Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

Without his adult memories, Joo Won struggles to comprehend what kind of a relationship he had with Ra Im - a girl with no outstanding qualities. While Ra Im and Oska have a little fun at Joo Won's expense (knowing deep down his love for Ra Im still exists), Boon-Hong seizes the opportunity to plant an insidious lie to get Joo Won to turn against Ra Im forever - a move that will finally produce a substantial result. Meanwhile, Yeun-Sul and Tae-Sun start to vie for Oska's attentions, leading Oska to make a public appearance that will settle the matter of his affections once and for all (riling a few of his most arduous fans).

I'll put it like this.

Did we kiss each other?

Like this.

Why won't you answer?

Did we kiss?

What do you think?

I asked you first.

Kim Suhanmu,

turtle and crane,

Dong Bang-sak, chichikapo...

What are you doing?

I'm protecting you.


I'm protecting you
as you once protected me.

Until you remember.

Why laugh?

I protected you?

The 34-year-old physically fit me?



Perhaps I didn't feel
the urge to jump you.

Watch it.

You can cheat death once, but not twice.

Did you always talk to me like that?

You bring it upon yourself.

Don't twist the 13 years I lost!

See you.

And don't order me over here again.

If you miss me, you come to see me, OK?


Bring your stuff and move in.
Stay with me.

If I can't figure out why I liked you,
then you have to move out.

Not OK?

How about I just hang around
then disappear like some bubbles?

Like the little mermaid.

Say what you want.

I told you I'd do
anything you want me to.

Do you even know what you just said?

I do. I know very well.

Think about it and get back to me.

Episode 19

What is it with her?

Why is her smile so pretty?

Stop right there.

Where are you headed? I'll drive you.

What took you so long?


Didn't you see how slowly I walked?

Looking amazing from the back?

You should've run after me,
not take your time to walk.

I have an important meeting.

I think they'll let me work on the movie
despite what happened to me.

I need to hurry, so let me drive. Keys.

Listen carefully.

The Dark Blood team called to say
they hired a Hong Kong-based actress.

We're all glad that you pulled through,

but they?re not sure
you made a full recovery.

I understand.

Tell them they'll be seeing me again.


I think it's better if you
get your strength back first.


I'm just glad I got to audition.

I proved to you all that
even Hollywood acknowledges me.

I need a bathroom break.

I heard you lost your memory.

We were close enough
for you to know that much?

Or she WAS two-timing?

Want another beating?


You beat me up before?

Gosh, you're cocky.
I have a lawyer now, OK?

Don't you ever forget Ra-im.

You risked your own life for her once.

What, my own life?

I risked my life for a woman
with such short legs?

It was an important movie?

It was a miracle you made for me?

I did?

I wanted to do well.

I'm sorry.


I don't know what you did,
but pay be back later.

I calculate with precision.

What's with the soap in those stockings?

I save them so that I can use them...


In your locker, you...

Huh? How do I know that?

Have I been through your stuff?.

Yes. When we last swapped.

When we swapped what?

I'll explain later.

Your memory's coming back.

Do you remember anything else?

Let's see...


are dressed in sexy lingerie and...


You're still here?
I thought you left Korea.

You told me it's not easy to meet
someone who knows your worth.

So you decided to stay?

Oska wanted me to.

So you gave in?

He begged with those puppy eyes.


How romantic.

How old are you anyway?

Are you reminding me you're younger?


You're fighting?

Can't you just be friends?

Is he staying here with you?

There's lots of space.

I don?t want him to run away.

What if I run away?

I'm leaving.

Come back!

I have something to say.

I'll give you ten minutes.

Go over that and I'll leave.

Not you, too? Are you both
ganging up on me?

Let's finish this in ten minutes.

I have a question.
Does Tae-sun like guys?

Huh? How did you know?

You know that and you let him stay?

Do I have to fight off guys now?

It's not like that.
He hates me like crazy.

You're so thick.
No wonder you hurt everyone.

Wow, you hold grudges.
This one looks huge, it's scary.

I'm not joking.

Be nice. Joo-won's giving me
a hard time already.

He's still 21.


What is it you wanted to say?

Oh. I'm going to shoot a music video.

And do a concert.

Release my 7th album and tour Asia, too.


I think I could really do
with some of your help.

Are you busy?


What now? I have
five minutes, so talk fast.

Who's she?

Why are you keeping a beautiful lady
in such a dreary room?

Nice to meet you, I'm Kim Joo-won.

You don't remember me.

We know each other?

Why are you so happy?

She's pretty.

Sorry, but how close
do you think we were?

She isn't into you.

This lady is into me, jerk.

Really? For real?

Your mother's here.

Is she?

See you later.

Don't come back!

We should've met years ago.




I came to check on you.
How are you feeling?


You called me this morning.

Come down, it's dangerous.

Mom, guess what.

I had a girlfriend. A stuntwoman.

I knew about her.

You did?

She's not as coy as the other girls.

And less curvy, too.

Isn?t she? I really don't like her much.

You don't like her THAT much, huh?

Will you not see her if I say so?

No, because I like her.

I should get going.

Oh, wait, mom.

One question about that day.

More like 13 years ago. Or something.

What happened to the firefighter
who got me out of the elevator?

Is he OK?

Would it be weird if
I wanted to thank him?

Of course.

You feel like it's yesterday,
but it's been 13 years.

I took care of everything.

You have nothing to worry about.

Still, do you have his number?
Or know his name?

Let me look into that, then.
I'll give you a call.


I'm going hiking later.
Talk to you tomorrow.

Really? For real?


All your dreams actually came true.

Us driving into the rain
and that dining table in the field.

Just quit your day job.

Oh no.


I had another dream last night.

What about?

I won?t tell you.
All the other dreams came true.

Was it scary? What happened in it?

There's this huge black gate.

Three kids are crying, dressed in white.

They're really sad.

Mr. Kim's standing to one side,
covering his mouth and crying.

And you're screaming.

I woke up feeling so bad this morning.

It's me. Can I come in?

It's my boyfriend.

Oh, sorry.

My boss wants you over.

How dare that kid order me around.
He should be coming over.

Where to this time?

Why'd you want to see me here?

Why do you think?
I want to see your figure.

That's quite a rebellious outfit.

Why you little...

You think life's all rosy
because I'm nice to you?

This is the 21-year-old me,
so get used to it.

Join me.


I'll kill you.

Is this how you kill time?


With who? Women?

Yup. Pretty women.


You know nothing about me.

Did we really date?

What do you know about me?

Are you a serial dater or something?

I usually deal with
more than just one man.


In bamboo groves,
on rooftops, or in cars.

'Cause men like it.

Bamboo groves?


Thought I'd be shocked?

I don't fall for the same trick twice.



You remembered.


Did I?

I knew you would. I knew it.

You and me like this... reminds me...

of something else...

Hands, up.

I'm remembering something.

Try remembering this.

Do you remember doing this
every other day?

Let go of me.

Right hand we go to Seoul,
left if you want to die.

You have my left hand.
Does my left foot count?

That's where I live.

That... place?


Where over there?

The door with the green tape.

I don't know if this is good
or bad, but you're consistent.

You made that same face
the first time you came here.

I bet I did.

One question. Do you
have my phone number?

Of course. Why?

Delete it.

Do you even know how I feel?


I love the lyrics.

You really are talented, huh?

Don't do that. I'm your producer.

You're what?

This is me saying thanks.


The song isn't yours.


Put that down.

Official documents are legal, you know.

You can't back out
now that you signed with me.

Let's decide on my title first.

No. 1, Sir Oska.

No. 2, Sir Woo-young.

No. 3, Goska, which is God plus Oska.

- No. 4...

Right, Os...


-Say what?
-What it is?

Who's he?

My cousin.

You're wearing that again?

Your sub consciousness is scary.


What do you think?

You don't live alone.
Why ruin others' eyesight?


Who IS he?

Producer of my 7th-1 album.

You have seven albums?
The industry's dead.

Your cousin?s responsible for that.

What producer sides with a critic?

Producers have to be objective.

Your taste in music is bad if
it's anything like your taste in fashion.

You're not qualified to be objective.

I used to be a model.
I know more than you do.

You think I have the time
to figure out if you do?

See, I run a dept. store.

The 21-year-old Joo-won's
standing his ground.

You two can be good friends.

I need to ask you something.
I need your honest opinion.

Gil Ra-im. What is she like, really?


Well, she's my fan...



I get it. She's out,
even if my memory returns.

What do you mean? Hey!

Have some tea.

I drink tea at home
all the time. Let's talk.

If you were going to say you didn't know
Woo-young was Joo-won's cousin, don't.

I will not accept such an excuse.

You went on dates with Joo-won
but want to marry Woo-young?

What are you doing, mom?

You've seen me do this before.

Don't. You'll scare her.

She's a really sensitive person.

I'm working on her right now.
What if she hates me for this?

You're what?

Why you idiot.

What was that for?

I've liked her for a long time.

Why did you pretend
not to know her, then?

Why did you approach Joo-won
if you're that close with Woo-young?

It was because of me.

It was all me. Why take it out on her?

You fool. You stupid boy.


How about we take this to a quiet bar?


Don't you think my son's
more handsome than Jang Dong-gun?

I must disagree, ma'am.

Must you? Why? Why so?

Do you know how many girls love him?

Many more love Jang Dong-gun, ma'am.

You're a fighter.

I have to be to date Woo-young.

Anyway, I won't have a daughter-in-law
who almost got engaged to my nephew.

After all I went through
to raise Woo-young.


He's your own son. You're related.

I'm not and I've been waiting
for him since I was 21.

My boy's just that special.

I quit drinking because it dries my skin.

My poor face.


You and I are alike.

I have the exact same problem.


We share the same taste in beauty.

This is insane.

Are you not done yet?

You're still here?

Sing if you're bored.

Call the band!

Really? They're done? Are they drunk?

Who's more drunk?

Hang on.


Why did YOU pay for the drinks?
Have you lost your mind?

Get my mom to pay.

Who is your mother with now?

What, another round?

This is crazy.

Just drive them both over here.

Who cares who gets in first,
bring them both here.

What's going on? Who is Jong-hun with?

He's with two very scary ladies.

Why'd you call?

Oh, this.

You're the new no smoking ambassador.

What ambassador?

You want me to be
a role model for kids and teens?

Isn't it time you at least try?


Does that mean people like me again?

They won?t smoke if I tell them
not to, something like that?

Oh wow, yay

They've forgiven me already?

What should I wear?

No Smoking Ambassador Commission

Look over here, please.

First of all, there's the smelly smoke

Two, it gives you bad breath

Three, your lungs will hurt and cry

Four, it will be hard to breathe

No, la la la, say no to smoke No, no

It's smelly and covers the sky No

No, la la la, let's say no Yeah

Let's tell the world you quit Yeah

You're not well enough
to work out all day, OK?

You need to get some rest.
Want some soup for lunch?

Did I just have a baby?

Stop right there.

Whoa, you're all better already?

Still, how about some soup?

One punch and that's
all you'll get to eat.

Huh? Long time no see.

I'm not falling for it. Never.



Hello, everyone.

I'm Oska.

How are things with
the 21-year-old Joo-won?

He's feisty and very open about sex.

He's so cute.

He's cute?

I was wrong about you.
You like straightforward guys?

All that dating and
I'm clueless about women.

Joo-won will punch you for that.

He seems to be remembering things.

Really? He is?

That's great... I guess...

What if he wants
the watch and shoes back?

Do you think I should just sell them?

I haven't been here in a while.

Are the fan meetings back on, then?

What singer is so clingy to a fan?

Being unpopular
has done you a lot of good.

Huh? You haven't heard?

I'm recovering my fame
at a break-neck speed now.

I'm not just any Hallyu star.

I'm an ambassador who looks out
for everyone?s health, too.

What a terrible view.

My goodness.

See? He remembers things.

You're not just a fan.

What singer drives a fan
all the way home?

You love me.

You said we love each other.
Are you a three-timer?


Would you like to come in
for a coffee, like usual?

Of course.

Let's go.

Watch the stairs.

Careful. You're good with stairs, Ra-im.

Those two...

Stop right there.

Unlink those arms.

I'm not someone you can ignore!

Can't you even pretend to hide from me?

Why am I an assistant?

He just entered her house.


Got it.

Firefighter Sacrifices Himself

She's a force to be reckoned with
if Joo-won's still so clingy.

Coffee's the best
when it's strong and sweet.

Two coffees, two creams, three sugars.


What's that?

You dated me but you put up his poster?

Are you sure you're not dating?

What if we did?


Then Seul is mine.

36-24-34. She's perfect.

- Hey!

You scumbag.

My Oska's winning.

''My Oska''?

You DID date her. Why kick me?

I got a call.

You're dead if it?s Seul.


It's me.

That firefighter you asked about.

Yes. You made some calls?

I didn?t tell you in case you got upset.

But he passed away.

Why? Was it because of me?

Let me explain.

His name was Gil Ik-sun.

And he had a daughter.

Her name is Gil Ra-im.

She'll be sitting right in front of you.

What is it? Who is it?

Go on.

You'll realize when your memory returns,

but she used her father to approach you.

She used him as an excuse
to get close to you.

To make you feel bad.

I want you to face the truth
and do the right thing now.

We'll talk later.

Woo-young, can you excuse us?

Who was that?

I need to talk to Ra-im.


I'll call you.

OK. Goodbye.

What's going on?

Was your father a firefighter?

You remember?

He's dead?


Did it have something to do with me?

How did you know?

Was that call from your mother?

I should go.

Wait, hear me out.


Why do you live here?

Did you really date me?

I wouldn't date a girl
who lives here, and even if I did,

I wouldn't let her
go on staying like this.

A lot happened to us.

I can explain.

-I will...
- Don't explain.

This is something
I have to remember myself.

If you deceived me
and try to deceive me again...

I might want to be deceived.

Just a moment.

What's with the money on
my bedside table? Do you know?

The $45?

It's money you treasure a lot, sir.


I tried to save up $45?


You treasure those bills.

There are some other things you treasure.

Mr. Kim
Not again.


What's with your tone?
Didn't I teach you manners?

My manners are just fine.
If you keep this up, I'll just...

Just what?

Just be a better assistant to you.

Why did you call?

I'm at home staring at
a few mysterious objects.

Why do I have a vacuum?
And a fruit basket?

Why do I treasure these?

Boss. How am I supposed to know that?

See. Your manners went down the drain.


How dare this little kid...

Poor Mr. Kim.
He's so clingy, young or old.

Is his memory back yet?


Don?t tell anyone at work.

Who takes care of business, then?


It's mostly me, kind of.

You know how much Mr. Kim relies on me.

I see.

Poor Ra-im will be so stressed out now.

Do you do that in front of
other guys, too?

Do what?

Oh, I'll wipe it off.


I'll do it.


I never gave my permission!

I saw it on TV...
He didn't ask for permission...

Come outside.

I'm outside your building.

What are you doing here?

The weather's so nice.


What now?

Let's walk. Like New Yorkers do.

People will see.

I want them to.

Don?t we look like
we're doing a photo-shoot?

Only because I'm pretty enough to do one.

Didn't you bring your shades today?

-Isn't that Oska?
-Who's he with?

Yes, I'm Oska. Yes, we're dating.

Wasn?t she in the papers?

Yes, this is Yoon Seul. Wish us the best.

Have you lost your mind?

Isn?t this our first ever date
in the public eye?

It's high time we do what others do.

I'll take you out on dates
and drive you home, too.

And when I'm on TV,
I'll go, ''Seul, I love you.''

Even if you won't let me.


Hello, girls. Want an autograph?

I didn't buy all your albums
and socks to pay for your dates.

You betrayed us.

I'm not young anymore. I'm 36, OK?

Will you let me love in peace?

It's not like I never dated anyone.

Public dates are different
from secret ones.

How could you do this?

Why isn't your manager doing his job?

Fan girl over 2PM, then.

How about B2ST? They're cool.

Drink this.

Let's go.

She used him as an excuse
to get close to you.

To make you feel bad.

Alice in Wonderland

The dagger fell
and the water turned red.

''She disappeared into bubbles...''

''But came back.''

''The prince found out
and asked his fianc?e,''

'''Is this your best? Are you sure?'
and broke off the engagement.''

''He went to the little mermaid.''

''But by then she was rich because she'd
invented a bubble washing machine.''

''The prince blew his riches on stocks
and became the mermaid's assistant.''

''And they lived together happily ever after.''

What's this?

What lunatic wrote this ending?

This is my writing.

It IS my writing.

What is this?

How about I just hang around
then disappear like some bubbles?

Like the little mermaid.

The little mermaid?

I want you to pretend you don't exist,
then disappear like bubbles.

It was Ra-im.

That little girl...

it was her.

Where are you?

Gil Ra-im, where are you?

What is it?

Is something wrong?

Is something wrong? Tell me.

What is it?

If it?s about my dad...
Then I can explain everything.

Actually, my dad and you...

It's not about my dad?

Then why are you here?

To do this.

You remember? You remember everything?


You don't?

But you just...

I'm going on a blind date.

What? Why? What for?

You really liked me.

The more you say that,
the less I believe you.

Love doesn?t solve all problems.
Or why would couples break up?

I can?t stop thinking you're not my type.

How could I even fall for you?

Kim Joo-won.

What have you done to me?

There's nothing special about
you or your background.

And you made me cling to you.

Since when were you so dumb? Last year?

You still don't get it?

Why do you think
I'm here so late at night?

I remembered everything.

I'm... sorry.

I meant to overwhelm you with relief.

You're dead.

I'll kill you.

That hurts.

Stand still. I have more to say to you.

Go on.

What do you have to say?

I love you.

That's from me.

I don't care, you jerk.

I really love you.

That's from your dad.

I don't...


Save me!

Is anyone there?!

I was trapped in an elevator.

I couldn?t stand because
I'd hurt my leg.

-The smoke was suffocating.
-Save me.

I was so scared that I might die.

All I could do was shout for help.

And pray that someone
would hear my shouts.


There are no more survivors here, so go.

I'll check one more area.


Dear God.

When my time is up, let me
save one more life before I go.

Even if we?re surrounded by
smoke and flames.

Just when I thought I was going to die...

the elevator door opened.

And this firefighter...

held out his hand to me.

How are you?

Give me your hand.

You're hurt?

Breathe deeply.

Slowly and deeply.

Stand up.

It's too hot in here.

Are you OK?

The door closed. What do we do?

It's OK.

I want to get out of here, too.

My daughter's waiting for me.

I can't do this.

We need help.

Man down in elevator. We need help ASAP.

Which elevator?

-You tell him.


East wing, elevator No. 1.


It's broken.

Keep trying until you get through.

Especially when flames
are lapping at our feet...

I am afraid and
I pray for rain, as always.

- Hello?

Even if it?s your will that I die...

Did you see that?

Now come here.

Climb into my shoulder and get out.

I'll introduce you to my Ra-im one day.

She's really pretty.

Put this on.


Grab my hand.

Grab onto my hand, now.


Don't do this. Don't.

Let go.

Or I?ll take you down with me.

Stay low and run to
the exit on your right.

No. Not without you.

Hold my hand. Climb up.

Get out of here.

And tell my daughter...

I'm sorry I didn't come home.

Say I love her.

That her dad...

really, really loves her.

Tell her that.


Hold my hand.

Take my hand!


Don't do this. Don't do this.

Please, please...

Get out of here!









were his... final words.

I'm sorry.

I took so long.

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry.


Thank you.

For telling me just how much he loved me.

Thanks so much for telling me.

I finally relayed the message
to your daughter.

I'm sorry I took so long.

I'm sorry it took so long.

I went to tell her...

but I just couldn't.

Forgive me.


Thank you for saving me.

Your daughter?s a great person.

I know I'm not good enough for her.

But if you'll let me,

I'll marry her and make her happy
for the rest of my life.

Do you think he'll approve?

Of course not.

What dad would like a guy
who always makes his daughter cry?

Then what?

There's only one thing you can do.

You love me like crazy
and I love you like crazy.

What was that you said?

About the time you didn't get to
tell me about my dad.

It's between us guys. What do you care?

I'm curious. Tell me.

Ask your father yourself.

We're going somewhere tomorrow.

Dress up and wait. I'll come for you.

- Bye.

Where are we going?

Ji-hyun came by.

She told me your memory's back.

I'm so relieved.

Are you really relieved?

And not afraid?

Because... I trust my son.

I trusted you, too, and you let me down.

You harmed me and you harmed her.

But you harmed yourself the most.

How could you tell such a lie?

What about it?

I can say what I want to protect my son!


You weren't always right.

But even when you were wrong,
you preserved your pride.

That's why I loved you.

But this time you lost your pride and me.

Kim Joo-won.

So now I give up being your son.

Kim Joo-won!

Sorry, but I spent 34 years as your son.

I'll spend the rest
of my days as her husband.