Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 7 - That Time in the Car - full transcript

Duval's sister and Pritchard's daughter, Helen, is dating Wally, a parole officer with whom she was linked while they were both in high school. Pritchard's disdain for Wally hasn't changed since then, but Pritchard can't let his previous history with Wally be discovered by Helen. Much to the chagrin of Pritchard and Duval, they discover Wally is being coerced by a prisoner to carry out an elaborate prison break, and must team up with Wally to stop the prisoner from carrying out his grand plans. Meanwhile, Alexa speaks out to Mary about her distrust of Pritchard, and Otto mourns the anniversary of his parents' death.

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Previously on "second chance"...

Woman: Disgraced sheriff
Jimmy Pritchard

took his own life today.

You're the first to journey
all the way back...

To get another chance.

James: I know you. You're one of
those rich computer twins.

Otto re-coded
your white blood cells

to fight the cancer in my blood.

You brought me back to save you.

Otto: He's stronger than

why does he think
he's my father?

Because he is.

I have more than six months
to live now.

I don't want to prepare
for my end anymore.

I need to call off the merger.

Now that the merger's off,

I need you to get me
Otto's lab work and notes.

If I can't have Otto,
I need his work.

Don't forget what you want.

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Chuckles ]
[ Beeps ]

Can I help you?

[ Slurring ] Delexda.


But really close.

[ Chuckles ]
This is amazing.

This... this is magic.

Poker night?


[ Sighs ]

It smells like there was
drinking involved, as well.

Why are you here?

I'm dropping off
paperwork for Mary.

I'll help you to your room.

But I barely know you.

Here we go.

You're very strong.

I'm fine.
I'm strong, you know?

All right.

I'm... I'm really...

Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

[ Beeping ]

Alexa, you're not authorized

to be in this portion
of the house.

Ignore him.
He's not real.

- Okay.
- He's a computer, you know?

[ Groans ]

All right.
Here you go.


Alexa, you're not authorized

to be in this portion
of the house.

Pipe down, Arthur.

She's just helping out
an old man.

[ Beeps ]

I want you to be nice.

Why wouldn't I be nice?

Because Helen is bringing a man.

A man?


I always thought
she was a, uh...

I just never...
I've never seen her with a man.

Do you not remember what you did

to every boy she brought around
the house growing up?

If they just left running,
we called that the Pritchard.

If they left running and crying,

then they got the full sheriff.

That was for her own good.

Those high-school boys
were all bad news.

Well, this is one
of those high-school boys,

so I'm warning you...
Just be nice.

Which one?

Wally Luskin.

Wally the weasel?!

He dealt weed and...
And he drove a molester van.

I bet he got the full sheriff.

Look, she hadn't seen him
in years.

They ran into each other
a few months ago,

and they hit it off.

She says that Wally has changed.

She needs this to work.
Do you understand?

Uh, Duval, you remember Wally.

I do.
Been a long time.

It has.
Good to see you.

And this is my other brother,
Jimmy, I told you about.

Just like your dad.

I mean, the... the name,
not... not that other way.

What other way?

Why don't we order some drinks.

Can we...

So, Wally,

what do you do?

Wally is in law enforcement.

I'm a parole officer.

Parole officer?

A P.O. uh, that's
not law enforcement.

[ Clears throat ]

It's a very valuable service

to the recently incarcerated.

That's what I told him.

You know,
Wally gets down on himself,

but he helps people who need it.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] And... and Helen
ran all the way home.

She did.
[ Chuckles ]

So, we all went around,
and we got her some wine.

You okay, Wally?

Yeah. Everything's great.

It's the best egg foo Yung
in the city. You're not hungry?

Duval, come to the bar with me.

Let's get another round, huh?

Anybody want a drink?

Um, just a beer.

Yes, a beer. Thanks.

I think it's going really well.

A parole officer?
That's not law enforcement.

You think she'd know
better than that.

Why are we up here?

The waiter could have
gotten more drinks.

He won't look me in the eye.
You notice that?

Only people with something
to hide do that.

Leave it alone.

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Sighs ]
Wally the weasel.

You run a guy off, and as soon
as you're a little bit dead,

he thinks he can
crawl right back in.

[ Beeps ]

Arthur, don't do that.

This location is not
in your routine.

Are you lost?
[ Sighs ]

I'm following this guy
in the car down the block.

Helen and Duval
thinks he's changed,

but he's up to something.
I saw it.

Who's this guy?

Arthur, can we listen in
on that car over there?

My technology is
only available to you

if you are performing
a public service.

Is it a public service?

Yes, it's a public service.

I can access
the car's Bluetooth.

How many more times?

What's it to you?

I sign my name on your card,
says you were with me

When you weren't.

Yeah, and you're
getting paid for it.

I know
I'm... I'm getting paid.

What are you moping for, huh?

You got it the easiest in this.

You sign your name, and
the money goes in your account.

Two more days and you're done.

Now, you gonna sign my card?

Arthur, is there any chance
you recorded this?

[ Beeps ]

I have made a digital file
and sent it to your phone.


I sign my name on your card,

says you were with me
when... when you weren't.

Jasper: Yeah, and you're
getting paid for it.

And don't get all
bill of rights on me.

Okay? I know
I can't use it in court.

But Helen's parole-officer

He's taking money
to alibi an ex-con.

He's taking money to say he was
with someone when he wasn't.

Did you bring that list of
Wally's parolees like I asked?




Uh, no. No.



Him. Yes. That's him.
That's the guy.

Jasper Willitz...
Robbery, armed robbery,

assault, assault with
a deadly weapon, armed robbery.

This guy runs crews.

Look, he did
the casino heist in Reno.

He did the jewelry store
in Redmond.

He's setting up a crew
right now.

Wally's a perfect alibi.

I'll break it to Helen.

I'll let you know
when it's over.

She's my kid.
I can tell her.

My old apartment, huh?

Is it weird that she lives here?

Not as weird as your living
in the fake version of it

in Mary Goodwin's basement.

What's the DVD?

"The notebook."
She likes it.

I'm using it
to clean up your mess.

I didn't break my oath
as a law-enforcement officer.



Hey, there.

[ Sighs ] Didn't want to leave
any trace of the old man, huh?

Oh, just the opposite.

I actually moved here
to, uh, feel closer to him.

I think he'd love what I've done
with the place, don't you?

Yeah. I mean, he was
always asking me

to bring him
more... Crystals.

So, what is
the big announcement?

I can't stand the anticipation.

Well, Helen, it's like this.

In life, there are
two kinds of people.

Wait a minute.
Is that "the notebook"?

Oh, my god.
What happened?

What's wrong?

Well, it's Wally...

And, uh, he's on the take.


That's how you tell her?

Yeah, I mean,
band-aid, zip, done.

Duval, is that true?

Say it isn't true.

How do you know?

Well, I followed him.

And why would you do that?

He didn't seem right.

Were you looking
for something to get him for?

He is breaking the law.

Yeah, wow.

I thought this was it.

I... I thought Wally and I
had found each other.

Duval, is Wally a bad guy?


I think he is.

You know, when dad
kicked him out that time

and I stood up for Wally...

Dad called me an idiot.

My own dad called me an idiot.

And you know what?
He was right.

He was right.

Just go.

Both of you. Go!

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Hair dryer whirring ]

I got into Otto's lab
like Connor asked me,

and I managed to get quite a bit
of Otto's regeneration code.

I'm just sending it to him now.

There it goes.


You feel bad for betraying
Mary's trust.

I feel bad about betraying Mary,

but... Otto threw me out
before I was even formed.

Connor just said I need to
remember why I'm doing this.

And I just need to look at you,
and I remember why.

Otto, listen, uh, the guy
my daughter's dating...

He's into something big.

He's being paid off
to alibi this ex-con.

He... he's
a parole officer.

Uh, the weasel.

We call him the weasel.

Ja-Jasper, his parolee,

is putting money
into Wally's account.

We just need to find out
who else he might be paying.

I don't think he's listening.



Please step away from him.

He's not talking to me now?

He's not talking
to anyone today.

We could use his help

to find out where
that money's coming from.

Not today.

It's the anniversary
of our parents' death.

Otto doesn't talk on this day.

I'm sorry.

[ Siren wails ]

I'm sorry to intrude, Mary.

Let's go.

Go where? How else do you plan
on tracking that money?

This is about your daughter?

It's about an armed crew

planning a hit
somewhere in Seattle.

But it... yeah,
it's also about my daughter.

And, Duval, I'm assuming
this isn't at the FBI

because he's gotten you
some kind of information

you can't use.
That's the size of it.

What's your daughter's
boyfriend's name?

Wally Luskin.
He's a parole officer.


Bringing up Wally Luskin's
financial records.

Oh. It's so illegal
I shouldn't look.

Any deposits?

$120,000 in the last six weeks
in $10,000 increments.

Jimmy: Any idea
where it's coming from?

The money was moved
through various banks,

but its source is masked.

It is a sophisticated
security protocol

I am unable to penetrate.

What if Mr. Pritchard was going to force
another transfer from the source?

Yes, Mary. The digital trail
would be open for a short time.

I should be able to trace it.

What are you two talking about,
force another transfer?

If you can find a way to
reactivate Wally's accounts,

there might be enough time
to trace it back to the source.

This is too sophisticated
for that thug, Jasper.

He's got somebody behind him,

someone who knows
what he's doing.

Five years ago, you ran
a $1 billion hedge fund.

Then came the string of DUls

and finally
the vehicular manslaughter.

You haven't spoken
publicly until now.

What changed,
Mr. Mellenburg?

Tammi, thank you for asking.

The short answer
is that I'm dying,

and... and that clarifies
the mind.

As you know, I received
the maximum sentence...

25 to life...

And with my diagnosis,
I'll die here.

I was angry at the judge
who handed down my sentence.

Now, uh...

I see he was right.

Right in what way?

People need to pay for...
For what they've done.

My time in prison
has taught me to be strong...

To be able to face the truth.

Without justice, no one is free.

Do you have any remorse

toward the 17-year-old
you ran down with your car?

Is Helen not coming?

Nope. Thought
it would be better

to do this just the three of us.

Do what?

[ Beeps ]

I sign my name on your card,

says you were with me
when... when you weren't.

Jasper: Yeah, and you're
getting paid for it.

[ Beeps ]

I think I might throw up now.

Got two questions for you.

What are you planning?
Who else is involved?

I-I don't know
what they're planning.

I don't... I don't
know who they are.

This place has
a soundproofed room downstairs.

Do you want to see it?

O-okay, look.

A few months ago,
that parolee Jasper

came to his check-in and said
that I'm gonna sign his card

even when he doesn't show up.

I-I said,
"why would I do that?"

He said 'cause they've already
deposited money in my account.

He says it looks like
I'm being paid for something,

so I might as well go ahead
and go along with it.

And if you said no?
I did.

But then I saw the money was
in my account, and I panicked.

I tried to go to my supervisor,

but I choked because I knew
he wouldn't believe me.

'Cause you're a weasel?

Look, I'm not like
you Pritchard boys.

Your dad was a badass.

He would have told Jasper
to just go and shove it.

I-I didn't know
what else to do.


[Sighs] You got to come with me.

You got to take me in?

I guess I get that.

I just didn't
want to lose Helen.

You know, it took me 25 years
to get back to her.

After your dad...
When he threw me out, I just...

I kept going.

I just didn't want to lose her.


What if, instead of
taking him in, we use him?

Use him?

Yeah, yeah.

Play him off
against Jasper, you know?

Uh, maybe you tell your boss

that he was working with us
the whole time.

Holy crap.
You want to save him.

He's weak, Duval.
He's not bad.

I-I'm weak.

I am, but not bad.

I already have a C.I. I'm having
a hard enough time explaining.

Mary told me that
she could trace the money

during a transfer, so maybe
Wally goes back to Jasper,

says he wants more money
or he'll turn him in.

It'll open the door wide enough
to trace the funds.

Why is Helen mad at me?

It's not my fault
she picks lousy guys.

Well, it's not like you were
her role model or anything.

Hey, I paid
for your psychology major.

I don't need it used against me.
You and Helen both.

It's like you're trying
to ruin this.

Ruin what?
First stakeout with my son.

Car, snacks.

I was looking forward to this.

Did I really call her an idiot?

Oh, make up your mind.

Either dig in your heels
about being right

or feel bad about Helen,

but this back-and-forth
is giving me whiplash.

[ Motorcycle approaching ]

What do you want?
Why am I here?



You gonna say something or what?

Come on, Wally.

I'm starting not to like this.

I'm, uh... I'm...

He's not gonna make it.

I'm turning you in.

Yeah, I'm gonna stop this.

No, no, no, no.
He can do this. Come on.

You're turning me what?!

Wait. Unless...

[ groans ]

Unless... unless you give me
double what it's been.

Look, I need the money.

Why do you need
more money, Wally?

I got a woman in my life.

I want to give her things.

Look, if I'm doing this,

it's got to be double
what it's been or...

Yeah, I'm turning you in.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Chuckles ]

You got a girl, huh?

All right.

I'll get the money.

[ Chuckles ]


He did it.
He did.

He hit me in the face.


But I did it.

I wish your dad
could have seen it.

I got a feeling he did.

Go to Mary.
Tell her the money's moving.

I'll stay on Jasper.
All right.


[ Beeps ]

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Beeps ]

Jasper: Hey. It's me.
The parole office wants a raise.

Oh, come on.

[ Horn honks ]

[ Horn honks ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Beeps ]

Where are you?
We got to go.

Some car has been following me
for the last couple miles.

I'm taking the long way.

You're being tailed?

It's probably just
a coincidence,

but I'm not taking any chances.

I'm on Jasper.
Where are we with the money?

$10,000 was just deposited
into Wally Luskin's account.

Arthur, you should have
some time

to trace it back to its source.

I calculate eight minutes
until the digital trail closes.

Tracking now.

They're working on it.

Come on, Mr. Mellenburg.
It's time for you to get zapped.

Let's get you
to your radiation appointment.

So, what are you fighting
so hard for to stay alive?

If I were you,
I'd lay down and give it up.

I fight for everything.

It's how I made $1 billion.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, that money's not doing you
any good now, is it?

How we doing?


The security encryption
is unknown to me.

It seems to have no source.

Damn it.

I lost him.


It's what happens when
you have one car on a tail.

We should have a team...
An FBI team.

I'm gonna find out where that
money's coming from right now.

What are you going to do?

He can help us, can't he?

If he were here today, yes.

I swear to god you two are
from some other planet.

He's right here.

Now, you need to wake him up

so he can help us find who's
at the end of this money trail.

And either you do it or I do,
and you won't want to watch.

You should have gone to the FBI.

There's a lot of things
that I should have probably done

with my life, but that timer
says we have 4 minutes left.

Aren't real lives out here
more important

than what's going on
in his head today?

I made a promise
to my brother...

To protect him.
I get it.

I thought I was protecting
my daughter,

but I was just standing
in her way.


I am sorry, Mary.

I cannot find the source
of the money.

7-year-old Otto:
It's not gas. It's plasma.

It's the fourth state of matter.

They used to think
there were only three states,

but now they know the sun
is actually the fourth state.

Adult Mary:
Otto, I need you out here.

It's time to let go.


Don't go to the end this time.

Listen to me.

You didn't kill our parents.

You can forgive yourself.

You didn't kill them.

Come out of the car.

You can do it.

You can forgive yourself.

It's not gas. It's plasma.

It's the fourth state of matter.

Some super clusters
form parts of...

Otto, that's enough.

Which are also parts of...


I'd like to go just one day
without him talking.

[ Horn honks, tires screeching]

There's nothing else I can do.

Arthur: One minute left
to trace the money.

Why does he think
he killed your parents?

Otto: Because I did.


is an ex-convict.

That made me think of prison.

Prison networks
are secured differently.

You have to know what it is
you're looking for

to trace the hack.


Well, can you tell us who?

That'll take a little more time.

I've traced it to granite hills
correctional facility.

Here we go.

All right.
We trained for this.

Been to that mile marker
every week.

Do it like we drilled

and everything goes smooth
as smooth...

And the money will be in your
accounts by the end of the day.

According to Otto,
there are 98 people...

Staff and inmates...
At the prison

who have privileges
and access to a computer.

He's gonna narrow it down
by the time we get there.

[ Cellphone rings ]


The user is an inmate.
Brian Mellenburg.

I remember that name.

Some hedge-fund jackass
got all coked up,

killed a woman
in a hit-and-run.

Brian Mellenburg.

Mellenburg is being
transferred today

for his radiation appointment.

And something else.

He was that man Jasper's

I used to have six limos,
you know that?

One for every day.

Biggs: Oh, yeah?

What did you do
on the seventh day?

Chopper mostly.
Sometimes the boat.

But... You can't take it
with you.

You can say that again.

What the hell's going on?

I believe...

My ride is here.

[ Gunfire ]
Whoa! Whoa!

You think if Helen
knew who I was,

she'd forgive me
for what I said?

I don't remember
calling her that.

I mean, what kind of father
calls his kid an idiot?

Did I ever call you that?


But I knew it meant
you loved me.



Just need a little more time

to prepare myself
for the softer side of you.

That's a damn prison van.

Stay right there.

Do not move.


Do not come closer!

You were transporting
Brian Mellenburg, weren't you?

They took him.

Who? Who took him?

Fake cops. Fake cop car.

So you see why
I don't trust you.

Just stay right there!

Why is that wheelchair empty?

Because he got up
and walked away.

Jasper's rap sheet said robbery.

I thought it was a heist.

You know, they put
this Wall Street guy

in my cell five years ago.

I never seen anyone so scared.

But I never seen anyone
so smart.

That first day, after I beat
the crap out of him,

he says to me,
his mouth all full of blood,

"you know violence."

[ Gunshots ]

"You know violence," he said.

"I think we can
work together."

And now you're rich.

And now you're free.

One's for the car.
One's for the cabin.

Don't spend a dime
for two years.

Don't change your habits,

We're going to replay an
interview Brian Mellenburg did

one day before
his spectacular prison break.

Mellenburg: As you know, I
received the maximum sentence...

25 to life... and with
my diagnosis, I'll die here.

I was angry at the judge
who handed down my sentence.

Now, uh...

I see he was right.

Man, I screwed that up royally.

My son's pissed off,

my daughter's
got a broken heart,

and that guy on TV's
just laughing at me.

Right in what way?

People need to pay for...
For what they've done.

My time in prison
has taught me to be strong,

to be able to face the truth.

Without justice...
No one is free.

[ Beeps ]

Everyone here
looks so angry at me,

like I'm some public enemy.

I served my time.

But you're on parole,

which I'm about to violate
and send you back.

On what grounds?

I'll find something.

Or you can tell us
where Mellenburg is.

How should I know?

You have four years left
on your sentence, Jasper,

if I violate you.

You're willing to do that
for your old cellmate?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jimmy: Duval, you got
Jasper down there?

Yes. At the FBI, where sworn
law-enforcement officers work.

Listen, Mellenburg... he's after
the judge who sentenced him.

I saw an interview.

These... these Wall Street
guys... they play for keeps.

He didn't break out
just to lay down to die.

He wants justice.
He wants revenge.

The judge. That's a good theory.

Listen, you got to do whatever you
got to do to protect that judge.

You got to find out what
Mellenburg's plan is.

You got to go real hard
on Jasper, Duval.

Like I said, we looked into it.

The judge went down in a boat
accident eight months ago.

Got to go.

[ Beeps ]

[ Sighs ]

"What is my freedom?"

By Brian Mellenburg.

Most guys lay there in jail,

they think about the cigar,

the wine, the good meal,
and the women.

But not me.

That's not my freedom.

I'd lay there and I'd think
about doing all that,

knowing that you, judge...

Knowing that you were
right there in a cage.

That is my freedom.

I got eight months of food here.

That's about how much time
I got left to live,

and I'll give you enough
to stay alive

so that I can watch you...

Every day.

And when I get to my end,
I'm gonna open your cage.

Keep the chains on you,
of course, but open your cage

so when I die
and the animals come for me,

they'll come for you, too.

Yeah, I've had
a lot of time to think.

You think Mellenburg
is paying him

to keep his mouth shut?
[ Elevator dings ]

Can I help you with something?

I'm a parole officer.
I was alerted

that my parolee Jasper Willitz
is here for questioning.

That's right.

In relation to
the Brian Mellenburg escape?

Is there something you need to
tell us about your parolee?

Yes. Uh, my parolee
Jasper Willitz was with me

during the time
of that prison break.


It was a field visit.
I signed his card.

He was with me the whole time.

It's my obligation
to tell his attorney that.

I'll bring him out.

Not so fast, Wally.

My father put you up to this?

Your father?

My brother. My brother.

What's going on here, Wally?

I'm a parole officer
doing my job.

Pritchard, can I speak with you?

Jasper: What?

You want more money for coming
down there to alibi me out?


I want to know
where Mellenburg is,

and you're gonna tell me.

Oh, look at
the little tough man.

[ Chuckles ]
What, you grow a pair, huh?

Brought a pair with him.


I'm not Wally that you can use
as a punching bag, am I?

[ Groans ]

[ Crunches ]

Aaah! Aah!

[ Groaning ]

I can see it worming its way
through your head now.

"This guy... he's a lot stronger
than I am, isn't he?"

Ask him again, Wally.

Where's Mellenburg?

Screw you!
The both of you!

[ Grunts ]

What do you say we give him
the full sheriff, huh?

Wait. What's that?

See, the full sheriff
is when he counts to three

and then you start crying.

One, two...

Aah! You're breaking
my hands!


[ Cellphone rings ]

You have him, don't you?

[ Groans ]

Well, he wasn't gonna talk
to you, was he?

And he talked to you?

No, actually.
He talked to Wally.

Hey, Wally.

You tell agent Pritchard
what you found out.


You might want to get a pen.

Okay, you take highway 30.
Get off at the old road.

And then, apparently...

[ Opera music plays ]

[ Man singing operatically ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Helicopter approaches ]

[ Door bangs open ]
FBI, freeze! Freeze!

Drop the knife! Drop it!
On the ground!

[ Music and singing continue ]

Get him out of there.

Sorry, Mr. Mellenburg.

We barged in
before you could finish it.

How did you find me?
Wasn't me.

It was an old man and a weasel
who tracked you down.

But I'm the one that gets
to put you back in your cage.

Get him out of here.

What do you want?

He should never have called you
an idiot, your dad.


I'm sure he said some
messed up stuff to you, too.

No, I-i don't think he
understood you, Helen.

You just try to see
the best in people,

and I think he saw it
as a weakness.

I saw the best in my dad,

even if he didn't see it
in himself.

You know he loved you,
don't you?

Even at the end,

you were always his little girl.

[ Voice breaking ]
You're gonna make me cry.

There's a reason you still
feel like he's around.



Well, it's a damn ambush.

Helen, I can't explain.

I don't have a lot of time,
but you need to come with us.

Trust me.

I'll get...
I'll get my keys.

What was going on here?

Emotional honesty, Duval.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

It's another damn ambush.

I'm sorry I lied.

I can't take it back.

And I know I have
no right to ask this,

but, um... I have to go away
for... A little while.

But I was hoping that
when I get back, we could...

we could start again.

Going away?

[ Sighs ] For how long?

8 to 12 months.
It's a good deal.

For his cooperation
leading to the arrests.

Helen, you're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

I just want to know...

What you said to me then...

is it still true?

Will you leave, too?

No. I will always be here
with you, Otto.

Nothing can ever change that.

Okay. It's, uh,
time to go now, Wally.

To jail.

Okay. Okay.

I'm gonna go to jail now.

Hey, Wally, listen, um...

It's not gonna be easy.
You know that, right?

But you can do this.

You can be tough.
I've seen you do it.

If you ever doubt yourself,

just know that the Pritchard
boys... we don't.

[ Smooches ]


[ Chuckles ]

You were so young and handsome.

And you... you were
the most beautiful bride

that ever said "I do," huh?

Connor saved me,
and he's gonna save you, too.

You've just watched
second chance.

Now here are a few more shows
to check out from fox.

What happened here?

- (Siren wailing) - Gordon: Bad
guys in this town are changing.

I don't know how bad
it's going to get.

Man: They think
guns can stop me?

This is not a game.

Troubled times.

You ready to do this?

What grown man invites people
to call him "Rosie"?

A secure man.

There is a serial killer
on the loose.

We're gonna catch him.

You come at me again, the law
won't be able to keep me off you.

- Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
- I'm looping you in right now.

Okay, I forgot
to put you in the loop.


Returns Wednesday, march 2
on fox.