Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

Joo-Won resolves several issues decisively: rehiring a former colleague, asking a rival to stay in Ra-Im's life, and, in the main, finally marrying Ra-Im. In her long but lost struggle to keep Joo-Won and Ra-Im apart, Boon-Hong finally admits defeat; nonetheless, news of their marriage hits hard. From her hospital room she disowns Joo-Won and strips him of all connections to family properties and wealth. Since no one runs the family business better than Joo-Won, he's allowed to retain his position as president, as well as buy the land upon which his designer house is built, but he otherwise remains permanently black listed. Han Tae-Sun also throws in the towel on his attempts to entice Oska, graciously leaving his song as a parting gift for Yeun-Sul as he goes. Five years elapse before Ah Young's last but direst dream finally comes true.

Final Episode

So now I give up being your son.

Kim Joo-won!

Sorry, but I spent 34 years as your son.

I'll spend the rest
of my days as her husband.

This is more of an announcement.

Says who? Says who?!

Is this her idea?

Does she want to elope and get married?

That's the extent of her education.

Ra-im's way better than that.

You used to be, too!

I did.

So I know just how shocked you will be.

But I want you to know
just how happy I am.

Any mom would want her son to be happy.

But what you have isn't happiness.

You're intrigued by something different.

That happens to everyone at least once.

Like when I met your father.

But it's always them
who get tired and leave us.

Don't you see that?

I'm sure it will happen.

But I won't let Ra-im go.

I hope to have a wedding
with you present.

I don't know when that will be.

But I'd like you to bless us one day.

That will never happen.

You'll never marry her
for as long as I'm alive.

Don't even dream of it.

I should go, then.

Drink this.

Sorry to put you through this
when it's so cold.

It'll end soon.

I'm on your side, you know.

You are?

For a long time.

Are you going somewhere?

I'll be following you anyway.
How about I just drive you?

Right? Isn?t that an idea?

Thanks for the offer.

I called you because
I need you to explain something.

Coma patients tend to be
disoriented when they awaken,

but what happened to you
is utterly impossible.

I know.

You'll never be able to
explain it with logic or medicine.

I cheated death, so I know.

It was a miracle.

There are no miracles.

Just fields that medicine
cannot explain yet.

You said I went to see you
for a consultation once.

That wasn?t me.

The person who saw you was Joo-won.


Joo-won and I went through
something medicine can't yet explain.

Stop ordering people around.
You're no longer a director.

Did someone pay your debt? It wasn?t me.

Your memory IS back.

I repaid you for paying me back long ago.

Check your account.

I wanted to talk about Ra-im.

Why should we talk about my girl?

Do me a favor.

My one and only favor.

Say whatever you want to say.

You have the right to
when it comes to her.

We should be talking
about this over some alcohol.

But you're a horrible drunk.

That was uncalled for.

You want to punch me, huh?

I always wanted to be Ra-im's dad,
older brother, and boyfriend.

But that?s your job now.

Her dad, older brother, and boyfriend.

It's you now.

If I say no?

I will be her boyfriend.

That's what I'm good at.

You can be her dad and brother.

Don't make her an orphan.

That's my favor.

It's me. Are you there?

With Seul?

OK, we'll be right there.

Is today a special day?
Are we going out for dinner?

Will you go anywhere I want
if I say it's about dinner?

Am I some leech?

Where are we going?

You'll find out.

A government office?

Run away now, if you want to.
This is your last chance.

What do you mean?

Let's go.

Are you..?


I'm becoming your husband.

Says who?

Says me. Just now.

Anything you want to do for the last
ten minutes as a single woman?

You jerk.

Marrying me without
a sincere ''I love you.''

Why say such empty words?

I'm not marrying you because I love you.

Then what? If this is another good deed...

You really are dumb.

It's not because I love you.
It's because I love only you.

You're my only option.
Because you're too amazing.

There are no flowers, candles, or wine.

Not even a ring.

Will you still be my wife?

Of course.

Congratulations, you two.

A singer is a witness
at a fan's wedding?

You're the first fan I did this for.

I'm good as long as you feel honored.

Wedding Registration

Let's not plan a wedding for now.

I want my mom to be present to bless us.

Don?t worry about that.

I want her to be at the wedding, too.


Why are you writing so slowly?
I wrote really fast.

I just need to sign it.

Kim Joo-won

Gil Ra-im

You two witnesses, sign it, please.

Oska. Be happy!


You now have sole ownership of
a great man like me. You can squeal.

I'll report our unification
to the government.

Let's practice.

This is a great idea.

We're blessing them because
their parents can't or won?t.

I'm glad Joo-won fully recovered.

I learned a lot through them.

That bad memories can become
the start of something good.

So from now on,

I will try to remember how we loved,
broke up, and met again.

However hard and sad it is.

Why not just edit it out of your head?

I didn't want to forget it, OK?

I'm just getting old.

Did you have to remind me?

Shoot my music video.
Before I get too old.

I'll demand a lot of money.

No worries. I'll pay you even more.

That's a yes. Promise?

Did you always hug people?

You didn't know?

This is our bedroom.

We were decorating it.

Not just now.

That was brief.


From your fairy godmother.

Thank you.

It's beautiful.

Thank you, Seul.

Have a great night.


We should've met when I was 21. Right?


Do you want to die on your wedding night?

I'm saying she's too good for you.

Get going.

We have to do some...


We're leaving.

Let's go.

Can you drive in the dark?


That was so embarrassing.

Why? We're married now.

Come here.


Don?t what? Remember Kim Suhanmu?

The turtle and the crane?

Come here.

Why you...


Come here, woman, you're mine.

Don't move.

Stay like that.

I kind of like this side of you.

You are my everything

You are my whole life

I love you, I love you

The whole world is so beautiful

You are my everything

I'll be a star that shines on you

I want to shine for you

I miss you, even when we meet every day

I feel so excited

I guess I am in love

I want to wake up beside you

I want to eat with you

I can?t wait for that day to come

You are my everything

You are my whole life

I love you, I love you

The whole world is so beautiful

You are my everything

I'll be a star that shines on you

I want to shine for you

I love you, you're my everything

Alice in Wonderland

Read it?

I did.

This little mermaid story
has an ending I'd never heard of.

What do you mean?

Mr. Assistant. This is a crappy ending.

That's my best.

You know nothing about love.

And you do?

What was it you said?

The Little Mermaid is
a classic story about mistresses?

It is.

Then what's Snow White?

A lady from a prominent family
looks after seven neglected neighbors,

but leaves them for the kiss
of an elite young man.

And Sleeping Beauty?

A lady sleeps too much, people gossip,
so she marries an elite young man.

The moral of the story is,
keep doing what you're doing.


The princes fell for them
because they were pretty princesses.

How did you end up with me?

You said I was pretty.

You asked, ''When did
you become so pretty?''

What can't I say when
I'm trying to seduce you?

To be honest...

''Your ugly face looks
even worse when you cry.''

Stop right there.

Hah, you wish.

You're so short.

Watch it.


You did what?

We're a couple.

We registered our marriage.

Why did you do such a thing?

What did your mom say?

Keep it down. You'll scare Ra-im.

She said no.
So I went ahead and did it anyway.

I need your approval.

You fool.

You are sorely mistaken.

I'm on your mom's side.
My daughter's side.


Don't be like this. They're married now.

How dare they be.


I met Bong-hee after three
failed arranged marriages.

You don't know what you're doing.

Kids these days are so selfish.
They don?t think about others.


Take pity on your mother.

She has a half-sister
and me for a stepmom.

She has no one to turn to
but you, you know.

Be good to her.
Even if you don't like her.

I have no ill will.

I'm really sorry.

Why do it, then?

If you want my approval,
get your mom's first.

Then I'll think about it.

Are you thinking about
what my grandpa said?

Not really.

I'm thinking we should've
seen your mother first.

We should've put her first.

We'll see her in due time.

We will? So she knows we're married?


Why's your phone off?.

Your mom fainted. She's been admitted.

I think she found out.

Oh no.

Like I said, in due time.

I sent her a copy of the file.

It was me.


Are you OK?

Would I be here if I were?

Why did you do it?

To make you give up on me and negotiate.

As you know, Ra-im is
now officially my wife.


I lose.

You have won.

You are...

no longer my son.

You might be happy.

For a few more years, maybe.

But in the end...

you will regret.

Remember that.

I know.

I will regret... at least once.

But even if I do, I will regret
with her at my side until the very end.

OK. You do that.

You left your family
and I won?t take you back.


How about we start negotiations?

About the dept. store.

I'll resign if you want me to.

But you won't find someone as good as me.

Wouldn't you rather
I run the store like before?

I would.

So stay and run the store.

You can keep all profits
you gained from your investments.

But return the shares you got
purely because you're my son.

Same with the resort,
golf course, and hotel.


The house you live in.

The land it's on is mine. Buy it off me.



I don?t want non-relatives
to see me like this.

Gang. Mirror.

Job Search



I used to be called that once.


I tried to smile. Do I look trustworthy?

You look like a farmer
looking for a wife...


It's Mr. Kim.

Why'd he call?

Why'd he call?


Mr. Park.

You've been working for LOEL
since the day you left high school.

I know you've learned
and done a lot for us.

But you are not meant to
take over and become CEO.

I'm not saying that
as my grandpa's grandson.

I'm saying I'm more
talented than you are.

I know.

But I'm already...

So why say this?

As long as you don't challenge me,

you're a great superior
and a director I can always rely on.

Believe in yourself.

And become the best you can be.


help me and not fight me.

Mr. Park.

You got your job back?


I called you many times
during my days as a poor bum.

I was a bit busy.

But I'm here now.

Is our deal still on?

Dream on, lady.

I'm the type who stays upset
for a long, long time.

Let's go.

Mr. Park.

Mr. Park.

I don't believe my eyes.

You forge documents now?

What's that?


Did you hurt your head bad?

I did not.

Yeah, I kind of lost out.

But I am officially his wife now.

Which makes me a proper adult
and you're still kids.

This paper's for real?

So you really signed a paper
with Mr. Money Bags?

Did you threaten him?

A few regular kicks
trained him up pretty well.

So where's the lovely wedding
and free meal for us all?

Is this some kind of con?

Are you...



Look at her. She's kind of smart.
She signed the paper first.

I know.


Thank you.

Read this. There's a meeting next week.

I'm working on a movie?

What's my role?

Leading lady's double. Don't get hurt.

I won't. Thank you.

I have to get to work, then.

Wear something that makes you look big.

Hello, dear rich Joo-won. Where are you?

-What's going on?
- Hey.

You're the first conglomerate
to forgo a huge wedding.

Shall we sit?

Are you guys trained to come over
when a call is all you need?

Oh, so you're her husband?

And it's official?


Jeez. You people...

Where do I sit? Over there?

You registered your marriage?

I talked to Jong-soo about this already.

I'm the director now.
You should've talked with me.

See, I think you're still clueless.

But Ra-im has a lot of brothers.


That floor isn?t the kind
of floor you think it is.

You're the first conglomerate
to forgo a huge wedding.

You're getting distracted by the floor.

Listen up.

Don't you make Ra-im cry.

Or we will slaughter you.



If you guys ever threaten me again...

I'll tell on Ra-im.

What ARE you doing?
The concert is two days away.

Personally thanking my fans
for not demanding a refund.

They lie for me to cover up
my shortcomings.

You're wasting valuable practice time.

Singers sing, they don?t write letters.

Don't you care about the concert?

Get in there.


I would never make the same mistake twice

If I could make that star...



If I could make that star...

Drag the last note.

Drag it?


That star...


I said it properly.

If I could make that star...

Quit crying. Why so much emotion?

You're the expert.

That was horrible. Try it again.

That was decent R&B...

...forgive me then

I'm drained.

Let's take a break. I'm losing my voice.

No wonder your voice cracks.
Sing with your diaphragm.

You'll never be No. 1 again.

That's what you want?

Thanks for worrying about my career.

But I don't care about popularity now.

I used to love the times
when people demanded encores.

Now I love every minute of life.

I bought a new studio.

You can record here.
Do whatever you want.

But let me use your talent sometimes. OK?

Let's try it once more. Loosen up.

You're embarrassed?

Let's do this. would change your mind

Perhaps you would forgive me then



You're late.

Say hello. Kim will play your girlfriend.


This is why I love Korean photographers.

They make you look less attractive
so you blow us away in real life.

Thank you.

You're so much more
handsome in real life.

I know that.

The wrist-grabbing scene.
We'll take that out.

Don?t take it out.

This is work. Keep your
personal emotions out of...



Ready for rehearsal.

What are you doing?


Sorry to bother you.
Can I give you an autograph?


I'm a musician.

Will you give me your number
if I sing you my unreleased song?

I know why you're doing this,
but I'm busy.

I've never used music as
an excuse to get a girl's number.

Can you not give me your number?

I'm shooting today.

A dangerous scene?

You bet.

You never let me...

get any sleep.

Don't you put your action before ours.

There are plans to turn Haenam,
Youngnam, Taean into leisure cities.

They're building racecourses,
a F1 circuit, and a golf course.

We believe it's the ideal location
for LOEL Department Store's new branch.

Any other buildings there?

A casino, hotel, and apartment blocks
are under construction.

Good. Purchase the land we need.

Closest to where the casino
and the hotel will be located.

The people will need a place
to spend their earnings.

We will build the most extravagant
LOEL store in Korea right there.

Yes, sir.

How many female employees do I have?

Include the part-timers in the report.


Hallyu star Oska's concert's coming up.

Where are they?

Woo-young. You need to change.


I told you, you don't
have to say anything

I'm standing here, frozen in time

Loving you hurts like crazy,
but I just can?t turn away

You are the love of my life

And that feeling has never changed

Years have passed,
but I never really loved again

You didn't even say if you would return

But here I am still waiting for you

I'm still looking

Staring at your empty space

I'm still looking

Though you'll never return

But I look because
that's the only way...

To stop myself from even
thinking about forgetting you


What are you doing?
Are you running away?

You notice way too many things.


What for?

I don't like you.

Same goes for me.

I know. So I'm leaving.

Why leave? When we hate each other.

We have something in common.
We both like Oska.

You were... serious about him?

So let me go.

Can't you stay and be his friend?

Some couples prefer that arrangement.

You're his date and I'm his friend?


You have him.
Don't lose him to someone else.

''Tears'' is my present to you.

To me?

See you, lady.

Han Tae-sun.

Call me if you need a favor.

You're too young to know,
but it helps to have connections.

I have a lot of them.
You know that, right?

Thanks for coming out when it's so cold.

The last episode of my drama...

it airs tonight, but you're all here
instead of home watching it.

This song was composed by Sun.

It's on my 7th album, titled 'Tears.'

A star shines bright in the dark sky

It looks lonely, just like me

A past love, full of pain and regret

All things beautiful have now gone

If only I could turn back time

To when we were yet to meet

Then I would never ever let you go

I would never make the same mistake twice

If I could make that star shed my tears

And you could see how sad I am

Sun says this song's for me.
Do I deserve such a serenade?

I hurt you to make up for my hurt.
I'm really sorry.

The chestnuts were me, not the cake.
But I still love you, Woo-young.

If I could make that star shed my tears

And you could see how sad I am

Then perhaps it would change your mind

Perhaps you would forgive me then

Do you even know how I feel?

That concert became the day
Ra-im deserted Oska for me for good.

We're experimenting on just
how childish a couple in love can be.

It sounds unbelievable,
but I'm talented in that field, too.

-Stop there.
- Don't come closer.

I can ride elevators now.

Naturally, our family got bigger.

Five years later
Quite a bit bigger.

We believe we have a duty
to bring up the birth rate.

I want a spinning top.

Me, too.

And me.

I said no.

You have a few already.
Earn money if you want to spend.

I'm too young to. You lend me money.

You want to take out a loan?

You have no credit or guarantor.
We can't give you a loan.

I'll tell on granny.

I trusted my mom and my grandpa before.

They let me down.

Stop crying.

Or I?ll make you do
100 jumping jacks at home.

This was it.


Ah-young's dream. She misinterpreted it.


My babies are here.


Hello, ma'am.

It's cold, come inside.

Lock the gate.

She looks like she's doing well.

My mom actually did keep her word.

I thought she?d change with time
and grandkids, but no.

Give me a ride to the set.


Don't you hurt your face ever again.

Hey, hey, hey, you're hurt?

Nam-gil, are you OK?

Let me see.

Ms. Gil!

The actor is hurt!


Does HE look fine to you?

I'm really fine. I can do the shoot.

This is fine?

You're an actor, too.
Don?t treat your body like this.

Gil, watch your tongue.

Before I pull out your team.

No. I quit.

I won't let my team work at
a site like this.

We're not robots, OK?

We haven't eaten
or taken a break all day.

You heard me. Get the props.

She thinks she's invincible.

Hey, Gil!

No one cares about us stuntmen.

We have to take care of ourselves.

Hiding your injuries
will only make them worse.

My husband will foot the bill,
so come whenever you want.



Gil, you brought your team?


Doctor, my back's been hurting.

Shouldn't it be your husband's?

Right? He's fine but my back...

Don't laugh.

There's trouble brewing in Deoksan.

- Hey.
-Who are you?

I've been doing this for 15 years.

The man who whispered
in your ear is mine. Got that?

Are you Yoon Seul?

So you've heard of me?

Oska. She's here.

Really? Already?

Did I get here too soon?

You moron.

How come you... haven't changed at all?

You got here too soon.

Were you planning to...

show me you being naked in bed with her?

Stop it.

You got here too soon,
so I'm trying to stall for him.


What's this?

The appetizer.

Six years together.

Four years apart.

Another five together.

It's been 15 years.

I spent those years
as a jerk and a fool.

I hurt you so many times.

But I will stay the same.
I will never change.

I'll be childish forever.

So I can surprise you,
impress you, and make you laugh.

You were my No. 1
all through the 15 years.

Yoon Seul, my favorite song.

It's time we live together.

Move in with me.

Everyone experiences
a magical moment in their life.

For some it's when
their love becomes complete.

Huh? What's that?

Did you see that shiny thing?


What's that?

Hang on.

How did this get here? Did it swim?

What is it?

It's the letter I wrote to you
while in Jeju.

That's a lie.


It's for real.

How could this happen?

It's so surreal.

I bet I'm the first girl
this ever happened to.

Thank you.

For some it's when
their love is confirmed.

Isn't that Son Ye-jin?

Sorry, please don?t take photos.

I'm here to meet the casting director.

I know. I'm here as the casting director.

You mean..?

I came across your script.

On the desk of a director I went to see
about a movie I almost signed up for.

I heard you gave up because
you can't cast anyone or secure funding.


It's been six months.

So what?


What about me?


What? You don't like me?

Are you trying to cast Angelina Jolie?

You mean you want to...

I guess you need time
to get over the shock.

OK, I'll make some calls.

I call my manager, he'll call his boss,
who will call his boss and me.

I'll start memorizing my lines, then.

Oh my God.

I just met my own miracle.

I've been here for a while.

For others it's when their
lifelong dream finally comes true.


We're not asleep yet.

Get up.

Let him sleep.
Do you want a few less ribs?

I'm sleeping with mom.

Says who? I'm sleeping with her.

No. Mom, I hate dad.

I hate you right now. Sleep.


Go to sleep.



Go to sleep.



Aren't I heavy?

You are.

Then put me down.

Not until you kiss me.

I want it to snow.

The moon's too bright for snow.

Is it?

We haven't had our wedding yet.

But we love and are loved
every single day.

Each day is like magic.

To love is a lot like
maintaining a garden.

I wish your garden is full of flowers.

That it's always breezy.

And bright and sunny.

With the odd showers of magic rain.

It's snowing.

It is.

Will you really not tell me?


You told my dad that you came
to give his message but couldn't.

Oh, that?







I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for
watching Secret Garden.