complain to Chrishell. Mary attempts to facilitate peace talks.

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[pop music playing]

♪ Let me show you what my… ♪

♪ I'mma show you how to… ♪

[Brett] You got anything going on
that I should know about?

Several listings coming up, but like,

there's just so much hesitation,
and people are just--

-The word of the day now. Hesitation.
-I know.

I feel everyone thinks there's gonna be
a huge dip in the market,

so everyone's waiting to buy.

They think six months from now they're
gonna get a $20 million house for 12.

It's just the high-end now
is really the toughest.

Under 2-3 million
is still getting crushed.

-You still get ten.
-You still get multiples.

[Brett] It's the 15, 20, 25.

-People do not want to pull the trigger.
-Yeah. Absolutely.

["Everyday Hustlin'"
by Mosh Party playing]

Hi, my dear.

-Hey, you guys.

[Marie-Lou] Excited to see you.

[Emma] Welcome back.

[Jason & Marie-Lou] Thank you.

-Hi, babe. How are you?

-[Jason] Pretty suit.
-Sparkly purse. I recognize that.


My birthday present.

Hi, how are you?

-Good to see you.
-Nice to see you.

[Nicole] Did you have a great vacation?

-[Marie-Lou] Yeah.

-[Emma] Hey, Jason.

I wanted to tell you,
I got a call from Zedd's manager,

and they are not re-signing with us.

-So we're losing a listing?
-[Emma] We are.

Zedd is one of the number-one DJs
in the entire world.

Three months ago,
we listed his house for 23 million,

and it was a huge commission.

So not only did
The O Group lose the listing,

but I lost the listing,
and I worked my ass off to have it.

I went above and beyond.

Half a million dollars' commission
that is out of my pocket.

So, disappointing, to say the least.

And there's nothing
that we can do to get it back?

No. I talked to him
for a while on the phone,

and it was just one of those things where

I think he doesn't understand
why someone hasn't written.

There's gotta be something
we can do to save it.

That's just brutal.

A million-dollar commission
if we double-end it.


Babe, I got to deal with this.

-I'll see you.
-No problem.

-[Marie-Lou] Later.
-[Jason] See you in a bit.

-Bye, guys.
-Bye, babe.

[intriguing music playing]

I don't wanna put it all on you,
but I am upset

because one of the things he mentioned
was that he was disappointed,

that it was promised that it was going
to be you and I together as a team.

You promised you would be
at more showings than you have been,

so that was one of his main points
for not signing up again.

We were on vacation for a few weeks,

which I recognize is difficult,

but at the same time,
I have to take a vacation once in a while.

You're more than capable
of showing that house.

-You know that house better.
-I know it inside and out.

I also don't feel like you asked
if I was available for some showings.

You need to take a proactive effort
to get me to those showings.

You want me to scoop you out of bed,

and dress you and take you
to the damn showing?

-For real. "Do a better effort."
-[Jason] No, but…

-Do anything!
-What? We're both on the emails.

Just call me, text me.

Call you, text you? We both--

You think I'm chasing ten emails
out of my 800 emails a day?

I don't care how many emails!
You think I don't get 500 emails?

I also have a company I'm running too.

I think, Jason, next time, just don't say
you're going to be at every showing,

because it's like a bait and switch
in the client's eyes,

and clearly it was upsetting to them,

and I think that's why
they're saying we lost the listing.

-[Jason] Yeah.
-So that was the issue.

There's got to be a better way
to make it clear to the client

that you're not promising
something that you can't deliver.

Okay, chill, bro. You weren't there.
I don't think that's what happened.

A $23 million listing.
A lot of money out of your pocket,

a hell of a lot out of Emma's.

I don't need your help on this.

-[Jason] That's legitimate.

Mm-hmm. Good talk.

It's frustrating. I think a lot of things
went downhill when I was gone.


Losing listings, agents going at it.

I know.

Like, fuck, I can't leave for three weeks.

Place went to shit.

To say the least.

♪ Light it up, light it up ♪

♪ Light it up, light it up ♪

♪ Light it up, light it up ♪

♪ Light it up, light it up ♪

["Push It" by Bagsy playing]

♪ Here we go, push it ♪

♪ Push it ♪

♪ Push it now ♪

♪ Hitting the highest elevator ♪

♪ So if you really wanna come
And play with me

♪ You better break it down
And yeah you'll see ♪

♪ Push it, pop it, polka dot it ♪

♪ Twist it, turn it, yeah, you got it ♪

♪ Push it ♪

♪ Push it ♪

-Hi, guys! This is stunning!

How are you? Thank you so much. Welcome.

-I'm so good. How are you?
-Good, I haven't seen you since Vegas.

Girl. We need another Vegas trip.

-How are you?
-Good to see you.

Nice to see you guys.

Oh my gosh!

This is amazing.

I met Ashley years ago
before she married Poo Bear.

He is actually a songwriter,
he's a music producer.

He has worked with
every celebrity known to man,

from J Balvin, Justin Bieber,
Chris Brown, Usher, Skrillex…

The list goes on and on.

And they are moving to Miami, which…
I'm sad about them moving,

but I'm so excited that Ashley
even thought of me to list her house,

and I cannot wait to sell it.

-This is amazing. Look at this view.
-[Ashley] I know.

You have nothing obstructing at all.
There's just a straight canyon.

When I looked up the house, I saw
five bedrooms, five and a half baths.

The square footage,
I believe you guys told me 6,600.

And how are you feeling
on that price-wise, and--

We're going to be strong on 9.9.

I think that's fair from what I'm seeing.

And are you going to keep the furniture?

-[Ashley] We can sell it furnished.
-Okay, great.

This piano is unreal. Are you guys
gonna sell this with the house?

[Poo Bear] Know what? This is going to be
a bonus that comes with the house.

[Bre] Okay.

[Poo Bear] We purchased it
a few years ago for 100 grand,

and it's appreciated,
so you keep this piano for 20 years,

and it'll be worth over $1 million.

What's cool is Justin Bieber'll come over
and he'll play for the kids on the piano.


[Poo Bear] This was the piano where
Justin Bieber's "Yummy" was created.

-[Bre] Really?
-[Poo Bear] Yes.

-It's a special piano.
-It is a very special piano.

This is a huge marketing point
because this is music history.

You have Justin Bieber
writing his songs in this house.

How does that not add value?

This is my type of clientele.

Perk after perk with this house.

-You guys gonna show me around a bit?
-Yeah, absolutely.

♪ Gimme, gimme, ay caramba ♪

♪ Lead the way and I'mma follow ♪

-[Bre] So, who decorated?
-[Ashley laughs]

[Poo Bear] I'm really proud.
I interior-decorated.

-Bear, you decorated this house?
-I did, man.

Wow! I'm impressed.

He's good at interior design.
He's a creative, so he has a good eye.

That makes sense.

[Bre] I think 9.9 is
a little high for this house,

but it is fully furnished,
and everything in here is exquisite.

So, this is another huge marketing point.

People love that.

-It's just getting better.
-[Ashley] Let's check out the bathroom.

-Yes, please.
-Yeah. Ladies first.

All right. So, it's his and hers.

-It feels very zen in here, very tropical.
-Like a baby spa.

There are blackout shades
that come down, of course, for privacy,

or if you are an exhibitionist.

I mean, I'm not gonna lie.
I never really care about those things.

I'm like, listen, I'm in my house.

But this is just wow.

Okay, guys,
let's see what else we got in here.

♪ Check out this silhouette
As good as it gets ♪

[Poo Bear] This is actually
gonna be a room that I miss a lot.

And this is really special.

-A $30,000 projector. I see clear, crisp.
-[Bre] Wow.

So, you know in LA,
a lot of people want a movie theater.

They come here, they want the works.

With this theater, you're leaving
everything, right? And this projector?

And the $30,000
short throw projector laser. Absolutely.

[pop music playing]

[Bre] The pool. Beautiful.

Yeah, we've had so many
amazing events and parties out here.

Okay. And it's so private. You can play
loud music and not get complaints.

-You can blast.

Other thing about the privacy is,
I have a lot of famous friends.


When they come over, they feel comfortable

because there's no paparazzi
hiding in the canyons.

Exactly. I'm loving what I'm seeing.

This is prime location,
so I see this selling easy,

and I'm going to hope for a bidding war.

I know you're bomb and you'll kill it,
but I have to be fully transparent.

Unbeknownst to me,
my husband signed with another agent.

I don't know this girl.

We've been under contract for six months,

and it's been absolutely
no activity on the house.

So, I want to give you the opportunity
to come and do what's supposed to be done.

Yeah. Oh, Bear.

I don't love that
you guys haven't had any offers.

That either makes me feel
like it could be overpriced,

or it's that she hasn't done
the work that she needs to do.

She doesn't have the clients,

she's not marketing properly,
things of that nature.

Would you be interested in co-listing?

-Ugh. I don't play well with others.

You know, it's like with athletes,
when you put two big stars on one team.

They take a while
to be able to actually work together,

and I just know
I can do it myself, so… [laughs]

And honestly, being in a new brokerage,
and a new baby,

I can't fight with
no more people, so… [laughs]

-I understand.
-How much longer do you guys have?

On the contract, three months left.

If you want to let it run its course,

then I'd be happy to pick you guys up
when it expires with her.

Okay. That's fair.

I'm confident I can find you a buyer,
so I'll get started on that stage.

-[Ashley] Awesome.
-Thank you.

[pop music playing]

♪ Gonna have a good time ♪

♪ A good time
Gonna have a good time ♪

♪ Fly into the sunshine ♪

Ooh, what are you getting?
I want something hot.

Yeah, I need something hot. Let me see.

Oh, this is cute.
Look, it says "All day brekkie."

That's an Aussie thing.


It is. That's cute.

-All we're missing is G.
-I know.

That smile!

We'll call that the G smile.

How are you and G?

I am so… I just feel really grateful.

When G and I
first started dating, I think,

you know,
it was meant to be light and fun,

and I think that we've kind of ended up
unexpectedly in a place where…

This is someone I really feel like
I'll be with for the rest of my life,

and it feels…

I don't know, I think it feels
like it's written in the stars.

-I have no doubts about us.

I feel so…

I feel so confident
about everything that we have,

but I feel like we are coming up
on a time where G's got…

They're working on a new album,
they're gonna be in Australia a lot

because they're doing a big run
of the festivals and stuff coming up,

and it's their summer there. So--

Yeah, because it's the opposite.

The complete opposite.

So, they're going to be gone a while.

We're okay with doing
some time apart, obviously.

Yeah, but not like super--

But I don't want to do
more than two weeks at a time.

-No. You're gonna have withdrawals.
-Yeah. I know.

You need that daily dose
of vitamin G. [laughs]

You have to help me take my thirst traps.

-I'll take the best nudes of you ever.
-I've seen--

-You have really good angles.

I have a special album on my phone.
I've sent you a few.

Tell me, "Move your hand this way,
your ass that way."

Yeah. Like, arch a little. Yup.

-This'll be good.
-I'll teach you the upside-down shot.

Oh my God. This is, like, my calling.



I actually think this might be
the longest I've been away from G.

What, do you think
that you'll go to Australia?

I mean, I'm really thinking about it.

I think it's finding that balance

of being able to still be able
to work and have my life,

but obviously wanting to spend time
with them as much as I can.

No matter how crazy work is getting,

what kind of anxiety I'm dealing with,

I feel like G is
the most perfect, calming person.

And so dealing
with all this drama with Nicole

is just making me want
to run away with G even more.

The way that you guys support each other,
that's just, like, goals, you know?

And even for me, as I'm, like…
I'm trying to find my G.

-You know?

Seeing that, like, gives,
you know, me hope.

-It took me a while. [laughs]
-Yeah, no, I know.

-To figure it out, get it right.

-Kissed a few frogs.
-[giggles] Yes.

I was in the office
the other day, and… Okay.

Remember--? Obviously
I had Zedd's listing and lost it.

So Jason was there, and I told him
we have to have a conversation, because

Jason over-promised, under-delivered. So…

So, where do you go now from this?

I mean, honestly, I think, moving forward,

I probably wouldn't work
super hand-in-hand with Jason.

I thought this'd be a fun one.

I thought he'd be there
a little bit more and--

-You know.

I've hated that he's been out of town
because this whole Nicole situation…

Oh, yeah.

He's the only one that was there
and actually drafted this whole situation

and deal and everything
that everyone agreed to.

I don't understand
why this has been drawn out so long.

Where has Mary been in all this?

She's the manager,
she's supposed to be solving this.

So, what are her thoughts?
What's going on?

So far, she hasn't done anything about it,
and I'm just like…

What is it that needs
to happen at this point?

Yeah! Like, this needs to be solved.

So, Mary needs to solve it. It's her job.


[pop music playing]

♪ We will have to do this ♪

♪ We can get this party started ♪

♪ We can get this party started ♪

♪ Always going on, yeah ♪

[footsteps approaching]

Jason just got back from vacation.
He's going to be here any second.

[Mary] Any update?

Tell me there's
something good to tell him.

No. Okay. He's gonna throw a fit.

Well, he will, I'm sure. That's Jason.

Oh God, I'm not looking forward to this.

I've been managing
these penthouse projects,

and there have been
a lot of bumps in the road.

We still need to finish installing
shelves, appliances, lighting fixtures,

and the entire place has to be painted.

There's not a single room
that's completed,

and we're supposed to be done
in two weeks.

But hey, that's your best friend.
You remember.

Today, we're not going to be best friends.

We'll talk about his vacation
and all the good things.

-In between we'll slide the bad things.

[Mary] Oh.

-Hey, Jason.
-Speak of the devil.

-You look tan and happy.
-[Jason chuckles]

-Yeah, look at him smile.

Yeah, it was great. How are you, bud?

-How are you, man?
-Good to see you, man.

How was your vacation?


-Good. You look really relaxed.

-And happy.

Uh, I was until I saw
all the plastic in here.

-[Romain] Come on. It just--
-And the bar, bro.

The bar doesn't look even close to done.

We're supposed to be done in two weeks.
I feel like we're a month away.

The office looks
not two weeks away from being done.

[Mary] I think the office looks
pretty dialed-in.

[Jason] What?
You're supposed to put shelves in.

Yeah, but it's all painted…
Oh no, it's not. Never mind.

I'm just frustrated.

I don't understand how the penthouses look

basically the exact same as they did
when I left three weeks ago.

It's like I have to be here
for anything to get done.

Um, so there is one other problem.


This is nothing that is
within our control right now, uh,

but there is a problem with the windows.

Yeah, basically,
there's a problem with the permit.

The issue is because of
this requirement with the city,

and if you happen that we can find
a way to figure it out with the city,

then the man asked us to change every
single window inside the both penthouses,

-it will cost a quarter million dollars.


-[Jason] I can't handle this right now.

I'm not paying a quarter million
to replace the fucking windows.

But you were here.

I'm just making something clear.
You were here when these were installed.

-I was here, but obviously, I assumed--
-This wasn't on me. [chuckles]

-Obviously that's not the goal, to spend--
-I'm not spending a quarter million.

I'm just telling you.

-[Romain] I don't want you to.
-I'm telling you I'm not.

So, let's figure this out.
I'm just not doing it. Okay?

You'll make sure the windows are great.
Wanna go out on the deck?

[Romain] Yeah. Let's go check it out.

[tense music playing]

Well, Romain, this bar isn't ready.

We got to take the hinges off, put tile
over the edges, put shelves in here.

[Romain] He came to take all
the measurements, he's cutting the stone,

and he's going to come install it
to do it like you said.

Well, we gotta raise the floor too.

-[Romain] Yes.
-We should've had this stuff done.

Why is there a Cheerio on my deck?

What? [chuckles]

[Jason] Fuck, there's a lot of shit to do.

This bar looks
worse than the other bar, man.

No fucking way we're gonna be done.
No fucking way.

This has been stressful.
We're doing our best.

We're trying to take over and
get everything done for you, but,

I'm sorry, like, if it's not perfect,
but we're doing our best.

I thought there'd have been
more progress in the last three weeks.


There's gaps there, it's dirty as shit.

-There's no stove.
-[Mary exhales]

There's no bar, there's no LED lighting.

There's no wood.

Maybe you shouldn't
gallivant all over Europe

when you have a project this important.

[Jason] Mary,
let's see the rest of the house.

Okay, I'm going back to work.

Doesn't look any closer than the rest
of the house. Got stuff everywhere.

Listen, there's been so much going on.

I'm doing my best. I'm trying to help you

so you could be off in Europe
for weeks and weeks and weeks.

-Three weeks. Not, like, eight weeks.
-Like, three and a half.

I'm trying to help,
I'm trying to do my best.

There's been so…
I have my own things going on.

I'm putting all my personal stuff aside,
trying to just focus on my clients,

which I can barely even
take care of right now

because I'm trying
to handle everything for you.

And then in the office, like,
I'm dealing with just insanity.

Like, with Chrishell and Nicole.
There's this whole thing that happened.

-I tried to call you about it.
-I… No, I heard about it.

I heard about Chrishell and Nicole.

Are you gonna talk to them?

I'm not handling it.

Yes, you are.

-You brought them on.
-You're handling it.

-It happened when I was gone.
-I don't know anything about it.

I don't know about it.

You do, because you were the one
that brought both of the girls on.

-It happened on your watch.
-No. This is not why they're upset.

They're upset because of three years ago,
which is fucking bizarre.

You want me to get in between two
ex-girlfriends mad at each other?

Do you want me to get
in between two of my best friends?

You're more than capable.

I can just see this not going well for me.

I'm asking you as the manager

to maybe try to get it resolved
so I don't have to deal with it.

This is my worst nightmare.

You're a dick.

[tense sting]

♪ I want it now ♪

["Now" by Teddy Fontana playing]

♪ Now ♪

♪ Now ♪

♪ I want it now ♪

♪ I learned the walk
I learned the dance ♪

♪ I learned the move ♪

♪ That pushed the start ♪

♪ Just clap your hands
I know what to do ♪

♪ How 'bout you? ♪

♪ How 'bout you? ♪

♪ How 'bout you? ♪

♪ I know what to do, I know what to do ♪

[knocking on door]

-Hello, hello! Welcome.
-Hi! How are you, darling?

-Good to see you.


-Good news.
-I always like good news.

-Good news.

-Let's talk.
-You're gonna make me wait.

My fellow British client Richard
loves the California beach lifestyle.

He bought this property only a year ago,

and he's already ready to sell it
and buy something closer to the water.

Even though it's not
the most spectacular-looking house,

it's all about the location,

and beach access comes with a premium.

So, you're staying here.

-You're staying here for good.
-Manhattan Beach is laid-back, chill, fun.

But this is the third house
from The Strand.

-You want to be on The Strand.
-On The Strand. Right.

It's so important to me that my client
gets what he deserves for his house.

I have listed it
extremely aggressively at 3.95 million,

and I got an offer in.

-So, we did receive an offer.
-All right.

The offer is at 3.6, very low.

It's a starting point,
start of the negotiation.

This is where
I do my job and I shine, okay?

I told them, "Look,
I'm gonna speak with my client."

I have a fiduciary responsibility
to present the offer to you.

But I don't think you should accept it.

I think we can get so much more,

so I'm going to counter this offer,
if you don't mind,

at 3.9 million.

I feel very confident in where I priced it

and I… We've only been
on the market for 10 days. [laughs]

-True, true. Yeah.
-I'm not in a rush to accept a low offer.

Two weeks in, we're absolutely
not going to entertain a 3.6 offer.

-No way.
-[Richard] Agreed.

-You already convinced me to go down 50k.

To relist it.

You know me,
I'm not gonna lead you astray.

I'm not gonna try to get you to sell
just to make a quick commission.

I don't operate business like that.
I'd love to work with you long-term.

And we only reduced it by 50,000.

is not a big reduction, okay?

So my recommendation is
we should counter at 3.9.

-So, I can submit that counter?

-Do you want to think about it?
-Nah, I mean…


If that's what you think, fine.

-But not a penny less.
-Right, okay. Let me handle it.

-All right, I'll leave it with you.
-All right.

♪ Do you feel it? ♪

♪ It's madness ♪

Chrishell should be here any minute.

I'm just gonna sit back and let you guys
both tell your sides of the story,

and try our best to sort this out
so we can have peace in the office.


It's not healthy going forward,
so let's try to squash it privately.

I wish Jason hadn't put you in the middle
and he would have been here because…

But, you know, that's just…

I-- I mean, he knows
what I'm going through right now anyway,

and he doesn't care right now,

so here we are.

It is so important for Chrishell
and Nicole to sort everything out today.

-Oh, hi!

[Chrishell] Hi.

This amount of arguing cannot continue.

I don't want to be in between
two best friends, but it's now put on me.

So they need to just sit down,

hash out whatever needs
to be hashed out, and move forward.

So, um…

I'm going to kind of just give the floor
to you guys to try to sort this out.

It's a hard situation for Mary to be in,
because she has a lot on her plate.

She hates conflict.

But I just want somebody
that's just going to point to the facts,

and it's not her personality
to want to pick a side.

But that being said,

there are facts about this
where you don't have to pick a side.

You just have to point out
how things work and where the truth lies.

-Do you want me to start?
-You're the one with the issue. Go ahead.

I think the biggest thing
that I'd like you to understand is,

your response was
just totally uncalled-for.

We could have had
a normal conversation that day,

and the first thing you said was,
"You're a fucking bitch."

I'm still in… shock by it.

I keep hearing that
you have exaggerated it this way,

and I said, "You're being a bitch."

-You never said, "fucking bitch"?


Bitch, I will fucking…
I've been through so much--

Don't call me "bitch."

I'll call you bitch. You are a bitch.

You didn't say what it was
that you're actually upset about.

-What do you mean?
-You didn't go into how this all started.

You were talking about something
that happened three years ago,

and I've seen you so many times,
we've done deals since.

You've been into my home,
we've hung out socially.

There were so many other places
and times to bring this to me.

Then it was just
the things that you said to me,

that I felt was attacking my business.

-Which I take very personally.
-Attacking your business?

I didn't speak when you spoke.

-And then--
-Fair enough.

Then you started attacking me personally.

-How so?
-You said I have a victim mentality,

when you're the one crying about something
that happened three years ago.

To me, bringing something up
because you didn't get credit

from something three years ago,
that's a victim mentality.

Move on, go sell some more homes.

-Like, who cares?

You didn't get enough credit?

-You're on the listing.
-[Nicole] No.

In the real world,
you are on a team as a listing agent,

it doesn't matter
if there's one agent or three.

-You all split it at the end.

That's how it goes. Doesn't matter
if this person was there--

Why are you--
Why are you explaining this to me?

-I'm aware.
-Because you clearly don't get that.

I was on the team, and I did work on it.

If we pull up the MLS now,
Chrishell's going to be on them. Correct?

I believe so.

So then anybody that's on there,

no matter how much work they did,
no matter what,

if Jason put her on there,

she is a listing agent
or a selling agent on the property.

Because that's the way it works.

Thank you.

Forget I even brought it up.
This is not where I'm trying to go.

Yeah, because you're not making a point.
So, please get to the point.

I think Jason put you on the listing
behind my back, if you will,

because he had a massive crush on you.

Okay. See, this is where
the conversation goes off the rails,

because that's when I was married,

and there was absolutely
nothing going on with Jason and I.

I don't remember.

I don't appreciate the implication.

I'm not talking about that.

-I'm not saying… Hold on.
-So if you have an issue--

-I think we need to drop this.
-I'm not saying you had a relationship.

I'm not saying anything is-- I'm--

But do you not see
what you just said is a problem?

You don't see anything wrong
with Jason putting you on a listing,

but if he does it with me,
oh, he had a crush on me.

And he's only put me on certain things,
and he's put you on way more.

So, does that mean he has a crush on you?

No, because he knows I'm a closer.



I'm a significantly more experienced
agent, so that would make sense.

So does it make sense for you

to sit here and tear down my business
when I haven't done that to you?

Not tearing down your business.

You're saying the only reason
Jason would have put me on a listing

is because he had a crush on me.

That is tearing down my business.

I feel like you took it personal--

Yeah, no. I take it personal.

We're not close friends,
we never have been.

I wish you would have told me that
before you came to all my things I threw.

You've considered me a good friend?

You told people that we're good friends?

I invited you
to my Friendsgiving, and you came.


Why would I have invited you
if I didn't consider you a friend?

Like, I wish that I knew
you felt this way.

I didn't know until that day
at Chelsea's broker's open,

so that's why I was so thrown.

I do have to say, she really did
think you guys were friends,

because this girl is not going
to let anybody in her home that

she doesn't consider a friend.

You are not going to… No.

Now you will see the difference.

I know we're not friends.
You will not think I think we're friends.

Like, that will be clear.

I'm someone who can have
very direct conversations about business.

So, it was business when you said
I had a victim mentality?

So, it was business when you said,
"Now the real you's coming out"?

All that was business?

You're saying things
and acting like you're innocent.

Own what you did.

I said you were being a bitch.
I said those things and I stand by them.

You need to be able to have
a conversation without losing your shit.


It's okay to have a conversation
that we disagree.

First of all, you can't tell me shit.

I will do every single thing I feel
like doing when I feel like doing it.

If you have an issue with that,
you can leave.

I'm sitting here trying to hash it out.

If you don't like
how I'm hashing it out, that's on you.

by Charlotte Carpenter playing]

♪ Don't you know
I'm gonna fight for it, fight for it ♪

♪ Yeah, you know
I'm gonna be for it, be for it ♪


♪ Don't you know
I'm gonna fight for it, fight for it ♪

♪ Yeah, you know
I'm gonna be for it, be for it ♪

♪ Yeah, you know
I'm gonna be for it, be for it ♪