Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 8 - May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot - full transcript

Pritchard's past comes back to haunt him. 20 years ago, Pritchard covered up a murder committed by a drug lord's girlfriend, who happened to be his confidential informant at the time. Instead of staying on the right side of the law after Pritchard helped her elude the crime. 20 years later she has turned into a major drug lord.

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Previously on "second chance"...

Woman: Disgraced sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life today.

You're the first to journey
all the way back...

To get another chance.

James: I know you. You're one of
those rich computer twins.

Otto re-coded
your white blood cells

to fight the cancer in my blood.

You brought me back to save you.

He's stronger than predicted.

Why does he think
he's my father?

Because he is.

He should never have called you
an idiot, your dad.

You just try to see
the best in people.

I saw the best in my dad,

even if he didn't see it
in himself.

You know, I'm glad you're here.

My dad's done so much
by himself.

He really needs you.

Can you just promise me
you're here to help him?

I'm not a monkey that jumps

every time
you say "solve a puzzle."

[ Speaking in twin speak ]


I just want to know...

What you said to me then...

I will always be here
with you, Otto.

Is it still true?

[ Police radio chatter ]

I'm looking right at them.

Six, right out on the street
this time.

Reese and his Jalisco brothers
won this round.

Chan is MIA.

This turf war is escalating.


- Hey.
[ Phone beeps ]

These six
were Chan Lee's bodyguards.

Lee entered the Seattle
heroin market just a month ago.

D.C.'s leaning on me
to clean this mess up.

The doctor wants some good news,

so I want you to work this
until you can get me some.

Father and son
on their way home.

[ Sighs ]

Wrong place, wrong time.

Woman: No, please!


Man: Tragedy struck today

in this working-class
west Seattle neighborhood

as a drug war exploded
in a violent shootout.

Local police along with FBI
are trying to find out

exactly who's behind
this spike in drug violence

over the last six weeks.

It is believed to be a dispute
between rival gangs competing

- over the local heroin market.
[ Ringing ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

James: Duval.

Duval, I know you can hear me.


How many times
do I have to tell you?

Stop using that Lookinglass tech

to make my phone
answer your calls.

This is important.

I'm in the middle
of a drug-fueled gang war

trying to figure out

who's putting all this heroin
on my streets.

I think I did.

Did what?

Put all the heroin
on your streets.

Just meet me at Peng's.

Not until you tell me
what this is about.

[ Receiver clicks ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Muffled grunting ]

What did we tell you?

You should've stayed
out of Seattle.

You want turkey or roast beef?

Roast beef.

[ Grunting continues ]

[ Muffled screams ]

[ Sighs ]

You've got one minute,
starting now.

Duval, sit down, please.

[ Sighs ]

1990, there's a flood of heroin
on the streets.

Worse than now...
More blood, more drugs.

Guy running it
was a guy named ray Carson.

I remember that.
You rolled up his operation.

Put a dozen of his guys
behind bars,

but Carson got away.

He didn't get away,
but I'll get to that.

Now, before it all went down,
I had a C.I.

Ray's girlfriend, Joan Solodar.

Joan Solodar from Solodar motors?

Who sponsored little league
teams and school fairs?

She was your C.I.?

That's who she is now.

Back then, I saw a good girl
in a bad situation.

I was gonna stop the drug war
and get her out.

One night, she calls me,

says ray found out
she was working for me,

started beating her.

She shot him.

He knew it, Jimmy.

He knew I was working for you.

Official story
was that ray got away.

You covered up a homicide.

I rolled up the biggest
drug source in Seattle.

I gave a young woman a new life.

She swore to me
she'd go straight.

For 20 years, I believed her.

I watched her build
her business,

raise her profile
in the community.

What happened after 20 years?

I won big
in a high-stakes poker game.

We played all night.
I hit every hand.

Cory just kept losing.


This Harvard MBA Hotshot.

Works in
an accounting firm uptown.

I'm little short, Jimmy, again.

I'm on a losing streak.

I don't know what's wrong
with me.

All that crap
you're putting up your nose.

You know what, Cory?
You can't play here anymore.

I got to tell
your other games, too.

Please, please.

No, no, come on, please.
Don't cut me off.

I got some information.

All right, maybe it's worth
what I owe you.

I know who's behind
all the heroin in Seattle.

It's an old girlfriend of yours.

You know,
the one who sells cars.

That's a lie.

Listen, my... my firm
put me on the account.

I'm the one running the audit.

She's laundering the money
through her car dealerships.

She's running smack, Jimmy.

I didn't want to believe him.

So, what did you do?

Well, as I live and breathe.

Has it been two years already?

I had a good night
at poker, Solly.

Thought I'd pick up
my new car early.


You know you're the only one
who still calls me that?

We go back.

Yes, we do, sheriff.

Let's go to my office.

Why'd you close the door, Jimmy?

I've been hearing things, Joan,

about you dealing smack.

Let me see your books.
Show me it's all legal.

Listen, sheriff...

You saved my life back then,
and I will never forget that.

I covered up a murder for you!

You did.

Show me the books, Joan.

You know I can't do that,


Last thing you want
is your fed son

finding out
about what we did together.

Don't open a door unless
you're ready to walk through it.

I must've dialed your number
10 times after that.

I hung up every time.

But I'm telling you now.

Well, I'm glad it only took you
coming back from the dead

to make you finally
see the light.

But you know I need evidence
to take to the bureau,

and you never got any.

I have a plan.

A plan?

I go to Joan as a buyer.

Once we have a deal,
you come in with the bureau.

Stop the drugs,
stop the killing.

I know her, Duval.

She thinks I'm dead.

She won't see me coming.

Joan: That's good.

[ Muffled screaming ]

Really nice work.

Thank you.

Send that to Hong Kong.

Make sure they know
this is my town

and I'm the only one
who sells in it.


[ door opens ]

Too loud?


Uh, maybe just...
Just a little.

Yeah, sorry.

It, uh,
it just kept sounding better

- the louder we turned it.
- Mm-hmm.

Garret says that it's meant
to be played loud. Oh.


You must be garret.

Yeah, this is garret.

Garret, this is my aunt Helen.

Nice to meet you, my aunt Helen.

You can call me Helen.

So, how do you two,
uh, know each other?

Oh, we met at school.


You're in high school?

Uh, no, garret is 20.

Which is older.

So, in college?

Taking a gap year.

His band played the dance.

Garret is a drummer.

Can he stay for dinner?

[ Chuckles ]


Go on home.

Don't open the door unless
you're ready to walk through it.

How you doing?
I'm Lenny.

Cameron brown.

Came here to buy a car,
but if this is your handshake,

then I'm not sure
we could do business.

Oh, why don't we show you
some cars?

Come on, Lenny.

My granddaughter's got
a stronger grip than this.

Your granddaughter?

Did you...

Did you just say
your granddaughter?

James, given your current age,

remarks about your granddaughter
might draw attention to you.

As will breaking
that man's hand.

So, why don't you
let go of it now?

Come on, let go of his hand.

No, Lenny, of course not.

How could I possibly
have a granddaughter?

Is that, uh,
Joan Solodar over there?

From the commercials?

"You can go far
in a Solodar car."

She your boss?

She's the owner, yes.

I'd like her to sell me the car.

[ Chuckles ]
Ms. Solodar doesn't do sales.

She owns the dealership.

Well, no offense, Lenny,

but now I've shaken hands
with a little girl.

I'd like to make a deal
with a real woman.

Alexa, there should be
14 new products

at the new production

but I only see 13 new products
on this list.

Why was this one removed?

Mary said she needed it.

Did she say for what?

No, Otto, she didn't.

If you want your hat, sheriff...

You're gonna have to come
and get it.

I think you hurt
Lenny's feelings.

I think he'll get over it.

He said you wanted to see me.

I prefer to do business
with the boss.

I can understand that.

You're a man
who knows what he wants.

I'd like to think so.

That was you selling me,
wasn't it?

You were selling me?


I confess.

This is why I don't
do sales anymore.

You gonna send me back to Lenny?


I'm all yours.

Then come on.
Sell me a car.

[ Sighs ]

The cockpit is designed
so you have complete control.

Everything is exactly
where you need it to be.

It's tight in the corners,
hugs the road.

And for a luxury car,
it really wants to go.

Lots of power.

The engine
is incredibly responsive.

Just a very light touch...

and she'll really
open up to you.

I was 25
when my dad made that bust.

Newspaper called him a hero.

Not sure the mayor would've
given him the key to the city

if he knew about Joan Solodar
and that body they buried.

Should we take it
for a test-drive?

You know what, actually,
I'm looking for something

with a little more power.

What did you have in mind?


I know you supply it.

I sell cars, Mr. brown.

I'm not looking to step on
your business in Seattle.

I've seen what happens
to people who do.

I want to expand it
into other markets...

Montana, Wyoming,
Colorado, Utah.

They all need a quality product.

$10 million order to start.

As much as I like that number...

I sell cars.

And I have no idea why you think
I did anything else.

Your man over there...

I did time with his uncle
in pelican bay.

He told me you sell
more than just cars.

Want to check me out?
Call him.

Mary's never taken
a new product before.

It's always something
we do together.

Where is Pritchard?

How's, uh, how's uncle Jack?

Almost ready to go.


You sure this is gonna work?

Yes, agent Pritchard.

All the visual
and voice data needed

was obtained during the hack

of Lenny's last Skype session
with his uncle.

No wires.

He's clean.

Please remember your camera's
in your contact lens.

So do us all a favor
and don't look in the mirror.

This scar come with a story?

I got it saving his uncle's ass.

Well, why don't we
ask him about that?

Duval: Lenny...

What are you doing calling me?

Everything okay with your mom?

Yeah, everything's fine,
uncle Jack.

It's just this guy here
says he knows you.

I have no idea who that is.

[ Gun cocks ]
- Uh...

I'm just messing with ya.

Cameron brown.

[ Sighs ]

How you doing, Jack?

Not as good as you.

What's going on?

I need you to vouch for me.

[ Static crackling ]

What the hell's going on?

Otto: That holo-projector
isn't even beta tested.

They were supposed to show it
at today's meeting.

You took it.

Get him to turn it back on now.

Fix it, please.

It's not on our end.

I don't like this.

You don't come to the meeting,
then you let him use that?

I know you don't like
helping Pritchard, but I do.

We can't go
in two directions, Mary.

If we go in two directions,
we will pull apart.

You need to turn it back on now.

My dad is out there
with a gun to his head.

You are gonna turn this
back on now,

or I am coming down there and
I'm gonna put a gun to yours.

Sorry about that.

Connection here is crap.

I only got a couple of seconds,

I'd trust that man with my life.

[ Laptop chirps ]

So, we all good?

We doing business?

It's time for you to leave,
Mr. brown.

We'll be in touch.

Lenny, show him out.

And then come to bed.

[ Sighs ]
Did she when she'd call?

I mean, did you sell her
on the deal or not?

You were watching.

Yeah, I was.
But I can't tell.

Unlike you, I don't know her,
know her "moves."

Maybe you two can throw
that ball around outside.

I did like the part
where you said you'd trust me

with your life.

No, that was uncle Jack.

Maybe you two can throw
that ball around outside.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Joan: Mr. brown.


If you can prove funds,

I think I have something
to sell you.

Joan Solodar
was your father's C.I.?

For the record,
Duval didn't know that.

Dad only told that to me.

Because he's the good son
and you're the bad son.

It's what makes me
such a good C.I.

I'm telling you, she's the money
behind the Jalisco brothers.

You're asking me
to go after Joan Solodar,

a clean record,
taxpaying local businesswoman,

based on the word of a corrupt,
disgraced sheriff?

Yes, ma'am, we are.
I am.

My father may have been
all those things,

but whatever he did,

he did it
for the good of this city.

If he says she's the one
behind that heroin,

then we need to act on it.

You want to stop these drugs.

No, I don't need you
to tell me what I want,

so close up while I think.


I'll get legal to okay
the buy money.

You go back to Joan
and set the meet.

You won't regret this.

Said the bad son.

Where are you meeting her?

Her place.

She's very beautiful.

Suppose so.

Is that how she fooled you?

[ Giggles ]

[ Sighs ]

Does Duval know?

How you felt about her?

How did I figure it out?

I'm a woman.

I can tell these things.

You should tell Duval.

[ Beep ]

[ Door buzzes ]

Man: Mr. brown,

Ms. Solodar's
expecting you.

Go right up to the penthouse.

[ Laughs ]


[ Elevator dings ]

How you doing, fellas?

I know you?

100 grand.

Good faith.

Rest when we make a deal.

What you want comes from Mexico.

We import it.

We wanted to see your face
so that you understand

that you're in business
with us now, too.

Things go well,
you don't see us again.

Things go badly,
you'll see us once more.

That was Reese.
Put a tail on him, now.

That was smart.

Joan Solodar
wasn't in the elevator.

They didn't say her name.

Nothing to put this on her.

[ Elevator dings ]

I hope you had
a pleasant ride up.

I met some interesting people
in the elevator.

Isn't that what we have
to embrace in life?

Unexpected meetings
with interesting people.

What would
your little league team think

about you hanging out
with these cartel hard boys?

What do you think of me?

I think you're a badass, Solly.


was a nickname I used
a long time ago.

Solodar was a mouthful.

And the last person to call me
that died a while back.

You said your C.I.
just met her?

Yeah, why?

Because the way they talk,

it kind of seems like
he's doing her.

Seem like that to you?
Like he's getting that?

That is a worrisome
piece of trivia

to know about me,
Mr. brown.

Should I be worried?

I do my homework.

A deal this big, I want to know
everything about a person.

So, what do you know about me?

I know this business
used to be ray Carson's.

And now it belongs to you.

I know you run it
better than ray did.

I know that you keep Lenny
around for fun.

You never let him get close.

I know if you keep heading
that way...

You're gonna be old and alone,
Ms. Solodar.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm gonna give you an address,

and you meet me there
in three hours with the cash.

Oh, and please call me Solly.

Makes me feel young.

The building
where she wants to make the deal

is three blocks off the harbor.

The coast guard will cover
the water for us.

We'll have one chopper in
the air at a standoff position,

and SWAT On the ground.

Woman: Ma'am.

Got a report of shots fired
at Solodar motors.

[ Police radio chatter ]


What about it?

I slipped.

Called her a nickname
I shouldn't have known,

and I thought I covered,

but she made me
when I called her Solly.

Why weren't you
supposed to know that name?

I thought I covered.

Lenny was laundering money

through the dealership...
Drug money.

And when he found out
that I knew, he...

[ Crying ]

He tried to kill me.

He came at me.

You stay here.

Duval, listen.

She killed Lenny
to get herself cleared,

just like she did with ray.

She did it again.

Man: The money was laundered
through the car dealerships,

which, as you can see
from these corporate records,

are in Lenny Wahl's name.

When my client
discovered this...

I confronted Lenny.

It was stupid, I know.

I should've just gone
to the cops, but I was so mad.

And then he beat me.

The EMTs on scene

documented the bruising
on my client's body.

We're prepared
to fully cooperate

with this investigation.

Excuse me for a moment.

Something's going around
in my head

that's been bugging me.

I thought it was that you knew
her nickname.

But it's not that you knew it.

It was the way you said it
to her,

and what you said about her.

You were gonna save her!

Five months, day and night.

I had to move back to the house
because mom couldn't take it.

That's when she started
taking those pills.

Do you know that?

One, there are a lot of things
about me and your mother

that you don't know.

Two is keep your voice down.

People are listening
to you accuse me

of things your father did.

Come on, come on, do it!

Do it!

Excuse me.

[ Door opens ]

What the hell was that about?

Family stuff.

What about her?

She made your C.I.
she walks.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]


Hey, uh, it's Helen.

Now's not a good time, Helen.

I think something might be wrong
with Gracie.

She's been staying with me

while Duval's been working
on the big heroin case.

I came home,
she's supposed to be here,

she's not,
and she's been seeing this guy.

And I didn't tell Duval because
I didn't want to worry him,

and she's not answering
her phone.

S-slow down.

And then there's this,
um, vent that was open,

and... and there's

this cookie tin inside, and...

I mean, the guy's a drummer,

but why worry Duval
with that, right?

'Cause he just does so much.

the cookie tin,
is there anything in it?

It's, um...
It's... it's empty.

But, um...
[ Sniffs ] God.

It's got a funky smell, though.

- Yeah.
[ Elevator dings ]


[ Gunshot ]

Okay, that's enough.

It's getting late.

Just a few more.

Have another beer,

while I reload.

Okay, why don't you
give me the gun now?

It's cool.

How'd you know
about this place, anyway?

Her grandfather took her here.

He trusted her
with what was in that air vent,

and he took her down here
to teach her how to shoot.

It was their secret.

But he told you, I guess.

What are you doing here?

Come take you home.
Let's go.

She's with me.


Car keys, now!

[ Keys jingle ]

And if I catch you
hanging around Gracie again,

I'm gonna snap your fingers off,
drummer boy.

Gracie, let's go.


How many of these you had?

None of your business.

Look, I can take care
of myself, okay?


Well, you're still a kid
and you shouldn't have to.

Put me down!

Where'd you find her?

I'll let her tell you that.

But, Duval,
she's taking care of you

the way you took care
of your mother.

Maybe Gracie
just needs to be Gracie.

You're giving me
parenting advice?

That's rich.

Do I even need to remind you
that Joan Solodar

walked out of the FBI
with no charges filed?

You remember Joan, right?

Helen: Joan Solodar?

Didn't daddy
used to buy his cars from her?


Sorry, Helen.
Can we talk in private?

Look, if you want to hate me
for what I did,

join the damn club.

Joan Solodar is still out there.

- Shut up.
- "Shut up"?

I don't want to hear you say,
that we can still get her,

that you know her
better than anyone.

I can still be mad at you
all I want,

but you have a plan
to put her behind bars.

That's what you were gonna say,
wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

Well, I was gonna start
with "I'm sorry."

Then I was gonna get
to all that other stuff.

But, Duval,
we can still get her.

You remember Cory,
the accountant.


Hey, you said there
was gonna be a poker game.

Where the hell is it?

I said if you liked poker,
you should come down here.

I never said there
was gonna be a game.


Didn't he tell you to stay away
from the coke and cards?

Who are you?
How do you know that?

The same way we know
Joan Solodar lost a lot of money

making it look like
Lenny ran her drug business.

But she has more money,
doesn't she?

And you know where it is.

[ Ringing ]

Hey, we need to talk
about the money.

The usual place.

Okay, thank you.
I'll be right over.

[ Beep ]

Otto, I need
a surveillance system

for an area that's
too heavily wooded for a drone.

With the biometrics?

For what you're doing
with Pritchard? Yes.

I didn't bring him back
so you could help him atone

for his past sins.

You brought him back
to save my life.

But it's my life, Otto.

I like it out there.
It makes me happy.

Don't you want that?

It makes you happy
because of what you're doing...

Or who you're doing it with?

You can't be with him, Mary.

He's our experiment.

You know that.


Arthur: Yes, Otto.

We need to start a search
for a new donor

with the same precursor
as Pritchard's.

But, Otto, as a donor,

Mr. Pritchard
is performing perfectly.

I know.

Mary's cancer is in remission,

but ongoing therapy
is still required.

Just find another donor
like I told you to.

Other than the donor
you already know about?

If Joan takes Duval's bait,
then we have her.

She really did a number on you.

I did a number on me
all by myself.

You sure that thing will work?

It's a genuine
Lookinglass product.

It tracks the heartbeats
of anyone out there.

Right now, it's reading three.

I thought you were coming alone.

So, you're the son?

Jimmy's golden boy?

Oh, yeah, I heard all about you.

He'd go on and on.

It's been a long time

since I've had my hands
on a Pritchard.

You know, your dad
had that anger in him

that made bedtime

real special.

Am I feeling
some of that in you?

No wires.

You're gonna hear a lot worse
about me before we're done here.

You were
a different person then.


But I'm still on the hook
for what I've done, aren't I?

You, go first.
Speak quickly.

If the FBI knows about the money
I shielded for you,

they know everything
wasn't in Lenny's name.

The FBI doesn't know anything.

He's out here
without official cover.

God, Cory, you really
are a bad poker player.

He bluffed you,
and you told him.

[ Scoffs ]

So, what do you want?

I know you fooled my father
into setting you up in business,

and he ruined
my mother's life doing it.

I want you to pay me for that.

I made a calculation...
Five months, day and night.

I put a dollar amount
for every hour of those days

he didn't come home.

You're gonna pay me for that.

And what if I don't?

Then I bring him back
to the FBI.

If she goes for it, you got her.

You were, what,
25 when he worked that case?

And you had to move back home

because it took a toll
on your mommy.

Yeah, I know about that, too.

Why would she turn her back
on them?

[ Device chirps ]

Three more heartbeats,
20 yards away.

Your dad called her, though,

on those nights
he wasn't gonna get home.

He made those calls from my bed.

You're not like him.

You're soft.

Or good.

What's the difference?

I'm not like him.

He was stupid
to let you use him.

I just want to get paid.

Last chance.

[ Grunts ]

[ Chuckles ]
You want to be bad?

You want to be like your father?

Make that go away.

Where do you think you're going?

I'm gonna walk
a little ways over here

and put the two of you
in the ground

where I put ray
after I killed him.

James: I can't find
the other two men.

Where are the heartbeats
coming from?

You think it's easy being
a woman in the drug business?

I built up this business up.
I earned this money.

And no Pritchard,
living or dead,

is gonna take that away from me.

How you doing, Solly?

[ Device beeps ]

[ Computer dings ]

Duval: Where do you think
you're going?

I'm gonna walk
a little ways over here

and put the two of you
in the ground

where I put ray
after I killed him.

You think it's easy being
a woman in the drug business?

I built this business up.
I earned that money.

And no Pritchard,
living or dead,

is gonna take that away from me.

Who are you, really?

Tell me.

Don't open a door unless
you're ready to walk through it.

[ Handcuffs click ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Got a question for you.


Why'd you do it?

[ Sighs ]

I was about your age.

My youth was behind me.

I could see what was coming.

She was young.

She... she made me
feel young.

And I made a mess of things.


You did.

I'm trying to fix things now.

I'd like to believe you are.

What... what...

What do you mean
you'd "like" to believe me?

[ Car door closes,
engine starts ]

Duval, didn't you see
what we just did here?

No, I don't want to hear
you'd "like" to believe me.

You better believe me!

Life is messy, Gracie.

That's what I told her.

But we do the best we can,

We forgive each other
when we come up short.


Yeah. Okay.

And you know you can't see
that boy anymore.


You can't see him anymore.

No, you can't tell me
who I can see.

Wait. Gracie...
Gracie, come back here.


No, you can't tell me
what to do!

Honey, I'm trying...

Arthur, what's the status on
the replacement for Pritchard?

Arthur: There is no need
to replace Mr. Pritchard.

Mary has the results,

but I was verifying the numbers
before informing you.

Informing me of what?


What... what's wrong?

What happened?

Nothing's wrong.

It's just that, um...

Your blood...

It worked.

I'm cured.


[ Laughs ]

Her system is clear of cancer.

There is no need
for further treatment.

May I ask what will we do
with Mr. Pritchard?

He'll be leaving.

You've just watched
second chance.

Now here are a few more shows
to check out from fox.

Welcome to the toughest
challenge of your life.

Four decorated heroes...

(trigger cocks, gunshot)

Will train 16 civilians...

- (horn blows)
- Whoo!

Just like they were military.

Let's go!
Get down here now!

- John Cena hosts a team competition...
- All: Booyah!

Where you're only as strong
as your weakest link.

We would have been better off
without you there.

- You give up...
- I'm-a stop this now.

You will be pushed!

- You go home.
- Woman: No, no, no!

American grit. April 14 on fox.

We all got it comin' to us
sooner or later.

Why don't you tell me about these
chains... how we're gonna break 'em.

Next time I see you,
I will kill you.

* (Hip-hop)

Truth is, we are at war.

Drop 'em!

Help me, god!

This whole thing will bring
out the worst in you.

I want revenge.

We did what we had to do.
No doubt.