Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 11 - Gelassenheit - full transcript

Pritchard and Duval race against the clock to save Gracie from Connor and Otto's life-threatening experiment. But time is quickly running out for Pritchard, as well, since there is no tank in which he can regenerate. Meanwhile, Mary, with the help of Alexa, does everything she can to try and unlock the code to save Pritchard's life before it's too late, and Otto wrestles with his conscience and the decisions he's made that have changed lives forever.

on "Second Chance"...

I spend
my whole life

protecting you
from the world

when I should've been protecting
the world from you.

CONNOR: You cheated death
to save her life.

And now she abandoned you,
didn't she?

[voice breaking]

ALEXA: It's some kind
of power surge.

Shut it all down.

ARTHUR: If I leave, the tank
won't support Mr. Pritchard.


Without Arthur,
the tank is useless.

So, I got what,
about a day?

MARY: She's a Pritchard.

Gracie has
the genetic precursor.

Where is she?!

I know where Gracie is.

ADAIR: Agent Pritchard,
I'm relieving you of duty

effective immediately.

DUVAL: I need to talk
to you fellas.

Gracie is in trouble.

I can't be locked down
for 72 hours.

We're just taking you in,

Bobby, how long
we worked together?

You both know me.

You know Gracie.

[cellphone ringing]

Mary, now's not a good time.

Alexa came back.

She says she knows
where Gracie is.

All right.
Bring her to Peng's.

I'll meet you there.

Just trust me.

Gracie is in trouble.

Just let me go.
Let me get out.

Please let me go get her.

We're just taking you in,

[body thuds, tires screech]

You hit someone?!

No, I didn't hit someone.


How you doing, kiddo?

Thanks for coming for me.

Of course.
Let's go get Gracie.

- Hey! Hey, Duval!
- [engine revs]


CONNOR: You been making
some trouble for us,

haven't you, Albert, huh?


He escaped when we were
moving him for testing.

I'm sure you're gonna want to
run some tests on him, right?


The blood and tissue samples
you have of his are all I need.

Are you sure about that?

Yes. I'm sure.

[yelling continues]

Aah! Aah...


Hey, have that incinerated.

[monitor beeping]

- We'll make her talk.
- You better.

You were spying for Connor
this whole time?


And you know
where Gracie is?

I know where
he'd take her.

What do you mean,
you know where he'd take her?

Connor owns 200 acres of land
north of the city.

- That's where the lab is.
- How do we find it?

It's an abandoned missile base,
so most of it's underground.

You wouldn't see it
unless you knew it was there.

How do you know
all about this place?

I lived there, underground,
for almost a year.

Doing what for Connor?

I did nothing for Connor.

That's where he did things
to me.

She's one of Otto's.

I'm just like you,
except one thing.


You're perfect.

That's why Otto kept you.

Albert and I weren't.

That's why
he threw us away.

And Connor finished them.

And then he started
experimenting on us,

trying to figure out how he
could make it work for himself.

That's what he does there.

You don't want Gracie there.
Trust me on that.

Trust you?

How do we know you're not
working for Connor right now?

We can't. She's lied to us
this whole time.

But, Duval,
Gracie's your kid.

- It's your call.
- Go.

You know this place well enough
to draw us a map?

I know it very well.

The lab is in
the most secure spot,

which is the old mission
fire control area.

There's only way to get in,
and it's across this bridge.

Connor says that there are
machine guns stationed out here.

The guns are still there,
but now they're triggered

by a digital scan that you'll
have to pass through.

So you'll have to get into
the office first to turn it off.

- Where's the office?
- Over here.

If you go there with us,
will they let you in?

You can get to the office?

[whirring, monitor beeping]

- Where's your car?
- Out back.


We go together,
the three of us.

You drop us off when we get
close to the gate,

and we go in on foot.

Let's go.

Where is your tank?

M-my tank
is in the garage,

but, Mary, you know
it won't work on him.


What was that
with Alexa?

She's just like you.
She has a tank.

isn't that good news?

There's a lock code
just for her.

If you step in,
it'll kill you.

You're gonna unlock it, though,
aren't you?

'Cause you're Mary Goodwin,

and you always get
what you want.

How long is it gonna
take to unlock?

More than eight hours.

But just come back, okay?

If I can get her tank
to work for you,

this doesn't have to be
your last day.

You don't have to die.

Everybody dies.

[round chambers]

[electricity humming]

How old were you...



How'd you die?

Slipped [chuckles] coming out
of the shower.

George always wanted me to get
one of those suction grab bars,

but they were so ugly.

Not as ugly
as a cracked skull.

I bought two of those things
right off the TV.

Just up ahead.

You two should get out here.

You ready to show Graff
why he should never

have messed
with the Pritchards?

Yeah. I'm ready.

The software on this tank

has been coded
for a specific user.

I need you to unlock the code

so it can be used
for someone else.

The tank...
what does it do?

It interfaces with the user's
genetic structure.

but what does it do?

It gives $1 million cash

to the first person
who opens the code.

[indistinct talking]

[keys clacking]

I overheard you and Mary
back at Peng's.

I know about the tank.

Mary's got a plan
to fix it.

Didn't sound like
that was gonna happen.

No, it didn't.

Well, how much time
do you have left?

About eight hours.


You know,
how you were before,

there were times I hated
you were my father.

I know we didn't see eye to eye,
but hated?

I didn't know that.

That's most likely
the reason I did.

You never knew
your family.

I think I know you now.

I think you do, too.

[computer beeps]

What's Alexa doing here?


Help me, please.

Please, please, you have to...
you have to help me.


I know you, don't I?


Y-you're Otto Goodwin.

My... my uncle... my uncle
knows your sister.

My name is
Gracie Pritchard.

You have to help me.

[breathes shakily]

I can't.

[voice breaking]

What is this place?

What are you doing to me?

I don't want to be here!

Please help me!

[crying] Help!

[air hissing]

[breathing heavily]


Okay, now you're doing it...
looking at your watch.

I didn't mean to.

Alexa should be in there
by now.

Access scan initiated.

[rapid beeping]


is everything all right?

Yes. Uh, no.
It's George.

He's having
second thoughts.

I need you to go faster so that
he doesn't change his mind.

Alexa, we've been
through this.

There was no reason for you
to come here.

I know. I'm sorry.

No, no, what I mean is
there was no reason

for you to come all the way
out here.

Yet you did.

You search her?

Top to bottom.

- You search her car?
- No.

All right. All right, you...
you put her in a chair.

You point your gun
at her head.

She moves, you pull the trigger,
all right?

Now, you, come with me.

[breathing heavily]



It's taking too long.

I say you rip open this fence
while you can and we go in now.

Give her two minutes.

Okay. Two minutes.

[crickets chirping]

- Stop!
- It's...

My medication
is in there.

If I don't take it,

I would be in no shape to
answer Connor's questions.

Okay. Real slow.

Oxycontin... for pain.

I came out twisted...
my spine and internal organs.

- [pills rattle]
- [exhales sharply]

I'm on more pills now
than I was when I was old.

That sucks.


It does suck.

What exactly
am I looking for?

I'll tell you
when you find it.

She didn't come back
just to whine

about that old windbag
of hers.

[car door opens]

[cellphone vibrating]


I'm there.
I'm in Connor's office.

I'm gonna bypass
the security panel

for that section
of the fence.

[keypad beeping]


Then you can go through,
and it won't sound the alarm.

Now, tell me when you get
to the access door.

Just hurry.




Okay. Security disabled.
Door open.

[door buzzes, handle creaks]

[round chambers]

[keys clacking]


Kiddo, this way.

Alexa, we're at the bridge.

Now, head to the middle
and stop when it tells you.

I won't be able
to clear your entry

until the scanner scans you,

it'll be quick.

How do you know all this?

You were spying
on Connor, too?

George said
never to trust him.

Hold your position.

Access scan initiated.

[rapid beeping]

Come on. Come on.

[door opens]

Hello, Otto.

Arthur said you were here.

I asked him to let me know
when you came...

so I could see you.

Well, here I am.

All this time with us...

with Mary...

...I didn't see you
for what you are...

something I made.

Well, I had no face
when you threw me away.

Now that you know
what I am, Otto,

what do you want from me?

I'm not angry at you,

if that's what
you're thinking,

for throwing me away.

My blood wasn't
gonna cure Mary.

What good was I?

[rapid beeping]
Access in question.

Remain still.

OTTO: No. Your blood was never
going to save Mary,

but the deformity...

is not as severe
as I had predicted.

May I see it?

Your spine?

You... want to examine me.


Now that I know
what you really are...

there are tests to run.

Yes, of course.

Maybe we can do it
in the lab.

Of course.

I'll prep a table.

Why stand in that part
of the room?

It's an odd place
to stand.

The only reason to stand
in that part of the room

is to access the security
control panel.

- [thud]
- Shh!

Be quiet, or I will leave you
to die like you left me.

[rapid beeping]

Alexa, you are hurting Otto.

Activating alarm.

- [exhales sharply]
- [alarm blaring]

[blaring continues]

Hey, we've been breached.
Move the girl!

Make sure Otto is safe.

[blaring continues]

You guys have to get to the lab!

There's not much time now.

Duval, here.

Where's Gracie?

We lost her?

Where the hell is she?!

[breathing heavily]

Where's Gracie?



[distantly] Gracie!


What the hell did they do
to her in here?


[door opens]

[breathing heavily]

Where is she?

I don't know.

Then you're worthless
to me.

- [round chambers]
- Wait. Wait.

Connor needs Otto.

He can't make this work
without Otto.

Is that true, Otto?

Connor need you?


Duval, Connor needs Otto.



I know you can hear me.

I'm gonna put a bullet
through your genius

if I don't see my daughter
down here in five minutes.

Now, you've got
five minutes.

- [exhales sharply]
- Let them have the girl.

We take Otto and go.
He's what you need, right?

So let them
have the girl.

The girl?
Let them have the girl?


Otto says that it's going
to work with her,

that he's close with her.

How can I just let them
have the girl?

You've got less
than five minutes!

[chair clatters]


You hear me?

- Yeah, I heard you.
- [switch clicks]

I'll bring her down
to you.

And I need Otto unharmed,
in good working order.

You feel me?

[switch clicks]

I don't trust him.

These tanks...
they work like his?


But if you're thinking they will
work for your father...

they won't.

Because the code
is locked.

But you're Otto Goodwin,

and everyone says
that you're a genius.

There's not enough time.

Maybe this will
make you work faster.

This what you gave
my daughter?

You put this into Gracie?


You don't need both eyes,
do you?

One count as
"good working order"?

Now unlock the code
on that tank...

I don't have time.

Then make time.






[round chambers]

Gracie, we're here.

You let Otto come forward,

we let the girl go
to you.

She doesn't make it
all the way to us,

he doesn't make it
all the way to you.

Those are the rules.

Those are the rules.
Let's do it.

I don't trust them.

Keep your eyes open.


All this because you didn't
want to be alone,

because Mary wanted
her own life.

Was it worth it, Otto?

We gonna do this or not?

Now you let Gracie
come to us.


That's it, Gracie.
Come on.

It's okay.

It's all right.

That's it.
Come here.

We're going home.

No. No.

She's a hologram.

And I think Garret is, too.

So where is
the real Garret?


[gunfire in distance]

"These things
will kill you."

"Not me they won't."

Ugh! Aah!

[breathing heavily]

I don't feel as good about
that as I thought I would.

MAN: I have Otto and am 90
seconds from emergency egress.

Where's emergency egress?

Door 7...
end of this corridor.

Just keep making lefts,
you'll run right into it.

I'll get her.


You're hit.

[exhales sharply]
It's nothing.

Go get Gracie!

[door opens]

Hey, are you hurt?

I'm not hurt.

I-I'm sorry that you
had to go through that.

But you're safe.
I took care of it, okay?

Hey, Otto, you know
I wouldn't leave you.

You know that, right?

I know, Connor.

You're all I have.

All right. Let's go.

Hey, hey, get back down there,
kill them all,

then burn this place
to the ground.

On it.

Let's go.




[both grunting]


[breathing heavily]

[breathing heavily]

[round chambers]




Come on.



She's gone.

We lost her.

[indistinct talking]

[door opens, closes]


Where are we going?

Well, you choose, Otto.

I have redundant labs
in Kosovo, Senegal, Oman.

I should have let her die.


I should have let her die.

I'm sorry you hate her
so much, Otto.

Just try not to think
about Mary right now.

She doesn't
control you anymore.

You're free.

Can you come here?

What's that?

Please, Connor,
come here.

Yeah, sure.
Let me just set the autopilot.

[switch clicks]

What is it, Otto?

Everything's okay.

[speaking twinspeak]

I-I don't understand that.

You're gonna have to
teach me twinspeak.

"Did you get
what you wanted?"

That's what Pritchard
said to me.

Mary would have said
she's not a subject.

She's a person.

We are going to be gods.

So don't hate Mary
too much

'cause we do have to
thank her illness for that.

I don't hate her.

I should have let her die

so that she would never
have hated me.

Now she does...

because we're not gods...

we're monsters.

What are you doing here,


Yes, Otto?

Her father is waiting
for her.

Take her back down to him.

Hey, no,
I-I can't allow that, Otto.

I know.
We're both monsters, Connor.

Arthur, open the doors.

See you later, Otto.




Dad? You're here?


Yeah, it's me.
I'm here.

You should get her
to a hospital.

I will.

And then I'm gonna
come back for you.


Let's leave it like this,

with us getting Gracie,
me helping you do it.

I don't want you to go.

I know.

But it's okay.

I'm okay with it.

I did what I had to do...

with you...

with my family.

We had our day, kiddo.

I don't want you to see
what happens next.


Just go.

I got to be with my son.

Go be with your daughter.

[exhales sharply]
Where are Otto and Connor?

Was that Mary?

[seatbelt clicks]

She unlock it?

[breathing heavily]


Did you tell her
about Otto?

Yes, but I think
she felt it.

She asked if he was dead.


It's a nice day
for a drive.

I told Alexa
to bring me here.

I hope it's okay.

I wanted to be here.

I need to sit down.

You saved Gracie.


Otto saved Gracie.

He did it for you, Mary.

[exhales sharply]

It's gonna be okay.


We're all leaving you...



You gonna be okay?


I'm going to be okay.


The pain will start soon.

I can get something
so you don't feel it.

[weakly] No.


I wouldn't...
feel this.


- Guess what.
- What?

This time,

when my life flashes
before my eyes...

you'll be in it.


[monitor beeping]


Hey. Guys.

Hey, guys.

Hey, guys!

[cellphone chimes]


Wait. Stop.

Alexa... she needs this
more than I do.

I told you... I'm fine.

I need six more hours
before I have to go in.

You first. Come on.

[water splashing]

[monitor beeping]

Arthur, did Otto tell you
to do this?

It was his last command.

Did he leave a message
for me?

He said please don't forget
to feed his fish...

and thank you.

Goodbye, Mary.

[indistinct conversations]

DUVAL: You there?
You seeing it?

I'm seeing something.

I'm not sure what it is,
but I think you should come in.

Do I need to bring a lawyer?


Let's keep it between us
for now.

Okay. I'm coming in.

[keypad beeps]

[breathes deeply]

Adair saw it.

She's not sure what it is,
but she knows it's not right.

You want me to come in
to the FBI with you?

No. Thanks.

And I'm gonna tell them that
you died in that plane, too.


Because if it gets out...
what you are...

then you become
a circus freak.

They'd lock you up
in a government lab

and throw away the key.

Whatever life you wanted,

whatever life you'd planned,
it would be over.

My family was my plan.

You, Gracie, Helen...
that's what I want.

That can't happen...

Adair knows.

She'll be watching me.

So I'm gonna tell her you died
in that plane.

So you can't
come around us.

Could you just let me say hi
to Gracie?

Not for a while, okay?

It'll be best
for all of us.


Yeah, okay.

I'm gonna head in.


Hey, kiddo...

we kicked some ass,
didn't we?


I love you, too.

Hey, Arthur, how about
some local news, huh?

That blond weather gal
always cheers me up.

[breathes deeply]

No Arthur. Right.

Well, I'm pretty sure I can
turn on a damn TV by myself.

[breathes deeply]

James, as you read this,

I will be taking
my brother's body home

to where our family is from.


I will take his ashes home

and pray that at last
it will bring some peace

to his troubled mind.

And then I am going to stay
here for a while.

Maybe this place will bring
peace to me, as well.

I put these words on paper
because if I said them to you,

I might not go,
and I need to go.

I have been living for another
for so long,

I don't know who I am.

I have said I love you,

but until I know who I am,
how can I mean it?

And I want to mean it.

I've arranged things
with Alexa...

the tank, money, the house...

so you don't have to worry
about that.

Take care of yourself,

I hold you close
in my thoughts.

Yours, Mary.


Good job.
Well done.

Do you need help?

The stick man is looking
for you.

Thank you.

[indistinct conversations]

where have you been?

It's not Arthur, Mary.

It's me.


Is that you?


Not now.
Mary, listen.

When I was at Connor's lab,

Arthur and I went through
all his data.

We found something
you need to see.

It's a test Connor ran
to predict changes

in behavior
after regeneration.

This fish was brought back.

The violence is inevitable.

I verified the results.

This will happen to Pritchard.

It's only a matter of time.

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder crashes]