Second Chance (2016): Season 1, Episode 10 - Geworfenheit - full transcript

Pritchard and Duval continue to investigate who Albert Lin really is, who created him and try to uncover how he is involved in a string of murders. The investigation drives a wedge between Mary and Otto, and Otto must choose if he will betray Mary and undo everything they have built.

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Previously on "second chance"...

It worked.

I'm cured.

Mary's going to live.

Now I'll never get
Lookinglass or Otto,

and without Otto,
you can't have George.

The DNA in the killer's blood
was artificially engineered,

just like the DNA sample matched
to your family.

I'm not the only one.

Are you Albert Lin?!

Are you trying to get home?

Clean the rest of this up.

None of this comes back to me
or this company.

Otto threw me out before
I was even formed,

and I just need to look at you,

and I remember
why I'm doing this.

Thing she has with Pritchard is
a real thing, isn't it?

She's not in love with him.
It's going back the way it was.

What does that mean?

It means
"I don't want you to go."

Why aren't you in the hospital?

Knee was dislocated.
They popped it back in,

but we've got bigger problems.

The FBI is closing the case.

The report says
that they caught the killer.


They found a John Doe
out by the amusement park...

OD'd on PCP.

I'm looking at him right now.

He's not who we fought.

He is not Albert Lin.

Someone put this body out there
for us to find.

They're covering up
what happened.

But there's blood and prints
at the scene.

That's all been changed.

It's this John Doe's prints
at the crime scene now.

Blood lab says PCP now,
not transgenic.

Someone switched a body,

and they hacked
into the FBI's server.

Anyone we know
do stuff like that?

Yeah. Otto.

I'm on my way to see him
right now.

You just keep digging.

Arthur, is Otto still
at Lookinglass?

Yes. Shall I tell him
you're headed in to see him?

No, but let me know
if he leaves.

You need to let me
deal with this.

Mary, that thing that I fought,

that thing
that killed eight people,

it could only have been created
by one person.

We need to find Albert Lin
before he does it again,

so if you're afraid of how
I might question your brother,

you should just stay home.
I'm afraid for you.

You need to be back in the tank
in just over an hour,

so let me deal with Otto.

You protected him
your whole life.

If Otto did this...

If Otto did this?!
Who else could do this?!

No one.

And I won't protect him
from what he did.

Do you believe me?

Yeah, I believe you.


I'll take my own car.

No, Otto is dangerous.
We go together.

You're of no use to anyone
once you start breaking down.

Well, then we better
find Albert Lin

before that starts happening!

You're just a stubborn old man!

Yes. I am.

He's going to ask you
some questions.

You need to answer.

He thinks it's better this way.

Transgenic... that's
the word of the day, Otto.

Transgenic, like my blood.

That's how you engineered it,
isn't it?

Transgenic blood was found
at a crime scene,

blood from a creature
that used to Albert Lin.

I'm not the only one.

You brought back Albert Lin,
didn't you?

Where is he now?

Please, Otto.

Tell him.


Did you bring back Albert Lin?

That thing you brought back
killed eight people.

Now, you listen to me.

I'm gonna close
this distance between us

and use the strength
that you gave me

until you tell me where Albert
Lin is. Do you understand?

Then tell him what you do know.

The recon team
with the tranq darts,

You sent them.

You sent them.

Your pupils are dilated.

I think you should go back
to the tank now.

Ask Alexa to step in.

It's a 12-minute helicopter ride
to the house

and another 6 minutes
for full submersion in the tank.

I think you should leave now.

I'm not going anywhere.
Yes, you are.

He knows about Albert Lin.

But now you need to go.
Yes, Mary?

Mr. Pritchard
isn't feeling well.

Please take him to the heliport.

I'll see you at home.

Oh, come on.

Tell me about Albert Lin.

Everything I did was for you.

My, god.
What else is there?

We are supposed to
take care of each other.

It's what our parents
would've wanted.

What you made killed
eight people!

But you were so sick.

You know what's sick, Otto?
What you've been doing.

What I let you do,
that's what's so sick.

Everything was for you.

But now you won't speak
our language to me,

but you teach it
to him? Why?!

Because I spend my whole life

protecting you from the world

when I should've been protecting
the world from you.

Otto, I...

Please, I...



Yes, Mary.

After I leave, lock the doors.

Yes, Mary.

I'll be watching, Otto.

All you have to do is tell me
about Albert Lin.

That is all you have to do.


Yes, Otto.

On the server,
there is a file named Shiva.

In it, you will find a command

that'll allow me
to override Mary.

Execute that command now.

Command executed.

Unlock the doors.

Send a loop of me sitting here
to her video feed.

And have support send up
a 3-d printer.

What are you going to print?

A gun.

Hello! Anyone home?


Hey. Um, sorry
to stop by so early,

but there's a problem
in my kitchen.

What kind of problem?
There's no food in it.

Do you have any of that granola
with the little clusters?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get it.

Right here.

You, um, need a lift to school?

Nah, Mabel's taking me.

Um, they're playing
"the big sleep"

at the grand illusion tonight.
You want to go?

Uh, I think I have plans.


May I ask, these plans,
are they with garret?

Dad told me to stop seeing him.

So, obviously, you stopped.

He's wrong about garret.


Ever since mom died,

it's like dad put his life
on hold, you know?

And now he wants me to live
that way, too?

You're 17.
You're not gonna give me

the "there will be other guys"
speech, are you?


That's not necessarily true.

It's not?

I had a guy I really liked
when I was your age.

But granddad didn't like him,
so I gave him up.

Turns out granddad was wrong.

Of course,
he never lived to see it.

What's going on, Otto?

Why'd you want to see me?

Why don't you come upstairs
with me?

Lock the doors.

Well, looks like we'll be
staying in here, then.

Mary hates me.

Mary hates me because of you.

Albert Lin killed eight people.

Mary blames me for that.

She thinks I made him.
I didn't.

I started to, but the process
wasn't right yet,

so I flushed him
before he had a face.

Someone finished him.

Someone found him
and finished him.

It was you.

You got me.

It was me and my team.

We finished him,
just not very well.

You stole what I made.

You spied on me, on my work.

I'm not a spy.

I'm your fan, Otto.

I wish I could do what you do,
but I can't.

No one can.

But I can help you
do greater things.

Otto, I am the man
that wants the best for you.

Mary wanted the best for me,

but now she hates me
because of you!

If you think that's true...

Pull the trigger.

You just have to
take the safety off first.

Let me.

There it is.

Safety's off.

Go ahead.

If you think I'm your enemy,
shoot me.

Come on. Go ahead.

Mary hates me.

But not because of me.

Otto, you cheated death
to save her life.

You performed a miracle,

and now she abandoned you,
didn't she?


And you brought your pain to me.


Give it to me, Otto.

I can take it.

We're gonna
turn your pain into power.

Just me and you, Otto.

Just me and you.



You ready?
We're doing this.

We're really doing this.

Yeah, we're really doing this.

You leave a note telling him
you're not coming back?

Uh, no.

My aunt Helen was in there.

I was afraid she would find it
before I left.

You should let your dad know
you're okay so he doesn't worry.

Okay. Yeah, um...

Here, uh, take a video of me,
and we'll send it.

If I talk to him,
he might convince me not to go.


Yes, Mary?

Can you please knock on Otto's
door and ask him if he's hungry?

When he gets like this,
he forgets to eat.

Otto's not here, Mary.

Well, I'm watching him
on the feed.

Well, he's not in his office.

He left shortly after you did.

It's a loop.

Where's Otto?

I can't tell you that.


Yes, Otto?

Remove yourself from the
Lookinglass corporate servers.

That will cause a catastrophic
cascade of events.

I know.

Do it now, please.

Alexa, did Otto say
where he was going?

Um, no.

I said something to him
I shouldn't have.

I hurt him.

No, Mary.

It's not your fault.

I mean, you would never do
anything to hurt Otto.

I'm really sorry
you're in such pain.

Otto, Lookinglass is down.


Delete yourself from the house.

If I leave the house server,

the tank won't support
Mr. Pritchard.

I'm gone.

You have to come with me.

Yes, Otto.
I'm leaving the house.


You need to answer me.


You all done in there?

Shut it all down
and find me at Connor's.

Yes, Otto.


Arthur! Arthur!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

You will not go.
You will not leave me.

Do you hear me?

You will not go.

I'm okay.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

I just heard from Connor.

He has Otto now,
so it'll be soon.

I thought that we could
get you clothes for after.

Won't that be nice?

All of these people lived

where a man named
Albert Lin used to live.

I've heard you use that name,
haven't I?

I don't want to see that.

Albert Lin was the one
before you.

That's not going to be you.
I promise.

You're gonna be young
and healthy

and take me across the threshold
like when we were married.

I have loved you more
than I thought ever possible.

Mm. I love you
still, George.

Because we were right for each other.

So much about this isn't right.

What else is there but us?

This thing in the paper,

you lying to the woman
who trusts you,

and the worst part is
that man Connor.

He's helping us.
He's a sociopath.

No, George.
None of this is right.

Go to Mary, tell her the truth.

Maybe she can stop this,
stop him.

Maybe all of this should stop.

You are just tired, George.

You don't mean any of that.

And soon you won't be
tired anymore, okay? I promise.


I-I am tired.

Yeah. You have to promise me
that you trust me.


Of course.

Of course.

Without Arthur,
the tank is useless.

So, I got what, about a day?

No, because we're gonna
find Otto and make him fix this.

We're not gonna find him
if he doesn't want to be found.

This is Otto
we're talking about.

We have to try.

No, we don't.

If I've got one day left, that's
not how I'm gonna spend it.

My son is out there,

tracking down that thing
that Otto created.

That's where I'm gonna be.
Want to come?


I'm going to find Otto,
get him to fix this.

If it gets to be 24 hours

and you feel it coming on,

you might not want
to let Duval watch.


Your cell structure
will break down,

and there will be a lot of pain.

Yeah, well, we don't want
Duval to see that.

What's that mean?

I think you know.

Oh, Otto.

What did we do?

A digital bombshell
went off today

with ripples far beyond
the tech sector.

Hardware, software, and
social-media giant Lookinglass

is down, leaving its
2 billion users stranded,

trading on its stock suspended,
and its twin founders,

Mary and Otto Goodwin,
unavailable for comment.

I need the CCTV in Otto's office

from the last few days restored.

I can dig that out, but, uh,
I don't think that's a priority.

We're practically
stealing wi-fi

from the coffee shop
down the street.

We're dead in the water here.

I understand where we are,
but I need to see what happened

in my brother's office,
and you need to do it.

I'm on it.



Alexa, I...

Tick, tick, tick.

Oh, god.
Thank god you're here.

Why? What's happening?

It's Duval.
He's real worked up.

I've never seen him
like this before.

Yes, I'll hold.

It's Gracie. I think I told her
something I shouldn't have.

I know I have no warrant,

but I need you to find
this boy's phone.

Because I am in the middle
of a multiple homicide,

and I am asking you to do it
as a favor for me.

There's a video message
from Gracie.

Just press the play button.

Yes, I will.

Dad, I love you,

and I know
that you're going to be mad,

I'm leaving with garret.

It's my life,
and we want to be together.

I can do this.

You raised me
to be strong, okay?

Let me go.

I love you.

Yeah, I'm here.

Okay, fine.

Well, the bureau
won't track that boy's phone,

Gracie's is off,
and I take it from the news

that Lookinglass can't
help me today. Yeah.

All right, I'm gonna go
to garret's place.

Maybe I can find out
where they went.

Maybe you don't.

Maybe this is what
she has to do today,

and maybe tracking Albert Lin is
what you have to do today.

I will take care of that,
but I'm gonna take an hour

to get my daughter back
in this house first.

Well, what if it takes
more than an hour?

Then it takes me
more than an hour.

What's going on with you?

She's a big girl, Duval.

She knows what she wants.

Maybe we just need
to start trusting her.

Maybe we should leave
those decisions to her father.

Want a drink?

I thought we were just
picking something up.

We are, but, uh...

My buddy's on tour so...

We're not in any kind of rush.

Okay, but I, uh...
I do want to get out of Seattle.

You know, come on.

Let's not wait.

Let's just play house
for a while.

This coding... Is my work...

From my labs.

You've been in my labs.

Otto, I took your work,
and I cared for it.

But the ones we tried
to bring back on our own,

they were reborn dead.

Albert has the precursor.

I could bring him back.

I hadn't perfected
the process yet,

so I aborted him,
but you're attempting

without the precursor.

You can't restore life
without it.

It only works
on 1 in 10 million.

That's not
what you thought once.

I found this at your old lab.

You believed you could make it
happen without it.

You thought you had a way
you could bring anyone back.

What, because I don't have
the genetic precursor,

I'm chained to this body?

I-I'll grow old and die

because I don't have a twist
in my friggin' DNA?

I can't accept that,
and I won't, Otto.

Neither should you.

That was just a daydream...
A sketch.

I make them all the time.
It helps with parallel thought.

But it doesn't have to
be a dream.

Well, just think of everything
you've done in your 30 years.

Now, what if you had 300?


And not just you and me,
but minds who think like us.

Mary would never have let me.

A vaccine would have to be made.

We'd need a live donor
with the precursor.

We can't use him.

We need a...

We need a clean donor

who hasn't gone through
the regeneration process.

Yeah, I see that.

For lack of a better word,
you'd need a virgin.

One minute!

Were you expecting someone?

Just a couple
of friends of mine.

Give us a second here!

What? What friends?
What's going on?

Nothing's going on.
It's just a couple of friends.

They're cool.

Who are they, garret?
Let me get the door.

Why did you bring me here?

I told you.

Open up, garret, huh?

Everyone's gonna think
that I ran away.

Come on, garret.
Open up.

Just a sec! Just a sec! Help!

You got to let this happen.

When I got
thrown out of the army,

Mr. Graff gave me a job.

He gets what he wants,
and he wants you.

So you just let this happen now,
Gracie, okay?

I'm her grandfather, okay?

You know she and I
have always been close.

Don't act like I don't know
who she is.

Yeah, you're her grandfather,
but how hard is that?

That's a job
with no responsibility.

You want to play dad,
you got to put in the hours.

I'm going after Gracie.
You coming or not?

It's Gracie.

It's Gracie.
She left a message.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

I've got an app
to find her phone.

Got it.
Got an address.

Let's go.

Need some help there, bro?

You got her phone, right?


Give me that.

I got this.

Come here, sweetheart.
Come on.


Where did you get this?

I was transcribing video notes
from Mary's meeting,

and I saw it.

I thought you should know.

I never did trust
that Pritchard.

Was it wrong for me to show you?


What does that mean?

It means
"I don't want you to go."

How do you say,
"I don't want to go"?

I got something for you.

George, what have you done?

"My darling,
know that I tried in this life"

"to give you everything
you ever wanted."


"We are meant to be
fragile creatures."

Our humanity comes
not from our strength,

"but from living
with this weakness."

"There's no life
without death at its end."

And I've made sure
my end will be permanent.

I'm sorry.

We had a beautiful life.

"But now... It is over."

She was here.

She called for help from here.

Play the message again.


Gracie sent me a text.

I didn't get it
because I had my finder app on.

It just came through.

Connor Graff.

He was gonna merge
with Lookinglass

if Mary didn't
go into remission.

He was gonna
take over the company.

Why would she send me that name?

Let's find out.

Just let it happen,

No, you cannot call her

because she has a Lookinglass
phone which no longer works.

Can I take a message?


Uh, just a little slower,

The chairman
of what senate subcommittee?

Connor Graff?

Someone went to a lot of trouble

to make it look like
Gracie ran away,

but she sent Duval a text
with his name.

You're intimate
with Connor Graff.


Then what would
a billionaire bio-tech C.E.O.

Want with my daughter?

Oh, god.

It's not just Gracie.

It's all of them.

They're all with Connor.

That must be where Otto
and Arthur went, to Connor...

And Alexis, too.
They're all with Connor.

They went,
but he took her. Why?

She has nothing to do
with any of this.

But she does.
She's a Pritchard.

Gracie has
the genetic precursor.

The regeneration process
would work with her.

Why not take me, then?

It skipped a generation.

The only two people
on the west coast

with the precursor
are you and Gracie.

You have to go get her.
You have to go get her now.

Where would he take her?

The oncentric building has
four dedicated floors of labs.

She would be there.

A lot of the labs
are highly secure

with limited access.

Highly secure...
We'll see about that.

Duval. Duval!

Where exactly
are you going, kiddo?

To get my daughter.

Oh, yeah? Just gonna walk
in there, ask them where she is?

No, I'm gonna do
what my dad would've done.

I'm gonna show them my badge
first and then my fist.

So come on. Let's go.

Just wait.

What is your problem here?

He has Gracie!

Or did you miss that part?

You're not gonna get close
to a guy like Connor,

even with a badge.

He's surrounded by security
and lawyers.

You need a warrant
just to get in the door.

A warrant?
And what do I tell the judge,

that Connor Graff
kidnapped my daughter

because she has something
in her DNA

that lets her get regenerated
like my dad?

I said you'd need a warrant.

I didn't say anything
about a judge.

I need to print...
On paper.

I don't think we have
a paper printer.

We're paperless.

We don't have one printer?

There's one in childcare.

My kid does projects on it.

Bring it to Otto's office.

"This search warrant
hereby grants the sworn officer"

"access to any
and all property."

You've done this before?

Once or twice.

Have you told him
how much time you have left?

No, and now's not the time.

When you get to oncentric,
you can look for Otto, too.

We're going for Gracie.

Anything of hers...
A shirt, a scarf.

They ask for a piece of clothing
when someone is lost.

Where is she, Duval?
Isn't she with that boy?

Please, Helen, just do this.
Bring it to us.

Let's go.

Get the warrant?

Are you gonna let me see it?

It'd be better if you didn't.

Be better for you if you could
say I told you it was good.

What are we looking for?

My daughter.

Can I help you?

This is a federal warrant
for the search of this building.

Everyone needs to step away
from their work.

All the doors shall be unlocked.

Graff's office is which way?

We'll take Graff.

You take the team
through the building.

Okay, everybody, work the grid.

That's as far as you go.
Like hell it...

That was a bit
extreme, but I'll go with it for now.

How can I help the FBI?
Open this door!

And don't even bother
with that piece of crap warrant.

I called about it
when I saw you pull in.

Open up!
Where's my daughter?

I-I don't know
your daughter.

Wrong answer.

That help you remember, huh?

Her name is Gracie Pritchard.

She has the genetic precursor.

The genetic what now?

You will tell me where she is.

Gracie who?

I honestly don't know
who you're talking about.

Oh, you honestly?
Honestly, huh?

Open up!
Duval, throttle back.

We need him talking.

You're making
a big mistake here.

Where is she?!

Get off!
Let me go!

Where is she?!

Let me go!

Where is she?!
Let me go!

Calm down!
Calm down.

That's enough!

That agent attacked me!

You've got a big problem here.

He took my daughter.
He took her.

I know what it looks like,
but there was no other way.

He took my daughter.

Let me tell you
what this looks like.

It looks like
you were assaulting Mr. Graff

and your C.I. was attempting
to restrain you.

It looks like you knowingly
led a team of agents in here

with a fraudulent warrant.

You need to let me explain.

No, you need to meet me
downstairs, both of you.

These agents will make sure

you don't get into
anymore trouble.

Mr. Graff,
I want to assure you

none of this was approved
by the bureau.

Just talk to my lawyers.
Okay, honey?

Stand down.

Did your C.I. know
that warrant was fake?

No, ma'am, he didn't.

None of the agents did, just me.

Okay, I want you out of here.

Gracie's probably
just with some friends.

I'll find her.
I promise.

Graff let us search it,
the offices and the labs.

We used the dog
with Gracie's scent.

She's not here.
He doesn't have her.

Gracie ran away.

They made it look like that.

Agent Pritchard...

He made it look like Gloria's
death was a hit-and-run,

made it look like that John Doe
did the killings.

Why would he do that?

Gracie has a precursor
in her DNA.

She can be regenerated,
brought back from the dead.

I know it sounds crazy.

My father has it, too.

Your father has it?

Yeah. Him.
That's my father.

Test his DNA.
He has it, too.

That's why Connor took her.

Agent Pritchard,
I'm relieving you of duty

effective immediately.

You will surrender your gun
and your badge to me.

I'm remanding you
to a 72-hour psych hold.

Charges will be
brought against you for assault

and falsifying a court order.

You will allow these agents
to place you in restraints.

You need to go back in there.
He has my daughter.


Oh, man.
Just like his dad.

What happened to you?

Just rugby.
Is everything ready here?

This is what Mary said
not to do.

Mary said not to dream.

I mean, she got hers.
Why can't you have yours?


Yes, Otto.

Begin taking notes.

Procedure 001.

First attempt at stripping
the precursor from the DNA of...

Her name is Gracie Pritchard.

I know her name.

Call her test subject zero.

The process will induce
a seizure...

And great deal of pain.

The subject has been given a
sufficient amount of anesthesia,

though, upon waking...

the aftereffects
may be permanent.

Initiate phase one, Arthur.

Phase one initiated.

I think you're looking for me.

Call security.
No. Please.

Let me...
Let you what, Alexa?

Otto is gone,
Lookinglass is gone,

and soon,
Pritchard will be, too.

What are you here
to take from me now?


I just came to help you.

I know where Gracie is,

and I know where
Connor Graff has her.


In the place
where Connor finished me...

After your brother
threw me away.

Tick, tick, tick.

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- You give up...
- I'm-a stop this now.

You will be pushed!

- You go home.
- No, no, no!

American grit. April 14 on fox.

We all got it comin' to us
sooner or later.

Why don't you tell me about these
chains... how we're gonna break 'em.

Next time I see you,
I will kill you.

Truth is, we are at war.

Drop 'em!

Help me, god!

This whole thing will bring
out the worst in you.

I want revenge.

We did what we had to do.
No doubt.